• Console Cheat Codes

    Edit the file 'autoexec.cfg' in the 'cfg' folder of the game and add 'wirbelwind'(without quotes) to the end. This will allow the key '`' to open the console. Then enter the codes below, 1 to turn on the code and 0 to turn it off.

    game_noai 1Disable artificial intelligence
    i_am_an_alien 1Everybody including enemies becomes transparent, happens only after loading a saved game
    getitem xGet item number x
    setxplevel xSet all squad members to x level
    cheat_showall 1Show all enemies including NPCs
    godmode 1Squad invulnerable

    Contributed By: LandryRaccoon.

  • Exploding Heads on critical

    Go to the "cfg" folder in your Silent Storm game folder. Open "config.cfg" in a text editor like wordpad. Look on the top and you'll see the line "setvar cheat_allow_headshot = 0.00". Replace the 0.00 with 1.00 so that it reads "setvar cheat_allow_headshot = 1.00" (without the quotes).
    Now, whenever you get a critical shot on the head of an enemy and kill him, his head will explode.

    Contributed By: Metal Eternity.

  • List of items for 'getitem x' code

    352''Little Joe'' Silenced
    14636M Mk I
    398Acetophenetidin Analgesic Tablet
    406Adhesive Surgical Plaster
    390Advanced Picklock
    224AGS cartridge belt
    223AGS rocket launcher
    90AVS-36 Magazine
    182Bazooka M1
    184Bazooka rocket propelled grenade
    158Beretta M1938A
    159Beretta M38-42
    353Beretta M38-42 Silenced
    441Beretta SMG Magazine
    357BHLG 1Z
    246Billy Club
    247Black Jack Club
    112Bren Gun Magazine
    57Browning M1922
    113Browning M1922 Magazine
    397Bullet Extractor
    14Carbine 1938
    17Carbine 98k Scoped
    351Carbine 98K Scoped, Silenced
    350Carbine Delizl Silenced
    16Carbine M1 1936
    402Cardiac and Respiratory Stimulant
    48Chatellerault M1924/1929
    116Chatellerault Magazine
    412Chloroform Powerful Analgesic
    1Colt M1911
    378Colt M1911 ''Big Joe''
    376Colt M1911 BigJoe Arrow
    74Colt M1911 Magazine
    242Combat Dagger
    396Compressed Gauze Bandage
    192Dart Arrow
    110DP Drum Magazine
    383DShk Boxed Cartridge Belt
    222DshK Machine gun
    427Dynamite Charge
    239Fairbairn Sykes Knife
    410Fast Haemostatic Powder
    93FG42 Magazine
    234Finnish Knife
    127First Aid Kit
    137First Aid Kit
    401First Aid Kit
    384Flak38 Magazine
    399Forceps, Abbey
    22G-41 W
    171G-41 W Scoped
    49Garand M1
    117Garand M1 Magazine
    172Garand M1 Scoped
    226Gatling Drum Magazine
    225Gatling Machine gun
    405Haemostatic Forceps
    414Haemostatic liquid
    413Haemostatic powder
    386Hank of Wire
    359Heavy Mortar Shell
    429Hecsogen Charge
    240Ka-Bar Knife
    236Kappmesser Knife
    245Katana Sword
    249Khukuri Knife
    87Lee-Enfield Magazine
    15Lee-Enfield MK1
    173Lee-Enfield Mk1 Scoped
    489Lewis MkI
    488Lewis MkI Magazine
    361Light Mortar Shell
    400Liquid Cardiac Stimulant
    377Little Joe Arrow
    243Luftwaffe Machete Knife
    2Luger British
    3Luger P08
    75Luger P08 Magazine
    430Lyddite Charge
    227LZ Energy gun
    363LZ-System Energy Charge
    469LZ-System Energy Charge
    434LZS - Scoped Energy Gun
    88M-1 Magazine
    250M1917 Knife
    241M3 Knife
    348M3A1 Silenced
    101M3A1 SMG Magazine
    244Machete Knife
    174Manlicher-Carcano M38
    372Manlicher-Carcano M38 Magazine
    373Manlicher-Carcano M91 Magazine
    175Manlicher-Carcano M91/24 Scoped
    366Mark 1
    23MAS 1936
    94MAS Magazine
    82Mauser 1912 Magazine
    8Mauser K96 1912
    346Mauser K96 1912 Silenced
    7Mauser K96 1926
    9Mauser M.712
    81Mauser M.712 Magazine
    25Mauser M29
    24Mauser M98
    86Mauser Magazine
    216Mechanical Sabre
    210Mechanical Sword
    360Medium Mortar Shell
    362Medium Mortar Shell
    41MG 34
    42MG 42
    213MG 81Z Auto Cannon
    211MG FF Auto Cannon
    418MG FF Magazine
    109MG34 Boxed Cartridge Belt
    385MG34 Boxed Cartridge Belt
    417MG81Z Magazine
    387Mine Probe
    129Mine Shovel
    212MK 108 Auto Cannon
    419MK 108 Magazine
    409Morphine Injection
    411Morphine Sulfate Analgesic pill
    13Mosin 1891-1930
    176Mosin 1891-1930 Scoped
    85Mosin Magazine
    40MP 28 - Bergmann
    160MP 38
    161MP 40-II
    105MP40 SMG Magazine
    347MP41 Silenced
    420MSS 41 Magazine
    215MSS 41 Sniper Cannon
    84Nagant 1896 Cartridges
    11Nagant 1910
    345Nagant 1910 Silenced
    431Nytroglycerin Charge
    191Panzerfaust rocket propelled grenade
    459Panzerklein Repairing Tool
    458Panzerklein Repairing Tool
    181Panzerschrek rocket propelled grenade
    76Parabellum Magazine
    183PIAT rocket launcher
    218PIAT rocket launcher
    185PIAT rocket propelled grenade
    393Picklock set
    379Pistol Stunning Dart
    163PPD 40
    36PPS 42
    37PPS 43
    34PPSh 41
    35PPSh 41 modified
    103PPSh/PPD SMG Drum Magazine
    104PPShm/PPS SMG Magazine
    467Prototype 8M1
    468Prototype 8M1 Clip
    221PTR Boys gun
    421PTR Boys Magazine
    423PTRS Magazine
    220PTRS Sniper gun
    235Pukke Knife
    214PZB 41 Cannon
    422PZB41 Clip
    148RGD-33 (defensive modification)
    147RGD-33 (offensive modification)
    12Rifle 33-40
    461Rifle 33-40 Scoped
    462Rifle Stunning Dart
    111RPD Boxed Cartridge Belt
    4Sauer 38X
    77Sauer 38X Magazine
    381Sea Devil Rifle Clip
    382Sea Devil Scoped
    424SHKAS Clip
    219ShKAS Machine gun
    248Smatchet large combat Knife
    83Speedloader for six .38 rounds
    89Springfield M1917 Magazine
    18Springfield M1917 Scoped
    141SRCM mod .35
    237SSA Dagger
    29Sten MKII
    32Sten MKIII
    344Sten MkIII Silenced
    30Sten MKIV
    31Sten MKV
    102Sten SMG Magazine
    39STG 43
    106STG43 SMG Magazine
    298Stunning Air-gun Silenced
    299Stunning Air-gun Silenced
    437Suomi SMG Drum Magazine
    177SVT 40 Scoped
    91SVT-40 Magazine
    389The key
    392The key
    26Thompson 1923
    27Thompson 1928
    99Thompson 1928 SMG Magazine
    97Thompson M1 SMG Drum Magazine
    230Throwing Knife
    233Throwing Knife
    433TNT Charge
    6TT 1933
    79TT Magazine
    132Vickers 12.7 Boxed Cartridge Belt
    472Vickers 12.7 Boxed Cartridge Belt
    471Vickers 12.7 Boxed Cartridge Belt
    470Vickers 12.7 Boxed Cartridge Belt
    217Vickers Machine gun
    5Walter P38
    78Walter P38 Magazine
    349Welrod MkI Silenced
    388Wire Cutter
    365Wood Chopping Axe
    47ZB 26-30
    115ZB26/30 Magazine

    Contributed By: LandryRaccoon.

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