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    FAQ/Walkthrough by odino

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                                              KKK e                                
                                           K      e                                
                                             W5XX e                                
                           KKKW          XzDXW    e                                
                          KWWWy #e    XE#     KKW e                                
                         KWWy5W5eee XE    WyXXDDz5eyD5W                            
                        WW5DyD5  W9e   y5DDzK K       K5                           
     e 5              KWyXz# eXGez#eG55Dz   W#z#eeeeeeE5XyKX                       
    KG ee9           KKyXD9 eE 99D99zeD  DeeeeeeeeeGeeeeeeeDXW                     
    WWe eeee         Ky5D#XXe  e9yE9Dz eeeeeeeW   E      WDeeeE                    
    Wy#D eee        KWyXz9 eW DeE eG  e55EeK  5XX e WyXXW    eeeX                  
    Wyye eeee       WyXD# e9 G ee eX e  XK  95    e     WDW    eGGy                
    Ky55e eeeX     Ky5XD De Xy ee e e  K  eD      e       Xz K  eeE                
     W5y9 #eee    KW5XD5 e  G Xee eez    9K     K e        XD y  ee5               
    5WyXWe eeee  KWyXDD ez 5D5yee ee  K  e        e         e WW Kee           #   
     yy5yX# eeeK KyXzz Ge  G#D ee ee WK ED 55XXDX e XDDDXXX e 5XW ee DDDzXDeWDX#X#D
     WKDD5e eeee  5Xy  e    WW ee ee D  9#        e         e KK  ee       e       
      KXWyye eGeE 5DX eD XyyDDKee ezDG   e        e         e WW  e#      #D       
       KWWWD5Geee y5 ee yD WXX ee e5Ee5  X5    K  e        e  yW  e       e        
        y55We eGee  #e yzy yXDKee e5 ee   Dz   KK e      ye  Wy  ee       e        
         5Xyy#5eEey eWWz#  yXXKee e9X ee    XXy   e    #Gy  yK  ee       e         
         W555E eGGzeEKDG  KyXDKee eE e ee     W5X e 5DD  KyW   ee       Ke         
          y55XGKe9#eK5GD  KyXDKee ee  X Dee       e   KW5W   eee        e          
          K5y55D99ey59e   Wy5X ee ee WKK 5#ee9KWy eW K    5eee        5e           
           W W 9eeeeee     Ky5Kee ee 5 K   X5X#Xy z K5XEeeeE         9G            
                           KW XX eG X       K Ky GDz##D           KeK             
                             KK55 e# z            e              Wez               
                             KWX5 eX #            e            EeD                 
                            KWyXD ey #            e        XEeE                    
                            KWyXX ey 9          K eD5#9E9#X                        
                            Ky5XD e5 E            eK                               
                             KKyy e# e  u    uKuu GX                               
                             uuKK ee59    u   u u 9D                               
    PS 2001
    Version:        1.0     released on the 6th of April 2010
    Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
    This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available at GameFAQs.
    | .========================================================================. |
    | |                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                            | |
    | '========================================================================' |
    | 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   |
    | 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
    | 03.) Walkthrough                                               |   G0300   |
    |      Story Walkthrough                                         |   G0310   |
    | XX.) FAQ                                                       |   GXX00   |
    | YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
    | ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                          |   GZZ00   |
    01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100
    Welcome to 'VIP' for the Playstation, released by Ubisoft in 2001. It was also
    released on the PC and had some other ports on the Game Boy Color/Advance and
    Playstation 2. Only the PC version is also applicable for this guide.
    This game is, of course, based on the semi-hit show of the same name starring
    Pamela Anderson. It ran for like 4 seasons and this is apparently based during
    the later years (since Johnny is there) and the show was still running at the
    time. It is generally regarded as super campy but has a kind of cult following
    that only has Baywatch to compare to. Nevertheless, you do not need to know
    the show to understand the game but it kind of plays like an episode of the
    series and if you are a fan then you will most likely enjoy this a lot more.
    Suggestions, comments or errors - email me about it. Enjoy!
    02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200
    There are only four choices.
    New Game: Start a new game
    Continue: Load a saved game
    Gallery: Load the unlocked pictures and movies from the save game
    Options: Display (center adjustment)
             Sound levels
             Vibration On/Off
    Game Flow:
    The game is split into more than a dozen scenes which in turn are split into
    sequences that vary in style. Each sequence has bonus items you can pick up
    during the action that will either just give you points or return your energy.
    Here is a breakdown of these items:
    Yellow = 5,000 points
    Red    = Power Up (does not actually do anything as far as I know)
    Green  = Energy Up (restore health)
    At the end of a scene you get a STAGE CLEAR screen which shows the following
    Accuracy: Your accuracy in shooting and getting the correct keys.
    Max Combo: Highest successful combo. Easier to get this in hand-to-hand fights.
               The combo resets when you switch character in a level.
    Counter: Amount of counters achieved.
    Total: Your points total.
    Rank: Your performance for this stage, depending on your accuracy, combo
          mainly, which determine the total points. Counters do not seem important
          If you get an A you will have a "nicer" picture of Pammy as reward. I
          have never seen anything lower than B given here.
    You can only save the game in-between scenes. There is also the option to buy
    movies and pictures with your hard-earned points. This is under the SPECIAL
    option. More movies and pictures are unlocked through the story mode and DOES
    NOT requires getting A rankings for any stage. There are only 40 pictures and
    the rest stay question marks. Here is a list of what to unlock and when they
    become available.
    01-03 = 10,000 pts each (after Stage  1)
    04-06 = 15,000 pts each (after Stage  2)
    07-09 = 20,000 pts each (after Stage  3)
    10-12 = 25,000 pts each (after Stage  4)
    13-15 = 30,000 pts each (after Stage  5)
    16-18 = 35,000 pts each (after Stage  6)
    19-21 = 40,000 pts each (after Stage  7)
    22-24 = 45,000 pts each (after Stage  8)
    25-27 = 50,000 pts each (after Stage  9)
    28-30 = 55.000 pts each (after Stage 10)
    31-33 = 60,000 pts each (after Stage 11)
    34-36 = 65,000 pts each (after Stage 12)
    37-40 = 80,000 pts each (after Stage 13)
    01. Stage  1 Intro        50,000 pts (after Stage  1)
    02. Stage  2 Cutscene     30,000 pts (after Stage  2)
    03. Stage  3 Cutscene     30,000 pts (after Stage  3)
    04. Stage  4 Intro        30,000 pts (after Stage  4)
    05. Stage  4 Cutscene1    35,000 pts (after Stage  4)
    06. Stage  4 Cutscene2    40,000 pts (after Stage  4)
    07. Stage  5 Intro        65,000 pts (after Stage  5)
    08. Stage  5 Cutscene     70,000 pts (after Stage  5)
    09. Stage  6 Outro        80,000 pts (after Stage  6)
    10. Stage  7 Intro        50,000 pts (after Stage  7)
    11. Stage  7 Cutscene1    55,000 pts (after Stage  7)
    12. Stage  7 Cutscene2    60,000 pts (after Stage  7)
    13. Stage  7 Outro        65,000 pts (after Stage  7)
    14. Stage  8 Intro        70,000 pts (after Stage  8)
    15. Stage  8 Cutscene     75,000 pts (after Stage  8)
    16. Stage  9 Intro        80,000 pts (after Stage  9)
    17. Stage  9 Cutscene     85,000 pts (after Stage  9)
    18. Stage  9 Outro        90,000 pts (after Stage  9)
    19. Stage 10 Intro        95,000 pts (after Stage 10)
    20. Stage 11 Intro       100,000 pts (after Stage 11)
    21. Stage 13 Intro       150,000 pts (after Stage 13)
    22. Stage 13 Cutscene1   200,000 pts (after Stage 13)
    23. Stage 13 Cutscene2   200,000 pts (after Stage 13)
    24. Stage 13 Outro     1,000,000 pts (after Stage 13)
    * You get a 100 points per goon during Type A fighting. Shooting depends on
      the area of the hit (head starts with 1,000 and legs just 100).
    * Each combo adds 50 points. E.g. Combo 20 defeat = 1050
    * A counter doubles the score of that hit.
    In short, raking up a huge combo will enable you buying all unlockables very
    03.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0300
    There are five types of game modes in the game. Understanding them is the key
    to play the game and what follows later is just a run-down of events with some
    more hints. The core of the game hardly ever changes.
    Type A
    This is your standard hand-to-hand combat where you see button patterns on the
    screen and must replicate them quickly. Doing so hurts your foes, messing up
    lowers your life bar. These patterns get tougher as you go along but thankfully
    they are not random. Also, continued correct moves can help you dispatch an
    enemy before three gang up on you at once; else this can force a button or two
    with the additional enemies surrounding you. Eventually the game throws you a
    bone with a semi-insulting 'one triangle' directions for no- hopers who are
    completely befuddled and will probably be more likely to kick the bucket than
    the thugs any time soon. At the start of the game you only have a two-button
    sequence to master but four-button sequences are default near the end and the
    boss will take a little bit extra to take down.
    Type B
    Button bashing, but instead of trying to be super fast you should take it easy
    and just try "slightly more than slow" really. You will find this does not
    require as much speed as a button bashing sequence normally demands. There is
    also a puzzle involving button bashing but that is explained in the
    Type C
    Gun fights, an orgy of X (shoot) and O (reload) with a variety of firearms. You
    also have the R1 "speed up" option which helps a little but often makes the
    horrible cross hair even harder to control. These are rather easy for the most
    case but later can be tricky when they involve some grenades being launched at
    you. Most of the time you just need to shoot bad guys (often you can blow up
    obstacles that cover them) although you may have a primary target to hit while
    you still have to dispatch distracting snipers. While the game is usually very
    generous with shot hit detection, it overcompensates in the final shootout.
    Handgun: Slow but accurate enough. Have to reload too often.
    Assault Rifle: Super fast and still accurate like a handgun but unfortunately
                   you also have to content with more goons in these levels.
    Sniper Rifle: One hit kills no matter where you aim at. This one is almost too
                  easy but a lot of them relate to mini-bosses which you cannot
                  kill in one shot. Slow if you miss your shot.
    Bottle: You will find this out by yourself...
    Type D
    You either have to dodge a sniper cross hair or sneak around guards. This is
    done by a single button and is super easy. You actually lose points if you do
    not make it and after a few times it is game over. Might be used in combination
    of Type A (fighting).
    Type E
    Mostly done by Kay since she is not a fighter There are several types of these
    mini-games such as a 3x3 tile-slider puzzle, some strange wave pattern tweaker.
    For the latter (and I realize I forgot to put that into the walkthrough, I hope
    someone will tell me where it is missing) you need to press UP and DOWN to
    match up the dots on the waves. This can be annoying since the wave moves ahead
    while you press the buttons and you might end up changing the wrong one. The
    good news is that once a bar is green it will stay green and you cannot move
    the attached dots any more. Eventually you will only have to move a few and it
    all becomes more organizes. You also have a lot of time for this so they only
    worry is not figuring out what you are supposed to do here. Since you know how
    this should not be a problem.
    Story Walkthrough:                                                   G0310
    Stage 1
    Type A, Vallery in front of estate walls and gate.
    Type C at the gate with Nikki, then at the fountain in two different views. The
    second one at the window is slightly tougher.
    Type A in the courtyard as goes Vallery up to the entrance door.
    This leads to a button bashing Type B encounter where you have to force open
    the door.
    On the other end of the courtyard, Nicky will fist it out with goons (Type A)
    for a while with the last sequence shooting the door open to end the stage.
    Stage 2
    Fight through the lobby with Vallery, Type A. Runs into surgery.
    Nikki takes over, Type A fighting. Follows Vallery into surgery.
    Vallery fights it out in the living room (Type A).
    Stage 3
    Nikki starts shooting in the lobby (Type C) then switches to the staircase.
    Vallery takes over in the upstairs dressing room (Type A) and finishes up by
    opening the door.
    Flee the mansion (Type D).
    Stage 4
    Tasha sneaks around the base (Type D), also involves some fighting.
    Kay hacks the computer (Type E).
    Tasha cleans up the streets (Type A) with cars apparently driving by and not
    caring about the fighting. Where is this show based in again?
    Stage 5
    Sparring practice with Quick (Type A). You do not take damage but you lose
    points if you are too slow. You cannot actually fail this just lose a lot of
    Type C shooting with a sniper rifle. Shoot the goons and then the tires else
    they shoot you while you are in the process of taking out the car.
    Type C shooting with an assault rifle, this is a little tougher to get a high
    hit ratio as the assault rifle shoots rapidly and avoiding damage requires you
    to have a quick trigger finger.
    Stage 6
    Quick takes care of the goons outside (Type A); you can get a 100+ combo on
    these streets and often you are way outnumbered resulting in four-button
    Vallery battles goons near the stalls (Type A). This is another near-100 combo
    until you finally reach the boss.
    Johnny's job is to deal 50 per cent of damage before the story continues. This
    is still Type A fighting just that you always fight the same guy.
    Vallery chases the boss goon to the beach (Type D).
    Vallery catches up with the boss and clogs him a while with her purse (Type A).
    Funny enough: she takes less time than Johnny to beat her half of the health
    Stage 7
    Tasha vs Sniper in this Type C sniper duel with a mini-boss. Your aim is to
    rattle the health bar down to almost zero.
    Next up Tasha fights the other goons (Type A) in the lobby.
    Johnny clears the way for Kay (Type A).
    Kay hacks the computer (Type E). Fives minutes for three pictures of a 3x3
    sliding puzzle. Rather easy but I know a lot of people hate these kind of
    Scene 8
    Keep the door from opening (Type B).
    Quick takes out the goons that did manage to storm into the club (Type A).
    Val defends herself by throwing bottles at the goons that come later (Type D).
    This is horribly inaccurate. The goons running from right to left are not going
    to hurt you directly but they might get hit by one of your bottles and thus
    give the enemy it was targeted at the chance to shoot. The scene switches to
    your perspective soon enough yet the idea is the same. Wait for the goons
    coming from the door to actually get into position as you else throw into thin
    air and you would not want to waste your chance looking at this slow "reload"
    Quick takes on the boss (Type A) and unfortunately not the guy we just saw
    coming into the club with a chain gun. This time you need to get to the point
    where the game takes over and finishes the scene.
    Scene 9
    Nikki shoots the grenadiers in the lobby. These grenades do a lot of damage
    and the game gives you a handful with these guys as they are spread out so
    much. Getting all quickly is not easy. Luckily there are only two waves and the
    rest of the enemies are just regular guys with pistols.
    Johnny takes over with this kung fu skills (Type A). Note how the easiest
    button combination is already four icons. This is quite a long sequence and
    you can rake up a 100+ combo here.
    Tasha now protects Johnny with her sniper rifle from being shot by the goons
    (Type C). This is longer than expected and the sniper rifle can kill anyone no
    matter if you hit the foot or the head.
    Back to Johnny for more slapping the bad guys (Type A). This time it is a
    shorter but you regularly get surrounded by two guys.
    Nikki tries to disarm the C4 bomb (Type E). This is rather easy. Button bash
    the color of the bar (it matches to either X, O or /_\ on your controller!) and
    note that if a color button is flashing then it fill empty out quicker so you
    need to concentrate on this one first. Once a bar is filled you do not have to
    worry about it emptying again.
    Scene 10
    Tasha fights goons in the parking lot (Type A). This is slightly more than
    average sparring.
    Nikki takes over with her gun (Type C). You can shoot the barrels for a blast
    that takes out several guys in the surrounding area. I am not sure this counts
    for your accuracy but killing someone with this method does raise your counter.
    Johnny also wants to be part of this brawl (Type A). This is pretty short.
    Tasha returns for more action (Type A) and soon needs to duck for cover.
    Scene 11
    Quick takes on the trained goons who apparently opened up the door for Plan B
    (Type A).
    After rescuing Tasha you can finally do some slapping with Val's purse again
    (Type A).
    Quick is back in charge for a really long fighting scene (Type A).
    Nikki finally confronts the baddy from before (Type C). Rattle down his HP to
    the green bar by shooting him, naturally. This also works kind of by shooting
    through the statue or at least just to the side of it while he is hiding on
    that side. Shoot the grenades as he lobs them over the corner. It is best to
    destroy those as he has just thrown them.
    Quick takes over with an assault rifle (Type C). The boss alternates between
    two modes: One is stepping out from behind a column where you should quickly
    shoot him twice for him to go back or run to the next column. If you do not
    shoot him twice quick enough he will either shoot or lob a grenade at you. The
    alternate attack is just crouching next to a column and throwing a grenade. You
    cannot shoot him at this point but you can shoot the grenades.
    Scene 12
    Quick starts cleaning out this office area (Type) followed by Vallery doing
    the same (Type A). Quick apparently had enough of hand-to-hand combat as he
    pulls out an automatic rifle to slay these grenade throwers. The idea is to hit
    them before they throw and the game's auto-aim mechanism helps to shoot them
    while they are still crawling/crouching behind the desks.
    Scene 13
    First you have a kind of unique part which involves multiple button
    combinations but not involving any fights. Place explosives as Nikki points you
    and then explode the C4 correctly. You have five minutes for this task as well
    as the next one. If you screw up the explosion part then Nikki goes back to
    planting the explosives. This takes up a lot of time!
    Tasha then takes out her sniper rifle to deal with the helicopter's rotor
    engine. In actually you want to kill the opposition here but will get rid of
    him along with the helicopter engine. In short, you want to shoot the guy so he
    does not shoot you and then in-between get a couple of shots on the engine.
    Once the engine is down to zero the sequence is complete.
    Next up is the boss. The first two quarters are standard boss material (Type A)
    but the second half involves six buttons for each attack. The only upside here
    is that each successful hit does take off double damage compared to the first
    half of his health bar.
    Finally you have to finish this off with some button bashing (Type B). Val
    does the rest for a big combo finish!
    You can now restart the game with the score kept intact to unlock those pics
    and flicks.
    XX.)                    FAQ                                          GXX00
    Q) How do you unlock the rest of the pictures?
    A) There are only 40 pictures as far as I know. They left the rest of the
       question marks just to complete the screen. If there really is a way then
       I would not know since I beat the game on A rankings throughout.
    Q) Is the is the same game as on the <insert console>?
    A) I compared to pictures on the PC and it looks identical. The Game Boy Color
       and Advance games are naturally different and the Playstation 2 game has
       been changed a lot but still has the same story if I remember correctly.
    Q) Is the game hard?
    A) Sure is. It is repetitive and easy at first but later levels can be really
       tough. I guess it also comes down to how well you know your controller.
    Q) What happens with the mini-boss in the lobby?
    A) You do not actually have to shoot this guy but taking care of him will
       result in having more health for the rest of the level. He will eventually
       disappear as if you have nearly depleted his health bar.
    Q) What happens if I shoot the mini-boss on the last level?
    A) The guy will fall down first and then you can concentrate on the helicopter
       engine. You are supposed to be short on time here if you screwed up the C4
       placement earlier, in which case you need to try and shoot the engine while
       he is still around and then he will fall down from the resulting blast.
    YY.)                    VERSION HISTORY                              GYY00
    v1.0     Complete (6th of April 2010)
    ZZ.)                    CREDITS & THANKS                          GZZ00
    GameFAQs for hosting this file.
    Ubisoft for the game.
    Andrew Schultz for his review that "pursuaded" me to FAQ the game. I have
    borrowed some of his wording for the descriptions as per agreement.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.        ,,,
                                        (o o)

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