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    Timeline Guide by DarknessUK

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    Aliens vs Predator 2: Primal Hunt Timeline
    Written By Darkness
    December 23, 2004
    Email: avpgalaxy@yahoo.co.uk
    Version 1.1
    Table of Contents
    1. Legal Info
    2. Introduction
    3. Version History
    4. Timeline
    5. This Guide is posted on:
    6. Legal Info Again
    7. Credits
    1. Legal Info
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private
    use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
    without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or
    as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of
    2. Introduction
    I wrote this guide a couple of years ago for my website, AvPGalaxy (now shut
    down) so I'm now producing it as a text guide for GameFAQs. Basically, I spent
    a month or so writing this and it helps you understand the storyline in
    AvP2 Primal Hunt more.
    3. Version History
    1.1 - Added Ascii art, Version History, Legal Info Again and Credits sections.
    1.0 - First Release - Has been checked for spelling errors.
    4. Timeline
    Predator Mission 1 
    Date: November 25, 1730
    Time: Unknown
    Location: Somewhere on LV-1201 
    500 Years before the Incident, the Predator lands on Planet LV-1201 in his 
    spacecraft to hunt Aliens. While wandering around on the surface of the planet, 
    the Predator follows some Aliens to the hive and after a bit of exploring, he 
    discovers a strange object. Soon enough the Predator learns of a strange 
    Artifact built by these so-called Pilots which can control the Aliens. The 
    Artifact is currently disabled when he gets to the Artifact Chamber so he must 
    find a way to activate it. When he gets to the Artifact Activation chamber, he 
    presses a few buttons and pulls a few levers and the Artifact is activated, 
    giving him the power to influence Aliens. When the Artifact was enabled, an 
    invisible force-field was also activated, preventing Aliens from coming any 
    where near it and kills those that do.
    Predator Mission 2 
    Date: July 25, 1731 
    Time: 7:10 PM
    Location: Near Artifact Chamber
    During the eight months, other Predators arrive at the planet to explore and 
    establish themselves. On one particular day, other Predators went to 
    investigate the Artifact Activation Chamber while the main Predator went on 
    hunt for the Alien Queen. After getting so close to the Queen's nest, the 
    Aliens retaliate and disable the Artifact so the Predator is called back to the 
    Artifact Chamber to defend it from Aliens. The Aliens kill all Predators in the 
    Artifact Chamber and it's up to the main Predator to reinstate the stasis 
    fields so he makes his way to the Egg Chambers to try and activate the stasis 
    PredAlien Mission 1 
    Date: July 25, 1731 
    Time: 8:15 PM 
    Location: In a tunnel near Pilot Ruins
    During the retaliation of the Aliens, a lone Facehugger makes its way through 
    the Zeta Hive, somehow avoiding all nearby Predators. While ducking and diving, 
    the Facehugger cannot facehug any of the Predators along the way because they 
    are in groups. So it must find a suitable host, preferably a Predator who is 
    alone. With help from some Drone Aliens to distract the Predators, the 
    Facehugger manages to crawl through shafts and above ceilings avoiding the 
    Predators. Eventually the Facehugger arrives at the Egg Chamber where it sees a 
    lone Predator trying to reinstate the stasis fields. The Facehugger jumps down 
    into the Egg Chamber and pounces towards the Predator...
    Predator Mission 2
    Date: July 25, 1731 
    Time: 9:20 PM 
    Location: Egg Chamber
    While trying to reinstate the stasis fields, the Predator accidentally triggers 
    the stasis fields but has enough time to turn around and spot the Facehugger. 
    With the Facehugger in mid-air, the stasis fields freeze everything including 
    the Predator and the Facehugger. Somehow, the Facehugger manages to implant the 
    Egg but as the Facehugger dies, unknown to the Predator, he is carrying the 
    egg. As the centuries go on, the Predator is still trapped waiting for someone 
    or something to free him but 500 years later, there is someone on their way to 
    free him... 
    Corporate Mission 1 
    Date: September 21, 2230
    Time: 7:06 PM
    Location: Forward Observation Pod 5
    Around 500 years later, General Rykov and Dr. Eisenberg learnt of this Artifact 
    and sent in a team of Combat Synthetics to retrieve the Artifact. 
    Unfortunately, they didn't make it to the Artifact and were killed by many 
    Praetorians. At the present time, Rykov calls Dunya in to explain to her the 
    situation they're in and tells her that he has found a buyer for the Artifact 
    and Dunya is the one who has to go to the Pilot Ruins and find the Artifact.
    Corporate Mission 1
    Date: September 21, 2230
    Time: 11:40 PM
    Location: Entrance to Zeta Site
    Popov, another corporate, transports Dunya and two Iron Bears in an APC to an 
    entrance to the Zeta Hive and it's here where the journey starts. The two Iron 
    Bears escort Dunya to an elevator which takes them down into the Alien Hive and 
    while defending Dunya from the Aliens, the two Iron Bears are killed. It's now 
    down to Dunya alone to retrieve the Artifact. She rushes through passageways, 
    avoiding Aliens and she eventually arrives at the Artifact Chamber. Other 
    Aliens are unable to come into the Artifact Chamber so Dunya is safe for the 
    time being. Rykov speaks to her via the walkie-talkie, telling her to find a 
    receptacle to disable the Artifact. Dunya finds the receptacle and places the 
    disruption device, given to her by a scientist, into the receptacle and that 
    disables the Artifact. After a long time of waiting, the online Pilot systems 
    shut down but also causes damage to the entrance of the Artifact Chamber so 
    she's forced to find an alternative route... 
    Predator Mission 2
    Date: September 22, 2230
    Time: 7:32 AM
    Location: Egg Chamber
    By Dunya disabling the Artifact, the Predator who was frozen in the stasis 
    fields, is now freed after 500 years of been trapped. The Predator rushes to 
    the Artifact Chamber via an Alien tunnel and arrives on a very high platform 
    just in time to spot Dunya steal the Artifact. After Dunya leaves, the Predator 
    must chase after her to return the Artifact but a group of Aliens surround the 
    Predator. These Aliens prove no problem for the Predator and continues through 
    the Pilot Ruins behind Dunya.
    Corporate Mission 1
    Date: September 22, 2230
    Time: 7:46 AM 
    Location: Artifact Chamber
    Dunya climbs up to a platform above in the Artifact Chamber and continues 
    through many doors and killing many Aliens. She eventually gets to a control 
    room which was probably built by the Predators and takes an elevator up to a 
    platform above. After escaping Facehuggers and crawling under rocks, Dunya gets 
    to a room with skulls hung up on the wall which were trophies gained by 
    Predators of many different species. She exits the room and goes through 
    numerous doors and faces a powerful Praetorian which is no threat to her. After 
    avoiding a few Facehuggers, she exits Zeta site and emerges into open air where 
    she is given new objectives.
    Predator Mission 2
    Date: September 22, 2230
    Time: 7:48 AM
    Location: Artifact Chamber
    As soon as Dunya leaves the Artifact Chamber, the Predator jumps down onto the 
    platform below and follows Dunya. Traveling through passages and killing 
    Aliens, the Predator soon gets to the control room with an elevator. Since 
    Dunya took the elevator, the Predator must find a different way to get to her 
    so he jumps up onto platforms below and through a window. On the ground below, 
    Dunya has just gone through a door but the entrance has been blocked so the 
    Predator has to go a different way. He goes into the trophy room and jumps up 
    onto platforms and over the wall just behind Dunya. The Predator manages to 
    fend off Aliens long enough to make it out of Zeta site through the same door 
    as Dunya. After Dunya makes her way to Pod 5, the Predator somehow manages to 
    get to Pod 5 but it is unknown which way he went.
    Corporate Mission 2
    Date: September 22, 2230
    Time: 9:34 AM 
    Location: Exit of Zeta Site
    When exiting Zeta site, Dunya receives a call from Rykov telling her where the 
    APC is so she now has to make her way to the extraction zone to be picked up. 
    The APC has activated its locator so it appears on Dunya's Motion Tracker to 
    make it easier to find. She travels by foot along the surface of the planet 
    meeting Runners, Drones and Facehuggers and indigenous creatures. While 
    traveling through winding paths, Dunya finally gets to the APC and Chekov is 
    there to pick her up. In the APC, Dunya tells Rykov that his suspicions were 
    right about some other species using the Artifact - the Predators. 
    Predator Mission 3
    Date: September 22, 2230
    Time: 11:16 AM
    Location: The walkway connecting Pod 5 to the water pumping station
    Just over one and a half hours later from leaving the Zeta site, the Predator 
    arrives at Pod 5. He gets to the top of a walkway where he finds an access 
    panel which he need to get through. The Predator pulls the panel off and throws 
    it off the platform to the ground and flattens an unfortunate human on the 
    crater floor. He climbs through the hole into Pod 5 where the mission begins. 
    First of all, the Predator needs to hack into the Pod's systems to find the 
    location of the Artifact. Along he goes through the narrow corridors killing 
    humans and eventually the Predator gets to a big boiler room where he kills two 
    Combat Synthetics. After exiting the room, he climbs up a ladder into a control 
    room. The creature kills all humans nearby and hacks into the Pod's system to 
    find the location of the Artifact. As soon as he knows it's in Storage Area C, 
    he climbs up the elevator shaft and hacks his way through the door into another 
    room. After a big fight between humans and Aliens, the Predator hacks into the 
    Storage Area to retrieve the Artifact...
    Corporate Mission 3
    Date: September 22, 2230
    Time: 11:25 AM
    Location: Pod 5
    After resting in Pod 5 with Dimitri, Rykov contacts Dunya and tells her that 
    Aliens have breached the water walk. Rykov orders Dimitri to go to the water 
    walk to meet Chekov and tells Dunya to retrieve the Artifact so they can take 
    it to another pod. She goes to Storage Area C to check on the Artifact so she 
    sets out towards the Artifact. Aliens are already inside the pod but Dunya 
    makes it to Storage Area C in time to see a strange creature in the Artifact 
    room and then this creature disappears in front of her very eyes. Unknown to 
    her, it's the Predator who has turned invisible. Dr. Eisenberg has blown up the 
    walkways connecting Pod 5 to Pods 2 and 4 and she's now ordered to get to the 
    cargo lift in order to evacuate the pod.
    Predator Mission 3 
    Date: September 22, 2230
    Time: 11:40 AM
    Location: Storage Area in Pod 5
    After getting the Artifact, the Predator exits Storage Area C and goes in 
    search for a communications room to broadcast a message to any nearby Predator 
    ships. Other Corporates are killed but the Predator manages to get to an 
    elevator where he's taken up towards the communications room. Hurrying along 
    the corridors, he gets to the communications room and sends his current 
    coordinates to any other Predators nearby but during the process, the Predator 
    collapses to the floor in pain. The Alien egg planted inside him 500 years ago 
    by a lone Facehugger has hatched and a Chestburster breaks its way through the 
    Predator's chest, killing him in the process...
    Corporate Mission 3
    Date: September 23, 2230
    Time: Unknown
    Location: Storage Area in Pod 5
    After been ordered by Rykov, Dunya sets on her way towards the cargo lift. She 
    exits the storage area and climbs up a ladders into a shaft. She climbs through 
    and goes through a door and encounters many Runner Aliens. These are no problem 
    for her and carries down the stairs into large cargo room. She runs down to the 
    level below and gets to the elevator. Just as Dunya calls up the elevator, a 
    sweep of Aliens crawl into the room but with the help of her weaponry and the 
    deployable Sentry Guns, she manages to fend them off. Off she goes down the 
    elevator to the cargo bay where she catches up with Rykov. Dimitri hasn't 
    returned since he went to secure the breach so Rykov presumes he's dead. Just 
    as they're speaking, Dimitri radios to Rykov so Rykov tells him that they're 
    evacuating Pod 5. Ivan, Chekov and Rykov take the cargo lift down to the crater 
    bottom while Dunya stays at the cargo bay to defend it until Dimitri arrives. 
    Dunya sets up her remaining Sentry Guns and uses the Turret Gun to kill any 
    Aliens flooding in. Dimitri eventually arrives and explains to Dunya that he 
    took a detour through excavation storage before going to the walkway and must 
    have just missed Chekov. They both go down the cargo lift to the bottom of the 
    pods where they catch up with Dr. Eisenberg. 
    PredAlien Mission 2
    Date: September 22, 2230
    Time: 12:05 PM
    Location: Communications Room in Pod 5
    After the Predator is killed, the Chestburster hides in the room and a 
    Corporate investigates to see what made the unauthorized broadcast. He radios 
    to a team about the mystery creature that's lying dead on the floor and tells 
    them that it was holding the Artifact. The Corporate exits the room but is 
    sadly killed by a Runner Alien. Now the Chestburster is born, it must avoid 
    enemies at all cost and find a food supply in order to evolve. The Chestburster 
    should have been enclosed in the corridors but the only explanation could be 
    that the guards on duty in the next few rooms must have been distracted and 
    opened the doors. The creature escaped the humans and made its way to a room 
    with a circular table. Humans came into the room and the Chestburster managed 
    to slip by the guard unnoticed. The creature makes its way to the cloak room 
    where an Alien helped it to escape. Along it goes above the ceiling and drops 
    down to the corridor. A few fully-grown Aliens distract nearby guards and the 
    Chestburster gets to the Pod 5 Morgue. In here it has a full food supply and 
    soon evolves into a more fiercer creature...
    PredAlien Mission 3
    Date: September 23, 2230
    Time: 03:28 AM
    Location: Morgue in Pod 5
    A Corporate enters the Morgue after a while and radios to others that Aliens 
    are everywhere in the pod, but as he turns around, the evolvement of the 
    Chestburster is staring right at him. The PredAlien kills the Corporate and 
    escapes through a vent in the ceiling. Its mission at the moment is to escape 
    the pod but it does need to find the Artifact and return it to the Alien Hive. 
    The creature's intelligence is far superior than every imaged and it manages to 
    disable the Electrified Duct Control which shuts down electrified grates. With 
    the grates unprotected, it destroys Sentry Gun controls in the room nearby so 
    it slips in and goes through to a boiler room. The creature kills the humans 
    and eventually makes it onto the corridors. Even with Combat Synthetics on 
    guard, the powerful PredAlien kills anything in its path and gets to a large 
    pipe. It exits the pipe and wanders around Pod 5 and destroys a control panel 
    giving him access to further rooms. It crawls underground and emerges next to a 
    room near the Artifact. 
    After the Predator was killed, the Artifact must have been retrieved by a Drone 
    Alien which brought it to this room. It's not clear how the Drone Alien died 
    but Chekov sent a team to collect it. Ivan, Popov and a couple of other 
    synthetics arrive in the room to get the Artifact before Pod 5 is blown up. 
    Numerous Aliens are trying to get to the Artifact in the room next door and 
    Ivan and Popov leave the room before the first charges goes off so they go down 
    to the extraction point. Just as the two Corporates leave, the Aliens burst 
    through the door and the two Combat Synthetics try to kill them but are easily 
    killed by the Aliens. The first charges blow and kills the remaining Aliens in 
    the room so the PredAlien must abandon the Artifact before the whole of Pod 5 
    comes down. With the pod shaking, the PredAlien crawls up a shaft into a much 
    bigger room. It finds and destroys the Security Array Access panel and even 
    destroys to humans in Exosuits. In order to escape, the creature must find a 
    panel to disable the electric girders so it crawls up to a higher level power 
    room and disables them so crawls out of a shaft to exit Pod 5. 
    PredAlien Mission 3
    Date: September 23, 2230
    Time: 7:02 AM
    Location: Somewhere aboard Pod 5
    After retrieving the Artifact, Popov and a couple of Combat Synthetics were 
    killed which could have been caused by the many blasts or by Aliens. Other 
    Aliens including the PredAlien escape the pod by a beam on the top but where 
    the Artifact is, next to Popov, a Drone Alien appears next to it but it's too 
    late as Dr. Eisenberg makes his final order regarding Pod 5...  
    Corporate Mission 3
    Date: September 23, 2230
    Time: 7:02 AM
    Location: Beneath the Forward Observation Pods.
    Dunya wonders if there's any chance to save the pod but once the lift broke 
    away, there's no chance of regaining the pod so the only option is to destroy 
    Pod 5 before the Aliens find a way to spread to other pods. The question of any 
    survivors is ruled out by Dr. Eisenberg and he then orders the removal of Pod 5 
    from the rest of the pods.
    Any Mission
    Date: November 23, 2230
    Time: 10:18 PM
    Incident: -1 day, 7 hours.
    Location: Primary Operations Complex, LV-1201.
    Dr. Eisenberg and a scientist are talking about the loss of Pod 5 and the 
    scientist gets onto the possibility of "potential relics" going missing at the 
    Zeta dig site. Dr. Eisenberg replies by saying that nothing has gone missing 
    when he was on watch and the "relic" the scientist heard about was of little 
    importance compared to the knowledge, he's getting from xenomorph studies. 
    Predator Mission 3
    Date: November 26, 2230
    Time: 3:55 PM
    Incident: +1 day, 11 hours.
    Location: Somewhere near the Primary Operations Complex, LV-1201.
    With the coordinates the Predator in Pod 5 sent, a couple of months later, a 
    Predator ship lands on LV-1201. Presumably, the ship contains many Predators as 
    a few were captured in AvP2 but one Predator comes to the Primary Operations 
    Complex and kills two guards. Note that I think this is the Predator you play 
    as, in Aliens vs Predator 2.
    Date: October 12, 2230
    Time: Unknown
    Location: Gateway Station, Earth.
    Weyland-Yutani Weapons Division, Oversight Committee, Summary of Meeting 
    Concerning the Loss of Pod 5.
    The loss of Pod 5 is a significant setback for operations on LV-1201. Though 
    the pod contained only secondary systems, crew quarters and recreation 
    facilities, its loss serves to justify the concerns some committee members have 
    long felt regarding Dr. Eisenberg's oversight of the project. Rather than wait 
    for an official explanation from Dr. Eisenberg, the committee has authorized 
    the immediate departure of a class 2 investigative team and auditor for LV-1201 
    with the intention of conducting an independent investigation into the events 
    leading to the severing of Pod 5. Until more data is available the priority 
    must be stabilizing the situation on LV-1201 before any more mistakes are made.
    5. This FAQ is Posted at:
    GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com
    If anybody sees any websites other than what's on the list above with this 
    FAQ, please contact me at: avpgalaxy@yahoo.co.uk
    6. Legal Info
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private
    use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
    without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or
    as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of
    7. Credits
    I wrote all of this FAQ. If there's anything I've missed or any mistakes,
    please email me at: avpgalaxy@yahoo.co.uk.

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