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    Lancer FAQ by TrinityUser

    Version: 0.99e | Updated: 06/28/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Trinity.Lancer's Lancer Guide v0.98e
    For Ragnarok Online
    Table of Contents:
    I. Introduction
    II. Updates
    III. Swordsman Stats (yeah yeah, swordsgurls too)
    IV. Swordsman Skills
    V. Lancer Skills
    VI. Pre-Lancer Skill builds
    VII. Lancer Skill Builds
    VIII. Where To Level 
    IX. Equipment
    X. Semi-Newb questions
    XI. Tanking
    XII. Review Section
    XIII. Credits
    XIV. Contact
    XV. Legal
    I. Introduction
    "Lancers suck!" 
    'No they don't!' 
    "Lancer's suck! All the guides say so!" 
    'We-he-hell, we'll just see about that'
    -Prelude to Lancer's Lancer Guide
    Lancer (lan-ser). Noun
    One who lances; one who carries a lance; especially, a member of a 
    mounted body of men armed with lances, attached to the cavalry service 
    of some nations. 
    -Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary 
    Synonyms: Chasseur, cuirassier, dragoon
    -Source Roget's Interactive Thesaurus, First Edition
    Welcome to my Lancer guide. I would be Trinity.Dragoon, but I don't 
    have that cool looking FinalFantasy helmet... Moving on. This guide 
    will teach you to respect the power of the spear ((phear the spear!!)). 
    Most people say they are slow. Most people say they are weak. Most 
    people say they suck. None of this is true... except maybe the spears 
    are slow part. The way of the spear is not recommended for complete 
    novices. Please at least know what the difference between a RO Lance, 
    Pike, and mighty staff before you try anything in this guide. 
    "Some have family, some have friends, some have love. I have my 
    sword" -Unknown
    To stay alive, Lancers depend on their wits, their skills, their 
    PecoPecos, and most importantly, their lances. 
    Well, I'd better start the guide sometime soon...
    II. Updates 
    V099.03/29/04 - Got bored. Added somethin' for Crusaders. I forgot how
    to format again. 
    V099.08/30/03 - Added Comodo skills and quests
    V098.08/30/03 - No, I guess I didn't figure out how to format. Figured 
    out how to really format!!
    V097.08/12/03 - Figured out how to... format. 
    V095.08/02/03 - Wish list so far: Get some time to put in to fill in the 
    rest of the skills to make the guide more newbie-friendly. 
    III. Swordsman Stats
    "He who is unskilled... is not my first choice for my dodgeball team" -
    My Dodgeball captain
    There are really two types of builds for all Knights:
    Vitality build (recommended):
    Start with 9 STR, 9 VIT, 9 AGI
    20 STR
    20 DEX
    50 VIT
    30 STR
    25 DEX
    60 VIT
    50 STR
    70 VIT
    60 STR
    34 DEX
    71base VIT
    80 STR
    34base DEX
    then do whatever
    Analysis: I recommend vitality because spears are extremely slow. 
    That's really all there is to say. You can be slow, take the hits, and 
    dish damage right back at 'em. 
    Variation: 50 vit, 60 vit, 70 vit. At least get 60 by lvl 70. But 60-70 
    is personal preference.  
    Agility build:
    No, Don't do it, just don't. 
    Edit: Fine, I'll make you one. 
    20 STR
    20 DEX
    30 STR
    25 DEX
    60 AGI
    50 STR
    70 AGI
    60 STR
    34 DEX
    80 STR
    34base DEX
    then do whatever
    Analysis: If you want to go Agility, go Swords, you anti-spear-ist. The 
    reason Spearknights don't agi-luck is that because naturally spears are 
    slow, and Spearknights don't have 2ed quicken. Without the ASPD boost, 
    you aren't taking full advantage of criticals. If you want Agiluck that 
    bad, use a 2ed sword. But then again, you could be using this build as 
    a Renegade Crusader. If you are, welcome to the club. ^_^. 
    Variation: 21 luk, then agi/strength doesn't sound half bad. 
    Strength-Intelligence build:
    Start with 9 STR, 9 VIT, 9 AGI
    20 STR
    20 DEX
    60 STR
    31base INT
    40 DEX
    71base STR
    then do whatever
    Analysis: Intelligence isn't too bad if you don't mind slugging reds 
    down faster than Hungry Hungry Hippos. Or... you could level with an 
    acolyte, which would be much cooler. But of course, you'll still 
    probably grow addicted to Red Potions and have to go to those Red 
    Potions Anonymous meetings. I gotta say though, you will piss off many 
    a knight because you will do more damage than them. This build relys on 
    A.Swordsman's slvl10 Bash and B. healing from reds or a priest. and 
    later on C. COUNTER, the cheapest skill in the world. This is a For Fun 
    build. You might be able to start this way very fun, but it'll drag you 
    down later. 
    IV. Swordsman skills
    Brief review of skills. Of course, you know this stuff. 
    HP Recovery: 
    Recommend: 10
    Explanation: Makes your HP go up every 10 seconds and boots the power 
    of healing items (passive)
    Analysis: Max it. If you don't want to max it, exit this guide right 
    now and delete every single Swordsman/Knight you have. 
    Rating: 10
    1 ED Sword Mastery: 
    Recommend: 1(2ed swordmastery) or 10
    Explanation: +5 to attack power per slvl (passive)
    Analysis: See Pre-Lancer builds
    Rating: 10
    Comodo: +4 per slvl
    2 ED Sword Mastery: (Need sLVL1 1Ed Sword Mastery)
    Recommend: 5(AutoCounter) or 10
    Explanation: +5 to attack power per slvl (passive)
    Analysis: See Pre-Lancer builds
    Rating: 10
    Comodo: +4 per slvl
    Recommend: 5(great damage) or 10(damage that attracts women)
    Explanation: Damaging hit 
    sLVL 5 is 266% dmg for 8 sP
    sLvL 10 is 433% dmg for 15 sp
    Analysis: higher damage at slvl 5 for less sp, but really, the faster a 
    monster dies, the less you get hurt. above slvl 5, the sp cost is 15. 
    Max it if you have str/int or extra points. Bash works a little better 
    in pvp because of it's chance to stun and its +Hit. 
    Rating: 7 at slvl 5, 9 at slvl 10 (pierce beats it)
    Works in conjunction with: Fatal Blow/Attack Weak Point
    Magnum Break:
    Recommend: 0 (please)
    Explanation: Light yourself on fire. Cause fire damage in a radius. 
    sLvL 10 250% fire damage, slight radius, 15 sp
    Analysis: This skill sucks. I hate it. Buy a fireweapon. But I guess it 
    has its uses... The only reason people use this is as a crutch to lvl 
    to Knight at Geffen 1. They train a bunch of poison spores, risk being 
    banned, then blow them mushrooms all to kingdom come. 
    Rating: 2 (Maybe)
    Works in conjunction with: no, it doesn't get any better
    Recommend: 5(Endure) or 10(If you really have no other points o.O)
    Explanation: Make an enemy come to you. Lowers defense a bit
    slvl1: enemy +2%atk. -6%def. 10 sp
    slvl5: enemy +10%atk. -30%def. 10 sp
    slvl10: enemy +20%atk. -60%def. 10 sp
    Analysis: It's a prerequisite. But... if you get this early on, you 
    will be tempted to tank! Don't be a nice person, it just makes the path 
    to Knight longer XD. Especially you Swordsgurls! I swear! I'm single, 
    PM me sometime. At any rate, free points go to either here, to help 
    slightly in tanking, or in endure.
    Rating: 5 (provoke some savages for some thieves, they'll love you. 
    Having this skill increases the chance that you will tank)
    Comodo: slvl1 4 sp. slvl5 9 sp. slvl10 15 sp
    Endure: (Need 5 in provoke)
    Recommend: 1 (PecoRiding is essential)
    Prevents you from flinching when being hit... to run away. You sissy. 
    slvl1: Lasts 10 secs. 15 sp
    slvl2: lasts 10 secs. 15 sp
    slvl3: lasts 15 secs. 15 sp
    slvl5: lasts 20 secs. 15 sp
    slvl7: lasts 25 secs. 15 sp
    slvl9: lasts 30 secs. 15 sp
    Analysis: Only get 1 point. 10 seconds is long enough. Flinching doesnt 
    make you attack slower, it just lets u be able to run away. Still, for 
    any swordsmen, when Vagabond wolf is coming at you while 3 hunter flies 
    are in the same room... you want endure. After level 1, it takes 2 more 
    points in the skill to raise the endure time. This skill is also 
    disabled during guild wars. You would think you'd want to max it for 
    that =). Take the hits. 
    Rating: 5
    HP Recovery While Moving: 
    Recommended: 1
    While moving, recovers 25% of normal natural HP recovery. The HP 
    recovery skill does not affect this skill. (passive) (jlvl35+)
    Analysis: Sure, why not?
    Quest: East island of Izlude. Takes you 1 Rocker Doll, 500 empty 
    bottles, and a padded armor.
    Rating: 5... I think it helps! I'm really not sure, though
    Fatal Blow/Attack Weak Point:
    Recommended: 1
    Puts a stun on bash slvl6-10. (passive) (jlvl30+, Bash slvl5+)
    slvl6: 5% stun
    slvl7: 10%
    slvl8: 15%
    slvl9: 20%
    slvl10: 25%
    Analysis: If you have bash, get it! 
    Quest: Prontera's Knight Guild. 10 Fire Arrows, 10 Silver Arrows, 1 
    Banana Juice, 30 Insect Feelers, 5 Royal Jelly. 
    Rating: 9.5! High damage and stun! But I like pierce better... 
    Auto Berserk:
    Recommended: 1
    When your HP is 25% or below, you're hit by a backwards slvl10 provoke. 
    (passive) slvl1 +60%atk. -20%def.
    Analysis: Whether you're a vitality or an agility character this has 
    its ups and downs. You lose a little bit of defense % but you gain a 
    lot of attack power. It's just a preference, really. If you like to 
    make things interesting, get this. This has got to be one of the best 
    "makes sense" skills in the game. You get hurt a lot, you get pissed 
    off and throw ki balls and stuff... Yeah. 
    Quest: 35 Powder of Butterfly, 10 Honey, 10 Horrendous Mouth, 10 
    Decayed Nail
    Rating: 8
    V. Lancer Skills
    AutoCounter: (Need 5 in 2ed swords)
    Recommend: This is personal preference. Some people hate counter, some 
    love it. Some are more confident with their countering abilities than 
    Explanation: Take no damage from an enemy attack and auto-hit it with a 
    slvl1: 0.3 secs 2 sp
    slvl2: 0.6 secs 2 sp
    slvl3: 0.9 secs 2 sp
    slvl4: 1.2 secs 2 sp
    slvl5: 1.5 secs 2 sp
    Analysis: Don't ask me how to use it, just practice on Obeaunes or 
    something. You get a duration bar, makes you stand still while using it 
    with a cool looking pose, and gives it a.. stupid ding and mvp-looking 
    thing when you succeed. I have to say, it makes me feel better, but 
    still... much more of a wuss using it...
    Rating: 1 (cuz i feel guilty using this cheapass skill, hahaha. 'it's 
    just a leveling tool' i keep telling myself)
    Works in conjunction with: If you're fighting a slow monster, counter-
    Peco Riding:
    Recommended: 1
    Explanation: Lets you ride a Chocobo, i mean... a PecoPeco. I swear, I 
    always get those two mixed up. When on a Peco you do 100% damage to 
    medium armor with spears, up from 75%
    Analysis: Get it. If you don't know why, scroll down 2 skills
    Rating: 10
    Cavalier Mastery: (need 1 in riding)
    Recommended: 5
    Explanation: Riding a Peco makes your attack lower by 50%, each slvl 
    brings ur attack speed on a Peco go up 10%
    Analysis: You like 100% attack speed, trust me
    Rating: 10
    Spear Mastery:
    Recommended: 10
    Explanation: +4 to attack power per level. +1 more per level if riding 
    a PecoPeco (passive).
    Anaylsis: Get it
    Rating: 10
    Pierce: (need 1 in spear mastery)
    Recommended: 10
    Explanation: Pierce a small enemy once, medium enemy twice, and a large 
    enemy three times
    slvl1: 110% sp 7
    slvl2: 120% sp 7
    slvl10: 200% sp 7
    Analysis: It beats bash slvl5 in sp by slvl3. Sure, why not? The end 
    result is a whole lot of damage on things. 
    Rating: 10
    Spear Stab: (need 3 in pierce)
    Recommended: 3 (for brandish)
    Explanation: Pushes enemy back... pitiful damage. sp 9
    Analysis: It actually has a really cool use... to get monsters a hella 
    way from the wizards in your party. 
    Rating: 1 (i mean... it does get those hostiles off 'em wizards, but 
    then they laugh at your pitiful damage. Bah, who likes wizards anyway?)
    Spear Boomerang: (need 5 in pierce)
    Recommended: 5
    slvl5: 350% damage, 11 square range, sp 8, Sense type
    Explanation: Throws your spear. It comes back. 
    Analysis: Rips apart 2 things. A.mages and B.hunters. It scares the 
    heckz out of them if you manage to snipe em with these!!! hehehehehe! 
    Rating: 9 (just because Lance-throwing really makes no sense)
    Brandish Spear: (need 3 spearstab)
    Recommended: 10
    Looks really cool. Hits things around you. Pushes them back slightly. 
    slvl3: 160% dmg, 1 spread range sp 12
    slvl6: 220% dmg, 2 spread range sp 12
    slvl9: 280% dmg, 3 spread range sp 12
    slvl10: 300% dmg, 4 spread range sp 12
    Analysis: You don't have to line up enemies like bowling bash, so you 
    can just get in there and make teh monsters eat spear! xD. But there's 
    some sort of... 1 second cast delay... not so bad. Oh and while you're 
    casting, you have 2/3 defense. Meh, if you went vit like I told you, 
    you have the vit to take it. I gotta feel sorry for the agi bowlingbash 
    knights, though. Teehee. 
    Rating: 10
    VI. Pre-Lancer Skill Builds
    It's kind of hard to make a Lancer. Some people are confused because... 
    there's no sort of character called a Spearman. They're SWORDSmen for 
    crying out loud. After I got yelled at for awhile, it did make sense. 
    Lances are knight weapons, therefore one shouldn't feel guilty for 
    using swords. 
    1ed Skill Build:
    10 hp reco
    10 1ed sword
    10 bash
    5 provoke
    1 endure
    ...3 free skill points
    Analysis: I've seen one or two sword/spear knights before. Since 1ed 
    swordsmen don't really use any Knight skills, they decide to carry a 
    sword/shield and a Lance with them. Upon hitting knight, they neglect 
    AutoCounter and max the peco and spear skills, then get 
    SpearBoomerang... pretty much for pvp reasons. Heh. 
    2ed Skill Build:
    10 hp reco
    1 1ed sword
    10 2ed sword
    10 bash
    5 provoke
    1 endure
    ...2 free skill points
    Analysis: Since you need 5 points in 2ed mastery for AutoCounter, you 
    might as well pump it. Using this build, you might be tempted to 
    convert to 2ed skills. Don't join the Dark Side! Stay with me, darn 
    Magnum Break build:
    10 hp reco
    1 1ed sword
    5 2ed sword
    5 bash
    10 Light yourself on Fire
    5 provoke
    1 endure
    ...2 free skill points
    Analysis: Maybe it'll help you in Geffen1. I haven't tried it, I don't 
    like it, but others do. The main weakness in this build is that neither 
    of the sword masteries are maxed, making it a realy pain to level. 
    Still, you're a bit stronger than a merchant, so it's not impossible. 
    VII. Lancer Skill Builds
    Here we go. Now for the good stuff. ^_^
    Brandisher Build:
    1 riding
    5 cavalier
    1 spear mastery
    3 pierce
    3 spearstab
    10 brandish
    10 spear mastery
    10 pierce
    5 spear boom
    then whatever
    Analysis: Helps you level. Good. Leveling good. Your home will be 
    Sphinx 3. 
    Autocounter Build:
    1 riding
    5 cavalier
    (2-3 autocounter)
    1 spear mastery
    10 pierce
    10 brandish
    10 spear mastery
    5 spear boom
    then whatever
    Analysis: Autocounter. Great for 1v1ing monsters and not losing a lot 
    of hp. Kind of slow, though. 
    PvPer Build:
    1 riding
    5 cavalier (see a pattern?)
    1 spear mastery
    5 spearboom
    10 pierce
    10 spear mastery
    10 brandish
    then whatever
    Analysis: Hehehehe! "What the crap!? Spear boomerang?! Blarg! I am 
    Crusader Build:
    1 riding
    5 cavalier
    10 spearmastery (yeah u need it as a prereq)
    10 spear quicken
    10 trust
    10 holy cross
    then whatever
    Analysis: Go spears! /no1
    VIII. Where To Level
    blvl 13-20 - rockers -> culvert
    blvl 21-30 - culvert -> payon 2 or Elder Willows
    blvl 31-40 - Elders, AntHell, byalan2, geffen1
    blvl 41-Knight - 
    Geffen1 - party up wit 1 person to avoid mobs. share exp only if you're 
    on comodo where you get 25% more per person in your party. ^_^
    Coalmines - Kill everything if you're confident. Main exp: Ants and 
    Byalan2 (wind weapon) - I think Vadons waste your time, there's enough 
    enemies to skip those. Main exp: Thara and Marina
    Hodes/Savages (fire weapon) - Hodes take more damage to fire weapons, 
    but Hode maps are always packed. Savages are a just as good 
    Toyfactory (higher level) - Cruisers and mystcases
    blvl 60-70
    firewpn - pyramids2, orcdungeon2, hode/sandmen, geffen2
    windwpn - byalan4, payon4, geffen2
    not sure what u need - sphinx 2, kobolds
    counter - argiopes, hunterfly in HT
    blvl 71-80 - GH graveyard, kobolds, gef2-3, sphinx 3-4
    blvl 81+ - sphinx 3-5, GH prison 1-2, Alarms, Reydrics
    Note: If confused... ask a few high levels. My theory is if 3 high 
    level players tell you to go to the same place, go to that place, and 
    don't complain. 
    IX. Equipment
    "Oh my God! I'm naked!" -Myself when I first turned swordsman
    HG1 - Helm - Bone Helm
    HG2 - Purple Sunglasses - Opera Masque - FinHelm
    HG3 - Iron Cain
    ARM - FullPlate - FullPlate of HeMan (s.chonchon card)
    ROB - Manteau - Immune Manteau (reydric card)
    FG - Boots - Green Boots (matyr card) or Boots of Witch (eggyra card)
    ACC - Rosary2x - MatyrLeash2x
    WPN - Lance or Ele.Pike
    SHLD - Shield of Athena (ambernite card) or (thara) or (orc warrior) or 
    (bigfoot) or (khalitzburg)
    HG1 - I guess you can be stylish here. I change my helms in town. =)
    HG2 - FinHelm doesn't look bad with most hats.. and it's 2 defense, so 
    it's nice
    HG3 - Well, this is entirely optional, it's ugly as hell. I take my 
    cain off in town. xD
    ARM - Defense is nice. 
    ROB - Reydric... -15% to pretty much everything. It's nice. Reydric 
    card applies after natural defense and vit defense, so it's best for 
    mobs, so you don't lose much if you get mobbed by a zillion thingies. 
    FG - Matyr = WHY CANT YOU DIE?!?  Eggyra = WHY DO YOU KEEP PIERCING?!?
    ACC - Matyr Leashes are +1 def. I'd say get celebrant mittens... but 
    that's a waste of money.. and +1 agi is pretty cool too. 
    WPN - I dunno, pick one
    SHLD - If you use a shield, get some sexy cards
    X. Semi-Newb Questions (FAQ!!!)
    Q: Lances suck?!
    A: Don't make me stick one up your nose. 
    Q: Why don't I stick with spears as a swordsman?
    A: You don't have spear mastery as a swordsman. It would be a little 
    bit harder, but do as you will. 
    Q: What's with 1ed spears? Why do they suck so much?
    A: A lot of people use 1ed spears. 1. Because you can stick up to 4 
    cards in pikes, and 2. forging a pike only requires iron. At any rate, 
    you can use a shield with them, which, IMO, really helps, especially 
    because I told you to be a vitaknight. Heh. 
    Q: Can I use an elemental sword, even though I maxed spear mastery?
    A: Spears are for skills. If you're not piercing something, a sword 
    will be fine. 
    Q: Chocobos are a waste of skill points!
    A: At slvl10 spear mastery, spear attk goes up +40. With a Chocobo... 
    With a PecoPeco, spear attk goes up +50 instead of +40. They also make 
    you do 100% damage to medium monsters, which most monsters are, anyway. 
    And anyway, they make you go faster than most other people, haha. They 
    are not a waste of skill points. BTW, just for fun, get an AGI up from 
    a Priest. I did that a few times and I just ran around Prontera yelling 
    Q: I have a Crescent Scythe! Why shouldn't I go agi/luck?
    A: Spears are slow. Very slow. Agi/Luk Spearknights would be pretty 
    stupid. Spears are used mainly for their skills, not their ASPD, like 
    Murasamas and Triple Critical Bastard Swords are for, with 2hand 
    quicken. If you want to use your Bapho-drop, be a Crusader. Or better 
    yet, sell it and buy some new cards. 
    Q: Counter sucks with Comodo!! 
    A: No it doesn't. In Comodo, instead of auto-hit-critical, Counter will 
    do 2x damage and has an added hit rate. Of course, this will make 
    counter do more damage. Of course, it may seem like you won't be able 
    to hit anything, but in Comodo all the monster evade rates will go 
    down. ((But there are going to be more wind monsters, which naturally 
    have high evade. But still, Counter's not really getting nerfed)). Oh 
    and you have no idea how much the duration bar helps. 
    Q: What did the Comodo patch do?
    A: Swordsmen will get some Berserker skill that makes them go +60% 
    attack and -20% defense when they have low hp. They will also get a 
    passive skill from bash slvl5-10 that stuns enemies. Oh, and 1ed and 
    2ed swordmastery will get +4 attk per slvl while Spear mastery will 
    still get the +4 per slvl with the +1 per slvl with the peco. 
    2handquicken gets slowed down and its sp cost goes up like crazy. And 
    of course, there's a 1 second delay on brandish spear and bowling bash. 
    *shrug* Makes spearknights shine. 
    Q: Isn't Trinity a girl name?
    A: I had some Singaporean homies who showed me the truth, the way, and 
    the light. I adopted Trinity as a way of showing my pride, while 
    changing the naming styles to fit my own needs of radical ambitions. 
    There could have been a Trinity.Knight, but I am Trinity.Lancer. And no 
    it is not a girl name. I had a friend of a friend who knew a guy named 
    Trinity. Kemiko doesn't complain. ~_~
    Q: I don't like you. How do I flame you?
    A: Scroll down for my contacts
    Q: I love you. Tell me how can I reach you?
    A: Sorry, that was really my question. I just wanted to boost my self-
    esteem after that last question
    XI. Tanking
    The purpose of a knight in a party is to generally take damage. Knights 
    are good at this. When knight, if possible, stand in front of any 
    ranged character. This is being a good "meat shield" Also, Knights are 
    the 2ndbest only to Crusaders at powerleveling novices to a decent 
    level. This is simply called "tanking"
    Provoke is a special skill. Normally, if an assassin would hit a 
    monster, that assassin would take partial experience, however little. 
    But with provoke, no damage comes to the monster at all, and your 
    tankee can beat the lowered-defense monster to a pulp. 
    Some things about meatshielding/tanking
    A ranged monster will not change sights unless his target is 
    unreachable. (If a Skel.Archer spawns on a Sin, attack the Archer, and 
    make sure the Sin goes out of range, so the Archer attacks you)
    A monster than can see you, but cannot reach you will stay still 
    (Argiopes will head up the ramp if they cannot see the archer, but feel 
    the arrows... unless of course, there is no ramp)
    You cannot tank agressives or mobbers for melee characters. If a 
    monster can see two things, it will generally try to hit whatever is 
    hitting them. (i learned this from ants in ant hell)
    If your main purpose is to absorb damage rather than do damage, wear a 
    XII. Review Section
    A. Damage calculations:
    Every point of armor you have decreases damage by a percent. Every 
    point of vitality you have decreases damage by 1 after that percent. 
    Every point of elunium you have added to your armor is counted as 2/3, 
    but this shoes in your status screen as 1. So if you want to know your 
    'true defense', you'll have to calculate it. 
    If your true defense is 25+50 and a monster with 100 attack power hits 
    you, you take 
    A - B = X
    [ 100 x (0.75) ] - 50
    [ 75 ] - 50
    X = 25 damage
    B. Mob penalties: 
    With agi characters, once your character is mobbed by more than two 
    monsters, evade is split amongst them. This means you get hit twice as 
    much as normal... but since you're getting hit by threeish monsters, it 
    kinda gets to four-six times more than normal... or something like 
    that. In Comodo, if more than two monsters hit a vita character, your 
    vitality drops 5% for each additional monster until you hit 12. This 
    means if you theoretically have 25+50 defense and you are swarmed by 7 
    monsters each with 100 attack power the formula is
    [ A ] - (B - C) = X
    [ A ] - < 50 - [ (50 x 0.05) x (7 - 2) ] >
    [ A ] - < 50 - [ (2.5) x 5 ] >
    [ A ] - < 50 - [ 12.5 ] >
    [ A ] - < 37.5 >
    [ 75 ] - < 37.5 >
    X = 37.5 damage
    Don't get swarmed by too many monsters.
    C. Elements:
    I recommend Fire and Wind weapons. You could probably use Ice later, 
    but eh, you'd probably have a party by then. Wind for byalan. Fire for 
    Hodes or Savages and Undead things. Remember, if you ever get an 
    elemental Lance, use it instead of your normal Lance because elemental 
    weapons always do 100% damage minus the monsters mdef percentage. 
    D. Weapon Penalties
    1 ed swords do 75/100/75. 
    2ed swords do 75/75/100. 
    spears do 75/75/100. 
    Mounted spearmen spears do 75/100/100. 
    E. Time to Knight
    if you're a starting pre-knight leveling at byalan2, coalmines, or 
    at job level 38 expect 2-3 hours to jlvl
    at job level 39 expect 7+ hours to jlvl
    Sorry to all the people who understand that, but some people just whine 
    way too much. Mages have it easy XD
    XIII. Credits
    Gravity for making it illegal to say "Gr.avity sucks"
    VGmaster88 for commenting on pikes. He's not wrong, he's just misinformed ^_^
    Weggy for most of the damage percentages on the skills and ultimately 
    sparking my interest in Lancers ^_^
    roWORLD's CelticMist who I stole the "where to level" ideas from
    iRO Sakray's Ran>_< for making me suffer in the coalmines 
    to all the people i stole stuff from on accident without telling you
    sHoUtOuTz 2 
    Armlet's Iscariot Organization and her buddies including Mark, Cheza, 
    Short, and Izra. My old iRO-Sakray buddies Tsutecki, ADOBO, and Mark 
    Other reading
    RSXXX's Spear Knight Guide
    XIV. Contact
    EMAIL: Glovesrx@ikoblue.net
    AIM: <n/a>
    SAKRAY NAMES: Trinity.Caster, Trinity.Shopkeep, Trinity.Lancer
    Bio: Trinity.Lancer was a proud knight of iRO Sakray. He was in the 
    guild DyNaMic sTyLz lead by Trinity.Shopkeep. He is currently renting a 
    boarding house in Prontera, but his heart lies in his hometown of 
    Izlude. His favorite place to visit is Payon Town because he likes to 
    scope out the "Archer babes" His favorite line for taking warps to 
    Payon is "Archer babes here I come". His favorite update with the 
    Comodo patch always comes up in conversations, "Damn, Assassins blow 
    even harder now"
    EMAIL: TrinityLancer@msn.com
    AIM: TrinityLancer
    SAKRAY NAMES: Trinity.Lancer, Trinity.Knives
    Bio: Knives took control of Lancer for awhile, but soon moved on. She 
    continued her journey in eRO where she now is a very influential figure 
    in the Iscariot Organization and deemed herself 'smartass' of the 
    XV. Legal
    Anything said here is probably owned by something else. I don't really 
    own anything except my own name. You're not allowed to sue me by 
    reading this FAQ. Have a nice day. This FAQ is mine. It can be posted 
    on GameFAQS. You can post it somewhere else, but with my permission. 
    Don't support illegal programming like botting. And while you're at it, 
    don't drink and drive. 
    Copyright 2003-2004. Boi "Gloved Lancer" Ortonio and 
    Kemiko "Armlet" Casino

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