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"Its tad plain the same but its okay."


Releasing a game under a license such as the Star Trek one can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you will have all the fans from the television series almost automatically on board. On the other hand, you risk alienating all the people who are not fans of the TV series and who see Trekkies as a lower form of life. That being said, it is truly a testament to the developer when they are able to overcome that obstacle and create a game that will appeal to both fans of the series and those looking for a good game that doesn't stand solely on the support of its original material. The original Star Trek Elite Force managed to do this, and this sequel is a worthy successor to the first installment of the Star Trek Elite Force series.


Unfortunately, copying a well developed enemy design from another successful game (like the game Aliens vs. Predator) doesn't guarantee a successful clone. Elite Force 2, does however, have quite a few other qualities that sets it apart from most FPS games. Throughout the game, there are quite a few interactive interludes where you will be expected to meet with certain people on board the Enterprise, or perform various tasks. These provide a nice break to the action and help to provide a truly involving feel to the game and its story.

Furthering the storyline even more, at critical plot moments, you will be give a choice about what Munro says to other NPC characters. Probably maybe not the most elaborate thing to program into a game, but it does help to enhance the player's playing time. During missions, you will encounter various obstacles that manifest themselves as mini puzzles. Mostly having to do with routing power, these are accomplished using your tricorder which again, provides a nice complete feeling to the Star Trek experience. Throughout the game, you will also find yourself having to work towards different objectives. These mostly consist of trying to reach a certain area, open a certain door, or protect an NPC (Non-Playable Character for short). This variety in objectives does help in breaking up the monotony that some FPS(First-Person Shooting for short) fall into.


You play as Alexander Munro, leader of the Hazard Team, an elite away team that handles exceptionally dangerous missions. After some doubt about the continuation of the hazard team, Captain Picard, voiced by none other than Patrick Stewart, comes to the rescue of Munro and his team by recruiting them for missions aboard the Enterprise.

No sooner than recruited, Munro and the Enterprise are called to duty in a remote system where previously un-encountered aliens are threatening a peaceful species. Not the most original storyline, the aliens themselves are very much reminiscent of the H.R. Giger Alien design in movement, behaviour, appearance, and in their involvement with the plot elements.


The graphics are nothing to gawk at, but they are good, the enemy and NPC AI compliments the rich storyline, and there are decent multiplayer offerings. It only falls short of the peak of excellence due to the somewhat unoriginal enemy alien design.

Sounds are fair. The usual sound you hear from the TV show is the usual sounds you will hear from the game. But not for long, it also sounds very annoying at times.

Play Time/Replayability:

The action of the game though remains fairly pedestrian, and doesn't have any of the creative flair of a Serious Sam or the intensity of a Max Payne. With the rest of what it has to offer though, STEF2 doesn't need to have unforgettable action although it would have been nice. That being said, the multiplayer does have good gameplay options even by today's standards, and will definitely extend the playable life of the game for anyone looking to invest the money.

Final Recommendation:

Combined with a rich storyline, excellent involving gameplay, this Star Trek game makes good use of its license and continues the success of the first Elite Force game. Hopefully there will be an Elite Force 3 that continues to make good use of the Star Trek license. I only recommend you buying this game if you really, really like the series. Otherwise, you won't like this game I am telling you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/16/09

Game Release: Star Trek: Elite Force II (EU, 06/20/03)

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