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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mr Jingles

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                           Delta Force: Task Force Dagger
    				By Novalogic
        Mr Jingle's unofficial Delta Force: Task Force Dagger strategy guide
                                   Version 1.00
                           Copyright 2003 Sam Bonifacio
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    Table of contents
    Section A: The Basics
    A0: Updates
    A1: Introduction
    A2: Legal stuff
    A3: About the game
    A4: Characters
    A5: Weapons
    A6: The UAV
    A7: Game screen
    A8: Commanders map
    Section B: The Walkthrough
    B0: Walkthrough Intro
    B1: The Walkthrough
    Section C: Other Stuff
    C0: Misc. stuff
    C1: Cheats
    C2: Credit
    C3: Outro
    Started writing up this guide. Now version 0.25. added entire section A
    and started on section B.
    Been very busy so will update in a week or so.
    Back now. Added 3 levels to walkthrough. Guide now on Gamers-realm.com
    Corrected the SAS info mistake. I errr did that on purpose to see if
    anyone would notice heh heh. Added several more levels. I'm getting there!
    Back at school so will be pretty busy (exams this year) but will work on
    this in my spare time. Added more levels. Will try to finish before the
    week is out! Happy gaming!
    Added more levels.
    Finally! Free time. Changing the borders on the headings. Also added
    several more levels. Will be finished soon, I promise!
    If any-one out there thinks I should do a Walk through for DF: Urban
    Warfare, just tell me. Thinking of getting it!
    Finished it!!! WOOT! May update from time to time but don't plan to very
    often. Submitting to IGN and possibly some other site.
    Hi, I'm Mr Jingles and this is my first ever strategy guide/FAQ so bare
    with me if it's not that great at first. Below is all the legal stuff which
    I have to put but I would appreciate it if you read it and thanks in
    advance for following it! DO NOT ask me about multiplayer because I
    never play it! Also, control and options stuff are in the game and
    don't need to be explained. If you want me to add multiplayer
    stuff, feel free to send it in. You will given full credit of course!
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    i will be VERY annoyed if this is ripped off! If you see this published
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    good, for them, but please tell me!
    Thank you. Now thats out of my system, we can get on with the guide!
    This game is the fourth in the Delta Force series and so far, one of
    the best in my opinion. This game is based in Afghanistan where Operation
    Enduring Freedom took place in response to the the terrorist attacks on
    the USA. In this game, you play as one of ten special forces units that
    were based in Afghanistan and have a wide variety of weapons at your
    disposal. Any more info can be found in the game manual, but I will give
    weapon and character descriptions in case you don't have it.
    Info about the characters can be found in the game but I'll give a quick rundown of them all.
    Close Quarters Battle (CQB) characters.
    Special Skills: Run fast, Long reach with knife.
    Preferred weapons: SA-80, M4SOPMOD, HKMP5SD6 (with silencer), HKP5N,
    F89Austeyr, F88 Austeyr.
    United States Army Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta.
    This is the same unit as the ones in the previous games.
    Delta operatives specialise in CQB, hostage rescue, and anti-terrorist activities.
    Their existence has never been officially acknowledged by the US government.
    Canadian Joint Task Force 2
    This is Canada's elite task force.
    They specialise, like SFOD-DELTA in CQB, hostage rescue and terrorist
    response. In Afghanistan they have been active in taking terrorist prisoners
    and providing security at Kabul airport.
    Heavy Gunner Characters
    Special Skills: minimise recoil, withstand more damage.
    Preferred weapons: M249 "Minimi" SAW (squad automatic weapon), FN-MAG, M60E3
    United states army special forces "Green Berets"
    The Green Berets are a rapid response force and are trained in
    unconvential warfare,special recon, counter-proliferation and counter-terrorism.
    They can survive for months at a time behind enemy lines.
    United States Marine Corp Reconnaissance Force
    These guys specialise in T.R.A.P (Tactical recovery of aircraft personel),
    M.I.O (maritime intridiction operations), hydrographic surveys, beach
    and harbour recon, unit raids, prisoner snatches and also evacuate
    American Civilians from hostile places. They are not technically a
    special forces group but their training makes them the equivalent.
    Medic Characters
    Special Skills: Multiplayer medic, fast swimming, and can hold breath longer.
    Preferred weapons: HK MP5SD6 (silenced), HK MP5N, PSG-1 sniper rifle.
    SEAL TEAM 6 tm
    United States Navy "Sea Air Land" team 6
    SEAL is an acronym fo SEa, Air and Land, which are the infiltration methods they use.
    They specialise in SCUBA diving, parachuting, navigation and underwater demolitions.
    They operate in sea, desert, jungle and urban environments.
    United States Air Force Combat Search and Rescue.
    Pararescue Forces or "PJs" are trained in combat diving and parachuting.
    They rescue people and assests in isolated conditions and deliver medical
    supplies. In Afghanistan PJs have been active in search and rescue missions.
    Sniper Characters
    Special skills: Hold scope steady, fast crawl
    Preferred weapons: M82A1 Barrett .50 cal Sniper rifle, PSG-1 silenced sniper rifle,
    M40A3 sniper rifle, M24 sniper rifle, Aw sniper rifle.
    British Special air Service.
    Only sketchy details of this group have emerged. They master small unit
    combat and basic combat. The U.S's Green Berets are based on them.
    Central Intelligence Agency Special Operations Group.
    The SOG are involved in deep penetration recon, sabotage, urban warfare e.t.c.
    The SOG mostly consists of veterans from other armed forces and are a
    virtually independent group.
    Grenadier Characters.
    Special Skills: Accurate with indirect weapons (grenades)
    Preffered weapons: M4 with M203, OICW, MI6A2 with M203.
    Australian Special Air Service Regiment
    The SASR Three primary specialties are Low intensity warfare, internal
    security and strategic recon. Their skills include HALO, patrolling,
    SCUBA, and small boat operations. They can insert from submarines and
    aircraft.They have also been active in fighting terrorism and rescue
    United States Army 75th Ranger Regiment.
    Rangers are a highly mobile, rapidly deployable light infantry force.
    They are deployed against a wide range of targets and have many different missions.
    Their unquestioned commitment is to leave no man behind.
    Weapons are divided into several categories:
    Primary: Main Weapon such as sniper rifle or machine gun. Can be dropped.(see later)
    Secondary: Used for CQB or backup for primary weapon.
    Sidearms: Various handguns.
    Grenades: Well, you throw them, they explode.
    Explosives: Things like rockets, mines and demo charges
    Auxillary gear: Kevlar vests, more ammo e.t.c.
    I won't go into detail about the weapons here. Some info can be found on the game
    such as ammo capacity, range e.t.c. I'll just list them.
    Primary weapons
    OICW Assault rifle with 20mm grenade launcher.
    M4 Assault rifle with M203 40mm grenade launcher.
    M16A2 Assault rifle with M203 40mm grenade launcher.
    M4 SOPMOD Assault rifle with scope.
    F88 Austeyr Assault rifle.
    AW Sniper rifle.
    M40A3 Sniper rifle.
    M24 Sniper rifle.
    PSG-1 Silenced sniper rifle.
    M82A1 Barret Sniper rifle.
    M60E3 Machine gun.
    FN MAG Machine Gun.
    M249 "minimi" SAW (Squad automatic weapon) Machine gun.
    SA-80 Machine gun.
    Secondary Weapons
    HK MP5SD6 with silencer.
    HK MP5N.
    F89 Austeyr.
    SOCOM Pistol.
    M9 Beretta (92FS)
    Browning HP
    Sig P226
    F97 (Glock 19)
    Fragmentation grenades. They explode on contact
    Concussion Grenades. Have a time delay of 5-7 seconds.
    M18 Claymore. ( anti personel mine)Place on ground with "FRONT TOWARDS
    ENEMY". Can also be used with a detonator, or "Clacker" remote.
    Alliant slam. (demolition charger) Place by the target, get away, and blow
    it up with the radio detonator.
    At-4 LAW (light anti tank weapon) Point and shoot basically!
    Dropping weapons
    To drop weapons, push "0" zero, and walk up to a dead enemy to pick up their weapon.
    N.B grenades are always empty in picked up weapons.
    Fixed weapon emplacements
    These are guns found throughout some levels and are normally .50 cal machine guns.
    They have lots of ammo but generally lots of recoil too!
    Walk up to one to use it and walk backwards to disengage from it.
    Their Crosshairs have a larger spread due to the slight inaccuracy they have.
    The Armories
    These buildings are on most of the maps and you can change your gear there.
    They can be a bunker, rack or a cabinet. Walk up to the weapons and push
    "C" to bring up the gear selection. Choose weapons by clicking the arrows.
    Click "Accept" to change gear.
    Air Strikes
    To call an air strike, switch to laser designater(8)and right click to
    activate the scope. Aim it at your intended target and click.You should recieve radio
    confirmation. You will be told if you can't use one.
    Wait for about 30 seconds and stand back. The destruction is worth the wait.
    The UAV, or unmanned aerial vehicle, is a very useful recon tool.
    It flys in a preset path over the area of operations. You can control a
    camera mounted on the underside of the plane to view the goings on below.
    To access the camera, press "U". Controls below.
    Tilt up: num 8
    tilt down: num 2
    Pan left: num 4
    Pan right: num 6
    Zoom in: num 7
    Zoom out: num 9
    Lock on target: num 5
    When you lock on to a target like a moving vehicle, the camera tracks it
    until it exits the camera's field of vision.
    This doesn't need to be used often, as you can use the GPS instead but it can be fun!
    The screen displays wind indicator, GPS, Situational icon, selected
    weapon,items,waypoints,information link, scope, mission name, and most
    importantly, what you see!
    Wind Indicator
    Shows the wind direction and speed, so you can adjust aim accordingly.
    Global positioning system overhead map. You are the icon in the center,
    which indicates the direction you are facing.
    Enemys which you have seen appear on it.
    Orange circle=Initial/final waypoint
    Green dot=Waypoints
    Blue circle with facing indicator=Teammates
    Red Circle with facing indicator= enemy
    Blue X=Dead Teammate
    Red X=Dead enemy
    Green Square=Building
    Green +=Vehicle
    Situational icon
    Shows if you are standing, crouching or prone.
    Page down=prone
    Selected Weapon
    Shows your weapon, firingmode, magazines remaining and rounds in current
    magazine. Name turns red when reloading or out of ammo. Shows green when ready to fire.
    Shows any items you may be carrying. e.g laptop, briefcase.
    Can be dropped using the F8 key.
    Shows name and distance in meters to next waypoint. F5 cycles through them.
    Holding down shift and pressing F5 cycles backwards through them.
    Information link
    Shows current mission orders and other important texts such as orders
    and squad status.
    Shows multiplayer text also.
    You can use the scope on certain weapons by pushing / or
    right clicking the mouse.The number on the right shows the distance
    to the target. The number on the left shows what range the scope is zeroed
    at. Usethe [ and ] keys to increase and decrease the scope zero in
    hundreds to compensate for bullet drop. e.g if a target is 200
    metres away set zero to 200. If target is say 270, round to the nearest
    100, in this case 300.
    The map is very easy to use but if you need me to do this, contact at the above address
    Okay, now into the fun stuff! Just a wee note first. This walkthrough
    isn't designed to lead you around by the nose but just to help
    you complete this game, some hints and tips, suggested gear and
    characters and so forth.
    So here's how I will set it out.
    Mission name:
    Suggested weapons:
    Suggested Character:
    No. of enemies:
    Basic Goals:
    Hints and tips for the level:
    This level doesn't really need explanation as it is a tutorial level and
    you are told what to do!
    DTG 190230Z
    Suggested weapons: M4 SOPMOD, MP5N, SOCOM pistol, Concussion grenades, At-4, Kevlar vest.
    Suggested Characters: SFOD-Delta, JTF-2.
    Number of enemies: 28
    Armories: no
    BasicGoals: Destroy communications dish, Locate and seize enemy
    intelligence documents,eliminate all enemy resistance in the compound,
    move to extraction point.
    Hints and tips: As soon as you hit the ground, go prone and take out the
    guard in the tower to your right and the two guys near the satelite dish
    and the truck.
    Eliminate all guard towers before moving into the camp.
    Before entering one of the buildings, try throwing a concussion grenade
    through a window near the door to avoid nasty surprises.
    The intel documents are in one of the smaller buildings.
    Watch for the soldiers that appear near the hills when you move to the Extraction point.
    Operation Bear
    DTG 190950z
    Suggested Weapons: M82a1 Barret, MP5N, SOCOM pistol, SLAM, Kevlar vest,
    Concussion grenades.
    Suggested Characters: SAS, CIA
    No. of enemies: 40
    Armories: yes
    Basic Goals: Eliminate all enemy resistance at the sam sites and
    underground tunnels. Demolish 3 SAM launchers
    Hints and Tips: When you leave the chopper, snipe the 3 guards near the
    buldings east of your position and the two on the hill.
    As you travel around your waypoints up the hill, watch for the truck which
    has one enemy in the back. The truck can be destroyed with the MP5N.
    Watch for snipers on the hill and kill every enemy you see.
    The SAM launchers are near underground tunnel entrances and the armory
    is in the underground tunnel complex so stock up on SLAMs there.
    Once thats done finish of any remaining enemies to finish the mission.
    Operation Tiger
    Suggested Weapons: PSG 1, MP5SD6, MK23-SD, Claymores, Kevlar vest,
    Concussuion Grenades.
    Suggested Characters: SAS, CIA
    No. of Enemies:43
    Armories: no
    Basic Goals: Locate and interogate division commander, Locate and seize
    any enemy intel documents, Eliminate all enemy resistance, move to EXFIL.
    Hints and tips: When you leave the chopper, crawl forward and eliminate
    the guard towers and enemys in the backs of the trucks patroling the
    encampment. Also try to eliminate all enemies.
    The commander is in one of the tents North West of your insertion and the
    intel documents are in the underground complex. The entrance is near the
    commanders tent.
    Once everyone's dead, move to EXFIL.
    Operation Rhino H- 00:40 OBJ IRON
    DTG 190630Z
    Suggested Weapons: PSG-1 SD, MP5SD6, MK23-SD, SLAM, Kevlar vest, Concussion
    Suggested Characters: SAS, CIA
    No. of enemies: approx. 48
    Armories: Yes
    Basic Goals: Destroy any computer systems, Demolish ND beacon, Demolish VHF
    beacon, Airstrike airfield surveliance radar dome.
    Hints and Tips: DO NOT trigger the alarm! This is an automatic mission
    failure! Try not to shoot anyone unless it is absolutley neccesary.
    You can procure more SLAMs in the armory.
    It might help if you go prone alot.
    The ND beacon is the thing near your second way point that looks kind of
    like a water tank.
    The VHF beacon is the pole like structure that sticks straight up at the
    third way point.
    The radar dome is the big building with a big ball on top. Very easy to
    find. Call in a strike on this and it's mission complete.
    Operation Rhino  H- Hour OBJ STEEL
    DTG 190710Z
    Suggested Weapons: PSG-1, MP5SD5, MK23-SD, SLAM, Kevlar vest, Concussion
    Suggested Characters: SAS, CIA
    No. of enemies: 42-43
    Armories: no
    Basic Goals: Retrieve enemy intel documents, Eliminate all enemy resistance
    at the airfield, Move to rally point for exfil.
    Hints and tips: The intel is in the underground complex in an office like
    room. This mission is pretty easy. Kill the rest of the enemies and move
    to exfil.
    Operation Rhino H- Hour OBJ NICKEL
    DTG 190710Z
    Suggested Weapons: PSG-1, MP5SD6, MK23-SD, SLAM, Kevlar vest, Concussion
    Suggested Characters: SAS, CIA
    No. of enemies: 29
    Armories: no
    Basic Goals: Locate and demolish any operational aircraft, Eliminate all
    enemy resistance in the compound, Move to rally point for EXFIL.
    Hints and Tips: Another relativly easy one. One hangar has two choppers
    (Hinds I think) in it. Destroy these with SLAMs.
    Opposite this is the other hangar with three planes. Shoot the drums near
    the planes to destroy them. The one on the left has to be shot with the
    MP5SD6. Failing that, pick up an enemies AK-47 and use that.
    Finish off everyone and leave.
    Operation Harakat Part 1
    DTG 211330Z
    Suggested Weapons: PSG-1, MP5N, MK23 SOCOM, AT-4, Kevlar vest, Concussion
    Suggested Characters:SAS, CIA
    No. of enemies: 17
    Armories: no
    Basic Goals: Eliminate all enemy resistance, Protect Viper 33 Bravo
    Hints and tips: It is hard to aim with the scope on this so sometimes it
    is easier to use the MP5N instead.
    Your chopper can be shot down! Eliminate enemies asap.
    If a Bravo guy is killed, the mission is a failure.
    Operation Harakat Part 2
    DTG 211330Z
    Suggested Weapons: PSG-1, MP5N, MK23 SOCOM, AT-4, Kevlar vest, Concussion
    Suggested Characters: SAS, CIA
    No. of enemies: 36
    Armories: no
    Basic Goals: Eliminate enemy resistance at the hotel, Seize any laptops in
    the hotel, eliminate all resistance at the embassy, Move to embassy
    rooftop for extraction.
    Hints and tips: When you first land, watch out. As soon as you go through
    the hole in the roof you get fired upon. Try to run into one of the rooms
    and go from there. This place is crawling with bad guys.
    The Laptop is on the ground in one of the rooms.
    Go to the embassy and kill everyone there and on your way over.
    When that's done make your way to the roof for extraction.
    Operation Abu Khabab
    DTG 2306452
    Suggested Weapons: PSG-1, MP5SD6, MK23-SD, SLAM, Kevlar vest, Concussion
    Suggested Characters: SAS, CIA (again)
    No. of enemies: 34
    Armories: yes (Weapon racks)
    Basic Goals: Eliminate enemy resistance, Place beacons on three Biohazard
    Bunkers, Move outside facility before explosion.
    Hints and Tips: Watch out for civilian workers. Killing one fails the mission.
    The bunkers are smallish concrete buildings with large yellow doors.
    To place the beacon simply walk up to the door and the character says
    "Beacon Activated".
    I recommend that you kill everyone BEFORE placing the beacons.
    When all beacons are placed, haul ass out of there before it goes up!
    You get time warnings though.
    (Also, just look at the colour of the river!)
    Operation Bagram Airbase
    DTG 190720Z
    Suggested Weapons: OICW, MP5N, MK23 SOCOM, AT-4, Kevlar vest, Concussion
    Suggested Characters: Ranger, SASR
    No. of enemies:
    Armories: yes (weapon racks)
    Basic Goals: Demolish any operational aircraft, Eliminate enemy resistance,
    Move to rally point for extraction.
    Hints and Tips: There are two planes in hangars near the start which can be
    demolished with the OICW bullets or grenades. You can use AT-4s and restock
    at the weapon racks. You also have a couple of fire missions.
    (N.B all operational aircraft appear as circles with crosses through them
    on the commanders map or red dots on the smaller game screen one)
    There are three more planes which you can find easily enough on the map
    and one chopper.
    Kill any enemies along the way and then move to RP.
    A fairly straight foward mission!
    Operation Khanabad
    DTG 190720Z
    Suggested Weapons: OICW, MP5N, MK-23 SOCOM, AT-4, Kevlar vest, Concussion
    Suggested Characters: Ranger, SASR
    No. of enemies: 34
    Armories: no
    Basic Goals: Elimnate enemy resistance, Seize and destroy the command
    building, Destroy enemy BRDM's.
    Hints and tips: Easy enough, kill every enemy that you see.
    The BRDM's (there are two of them) are near waypoint three in a walled in
    compound with tents. Kill 'em with AT-4s or OICW grenades.
    They are the small truck like vehicles with guns on top.
    The command building is on the square I 16 on the commander's map.
    It is the smallish building with the flag sitting outside it.
    (The green, black and white one.)
    Operation Al-Badr II
    DTG 190720Z
    Suggested Weapons: OICW, MP5N, MK 23 SOCOM, AT-4, Kevlar vest, Concussion
    Suggested Characters: Ranger, SASR
    No. of enemies: 39
    Armories: no
    Basic Goals: Eliminate all resistance at west camp, clear all bunkers,
    Eliminate all resistance at east camp, Move to exfil.
    Hints and Tips: After killing everyone at one of the camps, head
    underground and kill everyone down there. You should now know what
    underground entrances look like.
    Watch out for snipers on the hills and the explosive barrels under the
    Try not to get lost underground!
    Operation Darwanta Power Station
    DTG 2513257
    Suggested Weapons: OICW, MP5N, MK23 SOCOM, SLAM, Kevlar vest, Concussion
    Suggested Characters: Ranger, SASR
    No. of enemies: 27
    Armories: no
    Basic Goals: Place three beacons on power transformers, Exfil prior to
    cruise missle attack.
    Hints and tips: Not alot for this level but....
    The transformers are in the four big buildings in the compound and are the
    large box like things. You'll know when you walk up to them because the
    character says "beacon activated".
    To get to some buildings you need to go on the bridges upstairs that lead
    to the other buildings. Be aware that this puts you out in the open.
    Once all beacons are activated, (save in case you fail) and run, run, run!
    Get back to the truck at your start point and mission complete.
    Operation Bagh-e Daud
    DTG 190720Z
    Suggested Weapons: OICW, MP5N, MK 23 SOCOM, AT-4, Kevlar vest, Concussion
    Suggested Characters: Ranger, SASR
    No. of enemies: 35
    Armories: no
    Basic Goals: Locate french journalist, Move journalist to NGO truck, Escort
    NGO vehicle to Northern Alliance territory.
    Hints and tips: Don't let the journalist get killed or the truck destroyed
    because then you fail!
    The journalist is on the second floor of one of the buildings. Follow your
    waypoints and you will see him on the map as a green icon. He is also
    recognizable because of his Video camera and shirt that says "Press" on the
    When escorting the truck, watch for shooters around the buildings and guys
    hiding up in the hills. Even their machine guns can destroy the truck.
    N.B some of them have grenade launchers so watch it!
    Just stay with the truck and it eventually reaches the NA compound which
    has three soldiers defending it to help you out.
    Operation Kolowr Va Dah
    DTG 280720Z
    Suggested Weapons: OICW, MP5N, MK-23 SOCOM, AT-4, Kevlar Vest, Concussion
    Suggested Characters: Ranger, SASR
    No. of enemies: 46
    Armories: no
    Basic Goals: Locate and protect surviving CH47 crew, Protect helicopter
    crew until CSAR chopper arrives, Demolish the CH47, Exfil on CSAR chopper.
    Hints and Tips: Now this one can be hard and I hard a problem with it!
    When following your waypoints, you pass an enemy base. Try to eliminate
    all the enemys there. Makes life alot easier.
    After you've located the crew, watch out. A whole **** load of enemys will
    close in on your position! Try to protect the crew. If one dies, game over.
    Once you've defeated the hoards of enemys, move to Exfil and from there,
    shoot the CH47 with AT-4s to destroy it.
    The chopper crew also help fight off the enemys but aren't so hot.
    For me, when I first played this one, I destroyed the chopper and THEN
    moved to exfil and nothing happened! So try the above thing if this happens.
    Operation Pole-e Chakari
    DTG 261750Z
    Suggested Weapons: OICW, MP5N, MK-23 SOCOM, SLAM, Kevlar Vest, Concussion
    Suggested Characters: Ranger, SASR
    No. of enemies: 28
    Armories: no
    Basic Goals: Demolish all operational vehicles, Eliminate all enemy
    resistance, Move to rally point for EXFIL.
    Hints and Tips: There are two very large warehouses. Two trucks are in one
    and two SAM launchers are in the other. Trucks can be destroyed with the
    MP5N or grenades and the SAM launchers with SLAMs.
    With for civies, killing one fails the mission.
    Near waypoint two there are two last trucks to destroy.
    Once that's done, clean up the place and head to the EXFIL
    Operation Hadda Farm
    DTG 280410Z
    Suggested Weapons: PSG-1, MP5SD6, MK-23 SD, AT-4, Kevlar vest, Concussion
    Suggested Characters: SAS, CIA
    No. of enemies: 35
    Armories: no
    Basic Goals: Infiltrate Hadda farm, Locate and capture Mullah Rhir.
    Hints and Tips: Again, Don't kill civilians.
    Watch out for enemies in the corn/maize field. They can shoot right through
    it but you can't see them. I suggest going prone and staying behind the
    natural contours of the ground and sniping every enemy possible. Also, some
    are on the rooftops.
    If Mullah Rhir escapes or dies then you fail. He is different looking than
    the others. (Wearing a red turban and robe like thing.)
    Just run over to him to capture him.
    Operation Gamberi Daug
    DTG 8001452
    Suggested Weapons: PSG-1, MK23-SD, MP5SD6, At-4, Kevlar Vest, Concussion
    Suggested Characters: SAS, CIA
    No. of enemies: 25
    Armories: no
    Basic Goals: Locate and seize any enemy intelligence documents, Destroy
    the radio control centre, Move to rally point for EXFIL.
    Hints and tips: Killing civilians fails the mission, as does destroying
    the intel documents.
    On the way towards the base, watch out for snipers in the hills and near
    the building with the two towers beside it.
    The intel documents are in the building wth the large radar ball thing on
    top. It might be a good idea to eliminate all enemies so you can go
    about un-hindered. The documents are on a desk in the building.
    Exit the building and then laser designate.
    After the fireworks move to EXFIL.
    Operation Khalid Bin Waleed
    DTG 021445Z
    Suggested Weapons: OICW, MK23, MP5N, SLAM, Kevlar Vest, Concussion Grenades
    Suggested Characters: Ranger, SASR
    No. of enemies: 28
    Armories: yes
    Basic Goals: Destroy all operational SCUD launchers, Eliminate all enemy
    Hints and Tips:
    Just follow your first way point and you'll see the first SCUD launcher.
    West from that one is another one. Destroy them with SLAMs or laser
    designate them. (Can restock on SLAMs at the armory. Check map)
    Remember to kill all the enemies you see.
    Follow your Waypoints and you'll see several buildings. The Large
    Hangar has the third SCUD in it. There are also a couple of missiles
    hanging from the roof but these can't be and don't need to be destroyed.
    Follow your waypoints to the next SCUD which is also inside a hangar.
    Once that's done, kill the remaining enemies to finish the mission.
    Operation Lahaza
    DTG  190720Z
    Suggested Weapons: PSG-1, MK23-SD, Claymore mines, MP5SD6, Kevlar Vest,
    Concussion grenades
    Suggested Characters: SAS, CIA
    No. of enemies: 30
    Armories: no
    Basic Goals: Take Control of bridge, destroy convoy, eliminate enemy
    Hints an Tips:
    Follow your waypoints to the bridge and snipe the enemies on it and in the
    hills. Watch out for the two watch towers en route (pun intended)
    There is also another tower across the bridge.
    The bridge is swarming with enemies so be careful.
    There are some utes near the bridge but these aren't part of the convoy
    so you can leave them.
    A Friendly chopper comes at some point and drops to guys to help out.
    Once you've captured the bridge, wait a minute and the convoy will turn
    up. Just like previous DF games, eliminate the lead vehicle to stop the
    convoy. This can be done with claymores or the MP5SD6.
    You fail if the convoy crosses the bridge or the bridge is destroyed.
    After that, finish off any remaining enemies and thats it.
    Operation Reeshkhore
    DTG 190720Z
    Suggested Weapons: OICW, F89AUS, MK23, AT-4, Kevlar Vest, Concussion
    Suggested Characters: Ranger, SASR
    No. of enemies: 23
    Armories: no
    Basic Goals: Prevent enemy from entering Pakistan, Destroy all Vehicles,
    eliminate enemy resistance.
    Hints and Tips:
    Now this one is pretty difficult!
    On the way in you might want to pop grenades at the trucks from the
    chopper, but that causes the enemy to retaliate and shoot you down =(
    On the other hand, you only fail if both choppers go down, and being
    in a chopper being destroyed doesn't kill you!
    You can either wait until you get dropped off or you can attcak from
    the chopper.
    When you get out of the chopper, watch out for the snipers on the hills!
    They got me many times without me realising it!
    It is not a good idea to use the 50 cal. guns because they have a very poor
    turning radius.
    Take out the vehicles with the grenade launcher and AT-4. Try to clean up
    the rest with the OICW or F89AUS.
    Don't allow anything, human or truck to cross the border or you fail.
    See the bridge over the dry river, well think of the river as the border.
    There is always a white truck way off to the side, roughly south that is
    hard to see and get so try to stop that A.S.A.P.
    This mission may take several attempts but it can be done.
    Operation Paktia
    DTG 071235Z
    Suggested Weapons: OICW, MP5N, MK-23, Claymore mines, Kevlar vest,
    Concussion grenades
    Suggested Characters: Ranger, SASR
    No. of enemies: 39
    Armories: no
    Basic Goals: Defend the fort until extraction helicopter arrives.
    Hints and tips:
    Basically, kill every enemy you see and don't let them reach the fort.
    The 50 cals. come in handy so take advantage of them. Thet aren't
    terribly accurate at range but can lay down a good amount fire!
    You have three team-mates helping you out here.
    Three waves of ememies come. Two from the north and the other from the
    south-west. The second north one comes after the southwest one.
    This can be difficult but just go nuts with an automatic weapon if you
    get really stuck.
    The chopper normally arrives after about a minute or two.
    Operation Sati Kundao
    DTG 051820Z
    Suggested Weapons: PSG-1, MP5N, MK-23, AT-4, Kevlar Vest, Concussion
    Suggested Characters: SAS, CIA
    No. of enemies: 25
    Armories: no
    Basic Goals: Identify and laze all four checkpoints and command posts,
    Locate and seize any enemy intelligence documents.
    Hints and Tips:
    As alwyas, watch out for snipers in the hills.
    Follow your waypoints to the first building. It's just a little building
    surrounded by oil drums and crates. This one can be destroyed simply by
    shooting the drums!
    Follow your waypoints to the second bulding. This one has several trucks
    by it and several yellow drums. Shoot the drums and then hit the building
    with some AT-4s to destroy it, or simply laze it.
    Head to the next one. This one however has to be lazed, but don't worry
    about the tents though.
    Watch out, there are quite a few snipers running around in the hills.
    Head to the last one. If you followed your waypoints over the hill then
    you will be faced with a sheer drop which can kill you.
    Anyway, there are several enemies at the last checkpoint.
    Laze this last building and head into the tents. The intel Documents are
    on a desk inside one of them. Dont shoot them tough or you fail!
    Operation Khwaja Mastoon Ghundai
    DTG 2904252
    Suggested Weapons: OICW, MP5N, F9, AT-4, Extra Ammo, Concussion grenades.
    Suggested Characters: Ranger, SASR
    No. of enemies: 33
    Armories: no
    Basic Goals: Prevent enemy from crossing the Pakistan Border, Locate and
    clear out enemy tunnel complexs.
    Hints and Tips:
    As the chopper comes in, shoot the enemies running away from you. There are
    only a couple anyway. Finish the rest off as you land. Also, there are two
    or three snipers on the hill.
    Follow your waypoints and on the hill you'll see something that is very
    obviously not part of the hills. This is the entrance to the tunnels.
    Head in and shoot everything you see (enemies that is). I would reccomend
    using the MP5N on auto for quick kills.
    When you get to a junction head right. From then on keep heading left at
    junctions or if a seperate corridor heads that way.
    It helps if you go as fast as possible.
    When you reach the exit you will see two trucks. Hit these with AT-4s.
    There are also ten or so soldiers also fleeing so finish them.
    Now you can head back into the tunnels and finish off anyone you missed.
    Operation Tora Bora
    DTG 190720Z
    Suggested Weapons: PSG-1, MP5N, MK-23, AT_4, Kevlar Vest, Concussion
    Suggested Characters: SAS, CIA.
    No. of enemies:
    Basic Goals: Loctae tunnel entrance, Eliminate enemy resistance, Locate
    and demolish any ammo caches.
    Hints and Tips:
    Well, last mission people!
    Watch out for those damn snipers running around. They're easy to see
    though because they aren't exactly camoflaged.
    Follow waypoints and you'll see the entrance which sticks out and is easy
    to see.
    Head on in. You may want to get an enemy's AK-47 or M16A2 for some CQB.
    Just waste all the enemies you see. This is a very straight forward mission
    and simple for a last one! Occasionally you may come across huge boxes
    which are the ammo caches. They can be destroyed with AT-4s, grenades
    or automatic fire. You may get lost but it is relativly easy to find your
    way back. There is only really one way to go but there are lots of dead
    ends and so on. Not much else I can say really, so good luck.
    SECTION C: Other Stuff
    SECTION C0: Misc. stuff
    Basically, this section contains stuff that had no where else to go in
    this FAQ.
    SECTION C1: Cheats
    There are only a couple of cheats for this game but if you find this game
    hard then you might want to use them. They dont affect the game in any
    way, apart from the listed effects. This game isn't terribly hard anyway.
    To enter cheats push the "~" key and it brings up a chat menu. Type in the
    cheats with correct capitalisation and then push enter.
    CHEAT                    EFFECT                       NOTES
    -----                    ------                       -----
    StanGable                Infinite ammunition         Ammo never runs out
    ClaymoreFallmont         Full Ammunition             Refills all ammo
    JeffersonDarcy           Extra hit ponts             Can take more hits
    AceEvans                 Invisibility                Enemies can't see you
    RogerPhilips             Artillery Strikes           Get Artillery strikes.
    SECTION C2: Credit
    Not a LOT of people to thank but...
    Novalogic for making such a great game series.
    Me for writing this (Obviously).
    GameFAQs for originally hosting this FAQ and helping me get this off the
    Gamers-Realm.com for hosting this also.
    All the other sites I haven't got back to yet, but soon will and thanks
    for the offers!
    My brother for getting me into Delta Force games.
    The people that e-mailed me with comments e.t.c, your comments made this
    whole thing worthwhile.
    Anyone else I may have overlooked, you know who you are.
    SECTION C3: Outro
    Thanks for taking the time to read this FAQ. Though it may not seem like
    it, a lot of time went into it and thanks for at least reading it!
    Does anyone really keep reading FAQs this far?
    Later! Might do a Urban Warfare FAQ if anyone wants and if no-one else
    is doing one!
    Buh Bye!
    "There's no 'I' in Team, but there's a 'We' in Weapon!"

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