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    Thief Guide by node

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                                        Thief Guide
                                       Version  1.02
                                    Ragnarok Online Beta
                                  >>D I S C L A I M E R<<
    You may distribute this guide if it's remained intact and not modified in any way.
    You must ask permission before posting this guide on your site.  If you decide to
    use this guide on your site please give credit to me.  Do not plagiarize because it
    is bad and will get you sued.  Do not remove or modify this notice.  -Daphne
    T a b l e  o f  C o n t e n t s:
    I.     Revisions
    II.    Introduction
    III.   Thief Comparisons
            a)Stat Comparisons
                i.  AGI Thief
                ii. Mixed Thief
                iii.VIt Thief
            b)Weapon Comparisons
                i.  Daggers
                ii. Swords
    IV.    Stats
            a) Point Distribution Guide
                i.  Sword\Dagger Thief
                ii. Bow Thief
            b) Stats Analysis
                i.  Strength
                ii. Agility
                iv. Intelligence
                v.  Dexterity
                vi. Luck
    V.     Equipment
            c)R. Hand
            d)L. Hand
    VI.    Skills
    VII.   Crowd Control
    VIII.  Miscellaneous
            a)Monster Data
            b)Boss Data
            c)Flee chart
            d)How to become a Thief
            e)Leveling Guide
    IX.    End
    X.     Special Thanks
    XI.    Contact
    I.  R E V I S I O N S
    06/25/02 - Added more Luck info.
    05/09/02 - Small spelling errors and such fixed.
    05/03/02 - Finally 1.0!  Big update!  Added different type of thief variants.  Added
               point a distribution guide for each type of thief.  Analyzed the different
               type of thief variants with PROS and CONS.  Added a leveling guide.  Added
               more equipment and more comments to the equipment section.  Elaborated on
               Stats more.  Talked about skills a bit more.  Added a leveling guide.
               Analyzed the different type of weapons thieves can use.  I think that's
               all.  If you find any mistakes or don't agree with anything then email me
               at node_@hotmail.com
               Also I'm quite aware of my item names not being updated so if you know
               the names that needs to be changed, email me!
    04/25/02 - Minor minor update.
    04/17/02 - Revised Monster chart thanks to Yoan's site.  A much more accurate Flee &
               Hit Chart is added thanks to Hoochie :)  Plus a small point distribution
    03/30/02 - Added strength chart.
    03/28/02 - Added minor stuff.
    03/27/02 - Updated infromation due to game updates.  Added more info.
    02/28/02 - Elaborated on Crowd Control.
    02/27/02 - Added Monster/Boss Data.  Reformated text also.
    02/27/02 - A little revision.
    02/27/02 - Little corrections and added stuff.
    02/24/02 - First Release.
    II.  I N T R O D U C T I O N
    So you wanna be a Thief, huh? Thieves are currently the most popular class in RO and
    for good reasons. High level Thieves can be devestating. They can dish out high
    amounts of damage to a single enemy with their SP-Free skill, Double slash. As a
    Thief you won't be taking damage but you'll be evading them. You can also be taking
    them too if you want. You can use a bow, dagger or a sword. So why wouldn't you want
    to be a Thief?
    Let's analyze. The dagger has a penalty of 75% against medium monsters (Rocker,
    Zombie, Skeleton), 50% against large (Golem, Isis, Nightmare), and no penalties
    against small (Poring, Hornet, Picky), while 1h swords have a penalty of 75% vs.
    Small, 100% vs.medium and 75% to large, and arrows do 100% damage to all. AGI
    Thieves does not dodge like a mad man right at the start. He/she has to work hard
    to achieve the incredible dodge rate. AGI Thieves will be getting hit a lot in the
    beginning and taking full damage minus armor. Also, because you are investing all or
    most of your points in AGI, your min/max damage will be everywhere. VIT Thieves will
    be getting hit pretty much all of the time until their flee goes up by level but they
    will not be recieving as much damage. Mixed thieves will get the best from both
    worlds.  They will dodge quite a bit and when they do get hit, it won't hurt as much.
    This guide is here to help you understand the class and help guide you in point
    distribution, equipment, skill point distribution, and leveling. The Thief class is
    quite possibly the most fun class I've played in RO and I hope your experience with
    your Thief is as good as mines.
    III.  T H I E F  C O M P A R I S O N S
    Here I will discuss the PROS and CONS of each type of Thief.
    a) Stat Comparisons
    i.  AGI Thief - It's all about speed and power.  This type of thief sacrifices
    everything for speed and power.  They will pump DEX to ammounts not even required
    to hit Baphomet with just for higher damage and speed.  This is the most powerful
    melee fighter in the game with a dagger.  When you weild a bow you will even make
    some archers jealous.  This thief can dodge whatever you throw at him and will kill
    fast enough so the flee drop doesn't take into effect for long.  You'll also get
    to spend points on STR a lot earlier than the other Thieves as you can raise AGI
    to a reasonable level, then raise STR to its limits, and then go back to working
    on AGI to maximize your killing potential (for bow thieves, raise DEX instead of
    STR).  But when you do get hit, it will hurt.  You will also find yourself running
    from mobs until you get your agi to a higher degree.
    PROS:  Strongest Thief.  Very fast with and high damage.  Versitile with weapons.
           Best dodger in the game.
    CONS:  When mob is overwhelming, you will die.  Has to be careful when fighting
           in aggro areas.  Takes high damage.
    Recommended Starting Stats:  9 STR, 9 AGI, 9 DEX
    ii.  Mixed Thief - This Thief wants the best of both worlds.  He\she dodges well
    and when he\she does get hit, it won't hurt as much.  This thief also gets the
    benefits of having a higher HP.  Because you are splitting points between AGI and
    VIT, you won't be able to dodge as much monsters as AGI Thieves and won't be able
    to take hits as well as VIT Thieves.  You can build this thief by starting out as
    a AGI thief, then when you get your STR to your desired ammount, raise VIT.  Another
    way to build this thief is to pump AGI and VIT evenly to get the benefits of being a
    Mixed thief right away.  Although you'll spend points on STR later than AGI thieves
    which means you'll be killing slower than your AGI thief companions.
    PROS:  Can dodge and take medium damage.  Also versetile with weapons.  Has good
           speed also.  Versatile in mob control.  Higher HP than AGI Thief.
    CONS:  Not the best at taking damage OR dodging.  Not the fastest though not the
           slowest either.
    Recommended Starting Stats:  9 STR, 9AGI, 5 Vit\Dex or 9 Dex if you're starting off
    as a AGI Thief.
    iii.  VIT Thief - A rare breed.  This thief was meant to get hit and like it. This
    thief will pump VIT to high numbers until Isis' slaps feels like taps on the shoulder.
    Even though you will not invest a lot into agi, you will still be dodging a Mummy
    and such later on because you get +1 flee every level and because of level 10 Dodge.
    If a mob is coming you wouldn't care, you'll take them.  Of course because most of
    your points are going into STR and VIT, you'll be hitting slow.  Dodging Nightmares
    and such will be a problem also until you can get your flee high enough.  Because
    you need a redicously high ammount of Vit for it to be effective in later areas of
    Ragnarok, your STR will be lower than both AGI Thieves and Mixed thieves mid level.
    This thief is also slower to level because it doesn't have the benefits of Speed
    or Power early.
    PROS:  Takes little damage.  Highest HP of all the thieves.  A Tank.  Impresses
           VIT Swordies.
    CONS:  Slowwwwww.  Has to wait longer to really build STR\DEX.  Needs a lot of VIT.
           Slowest damager out of all the Thieves.
    Recommended Starting Stats:  9 STR, 9AGI, 5 Vit\Dex
    b) Weapon Comparisons
    i.  Dagger Thief - The only thieves to get the benefits of Double Slash which is a
    huge plus.  They do the most damage out of all the Thieves because of double slash
    and high STR.  They will even do more damage to Nightmares than sword\bow thieves
    dispite the -50% dmg penalty because of double slash!  A dagger weilding AGI Thief
    is the most powerful melee character in the game.  Daggers are good for all types
    of Thieves because of it's speed and because of double slash.  I highly recommend
    VIT thieves to use daggers because of their slower attack speed from the lack of
    ii.  Sword Thief - Never seen one before but it is possible.  This type of thief
    will be more dependent on brute strength doing the killing.  Because there are so
    many medium monsters in the game, this thief can do high damage to them without
    needing double slash.  Swords are noticebly slower on thieves than Swordies which
    is why I recommend if you're going to be a sword thief that you'd be an AGI Thief.
    VIT\Mixed is also possible but it's up to you.  Why be a Sword thief instead of a
    Swordie?  Level 10 Dodge and because you want to.  Imagine a Thief doing better with
    a sword than a Swordsman.
    iii.  Bow Thief - Mainly built for stealing.  These thieves are in some way better
    marksmen than Archers.  Thieves gets Dodge which makes it easier for them to dodge.
    They can hide in signs of trouble and they can steal.  But!  They are slower than
    Archers, don't have Owl's Eye (+Dex) or Vulture's Eye (Range), nor Double Strafe to
    get out of sticky situations.  Compared to otehr thieves, bow thieves gets to attack
    from a range and when the monsters do reach them their dodge will kick in (if agi).
    I recommend being an AGI Thief if you're a bow thief also because you'll shoot
    faster and you'll really benefit from dodge then.  Although VIT\Mixed are definitely
    possible.  It's really up to you.  Also you'll have trouble getting MVP unless you
    had a big head start...
    IV.  S T A T S
    a) Point Distribution Guide
    One of the most important aspect of RO is stat distribution.  Stat distribution can
    make or break a character.  It is very important that you do not waste points and
    pump the right stat in the right situation (ie. if you're missing pump dex) and this
    is especially important and vital in the beginning as it would make building your
    Thief a whole lot easier and smoother. Keep in mind that everytime you level, your
    flee and hit is raised by 1.
    i.  For sword\dagger thieves, I'd raise dex to 15-20 and stop there.  Then I'd pump
    str till it's 20 for the early bonus.  From there I will build according to my style.
    If I'm an agi thief, I'd build AGI to a good 50-60 then work on STR again.  When
    I get my desired STR it's back to AGI and eventually Dex.  If I'm a mixed thief, I'd
    build just like an agi thief but instead of going back to AGI, I'd work on Vit.  For
    VIT thieves, first I'd raise AGI to 20 then I'd just build Vit to around 70+ then
    work on str until it's around  40-50 and then work on Vit again.  When I reach the
    Vit that I want I'd work on STR again.  The early AGI should in dodging a bit in the
    early stage and will help with my attack speed.  That low agi will also help you
    dodge 1v1 against higher level monsters because of the flee bonus per level and lvl
    10 dodge.
    ii.  For Bow thieves, I'd raise dex to 40 then raise agi to 20.  From there I will
    build according to my style.  If I'm an AGI thief, I will keep agi close to dex
    because I want to attack faster and be able to dodge.  AGI thief weilding bows can
    afford to be in front of an enemy because of dodge which is an advantage over archers.
    When my dex reaches 70-80, I will be pumping AGI exclusively for the extra bow speed.
    If I was a mixed thief with a bow, I'd still build like an agi thief but will stop
    building agi at around 50 to work on vit and luck at around 70 dex.  As a Vit thief,
    I would get my agi to 20, then build dex and some Vit.  When I reach my desired dex,
    I will work on Vit until I am satisfied.  Then it's back to Dex and Luck.  The 20
    AGI will help me in speed and allow me to dodge a bit early (around 60%) and will
    allow me to dodge well 1v1 later in the game because of the flee I get from being a
    high level character.
    b) Stat Analysis
    There are bonus points which you'll recieve throughout the game until your job level
    reaches level 50, which is the max.  You'll recieve the following points throughout
    the game:
    STR +4, VIT +2, DEX +4, INT +1, LUK +3, AGI +4
    i.  STRENGTH
    Believe it or not, this is the most important stat for the Dagger\Sword Thief in the
    end. Pumping STR will supplement your damage with the dagger as it raises Min and Max
    damage. There are a lot of medium  monsters in the game and the 75% penalty hurts.
    Sword thieves without the benefits of double slash will definitely need STR.  Also,
    STR works best in increments of 10 because you get a bonus every 10 STR.
    Strength Damage Bonus Chart:
    STR          Min/Max Damage
    10           +1
    20           +4
    30           +5
    40           +8
    50           +10
    60           +12
    70           +13
    80           +15
    90           +17
    100          +19
    Recommended Points: 96 for sword\dagger Thieves, 9 for Bow Thieves.
    ii.  AGILITY
    Your FIRST primary stat as an AGI Thief.  Raising this stat will not only raise
    your flee, but it will increase your attack speed.  You'll need a lot of this.
    Mixed thieves will also want quite a bit of this also.  If you're going to be a
    bow thief you'll also need as much of this as possible :).  A vit thief should
    put some point into this so he doesn't swing his dagger like a novice.
    Recommended Points: 90+ for bow thieves, 75+ for agi thieves, 35+ for Vit Thieves,
    and 50+ for Mixed thieves.
    iii.  VITALITY
    The FIRST primary stat for Vit Thieves.  Adding to vit will not only increases
    your defense (for every 2 vit, you take 1 less damage), but your HP as well.  Agi
    Thieves may or may not want this and Mixed Thieves will want vit as well.
    Recommended Points: 90+ for vit Thieves, 50+ for Mixed, 1-22+ for Agi thieves.
    Currently there are no monsters in RO that casts magic so the MDEF benefit from INT is
    useless as of now.  The only reason to pump int right now is for magic damage and more
    SP.  You can always raise this stat later on.  Don't put points into this yet.
    Recommended Points: 1-??
    Pump this stat up regularly to hit the enemy at aconstant rate.  DEX also increases
    attack speed but not as much as AGI (for every 5 equal 1 AGI) and it also increases
    minimum damage.  Also, after maxing STR, DEX is the only way to raise your min/avg
    damage for a sword\dagger Thief.  Every DEX adds 1 minimum damage, every 5 adds an
    extra max damage for melee weapons.  Dex seems to be a lot weider with Bows. Raising
    dex from 1-16 seems to only raise your max damage.  After that it seems that for
    every dex you get +2 min damage and the max damage bonus of 1.  Although the numbers
    aren't entirely accurate they are close.  There are also a dmg bonus every
    10 dex after your 20 dex base.
    Bow Damage Bonus Dex Chart:
    DEX          Min/Max Damage
    20           +3
    30           +4
    40           +5
    50           +6
    60           +8
    70           +10
    80           +12
    90           +13
    100          +14
    Recommended Points: 45+ for AGI\Dagger\Sword Thieves, 90+ for Bow thieves,
    20+ for Mixed\Vit
    vi.  LUCK
    You will get 1 critical per luck.  The first 5 Luck adds 1 to max dmg while the
    next 5 luck adds 1 to min damage and the next 5 luck adds 5 to max again and so
    on.  Critical isn't all that great unless you plan on fighting HIGH def monsters
    (nightmare, bosses).  Otherwise, you will still do more damage with double slash
    and high str than critical which negates double slash. If you must get luck then I
    recommend you raise it to 5(if you plan on wearing Bunny HB)-10 if you're a Dagger
    Thief.  Sword\Bow Thieves will benefit nicely from critical hit however.
    Recommended Points: 1-10 for Dagger thieves, 20+ for sword\bow thieves.
    V.  E Q U I P M E N T
    The most important thing for any melee class is a powerful weapon.  You'll need a
    strong weapon in order to kill efficiently and effectively which in turns allows
    you to lvl quickly and make money quickly also.  Armor isn't as important as a
    weapon but it is still good to have and will benefit you.  Accessories are just
    extras that will help but aren't required.
    a.  HEAD
    Bunny Hairband (1 def, +5 LUK, 10 weight) - If you have 5 luck or 15 etc., then
    this is probably the best helm to wear for that extra flee.
    Helm (5 def, 50 weight) - For Vit thieves or any other thief if you need the small
    Crown\Tiara (4 Def, +2 Int, 30 weight) - A very expensive fashion statement ;).
    Though thief doesn't benefit much with +2 Int.
    Anything else that would make your Thief look pretty will do as well.
    b.  ARMOR
    Tights (5 def, +2 dex, 50 weight) - Tights will probably be the first armor for
    your Thief until you can acquire a Ninja Suit.  Some high level thieves switch back
    to tights when they're satisfied with their flee.  No matter what type of thief you
    are, you'll want either tights or...
    Ninja Suit (7 def, +2 agi, 150 weight) - This armor was made for thieves.  After
    getting tights you should work on getting a Ninja Suit.  The +2 agi will help
    emmensly especially when your agi starts to cost a lot to raise.
    c.  R. HAND
    Gladius (102 dmg, 60 weight) - The strongest buyable dagger in the game.  Buyable
    in Morroc.
    Damasacus (115 dmg, 60 weight) - The strongest dagger in the game.  The Boss
    Mistress drops this.  Very difficult to get unless you're either very rich or very
    Fortune Sword (40 dmg, +15 luck, +30% critical (doesn't work yet), 10 weight) - When
    you reach a high STR and DEX, you will do damage very close to the gladius against
    high defense monsters (Nightmare, HunterFlies, Baphomet).  Your max damage will be
    a bit lower than the gladius and damacus' dmg but your min damage will be a bit
    higher.  This is THE weapon to fight HIGH DEF monsters with because of the extra
    luck which means more criticals and +1 flee.  And because it is lighter, it MAY
    BE faster than the gladius and damascus.  When 30% critical works, this weapon
    should help thieves kill nightmares and such even easier.
    Arbalist (bow, 95 dmg, +5 dex, 70 weight) - Bow Thieves' Weapon of choice as it
    seems to have longer range and because of its low weight, MAY BE faster than
    Kakkung.  Bows can be an alternative to daggers in the beginning for Dagger\Sword
    Thieves as it loses its usefulness later.  You may want to hit enemies from ledges
    or cliffs without recieving damage.  In the end daggers\swords will end up doing
    more damage than any bow unless you pumped dex like mad.  Bows still have their
    uses late game just to get non-aggro monsters to come to you instead of chasing
    Kakkung (bow, 100 dmg, 80 weight) - An alternative to the arbalist.  Does 5 more
    damage than the arbalist but doesn't get the +2 dex bonus.
    Tsurugi (Sword, 130 dmg, 100 weight) - Strongest 1handed sword in the game.
    If you're a sword thief then this is your sword unless...
    Ring Pommel Saber (Sword, 125 dmg, 70 weight) - You have this :)  30 weight lighter
    than the Tsurugi but 5 unnoticeable less damage than the Tsurugi.  Also because it
    is lighter, it MAY BE faster.
    d.  L. HAND
    Buckler (4 def, 60 weight) - Best wearable shield.
    e.  ROBE
    Manteau (3 def, 50 weight) - Best wearable robe.
    f.  FEET
    Boots  (3 def, 30 weight) - Best wearable shoes.
    Glove (+2 dex, 5 weight) - For the extra Hit and some ASPD and damage.  Bow Thieves'
    accessory of choice.
    Brooch (+2 agi, 5 weight) - Extra flee and more attack speed.  AGI Thieves'
    accessory of choice.
    Safety Ring (5 def, +3 MDEF, 5 weight) - Extra defense and MDef never hurts.  Vit
    thieves' prefered accessory.  Mixed thieves should drool over this too :).
    Eye of Dullahan (5 weight) - Accessory which prevents status ailments.  Will prove
    useful when monsters can poison you and such or PKing Thieves when PK is activated.
    VI.  S K I L L S
    Thieves do not have a lot of skills.  Dagger Thieves only need to concentrate on
    Double Slash and Avoid.  I'd recommend maxing double slash first to maxmize your
    damage potential then Avoid.  Avoid at early levels isn't going to help much since
    it works in conjunction with flee and a low lvl Thief won't have high flee. Sword\
    Bow Thies will really only need Avoid. Then you will want to get Hide.  After
    that, I'd recommend 10 Steal and Envenom. But it's all personal preferences.
    a.  Double Slash - Chance you will strike an enemy twice.  Also increases your
    damage by 200%.  [Passive]
    Level 1  - 5%
          2  - 10%
          3  - 15%
          4  - 20%
          5  - 25%
          6  - 30%
          7  - 35%
          8  - 40%
          9  - 45%
          10 - 50%
    Recommended Points: 10 for dagger thieves, 0 for all others.
    b.  Dodge - Increases your flee.  [Passive]
    Level 1  - 3%
          2  - 6%
          3  - 9%
          4  - 12%
          5  - 15%
          6  - 18%
          7  - 21%
          8  - 24%
          9  - 27%
          10 - 30%
    Recommended Points: 10
    c.  Steal - Steal from an enemy without going into battle.  It seems as though
    this skill is based on DEX and maybe LUK.  [20 SP]
    Level 1-10 - No data available.
    Recommended Points: 5+
    d.  Hide (Prerequisite: lvl 5 steal) - Hide from enemy or player.  Certain
    type of monsters can still detect you when hidden (insect, demons, boss)
    [10 SP, drains sp while hidden, ammount of sp drained depends on your hide lvl]
    Level 1  - 30 sec
          2  - 60 sec
          3  - 90 sec
          4  - 120 sec
          5  - 150 sec
          6  - 180 sec
          7  - 210 sec
          8  - 240 sec
          9  - 270 sec
          10 - 300 sec
    Recommended Points: 1, hide is almost useless now that certain type of
    monsters can see you.  It's safer to have Wing of Flies hotkeyed (when it works
    e.  Envenom - Attacks the enemy with a chance of poisoning the enemy [15 SP]
    The damage formula is: 100(Skill Level*15)%
    Recommended Points: 3-?, you won't have anywhere else to place points into
    other than steal or hide so it's safe to max this in the end.
    f.  Detoxify (Prerequisites: lvl 3 Envenom) - Cures poison.  [10 SP]
    Recommended Points: 1, good to have when poison is implemented.
    VII.  C R O W D  C O N T R O L
    This mostly applies to AGI\Mixed Thieves...
    After the agi nerf, AGI\Mixed thieves really need to know how to control the crowd.
    Luckily, controlling the crowd is really easy in RO.  When being chased, just keep
    running until the monsters stop targetting you.  Now you will have to lure out one
    monster at a time.  Do this by taking baby steps.  If there are more than you can
    handle coming, then repeat the first step.
    Of course this will not always work.  There are times when you will be overwhelmed
    and cannot run.  Just use a wing of fly and hope that you don't warp into another
    mob (when it works again...)
    Be cautious when you're trying to get a train off you and be considerate of other
    players.  When you're running from a train, make sure that if you're running past
    someone fighting that you slow down so that the monsters are still targetted on
    you.  When you past the player then you can run as far as possible to get the lock
    off.  Unless the person is targeting the monster you're running from, then you can
    run as far as possible as he'll get that monster to target him/her which is what
    he/she wants or is asking for.
    VIII.  M I S C E L L A N E O U S
    a)  Monster Data:
    In order of Experience given.  All information except drops acquired from
    Yoan's multi-calculator (homepage2.nifty.com/yoan/ro_multicalc.html?eng).
    *S = Small, M = Medium, L= Large
    Monster         Exp.  JExp. Size  ATK  Def HP   Race   Drops
    Poring            1    2     S    10   3   45   Plant  Jellopy, Apple, Red Herb,
                                                           Empty Bottle, Sticky Mucus,
                                                           Poring Doll, Poring Card
    Fabre             2    2     S    11   5   68   Insect Fluff, Red Herb, Feather,
                                                           Green Herb, Clover, Club,
                                                           Azure Jewel, Fabre Card
    Picky             3    3     S    12   3   90   Animal Feather Of Bird, Fluff,
                                                           Talon, Red Herb,
                                                           Milk, Yellow Gemstone,
                                                           Picky Card
    Lunatic           3    1     S    11   5   80   Animal Fluff, Fetaher, Carrot,
                                                           Jellopy, Lunatic Card
    Chon Chon         3    3     S    15   15  75   Insect Shell, Jellopy, Wing of Fly,
                                                           ChonChon Doll, ChonChon Card
    Thief Bug Egg     4    3     S    -    45  350  -      Castoff Skin, Shell, Falchion,
                                                           Sticky Mucus, Red Gemstone,
                                                           Black Ladle
    Pupa              4    4     S    -    40  300  -      Shell, Sticky Mucus, Sandals,
                                                           Hood, Castoff Skin, Pupa Card
    Willow            5    4     M    28   5   120  Plant  Jellopy, Resin, Tree Root,
                                                           Sweet Potatoe, Apple, Club,
                                                           Red Herb, Wooden Mail,
                                                           Branch of a Dead Tree,
                                                           Old Blue Box, Wooden Mail,
                                                           Willow Card
    Pecopeco Egg      6    5     S    -    40  345  -      Yellow Gemstone, Red Potion,
                                                           Shell, Empty Bottle,
                                                           White Platter
    Roda Frog         11   7     S    20   10  180  Fish   Jellopy, Scell, Spawn, Web,
                                                           Azure Jewel, Cutter,
                                                           Roda Frog Card
    Thief Bug         13   8     S    24   20  135  Insect Jellopy, Scell, Castoff Skin,
                                                           Special Medecine, Red Herb,
                                                           Leather Jacket, Knife,
                                                           Worm Shell, Thief Bug Card
    Condor            13   8     S    25   10  180  Animal Arrow, Feather of Bird, Meat,
                                                           Talon, Bill of Bird,
                                                           Animal Gore, Sandals,
                                                           Yellow Gemstone, Condor Card
    Hornet            15   9     S    30   10  170  Insect Bee Sting, Scell, Green Herb,
                                                           Wing of Fly, Scarlet Jewel,
                                                           Honey, Hornet Card
    Rocker            15   9     M    27   10  220  Insect Grasshopper Leg, Garlet, Spear,
                                                           Leaf of Hinalle, Hinalle,
                                                           Grasshopper Doll, Rocker Card
    Spore             15   9     M    26   7   200  Plant  Mushroom Spore, Red Herb,
                                                           Blue Herb, Old Blue Box,
                                                           Spore Doll, Spore Card
    Skeleton          16   11    S    31   5   305  Undead Scell, Jellopy, Skeleton Bone,
                                                           Mace, Skeleton Card
    Familiar          17   10    S    27   5   200  Animal Tooth of the Bat, Red Herb,
                                                           Grape, Garlet, Wing of Fly,
                                                           Ribbon, Familiar Card
    Wolf              17   10    M    30   12  260  Animal Claw of Wolf, Animal Skin, Meat,
                                                           Monster's Feed, Mantle,
                                                           Blue Jewel, Wolf Card
    Thief Bug (Big)   20   11    M    38   25  360  Insect Jellopy, Scell, Castoff Skin,
                                                           Special Medecine, Red Herb,
                                                           Leather Jacket, Knife,
                                                           Worm Shell, Horn of Bug,
                                                           Thief Bug Card
    Peco Peco         23   12    M    36   12  410  Animal Feather of Bird, Talon,
                                                           Bill of Bird, Red Herb, Shoes,
                                                           Yellow Herb, Special Medecine,
                                                           Wand, PecoPeco Card
    Mandragora        23   12    M    35   12  380  Plant  Trunk, Green Herb, Clover,
                                                           Leek Green Jewel, Ment, Aloe,
                                                           4 Leaf Clover, Mandragora Card
    Creamy            26   13    S    39   13  410  Insect Moth Dust, Horn of Bug, Honey,
                                                           Wing of Fly, Fancy Flower,
                                                           Flower, Creamy Card
    Wormtail          27   13    M    43   13  430  Plant  Scale, Garlet, Yellow Herb,
                                                           Leaf of Aloe, Aloe, Lance,
                                                           Green Jewel, Wormtail Card
    Thief Bug Green   32   12    M    41   35  500  Insect Worm Shell, Horn of Bug, Garlet,
                                                           Yellow Herb, Slayer, Buckler,
                                                           Red Gemstone
    Poporing          34   18    S    44   10  730  Plant  Jellopy, Sticky Mucus, Grape,
                                                           Bluish Green Jewel,
                                                           Rough Elunium, Poporing Card
    Zombie            38   16    M    46   5   800  Undead Decayed Nail, Smasher,
                                                           Horrendous Mouth, Old Blue Box,
                                                           Momentos, Cardinal Jewel,
                                                           Zombie Card
    Snake             39   16    S    45   15  560  Animal Poison Cuspid, Scale of Snake,
                                                           Green Herb, Special Medicine,
                                                           Violet Jewel, Anti-painment,
                                                           Arc Wand, Scale Skin, Snake Card
    Smokie            42   17    S    47   15  680  Animal Raccoon Leaf, Raccoon dog Doll,
                                                           Animal Skin, Sweet Potatoe,
                                                           Cat Hairband, Leaf of Yggdrasil,
                                                           Smokie Card
    Vadon             43   12    S    49   45  690  Fish   Blue Gemstone, Hard Shell, Shell,
                                                           Garlet, Nipper, Vadon Card
    Steel Chon Chon   43   18    S    46   30  600  Insect Shell, Wing of Fly, Garlet,
                                                           Padded Armor, Rough Elunium,
                                                           Steel Chon Chon Card
    Poison Spore      45   16    M    47   5   755  Plant  Mushroom Spore, Garlet,
                                                           Karvodailnirol, Poison Spore Card
    Yoyo              46   19    S    55   20  790  Animal Banana, Animal Skin, Yoyo's Tail,
                                                           Mink Coat, Monkey Doll, Yoyo Card
    Elder Willow      48   20    M    55   20  750  Plant  Tree Root, Resin, Sweet Potatoe,
                                                           Branch of a Dead Tree,
                                                           Mighty Staff, Leaf of Yggdrasil,
                                                           Elder Willow Card
    Cornutus          50   20    S    47   60  790  Fish   Conch, Hard Shell, Blue Gemstone
                                                           Cornutus Card
    Metaller          51   21    M    47   20  820  Insect Grasshopper Leg, Garlet, Aloe,
                                                           Leaf of Aloe, Singing Plant,
                                                           Golden Jewel, Metaller Card
    Golem             55   26    L    70   45  950  -      Stone Heart, Rough Elunium,
                                                           Red Gemstone, Blue Gemstone,
                                                           Yellow Gemstone, DarkRed Jewel,
                                                           Golden Jewel, Golem Card
    Orc Warrior       56   25    M    63   20  930  Human  Orcish Cuspid, Orcish Voucher,
                                                           Orcish Axe, Rough Oridecon,
                                                           Zargon, War Hammer, Orc Card
    Megalodan         60   25    S    61   5   960  Undead Rotton Scale, Skeleton Bone,
                                                           White Herb, Blue Gemstone, Garlet,
                                                           Violet Jewel, Megalodan Card
    Pirate Skeleton   62   24    M    67   45  880  Undead Skeleton Bone, Falchion,
                                                           Violet Jewel, Ring Pommel Saber
                                                           Bandana, Pirate Skeleton Card
    Anacondaq         62   26    S    69   20  820  Animal Poison Cuspid, Scale of Snake,
                                                           Rough Oridecon, Yellow Herb,
                                                           Padded Armor, Violet Jewel,
                                                           Scale Skin, Anacondaq Card
    Big Foot          66   27    L    62   20  1350 Animal Bear Paw, Animal Skin, Sweet
                                                           Potatoe, Rough Elunium,
                                                           Stuffed Doll, Tsurugi,
                                                           Red Gemstone, White Jewel,
                                                           Big Foot Card
    Scorpion          68   28    S    73   35  880  Insect Scropion Tail, Green Herb, Helm,
                                                           Hard Shell, Rough Elunium,
                                                           Scorpion Card
    Thara Frog        75   30    S    68   5   1200 Fish   Spawn, Web, Zargon, DarkRed Jewel,
                                                           Thara Frog Card
    Skeleton Soldier  81   34    M    76   20  1050 Undead Skeleton Bone, Red Potion,
                                                           Rough Oridecon, Fortune Sword,
                                                           Stiletto, Momentos,
                                                           Skeleton Soldier Card
    Skeleton Archer   85   31    M    79   20  900  Undead Skeleton Bone, Red Potion,
                                                           Rough Oridecon, Composite Bow,
                                                           Crossbow, Flame Arrow,
                                                           Skeleton Archer Card
    Obeaune           85   35    M    75   5   1150 Fish   Web, Fin, Heart of Mermaid, Brooch,
                                                           Rough Elunium, Obeaune Card
    Munak             87   37    M    81   23  1250 Undead PigTail Ribbon, Zargon, Amulet,
                                                           Earring, NinjaSuit, Rough Oridecon,
                                                           Munak Card
    Isis              92   41    L    83   5   1450 Evil   Scale Skin, Shining Scale,
                                                           Necklace, Rough Oridecon,
                                                           Crystal Jewel, Isis Card
    Marc              94   36    M    82   35  1380 Fish   Fin, Gill, White Herb, Gold Ring,
                                                           Rough Elunium, Marc Card
    Mummy             95   37    M    88   5   1600 Undead Rotton Bandage, Momentos,
                                                           Glove, Green Potion, Silver Ring,
                                                           Mummy Card
    Verit             95   40    M    87   35  1540 Undead Immortal Heart, Momentos,
                                                           Flower Hairband, Verit Card
    Ghoul             110  43    M    109  5   1980 Undead Horrendous Mouth, White Herb,
                                                           Decayed Nail, Momentos,
                                                           Skull Ring, Green Potion,
                                                           Ghoul Card
    Hunter Fly        180  55    S    133  50  2500 Insect Hard Shell, Zargon, White Herb,
                                                           Chain Mail, Hunter Fly Card
    Sidewinder        199  58    S    163  30  2400 Animal Poison Cuspid, Scale Skin,
                                                           Shining Scale, Arc Wand,
                                                           Scale of Snake, Sidewinder Card
    Nightmare         249  62    L    223  40  3150 Evil   Horseshoe, Zargon, Blue Herb,
                                                           Rosary, Rough Oridecon,
                                                           Rough Elunium, Nightmare Card
    b) Boss Data:
    Only MVP drops listed.
    Boss              HP    Exp. JExp Size Def ATK Location         MVP Drops
    Mistress          5750  118  59    S   55  152 Geffen Field     Tiara, Damsacus
    Golden Thief Bug  4500  78   39    M   85  70  Sewers 4         Gold, Ora Ora, Gold Ring
    Orc Hero          8500  238  119   L   45  170 Orc Forest       Voucher Of Orcish Hero,
                                                                    Blood Axe, Orcish Sword
    Osiris            14850 250  125   M   15  463 Pyramids 4        Crown
    Doppleganger      8220  216  108   M   65  243 Geffen Dungeon 2 Broad Sword, Safety Ring,
                                                                    Plate Mail
    Baphomet          10350 306  153   L   55  503 Hidden Temple    Holy Robe, Crescent Scythe
    c) FLEE & HIT Chart:
    This is a simple chart I have completed to show how much minimum flee is needed to
    dodge a monster 95% of the time in a ONE on ONE battle.  The flee amounts will be
    shown for both Thief class and all other classes as well as a hit column showing
    the minimum hit rate needed to hit that monster 100% of the time (no missing)
    Thief class Flee takes into account that you have level 10 Dodge skill.
    Warning: Yoan's calculator seems to have changed and the flee values have become off.
    I do not know if it's due to monsters getting more dex or simply a mishap in his
    formula from updating it, i shall leave the original flee values in since they are
    closer to the flee needed in the RO English Beta.
    (Compiled by Hoochie)
    Monster              Flee Required        Hit Required
    Poring                   56                  21
    Fabre                    58                  23
    Lunatic                  58                  23
    Chonchon                 60                  25
    Pupa                     --                  27
    Pecopeco Egg             --                  29
    Willow                   63                  29
    Picky                    64                  31
    Thief Bug Egg            --                  31
    Roda Frog                66                  33
    Condor                   67                  35
    Thief Bug                67                  35
    Hornet                   69                  37
    Rocker                   69                  37
    Spore                    69                  37
    Familiar                 71                  39
    Skeleton                 71                  39
    Wolf                     71                  39
    Mandragora               74                  43
    Pecopeco                 74                  43
    Thief Bug (Big)          74                  43
    Creamy                   75                  46
    Wormtail                 75                  46
    Green Thief Bug          77                  47
    Snake                    79                  51
    Zombie                   79                  51
    Smokie                   80                  53
    Poison Spore             82                  55
    Poporing                 82                  55
    Steel Chonchon           82                  55
    Vadon                    82                  55
    Yoyo                     84                  58
    Elder Willow             85                  59
    Cornutus                 86                  61
    Metaller                 86                  61
    Golem                    88                  63
    Orc Warrior              88                  63
    Anacondaq                91                  65
    Megalodan                91                  65
    Pirate Skeleton          91                  65
    Big Foot                 91                  67
    Scorpion                 91                  67
    Thara Frog               93                  70
    Soldier Skeleton         94                  72
    Munak                    96                  73
    Obeaune                  96                  73
    Archer Skeleton          97                  75
    Marc                     97                  75
    Mummy                    99                  79
    Isis                     100                 91
    Verit                    102                 89
    Ghoul                    105                 87
    Hunter Fly               112                 95
    Sidewinder               115                 99
    Nightmare                124                 105
    Boss                 Flee Required        Hit Required
    Gold Thief Bug           100                 79
    Mistress                 108                 89
    Doppelganger             129                 119
    Orc Hero                 129                 119
    Osiris                   135                 127
    Baphomet                 141                 135
    Thanks to Yoan's multi-calculator (homepage2.nifty.com/yoan/ro_multicalc.html?eng)
    info which I used to gather the information.  A few of the Hit info seems a bit
    inconsistent with info from personal experience such as once you get a hit of 90 you
    will stop missing vs Isis and i know you need over 100 hit for a hunter fly since I
    still miss it, but the flee chart is fairly accurate. Hope this helps all you rag
    players who like to find out info like this.
    d) How to become a Thief
    First you must get your Basic Skills level to a whopping 9.  Then goto the Pyrmids
    (NW of Morroc) and head on inside.  The Thieves' guild is directly in the middle of
    the map.  Watch out for bats and follow behind higher lvl chars there training.
    e) Where to level
    Level               Recommended Areas
    1-10                Dessert Field, Prontera Field
    11-20               Rockers Field, Mistress Area, Culvert 2-3, Peco Peco Areas
    21-30               Payon Caves 1, Smokie Forest, Culvert 4, Pyramids 1
    31-40               Smokie Forest, Bibalan Dungeon 2, Geffen Dungeon 1
    41-50               Payon Caves 2-3, Pyramids 2, Pirate Ship
    51-70               Pyramids 2-3-4, Bibalan Dungeon 3
    71-99               Pyramids 2-3-4, Geffen Dungeon 2, Forest
    These are just the areas I recommend.  If you feel more comfortable in other areas
    then by all means go there.  If the monsters are too hard then move back to your
    old training ground.  You can easily tell where you should level by looking at the
    exp chart.  Just move up when you find the monsters not rewarding enough.  Some
    people prefer to kill 2 weaker monsters than 1 strong one (ie. 2 zombies instead of
    soldier skeleton).  Although this is fine if you find it faster, but if your
    character is just about ready to face the stronger monster I would recommend it.
    Why?  Because you don't have to find 2 of the same monster when you can just kill
    one.  Although it may be slower to kill 1 stronger monster than 2 weaker ones, it
    will be faster when you take into account that you have to find 2 monsters.  Not to
    mention the killstealing mentality of lower level dungeons.  Also some areas are
    easier depending on what type of thief you are.  Bow thief will find anywhere with
    ledges to be good for them while vit thieves will love the pirate ship because of
    the pirate skeleton's lower damage.  Vit thieves will also love geffen dungeon
    because poison spores give excellent exp and they're easy and do little damage.  AGI
    Thieves can go into harder areas earlier because they can dodge them.  Sword thieves
    will prefer areas with medium monsters (dessert, rocker's field), as opposed to
    dagger thieves who will prefer small monster areas (culvert, pyramids 1).  Basically
    just train in the area you're comfortable with.  I made the chart just to give you
    and idea on where to go.
    IX.  E N D
    Please remember that the game is still in Beta therefore your uber thief today may
    be obsolete tomorrow.
    Latest version of this guide can always be found at www.gamefaqs.com and ro.rgasm.com
    X.  S P E C I A L  T H A N K S
    Daphne - Thanks babe for correcting and proof reading my guide :).  And thanks for
    writing the disclaimer too! :D  I love you!^_^
    Hoochie - For the excellent flee & hit guide :)
    Yoan -  For the excellent calculator so I'm able to predict my character's future!
    Also, for the excellent monster info too!
    Tony - Thanks to you, I added Variants!
    Stan - Thanks for uhh.. Just thanks foo! Peace!
    XI.  C O N T A C T
    Comments, suggestions, contributions, corrections can be sent to node_@hotmail.com
                                                                     copyright 2002 node

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