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    Arrow Crafting FAQ by Godhand

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 11/10/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        A R R O W   C R A F T I N G   F A Q
                                     Version 1.5
                                     10 Nov 2003
                      Written by : GodHand (Stevanus Lioni)
    Table of Contents
         2.About the Skill
          3.Quest-Skill Requirements
           4.Monsters Location
            5.Arrow Recipes (sorted by items)
             6.Arrow Recipes (sorted by arrows)
              7.Arrow Descriptions
                9.Contact Me
    10 Nov 2003 (Version 1.5)
    - Adding arrow amounts to the Arrow Recipes (sorted by arrows) section.
    - The items on Arrow Recipes (sorted by arrows) section, are now sorted 
      from fewest amount to highest amount of the arrows.
    - Changing table format to some part of this article.
    25 Oct 2003 (Version 1.4)
    - Sorry, fixing level required to learn the Quest Skills.
    - Adding Comments section.
    - Changing Arrow Descriptions table format.
    23 Oct 2003 (Version 1.3)
    - Adding more data on NPC Location and requirements since i suddenly get
      a tons of email asking the exact spot of the NPCs.
    - Adding some monsters on the Arrow Drop list.
    - Adding Tough Scalelike Stem as an alternative items needed to gain the
      Arrow Crafting Quest-Skill on other server.
    22 Oct 2003 (Version 1.2)
    - Fixing damage from some Arrow Descriptions.
    - Arranging Arrow Recipes (sorted by arrows)
    21 Oct 2003 (Version 1.1)
    - Adding more monsters to Quest-Skill Requirements.
    - Arranging Monsters Locations.
    19 Oct 2003 (Version 1.0)
    - Start adding Arrow Descriptions.
    - Submit to GameFaqs.com
    18 Oct 2003 (Version 0.7 Beta)
    - Start Writing
    2.About The Skill
    Arrow Crafting as the name says, is the new skill in the Ragnarok
    Online for Archer or Hunter job class only. It is considered as a
    "Quest Skill". There are also other Quest-Skill for Archers or Hunters 
    called "Arrow Repel" or the others call it as "Arrow Charge".
    First of all, let me explain about what is a Quest-Skill. Quest-Skill 
    is the skill for your character given free without being needed to 
    distribute Skill Points. But they are not free at all. You must find 
    and talk to the NPCs and they will tell you the items (ingredients) 
    needed so they can teach you the skill. Many Job classes in the 
    Ragnarok Online gain these new Quest-Skills including Novice! Merchants 
    can now swing their cart, Novice can act dead, Thief can throw stones, 
    and many others.
    Please also note that Quest-Skill (Except the Novice Quest-Skill), only 
    available for characters with Job Level 35 or above. If you get the NPCs
    but not giving you the skills, then you don't have enough Job Level. 
    Also check your Ragnarok Online version, does it have the Quest-Skill 
    available yet? Ask everyone out there, see if they can find the new 
    Novice Skill like "Play Dead" or "First Aid". If they can't, then your 
    RO version doesn't have the Quest Skills yet.
    Quest-Skill mostly only have 1 level to master. They don't have levels
    as many as other skills you have, like Double Strafe or Steel Crow which
    have 10 levels to maximize their use.
      | Quest Skill          | Type           | SP Cost | Delay    |
      | Arrow Crafting       | Active         |   10    | 0.0 sec  |
      | Arrow Repel          | Active         |   15    | 1.5 sec  |
    Arrow Crafting is a must-to-have Quest-Skill for any Archers or Hunters
    out there. Why? Because you can turn those Garlet, Jellopy or other
    useless junk into arrows! You can turn various items into many Arrow
    types including the most damaging one, Oridecon Arrow! This skill can
    make your Archer / Hunter stay more longer in the dungeons without
    being forced to go back to town to buy arrows. Especially, if you are 
    going to dungeons far from towns like Coal Mine, Orc Dungeon AND Glast 
    Heim which does not have Tool-shop NPC available around. Arrow Crafting 
    is not like the forging skills that Blacksmith have. This skill doesn't 
    have any success or failure system. It always success!
    Arrow Repel is not that good as Blitz Beat or Double Strafe. But it
    can push back your opponent like you see on Wizard using their Jupitel 
    Thunder. It SP cost won't hurt you so much if you have a couple amounts 
    of INT. It damage is based 150% from your ATK and have neutral element 
    or as you can say, physical damage. Not very good idea for Hunters 
    because i think they can use Ankle Snare instead of this if the original
    purpose is for holding the enemies at distances. But for Archers, this 
    skill may helps them a lot.
    Please note that this Quest-Skill, only  available for characters with 
    at least Job Level 35. The NPCs location below are comfirmed in the 
    IdRO. I am not sure if their position are different on other RO version.
    And perhaps, there are some differences with the items needed to gain
    these Quest-Skill on other RO servers.
    NPC Location : Morroc (122,109)
    First, you must find and locate the NPC. He is located on the Morroc
    near the town-square. Find the kafra with the Mr.Smile staff right 
    there, then go to upper-left area from them. Search there and you will 
    find the NPC right there. Anyway he will tell you that he need these 
    items :
     | Name                | #  | Drop from                              |
     | Red Potion          | 1  | Archer Skeleton (Or buy it for 50z)    |
     | Resin               | 20 | Elder Willow)                          |
     | Trunk               | 13 | Elder Willow, Willow)                  |
     | Pointed Scale       | 41 | Wormtail, Blue Plant)                  |
     | Mushroom Spore      | 7  | Red Mushroom, Black Mushroom)          |
    Note on other servers, those 41 "Pointed Scales" maybe replaced by
    41 "Tough Scalelike Stems" which can be gained after killing some "Stem
    Worm" in the Clock Tower dungeon. No matter, after gaining all of the 
    items required, then head back to morroc and talk to him again. He will 
    teach you the Arrow Crafting skill.
    NPC Location : Payon (32,93)
    His location is hidden in Payon. From the south Entrance gate, go to
    bottom-left side to follow the wall and you will find him hiding behind
    a house. Anyway, he will tell you that you need these items :
     | Name                | #  | Drop from                              |
     | Crossbow            | 1  | Archer Skeleton (Or buy it for 17000z) |
     | Tentacles           | 10 | Hydra, Marse, Penomena                 |
     | Bill of Birds       | 10 | Pecopeco                               |
     | Yoyo Tail           | 3  | Yoyo                                   |
     | Emerald             | 2  | Roda Frog, Wormtail, Frilldora, Mantis |
     | Banana Juices       | 36 | 36 Empty Bottle + 36 Banana (at Payon) |
    To make some Banana Juices, you will need to activate the Juices-Quest 
    first. It is located on a building somewhere within Prontera. Make sure 
    you bring a meat before. After activating the Quest, now you can go to
    Payon and find a building on the right side of the map. There are three
    women NPC in the front of the building. Go inside and talk to the NPC to
    create Banana Juices.
    After gaining all the items, go back to him to learn the Arrow Repel
    skill. Note that, the Crossbow will be given back to you. So if your 
    current weapon is a Crossbow, then you don't need to buy another one. If
    you cannot find the NPC in the location mentioned above, then perhaps 
    your Ragnarok Online version doesn't have the Quest-Skills available 
    yet. Does it have comodo-town patch already? I am playing IdRO 
    (Indonesian RO), so on other RO version, maybe the Quest-Skill are not 
    available yet. For more graphical location for the NPC, then check this 
    URL : http://www.angelfire.com/falcon/legolas2/skill_quest.html
    4.Monsters Location
    You can get those items by buying them from the street merchants if 
    available. Or if you have no idea on where to find those items and want 
    to find them manually? Here is the list of the monsters and the location
    where you can find them.
     | Monsters         | Location                                      |
     | Archer Skeleton  | Clock Tower, Pyramid, Payon Dungeon           |
     | Black Mushroom   | Payon Dungeon, Geffen Dungeon, Anywhere.      |
     | Blue Plant       | Glast Heim Courtyard, Geffen Dungeon          |
     | Elder Willow     | Prt_fild11, Pay_fild08                        |
     | Frilldora        | Moc_fild17                                    |
     | Hydra            | Byalan Dungeon, Payon Dungeon, Culvert        |
     | Mantis           | Mjolnir_05, Mjolnir_12                        |
     | Marse            | Byalan Dungeon                                |
     | Pecopeco         | Moc_fild06, Moc_fild10, Moc_fild13            |
     | Penomena         | Clock Tower, Byalan Dungeon, Comodo Dungeon   |
     | Red Mushroom     | Mjolnir_09, Anywhere.                         |
     | Roda Frog        | Prt_fild01, Prt_fild07, Prt_fild08            |
     | Stem Worm        | Clock Tower Dungeon                           |
     | Willow           | Prt_fild11, Pay_fild01                        |
     | Wormtail         | Mjolnir_09, Pay_fild11                        |
     | Yoyo             | Mjolnir_08, Prt_fild03                        |
    That's it. If you have guild, then gather your guild members and ask
    them if they have those items before they sell all of the items. Or if
    you have other characters that still getting good EXP from these 
    enemies, then use them. So you get your EXP for leveling up as well as
    getting the items.
    5.Arrow Recipes (sorted by items)
    The recipes is tested on IdRO, and i think it is same on other RO 
    version. You can email me back for corrections or for additions. This 
    recipes is sorted by the name of the items needed to create the arrows.
      Items                    Results
      Amulet                   40 Curse Arrow
      Ancient Tooth            20 Steel Arrow, 10 Crystal Arrow
      Ball'n'Chain             700 Iron Arrow, 50 Steel Arrow 
      Barren Trunk             20 Arrow 
      Bee Sting                1 Rusty Arrow 
      Blade Lost in Darkness   600 Sharp Arrow, 200 Shadow Arrow 
      Bloody Edge              600 Sharp Arrow, 200 Curse Arrow 
      Blue Gemstone            10 Crystal Arrow, 1 Freezing Arrow 
      Cactus Needle            50 Arrow 
      Coal                     8 Shadow Arrow 
      Crystal Blue             40 Crystal Arrow 
      Cursed Ruby              50 Curse Arrow, 10 Sleep Arrow 
      Dead Branch              40 Mute Arrow 
      Decayed Nail             1 Rusty Arrow, 1 Shadow Arrow 
      Dokebi Horn              40 Iron Arrow, 2 Shadow Arrow 
      Dragon Canine            50 Iron Arrow, 1 Oridecon Arrow 
      Elunium                  1000 Steel Arrow, 50 Stun Arrow 
      Emperium                 600 Immaterial Arrow, 600 Mute Arrow, 
                               600 Oridecon Arrow 
      Empty Bottle             2 Iron Arrow 
      Emveratarcon             40 Silver Arrow, 20 Iron Arrow 
      Evil Horn                20 Shadow Arrow, 10 Flash Arrow, 
                               5 Stun Arrow 
      Fang                     40 Silver Arrow, 2 Sharp Arrow 
      Fang of Garm             100 Crystal Arrow 
      Fin Helm                 200 Crystal Arrow, 200 Steel Arrow 
      Fine-grained Trunk       20 Arrow 
      Flame Heart              600 Fire Arrow, 5 Mute Arrow 
      Foolishness of Blind     200 Flash Arrow 
      Garlet                   12 Iron Arrow 
      Gill                     80 Iron Arrow, 5 Crystal Arrow 
      Glittering Jacket        1000 Flash Arrow 
      Gold                     50 Oridecon Arrow, 50 Flash Arrow 
      Great Nature             150 Stone arrow, 5 Flash Arrow 
      Green Live               50 Stone Arrow 
      Horn                     35 Iron Arrow 
      Horrendous Mouth         5 Shadow Arrow 
      Iron                     100 Iron Arrow 
      Iron Ore                 50 Iron Arrow 
      Jellopy                  4 Arrow 
      Key of Clock Tower       50 Oridecon Arrow 
      Lantern                  80 Iron Arrow 
      Little Evil Horn         50 Iron Arrow, 2 Curse Arrow 
      Loki's Whispers          1000 Shadow Arrow 
      Lucifer's Lament         800 Stun Arrow, 400 Mute Arrow, 
                               800 Sleep Arrow 
      Menacles                 50 Steel Arrow 
      Mantis Scythe            1 Sharp Arrow 
      Matchstick               1000 Fire Arrow 
      Matyr Leash              50 Wind Arrow, 100 Steel Arrow, 
                               10 Sharp Arrow 
      Mole Claw                50 Iron Arrow, 2 Stone Arrow 
      Mother's Nightmare       1000 Curse Arrow 
      Mr Scream                200 Sharp Arrow, 300 Steel Arrow 
      Mystic Frozen            150 Crystal Arrow, 5 Freezing Arrow 
      Needle of Alarm          100 Arrow, 5 Sleep Arrow 
      Ogre Tooth               30 Steel Arrow, 5 Rusty Arrow
      Old Blue Box             50 Sharp Arrow, 50 Sleep Arrow 
      Old Hilt                 1000 Oridecon Arrow 
      Orc Claw                 10 Steel Arrow 
      Orc's Fang               30 Iron Arrow, 10 Steel Arrow, 
                               1 Stone Arrow 
      Oridecon                 250 Oridecon Arrow 
      Phantom of Opera         200 Steel Arrow, 40 Mute Arrow 
      Phracon                  50 Iron Arrow 
      Porcupine Quill          70 Arrow,1 Stone Arrow 
      Red Blood                200 Fire Arrow 
      Red Gemstone             10 Rusty Arrow, 1 Poison Arrow, 
                               1 Curse Arrow 
      Reins                    100 Iron Arrow, 50 Steel Arrow 
      Rough Elunium            200 Steel Arrow, 5 Stun Arrow 
      Rough Oridecon           50 Oridecon Arrow 
      Rough Wind               150 Wind Arrow, 5 Sleep Arrow 
      Scell                    8 Steel Arrow 
      Scorpion Tail            3 Rusty Arrow 
      Silver Robe              700 Silver Arrow 
      Silver Robe (Slot)       1000 Silver Arrow, 
                               10 Immaterial Arrow
      Snow Horn                1000 Silver Arrow 
      Solid Trunk              20 Arrow 
      Star Crumb               30 Flash Arrow 
      Star Dust                10 Flash Arrow 
      Steel                    100 Steel Arrow 
      Stinky Scale             1 Poison Arrow 
      Tooth of Bat             1 Shadow Arrow 
      Tree Root                7 Arrow 
      Trunk                    40 Arrow 
      Underground Key          100 Shadow Arrow 
      Venom Canine             1 Poison Arrow 
      Voucher Orcish Hero      5 Stun Arrow, 1 Oridecon Arrow 
      Welding Mask             200 Steel Arrow, 40 Stun Arrow 
      Wind of Verdure          50 Wind Arrow 
      Wolf Claw                15 Iron Arrow 
      Wooden Mail              700 Arrow, 500 Iron Arrow 
      Wooden Mail (Slot)       1000 Arrow, 700 Iron Arrow 
      Yellow Gemstone          10 Stone Arrow, 1 Sleep Arrow 
      Young Twig               1000 Mute Arrow 
      Zargon                   40 Silver Arrow 
      Zenorc's Fang            5 Rusty Arrow 
    Please note that some recipes are not comfirmed yet. I will update some
    areas within this list if i found incorrect informations about them.
    6.Arrow Recipes (sorted by arrows)
    The recipes is tested on IdRO and i think it is same on other RO 
    version. You can email me back for corrections or for additions. This 
    recipes is sorted by the type of the arrows.
     Arrow            - Jellopy (4), Tree Root (7), Barren Trunk (20),
                        Solid Trunk (20), Fine-grained Trunk (20), 
                        Trunk (40), Cactus Needle (50), Porcupine 
                        Quill (70), Needle of Alarm (100), Wooden 
                        Mail (700), Wooden Mail(slot) (1000).
     Sharp Arrow      - Mantis Scythe (1), Fang (2), Matyr Leash (10), 
                        Old Blue Box (50), Mr.Scream (200), Blade Lost
                        in Darkness (600), Bloody Edge (600).
     Curse Arrow      - Red Gemstone (1), Little Evil Horn (2),
                        Amulet (20),Cursed Ruby (50), Bloody Edge (200), 
                        Mother's Nightmare (1000), 
     Freezing Arrow   - Blue Gemstone (1), Mystic Frozen (5).
     Sleep Arrow      - Yellow Gemstone (1), Needle of Alarm (5), Rough 
                        Wind (5), Cursed Ruby (10), Old Blue Box (50),
                        Lucifer's Lament (800)
     Mute Arrow       - Flame Heart (5), Dead Branch (40), Phantom of 
                        Opera (40), Lucifer's Lament (400), 
                        Emperium (600), Young Twig (1000)
     Stun Arrow       - Evil Horn (5), Rough Elunium (5), Voucher Orcish
                        Hero (5), Welding Mask (40), Elunium (50), 
                        Lucifer's Lament (800).
     Flash Arrow      - Evil Horn (5), Great Nature (5), Star Dust (10), 
                        Star Crumb (30), Gold (50), Foolishness of
                        Blind (200), Glittering Jacket (1000)
     Poison Arrow     - Venom Canine (1), Stinky Scale (1), Red 
                        Gemstone (1)
     Iron Arrow       - Empty Bottle (2), Garlet (12), Wolf Claw (15), 
                        Emveratarcon (20), Orc's Fang (30), Horn (35),
                        Dokkebi Horn (40), Iron Ore (50), Phracon (50), 
                        Dragon Canine (50), Little Evil Horn (50), Mole 
                        Claw (50), Lantern (80), Gill (80), Reins (100),
                        Iron (100), Wooden Mail (500), Wooden 
                        Mail(slot) (700), Ball'n'Chain (700),  
     Rusty Arrow      - Decayed Nail (1), Bee Sting (1), Scorpion 
                        Tail (3), Zenorc Fang (5), Ogre Tooth (5), Red
                        Gemstone (10)
     Silver Arrow     - Zargon (40), Emveratarcon (40), Fang (40), Silver 
                        Robe (700), Silver Robe(slot) (1000), Snow 
                        Horn (1000).
     Fire Arrow       - Red Blood (200), Flame Heart (600), 
                        Matchstick (1000).
     Stone Arrow      - Orc's Fang (1), Porcupine Quill (1), Mole 
                        Claw (2),  Green Live (50), Yellow Gemstone (10), 
                        Great Nature (150)
     Crystal Arrow    - Gill (5), Ancient Tooth (10), Blue Gemstone (10),  
                        Crystal Blue (40), Mystic Frozen (150), Fang of 
                        Garm (100), Fin Helm (200).
     Wind Arrow       - Wind of Verdue (50), Matyr Leash (50), Rough 
                        Wind (150).
     Shadow Arrow     - Tooth of Bat (1), Decayed Nail (1), Dokkebi 
                        Horn (2), Evil Horn (2), Horrendous Mouth (5),
                        Coal (8), Underground Key (100), Blade Lost in 
                        Darkness (200), Loki's Whisper (1000).
     Immaterial Arrow - Silver Robe(slot) (10), Emperium (600).
     Steel Arrow      - Scell (8), Orc Claw (10), Orc Fang (10), Ancient 
                        Tooth (20), Ogre Tooth (30), Menacles (50),
                        Ball'n'Chain (50), Reins (50), Matyr Leash (100),
                        Steel (100), Phantom of Opera (200),
                        Rough Elunium (200), Fin Helm (200), Welding    
                        Mask (200), Mr.Scream (300), Elunium (1000).
     Oridecon Arrow   - Dragon Canine (1), Voucher Orcish Hero (1), Key of 
                        Clock Tower (50), Gold (50), Rough Oridecon (50), 
                        Oridecon (250), Emperium (600), Old Hilt (1000).
    Please note that some recipes are not comfirmed yet. I will update some
    areas within this list if i found incorrect informations about them.
    7.Arrow Descriptions
    This is the arrows data in case if you want to explore the difference 
    and why the developer team are adding so much type of arrows. Note that
    some of the arrow effects are not officially implemented yet.
     - Arrow________________________________________________________\
        ATK         : 25                    Element : Physical
        Weight      : 0.1                   Price   : 1 zenny
        Bought from : Any Tool-shop NPC at almost every town.
        Effects     : None
        Drop From   : Condor, Savage Babe
     - Sharp Arrow__________________________________________________\
        ATK         : 1                     Element : Physical
        Weight      : 0.3                   Price   : -
        Bought from : -
        Effects     : Increase chance to do Critical attack.
        Drop From   : Reydric Archer
     - Curse Arrow__________________________________________________\
        ATK         : 1                     Element : Physical
        Weight      : 0.3                   Price   : -
        Bought from : -
        Effects     : Chance to Curse enemy at every shot.
        Drop From   : -
     - Freezing Arrow_______________________________________________\
        ATK         : 1                     Element : Water
        Weight      : 0.3                   Price   : -
        Bought from : -
        Effects     : Chance to Freeze enemy at every shot.
        Drop From   : -
     - Sleep Arrow__________________________________________________\
        ATK         : 1                     Element : Physical
        Weight      : 0.3                   Price   : -
        Bought from : -
        Effects     : Chance to Sleep enemy at every shot.
        Drop From   : -
     - Mute Arrow___________________________________________________\
        ATK         : 1                     Element : Physical
        Weight      : 0.3                   Price   : -
        Bought from : -
        Effects     : Chance to Silence enemy at every shot.
        Drop From   : Gargoyle
     - Stun Arrow___________________________________________________\
        ATK         : 1                     Element : Physical
        Weight      : 0.3                   Price   : -
        Effects     : Chance to Stun enemy at every shot.
        Bought from : -
        Drop From   : -
     - Flash Arrow__________________________________________________\
        ATK         : 1                     Element : Physical
        Weight      : 0.3                   Price   : -
        Effects     : Chance to Blind enemy at every shot.
        Bought from : -
        Drop From   : -
     - Poison Arrow_________________________________________________\
        ATK         : 1                     Element : Poison
        Weight      : 0.3                   Price   : -
        Effects     : Chance to Poison enemy at every shot.
        Bought from : -
        Drop From   : Kobold Archer
     - Iron Arrow___________________________________________________\
        ATK         : 30                    Element : Physical
        Weight      : 0.1                   Price   : 2 zenny
        Effects     : None
        Bought from : -
        Drop From   : -
     - Rusty Arrow__________________________________________________\
        ATK         : 30                    Element : Poison
        Weight      : 0.2                   Price   : -
        Effects     : None
        Bought from : -
        Drop From   : -
     - Silver Arrow_________________________________________________\
        ATK         : 30                    Element : Holy
        Weight      : 0.2                   Price   : 3 zenny
        Effects     : None
        Bought from : Any Tool-shop NPC at almost every town.
        Drop From   : -
     - Fire Arrow___________________________________________________\
        ATK         : 30                    Element : Fire
        Weight      : 0.2                   Price   : 3 zenny
        Effects     : None
        Bought from : Tool-shop NPC at Treasure Island (alb2trea).
        Drop From   : Skeleton Archer, Horong
     - Stone Arrow__________________________________________________\
        ATK         : 30                    Element : Earth
        Weight      : 0.2                   Price   : -
        Effects     : None
        Bought from : -
        Drop From   : Orc Archer, Sting
     - Crystal Arrow________________________________________________\
        ATK         : 30                    Element : Water
        Weight      : 0.2                   Price   : -
        Effects     : None
        Bought from : -
        Drop From   : Orc Archer, Anolian
     - Wind Arrow___________________________________________________\
        ATK         : 30                    Element : Wind
        Weight      : 0.2                   Price   : -
        Effects     : None
        Bought from : -
        Drop From   : Orc Archer
     - Shadow Arrow_________________________________________________\
        ATK         : 30                    Element : Shadow
        Weight      : 0.2                   Price   : -
        Effects     : None
        Bought from : -
        Drop From   : Wild Rose
     - Immaterial Arrow_____________________________________________\
        ATK         : 30                    Element : Shadow
        Weight      : 0.1                   Price   : -
        Effects     : None
        Bought from : -
        Drop From   : Reydric Archer, Kobold Archer
     - Steel Arrow__________________________________________________\
        ATK         : 40                    Element : Physical
        Weight      : 0.2                   Price   : 4 zenny
        Effects     : None
        Bought from : Tool-shop NPC at Comodo beach town.
        Drop From   : Orc Archer
     - Oridecon Arrow_______________________________________________\
        ATK         : 50                    Element : Physical
        Weight      : 0.3                   Price   : -
        Effects     : None
        Bought from : -
        Drop From   : Goblin Archer
     *I will update this list if i found another discovery on the game, 
      related to the monsters dropping arrows or arrows data. Email me if 
      you have more informations about them. 
    You can buy Arrows and Silver Arrows from the Tool-shop NPC located at 
    almost every town (except Al de Baran). As for Fire Arrows, you can buy
    them from the Tool-shop NPC at sunken ship / Treasure Island (alb2trea),
    you can go there from Alberta port. And last, you can get Steel Arrows 
    from the Tool-shop NPC somewhere in Comodo beach town. Some other arrows
    can be found after defeating some monsters. The rest can only be gained 
    by using the Arrow Crafting skill or using Old Purple Box.
    The idea by adding so much type of arrows for us (Archers and Hunters)
    is very good. Well, i think Gravity showing us to realize that the 
    Arrow Shower skill will be somewhat more useful in the future. Why i am 
    saying that?
    I wonder what will happen if you use "Arrow Shower" skill with Stun 
    Arrow? I mean, the Arrow Shower skill shoots multiple arrows 
    simultaneously at 9x9 area. Technically, the effects maybe won't be so 
    much different with Blacksmith's "Hammerfall". But since some of the 
    arrow effects (like Stun, Freeze, Blind and the others) are not 
    implemented yet on the current version of RO i was playing. So i am not
    sure of it.
    But then, you will need to sacrifice some of your favorite Skill buttons
    on the Hotkey bar (F1-F9). And replace them with various arrow types. 
    Also note that, usually Archers or Hunters does not have many STR 
    (Strength) points as many as other Job (except Mage). So "Weight Limit" 
    will be another problem for bringing too much arrows from different 
    types, plus Traps. 
    If you have another character as Merchant, you can try to sell those
    arrows using the Vending skill. But of course, remember that Archers or
    Hunters can now create their own arrows. So you better make any sense
    when typing the price for each arrow. Calculating the price from the 
    original item is a good idea. I don't know the exact street price for
    Oridecon at every RO servers. Just for example, from an Oridecon you can
    get 250 Oridecon Arrows. So if an Oridecon is sell at 100k zenny on the
    street, then you can sell your Oridecon Arrow around 400 zenny each. Try
    to figure another prices for other Arrows.
    9.Contact Me
    Stevanus Lioni (GodHand / Evan) - 21071980
     Taman Villa Baru B-16. Bekasi Selatan.
     Jawa Barat. 17148. (021)885-3868
    You can also found me on Indonesia RO (Chaos server). I am playing as
    an "Arrow Collector" Hunter named LegoIas. Note, using "i" uppercase to
    replace the second intended "L" because the name is already used ^_^.
    Gravity     - For creating the most addicting game Ragnarok Online.
    RO Datazone - For the detailed arrow data.
    Weggy       - The most respected RO FAQ writer ^_^.
    CJayC       - For Gamefaqs.
    GodHand     - For writing this cute FAQ....
    Also thanks to all of my friends in IdRO :
    Chaos - Batzz (Winston), Thunderstorm (Ivan), P_Tech (Apiet), Finn,
            Glowy, Jimbo, Dr.Dry (Hendri) , 7th'Lord™ (Stevanus), Lenx Cool™
            :+:Honda:+: (Tommy), ineV, vic|us (Frans), Joyu (Sandie),
            Daith, Odin3, and the others which i cannot list them all 
            especially everybody in my guild, Murder.Inc ^_^.
    And finally thanks to you for reading this article.
       No portion of this article can be used, edited, translated or 
       modificated for other article ,websites , books, FAQ, or magazines 
       without any permissions from GodHand. Please keep in mind that 
       unauthorized modification and duplication is illegal under 
       copyright law. Ragnarok Online developed and copyright by Gravity
       This article (c) Stevanus Lioni. This article has no relation with
       the official stuffs. No parts of this article can be sold. This
       article is for personal use only.
       You are free to distribute this article for your websites as far as
       you did not change anythings on the whole or any part of this 
       article and give the author a credit somewhere visible.

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