Review by Link Of Oracles

Reviewed: 05/03/04

Awesome game thats going to get nothing but better.

Ah my fellow mmorpgers , welcome to the next level of gaming. Lineage 2 is a game where you create your character and visit a world full of mythic creatures such as orcs, goblins, skeletons and kill them ! And should your tastes suit you , you can kill any one else or anything that even lives, doesn't matter who or what ! With massive sieges, ability to ride dragons, a seamless world, and all the possibilities of real life, who could ask for more.

The game play is simple from the starts as it should be for people beginning to learn the game, but quickly gets more innovative as you further progress. As such , I am a dark elf fighter, at first I just attacked stuff with swords you know , the norm, but soon you hit level 5 and you get new abilities for your weapons, If you wish , you can make *hot keys* and put your weapons on them to even further suit your fighting style, For instance, My character is going to be a ranger, so I shoot with a bow, then when the enemy gets close I pull out my daggers and initiate melee. Nice gameplay . And as I mentioned earlier you can kill players which is always fun if your into that kind of stuff.

The sound in this game is pretty immersive . When your in a town you can hear some pretty cool music preformed by the Seattle symphony, and outside you hear all the ambient effects of wildlife. Pretty good in this aspect.

Amazing, simply astonishing. The graphics in this game are the best of any mmorpg out to date IMO , and even rank very highly with some of the newest games out today . The game is made with the unreal tournament engine modified. Need I say more? Plus the game is entirely seamless, which means NO ZONING. No more people exploiting the game to save their hides.

This is where the game really shines. There is so much to do in this game its unreal. First of all , when you make the character you choose one of 2 classes, fighter and mystic, later on , the classes branch out at 20 , then even more at level 40 . Even more astounding is the sieges on castles against other clans. With hundreds of people raiding and battling, this is something no other game has done to my knowledge. After you get a castle you are basically the king of the town in which it is nearby , you can collect taxes, set spawn rates and so much more, this game has a completely nice political system that about 95 % of games are lacking. At level 35 you can go on a quest to get a dragon, and raise it and eventually you can FLY on top of him, how cool is that? Parties consist of 9 people instead of the normal 6 as well. And the game has introduced a karma system to keep the PKing down, the higher karma the higher the chance you will drop your weapon if someone decides to come along and kill you . All in all this is a very unique world, and it makes you feel in the world with no zones !

Starting off
At the beginning you must make an account and register with a credit card or game card, with the normal monthly payment of 15 $ After that is done, you make your character, some people complain there isn't that much customization, but honestly lets look at ever quest, and final fantasy XI .. yeah.. there is LESS there than there is here.. so anyway's, The armor is really how you customize your character, (by the way the armor looks AWESOME and is nicely done). You can choose from 5 different races Orcs, Humans, Dark Elves, Elves, and Dwarves. All of them can be a fighter or mystic except dwarves simply because they can craft things if your into that stuff. Some people complain about bots as well, I'm not sure, I've never encountered a bot .. sooooo yeah. I don't know anything about that, And yes this is a full PVP game you may die, but I mean its part of the game, it makes it more realistic in my opinion, but honestly there aren't that many out there. at least on my server (Bartz).

Buy or rent?
Seeing as how you cant rent an mmorpg , I say BUY if you want a fun nice looking game , and you must realize the game costs monthly money to keep the servers up and running thousands of players at the same time.. well yeah that's my 2 cents.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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