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"One of the BEST C&C Games in a long time"

I own everysingle C&C game to date for PC right now (including expansion packs) and with the exception of Red Alert series GENERALS has to be ranked up there as one of teh best ones to date. The main thing that I play in these games are the Skirmish's, as I find single player too pointless and too boring to continue since we all just want to build a huge base and beat up the enemy anyways.

Graphics 8/10

Although they are sleek and very smooth the camera angle is tied into this category and is why I knocked it down. The constand ''re-focusing'' on certain parts and the constand zoom-in and zoom-out get annoying when trying to place troops in a certain area of the map.

Sound 9/10

Very sweet soundtrack in this game. Unlike the previous ones where you would get annoyed to the point to where you put in your own CD and just listen to it. While its just composed music it gives you more a ''war like'' feel to playing the game. I knocked it down though since the voice-overs in the game are annoying however. The horrible Chinease accents and the horrible TRUCKER/SOUTHERN style they gave the US is just irratating to listen to since I know no one who talks like that.

Story 7/10

Europe is taken over by Terrorists and only China and USA can stop it. Thats about it in a nutshell. There really is no plot to these games though.

Replayability 9/10

Very cool if your into War games. Generals makes it almost impossible to not want to keep playing the game. With the addition to getting medals in the game for doing certain tasks it makes it a little more fun than normal. Although Skimrish's are the best part of the game you have better put yourself against either a brutal enemy or at least 4 normal ones b/c you will beat them with ease in about 1/2 hour if you actually go at it.

Online 4/10

Ouch. This is where it takes the shot in the foot. As of right now this game is almost impossible to play online. There are too many bugs in it to really get in the feel and so far all I have experienced is LAG CENTRAL on a cable modem and playing against other cable modem opponets. If you are looking for this to be your main online game I suggest you wait about a month or so to get it so they can work out those bugs or you're going to feel it was a waste and end up not playing a truly good game.

Units/Structures 10/10

This is where it gets its points back. Out of all the C&C games this one has some of the coolest weapons and buildings you will see. Ranging from Snipers to Overlord tanks to F-22 jets to Comanche attack helicopters the weapons you will have will blow you away. Although the defensive structures are a bit of a let down you can make up for it in the numbers of how many you build With enough of them no one will touch your base. The way the buildings are set up they are all ones you will actually use and not just a needless one to build to get to your superweapon like in previous games. Speaking of superweapons they are awesome in this game having Biological and Nuke weapons and an EMP Pulse cannon really rock more than a Nuke and Weather Machine like in Red Alert 2.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/24/03, Updated 02/24/03

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