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    Mage FAQ by Kyros

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    I: Table Of Contents 
    I. Table Of Contents
    II. Introduction
    III. Common Problems
    IV. About Mages
    V. Getting Started
    VI. Choosing Skills
    VII. Levelling Up As A Mage
    VIII. Buying Equipment
    IX. Skills
    X. Version History
    XI. To-Do List
    XII. Legal Mumbo Jumbo
    XIII. Contact Info
    XIV. Credits
    II: Introduction
    What is Ragnarok Online, you ask? Ragnarok Online (or RO for short) is an
    MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). This means that,
    unfortunately, you can't play it when your internet connection isn't
    working. It also means that the game lags to hell and back when a lot of
    players are in one area. "Lag" means that for whatever reason (typically too
    much bandwidith or memory being used) the program in question slows down. RO
    has obscene amounts of lag, so get used to it; I reccomend not running any
    other programs when RO is running, to lower the amount of lag.
    III: Common Problems
    Some people have told me that once they start up RO they can't make their
    cursor leave the RO window. This problem can be easily dealt with. Press the
    Ctrl , Alt , and Delete keys (commonly referred to as Ctrl + Alt + Del or CAD)
    at the same time and a close program window will pop up. Click 'cancel' and
    your cursor will be free of the RO window (but it won't show up when moved
    over RO) until you bring re-select the RO window.
    In addition, a problem that I myself suffer from is the program crashing or
    freezing whenever you try and change screens. Just do the CAD trick once the 
    screen turns all black and have it close RO. Then start RO up again and you'll
    be on the next screen. Tedious, I know. The best way around this is to stay
    in low-lag areas, and close all other programs when running RO.
    To quit RO normally just hit the Escape (Esc) key on your keyboard. You'll get
    some various options, including Exit To Windows.
    IV: About Mages
    Why did I write a guide solely on Mages? Well, mages are arguably the most
    versatile class in the whole game. This is because they have so many different
    options for their skills (spells), and each choice is profoundly different
    from the rest. At first a Mage doesn't have too many options, but once certain
    spells advance to high enough levels, more choices will become available. For
    example, if a Mage gets Napalm Beat to level 4 they will be able to learn Soul
    A mage should probably specialize. You only have 50 Job Levels to work with,
    and that's not as many as you might think. Mages have more skills than any
    other class in the game, and so they need skill points (gained by raising your
    Job Level) a whole lot more than any other class. Add in the fact that you
    have to raise the weaker skills at least some before you get the stronger ones
    and you begin to realize how important it is to get a few strong skills than a
    lot of weak ones.
    V: Getting Started
    Well, the first thing you're going to do when making your first Mage is to
    decide their starting stats, which they will have upon creation. First of all,
    mages need Intelligence (INT) more than any other stat. It effects how much
    damage they do with their spells, and it effects it a LOT. Levelling up
    doesn't boost damage on its own, so you really need a hight INT. This means
    that upon creation your Mage should have an INT of 9 and an STR of 1. Early
    on, boost ONLY INT. Not STR, not VIT, not AGI, not DEX, and not Luck. ONLY
    INT! True, this will make the time before you get spells (quite a while)
    horrendously boring and difficult since you'll have to fight only with
    weapons, but it'll be worth it.
    After your character's created you'll find yourself in a place with no exits
    except a building, which is half of the time closed off. I don't reccomend
    trying to go in there; its laggy as hell. Instead, find one of the shimmery
    white portals in the grassy area outside the building and go into it. You'll
    appear in a city. The city depends on which portal you picked, and I don't
    know what all of them are. Either way, leave the city and start killing stuff.
    So, how do we go about getting to Job Level 10 as a Novice (to get Basic
    Skills to level 9 so that you can class change into a Mage) as quickly as
    possible? Well, for starters, you need to get lots of Job EXP (Experience 
    Points). Yes, there are to different kinds of experience: Job Experience (JXP)
    and Level Experience (LXP). Now you're probably wondering "what enemies should
    I kill?". The answer is simple: Porings. Porings (the pink slime thing) are
    the weakest enemies in the game, and give 2 Job Experience per kill. Not much,
    I know, but the considerably stronger Fabres only give 1 JXP per kill, and
    Porings are plentiful everywhere. that a Novice is likely to be. Plus, even
    with 1 STR you should be able to kill Porings without too much difficulty.
    After hours of this amazingly boring activity you will finally be able to reach
    Job Level 10 and will then be ready to Class Change into a Mage. To do this you
    must find Geffen. From Prontera (the biggest city; also the capital, and not
    hard to find; if you don't know where it is ask for directions) take the west
    exit. On that screen take the northwest exit. You should be in a place with a
    lot of Rockers (green grasshopper type things), and the land should be pretty
    much narrow and rectangular. Take the farther west of the two exits. Wind your
    way around first north (through some trees; the path is very hard to see) to get
    to the western exit. On this screen go north, cross the landbridge, and voila!
    You've reached Geffen. The Mage's guild is a building in the far northwestern
    corner of the city. Talk to the person at the back of the room and you'll get
    the option to become a Mage.
    VI: Choosing Skills
    The first thing you should do upon becoming a Mage is choose what skills you
    want to get. See the section on skills for in-depth info. This section is
    mainly just to help you figure out what to do.
    Let's establish one thing right off the bat: you NEED Soul Strike. Eevn though
    at LV 10 it only hits 5 times, Soul Strike is still practically necessary for
    mages. At LV 10 it only takes about half a second to cast, AND its a light-
    elemental attack, meaning most of the high-level mosnters take double damage
    from it. Most other LV 10 attack skills hit ten times, have obscene casting
    time, and do normal or reduced damage to undead (which a lot of strong
    monsters are, but undead are weak against light). Soul Strike is not, however,
    a good idea to go for from the very beginning seeing as you need Napalm Beat
    (a spell that levelling up only increases damage on) at LV 4 first, most low-
    level enemies are not weak against it, it takes a long time to multi-hit, and
    it is an SP vacuum. Hold off on it until later.
    So what DO you want from the very beginning? A Bolt spell, that's what. Fire,
    Cold, or Lightning Bolt are your option. Each one dictates a different area
    where you will need to level up using it. You should first raise the Bolt to
    LV 4, at which point you will be able to get the advanced spell for that
    level. Fireball for Fire, Frost Driver for Cold, and Thunderstorm for
    Lightning. Fireball doesn't hit multiple times, but instead hits groups of
    enemies and damage done is increased by its level. Frost Driver freezes
    (paralyzes) enemies for a length of time that depends on the level, but
    doesn't hit multiple times. Thunderstorm hits multiple times AND hits groups
    of enemies. It seems like Fireball is useless because of this, but Fire is the
    only element that has a third spell: Fire Wall. If Fireball is high enough
    level the Mage can learn Fire Wall as well.
    Personally, I reccomended the Lightning Series. Do not, however, immediately
    try and get the second level spell once you've gotten the first one. You will
    notice that when you get to heavily populated areas (monster populated, that
    is) that all your spells suck up SP very fast, and it returns very slow. How
    does one remedy this? Why, the SP Recovery skill, of course! At low levels it
    doesn't help TOO much, but a high levels you'd have to be brain dead to not
    notice the difference. So once you have your LV 4 Bolt just get SP Recovery to
    LV 10; you'll get an extra 30 SP back each 10 seconds. Its worth it.
    After getting SP Recovery you have two choices: to continue with your element
    spells or to go for Soul Strike. I reccomend Soul Strike so that you can beat
    undead enemies, which give lots of EXP. To get Soul Strike you first must get
    Napalm Beat to LV 10. Either way, get your spell of choice (Soul Strike or
    best spell of the element you chose) to LV 10, and then work on the other.
    After this you'll have probably less than 10 Job Levels left. Use them however
    you want.
    VII: Levelling Up As A Mage
    Okay, so you've chosen what spells you're going to get. Next you need to level
    up to get the spells. For your first few Job Levels as a Mage, keep on killing
    Porings; you can get to Job Level 5 (to get the LV 4 Bolt) by just doing this
    outside of Geffen in probably under an hour. So where do you level up? This
    depends on what Bolt you got. But before you do anythign else, buy a Rod or
    Wand (the two weakest Mage weapons); the Rod gives you +15% Magic ATK (MATK),
    and the Wand gives the +15% MATK and +1 INT (which is worth the extra fee).
    If you chose Lightning Bolt them make sure that you have at least 150z left
    If you chose Lightning Bolt then you want to level up in Bibalan caves. To get
    to Bibalan you must first get to Izlude. Izlude is one screen south and one
    east of Prontera. There go to the docks (in the northeastern corner of town)
    and pay the fee to go to Bibalan. Be sure to save here; you don't want to have
    to pay the boat fee every time you die. It'll take a while to find the cave
    entrance, buts its not TOO hard. Here there are three types of enemies: Roda
    Frogs, Spores, and Vadons. Roda Frogs have about 160 HP, and can probably be
    killed by a single LV 4 Lightning Bolt right when you arrive. Spores have
    about 200 HP. You MIGHT need to use hit-and-run tactics to beat them when you
    first arrive, but after your first few levels a single LV 4 Lightning Bolt can
    easily beat one. Vadons are harder. They have 700-800 HP (not sure of exact
    amount) and hit HARD. You will definately need to use hit-and-run tactics on
    them until above LV 20. Here in Bibalan you will need to level up to level
    20-25. Don't worry, the levels go by really quickly. Then you will probably be
    ready to risk level 2 of Bibalan; the entrance is a stairway leading down
    somewhere in the caves... sorry that I can't give more detailed instructions.
    I'm not sure what level you should be before you risk the third level of
    Bibalan, but you should probably have Thunderstorm or Soul Strike at LV 10
    before trying.
    If you chose Cold Bolt then you want to go the the desert. To get there head
    two screens south of Prontera and you'll have reached the desert. You should
    head west a bit, though, and find Morroc; after the first few screens west
    its a southern exit; it isn't too hard to find because it has a wall around
    it. Save there. Now go kill enemies. Pickys are pretty weak, and I don't think
    that Condors are TOO strong. Sorry for the lack of detailed information, but
    I've quite honestly never played a Cold-using mage. After you get Frost Driver
    or Soul Strike to level 10 you should start trying enemies like Golems,
    Snakes, scorpions (I think there's a scorpion enemy, but I'm not sure about
    the name), or maybe even in the Pyramids; the Pyramid is in the faaaar west
    If you chose Fire Bolt then you're probably pretty well off where you are.
    Willows should easily fall to an LV 4 Fire Bolt if you have decent INT, and
    both Rockers and Hornets are weak against Fire. Later, you might want to find
    the areas with Yoyos and Smokies (sorry, I'll try and find out the exact
    location for the next update), since I think they're weak against Fire (once
    more, I'll try to confirm this by the next update). Also, the Pyramids might
    not be a bad idea once you get Fire Wall OR Soul Strike to LV 10, since
    undead (which the pyramid is FULL of) are also weak against fire, but not as
    much as they are to light.
    Mages should probably avoid areas like Culvert (the sewers) or any other areas
    with lots of agressive enemies until they have Soul Strike; since the enemies
    attack without you provoking them, you NEED to be able to cast quickly, and
    Soul Strike is the only spell that fits that description. Not to mention that
    a lot of the agressive enemies happen to be undead.
    VIII: Buying Equipment
    Equipment is probably less of a problem for Mages than any other class.
    Mages should, however, pay attention to this later on. There are several
    notable items that a Mage should try and get; a single point of INT is a big
    boost in damage, after all. The equipments are:
    Arc Wand: a weapon, +3 INT, 60 ATK, +15% MATK
    Earring: an accessory, so you can wear two of these. +2 INT
    Tiara: a helmet; its supposed to be female-only, but I've heard its glitched
      so that male characters can use it too. Its either +5 or +2 INT (unsure of
    This means a total of +9 or +12 INT, depending on how much of a bonus the
    Tiara gives. If you discover any other INT-boosting items, please tell me. As
    for armor, just go for whatever gives the best bonus to your defense; magic
    defense isn't important, since no enemies use magic, although that might
    change later on in the developement of RO. The best weapon for a mage is
    arguable. The two possiblities are the Arc Wand (buyable in Geffen for 13,000
    zeny) and the Mighty Staff (dropped rarely be elder willows). The mighty staff
    has an attack power of 130, gives +15 Strength (yes, Strength), but gives gives
    NO boost to INT or MATK. For this reason I prefer the Arc Wand, with 60 attack
    power, +3 INT, and +15% MATK. This is because Mages are not meant for fighting
    physically and the Arc Wand gives one superior magical attack power.
    IX: Skills
    Skill: Cold Bolt
    Effect: 1 hit per level to a single enemy. 
    Element: Cold
    Passive?: No
    Pre-Requisite: None
    Needed For: Frost Driver (LV 4)
    Comments: Not much to say. Its a bolt spell.
    Skill: Fire Ball
    Effect: Hits a group of enemies.
    Element: Fire
    Passive?: No
    Pre-Requisite: LV 4 Fire Bolt
    Needed For: Fire Wall (LV 5) 
    Comments: Not hitting multiple times aint so great.
    Skill: Fire Bolt
    Effect: 1 hit per level to a single enemy. 
    Element: Fire
    Passive?: No
    Pre-Requisite: None
    Needed For: Fireball (LV 4)
    Comments: Its a bolt spell.
    Skill: Fire Wall
    Effect: Makes a wall of fire that harms all enemies who pass through it.
    Element: Fire
    Passive?: No
    Pre-Requisite: LV 5 Fireball, LV 5 Sight
    Needed For: None
    Comments: Doesn't sound so useful to me, but I've never tried it.
    Skill: Frost Driver
    Effect: Damages enemy and freezes them.
    Element: Cold
    Passive?: No
    Pre-Requisite: LV 4 Cold Bolt
    Needed For: None
    Comments: Doesn't hit multi-hit. Time frozen depends on skill level.
    Skill: Lightning Bolt
    Effect: 1 hit per level to a single enemy.
    Element: Lightning
    Passive?: No
    Pre-Requisite: None
    Needed For: Thunder Storm (LV 4)
    Comments: Um... its a bolt spell?
    Skill: Napalm Beat
    Effect: Hits a group of enemies. Damage increases with skill level.
    Element: ??? (none? I need to confirm this)
    Passive?: No
    Pre-Requisite: None
    Needed For: Soul Strike (LV 4), Safety Wall (LV 7)
    Comments: Does 200% of MATK damage at LV 10.
    Skill: Safety Wall
    Effect: Creates a spot that makes you invincible.
    Element: None
    Passive?: No
    Pre-Requisite: LV 7 Napalm Beat, LV 5 Soul Strike
    Needed For: None
    Comments: You need a Blue Gem for each casting; the Gem is used up in casting.
    Skill: Sight
    Effect: Reveals hidden enemies/players.
    Element: None
    Passive?: No
    Pre-Requisite: None
    Needed For: Fire Wall (LV 5)
    Comments: Sort of useless; I don't think there are any enemies that can hide.
    Skill: Soul Strike
    Effect: Hits a single enemy, # of hits increases every odd-numbered level.
    Element: Light (a.k.a. Holy)
    Passive?: No
    Pre-Requisite: LV 4 Napalm Beat
    Needed For: Safety Wall: (LV 5)
    Comments: The higher the level, the quicker it is; the more hits, the slower.
      Even-levelled castings take about 1/2 a second, odd-levelled about 1 second.
    Skill: SP Recovery
    Effect: +3 SP per ten seconds each level
    Element: None
    Passive?: Yes
    Pre-Requisite: None
    Needed For: None
    Comments: This is a must for any Mage, but only after you have your first Bolt
      up to level 4. Get it to level 10 after that. You'll find your levels coming
      obscenely slowly later on without this.
    Skill: Stone Curse
    Effect: Turns enemy to stone and lowers their HP to 1. Cast again to uncurse.
    Element: None
    Passive?: No
    Pre-Requisite: None
    Needed For: None
    Comments: Doesn't work on undead or 'boss' enemies. Uses up a Red Gem to cast.
    Skill: Thunder Storm
    Effect: Hits a group of enemies 1 time per level.
    Element: Lightning
    Passive?: No
    Pre-Requisite: Lightning Bolt (LV 4)
    Needed For: None
    Comments: Great spell; multi-hits a group. Some say AGI lowers casting time.
    X: Version History
    Version 1.0 - Made the guide.
    XI: To-Do List
    This is just a list of things that I still need to do (and plan on doing) with
    this guide. Anything listed here will probably be in a future update.
    1. Add SP costs to the skill chart.
    2. Get more info on places for Fire and Cold mages to level up.
    3. Confirm info on Tiara.
    4. Perhaps more detailed instructions on how to get to Geffen?
    5. Find out if Napalm Beat has an element.
    XII: Legal Mumbo Jumbo
    This guide, and all of its content, is the intellectual property of me,
    Zachary Mcconnell. Ragnarok Online and all related things are trademark
    Gravity Inc. This guide may not be used on any website without my express
    permission. This guide may not be printed, copied, duplicated, or reproduced
    in any way, shape, or form for any reason other than for personal use, and may
    not be distributed in such form without my express permission. Even if
    permission is granted to use this guide it still may not be used for any means
    that could directly or indirectly profit somebody in any way other than having
    a better understanding of the topic of the guide. It may not, under any
    circumstances, even if/when permision for use has been granted by the author,
    be used in any book, magazine, or other publication, be it a profit or non-
    profit pbulication. This guide may not be used for any commercial means or in
    conjunction with anything being used for commercial means.
    The only places with permission to host the guide are currently:
    (I don't have my own website that isn't devoted to a single thing, and none of
    them are for RO, so don't bother trying to find this guide at a site I own)
    XIII: Contact Info
    As you may already know, my gamefaqs.com username is Kyros. I usually inhabit
    the Magi-Nation (Game Boy Color game) board, the Ragnarok Online board, and on
    some occasions the Seiken Densetsu 3 (SNES game) board.
    I can be e-mailed at great_magus_kyros@mailcity.com .
    I do not give out my instant messanger info in guides, because I refuse to be
    spammed by a bunch of n00bish question from people who don't bother to read
    the guide before IMing me.
    In RO I am only ever on the Loki server. I am usually using my mage Kyros, but
    every now and then work on levelling up my not-yet-an-Archer character
    Nathore, who I work on when I get bored of zapping things in Bibalan. Don't
    ask to party with me; I already have a party of my own, and no, you can't join.
    XIV: Credits
    Me - for writing this guide
    Gravity Inc. - for making Ragnarok Online
    CJayC - for making www.gamefaqs.com , a great website, on which this guide is
    currently hosted.

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