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"Ok....Whats the difference?"

All right Elite Force II is a game that takes place after voyager returns to the alpha quadrant. You start fighting Borg as voyager and the Borg sphere are being hurled through the transwarp hole. Needless to say, you succeed. Then the hazard team is transferred to the Enterprise 1701-E. This game features Captain Picard (The Next Generation and movies 7-10), Lt.Cmdr Reginald Barclay (The Next Generation and Voyager), and Tuvok (Voyager). Same basic theme. Your leader of the hazard team and your job is to royally kick some alien Butt.
Ok enough of a summery, ON TO THE REVIEW:

Game play 7/10: I really think they could have done better here. In Elite Force you could blow up anything you could scan and you left battle scars all over, this has much less destructible stuff. Other then that it's a great game. With the tricorder MUCH easier to access and it's multiple modes it really helps you find secrets. One major disappointment was the lack of zooming for every weapon like there was in EF 1.

Storyline 4/10: All right, the story is ALMOST identical, Aliens going after people and it's your job to save them. The storyline could have been written better, but the alternate endings and the choices you could make were a nice touch and reminded me of Starfleet Academy and Klingon Academy.

Graphics 7/10: Graphics were a large improvement over the previous one. The characters were incredibly detailed as were the enemies and weapons.

Music 7/10: Music was good but could have been better

Replay ability 8/10: You will want to replay this. Unless you use a strategy guide the first time, you will probably play this over and over because there are so many secrets to unlock.

Multiplayer 5/10: I was really hoping they would keep the EF: Expansion multiplayer modes (assimilation was incredible). The interface could have been made a little better because it's confusing to setup levels you want with modes you want without playing them first. Also, unlike the first elite force, the solo player (multiplayer maps in solo mod against bots) mode isn't as intricate (in the last elite force there were a number of solo player maps and you got medals for beating them. It basically had a miniature Tournament inside it. This multiplayer mode just seems lacking compared to the previous one.

Overall 7/10: I gave this a seven out of ten because there were defiantly a lot of places for improvement. If you are a trekkie or looking for a new first person shooter, get this. If you don't have the first elite force, get that also. They are both amazing games and worth of the name Star Trek

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/02/03, Updated 07/02/03

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