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War is brutal, relentless, and one the four primary sources of Death. Ultimately, in my humble opinion, it is beautiful beyond the prettiest women and the most celestial scenery. Thoughts of Holocaust Waters, Mountains of Corpses, and Nuclear Skies give me endless pleasure. The company best at bringing such beauty to the PC returns with the newest and most ambitious title yet. Westwood has brought us Command and Conquer: Generals.

Westwood exploded into the world of computer games with the original C&C, which along with a later made C&C: Red Alert gave fierce competition against Warcraft 1&2. Ultimately, Warcraft was a much simpler game to play because of its under representation of genuine war and hence gained greater fame. Soon after Strategy fans longed for more and while other companies attempted to clone the formula used by Blizzard and Westwood none could truly compete. Then came Starcraft and C&C 2: Tiberian Sun. Starcraft greatly pushed the boundaries of RTS while Tiberian Sun had alot of be desired. Sadly, this little failure with Tiberian Sun gave Starcraft all of the glory and when C&C: Red Alert 2 came out it did not recieve the recogition it deserved. In my heart Red Alert 2 is undeniably the best Real Time Strategy game ever created. Warcraft 3 introduced a new hero based system and glamorized it with full 3d graphics. Unofortunately, in spite of it's popularity blizzard had created game even less warlike in scope with a very small unit food count and a game speed slower than drying blood. Westwood unleashes C&C: Generals. By far the most realistic RTS game ever. Keep this in mind when reading this review, Im a big C&C fan.

Graphics: 10/10
this game's graphics puts War3's to shame. With the current conflict in Iraq how glorious it is seeing so many real world weapons recreated on the screen. Where in War3 battle consists of little teams with an oversized hero in Generals battles are built around Armies, there is no limit to how much you can build. Oh, and the superweapons, so elegant and beautiful created. The nuclear missile will make tears flow down your face in happiness. It will also slow down your computer, but hey, such an awesome sight was made to be beheld in slowmotion.

Audio: 10/10
You dont need any better. The music fits in perfectly, they even sample real Chinese music for the Chinese armies. Explosions, Gunfire, and the unforgettable screams of a dying civilian family are all done very well. Oh and the unit voices are awesome (which is to be expected from a c&c game) just build your self an Overlord Tank (the new and improved Mammoth/Apocalypse Tank) and drive it around. I almost collapsed from the pleasure.

Story: 10/10
Modern Warfare. Nothing beats a story that is realistic. The first American mission even has you storming Bhagdad with swarms of jets overhead striking down everything. The American and Terrorist applications are all based on their current threats. America: Air Superiority and technological Supremacy, Terrorist: Chemical Warfare and sneakiness. The Chinese are not currently in a war conflict but they're also in the game with Sheer brute force and numbers as their strength. Truth beats any fiction.

Single-Player Gameplay: 8/10
Good to get your feet wet, nothing else really. Quite a disappointment in comparison to other C&C games with their entertaining FMV briefings. In Generals the briefings just show off the engine, which isn't bad. The Single-Player campaign is also cake for anyone halfway decent at controlling armies. Only about twelve hours long. Another thing is that the Chinese and American armies never battle each other. I guess to keep the realism and as not to offend all sides are against the GLA terrorists. Still, its a great way to get into the game and get a feel for the units.

Multi-Player Gameplay: 10/10
It's C&C, what can I say. the Best WAR simulation in the world period. The Chinese, Terrorists, and Americans are very well balanced and very varied (unlike War3). No situation cannot be avoided. What Westwood has done in response to War3's popular hero system is give the commander the title of General from which he give orders from a building. He gains abilities the more blood his minions spill on the battlefield but if the Command Center is knocked out you have to rebuild one to be able to use special abilities again. This adds a new element into C&C, the gamepace is much slower than Red Alert but is millions faster than War3. Wage war with your friends, it has never felt so real before.

Overall: 10/10
Westwood has done it again and this one is very impressive, you just have to see it. When you do I'm sure you'll buy it because it is amazing. A definite must buy. Not as perfect as Red Alert 2 but hey this is new 3D territory we're rolling over, in time (red Alert 3 I hope) we'll have the full potential of the Emperor Engine. Well, in the immortal words of Bolt Thrower I only asked the question, ''Where next to Conquer?'' And Westwood responded with the World.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/31/03, Updated 03/31/03

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