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Reviewed: 02/21/03 | Updated: 02/21/03

A very welcome distraction from real life

Command and Conquer is a series that literally defined the Real Time Stategy(RTS) genre. These types of games usually involve the player building a base, then an army and declaring war on the enemy. Generals is the latest game in the ever expanding Command and Conquer series; however, Generals says goodbye to the previous series and intoduces a new storyline. The 3 playable groups in this game include the USA and their technical mastery, China with their overwhelming numbers, and the GLA(Global Liberation Amry) with chemical mastery.

The game follows 3 short campiagns that in my opinion seem to be an afterthought. That's not to say they are not entertaining! The campiagns are well put together, and offers some creative ways of approacing the RTS genre, and they certinaly aren't boring, but they do not flow together to offer a story as previous Command and Conquer's did. The cutseens from the elder games in the series have been replaced by some FMV sequences that play while the level is loading. Could of been better...


The graphics are awesome. Perhaps the best in any RTS right now with colorful explosions and detailed maps. It's obvious that their was extreme attention paid to detail. Each group(US,CHINA,GLA) has their own buildings that look like they belong to a video game.. the game doesn't take itself to seriously thankfully. Overall the graphics are well done.


I personally loved the music in the game, it's very well put together and the sound effects are highly intense. The accents of each side when you click on the units are believeable, and well polished. Overall, their are no complaints with the sound effects or music.


While the game should run fine on a 1.4ghz, GeForce2/Radeon 64DDR Vivo level video card(low detail), I'm going to suggest a 1.6ghz, GeForce3/8500 level video card for giving good performance and visual quality(medium detail). A 1.8ghz GeForce4/9500PRO should let you play at high detail level with an acceptable frame-rate(40fps). Reguardless of youre setup, you should have at least 256meg of Ram. 512 would be ideal however.
I run a 9700PRO/Athlon XP 2600+ with 1gig ddr400. I ran at high detail avg about 40FPS, which is perfectly playable.


If the RTS genre had an arcade game, this would be it. Generals can be played fast, or it can be played slow, it all depends on the player. Good graphics, and not many bugs mean this game will be around for some time to come..if only the single player campaign's told a bit better story this game would of recieved a 10.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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