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Reviewed: 02/24/03 | Updated: 02/24/03

The General of RTS games, The Review that Tells All

Introduction: First off I would like to say I am a huge fan of RTS games. I absolutely love the Command & Conquer Series as well as warcraft, Starcraft, Age of series' as well. Now that I have gotten that out of the way let's begin the review that explains all.

Gameplay (10) - This game is extremely fun and exciting. I mean you have to build up air defense and anti infantry and tank defenses. This game will keep you you wanting to play for an extremely long time. The gameplay takes a step in a Blizzard direction as no longer do buildings all of a sudden appear like old Command & Conquer games. Now you need builders to do it for your (Bulldozers/Slaves). Also there is a veterancy system much like the veterancy system in Red Alert 2. Look for the gameplay to be like Warcraft III Reign of Chaos.

Story (7) - Well really, there isn't a story line. I mean basically the story line is this. The GLA (Global Liberation Army) an active terrorist group shot a nuclear missle at the United States of America that was shot down into the Ocean. And the GLA also sent a pair of suicide Terrorists to blow up a Chinese Parade. So now China and the United States have united to stop this threat.

Audio/Video (10) - Well the graphics beat out ANY Real Time Strategy game ever made, yes even Warcraft III Reign of Chaos. The graphics are very, very, very good. Now for the sound, greatest soundtrack for any Real Time Strategy game to date. The music keeps everything intense and keeps youn in the game. Great music.

Multiplayer (Skirmish) (10) - Well, you can select your computer to be a normal difficulty, Harder difficulty, or a Brutal Difficulty. Everything is the way a Real Time Strategy Skirmish should be. No real problems here.

Online (6) - The online mode has had lots and lots of problems. Warcraft III Reign of Chaos blows this online play out of the water. Basicallyif you want this game strictly for online play, think about your decision a little bit more. The online servers are down a lot of the time.

Extras (9) - Well I give this category a nine because it has way more extras than any Real Time strategy game that I know of. You can earn medals. And in each medal there is bronze, silver, or finally gold. It makes the game a lot more fun and gives you even more bragging rights.

Replayability (9) - Well the campaign mode might not be the part you will want to constantly play, but the Skirmishes and even the online play will keep you coming back for more.

To buy or to rent? - A buy for any Real Time Strategy gamer that liked Warcraft III Reign of Chaos or a fan of the Command & Conquer Series. Command & Conquer generals is a game for you!

Final Comments - Well I simply added up all of the scores and divided by seven and got 8.71, round it up and it hits 9 right on the nose. So therefore I get the 9 rating. I hope you enjoyed my review, now it's your choice in order to buy this game or to leave it on the Electronics stores shelf.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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