• Cloaks on FEDERATION ships

    This cheat involves editing game files, so BACKUP before using.

    go to your SFC3 directory and go to assets/common settings/bridge items and find the line that reads
    Description = ''R-CLOAK-V''
    Cost = 2500
    Mass = 50
    CloakRating = 500
    CloakCost = 10
    Health = 50
    Race = ''R''

    Now just change the bit that says Race = ''R''
    to read Race = ''FR''

    Now you will be able to buy the best romulan cloak for any of your federation ships at the in-game refit screen, or add it to your default load out for the ship that you choose (but this is for advanced users only)

    Contributed By: MakeItSo.

  • Extra prestige in single player.


    Step 1: Open up the sfc3 folder.
    Step 2: Open up the Metaassets folder.
    Step 3: Open up the ServerProfiles folder.
    Step 4: Open up the singleplayer folder.
    Step 5: Open up the Character file in word pad.
    Step 6: Find the following lines.
    // This is a character's starting prestige
    StartingPrestige = 200

    StartingPrestige = 100

    StartingPrestige = 50

    [Create/0] is the amount of funds you start with in Commander mode.
    [Create/1] is the amount of fumds you start with in Captain mode.
    [Create/2] is the amount of funds you start with in hard mode.
    Select one of the lines and change the number to 999999.
    Now save the file and start up the game.
    Start a new single player game and select the mode you edited.

    Contributed By: Anonymous.

  • Make all Items cheaper

    This method involves editing game files. Please make backups before you attempt.

    To Make All items cheaper You need to open up C:/Program Files/Activision/SFC3/Assets/Common Settings You will see several files in this folder. '''' and so fourth Now use a text editer preferably notepad to open these .gf files you will see something similar to this inside.

    Description = ''F-COMPUTER-I''
    Cost = 500
    Mass = 100
    AntiCloak = 0
    AntiCloakRating = 0
    RangeIndex = 1
    LockBonus = 0
    Health = 10
    Race = ''F''

    Now you see where it says cost? Edit that and make it the price you want. Also you can edit the mass so your ship can hold more.

    ''F'' Stands for Federation ''K'' Stands for Klingon ''B'' Stands for Borg ''R'' stands for Romulan Edit the correct races files for desirable Results.

    Contributed By: TrunksTheMighty1.

  • Make everything in single player free.

    Find the following folder ActivisionSfc3MetaAssetsServerProfilesSinglePlayer

    Open up the Economy file in wordpad.

    Find the following lines:

    0 = 0.5
    1 = 1.0
    2 = 1.2

    Chage the lines so it look like this:

    0 = 0.0
    1 = 0.0
    2 = 0.0

    Contributed By: Anonymous.

  • Make Officers level up faster.


    Open up the score file in your sfc3metaassetssingleplayer folder.

    add the following lines in the score file.
    [SpecializedLevelUp] // The odds that an officer will level-up in a skill in his area after a mission is completed.
    Basic = 1.0
    Trained = 1.0
    Skilled = 1.0
    Veteran = 1.0
    Expert = 1.0

    Contributed By: Anonymous.

  • Start with any ship

    WARNING!!! This method requires the altering of game files!
    Make a backup copy of the files mentioned before editing!!!

    open your SFC3 folder, then MetaAssets folder, then ServerProfiles, then SinglePlayer, then open the ''character'' file with notepad. Scroll to the bottom, there you will see these

    // Starting ships for players (sorted by RACE)
    0 = ''Norway''
    1 = ''K'Vort''
    2 = ''Falcon''
    3 = ''Diamond''


    Then edit the name of the ship, (ect. ''Galaxy'', ''Akira'', ''Cube'') Then save, when you start a new campaign, you will recieve whatever ship you typed in.

    Contributed By: CaptainJeanLucPicard.

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