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    Priest Guide by admira

    Version: 3.1 | Updated: 10/18/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Ragnarok Online (PC)
    Full Support Acolyte/ Priest FAQ
    Written by: admira
    version 3.1
    Version History:
    v 1.0: Major FAQ. This is my first FAQ I ever made. There might be some
           errors, if you ever find some, I hope you can inform me.
    v 1.1: Fix a lot of errors!! I don't believe I ever write "Beware of
           Drainliar in Payon dungeon lv1". I guess, I was too sleepy while
           I was writing this FAQ. Add Duet Strategy as promise. Also Frequently
           Asked Questions.
    V 1.2: Add alternate build in Acolyte/Priest build section, still fix some 
           errors. Add duet hunting with Falcon Hunter and AGI Hunter which is
           2 of 3 of my favourite classes when it comes to duet hunt. Add new
           section in Tips, Tricks and Strategy. It will about large group
    V 1.3: Add a lot of things. Three persons have helped me a lot. AnthonyStefan
           with gramar fixing, Artaniel with a lot more information regarding
           skills (make sure you check it out!) and Elmdor with Wizard's duet
           strategy. Give credits to you guys and thanx to help me ^^.
    end of 1st version
    V 2.0: Add new builds. Actually a weird one, but an unique one and very
           original as well.
    V 2.1: Safe build is gone! for good. Sanctuary at lvl 2-3 is not worth in 
           higher lvl. Rather than put skills on that you should put more points on
           other skills that will benefit you. Also fixing some error in Safety 
           wall build. Add tricks on using safety wall. Add duet strategy. Moved
           Offense support build to replace safe build and add cure on it. Offense
           support build's name is now "Popular build" because it is the most 
           popular build nowadays. Change cure recommended into 1. It is different
           from the Status Recovery. Check the skills explaination and the Popular
           build explaination for explaination regarding of the skill. Add 
           Epistimology. Thanx to AnjingBalap for providing me with that. He is the
           one in Gamefaqs who make the DualDagger assasin build and a nice one 
    V2.1a: Fixing error regarding Cure and Status Recovery. Add Q&A section
           regarding the error I made. Add a new build with Decrease AGI on the 
           disposal. Thanx to my Brother A-Conx who is alredy 99 Support Priest on
           Iris server of idRO and the one who admit my guide as the best of all ^^
           Add Q&A *again* this time about Underated Character. Fixing some grammar
    V2.1b: AGI type has gone for good. It is not worth to build. Rather than that, 
           you should build VIT type with Phen. OR build a battle Priest for AGI.
           Add tips from Neil Gaurino.
    V3.0 : OK! as promised, add the best equipment for Priest. This equipment 
           is effective if it is worn by VIT Priest or Popular Priest build. TU 
           Priest make an appearance. Moved the previous TU Priest part, Remake it
           so, it is a part of worthed builds.
    V3.1 : Add prelude to battle Priest section. Reformatting the alternative build
           My deep gratitude to people who appriciate my work. Thanx guys. And for
           you, I have added the Duet strategies, this time includes the 2nd alt 
           class. Adds the battlemode to replace Minimized skill window trick.
    Retired note: For now, I am off from the world of Midgard. Due to my busy daily
                  schedule and well I think the game is worth to play and very 
                  addicted though. I know there will be High Priest the next stage 
                  of Priest but I am getting too tired with the game and decided to
                  retired the game for now. Maybe in the future when I miss the 
                  game I will make my comeback. Who knows?
    I.    Intorduction
          - Final Note
          - Version 2 Introduction
    II.   Why Acolyte?
    III.  Acolyte/Priest Basics
    IV.   Skills
    V.    Acolyte/Priest Build
    VI.   Tips, Tricks and Strategy
          - Solo Strategy
          - Duet Strategy
            *Full Critical Assasin
            *Trap Hunter
            *AGI Knight
            *VIT Lancer Knight
            *Dual Dagger Assasin
            *Falcon Hunter
            *Fire Wall Wizzard
            *Frost Diver + Jupitel Thunder Wizzard
            *Fire Wall Wizzard
            *Storm Gust Wizzard
            *Grand Cross Crusader
            *Battle Rogue (Backstaber and Hybrid Backstaber + Striper)
            *Bow Rogue (Usually goes for Striper Rogue)
            *Support Sage
          - Large Group Hunting Strategy
            *Battle Mode Trick
            *Pneuma Allocation Trick
    VII.  Recommended Equipment
    VIII. Possible Effect and build of alternate class
    IX.   Alternative Priest Build
          - Turn Undead, reason and build
            * Prelude to Turn Undead Build
            * Pure TU Build
            * Hybrid TU Build
          - Why Magnus Exorcism is not recommended?
          - How about Battle Priest?
            * Prelude to Battle Priest
            * Battle Priest Build and Tips
    X.    Epistimology
    XI.   Frequently Asked Question
    XII.  Legal Stuff, Credits and Contact Information
    I. Introduction
    OK! first thing to say, this is my first and only faqs for this time. I hope
    I can be of some help to those who wish to choose Acolyte as their main char.
    Secondly I hope for your support by sending me if there are any error in my 
    faqs and please don't flame me because of that.
    I myself choose this class as my main class. First because of personality
    test, they recommend me to play as an Acolyte. Second because of challange,
    Being an Acolyte doesn't only require skill on playing it, but also a high
    patience. Why? Let me tell you, the first time you hear "heal plz" you will
    feel great and love to heal but after about 10000 times you will know what
    I mean. Seriously! they prefer to use "heal plz!!!" rather than more proper 
    words such as "if you don't mind please heal me" without "!"
    There are 4 points you should remember when playing as an Acolyte. This is
    based on my experience playing idRO (Indonesian RO):
    1. You will be harrased. It is true! if you don't believe me, go to idRO
       forum, you will find many flame topics toward acolyte and priest in the
       second place after GM (although you will have to understand Indonesian
    2. You will always hear combination word "heal" "plz" thousands! I really
       mean it! Along my journey as An acolyte (now I have alredy been a Priest)
       maybe I have heard more than 10000 of that kind of word. Trust me if you
       don't feel like it, delete your character and start another one.
    3. Your grup will depend on you. So, the life of your group is in your hand.
       Don't ever use teleport when your group is in a bad situation, instead
       you should always keep your eye in your party's health bar.
    4. You will have a depressed time of leveling. This is due to your
       inability to solo hunt. Yes, you can always solo at GH Graveyard. But I
       will not recommend it until you reach 57.
    Got that? if you can accept all of the conditions, go forward
    Final note
    Final alredy? I'm affraid, I have to say 'yes'. Yeah yeah I know, there 
    are still many things will be added at RO, but I have my own life and for
    this reason I have to finalize this FAQ. I know there are still alternate
    classes, even there have been alredy a rumor about 3rd class and new 
    patches. In fact, I have alredy stopped playing RO for almost 3 weeks. 
    Actually I want to make prediction on 2-2 class (especially in Duet strategy
    section) but, no one able to give me enough information regarding skills, 
    stats and builds of alternate classes.
    Last word, in online games such as Ragnarok Online, you may have your own 
    personal build of your characters and your own opinion of your builds so,
    this FAQ is actually just a reference so you know exactly what you are 
    doing. I always said this to everyone that mailed me about their builds:
    "You may have your own opinion and remember! This FAQ is only a reference.
    Don't expect it to be the most-uber-ultimate perfect build." Why I said that?
    because in my opinion, there is no word such as "Perfect Build" in games like
    RO. So, have fun! Make your character as comfortable as you can for your own
    to use.
    Version 2 introduction
    Well this is for people who follow my faq's update. You maybe realize that in
    previous update, I have finalized this FAQ. The only reason why I Finalized
    this FAQ that time is my departurement which will result to my retirement in
    RO world. But for some reasons, my departurement is pended and I am really
    bored. But then hey! I have my own a precious Priest Guide at gamefaqs. So I
    decided to spend some of my precious time and develop this FAQ a little more.
    II. Why Acolyte?
    My first answer will be the chance for you to make friend. Acolyte/Priest
    is maybe the only class that allow you to make party with a lot of people.
    I enjoy the game as I enjoy chatting and finding more friends. Everyone
    loves acolyte. Second because there are various way to play. For priest,
    different class means different set of skill. You need to prepare another
    formation of shortcuts when you go with another class.
    III. Acolyte/Priest Basics
    Full support Acolyte/Priest depend mainly on int. Basically, I find there
    are 3 builds for full support acolyte/priest with pure int:
    1. Tanker: Can receive a nice ammount of damage. Try to combine it with 
       kyrie eleison lv 10 and angelus lv 10, for better result.
       This type of Priest will max out vit after int 99.
       -It give you perfect block on 1 person depending on their MHP. For example:
        1000 HP gives perfect barrier for 300 damage at lv 10. So in this case, 
        bigger HP means bigger barrier
       -Combine with proper equipment, you will be a great tanker.
       -Low casting time.
       -Got hit 100% (except for low level enemies)
    2. Fast Caster: Can cast anything fast, although you will not learn ME as
       full Support but it can save you many times. For soloing, try to combine
       it with Kyrie Eleison and Holy Light.
       This type of Priest will max out dex after int 99.
       -You can save a lot of time casting magnificat. In critical situation,
        You can cast Kyrie as fast as Mage's Soul Strike. Avoid delay is good.
       - You will receive a lot of damage. Seriously! in higher lv it will be
         very hurt.
    Basically go with 99 int, the rest if you choose tanker then the rest of
    points to vit. If you choose Fast Caster, than 99 int and go the rest with
    dex. Why? One answer, as Acolyte you will need a large ammount of SP due to 
    their lack of SP recovery skill. Even after you become a Priest, you still need
    it for pump up your healing ability and other spells.
    Start with 9 int, 9 luk/agi (it doesn't matter), 9 vit
    99 int
    max vit
    Fast Caster:
    Start with 9 int, 9 dex, 9 agi/luk (it doesn't matter)
    99 int
    max dex
    Please remember there are two types of SP regeneration. The first one is the
    natural one. For this kind, every class posses it. It is natural SP
    regeneration, also known as "SP regeneration". The second one is a skill.
    Once you are a priest, you will be able to learn this. This kind of SP
    regeneration is called "SP recovery". SP recovery recovers SP every 10
    seconds and it is simbolized by a blue number that appear every 10 seconds
    above your head. The number, of course represents your SP addition. Both are
    affected by your INT. For the formula of SP recovery skill, check out the
    Priest's skill section. For SP regeneration, Artaniel has found the formula
    and here it is:
    There, good news, I've found natural SP recovery ^^ points!
    If you have 119 INT or less: 1+(INT/6)+(SP/100) as posted
    which means: (100 int, 1500SP ok?)
    1 + 100/6 + 1500/100 = 32 SP
    this means you will add 32 SP every 4 sec (while sitting) or every 8 sec
    (while standing)
    If you have 120 INT or more: 1+(INT/6)+(SP/100)+{(INT-20)/2}+4
    which means: (140 int, 1800SP ok?)
    1 + 140/6 + 1800/100 + ( 140 - 120 ) / 2 + 4 = 55 SP
    this means you will add 55 SP every 4 sec (while sitting) or every 8 sec
    (while standing)
    *PS: Magnificat will half your SP regenration time, so it will be 4 sec 
         while standing and 2 sec while sitting with the same addition.
    So, if you have 120++ INT, boost will be given (see formula below!)
    natural SP recovery=4sec while sitting, 8 sec while standing/walking
    joy! ^^ magnificat now will doubles your regeneration rate instead of 175%
    regen time, which means, we got 25% more regen boost after patch (thank you
    Comodo ^^)
    Thats all, I've found this source at: www.ro-world.com 
    (divine intervention -> Acos and priests)
    One last note about this, Magnificat won't effect to SP recovery skill. But
    it has great effect on your SP regeneration. Thanx Artaniel! your 
    information is amazing and wow! for a boy at your age, your english 
    astonishes me ^^
    IV. Skills
    Here comes the big one! Acolyte and Priest skills are one of the most
    difficult ones to learn. Especially as full support, there are many
    decissions that have to be made. I try to make it easy.
    Acolyte skills
    Effect: Heal a certain amount of HP.  Effect increases per skill level and
            int. Damages Undead.
    Comments: The intial skill for Acolyte. Max this out! As full support, you
              will want this skill as your main attacker. IMHO this skill is even
              better than Turn Undead.
    Restores HP by following formula: Int+BaseLv/8*(4+SkillLvOfHeal*8)
    ex: Lv50, Int 30, using Lv7 heal = 50+30/8*(4+7*8)
                                                 = 10*60 = 600 HP will be 
    Thanx to Artaniel to remind me this, this refer to FAQ by HOBGOBLIN
    Recommended: 10
    Divine Protection(10)
    Effect: Reduces damage taken from undead.  Passive. Max this to lvl 10 as one
            prerequisite for Monk job.
    Comments: You are full support! you will not benefit from this one, spend the
              point on other skills. Btw you should take 5 points of it in order 
              to learn blessing.
    Recommended: 5
    Requires: Lvl 3 Divine Protection
    Effect: Increases physical damage to undead.  Passive. Required for Monk to
            max this to lv 10 in order to learn any skill.
    Comments: Not that useful. Except you are planning on building a Monk or a
              Battle Priest.
    Recommended: 0
    Signum Crucis(10)
    Requires: Lvl 3 Demonbane
    Effect: Decreases defense of evil enemies within line of sight. It also has
            chance to success. Not too good though.
    Comments: Most undead/demon/ghost opponents have low defense anyway. If you
              are a battle priest, maybe you want to spend few points on this
              especially Solo Battle Priest.
    Recommended: 0
    Requires: Lvl 3 Divine Protection
    Effect: Increases party's VIT by percentages for a duration.  Additional
            points increase duration and effect. It gives nice ammount of def.
            At lv 10, it provides 60% more def on your party.
    Comments: Vit Knight will love this one, if you have a VIT-based partner, I
              recommend to max this out.
    "I don`t know, but based on my experience, angelus only adds extra 50% 
    DefByVit at Lv10, NOT 60%, check this too.
    source = own experience" ~Artaniel~
    Recommended: 2/5/10
    Requires: Lvl 5 Divine Protection
    Effect: Increases target's STR, INT and DEX for a duration.  Curses undead.
    Comments: It gives you +10 to INT, STR and DEX at lv 10, imagine how many
              lv ups to gain those points of stat. If you use it to Undead, the
              result will be reserved, it lowers INT, DEX and STR by 10.
    *Note (correction, Thanx to Artaniel):
    "Decreases demon/undead family`s DEX and INT by 1/2, regardless on level, the
    effect would be same (it means, even thought u use Lv1 Bless, its still 
    decreases INT and DEX by 50%), so it is not -10 DEX / INT." ~Artaniel~
    Recommended: 10
    Increase Agility(10)
    Requires: Lvl 3 Heal
    Effect: Increases target's Agility and walking speed for a duration.
    Comment: A nice spell especially when you always group with Thief or 
             Assasin. It provides them with more "perfect" dodge.
    Recommended: 10
    Decrease Agility(10)
    Requires: Lvl 1 Increase Agility
    Effect: Decreases target's Agility and walking speed for a duration. Skill
            can fail.
    Comment: A good one too, especially when facing high AGI enemies such as:
             Wanderers, Jokers and Bosses.
    Recommended: 3/5
    Requires: Lvl 2 Heal
    Effect: Heals certain status ailments.  Causes Chaos on undead.
    Comments: Recover ally from status aliment based on physic. Status recovery
              recover status aliment based on magic. Worth to learn. It can cure 
              Stun effect.
    Recommended: 1
    Effect: Reveals hidden opponents. It also needed to learn Pneuma (which is
            IMHO the best spell to counter range attack).
    Comments: Useful for detecting hidden thieves in PvP.  Get it as a pre-
    Recommended: 1
    Requires: Lvl 1 Ruwach
    Effect: Teleports to random area(Lvl 1) or to save point(Lvl 2).
    Comments: Very useful to run away especially if you are soloing. You will
              want this skill for easy traveling too.
    Recommended: 2
    Warp Portal(4)
    Requires: Level 2 Teleport
    Effect: Opens a portal to save point or memo point.  Memo points are
            made by typing /memo in the chat window to save the current
            position.  Uses 1 Blue Gemstone.
    Comments: A nice one, especially in non-save point location such as GH. I
              recommend to max it in order to take pneuma.
    Recommended: 4
    Requires: Lvl 4 Warp Portal
    Effect: Creates a barrier which neutralizes all ranged attacks.
    Comments: A nice one, this one will be very useful in higher lvl. Raydric
              Archer, Gargoyle, Penomena enough reason. Take it!
    Recommended: 1
    Aqua Benedicta(1)
    Effect: Creates 1 Holy Water from an empty bottle.  Holy Water cures Curse
            status.  Need to stand in water for skill to work.
    Comments: Aspersio is an awesome spell (although it use 1 holy water), you 
              will want this one.
    Recommended: 1
    Priest Skills
    Whew! Finally! Here comes the big one.
    SP Recovery(10)
    Effect: Increase SP Recovery while sitting down or standing.  Same as Mage's
            skill.  Passive.
    Comments: There are many pros and contras about this skill, but I try to be 
              simple, You don't need to max this. But in some situations, there 
              is a possibility that you will run out of SP especially in a high
              mob area.
    * Note: 
    Restores SP by following formula: SkillLevelOfSpRecovery*(MaxSP/500+3)
    ex: 1050 SP, Lv6 SP recovery = 6*(1050/500+3)
                                                = 6*(2.1+3)
                                                = 6*5.1 = 30.6 = 30 SP will be 
                                                  restored every 10s
    Thanx again to Artaniel to help me with this formula.
    Recommended: 6/10
    Mace Mastery(10)
    Effect: Increase damage dealt with Mace class weapons.  Passive.
    Comments: Unless you are a battle priest, forget about this. You won't need
    Recommended: 0
    Impositio Manus(5)
    Effect: Increases target's ATK for 40 seconds.
    Comments: It works well with every classes except Mage/Wizard. Max it.
    *Note (this change happen in one of the patch and artaniel, your spelling is
           not wrong ^^):
    "Impositio Manus<-- Did I spell it correctly?
    Duration becomes higher, 40s -> 1 min(60s), because of patch, ATK boost given
    from this skills is added to base ATK, not extra (+2), which means, ATK can 
    still reduced by by enemy`s DEF and VIT" ~Artaniel~
    Recommended: 5
    Requires: Lvl 2 Impositio Manus
    Effect: Reduces Casting Duration for target.
    Comments: You can't use it for yourself, but combine it with Wizard for
              Storm Gust or Jupitel Thunder for high and fast damage.
    Recommended: 3 if you plan to party with Wizard.
    Requires: Lvl 3 Impositio Manus
    Effect: Changes target's weapon to Holy attribute.  Damages Undead.  Uses
            1 holy water.
    Comments: Max this if you plan to group with Assasin, Knight or BS in GH
              and many other "Demonic" Dungeon. It won't work with Archer and
              Hunter since they have alredy had Silver Arrow.
    Recommended: 5
    Requires: Lvl 1 Heal
    Effect: Creates an area which heals people in it.  Caster cannot move for
            spell's duration.  Damages and knocks back undead.  Uses 1 Blue
    Comments: You can use it as either mini-ME or Emergency Healing. It requires
              only a small ammount of SP, nice if you run out of SP in the
              middle of dungeon and your party need healing.
    Recommended: 2 or maybe 3 can't decide well.
    Status Recovery(1)
    Effect: Cures more status ailments than Cure.  Turns monster passive, or
            changes its target.
    Comments: It have many useful effects. If you use it on Undead, it will go
              blind (not agresive) unless anyone stand beside it. If you use it
              on agresive monster, it will switch target. If you use it on
              attacking-non-agresive monster, it will stop attacking.
    Recommended: 1
    Slow Poison(4)
    Requires: Lvl 1 Status Recovery
    Effect: Slows the effects of poison.
    Comments: Not so sure about its usefulness, I skip it.
    Recommended: 0
    Requires: Lvl 4 SP Recovery, Lvl 1 Status Recovery
    Effect: Raises dead player or monster back to life.  Uses 1 Blue Gemstone.
    Comments: Very Important. Actually, I recommend to take it only 1 point, 
              combine it with heal.
    *Note (there is a new patch in kRO and it is alredy patched on idRO regarding
           of this skill, and as usual thanx to artaniel for confirmation of this
           new patch's information):
    "Later, res will have casting time (source = iRO)
    Lv1, 10% HP restored, 6sec cast, 0sec delay
    Lv2, 30% HP restored, 3sec cast, 1sec delay
    Lv3, 50% HP restored, 1sec cast, 2sec delay
    Lv4, 80% HP restored, 0sec cast, 3sec delay
    so, its up to u..., DEX priest would be happy enough.. I guess..." ~Ataniel~
    Recommended: 1 (since the patch you will want to take 4 points of it)
    Safety Wall(10)
    Requires: Lvl 4 Aspersio, Lvl 3 Sanctuary. Uses 1 Blue Gemstone
    lv  1: Block  2 Hits for  5 Seconds SP: 30
    lv  2: Block  3 Hits for 10 Seconds SP: 30
    lv  3: Block  4 Hits for 15 Seconds SP: 30
    lv  4: Block  5 Hits for 20 Seconds SP: 35
    lv  5: Block  6 Hits for 25 Seconds SP: 35
    lv  6: Block  7 Hits for 30 Seconds SP: 35
    lv  7: Block  8 Hits for 35 Seconds SP: 40
    lv  8: Block  9 Hits for 40 Seconds SP: 40
    lv  9: Block 10 Hits for 45 Seconds SP: 40
    lv 10: Block 11 Hits for 50 Seconds SP: 40
    Comments: Critcal skill for Defense Support Build.
    Recommended: 0/10
    Kyrie Eleison(10)
    Requires: Lvl 2 Angelus
    Effect: Protects target from attacks for a certain duration and amount of
    Comments: Very nice skill, it will block several ammount of damage. At lvl
              10 it will block 30% of max HP. Combine it with VIT Knight for 
              an awesome result. VIT Knight = Unlimited Barrier. Nuff said. It is
              also useful for other non-Knight members in higher lv which will
              gain a nice ammount of HP.
    "At Lv10 will tank 11 times, then barrier will be reset (even though the 
    barrier still have Hit Points) ----> Check this please, because my kyrie 
    always reset after 11 hits (yes, from idiot enemy, Poring)
    Casting time is 2 sec
    source = own experience" ~Artaniel~
    again, another input from Artaniel. Gosh! he helped me a lot this time. 
    Thanx a lot anyway. You have been a great help.
    Recommended: 10
    Effect: Doubles HP and SP recovery rate for all party members.
    Comments: Very useful, for greater result, combine it with lvl 10 blessing.
    Recommneded: 3 Needed for Gloria.
    Requires: Lvl 4 Kyrie Eleison, Lvl 3 Magnificat
    Effect: Raises party's LUK stat by 30 points.
    Comments: Add 30 LUK, nuff said! A nice spell, higher slvl only adds more
              duration, I put 2 for this one.
    Recommended: 2
    B.S. Sacramenti(5)
    Requires: Lvl 5 Aspersio, Lvl 3 Gloria
    Effect: Imbues Holy Property to all party member's armor.
    Comments: Nice for PVP reason, need 2 more Acolyte or Priest near the 
              caster. Use it, once your party has been imbued with holy 
              property, Use Aspersio on you opponents and they will never hit
              you and your party.
    Recommended: 0, I don't like PVP so I don't participate much on it.
    Lex Divina(10)
    Requires: Lvl 1 Ruwach
    Effect: Causes Silence on target for a duration.
    Comments: Useful for PvP. Other use for this one is in one patch after 
              Comodo when all monsters will gain skill. It prevents them from 
              using it.
    Recommended: 5
    Turn Undead(10)
    Requires: Lvl 1 Resurrection, Lvl 3 Lex Divina
    Effect: Chance for One-Hit kill on target.  Deals Holy damage if failed.
            Undead targets only.
    Comments: Not recommend it. You are a full support, you won't need this one.
    Recommended: 0
    Lex Aeterna(1)
    Requires: Lvl 5 Lex Divina
    Effect: Doubles damage dealt to target for one hit.
    Comments: Very useful, For better result combine it with Wizard's spell or
              Sonic Blow or Double Strafe anybody O_o?
    Recommended: 1
    Magnus Exorcism(10)
    Requires: Lvl 1 Safety Wall, Lvl 3 Turn Undead, Lvl 1 Lex Aeterna
    Effect: Deals a large amount ammount of damage on Demon, Undead and Ghost.
            Even larger than any Wizard's spells.
    Comments: mmm again, you will be a support Priest so forget about it.
    Recommended: 0
    V. Acolyte/Priest Build
    Choosing skill will be your main idea on building a Full Support Priest. I 
    recommend that you go past over job 40 and take the max job 50 as an Acolyte.
    It is  the best, especially because you will want to become a good support 
    Priest with ability to support any class, anywhere, any situation.
    Popular Priest Skill's build:
    Acolyte Skill Build
    10 Heal
    5  Divine Protection
    10 Blessing
    10 Increase Agi
    1  Ruwach
    2  Teleport
    4  Warp Portal
    1  Pneuma
    2  Angelus
    1  Aqua Benedicta
    1  Cure
    With this build, you have total 47 Skill Points spent. There are still left 2
    skill points to spend. I recommend go the rest with angelus. So you will get
    lvl 4 angelus, some goes for Decrease Agi. Either way is fine.
    Popular Support Build
    4  SP recovery (reason? see my explaination below)
    1  Ressurection (or 4 it is up to you. You will want 4 if you are not fast
    1  Status Recovery
    5  Impostio Manus
    3  Suffragium
    5  Aspersio
    10 Kyrie Eleison
    3  Magnificat
    2  Gloria
    5  Lex Divina
    1  Lex Aeterna
    (6 more Angelus)
    With this build you will have total 46 skill points spent. You still have
    3 skill points to spend. You may want to spend 3 points on Resurection 
    because in one patch, resurection will have casting time and delay (please
    refer to Priest's Skill section regarding of this). The last point is free.
    But if you want maybe you can use it on B.S Sacaramenti or Gloria or another
    SP recovery. This is a natural build to kill the enemy. With this build, you
    can hunt anywhere with any class (Duet is recommended).
    Many people call me "Insane" not to take lvl 10 sp Recovery, but actually
    there are many reasons for it. First, after Comodo, SP regeneration is
    faster. Second, After Comodo, SP Recovery is based on INT so, with 99 int +
    Blessing lvl 10 + Magnificat + INT boosted (after your job reach 50) you
    will not run out of SP. Believe me! It only takes me 15 seconds to fill my
    SP from 0 to full 1050. Remember! You are now playing Full Support Priest
    which means you need to max out INT. I don't max out Gloria, because in my
    opinion, Gloria only longer the duration. So, I only spend 2 points on it.
    Aspersio is different case, I max it out because you don't want to run out
    Holy Water faster than it should be. I Try to max out Angelus for its 60%
    more def on your party (combine it with Kyrie, Shield with card Def to Race
    or Elements where you go hunting for better result). Btw I delete my previous
    build and remake it so it looks like this one. This looks exactly like my 
    previous Offense support build. The difference is, I add Cure on it. Cure and
    Status Recovery are different. Cure recover you from Physic status disorder
    (Poison, Stun, etc). While Status Recovery recover you from Magic status 
    disorder (frozen, Decrease AGI, etc). So it is very critical for you to learn
    both of them especially in WoE. And YES! I delete Sanctuary here because it is
    not worth to learn. It can heal Emperium but in lvl 1, it is rather useless.
    If you want to learn sanctuary then make it to lvl 10. But you will lost a lot
    of skill points.
    Ver 2.0 build:
    Basically, I want to add a little addition on Priest build. My previous
    build above will be called "Safe Build". The next one is my opinion so, you
    decide it. There are 2 builds here. The first one I call "Offense Support
    Build", the second one I call "Defense Support". In the term of Acolyte's
    skills and build please refer to acolyte's build above ^^ I don't want to
    retype it, it is a waste of time and I still recommend you to take lvl 5
    Angelus at the rest points of your job points.
    Defense Support Build (Thanx to S H 3 for providing me with this info)
    4  SP recovery
    3  Impositio Manus
    4  Aspersio
    3  Sanctuary
    10 Safety Wall
    1  Status Recovery
    1  Resurection
    10 Kyrie Eleison
    3  Magnificat
    2  Gloria
    5  Lex Divina
    1  Lex Aeterna
    OK! things are really different here.  This build is formerly known as MVP
    killer build. Well, yes, that is not change. This build basically is
    support for MVP hunting. lvl 10 Safety Wall is the main support here.
    Safety Wall at lvl 10 provides 11 free hits (ignoring the damage). So, you
    will have 11 hits free of damage on one member only. So, even if a Baphomet
    with his JRs attack your assasin with 4000++ damage (Bapho damage) and 700++
    damage (Bapho Jr damage) with total 1 Bapho + 4 Bapho Jr = 6800 damage. It
    is still counted as 5 hits. So your assasin will be safe for the next round
    with the same 5 hits. Just make sure you alredy cast another wall in the
    second round so you will reset the wall into 11 hits barrier. I recommend 
    a fast caster build for safety wall's casting time reason. Once your lvl
    reach 80++, you will be a great MVP killer along with your partner (of couse
    ). The drawback. With this build, you only have 5 points free points with
    non-max offense support such as suffragium at 0, Impositio at 3, aspersio at
    4. The rest 2 free points are yours to decide. Either max you angelus, max
    the rest aspersio and impositio, add more gloria, add 3 points on suffragium,
    or learn another skill you find benefit. One benefit point for this skill is
    skill monsters. Bapho for example, if he uses bash than it will count as 1
    hit and you will not worry about it too much with safety wall with you. But
    it will be different story if you fight a Dark Lord with Meteor Storm.
    Meteor Storm is multiple hits, so your wall will lost few hits with only
    1 skill.
    A little fixed up:
    - Safety Wall doesn't block any magic attack!
    - Add Magnificat on it ^^ sorry guys! this is what happen if someone send me 
      his/her build without me rechecking it.
    Trick on using it:
    1. Cast a Safety Wall on you. While the MVP start to attack you, count it.
    2. After 8-9 attack, cast another Safety Wall beside you current one.
    3. Move to the new Safety Wall after the old one worn out.
    Popular Support Build part 2 (A-Conx's build)
    4  SP recovery (reason? see my explaination below)
    1  Ressurection (or 4 it is up to you. You will want 4 if you are not fast
    1  Status Recovery
    5  Impostio Manus
    3  Suffragium
    5  Aspersio
    10 Kyrie Eleison
    3  Magnificat
    2  Gloria
    5  Lex Divina
    1  Lex Aeterna
    1/2 Decrease AGI
    (6 more Angelus)
    See this build? well he add only Decrease AGI and thus left you with 1-2 Skill
    point left. Here is my brother A-Conx comment:
    "Decrease Agi is an awesome skill. Not because of the AGI reduction but because
     the side effects of it. The first side effect is slow movement. This can kill
     even the fastest walking speed Knight using Peco2 by blocking them from 
     running away. For Hunter, this is a nightmare to be not able to run away from
     you. The second side effect is Ability block. By using this skill, you will 
     cancel any Knight's Two Hand Quicken (confirmed and tested) and prevent them 
     to use any Two Hand Quicken until the skill duration run out. Some even says
     it can cancel Hunter's Improve Concentration (not confirmed yet). And bro ^^
     thanx for the build, I like it so much"
    VI. Tips, Tricks and Strategy
    Solo Strategy
    As full Support, maybe you will rarely go solo hunting. But it will be a 
    good strategy. You know, without any shared exp, you will gain exp points 
    faster. First, when you go solo hunts, you have to see your level, solo in 
    a place that is too difficult is not a good idea. Here some places based on 
    lv that I recommend:
    Lv 1-14 : Poring, Fabre, Lunatic, your best enemy will be Roda Frog until 
              you have some good skills to support you in solo hunting. Area 
              around Prontera.
    Lv 21-30: Payon dungeon Floor 1. Here you can go heal bomb at Zombie. But
              watch out for Familiar. I suggest you have at least lv 1 
    Lv 31-40: Orc Dungeon, but beware of the Drainliar. It can give you a
              difficult time. If you ever encounter one, just teleport.
    Lv 41-50: You can try Payon dungeon Floor 3. Heal bomb on Munak and Bongun.
              Here, I advise that you do the "Hit and Run", otherwise, in this
              lv, you will be dead meat in only 3-4 hits. Watch out for mobbing
    Lv 60++ : Glast Heim Graveyard. This is the best place for you, even in
              higher lv. Heal bomb on Ghoul, Zombie Prisoner, Skeleton Prisoner,
              Wraith. In Base Lv 60, it will give you a sweet exp, but watch out
              for Hunter Fly and Mimic. Many Acolytes around 40++ alredy solo
              hunt in this place, but I don't really recommend it. It is a way
              too dificult.
    *NOTE: if you still find out that GH is too difficult for you at 60, try to
           solo hunt at Pyramid. Heal Bomb on Mummies (the place is right before
           the floor where Osiris is). It still give you sweet EXP points.
    Next, you have to prepare a shortcut. Shortcut is very important in Solo
    hunting. Your life depends on it. I recommend this shortcut:
    As Acolyte:
    F1 : Heal lv 10
    F2 : Heal lv 6
    F5 : Teleport
    F8 : Increase Agi
    F9 : Blessing
    This is how my shortcut looks like. Well, as an Acolyte, always do Blessing
    (hopefully lv 10), because it will add both damage of your heal bomb and 
    Sp regeneration. Always cast Increase Agi as well, because it will make 
    "Hit & Run" easier.
    As Priest:
    F1 : Heal lv 10
    F2 : Heal lv 6
    F3 : Lex Aeterna (if you have it)
    F4 : Magnificat (a must)
    F5 : Teleport
    F6 : Status Recovery
    F7 : Kyrie Eleison (hopefully at lv 10)
    F8 : Increase Agi
    F9 : Blessing (A must at lv 10)
    It is the same as Acolyte's set up, but it is more complex, by adding skills
    from Priest's disposal. Lex Aeterna, you should only cast it once, at the 
    beginning when the Undeads are off-guard. After that, just use plain Heal.
    Lex Aeterna will give you delay to cast the next spell which will not be
    effective if you use it too often. Magnificat is for doubling your SP 
    regeneration which will be very critical in solo hunting. Status Recovery
    will come in handy in a situation where there are too many Undeads
    surrounding you. Use it so the Undeads will likely ignore you. The effect of
    Status Recovery is to blind the Undead monster so it will like an non-
    agressive monster unless there is anyone standing beside it. Kyrie will give
    you more chance especially in lagging situation.
    A little tips, in Solo Hunting, always use "/noshift". It will enable you
    to heal bomb without having to press 'shift' button when clicking. It will 
    work like an ordinary heal. But when you go with group, please don't
    forget to write it again to disable it. Because if you don't do it, it can
    heal non-undead monster accidentally.
    Duet Strategy
    Duet, many people choose to go for Duet Hunting because it shares less exp
    and thus, lv-ing will be faster. I agree with that, in fact, I prefer to go
    duet hunting than hunting with larger group. But, the drawback is that you
    have to micro manage of your skills and timing. It is will be very difficult
    if you don't know with who, where to hunt and what skills to use.
    Ok, back to a real problem. First, in Duet Hunting, always know who is your
    partner. Different class means different way of support. These are some 
    classes that I experienced along my journey on idRO:
    Full Critical Assassin (usually with full dodging equipment)
    What I want to say, this is maybe the easiest to micro manage. Critical
    doesn't count dex, once it goes for Critical attack than it will likely hit
    the enemy. But beware, in high mob area, you have to prepare your healing.
    In high mob area, I usually do 2 healing lv 10 every one second. This may
    cause you to run out of SP, that is why, Sanctuary comes in handy. It
    requires very little ammount of SP although it require 1 blue gem but it is
    better than dying and lost 1% exp.
    Here is My setup when duet hunting with Crit Assasin:
    F1 : Heal lv 10
    F2 : Heal lv 6
    F3 : Gloria (very useful, more luk means more critical hits)
    F4 : Magnificat (You need it for yourself)
    F5 : Teleport (When the situation is bad, tell your partner to teleport 
                   using fly wing, then teleport yourself. It is risky but better 
                   than die and lost 1% exp)
    F6 : Impositio Manus (To do more damage, but I will replace it with Aspersio
                          if the place is GH graveyard, Raydric and GH Prison)
    F7 : Kyrie Eleison (Just an insurance in case of lagging)
    F8 : Increase Agi (not too sure, but in area with range attacker, I rather
                       replace it with Pneuma)
    F9 : Blessing (on Lv 10, it will help you a lot as well as the assasin. 
                   Always cast it in case it worn out. + 10 str for the assasin,
                   + 10 int for yourself. Always cast it on both of you)
    Trap Hunter (goes for LUK, DEX, INT hybrid)
    In Duetting with Trap Hunter, you have to learn where to place yourself.
    Wrong place, the enemy will chase you rather than trapped. Trap Hunters
    depend a lot on their Trap. Many people aren't sure if it is a good build, 
    but I myself have many experiences with this type of Hunter and it goes well. 
    They are great. Placing trap, arrow repeling and self-placement in one
    combination. Once you used to it, you will know they are as great as other 
    class build. One point you should always remember is "always place your char
    right behind the trap". The word "Behind" means you must see where trapped 
    monster will go in case it not dead in the current trap. The Hunter him/her 
    self usually will warn you if you wrongfully place your char. Btw forget to
    mention, in mobbing situation, Trap Hunters will use their Claymore trap
    which can clean up a number of monsters with high damage. Claymore's damage
    comes from INT, so don't forget to use blessing at them. I ever heard that
    they can take out Mistress with only 3 Claymore traps.
    My setup on grouping with this type of Hunter:
    F1 : Heal lv 10
    F2 : Heal lv 6
    F3 : Gloria (They need it for auto-blitz and damage)
    F4 : Magnificat (always)
    F5 : Teleport (in case of bad situation, but sometimes I replace it with
                   Pneuma in area with range attacker. Because with skilled Trap
                   Hunter, you will be rarely mobbed and overpowered by the 
    F6 : Impositio Manus (You don't need Aspersio, Hunters alredy have silver
                          arrow for holy element attacks)
    F7 : Kyrie Eleison (They absolutely need this, Trap Hunters are easily hit
                        and this will make them last a little longer if they
                        ever got hit)
    F8 : Increase Agi (When it is necessary, this will help them with "Hit
                       using Double Strafe & Run" Tactic)
    F9 : Blessing lv 10 (Hunters' damage comes from DEX and lv 10 blessing give
                         10 points on it, no doubt, a must)
    Agility Knight (usually goes with VIT hybrid)
    AGI Knights right now are around 80% of all existing Knights in idRO. I don't
    really understand why people choose this type over other types such as: VIT
    Lancer Knight. Theoritically, maybe because VIT Knights have difficult times
    finding a Priest as their partner. This speculation maybe true, because in 
    episodes before Comodo, Priests always run out of SP to heal VIT Knight. But
    I guess, they don't pump up Kyrie Eleison. Anyway, back to real problem. AGI
    Knights depend not only with their dodging ability (which has a significant 
    effect when they alredy have Wishper Card equipment) but also in their aspd 
    (which is very awesome! combine it with awakening potion and Two Hand Quicken
    to turn them into a killing machine). Your best support for this type of 
    Knights is Kyrie (reason: Knights still gain immense ammount of HP in higher
    lvl), Increase Agi (more AGI means more aspd and more Dodging ability) and 
    Impositio Manus or Aspersio (in "Demonic" places).
    Here is my setup with this type of Knight:
    F1 : Heal lv 10
    F2 : Heal lv 6
    F3 : Gloria (not so sure, but  LUK add  ATK power every 5 points. But in
                 Range Attacker Area, I will prefer to put Pneuma)
    F4 : Magnificat (More SP means more Heal (in your side) and more Two Hand
                     Quicken (in your partner's side))
    F5 : Teleport (Just in case. But remember to tell your partner to use fly
                   wing as well)
    F6 : Impositio Manus (more ATK is good, or replace it with Aspersio in
                          "Demonic" Places)
    F7 : Kyrie Eleison (Essential to keep Knight's HP at steady state and keep
                        you from uneeded healing)
    F8 : Increase AGI (As I told in the intro)
    F9 : Blessing lv 10 (More ATK & DEX: nuff word! Always cast it once it wear
                         out on your Partner and yourself)
    VIT Lancer Knight
    This type of Knight depends a lot with their spear to pierce the enemy down.
    What I try to say, VIT Lancer Knight depends a lot on their skills. 
    Therefore, they will need a lot of help on SP regeneration. Thus, Magnificat
    and Blessing lv 10 come in handy. Skilled Lancer Knight always knows how to
    manage their skill so they will not run out of SP in emergency situation and
    with your help, they will become a barbaric killing machine. VIT based Knight
    will not be very friendly if you depend initally on your healing. In hunting
    with VIT Knight, Kyrie will be some kind of "replacement" of healing. Use it
    on them periodically. You can tell that the Kyrie run out when the Knight
    receives any damage. One note: Always cast Kyrie, anytime you can, it is 
    more helpful than depending on your healing ability.
    Neil Gaulino's Tip:
    "hello,this is for a duet with a vit lancer knight,i play pRO.
    bring a vit knight with you in aldebaran (make sure he has brandish spear) 
    where the high orcs are, (i have a hide clip) tell the knight to wait in one 
    place,(he/she is a vit type.wnt die easily) cast kyrie,increase agi to him/her 
    and you.then run around,collect all d HO and lead em back to d knight,hide,then 
    tell the knight to brandish his nasty looking spear and voila! no HO left.
                                                           i hope this was useful."
    ~Gaulino's Tip~
    Surely friend ^^ it is very useful ^^
    My setup for This type of Knight:
    F1 : Heal lv 10
    F2 : Heal lv 6
    F3 : Angelus (hopefully at lv 10)
    F4 : Magnificat (For both of you)
    F5 : Teleport (Just in case, but I rather replace it with Pneuma, VIT Knight
                   doesn't get too much difficult time in mobbing situation. 
                   Moreover, skilled Knight always alredy has immense of Def 
                   from their equipment. Lancer has Brandish Spear which is great
                   in handling mobbing)
    F6 : Impositio/Aspersio (you choose which place you go)
    F7 : Kyrie (Essential! if needed, always cast it periodically. Let's say 
                every 20 seconds will be enough)
    F8 : Lex Aeterna (Use it to double their piercing damage)
    F9 : Blessing lv 10 (additional ATK, DEX and INT needed by them)
    Dual Dagger Assassin
    As basic, you should know that Dual Dagger Assassin depends a lot on high
    damage. They usually goes for DEX (which Full Critical Assassin doesn't 
    need). In addition, they usually have 2 weapon (usually daggers) with 
    additional Element or Slotted Cards (Races advantage or Elemental advantage).
    Dual Dagger Assassins usually decide themselves where to hunt. In fact, they 
    are the one who know their weapons' advantages. Skilled Dual Dagger Assassins 
    know when and where to use each weapons. To support them is not difficult. 
    It is the same as Critical Assassins. Impositio Manus/aspersio will effect 
    them more. They rely on high damage of their weapons, Impositio give a lot of
    advantages for this. So this will be your essential skill.
    My setup for this type of Assassin:
    F1 : Heal lv 10
    F2 : Heal lv 6
    F3 : Gloria (It adds a little significant damage)
    F4 : Magnificat
    F5 : Teleport (I rather replace it with Pneuma when it comes to place with
                   range attacker)
    F6 : Impositio/Aspersio (Essential! if possible, replace Gloria with
                             one of this so you can combine Impositio + Aspersio
                             for high damage in "Demonic" places)
    F7 : Kyrie Eleison (Same reason as others)
    F8 : Increase Agi (hopefully at 10, it will help them with dodging ability &
                       aspd. Dual Dagger have lower aspd than Katar)
    F9 : Blessing lv 10 (+10 to STR and DEX, enough reason! Don't forget to
                         cast it when it runs out)
    Falcon Hunter (Previously known as "PowerHouse Hunter")
    Hunter type that depends a lot from their falcon and auto-blitz. This type of
    Hunter is maybe the most destructive and elusive among others. They can deal 
    a large ammount of damage with free SP from auto-blitz. Blitz Beat is also 
    good at handling mob. They sometimes use Ankle Snare too. Different from 
    previous Trap Hunter, When mobbed, they prefer to trap the enemies and finish 
    them with auto-blitz (at higher Base Lv) or Blitz Beat (at lower Base Lv). 
    Gloria here will effect a lot. It will make the falcon attack like there is 
    no tomorrow. Skilled Falcon Hunter will know when to use Blitz Beat, Double 
    Strafe and "Hit & Run" tactic. Impositio will give them even more damage. 
    Because Falcon Hunters usually goes for DEX & LUK Hybrid and they usually 
    do critical damage too (which will be very high if you combine it with 
    Impositio Manus). One weak point of Falcon Hunters is that they are really 
    vulnerable to an attack, so Healing and Kyrie will be your best skills here.
    They usually go for "Hit & Run" tactic for non-mob situation.
    My setup for this type of Hunter:
    F1 : Heal lv 10
    F2 : Heal lv 6
    F3 : Gloria (Important! Always cast it if it wear out)
    F4 : Magnificat (They need it for Blitz Beat, Arrow Repel and Double Strafe)
    F5 : Teleport (Rather replace it with Pneuma in area with range attacker)
    F6 : Impositio Manus (Even more damage 0_o! I love it when they combine it
                          with Double Strafe and Lex Aeterna)
    F7 : Kyrie Eleison (Very important! Don't forget to always cast it again once
                        it wear out)
    F8 : Increase Agi (Very good, especially because you will do "Hit & Run" a
    F9 : Blessing lv 10 (Don't need to explain, it adds both DEX and INT)
    *NOTE: If you play in area with no range attacker, try to use my tactic.
           Replace your Teleport with Lex Aeterna. Here, you must have a good
           communication & timing. I myself tell my partner to do Double Strafe 
           every 5 hits. So count it, once it reaches 5, cast Lex Aeterna and 
           you will see the result yourself. It requires good timing, practice 
           it and you will love it.
    AGI Hunter (I ever see one of them and they title him 'AK-47' in the guild)
    AK-47? yes! They are fast shooter and very nimble too. This type of hunter
    depends a lot on their ability to do fast attack! Yes, at max lvl, they shoot
    like there is no tomorrow. They usually equip themselves with dodging and
    agi up equipment (such as Wishper card and Yoyo card). Combine it with
    Awakening Potion and increase AGI (your skill) and there! you have your own
    a Machine Gun (AK-47? LOL). This type of Hunter depends a lot from their
    fast attacking, they can do high damage using double strafe (like Falcon
    Hunter) but they don't depend a lot from Auto-Blitz. But, it will be still
    very useful if you cast Gloria, it will give significant possibility for the
    falcon to attack. They depend on trap too. But it is only Ankle Snare not the
    high explosive Claymore. Usually they will do "Hit & Run" tactic so, your
    Increase AGI will play a lot here. Impositio just to make their damage even
    higher. Btw, even if they are nimble, but you can always count on your Kyrie
    to make them last longer.
    My setup for this type of Hunter:
    F1 : Heal lv 10
    F2 : Heal lv 6
    F3 : Gloria (not as usefull as used on Falcon Hunter, but.. it still works 
    F4 : Magnificat
    F5 : Teleport (replace it with Pneuma in area with range attacker or with
                   Lex Aeterna with the same reason as the Falcon Hunter)
    F6 : Impositio Manus (more damage)
    F7 : Kyrie Eleison (Insurance and still very useful)
    F8 : Increase AGI (your best bet in playing with all type of Hunters for
                       "Hit & Run" tactic and with this type of Hunter for their
                       aspd addition. Hopefully you have this at lv 10)
    F9 : Blessing lv 10 (All type of char need this one)
    Frost Diver + Jupitel Thunder Wizard
    This type of Wizards are my favourite amongs other Wizard type. How does it 
    works? First, they cast Frost Diver on the enemy so the enemy will be frozen. 
    The frozen enemy will likely change their attribute to water. After that, 
    they will finish it with Jupitel Thunder which will throw the enemy and give 
    a beautiful damage. Because Jupitel Thunder does 2x damage to water 
    attribute. Your best  support skills are: Blessing lv 10, Magnificat, 
    Sufragium (hopefully at 3) and Lex Aeterna. Blessing will add damage 
    (from +10 INT) and reduce casting time (from +10 DEX). Magnificat will give 
    them unlimitted ammount of SPs for the Wizard. Sufragium will reduce even 
    more significant time for casting all spells. But beware, because both You 
    and Wizard are very vulnerable to an attack. This is where your Kyrie will 
    play a lot. Just hope that your partner have alredy had phen card equipment.
    Even if not, you can always count on your Kyrie although I really recommend 
    you build a fast caster Priest for this reason.
    Strategy from Elmdor (A priest who always duets with Wizard):
    1. Tanker and Nimble type of priest can both goes well, the problem only on
       the number of monsters that can be tanked by the priest.
    2. For non-water, Lex Aterna will be useless because once the monster is
       frozen, the effect of Lex Aeterna wears out as well. But for water 
       element mosters, Lex Aeterna is a must. Water element + LA + JT = instant
       death ^^
    For anolian with 18k HP, LA+JT=almost always instant death. For tanker 
    priest, you can tank up to 5-6 anolian at lv 90++. Lower than 90 you can tank
    up 2-3 anolian. Without LA (Lex Aeterna), 1 anolian need 2 JT (Jupitel 
    My comment: Nice ^^ thanx, he believes me for the shortcut so here we go!
    My Setup for this type of Wizard:
    F1 : Heal lv 10
    F2 : Heal lv 6
    F3 : Lex Aeterna
    F4 : Magnificat
    F5 : Teleport/Pneuma (I prefer to Pneuma, because with skilled Wizard, you
                          will never be overpowered)
    F6 : Sufragium lv 3
    F7 : Kyrie Eleison
    F8 : Increase Agi (In case enemy spawns right behind you or the Wizard, they
                       can easily run from it)
    F9 : Blessing lv 10 (More damage, reduced casting time and more SP regen. Nuff
                         word! Always have this at your shortcut)
    *Note: To cast Lex Aeterna with Wizard as your partner is easier than Hunter,
           because they have casting time. But still, you need to practice the 
    Fire Wall Wizard
    Never have experience with this kind of wizard. They actually always go for
    solo hunting. So, maybe you will rarely meet them too as partner >.<
    Anyway elmdor told me that in lower lv, they can be a good partner and they
    need us. Especially for job 1 (Acolyte and Magician).
    Here is the strategy from Elmdor:
    1. Nimble Priest works well here because the priest will be a bait rather 
       than a tank.
    2. Lex Aeterna is not important because Fire Wall is Multiple Hits
    3. Just for low levelers. (At higher lv, they prefer to go for solo hunting)
    My experience with Fire Wall Wizard is when I was still an aco with my brother
    at Argiope map. For mage, believe it or not, grouping with Acolyte as bait 
    (of course with the help of Increase AGI) is faster on gaining lv than 
    soloing. Maybe about 150-200% faster because the bait (Me as Acolyte) can
    take them (the monsters) to the middle of the wall (which is very effective).
    At higher lv, I start to feel uncomfortable with FW (Fire Wall) Wizard because
    I can't use LA. For Clock Tower 2nd floor, I prefer to tank->LA->JT or 
    tank->SG rather than FW. FW is skill for solo hunting. At higher lv Wizzie
    that is duetting with priest won't use FW even if the enemy's weekness is
    fire. If even there is duet hunting for high lv wiz and priest using FW, than
    it will not go well for the Wizzie.
    My comment: That is all, I guess I will add shortcut for Aco only.
    My setup based on Elmdor's strategy as an Acolyte:
    F1 : Heal lv 10
    F2 : Heal lv 6
    F3 : Heal lv 4
    F5 : Teleport
    F8 : Increase AGI (for baiting the enemy to the middle of the wall)
    F9 : Blessing lv 10
    *Note: I guess this will be a good way to lv-up, I mean Argiope gives
           immense amount of exp points at lower lv.
    Storm Gust Wizard
    Well, I have my own version of this duet strategy. But I guess elmdor's
    strategy a nice one too. Check out both, you will not sorry ^^
    My strategy:
    My strategy with this type of Wizards, they use combo of ice wall and Storm
    Gust. So, prepare yourself, because you will be the bait (yeah! running away
    and sometimes it is scary but it is fun ^^). Use Increase AGI on yourself,
    run away like there is no tomorrow. Collect monsters and go to the Wizard. If
    the timing is right, the enemy will be trapped at the Ice Wall and you are
    safe ^^ or else, but if in some situation you are trapped too, then prepare 
    to always use heal on you while they (your wizzard partners) are casting SG.
    Suffragium works well here. I want to recommend Elmdor's strategy and 
    actually want to try it. I think it is better than mine.
    Elmdor's strategy with SG Wizzard:
    1. Tanker Priest are recommended here
    2. Suffragium is more important here than LA (Lex Aeterna). Suffragium has
       delay on casting the next spell (the same exactly like LA but its delay is
       longer). Just make sure you are not dead meat because you can't cast heal
       after sufragium.
    3. If in any case the enemies are still alive after SG, than likely they will
       be frozen. Usually it will be over with only 2 or 3 JT each monster.
    My experience with this Wizard. My priest always goes to orc CT (in 
    uderground lvl). The trick is simple, but high VIT is needed.
    1. Tank 5-6 high Orc, more will be OK (but make sure you know what you are 
    2. Wizzie cast SG
    3. non stop Heal
    4. SG casted, cash in your exp & loot ^^
    Why VIT? because the power of SG is to kick a lot of monsters' ass in one
    round of SG. So, it means mob tanking (which will not work well on AGI type
    char such as Assassin and nimble Priest of course ^^). Mob tanking is not
    friendly for AGI chars.
    My comment: nice ^^ wonder why I never think about this.
    Well, based on both strategy (mine and elmdors) I recommend this setup:
    F1 : Heal lv 10
    F2 : Heal lv 6
    F3 : Lex Aeterna
    F4 : Magnificat
    F5 : Teleport/Pneuma
    F6 : Suffragium
    F7 : Kyrie Eleison (insurance! Wizards are really vulnerable to an attack)
    F8 : Increase AGI (nice to collect monsters)
    F9 : Blessing lv 10
    This is the one I rarely met. But finally I got a chance to group with one of 
    them (fortunately a good one). Well, they depend on high STR and their 
    speciality is high support, good mob control and nice selection of weapon. Btw,
    amongs all the melee class, they have the most DEX. thanx to their Weapon 
    Reaserch skill which add DEX like the Hunter's Owl Eye Skill. Although they
    somtimes have Light Epsilon (Holy Elemental Axe). But when grouping with us, 
    they prefer to use Two Hand Axe with Cards. Because it gives more damage than
    they do while using Light Epsilon. So guys still bring some Holy Water with 
    you. They usually only bring Light Epsilon in Solo Hunting. Battle Priest with
    Maces will love to group with them because they can cover and benefit each 
    other. Priest's Mace can benefit from: Adrenaline Rush, Power Thurst.
    My setup on this class:
    F1 : Heal lv 10
    F2 : Heal lv 6
    F3 : Gloria/Angelus (Gloria for AGI type BS or Angelus for VIT type BS)
    F4 : Magnificat (BattleSmith's Skills consume a LOT of SP so this skill will 
                     cover that)
    F5 : Teleport
    F6 : Impositio/Aspersio
    F7 : Kyrie Eleison lv 10
    F8 : Increase AGI lv 10
    F9 : Blessing lv 10
    Grand Cross Crusader
    Grand Cross build rely on high INT. Ones rarely met but from time to time 
    become more and more popular. The reason of Grand Cross-er Crusader rarity in 
    the past because of the difficulties of high INT Swordman phrase. But it is not
    ours to concern ^^ In fact, this is a Priest FAQ. So back to topic, Grand Cross
    Crusaders are really powerful in Dark element monsters dungeon. After Amatsu and
    monster's replacement, GH Barrack becomes an awesome Hunting place for us 
    (Priest and Grand Cross-er). In the past it was filled with Joker and Raydrics.
    Now there are Raydrics of all types with higher spawn rate and Khalitzburg not
    to mention the Dino sized Abyssmal. IF the Crusader has 99 INT then it will be 
    one hit dead to Raydrics. The only thing you need to do is bring a mob of 
    Raydrics to the crusader, non-stop heal and VIOLA! dead Raydrics and 
    Khalitzburg, loot your items and EXP ^^ repeat.
    My setup for this class:
    F1 : Heal lv 10
    F2 : Heal lv 6
    F3 : Angelus lv 10 (A must, Crusader has lower HP than Knight but awesome DEF 
                        thus the effect of this skill is awesome)
    F4 : Magnificat (Crusader need SP to execute Grand Cross Thus this skill is 
    F5 : Teleport (Just in case)
    F6 : Impositio Manus (to add ATK in case not all monsters die in one hit just
                          hit with normal attack supported by this)
    F7 : Kyrie Eleison lv 10 (Make it easier for you to mob train the monsters)
    F8 : Increase AGI lv 10 (One skill to support you in mob train)
    F9 : Blessing lv 10 (Priest's most essential skill. No doubt about it)
    Addition note: They have a skill called Devotion. So you should not worry too
                   much about making a mob train once you are near them.
    Battle Rogue (Backstaber type + Hybrid Backstaber and Striper)
    What is so amazing about this class is because they have almost none of 
    forbidden hunting area. High Flee monster as high as Wanderer can be defeated 
    using backstab. They have nice aspd and flee rate. Better defense than those of 
    Assasin, thanx to allowance of wearing shield (Buckler). Their only forbidden
    place is high DEF monster Dungeon. Not much to say about this char though but
    they are powerful in many ways.
    My setup for this class:
    F1 : Heal lv 10
    F2 : Heal lv 6
    F3 : Gloria lv 3 or Aspersio (For obvious reason)
    F4 : Magnificat (for the need of SPs for back stabing)
    F5 : Teleport
    F6 : Impositio Manus (More attack is good)
    F7 : Kyrie Eleison (can I say because now the animation is cooler hehehe JK)
    F8 : Increase AGI lv 10 (Dodging purposes)
    F9 : Blessing lv 10
    Bow Rogue (Usually goes for Striper type)
    Bow Rogue has high DEX and high damage (not as high as Hunter though), has 
    lower aspd than hunter though but higher Flee than hunter's. They have simpler
    build. So you just need to use setup of DEX AGI Hunter. They are very resembles
    only that Rogue don't have access to Falcon.
    My setup for this class:
    F1 : Heal lv 10
    F2 : Heal lv 6
    F3 : Gloria lv 3 (add a little ATK)
    F4 : Magnificat (For Double Strafing)
    F5 : Teleport
    F6 : Impositio Manus (Add ATK)
    F7 : Kyrie Eleison
    F8 : Increase AGI
    F9 : Blessing
    Note: Their strip skill rarely used in hunting. Except I met some Rogues using
          skill and they works well although it is not as effective as it does in
          PvP or WoE.
    Support Sage (high DEX INT build)
    To be honest, I recommend you go for Three members group which included another
    Wizard on it. It works awesome for 3 people Group with Sage, Priest and Wizard
    in the party. VIT Priest can do Angelus and do the Mob train while the sage use
    his/her support and Wizard finish all of them in a few rounds. Anyway if you got
    chance to met one with Duet, you may imagine a mage with higher damage ^^ and 
    cooler looking ^^ (gotta love the sprite of Sage).
    My setup here:
    F1 : Heal lv 10
    F2 : Heal lv 6
    F3 : Angelus lv 10(This is used by you, yes! you as tanker)
    F4 : Magnificat
    F5 : Teleport
    F6 : Suffragium
    F7 : Kyrie Eleison
    F8 : Increase AGI lv 10
    F9 : Blessing lv 10
    Overall comment
    My comment: You don't need to follow all the strategy on duetting but they 
                all are based on my experience. You may have your own strategy.
    Elmdor's Comment (regarding duet with Wizzie):
    "For almost all type of Wizzie, tanker build is highly recommended because the
    priest will be a bait, a tank and in the same time a support. Another reason
    for this because Priest and Wizzie are 2 of the weakest characters in RO for
    both equipment's def and HP. If not a tanker Priest, than it will be a ruin if
    in any case there is a situation of high mobbing. LA will be the main support
    for all type of Wizzie except FW. Suffragium, not as good as it is because the
    delay after casting that is really brrrrrrr....
    So in general, it is the same with Trio Wizzie/Priest/Knight but the function
    of Knight and Priest are combined in one (you as priest)" 
    Large Group Hunting Strategy
    This is Tricky, I will not discuss all possible combinations that in large
    group. Rather you decide it yourself based on Duet strategy, you must have
    learn something. Here, I will add some strategies which may help you in large
    Battle Mode
    In Juno Patch, my country RO got some system called Battle Mode (activated 
    using /bm on the chat screen). There are 3 bars in the next patches of RO. The
    first one symbolized with '1' that can be seen near lower left border of 
    shortcuts. The second one symbolized with '2' and the last one with '3' in the
    same place. It can be switched using F12 key. If you use /bm or battle mode, 
    you can access the skills put in the 2nd and 3rd bar while still accessing the 
    1st bar. /bm will enable the alphabet in Keyboard as a shortcut key with this 
    2nd bar		Related Key(in /bm)
      F1		        'q'
      F2			'w'
      F3			'e'
      F4			'r'
      F5			't'
      F6			'y'
      F7			'u'
      F8			'i'
      F9			'o'
    3rd bar		Related Key(in /bm)
      F1			'a'
      F2			's'
      F3			'd'
      F4			'f'
      F5			'g'
      F6			'h'
      F7			'j'
      F8			'k'
      F9			'l'
    So, for example, if you put Lex Aeterna on F3 Slot in the 2nd Bar then in 
    battle mode, you can access to this skill by pressing 'e' key on the keyboard.
    I admit, this is the biggest addition especially for Priest consider the many
    useful skill need to be put in the shortcuts and the shorcuts bar only got 9 
    skill to be accessed. With this mode, you may access 9x3 = 27 skills using 
    shortcuts. Be creative when making the shortcut in battle mode. For example,
    Put Lex Aeterna in 3rd Bar -> F1 Key will result you use 'a' in the battle mode
    and it is esier to remember. By putting Lex Divina in 'd' key, it is a lot 
    easier to remember, isn't it? and it is fun as well. Happy shortcutting ^^
    Pneuma Allocation Trick
    First, you should know the basic of Pneuma. Pneuma will neutralize all range
    attack in area around it. Here is the basic knowledge of it.
    o = area around Pneuma that is still affected from Pneuma, thus standing on
        this point will be not affected by range attack
    P = the Pneuma itself.
    Second, Pneuma only lasts for 10 second so be prepared if it is run out. But
    usually in large group, you will have only 1-2 round(s) of Pneuma to finish
    off all the enemies.
    Third you can't cast another Pneuma right beside it. You can only cast 
    another 2 square from it.
    P = Pneuma
    o = Area that is still affected by Pneuma, forbidden to cast another Pneuma
    a = Area that is still forbidden to cast another Pneuma
    b = Area that is available for another Pneuma
    Now, let's go with the fun things on using this skill. First of all, you have
    to decide where to place your Pneuma. If your partner is a range attacker
    such as: Wizards and Hunters then place Pneuma right under their feet. If your
    attacker is melee such as: Knight and Assasins, then place Pneuma right under
    their feet then cast it one more time right under the range enemies feet.
    Reason? so after your melee attacker finishes with the enemy he currently 
    taken care, than he can charge the range enemies without having to worry 
    getting hit. Why if your attacker is range you don't need to cast another 
    pneuma under enemy feet? because they are range as well and they don't have 
    to move to other place to hit the enemy. It is that simple, but it requires 
    practice because Pneuma only lasts for 10 second. You have to manage your 
    timing so the ranged enemy damage will be minimum.
    VII. Recommended Equipment
    Head  : Birreta 1 slot (Elder Willow Card: +2 INT)
    Armor : Saint Robe 1 slot (Baby Desert Wolf Card: +1 INT)
    Robe  : For Nimble Healer, can use Muffler slot 1 (Wisper Card: +20% flee)
    Weapon: Arc Wand, Bone Wand (Both wands Give more INT)
    Shield: Buckler 1 slot (Card with Def of Elements/Races)
    Shoes : Shoes 1 slot (Sohee Card: + 20% MSP or Eggyra card: + 15% SP regen)
    Thanx to Artaniel again, to remind me about eggyra card. You can choose
    between using Sohee or Eggyra card both have their own advantage).
    Elmdor's Equipment
    This is recommended for VIT Priest, but goes well with other types
    Head   : slot bireta (elder willow), monk hat 
    Armor  : saint robe (steel chonchon)
    Robe   : muffler (raydric)
    Weapon : staff (triple fabre), arc wand(dual fabre)
    Shield : buckler (ambernite)
    Shoes  : shoes (matyr)
    Well, Elmdor is my main reference for duetting with Wizzard.
    God Equipment of VIT Priest and Popular Build Priest:
    Head   : Spiky Band   
    Armor  : saint robe (steel chonchon)
    Robe   : muffler (raydric)
    Weapon : staff (triple fabre), arc wand(dual fabre)
    Shield : Various Buckler With Race advantages Card of course along with the 
             highest Upgrade avaiable with your wallet ^^
             Buckler 1: Thara Frog (Cut damage of Demi-Human including player)
             Buckler 2: Orc Warrior (Cut damage of Brutal Monster)
             Buckler 3; Khalitzburg (Cut damage of Undead and Demon Monster)
             Those three are the ones you should have immediately.
    Shoes  : shoes (matyr)
    Acc 1  : Safety Ring (Dropped by Maya)
    Acc 2  : Safety Ring
    The Head gear and the Acc are dropped by monster so it will be very difficult
    to obtain one of them. But this is the best Equipment so far. Dunno in the 
    future with new updates coming.
    VIII. Possible Effect and build of alternate class
    Alternate class. It is maybe the biggest addition in the world of Ragnarok
    Online. Maybe you will think that this new classes are another version of the
    original 2nd class. I have done some research on this class and to be honest,
    these alternate classes are really different and IMO, these alternate classes
    are very advance as well. For example, Crusader which is the alternate class
    of Knight is not "another Knight" with different weapon. Alternate classes are
    very different and unique. Many people say that some alternate classes will
    have a possibility to replace priest. Well, so far, the only support character
    is priest and it is true that some alternate classes actually are support 
    characters. But I only say this once! Those alternate classes will not be able
    to replace even 1 priest and IMHO the best support character will be still us
    (Priests and Priestess). This statement espceially for those who worry that
    Priest will be replaceable. Well, for me, those alternate classes actually
    only other variations and 'colors' in RO world and I believe that Knights,
    Assasins, Wizards and Hunters are not replaceable and they are unique. Why
    I am telling you this? because I think people judge altrenate classes too far.
    OK now, let's begin with our disscussion about these classes.
    Name: Crusader
    Alternate of: Knight
    Description: In the legend, Crusaders are known as "Holy Warrior". They are
                 Knight with the power of White Magic. In RO, they almost resemble
                 this legend. Crusader's Offensive Skills mostly using Shield.
                 They also have a skill that raise their Hit Points (HP) a lot!!
                 I heard they even have more natural HP addition each lvl. They
                 also have some skills that may take a lot of damage. They can
                 also receive your party member's damage. Some think they are
                 support character that can manipulate damage with VIT build. They
                 also have healing spell (the one exactly the same as priest).
                 They also have Spear Quicken ability that add 30 aspd which is
                 awesome consider that Dopplegangger card add 33 aspd. With this
                 skill, some people even preparing an AGI Crusader.
    Effect: This one will NEVER replace Priest. Their natural SP growth is not as
            good as priest. Even with Healing spell, they don't have high Natural
            SP regeneration and they don't have Magnificat spell which effect the 
            SP regeneration a lot. Even with INT build I don't think it help much 
            as support character becuase they don't have any other support spells
            and most importantly, if they build an INT crusader then they will
            suffer their Swordman Phrase. As fighter I will say they are great.
            Kyrie will effect a lot and even with AGI build they have a vast
            ammount of HP and DEF.
    Name: Rogue
    Alternate of: Assasin
    Description: Rogues are another offense class in RO and with their Ankle
                 Snare, Vulture Eye and Double Strafe with the availbility to Bow
                 Class weapon some people build a Bow Rogue type. Using Dagger,
                 they are another great character and unique too. Their backstab
                 can do 700% damage and 100% Hit. But it require a lot of SP and
                 it have to be done from behind the enemy.
    Effect: Don't worry, they are another fighter class and they don't have any
            support skills.
    Name: Alchemist
    Alternate of: Blacksmith
    Description: Alchemist is summoner type class. Not much known about this
                 class. Even in the Korea RO itself, the strongest summon
                 called Homonculus is still not available to summon. So not much
                 to say about this class.
    Effect: none. For today
    Name: Monk
    Alternate of: Acolyte
    Description: The "Hottest" Alternate Class of all. Many people are amazed by
                 the number of damage they can deliver. Yes!! They are strong
                 but I will only tell you once, they are absolutely depend on
                 Priest. Why? many reason for this. First, Combo needs SP and 
                 with Monks lack of INT It will be bullshit!! They need Magnificat
                 and Bless (they may have this but they will rather spend the SPs
                 for Combo purpose).
    Effect: One of the offense class. Don't worry.
    Name: Bard/Dancer
    Alternate of: Archer (Male for Bard and Female for Dancer)
    Description: Now now now. This ones are what many support priests/priestess
                 worry about. OK! They have amazing unbelievable ultimate support.
                 Better than those of Priests/Priestess IMHO. But I see one weak
                 point of why this class can't support as good as priest. Why?
                 Two answer: "SP regeneration" & "Heal". They don't have those
                 two most important category. They are very lack of SP recovery
                 not to consider that their Skills consume a lot of SPs. They 
                 absolutely need priest for Magnificat (which I want to say is the
                 best Priest's Spell at this time).
    Effect: Well, as I told you, this one need you. So it is a possibility that
            you wil go trio or kwartet a lot with them (just in case you haven't
            known this, they can combine their skills ^^)
    Name: Sage
    Alternate of: Mage
    Description: So far, this is my favourite class. Why? because they can
                 manipulate so many things. Their speciality is Element
                 manipulation. For me, they are half-support. They can be very
                 useful in the battlefield and WoE. Even in WoE, if you have a
                 nice build, they can play an important role there.
    Effect: They don't have heal (OK! they can use Vitata but *sigh* How long 
            you will have to wait until they can fully replenish your HP).
    Final Word: Just to remind you, "ALTERNATE CLASS IS NOT THE ULTIMATE CLASS!!!
    IX.   Alternative Priest Build
    This section is for those who don't really enjoy the path of "support" rather
    than that, they choose to make an alternate build but sometimes, people have
    the wrong perception about this alternate class and the worst part, they got
    the wrong idea about it. These builds are not bad but if you make it because
    of a wrong reason, I am affraid you will regret it. So, here we go!
    Turn Undead Priest
    - Choose this build if you:
         1. You have a castle. To be specific, the Britoniah (Geffen) ones.
         2. Know the risk of unmaxed Priest's Supporting skill. But it is a good
            way to lvl anyway. Because you can take this build in order to gain 
            faster lvl gaining. Espcially if you are want to lvl your Priest into
            High Priest stage fast enough.
    - Don't choose this build if you:
         1. Got a lot of times to play a Support Priest, I think Support Priest 
            with a solid Group and a nice castle will lvl up faster (Recommended:
            Luina Castle in group lvl-ing)
         2. Don't have a castle at all. Still it is highly recommended the 
            Britoniah Castles since they are filled with Undead and a little 
            non-Undead wich should be no prob for a Hybrid Priest.
         3. Think that you can turn the non-Undead monsters become Undead. So you
            will be able to heal bomb them.
    Prelude to Turn Undead Priest
    OK! why would you choose Turn Undead Priest? Well because the build will 
    provide you with fast exp in higher lvl especially in the Britoniah Castle.
    The guild dungeon in Britoniah. Specifically, in Geffen guild dungeon you 
    should meet these: Wraith Dead, Zombie Master, Mini Demon, Ghostring and Dark
    Lord (Spawn rarely here). So the Wraith Dead and Zombie Master here will give 
    you a very sweet exp points. If you ever run into Mini Demon and Ghostring just
    tele yourself. You got everything to do solo hunting in this place.
    ~End of Prelude~
    Now let's move into the build. There are 2 types of build here. The one is the
    Pure TU Build. While the other one Hybrid TU Build.
    Pure TU build
    Pure TU Build advantages:
    - With high lvl of TU and high stat of DEX and LUK, you are master of Undead 
    - Faster EXP (Of course), in fact that Undead has high HP but dead in almost 
      less than 5 hit with this build thanx to your high LUK and it is very fast 
      casting thanx to your high DEX.
    Pure TU Build disadvantages:
    - With your weird build (high DEX and LUK), you will be likely kicked from your
      guild. If not than this build is great. But if yes (you got kicked), your 
      best bets are GH Prison and GH Church (a.k.a after monster replacement in 
      Amatsu Patch). In these dungeons, your exp gain is average. It is equal as 
      other solo classes.
    - You will rarely met someone who is willing to do a group hunting with you.
    - Only effective in higher lvl.
    - Phen Card is a must.
    Pure TU Acolyte Build (job 50 still highly recommended)
    10 Heal
     5 Divine Protection
    10 Blessing
    10 Increase AGI
     1 Ruwach
     2 Teleport
     4 Warp Portal
     1 Pneuma
     1 Aqua Benedicta
     1 Cure
    (4 Angelus)
    The major build is actually the same as the Support ones but with free 4 
    angelus points. You won't be able to maxed it anyway. The use of Increase AGI
    is for your hit and run tactic. So it is fixed with this build.
    Pure TU Priest Build
     4 SP Recovery
     5 Impositio Manus
     3 Suffragium
     3 Aspersio
     1 Status Recovery
     4 Resurection
    10 Kyrie Eleison
     3 Gloria
     3 Lex Divina
    10 Turn Undead
     3 Magnificat
    This is the major build of the Pure TU build. Well, rearange it in your own
    creativity. Just see this as one of the examples. The real build can be 
    variated in many ways. But the lvl 10 TU is a must.
    Stat Build
    Begin with 9 INT, 9 DEX, 9 LUK
    INT 40
    DEX 40
    LUK 20
    INT 80
    DEX 75
    LUK 60
    AGI 2
    VIT 26
    INT 85
    LUK 69
    Final Stat:
    STR  1
    AGI  2
    VIT 26
    INT 85
    DEX 75
    LUK 69
    This is my order you may try your own or made your own stat build. The 2 AGI
    means nothing, it is just several points left that can't be spend anywhere ^^
    OK! So your lack of INT can be covered with Magnificat, that's why it is on 
    your skills list. Gloria effect your TU greatly so, use it eventually. The best
    equip can get is:
    R Hand : Rod[4] (attach all slots with Lunatic Cards)
    L Hand : Buckler[1] (there are 2 main cards that will benefit you greatly: 
                         Thara Frog Card for WoE purpose and Khalitzburg Card for
                         Hunting down your Undead purpose)
    U Head : Apple o' Archer (+3 Dex is nice)
    M Head : Opera Masque (Armor DEF + 1 surely will help)
    L Head : Alredy used by Opera Masque
    Armor  : Saint Robe[1] (with Steel Chonchon card for +2 DEF)
    Robe   : Muffler[1] (Raydric, cut damage from almost everything, it will cover 
                         your lack of DEF by VIT)
    Shoe   : Shoes[1] (Eggyra Card will help your SP regen aside your magnificat)
    Acc1   : Glove[1] (Zerom for +4 DEX surely will help)
    Acc2   : Glove[1] (Zerom for the same reason above)
    Hybrid TU build
    Hybrid TU Build advantages:
    - You still use the cheapness of TU while gain some Support skills.
    - With Support Skill and hybrid stat, you will rarely got kicked from the guild
      and gain more chance in gaining Castle which hopefully the Britoniah one. 
      Even if it is not in Britoniah you still have the ability to become a Support
      Priest and gain the advantages of high Group EXP gaining.
    Hybrid TU Build disadvantages:
    - Not as fast as the pure one, surely.
    - Low TU lvl is all about.
    - Only effective in even higher lvl than the Pure TU one.
    - Phen Card is a must.
    Hybrid TU Acolyte Build (Again, job 50 is a must)
    10 Heal
     5 Divine Protection
    10 Blessing
    (? Increase AGI)
     1 Ruwach
     2 Teleport
     4 Warp Portal
     1 Pneuma
     1 Aqua Benedicta
     1 Cure
    (? Angelus)
    Here, you need to reareange the the Increase AGI and Angelus yourself. Maxed 
    one of it and spend the rest of your points into the rest. See the ones who 
    will serve you well depend on your stat build. If your build got more DEX then 
    maxed out Increase AGI for hit and run purpose. If your build got more VIT then
    maxed out the Angelus for defensive purpose and Increase AGI for Hit and Run 
    Hybrid TU Priest Build
     4 SP Recovery
     5 Impositio Manus
     3 Suffragium
     5 Aspersio
     1 Status Recovery
     4 Resurection
    10 Kyrie Eleison
     3 Gloria
     5 Lex Divina
     1 Lex Aeterna
     3 Magnificat
     5 Turn Undead
    This is the basic build. You may rearrange it yourself. By lowering some skills
    and add it to the another skill. But the lvl 5 of TU is the minimum.
    Stat Build
    Begin with 9 DEX, 9 INT and 9 LUK
    INT 60
    DEX 40
    LUK 30
    VIT 60
    INT 80
    VIT 83
    DEX 56
    LUK 42
    I choose VIT priority build. For many great reasons of my own. For this
    build, I will go for 10 angelus and the rest to Increase AGI. Gloria will 
    surely come in handy in your lack of luck.
    For the equipment of Hybrid I use exactly the same as the Pure one:
    R Hand : Rod[4] (attach all slots with Lunatic Cards)
    L Hand : Buckler[1] (there are 2 main cards that will benefit you greatly: 
                         Thara Frog Card for WoE purpose and Khalitzburg Card for
                         Hunting down your Undead purpose)
    U Head : Apple o' Archer (+3 Dex is nice)
    M Head : Opera Masque (Armor DEF + 1 surely will help)
    L Head : Alredy used by Opera Masque
    Armor  : Saint Robe[1] (with Steel Chonchon card for +2 DEF)
    Robe   : Muffler[1] (Raydric, cut damage from almost everything, it will cover 
                         your lack of DEF by VIT)
    Shoe   : Shoes[1] (Eggyra Card will help your SP regen aside your magnificat)
    Acc1   : Glove[1] (Zerom for +4 DEX surely will help)
    Acc2   : Glove[1] (Zerom for the same reason above)
    Q: Why Magnus Exorcism is not recommended?
    A: Well it is a little difficult to answer this. Yes it has better selection
       of monster to take care but it have weak points. First, it need one blue
       gem every time you cast it. Second, the loooooong casting time. ME need 15
       seconds in order to complete. Higher DEX means lower casting time but then
       it is the last weak point of ME: Only effective at higher lvl. Actually in
       the patches before Comodo, ME priest is the fastest character in Solo hunt.
       They can Solo at GH prison. I heard, they can gain 2% in 1 hours at lvl 97.
       But after Comodo, Gravity put Hunter Fly inside the prison with quite a
       high spawn rate so ME priest loose their hunting spot. But they moved to
       Pyramid 2 with Mummy (Undead), Minorus (Demon) & Verit (Undead). But in
       turtle patch, Minorus' race is changed into Brute (which can't be effected
       by ME). So? I heard many ME priests delete their character and restart a
       new one as either Battle Priest or Support Priest. Well, they can still do
       ME, but still, you need group. When saying about group, it means share EXP
       which is not different with Support Priest. When you saying about kick a
       lot of asses in one round, then playing with SG Wizard do the same and
       it even more effective because they don't need gems and they can kick
       all monsters (when you are grouping with another support Priest to do ME,
       you still have to run away from the Hunter Fly).
    - Choose this build if you:
         1. Really like a chalange so you maybe the first person that discover how
            to use this skill effectively once more.
         2. Alredy at high lvl with this build (80++).
    - Don't choose this build if you:
         1. think you can beat people in WoE or PVP using this skill.
         2. like the "5 digit damage" but you are not sure how to use this skill 
            (this rule goes the same for people who will make a Monk).
    Battle Priest Guide
    Prelude to Battle Priest
    Battle Priest is the most self dependence char in RO world for many great 
    reasons. One of the best power in Battle Priest is his supporting ability and
    his relatively high SP regen. Not to mention that Maces has high ATK. With the
    right build, Battle Pirest is no doubt the best solo character in RO
    ~End of Prelude~
    Q: How about Battle Priest?
    A: This build is absolutely the unique one. They don't need partner. They can
       do all the work themselves. Battle Priest is the greatest character in term
       of solo hunting. They can do all the work by themselves. In PVP, They can 
       participate well. So far the best solo character is Battle Priest. Why?
       To have unlimited HP, Priest have healing ability. To have unlimited SP,
       Priest have Magnificat + Blessing and SP recovery (Based on INT). To fight
       the monster they may use Maces which is one of the highest damages among 
       weapon classes. To do support they have Impositio Manus (cheap SP for
       relatively high ATK addition). To fight Demon/Undead (which give you nice
       amount of EXP in higher lvl), they have aspersio. To have a high walking
       speed, they have Increase AGI. To have better Dodging ability, They have
       Increase AGI (for higher effect, use Mocking Muffler).
    - Choose this build if you:
         1. Live up to the challange of "Solo Hunting".
         2. Sick of seeing your partner loot all the items for him/her self.
    - Don't choose this build if you:
         1. Think you need to raise INT more than 20 points
         2. didn't know much about Priest's skill that will benefit you.
         3. Think that you will make your battle aco become a Monk which is in
            your perception, Monk is better at "Solo Hunting".
    Battle Priest Build and Tips
    I will not explain you the detail. BP (Battle Priest) is variated in many
    ways. So I will only explain you some build and you decide yourself.
    To keep in mind, BP may have 1 point of INT but they can't go more than 20
    points of INT because you will need the stat points to be spent on other.
    STR: Try to max this. If you plan to play with element (You can make 
         elemental maces. Try to find a blacksmith). Even if you are not planning
         to play element, I suggest that you have at least 70 points of this.
    DEX: Another important status for BP. Try to make it at least 15 points. But
         don't go over 30 points. You actually can cover the lack of this using
         Blessing or you may find a slotted Chain and slot it with Mummy card.
    INT: As I said, you may have only 1 point of this. The lack of SP and SP 
         regeneration can be covered by using Magnificat, Blessing and SP recovery
         skill. Believe me! with only 3 skills I mentioned, You will rarely run 
         out of SP.
    LUK: Raise this if you want to play Critical. If not just leave it.
    VIT: Raise this if you want to play as "Dino Priest" but don't raise this
         along with AGI. You have to choose between VIT or AGI.
    AGI: For hunting, you may want to choose this over VIT. Because this skill
         will add both ASPD and Flee. But if you plan to participate in PVP or
         WoE, you maybe want to choose VIT over AGI.
    Possible build:
    Dino Priest: Focus on VIT as the main defense.
    AGI Priest: Focus on AGI as the main defense.
    Critical Priest: Spend some of the points into LUK, you may want to take
                     gloria as your skill to max the Critical hits possibility.
    Skills build:
    5  Divine Protection (Varied you may even max this)
    10 Blessing
    10 Increase AGI
    1  Ruwach
    2  Teleport
    4  Warp Portal
    1  Pneuma
    10 Heal (Varied you may take 6 points of it because you only need it for
    1  Aqua Benedicta (for aspersio)
    2  Angelus (for Kyrie)
    ?  Demon Bane (Varied not sure how much you should spend on it. But one thing
                   for sure, this skill benefit BP much)
    4  SP recovery (Varied you may take 10 points of it due to your lack of INT)
    5  Impositio Manus
    5  Aspersio
    5  Lex Divina
    10 Mace Mastery
    3  Magnificat
    10 Kyrie Eleison
    ?  Gloria (Varied, it can benefit you but the highest effect is that if you
               play Critical type)
    Useless skill for battle priest:
    1. Ressurect: You will not ressurect anyone. Hey! you are solo expert. You
                  don't even need a partner.
    2. Suffragium: First reason you don't have a partner, second reason you can't
                   cast it on yourself.
    3. Sanctuary: Mmmm... huh?
    4. Turn Undead: Your mace has answered all.
    5. Magnus Exorcism: Same with TU.
    6. B.S.S: ....... solo.... right?
    7. Lex Aeterna: any idea?
    Battle Priest Tips
    1. You must have a vast knowledge about elements and elemental maces (Elemetal 
       Stunner is a good idea)in your disposal.
    2. Always know where you are hunting, bring the related element that may
       benefit you in your hunting area.
    3. Always cast magnificat on yourself.
    4. If you are fighting a demon or undead type, try to bless them with lvl 1
       blessing to cut their DEX and INT by 1/2. AGI type will benefit a lot from
       this trick.
    5. You can use buckler in the same time. Mace is a one handed weapon. So, try
       to find as many slotted buckler as you can and upgrade it as high as you
       can then try to find a card that can cut the enemy damage (Either races
       based or element based).
    6. If you are fighting a monster with Holy element weakness, bring holy water
       and aspersio yourself.
    X. Epistimology
    Well this is only for knowledge. Only that I think it is cool. Priest's 
    Skills have a deep meaning on it. Thanx to AnjingBalap to provide me with the 
    Acolyte's Skill
    Aqua Benedicta: Blessed Water (latin)
    Angelus: Angel (latin)
    Pneuma: Soul/Spirit (yunani/greek)
    Ruwach: Mind/Spirit/Wind (hebrew)
    Signum Crucis: The Sign of the Cross (Latin)
    Priest's Skill
    Aspersio: Sprinkle (percikan (Indonesia), Latin)
    Benedictio Sanctissimi Sacramenti: Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament (latin)
    Gloria: Glory (latin)
    Impositio Manus: Has two meaning: A laying on of hands or Upgraded Man
    Kylie Eleison: Lord, have mercy (Greek), A Phrase from Kylie Elei Eson
    Lex Aeterna: Eternal Law (latin)
    Lex Divina: Divine Law (latin)
    Magnificat: Magnifies (latin)
    Magnus Exorcismus: Great Exorcism (latin)
    Suffragium: Praying (on behalf of someone else)(latin)
    XI. Frequently Asked Question
    Q : What is lancer Knight you mention earlier?
    A : It is a build of Knight with Spear and Lance as their main weapon. Are
        they different? well yes! Since they don't use Sword you will not find
        Two Hand Quicken or Spear Quicken. Usually these type of Knight goes for
        Hybrid of VIT and STR. For better reference on this type go to
        TrinityUser FAQ in gamefaqs about Lancer.
    Q : Duet with (put name of class here of course except Priest) suck!
    A : No! As full support priest, never say those words. Every class is equal,
        You just need to know which skill will be effective and how to manage
        your skill. That's why, I try to cover all classes and what skills are
    Q : You refer a lot about SP regeneration. Yet there is SP recovery. Are they
    A : Yes, SP regeneration is your SP regeneration (which every class posses)
        The more INT you have, the faster the SP regenerate. SP recovery is a 
        skill. It will add your SP supply every 10 second. After Comodo it is 
        based on INT too.
    Q : What is aspd?
    A : aspd goes to Attack Speed. You can see your aspd by pressing alt-A button.
        It is located in lower right on Status Window. aspd, depends on type of
        weapon. Katar is the fastest and Spear is the Lowest. AGI also adds more
        aspd in spite of what kind of weapon, the higher the AGI, the more aspd
        you will gain.
    Q : What class has the most aspd?
    A : With two hand quicken and AGI build, Knight is the fastest.
    Q : What is the most underpowered Class in your opinion?
    A : I think the most underpowerd Class is Assasin. Just my opinion though.
        Why? because Assasin is a boring class. There are only 2 builds for
        Assasin. The first one is Critical assasin. The second one is the double
        dagger assasin. Don't ever hope that you will find a venomous Assasin. 
        Because Assasin's poison skills are not well developed. Don't even try to
        build a Sonic Blow Assasin, because the damage is not too great, you will
        gain more damage by using critical and double damage. Assasins also don't
        have a great mob control. Grimtooth is sucks!!! I really mean it!! Don't
        ever think that Grimtooth can finish Mob as fast as Bowling Bash, Magnum
        Break, Arrow Shower, Storm Gust or BlitzBeat. I think Gravity need to 
        develop more on Thief, especially Assasin's skills so they will be worth 
        to be used.
    Q : What is the most overpowered Class in your opinion?
    A : I think the most overpowered Class is Hunter. You can build any builds in
        your mind and they will go as good as you think. Falcon's AutoBlitz and 
        BlitzBeat great at controling mob and they ignore defense as well. The
        other reason is damage. While Hunter have access to at least 2 elements:
        Fire and Silver Arrows, they can add even more damage using card. So they
        can use both Element and card benefit in the same time for ultimate Vast 
        damage, while other classes loose access to card when they decide to use
        element weapon because element weapon can only be built by BlackSmith and
        there will be no slot for that. Despite their ultimate skills, Hunters may
        deliver damage more than any other class. Because, Hunter's damage comes 
        from DEX. While other melee classes have to raise up DEX (for Hit rate) 
        and STR (for Damage), Hunters only have to raise DEX for both damages and
        Hit rate.
    Q : How to balance those classes?
    A : Well, I am not that great player to make this opinion but I will tell few
        things in my mind. First, Gravity need to develop Poison Skills A LOT! 
        I really mean it! Poison skills are sucks. Gravity also need to give more
        bonus damage on STR stat especially in melee classes' STR Bonus. At least,
        Melee classes' damage can compete with Hunter and Wizard. So, the value of
        Melee classes are higher than their value now.
    Q : What is the error of Cure and Status Recovery?
    A : Well it doesn't work as I implied that Cure recover Physical status 
        aliment and Status Recovery recover Magical status aliment. Well, they are
        not working like that. First, Poison can only be cured using Detoxify 
        (Assasin's Skill). Second, Cure recover status aliment that is can't be
        recovered using Status Recovery. This works the same as the Status 
        Recovery. So far I found that status recovery may recover you from: Stun,
        Frozen. I will let you know after I ensure all and will be updated in the
        main page ^^ so far you may only find the error here.
    Q : I am an Assasin and as you said we are weak. Pleaseee tell me that we are 
        not weak!!!
    A : WHoa! calm down guys. I said about underated but not talking about 
        weakness. Well here is my opinion. Assasin is a great character. With 
        highest dodge. In hunting they perform really great. Critical Assasin may
        deliver damage that ignore the armor DEF and Assasin is the only character
        (so far) that may deliver 100% Critical and that is great + awesome. Dual 
        Dagger Assasin, with the right build and armory may deliver 2000++ damage 
        for free (in term of SP) *For better reference regarding Dual Dagger 
        Assasin please contact the FAQ by AnjingBalap here at gamefaqs it is the
        best DD Sin FAQ IMHO and the most updated* so, I don't say about weak. 
        Assasins are underated because their lack of WoE skill. But it doesn't 
        prevent them to be my partner in hunting. Overall, Assasins are great. They
        are the same as other classes are my respected partner.
    Q : I don't like Assasin!! My friends say they are really suck!
    A : Don't make me have to stick my swordmace on you! As Priest you should be
        ashamed to say that!! I hate people that deserted other class.
    XII. Legal Stuff, Credits and Contact Information
    This FAQ was submitted on www.gamefaqs.com and you can always find this there,
    every updated version will likewise also be posted there first. Please don't
    use this faqs for making profit. Other than that you can freely use it. This
    is my first FAQ, so I'm sure there are a lot of mistakes and Gramatical 
    error. If you happen to find one, please inform me.
    This FAQ can also be found on http://neoseeker.com and http://dlh.net which 
    is the Germany gaming web site. I want to give them my gratitude for giving 
    me chance to share this FAQ.
    Persons with a lot of help in 1.3 update: Artaniel (Yes, I resurect you at
    GH Graveyard that day ^^), AnthonyStefan (Hard worker isn't he? checking
    errors and gramar. Thanx a lot) and Elmdor (whoa! that's a nice piece of
    strategy. Thanx for the big help anyway).
    Thanks to Azuya, Jovanca, DevilAngel, Curaga, ininoly from idRO for being my 
    friend and choosing Acolyte as their main Character ^_^.
    Thanks to my Guild Aurora, for providing me with decent equipment and a vast 
    amount of blue gems periodically ^_^.
    Thanks to Shiny_Kun from idRO Forum for providing me with a lot of information
    regarding Acolyte and Priest Skill.
    Thanks to Gamefaqs for storing my FAQ.
    Thanks to IGN for storing my FAQ.
    Thanks to Gravity and PT.Lyto for giving me chance to play this game.
    For contact regarding my FAQ, please send it to: sung_4n@hotmail.com. 
    Make sure you write something connected to my FAQ as the subject, otherwise 
    I will soon delete it without reading it first.

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