"Primal Flunk"

Well, I try to be fair and objective when reviewing a game, and I will be with this one as well. Primal Hunt just didn't live up to it's hype, with short and simple single player levels that were as lacking in design as they were in quantity and barely any added features aside from a nifty weapon or two, you may want to think about checking out one of the other titles of it's gaming generation. Let's get started shall we?

Gameplay: 2 of 10 While nothing compares to the thrill of sneaking up behind an unsuspecting pred for a head bite in multiplayer, and the added weapons are nice and flashy, the game really doesn't add much gameplay. The level designs are bland and boring and you can expect more confusion than combat when you're moving from point a to point b. Unlike the previous installations this game is lacking in action throughout the single player levels, and let's face it, amateur modders have made better maps just toying around with the map making tools. The expansion does add a few nifty features for multiplayer games, but it's hardly enough to appease fans of the series.

Story: 3 of 10: Without giving away the story let me just say that it's nowhere near as good as the story in AVP 2, and that's rather sad because AVP 2 didn't really have much of a story.

Replay Value: 1 of 10 Yes I gave it a one. There are no special features to unlock and the level design is very bad. There isn't enough action and the thrill of lopping off human heads is gone as there are fewer humans in this game than there have ever been. The only redeeming quality is it's multiplayer mode, which still can't match the newer First Person Shooters like UT 2002 and Quake 3 Team Arena.

Graphics: 4 of 10 The graphics aren't bad, but they're hardly pushing the technological envelope. The highest setting still doesn't add much to the drab and poorly constructed level designs and is only noticeable in multiplayer. Many will find that even with the choppy graphics the game experiences slowdowns at some points due to the sheer number of frames used on objects that are both in a dark corner and lacking any quality detail.

Sound: 2 of 10 The sound in this game is absolutely horrendous. What you haven't heard a million times already you'll hope to never hear again.

Multiplayer Value: 6 of 10 The multiplayer value of this game, while very lacking, does redeem it a little. When you can find a good game without immortal aliens and marines with unlimited ammo the multiplayer feature really shines, but there are quite a few cheaters on game spy these days, and unfortunately they've made their way to AVP2 Primal Hunt.

Game Value: 3 of 10 Honestly the only reason to get this game is if you have friends who play it online.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/01/02, Updated 12/01/02

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