3D ArtistShamus Baker
3D ArtistToby Charlton
3D ArtistAlex Hobbs
3D ArtistSam Jorgenson
3D ArtistFiona Kerr
3D ArtistJay Kyburz
3D ArtistJames Neale
3D ArtistWayne Osborne
3D ArtistGuy Robinson
3D ArtistAlex Whitlam
Additional Design/Lead ArtistChris Proctor
Additional Design/Producer/Lead ArtistJaneen Fawkner
Additional Design/ProgrammingDean Farmer
Additional Design/ProgrammingMick Robertson
Lead ArtistGrant Arthur
Lead ArtistAlister Lockhart
Lead Design/ProgrammingSteve Fawkner
Music/Sound EditingSteve Fawkner
Sound EditingMick Robertson


Data and credits for this game contributed by Mookiethebold and oliist.

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