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Reviewed: 09/17/05

Get Ready For A Battle...

Command and Conquer Generals exists in a reality separate of all those C&C’s before it. This one takes place in a reality much like our own with the big powers in the game being the US, China, and the GLA (The Global Liberation Alliance). Each of the separate powers has their own strengths and weaknesses that must be identified and used the best of the advantage of the player to do well in the multi-player and even the single player late in the game. If you are able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each of the powers you can exploit them to your advantage in order to destroy your opponents with ease.

The game will start off with the standard this is the basics missions for the first couple of hours that you play. You will get the basic feel and as you move on you will get more advanced and powerful units to battle those of the other factions. You will need the tactics that you will learn in the end in order to beat each campaign in the most efficient manner that you can think of. This games takes the standard real time battle that all of the predecessors used to go through the campaign. Usually the last level is pretty straight forward and it is really a matter of straight forward brute strength rather than just a few essential units or tactics being used all of the time.

The game play is a pretty good part of the game. You will not end up spending much of your time doing the single player campaigns on the fact that they are pretty short, somewhere around 8 or so missions. A bulk of the game play will be spent on the multi-player portion that comes with the game. This game is perfect for LAN parties where you can get together with a bunch of your friends and blow each other up. Of course the game comes with a skirmish mode where you can battle against up to 7 computer controlled opponents. The skirmish mode will get a little boring after a while because you will learn all of the little tricks that you need to beat the computer. So the multi-player against other people over a LAN or the Internet is where it really shines. I have recently just did the over the Internet multi-player and I was addicted to it for like several weeks playing multiple hours per day for several days straight. For the most part if you are able to get a big enough army of tanks or a big enough army of air units then you can't be touched. Controlling the extra money making units makes things much easier later and can make your opponents beg for mercy. Just be forewarned that these little cash machines will be fought over a lot and it is usually pretty wise to put a pretty big defending force near them.

The graphics in the game are probably the most prominent part of the game over its predecessors. The graphics with which you play are pretty good and the explosions that happen are probably the most spectacular that you will probably see out of a similar game. The only problem is that depending on the system that you are running, when the battles get really intense with lots of units and destruction, the game has a tendency to lock up and freeze for a little bit, which can get to be bad in a lot of situations. Overall the graphics is a very good thing for this game.

The sound in this game is probably one of the weakest parts of the game. During battles the cannons and explosions sound pretty real, but the music that comes with the game is pretty weak. You kind of just want to shut it off, but you really kind of need the sound to figure out about battles that are going on and if you are getting attacked so it is kind of a lose, lose situation.

The value of the game is pretty good if you are a person who has liked the previous C&C’s. You will have to learn some different things to succeed in this universe. It is probably somewhere around the reasonable range. I suggest trying to find some sort of a good deal and getting the expansion pack, with it for a good price before you shell out more than 40 dollars for just the original game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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