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"Easy to beat, poor online"

I haved played the bulk of Command & Conqueror series, and this one was the easiest to beat, and the poorest online, exception of Rengades poor ranking system.

I have a Intel 2.5ghz machine with a 533fsb support motherboard(=fast) 1gb ddr memory, geforce4 4600 video card, 100gb hdd(75gb available) just incase in needed file swapping etc, and the game got very laggy at times duing solo play.

You do not really know when the campaign is over, I ended up playing the final US mission 4 times cause I thought it would tell you that you were done roll credits etc like red alert did(i played US one first) but nothing. I thought I did not do something right? The I played the China campaign and same thing so I said hmmmmm what a joke, but I guess you expeirence gamers will say you knew this.

The Rangers looked retarded, not when you select them to build, but when they come out of the barracks, what a joke, and the RPG soldiers looked like a minature version of buzz light year.

I did like the GLA technical vehicle, with the guy on board it looked kinda real.

Ok when you build a nuke and launch it and buildings are still standing just heavily damaged bothered me, cause no realism behind that.

I launched a Scud storm on their nuke factory and the dame thing was still standing, c'mon is that real?

I did love the taking over structures from the enemy. I found the GLA quite amusing to play. Building angry mobs and then upgrading them with ak-47's funny, the guy says ''AK-47's for everyone). I was glad no prism tanks like red alert, though you could shoot them from long distance. I found the enemy did not do good job of building their base defense, so once you where able to take the intial onslaught(5-10 minutes) mission was yours.

The online gaming sucks, slooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww, and you get diconnected alot, by the way you lose 1 point for each disconnect, I have cable modem and I get 800k speed, I play alot of other games online with no problems, this is the worst one to date.

I would not recommend this game to a lot of people unless you are loyal like me and had to buy the new version of the series.

If you want to game online, find another game.

Storyline or lack of sucked, end campaign graphics are cool, but not accurate.

I was generous when I ranked it a 5/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 02/18/03, Updated 02/18/03

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