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    Merchant Guide by fwuffy kitty

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                             RAGNAROK ONLINE
                    -=The Unofficial Merchant Guide=-
                         written by fwuffy kitty
                                 ©  2002
    1. Introduction
    2. Stat Point Allocation
    3. Plan of Action
    4. Equipment
    5. Skills
    6. Credits + Thanks
    7. Legal
    8. Contact Info
    -=1. Introduction=-
    I've heard many people often state, quite bluntly, that using
    a Merchant as your initial class is a bad idea, as Merchants
    require a hefty load of money to begin with. This is nonsense.
    Merchants make ideal starting characters, they just need the
    right strategy, and a little bit of luck.
    This guide is aimed at teaching players how to not only start
    a Merchant character on the path to zenny quickly, but also to
    save you some much unnecessary legwork.
    -=2. Stat Point Allocation=-
    To begin with, you'll have to create your character. For your
    initial stats, I'd suggest the following:
    STR: 9        INT: 1
    DEX: 9        LUK: 1
    VIT: 5        AGI: 5
    From here, you'll want to quickly boost both your VIT and AGI
    to around 10 or 11, sparing the occasional point for STR and
    DEX. Once both VIT and AGI are at 10 or 11, boost your STR to
    14-15 and then start raising your STR, VIT, and AGI evenly. 
    While you won't be dodging everything which comes your way, or 
    absorbing every shot without wincing from the damage dealt, both 
    your AGI and VIT will complement each other nicely, leaving the 
    damaging enemy attacks toned down by your high defense, and the 
    fast enemy attacks dodged somewhat. However, eventually you'll 
    want to focus on either AGI or VIT. I'd choose which one by the 
    time both stats get to around 16-20.
    -=3. Plan of Action=-
    Now, when you've created your character, enter the first portal.
    This will take you to Morroc. 
    IMPORTANT: Do not talk to the Kapra's staff, (The blue haired
    maids.) and don't save your spawn point. It's worth the small
    hassle right now to go through an extra loading screen)
    Go out of town, and kill a few Porings, untill you have 5 items...
    It doesn't matter what items they are.
    From here, you'll want to head to the weapon's dealer (bottom 
    right on the minimap) and sell both your weapon and the items
    you got from outside.  Now, taking this little bit of money you've 
    got, you'll want to buy the basic Sword, which retails for 20z (if
    you don't have enough, sell your shirt). This will raise your attack 
    rating by 8, which will *really* help you to start. Now, go out of the 
    town (the exit is north) and start killing Porings. Now, once you've 
    gotten yourself around some items to sell, you'll want to head 
    back into Morroc. Now, buy a Guard, a Cotton Shirt, and an Axe, which 
    will cost you 410z, before discount. I suggest talking to a 20% 
    Discounter so it'll only end up costing you 328z. It makes a big 
    Now, as soon as you find yourself able to without resorting to
    healing items, start killing Pickies. These little guys give
    out fantastic drops even normally, dropping around 20z worth of 
    stuff per kill, if they drop anything. More importantly, you'll
    find they drop a Yellow Gemstone for every hundred or so you
    kill. They're not really common, but they're not so uncommon
    that finding one should be totally unexpected. The PecoPeco Eggs
    scattered around can drop these as well, so always kill them
    when they're not being attacked already. Always sell any Yellows
    you come across for at least 550z, by talking either to an
    overcharger or just by selling them on the streets to other
    players. The second option might take a bit of time, but every
    zenny you earn now is a zenny you don't have to earn later.
    Now, by around level 8 or 9, you should find (if you've been
    killing a lot of Pickies and have NOT purchased anything else) 
    that you're getting close to the 3000z you need to become a
    Merchant. When you DO hit Job Level 10, and have the 9 Skill
    Levels in Basic Skills, go out and let yourself be killed. Now,
    instead of heading through the portal to Morroc, head to the
    portal to Payon (which is the one closest to the castle). Head
    on down to the Merchant's Guild in Alberta (which is due south
    of Payon) and pay the full 3000z (no point in waiting). Now,
    head outside of town, and then die again. Head back into the
    portal in Morroc, and head to the building in the bottom left.
    Talk to the man inside, and he'll give you his okay, and five
    red potions.
    Unfortunately, it seems that your position is automatically
    saved in Morroc at this point, leaving you to walk all the way 
    to Alberta. However, you may wish to make a small detour up
    to the church (upper right corner of the map) in Prontera to 
    pick up a Beretta, which is a cheap piece of headgear which 
    grants an additional point of defence.
    Now, when you finally get to Alberta and the Merchant's Guild,
    you'll be given the final okay to become a Merchant, and your
    sprite will change to reflect your new class. Head outside and
    die, and you'll find yourself back in Morroc.
    At this point, I should point out that your character is
    severely underequipped. A good plan would be heading back out
    into the desert to start killing more Pickies... At least
    untill you have 2000z. When you do, go buy a Dirk. From here,
    you'll find your path a lot easier, as the Dirk will nearly
    double the Attack of your weapon, as well as increasing your
    attack speed.
    From here, your path is wide open. I'd suggest sticking around
    and killing Pickies, as the practice is QUITE profitable, even
    if you fail to factor in the occasional Yellow Gemstone drop.
    Eventually, you'll want to pick a town to start DCing/OCing
    in, once you get one or the other to a respectable level. (I'd
    go with DC first, it tends to bring in more money early on, and
    you can't really afford to OC large amounts of items anyways.)
    -=4. Equipment=-
    There are two mindsets when it comes to the choice of weapons.
    Speed, such as the speed one gets when using a weapon such as
    a Tsuguri, or Power, such as the power one gets when using a
    BAA (Big-Ass Axe). The argument for speed is that you can get
    a couple attacks in the time it takes to make one power strike.
    The argument for power is that you eliminate the need for 
    multiple strikes with a big enough weapon. ^_^
    Speed Weapon Path: Sword-Axe-Dirk-Tsuguri
     w/              : Guard-Shield
    Power Weapon Path: Sword-Axe-Dirk-Buster-2-Handed Axe
    Body Armor   Path: Cotton Shirt-Wooden Mail-Chainmail
    Head Armor   Path: Biretta-Cap-Helm
    Robe Armor   Path: Hood-Mantaeu
    Foot Armor   Path: Sandals-Boots
    Accessories      : Brooch x2   (if a AGI Merchant)
                       Necklace x2 (if a VIT Merchant)
    -=5. Skills=-
    Increase Weight Limit                 
    Requirements: NONE
    Skill  Usage: Passive
    Level 1                                    +100  Weight Limit       
    Level 2                                    +200  Weight Limit       
    Level 3                                    +300  Weight Limit
    Level 4                                    +400  Weight Limit
    Level 5                                    +500  Weight Limit
    Level 6                                    +600  Weight Limit
    Level 7                                    +700  Weight Limit
    Level 8                                    +800  Weight Limit
    Level 9                                    +900  Weight Limit
    Level 10                                   +1000 Weight Limit
    Notes: Once you have this skill at Level 5, don't bother with it.
    Past that, you'll get more worth out of the skill point by investing 
    it in anything but this.
    Requirements: Increase Weight Limit Level 3
    Skill  Usage: Passive
    Level 1                                    Store Price -7%
    Level 2                                    Store Price -9%
    Level 3                                    Store Price -11%
    Level 4                                    Store Price -13%
    Level 5                                    Store Price -15%
    Level 6                                    Store Price -17%
    Level 7                                    Store Price -19%
    Level 8                                    Store Price -21%
    Level 9                                    Store Price -23%
    Level 10                                   Store Price -24%
    Notes: You'll want to increase this skill to Level 10 as soon
    as possible, as this can be a major source of income. Just go
    into a store and set up a chat stating the DC you'll give.
    People pay you to buy items for them, and all you have to do
    is sit in the shops and watch the money roll in. If you've
    got little money, you should ask for (at least) half the money 
    up front. That way, if someone renegs on the deal by saying 
    they don't want it or don't have the rest of the money, for 
    example, you won't lose anything when you sell it back. Hell, 
    with enough in DC *AND* OC, you'll make much more money off the 
    deal than if they'd gone through with it!
    The standard DC in areas of high competition (such as Prontera
    or Izlude) is usually 20%, so I'd suggest making a trip to
    somewhere more exotic (such as Payon or Geffen) where you might
    not even run into other DC merchants, let alone any giving a
    higher DC than 10%. More of the pie for you, but a little less
    Quick Plug: Along with this Guide, I've submitted the DC/OC
    Merchant's Friend, a companion chart which features a complete
    and printable chart of the all the items in RO, along with
    the price for these objects at 10%, 15%, and 20% OC and DC.
    Requirements: Increase Weight Limit Level 5
    Skill  Usage: Passive
    Level 1                                    Allows use of Cart
    Level 2                                    
    Level 3                                    
    Level 4                                    
    Level 5                                    
    Level 6                                    
    Level 7                                    
    Level 8                                    
    Level 9                                    
    Level 10                                   Normal Walking Speed
    Cart Prices:
    Alberta                                     300z
    Payon                                       500z
    Izlude                                      600z
    Prontera                                    800z
    Moroc                                       900z
    Geffen                                     1100z
    Notes: As you level the pushcart skill up, your walking speed
    will slowly return to normal, since it is slowed somewhat by
    the use of the cart. I suggest putting more than 3 points in
    this only after you've maxed every other skill possible, with
    the exception of Increase Weight Limit. :P You need it to make
    a shop, however, so get it. Don't forget, you also have to
    buy a Pushcart from a cart dealer!
    Requirements: Increase Weight Limit Level 3
                  Discount              Level 3
    Skill  Usage: Passive
    Level 1                                    Item Sell Price + 7%
    Level 2                                    Item Sell Price + 9%
    Level 3                                    Item Sell Price + 11%
    Level 4                                    Item Sell Price + 13%
    Level 5                                    Item Sell Price + 15%
    Level 6                                    Item Sell Price + 17%
    Level 7                                    Item Sell Price + 19%
    Level 8                                    Item Sell Price + 21%
    Level 9                                    Item Sell Price + 23%
    Level 10                                   Item Sell Price + 24%
    Notes: This skill can be really useful, as you can sell your 
    items at a higher price than normal. When combined with DC, you 
    find yourself saving a LOT of money. Again, you'll want to max 
    this skill out as soon as you can. It's quite easy to find work 
    as an Overcharge Merchant, as the practice is currently quite rare. 
    Even in a place as crowded as Prontera, it's not very common to see 
    a merchant doing an overcharge for even 10%, let alone 15% or 20%.
    The best place to Overcharge, unless you have PILES of money, 
    is next to an NPC to whom you can sell the items you get, so 
    that each time you buy a load, you can get rid of it and get your 
    money back, with interest.
    An Overcharger's business is a lot 'safer', in that you aren't 
    as dependant on another person fulfilling their end of a bargain. 
    It's just a single straight trade. Profit is generally quite 
    good, as well. The only reason NOT to switch to OCing from DCing is 
    lack of money. To be an Overcharger, you'll tend to want to have at 
    least 10k worth of Zenny which you can afford to spend buying the 
    items of other players.
    A quick note, for those aspiring Overchargers among you. Keep a 
    pad of paper with you, and a pen or pencil, so you can quickly 
    add up the amount of money you're paying for the load of items.
    Quick Plug (again): Along with this Guide, I've submitted the 
    DC/OC Merchant's Friend, a companion chart to this Guide which 
    features a complete and printable chart of the all the items in RO, 
    along with the price for these objects at 10%, 15%, and 20% OC and 
    Requirements: Increase Weight Limit Level 5
                  Pushcart              Level 3
                  A Pushcart
    Skill  Usage: Active (sorta)
    Level 1                                    3  Item Slots
    Level 2                                    4  Item Slots
    Level 3                                    5  Item Slots
    Level 4                                    6  Item Slots
    Level 5                                    7  Item Slots
    Level 6                                    8  Item Slots
    Level 7                                    9  Item Slots
    Level 8                                    10 Item Slots
    Level 9                                    11 Item Slots
    Level 10                                   12 Item Slots
    Notes: The type of items you're planning on selling using the
    Vending skill should determine the amount of Skill Levels you
    raise this skill. If you're planning on mainly using this to
    sell Reds at a discount and the occasional Rare you happen to
    come across, I'd suggest sticking to Level 3 or 4 tops. If
    you plan on Pre-Discounting a whole bunch of items and leaving
    them to sell, max this out.
    This is a really useful skill, since you can leave the game
    alone, and other players will eventually purchase the items
    in your store. For those of you who have a connection which
    allows you to still use your phone line (such as a second line
    dedicated to the internet, or cable/DSL) you can leave your
    computer on while you go to school or work, and even when you
    go to sleep!
    Requirements: None
    Skill  Usage: Active (5 SP)
    Level 1                                    150% Damage, costs  100z
    Level 2                                    200% Damage, costs  200z
    Level 3                                    250% Damage, costs  300z
    Level 4                                    300% Damage, costs  400z
    Level 5                                    350% Damage, costs  500z
    Level 6                                    400% Damage, costs  600z
    Level 7                                    450% Damage, costs  700z
    Level 8                                    500% Damage, costs  800z
    Level 9                                    550% Damage, costs  900z
    Level 10                                   600% Damage, costs 1000z
    Notes: This is a really handy skill to have, especially for those
    Merchants who have more money than they know what to do with. Even
    at low levels, this skill really puts Swordsman skills to shame, and
    combined with the fact that Merchants have access to the most damaging
    weapon currently available (Hello, Two Handed Axe!), makes this skill
    invaluable in a fight. While not recommended for everyday use, this
    can really speed up your fights with boss characters such as Baphomet...
    which means that sometimes it might actually be worth the cost! Heck,
    if you've got the skill at a decent level and plenty of Reds, you could
    take Baphy well before you could normally, with some liberal usage
    of this skill.
    -=6. Credits + Thanks=-
    First of all, I'd like to credit www.MerchantGuild.net for their 
    fantastic resources. Those resources helped me in the writing of 
    this Guide, and indeed, even inspired some parts of it.
    I'd like to thank my fingers for typing what my brain thought 
    up. Thanks, guys.
    Thanks go to Gravity for making the game, Our English GM working it 
    (bite me other players... she does a decent job), and the other players
    from whom I leech my character's funds. ^_^
    Thanks go to CJayC for hosting this.
    Thanks go to my parents, for paying my internet connection (Cheapos
    got me 3web...)
    -=7. Legal=-
    Generally, I'll be okay with people hosting this Guide on their site
    without my permission. I only ask that the rules below are followed.
    -The Unofficial Merchant Guide will be unaltered in any way, except 
    for formatting
    -The Unofficial Merchant Guide will be clearly credited to myself
    -The version of The Unofficial Merchant Guide hosted will be the 
    latest version available
    -No profit is made directly or indirectly off of The Unofficial 
    Merchant Guide (this means no hosting on pay-access sites, nor selling 
    it directly)
    In addition, The Unofficial Merchant Guide cannot be reproduced in 
    any hard copy format without my express written permission. No way 
    around THAT. HA!
    -=8. Contact Information=-
    I can be contacted via email at: chibievil@hotmail.com, but that'll 
    take you a few days. If you *really* need to find me, you can whisper 
    Shinji-san on Loki and if I'm on, you'll get me.

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