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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Allia

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 03/14/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Mystery Of The Nautilus - Walkthrough by Allia - v1.3
    Table of Contents
      I. Introduction
        A. Controls
        B. General Tips
     II. Revision History
    III. Walkthrough
        A. "First Stage"
          A1. Decompression Chamber
          A2. Diving Gear Chamber
          A3. Corridor
          A4. Library
          A5. Dining Room
          A6. Kitchen
        B. "Second Stage"
          B1. Lounge
          B2. Cartography Room
          B3. Gears Room
          B4. Engine Room
          B5. Dormitory
          B6. Electrified Corridor
          B7. Museum
        C. "Third Stage"
          C1. Nemo's Bedroom
          C2. Grand Corridor
          C3. Guest Room
          C4. Officers' Mess
          C5. Laboratory
          C6. Technical Room
          C7. Pump Room
        D. "Fourth Stage"
          D1. Damaged Museum
          D2. Damaged Corridor
          D3. Submerged Dormitory
          D4. Submerged Engine Room
          D5. Submerged Gears Room
          D6. Damaged Lounge
          D7. Damaged Cartography Room
        E. "Fifth Stage"
          E1. Library
          E2. Diving Gear Chamber
          E3. Dining Room
          E4. Kitchen
          E5. Corridor
          E6. Technical Room
          E7. Diving Bell Room
     IV. Misc.
    I. Introduction
    Important items will be highlighted throughout the walkthrough with asterisks,
    i.e. Pick up the *polka-dotted cow*.
    A. Controls
    Just a few notes about the controls to make your life easier:
    1. Items can be quickly placed into your backpack/inventory by dropping them
    onto the backpack icon. This is better than scrolling through your inventory to
    try and find an empty slot. You can open and close your backpack/inventory
    quickly by right-clicking anywhere in the screen. Also, the PDA can be closed
    this way, but not opened. You still have to click on the PDA icon to open it.
    2. Conversation windows can be advanced by right-clicking anywhere. Sure beats
    clicking the small button in the top-left corner.
    3. On some doors you must first click the handle to partially open the door
    before you can move through it. Conversely, you can close the door the same
    way. This will be important in one of the puzzles.
    B. General Tips
    1. When searching for small objects, the default round cursor will not detect
    the small object and change to a hand cursor unless the top-left corner of the
    round cursor passes over it. Kind of like the top-left point of the standard
    pointer cursor in Windows.
    2. Turning up the brightness on you monitor can help. Most objects don't stand
    out against the backgrounds. They are of the same brightness and contrast. This
    may have you squinting and wondering, "Can I pick this up?" Moving your mouse
    back and forth in a search pattern helps a lot. When the cursor changes to a
    hand, you're in business.
    3. Unlike Myst, you can actually die in this game. When you touch something
    that can harm you or you are in a dangerous room, a health meter appears on the
    right side of your screen. If you die you will have to reload from your last
    save. This brings up my next tip...
    4. Save often. You never know when you'll enter a room or trigger something
    that can be hazardous to your health.
    6. Each room has a specific name, which I refer to throughout this walkthrough.
    When you save your game, it includes the name of the room you are currently in.
    There is also a listing of each room you have visited in the Sketches section
    of your PDA. Each room includes a bird's-eye view screenshot. This list is
    cleared when you enter a new "stage".
    5. Check EVERYTHING. From the smallest fragment of wire to a huge statue. You
    may be surprised at what you are able to pick up.
    II. Revision History
    v1.0 - 03.11.02 - Complete through killing the robot in the "Third Stage".
    v1.1 - 03.13.02 - Completed Third, Fourth, and partial Fifth Stages. Acquired
                      a nice new bald spot by pulling my hair out because of where
                      I'm stuck now. :/
    v1.2 - 03.13.02 - Yes, another update on the same day. The good news is this is
                      the FINAL update. The walkthrough is now complete to the end.
                      A HUGE thanks goes out to freak1 for pointing out the one
                      thing that was keeping me from advancing in the game. Also,
                      thanks to thomas for suggesting some clarifications.
    v1.3 - 03.14.02 - It ain't over till the fat lady sings. More clarifications
                      missing parts submitted by thomas. What would I do without
                      guys?  LOL
    III. Walkthrough
    A. "First Stage"
          A1. Decompression Chamber: Note the "N" symbol on the hatch on the floor.
    Its design will be referenced in a later puzzle. Click the chain in the left
    corner of the room. This will equalize the pressure in the room and allow you
    to open the door in front of you.
    Move forward and click on the glass portal in the top of the door 3 times to
    wipe off the moisture. You will see an apparition. Now you can click the wheel
    in the center of the door and move forward to the next room.
          A2. Diving Gear Chamber: Click on the piece of paper on the floor
    sticking out from underneath the chest of drawers.
    After you're done reading about Captain Nemo's "protection system", click the
    bottom right corner of the paper to return to the main screen.
    Click on the partially opened top drawer and pick up the *leather gloves*
    inside. Open your inventory and place the gloves on top of your head icon. This
    allows you to wear them. Is it the fashionable thing to wear gloves on top of
    your head nowadays? Hmm.
    On the shelf just above the drawer you just opened is a *rusted screwdriver*.
    You can pick it up if you want, but it is a useless item. Behind you on the
    other set of shelves, pick up the silver *metal ball* on the bottom shelf to
    the right of the boots. It's tiny, so look carefully.
    Continue forward through the room and pick up the *wooden box* on the bottom
    shelf on the right.
    Move towards the sparking box on the wall and insert your metal ball to
    complete the circuit. Move back away from the circuit box and open the door. Go
    through to the Corridor.
          A3. Corridor: The door with the mermaid in front of you leads to the
    Dining Room. Down the hall to your left is a door leading to the Kitchen. Down
    the hall to your right are a locked door and a door leading to the Library. The
    locked door is protected by a 3-digit code that must be entered into the keypad
    to the right of the door. Do not attempt to guess the code because after 3
    incorrect attempts you can no longer push the buttons.
    Go into the Library.
          A4. Library: Click on the open book on your left to read a letter from
    Auguste Champenois. On your right, you can click on a book that is leaning on
    the second shelf from the bottom. You'll see its title, "Complex Mechanics And
    Imitating The Human Mind". Nemo's reading selection shows he isn't your average
    Move forward into the room, then left towards the lone book sitting on a shelf.
    Click once on the book to open it, then click again to read about tips to
    making a proper smoking room. Looks like the hole in the book is where someone
    once hid their stogies.
    Pick up the *matches* hidden inside the hanging lamp to your left. Move back
    out into the Corridor and enter the Dining Room.
          A5. Dining Room: Move to the right to the end of the table. Pick up the
    *candle holder* on the table. Continue around the table and click on the
    curtains to open them. Click both levers below the iris portal to open it. The
    USS Shark is prowling around outside.
    Move to the other end of the room and open the door to enter the Kitchen.
          A6. Kitchen: Before exploring the Kitchen, close the door behind you by
    clicking on the handle. This is very important for the next puzzle. Move to the
    right of the stove, then pick up the *pressure cooker* on your left. Open the
    drawer on your right to collect a pile of *notes*. Move forward to the sink
    The cabinet above the small stove is locked. Put the pressure cooker in the
    sink and click on the faucet to fill it with water. Pick up the *full pressure
    cooker* and place it on top of the small stove. Put your notes and wooden box
    inside the bottom part of the stove. Now use your matches to start a fire in
    Click on the steam coming out of the top of the pressure cooker to close the
    valve. The cooker will explode and blow open the cabinet above it. It will also
    damage a pipe and toxic gas will fill the room. You must quickly grab the
    *oyster knife* from the cabinet and drop it into your backpack, exit into the
    Corridor, and close the door behind you by once again clicking on the handle.
    You are now safe from the toxic gas.
    Go down the Corridor and enter the Library. Go to the metal grate at the back
    of the room. Use the oyster knife to remove the 4 screws at the corners of the
    grate. If you try to use the rusted screwdriver it will break after removing
    only 2 screws, so just use the oyster knife.
    Jam your candle holder into the fan to stop it from spinning. You can now
    safely crawl through into the Lounge.
    B. "Second Stage"
          B1. Lounge: When you enter this new "stage", you may notice that your
    inventory has been wiped empty. Don't worry. You won't need any of those items
    Let's take a look at the layout of this huge room. There are 3 levels. The 1st
    and 2nd levels are the Lounge. The 3rd level is the Cartography Room.  You are
    currently on the 2nd level. This level has a set of chains hanging on the left
    and right side of the room. There is also a fuse box and 2 doors to your right.
    Entering the door next to the fuse box right now would be hazardous to your
    health. We need to collect some protective clothing first.
    Move towards the chains on the left. These chains control the protective
    shutters on the ship. You will not be able to move the orbs on the chains until
    you fix the ship's gears and restore power. Pick up a *bolt* sitting on the
    floor behind the chains.
    Continue forward down the steps. Turn slightly right and move forward in front
    of the steering wheel. Click on the steering wheel for another puzzle. You must
    place the round pieces from the left into the holes on the right to create the
    "N" symbol. This puzzle is made easy by the fact that you cannot place a piece
    in the wrong place. Each piece will only drop into the 1 hole it's meant to go
    in. After you insert a piece you can rotate it by clicking on it. Rotate the
    piece if necessary to correctly form the "N" symbol.
    After completing the steering wheel puzzle, turn right and move forward. Go
    between the steps and the statue. Pick up the *bolt* lying next to the pillar
    at the bottom of the spiral stairs.
    Go up the stairs to the Cartography Room.
          B2. Cartography Room: Go towards the device on the right side of the
    room. This is the ship's periscope. Click the white button on it to open the
    screen. Click the button again to close the screen.
    Turn left and move towards the projector. Turn left and you will see a *rod*
    hanging from a chain. Put it in your inventory.
    Go back downstairs to the steering wheel. Use the rod on the hatch to the left
    of the steering wheel to open it. Enter the hatch.
          B3. Gears Room: Note that you cannot go back up into the Lounge through
    the hatch. Don't worry because there are other ways of getting back to the
    Go to the bottom of the ladder. Pick up the *belt*. Turn right and move
    forward. Pick up the *gear* on your left.
    Go back up the ladder one floor and move forward onto the walkway. Turn left
    and put a bolt on each of the gears there. The gears will spin for a second to
    show you they are fixed.
    Go up the ladder to the next floor and move forward onto the walkway. Turn left
    and put the belt on the wheels. Continue forward along the walkway, turn left
    and install the missing gear. The gear system is now completely fixed. We still
    need to restore power though.
    Go back to the bottom of the ladder and go up the small flight of stairs to the
    door. Go through into the Engine Room.
          B4. Engine Room: Be careful not to move forward or the steam will hurt
    you. Turn right and lower the 1st lever on the left. Turn around to the other
    set of levers and lower the 2nd and 3rd lever so the 1st lever on the left is
    the only one raised. The steam is now shut off.
    Move forward twice and click on the wooden box to open it. Grab a set of
    *fuses*. They will show up as 3 separate fuses in your inventory. Blue, white,
    and green.
    Continue forward and you will see the battery on your left is missing some
    wire. Move to the end of this room and pick up the red *claw* on your right. Go
    through the door into the Dormitory. The door may be hard to find. It is the
    small orange rectangle.
          B5. Dormitory: Turn around and press the button to the right of the door
    to turn on the lights. Turn left and lower the lever on the wall to open the
    iris portal at the top of the spiral stairs.
    Move forward twice between the beds. Turn left and click on the lower bed to
    lift the mattress. Pick up the *bottle*. Continue to the end of the room. Turn
    right and open the far-left locker. Pick up the *boots* in the bottom of the
    locker. Equip them by dropping them on your face in your inventory. Boot to da
    head! Go up the spiral stairs.
          B6. Electrified Corridor: The boots protect you from the electric current
    running along the floor. Turn left and lower the lever on the wall to close the
    stair portal. Turn left again and go to the other end of the corridor. We'll
    come back later for the *cable* lying on the floor here once we have the right
    tools. Go through the door into the Museum.
          B7. Museum: Turn around and move towards the couch. Take the *lightbulb*
    from the projector sitting on the table.
    Go back through the Electrified Corridor and exit the door at the other end
    into the Lounge. Turn around and insert the fuses into the fuse box so the
    final order is: yellow, red, blue, white, green.
    Turn right and continue around down the steps by the hatch. Move forward
    between the right side of the couch and the wooden cabinet. Open the right side
    of the cabinet and put the bottle on the middle shelf. This will open the left
    side. Take the *icepick* out of the bucket.
    Now go back to the Electrified Corridor and use the icepick on the metal grate
    where the cable is. Pick up the *cable*. Raise the lever on the wall to open up
    access to the stairs. Go back to the battery in the Engine Room.
    Use the cable on the battery to repair it. Power is now restored. Go back to
    the Gears Room and pull the lever on the floor there to start the engines.
    Go back to the Lounge. Time to open the protective shutters. Click on each orb
    on the chains to arrange them in the following order (as you're facing the
    steering wheel):
    Left side    Right side
    of room:     of room:
    |  O  |      |  O  |
    |  |  |      |  |  |
    |  |  O      O  |  |
    |  |  |      |  |  |
    O  |  |      |  |  O
    Go back up to the Cartography Room. Click on the projector to open its side
    panel. Insert the lightbulb and close the panel. Turn left and you will see the
    ship's position highlighted on one of the maps. Go to the periscope device and
    click the button to reveal the screen. You will see the USS Shark dropping
    depth charges. Are they that mad that we went AWOL?
    Now it is a race against time. A timer will appear in the bottom-right corner
    of your screen. Each marker is 30 seconds, so we have a total of 5 minutes to
    navigate through the canyon we're in. Sounds like plenty of time, right? Not
    when you have to run between checking your current position on the map in the
    Cartography Room and inputting new headings on the controls next to the
    steering wheel down in the Lounge a few times.
    But since this is a walkthrough, we're going to cheat a little. You can enter
    each of the 3 sets of headings without having to run back to the Cartography
    Room if you know them already.
    Back at the steering wheel, click on the controls to the left of it to get
    closer. The left dial controls the ship's azimuth heading and the right dial
    controls the ship's pitch (or "list", as it is referred to in the PDA's
    Click the left dial until it is set at 120. Set the right dial to 0. Press the
    dome-shaped button sitting on top of the console. You will see the ship steer
    clear of the edge of the canyon. Now enter the next set of headings: 60, 180.
    Press the button again. Another close miss. Enter the last set of headings: 0,
    240. Press the button. We are now clear of the canyon. You will see your
    mini-sub fall away from the ship. I knew I should have set the parking brake!
    Head back to the Museum. Move forward twice to go behind the couch. Here you
    will find an organ. Moving your cursor over the keyboard, you will see there
    are 7 distinct sets of keys that highlight. We'll number these sets 1 through
    7, from left to right.
    Click on any set of keys once. The organ will play 3 notes. You must repeat the
    pattern. Press 1, then 4, then 3. After you successfully repeat the pattern the
    organ will play the notes again and add an additional note to the end of the
    sequence. Just repeat the pattern each time. Here is the total pattern: 1, 4,
    3, 7, 6, 5, 2.
    After the last note in the pattern, the door on the other side of the room will
    unlock. FYI, the song played by the organ is Johann Sebastian Bach's "Toccata
    and Fugue in D minor".
    Go through the unlocked door into Nemo's Bedroom.
    C. "Third Stage"
          C1. Nemo's Bedroom: Upon entering the room, the ship's automated system
    will announce that intruder countermeasures have been activated. Oxygen will
    start pumping out of the ship. A new gauge will appear in the bottom-right
    corner of your screen showing the remaining oxygen. It takes a long time for
    this gauge to go down, so don't start worrying yet.
    Turn around and click on the glass portal on the door to obtain a *holographic
    lens*. Turn right and move in front of the star chart on the wall. That part of
    the floor in this room has a pressure plate. The plate must stay pressed down
    to unlock the door on the right side of the room. Pick up the giant *shell* and
    *map of the world* sitting on the floor in front of the star chart. Put both of
    them on the floor where the pressure plate is underneath you.
    Go to the weight scale and click on the mirror above the sink to turn it. Go to
    the right side of the bed and click on the pillow. Pick up the *pendant*
    underneath the pillow. Go back to the star chart and click twice on it to zoom
    in on the Cassiopeia constellation. Write down the seven symbols for Cassiopeia
    in the order they are shown.
    Click on the picture hanging next to the bed to reveal a safe. Put the pendant
    into the slot. Click on the safe to zoom in on the symbol dials. Change each
    dial to the correct symbol as shown on the star chart. The safe will open when
    all are correct. Pick up the *key* on the bottom shelf of the safe.
    Move in front of the door we unlocked with the pressure plate. Click on its
    glass portal to break it. Now put the holographic lens in its place. Go through
    the door into the Grand Corridor.
          C2. Grand Corridor: The door in front of you leads to the Guest Room.
    Down the hall to your left is a door leading to the Officers' Mess room and
    stairs leading down to doors for the Technical Room and Pump Room. Go forward
    into the Guest Room.
          C3. Guest Room: Pick up the *statue* on your left. Move towards the desk
    on the right side of the room. Pick up the *rope* on the floor. Move to the
    sink and pick up the *polish* and *mirror* sitting on the edge of the sink.
    Go back out into the Grand Corridor and place the statue on the floor to the
    left of the Guest Room door. Continue down the hall and place the mirror on the
    metal grate to the left of the Officers' Mess room door. Enter the Officers'
    Mess room.
          C4. Officers' Mess: Pick up the *coat* hanging on the bar to your left
    and "equip" it. Move around the table until you are standing in front of the
    dartboard. Pick up the *plate* from the table, the *mechanical arm* sitting on
    the floor next to the overturned chair, the *pile of darts* from the wall under
    the dartboard, and the *holographic lens* to the left of the darts.
    Step back from the dartboard and practice throwing 3 darts at the bulls-eye. If
    you're hoping to score a bulls-eye on a second practice run, forget it. The
    darts always land in the same 3 spots.
    Go back to Nemo's Bedroom and use the key on the door to the right of the star
    chart. Go through into the Laboratory.
          C5. Laboratory: The coat you are wearing protects you from the laser.
    Move forward and open the top drawer on the counter to your right. Take the
    *duster* rag from inside. Go to the end of the room and use the rope on the
    periodic table chart on the wall. The rope connects itself to the laser device
    and a vent on the right side of the room. Click on the laser device to turn it
    off. Move one step back towards the door and pick up the bottle of *acid*
    sitting on the counter to your right. Continue to the door and use the acid on
    its glass portal. Then put the holographic lens in its place.
    Go back to the statue you placed in the Grand Corridor. Put the plate in the
    statue's hands. Now use the polish on the plate. Finally, buff the plate with
    the duster rag.
    Continue down the hall to the stairs leading down. On the wall to the left of
    the stairway is a red and green button. They control a lift that moves up and
    down the stairway. Also notice the rope is now coming out of the vent above
    these buttons.
    Go down the stairway and face the door on the left, which leads to the
    Technical Room. Get ready to meet Mr. Roboto! Immediately upon entering the
    room, a robot is activated. Turn around and exit the room. Go back to the lift
    at the stairs and press the red button to escape back up to the Grand Corridor.
    Press the green button to send the lift back down to the waiting robot. Press
    the red button to bring the robot up to your level, then immediately click on
    the rope to activate the laser and destroy the robot.
    After Mr. Roboto is destroyed, the ship's automated system will lock all the
    doors on the upper level. Go back downstairs into the Technical Room.
          C6. Technical Room: Move forward and grab the bare *wire* and box of
    *matches* on the desk. There is also a pair of *pliers* hiding up on the wall
    to the left in this desk area.
    Turn left and move towards the clocks on the far wall. On the left wall are
    shelves with a bunch of tools. Pick up the *cold chisel* in the middle of the
    second shelf from the bottom and the *iron bar* on the far left on the shelf
    above the cold chisel.
    Turn around and you will see a battery with 6 holes sitting on the floor. Use
    the acid to fill the battery. Then use the iron bar and wire on the battery to
    make an *electromagnet*. Put it in your inventory.
    Open the cabinet next to the desk area and use the cold chisel to break the
    barrier between the wiring and the frozen gauges. Use the pliers to cut the
    following wires:
    top-left box: left       top-middle box: center     top-right box: right
    bottom-left box: none    bottom-middle box: left    bottom-right box: left
    Go through the shimmering doorway into the back of the Technical Room. Turn
    left and grab the *dynamite* on top of the shelves. Go back to the Guest Room
    and use the electromagnet to grab the *key* inside the vent on the left side of
    the room. Now head back down to the Pump Room door.
          C7. Pump Room: The door is locked, so we have to open it the
    old-fashioned way. Use the dynamite on the door to place it on the floor. Then
    use the matches on the door to light the dynamite. The door is now unlocked,
    Enter the Pump Room. Grab your darts and aim for the end of the room. You'll
    hit the machine and destroy it. On your right is a machine with 2 levers. Use
    the mechanical arm on the left lever. Now use the key to wind up the mechanical
    arm. Click on the mechanical arm to make it move the left lever. Use the right
    lever 3 times to start the oxygen pumps.
    Go back to Nemo's Bedroom and you are now able to go through the door back into
    the Museum.
    D. "Fourth Stage"
          D1. Damaged Museum: That giant squid sure knows how to make a mess. Move
    towards the couch and lift the box on the left to find an *ice axe*. Go around
    the couch to the organ. On the floor to the left is an *organ piece* (looks
    like a big pipe) and a *diving suit*. Back by the door to Nemo's Bedroom, use
    the ice axe on the *harpoon* in the display case to get it. The force of your
    efforts breaks the ice axe. Now enter the Damaged Corridor.
          D2. Damaged Corridor: The door to the Lounge has been jammed shut by the
    squid's attack. Use the lever on the wall to raise the stairs. The diving suit
    only has 45 seconds of air in it as it is, so we need to be quick in the next
    Equip the diving suit and go down the stairs into the Submerged Dormitory.
          D3. Submerged Dormitory: Use the harpoon on the tentacle to make it
    retreat into a hole. Go forward twice and pick up the following items from the
    locker on the right: *iron bar*, *digicode* panel, and *oxygen bottle*. With
    the new oxygen bottle we can breathe a little easier. It holds about 8 minutes
    of air.
    Turn around and push the red button to close an outer bulkhead and make the
    squid leave. Enter the Submerged Engine Room at the other end of this room.
          D4. Submerged Engine Room: Get the *chain* on your right. Turn around and
    pick up 2 *hooks* and 5 *pieces of rubber*. Go forward twice through the room.
    You must find the correctly shaped piece of rubber in your inventory that will
    fit on the pipe to your left to stop air bubbles from escaping. Move forward
    twice again. Find another piece of rubber to fit the pipe on floor. On the left
    and right sides of the room near the ceiling are two more broken pipes. Again,
    fix them with a piece of rubber. Continue to the end of the room. Look above
    the top-left corner of the door to see another damaged pipe. First, use another
    piece of rubber, then the organ piece to fix this one. Enter the Submerged
    Gears Room.
          D5. Submerged Gears Room: Go forward and climb to the top of the ladder
    where there is no water. Take off the diving suit to preserve the remaining
    air. Hop onto the walkway, then go up onto the horizontal structural beam
    ahead. Get the *key* on the floor. Use your chain on the beam next to where the
    key was.
    Re-equip your diving gear. Go back down to the bottom of the ladder and move
    into the middle of the room. Use a hook on the chain to connect it to the gear
    on the floor. Go back up the ladder one level and get off onto the walkway. Use
    the other hook on this end of the chain. Now use the iron bar to leverage the
    heavy metal piece on the floor over the edge. Click on the gear that just came
    up to install it. Now you can escape through the hatch at the top of the
          D6. Damaged Lounge: Move towards the red couch. Click on the couch on the
    right to stack it on top of the other one. Climb up on the couches and continue
    up the metal pillar.
          D7. Damaged Cartography Room: Move forward and get the *cable* on the
    floor. Turn around and go to the periscope device. Use the cable on the open
    panel to the right of the periscope. Then use the key in the same spot. The
    ship's external defenses are activated and the squid runs away.
    Go back down to the steering wheel in the Lounge. Just to the right of the
    steering wheel, move towards the metal poles. Pull the lever at the top of the
    pole to pump the water out of the lower levels. Go around the room to the grate
    through which you originally entered the Lounge. Open the Programmer in your
    PDA and click "Yes" to re-initialize the digicode you have. Then put the
    digicode on the wall next to the door. Enter the door.
    (Note: The electric wires and rusted screwdriver you can find in the Lounge
    seem to be useless. They were not used in any puzzles and they are
    automatically removed from your inventory when you go to the next stage.)
    E. "Fifth Stage"
          E1. Library: Turn right and enter the Library. Move forward and check out
    the diagram of an escape bell on the floor. Move left to the desk and get the
    *ring* sitting on an open book on the floor. Go back out to the Corridor and
    continue right down the hall to the Diving Gear Chamber.
          E2. Diving Gear Chamber: Grab the *rope* sitting among the boots on the
    floor to the left. Take the green *pipe* on the right wall below the hatch.
    Pull the left lever below the hatch next to the grate. Two of the bars locking
    the door at the end of the Corridor will retract. Try to pull the right lever
    and you will be denied by the ship's automated system.
    Go towards the steam. Get a pair of *pliers* from the drawer on the floor. Go
    back out and across the Corridor into the Dining Room.
          E3. Dining Room: Go around to the other side of the table and get the
    *pole* that the curtains are hanging on by the window. Use the ring to cut the
    glass on the cupboard. Pick up the *alcohol bottle* and *fabric* inside. Enter
    the Kitchen through the side door.
          E4. Kitchen: Go back by the sink and get a *metal box* from the top shelf
    on the left. Exit out to the Corridor.
          E5. Corridor: Lift the patch of carpet between the Dining Room door and
    the Library door to reveal a hatch. Use the pliers to open it. Attach the rope
    to the hatch. Climb down into the Technical Room.
          E6. Technical Room: Turn left and use the pole on the small, white
    squares to the right of the door to get rid of those pesky lasers. (Thanks
    again, freak1!) Move towards the shelves on the left side of the room. Get the
    bell-shaped *adapter* sitting on the floor. Turn around a step towards the open
    doorway leading to the back part of the room. Get the *dynamite* in the open
    drawer, second from the bottom right. Head back up into the Kitchen.
    Turn right and look up towards the ceiling. Attach the adapter to the pipe with
    steam escaping. Next, hook your pipe onto the adapter. Move forward, turn
    around, and use the pliers on the hatch on the bottom of the left wall. Now
    click on the dangling pipe hose to stick it to that pesky automated system once
    and for all!
    Go back to the Diving Gear Room and you can now lower the other lever on the
    right wall to completely unlock the door at the end of the Corridor.
    Head back into the Kitchen. Stand in front of the door to the Dining Room and
    face the stove. Time to do some cooking, Emeril style. BAM! Flip the far-left
    switch on the stove to turn on the front-left burner. Put the metal box on the
    rear-left burner. Next, put the dynamite inside the metal box. Then use the
    fabric on the dynamite to make a fuse. Finally, pour the alcohol bottle into
    the metal box. Voila! You just made a *home-made bomb*.
    As soon as you pick it up, you have 2 minutes before it gives you a new
    facelift. Go back out into the Corridor, turn right and open the door to the
    Diving Bell Room. Enter.
          E7. Diving Bell Room: Turn right and follow the walkway around the escape
    bell by heading towards the pipes in the corner. Turn left and walk past the
    escape bell. Drop the home-made bomb down the shaft to open the door below.
    Go back around and hop inside the escape bell. Turn around and lower the lever
    on the right side of the door. Turn right and lower the left and right levers
    there. You are shot out of the ship and ride a jet of lava up to safety. Thanks
    for playing.
    IV. Misc.
    If you find any corrections that need to be made in this FAQ, please email me
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