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    Comodo Patch Quest Skills FAQ by Battousai X

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    Ragnarok Online Quest Skills FAQ
    Version 1.0
    by: Battousai X - battousai_x2k@yahoo.nospam.com
    PM me! pRO Loki - Christen, Christen Langer, Heingard
    Send me some ASCII art will ya? ^_^
    v1.4  07/04/2005 - Updated Juice Quest and Disclaimer section.
    v1.32 01/29/2004 - Added IGN to aouthrized sites.
    v1.31 01/26/2004 - Added DLH.net to authorized sites.
    v1.3  01/22/2004 - Added Tault to authorized sites.
                     - Added ratings to skills.
                     - Confirmed item requirement to Arrow Charge.
    v1.2  01/06/2004 - Added item sources for some skills.
                     - Added item source for Royal Jelly.
                     - Corrected item info for Crazy Uproar.
                     - Corrected item info for Arrow Charge (Crafting)
                     - Corrected skill effect of Sand Attack from stun to blind.
    v1.1  01/04/2004 - Corrected names of most quest skills.
                     - Corrected SP requirements of some skills.
                     - Added Neoseeker to authorized sites. 
    v1.0  12/17/2003 - First version up.
    This is my first FAQ so please go easy on me. ^_^ I hope this FAQ will be
    useful. I play on pRO (Philippine) and we just got the Comodo Patch in our
    server. That's why I'm making this FAQ.
    This FAQ is for personal use only, you may not distribute this FAQ in printed
    form in anyway. You may use this FAQ in your site but please inform me so
    I would know where this FAQ is going.
    1.  About Quest SKills
    2.  Novice skills
    3.  Swordman skills
    4.  Thief skills
    5.  Archer skills
    6.  Mage skills
    7.  Acolyte skills
    8.  Merchant skills
    9.  Additional Notes
    10. About me and the FAQ
    11. Credits
    1. About Quest Skills
    Quest skills are new optional skills that came out with the Comodo patch. These
    skills doesn't use skill points so there's absolutely no reason for you not to
    get it. Besides, more skills in your skill window is cool.
    But there is a catch. As the name suggests, you must undergo a quest, to obtain
    the skill. And quests in RO means item hunting and NPC searching. Well I'll
    provide the right items for you and locations of NPC's you need to talk to.
    I'll also indicate the most likely monster/s that will drop the required items.
    In the likely future, I might have additional info on the skill themselves. I
    highly recommend checking out the Arrow Crafting FAQ by Godhand. 
    2. Novice Skills
    There are 2 skills for novices. One which you can only get when you're still a
    Play Dead
    SP: 5
    Description: Act like you have fainted. While in this
    state, any monster will not attack you.
    Rating: 6/10
    This is supposed to be a good skill, the only problem? Once you change
    to your 1st job, you lose it. So you can really skip this skill. But if you
    plan on building a perma-novice, get this skill. It'll save your from a lot of
    Job Req: Novice Lv7 (Novice only), First Aid
    Items: Novice Card
    Quest: First, you need to go to the Prontera Knight Guild located at the far NW
    of the city. Go inside and talk to the NPC in the far lower right of the room.
    He'll direct you to the Chief Nurse NPC inside Prontera Castle. To locate him,
    go inside the castle, go up, right, right and up. You'll usually see people
    going here now and then. After talking, he'll give you the Novice Card. Go back
    to the Prontera Knight Guild and talk again to the NPC and he'll teach you the
    First Aid
    SP: 3
    Description: Heal 5 HP per use. Useful for novices but really crappy for higher
    levels. Unless, you have lots of SP like mages.
    Rating: 4/10
    3 SP for 5 HP? Not a good ratio if you're one of the non-INT types. And this
    skill is really meant for Novices. But if you're a Mage and doesn't have a Heal
    Clip yet, you can use this skill.
    Job Req: Novice Lv5 or higher jobs
    Items: 3 Red Herb (Basic monsters, I suggest saving up the ones you got from
                       the Midgard Academy.)
           3 Clover (Fabre)
    Quest: Go to the building on the left side of the tool shop in Prontera. Talk
    to the NPC Nami and she'll tell you the requirements. When you get the Rotten
    Bandage, go to the Chief Nurse inside Prontera castle (see Play Dead) and he'll
    sterilize the bandage for you. Note that you wouldn't lose your Rotten Bandage
    or receive anything from the NPC. This is perfectly normal. Go back to Nami
    with the rest of the items and she'll teach you First Aid.
    3. Swordman Skills
    Swordman skills are good and it will make your swordie tougher. But the items
    are also hard to find >_<
    Walking HP Recovery
    Passive Skill
    Description: HP regeneration is still active even when walking. The rate of
    regen is 25% of when standing still.
    Rating: 8/10
    This skill is so useful but usually for VIT types only. Just think you don't
    have to sit that much anymore.
    Job Req: Swordman Lv35 or higher job
    Items: 500 Empty Bottles (Poring, Roda Frog, Pecopeco Egg)
           1 Padded Armor (48000z or Cornutus, Steel Chonchon)
           1 Rocker Doll (Rocker, Vocal)
    Quest: Talk to the NPC located east of Izlude. The quest is easy but item
    collection is not. 500 empty bottles are a pain to collect actually but worth
    the skill. When you have all the items, he'll teach you the skill.
    Fatal Blow
    Passive Skill
    Description: Adds Stun effect to skill Bash Lv6 and above. Very useful to get.
               Bash Lv   Stun Rate
                  6          5%
                  7          10%
                  8          15%
                  9          20%
                  10         25%
    Rating: 10/10
    Since all swordies tend to max out Bash, this skill is a great addition to the
    skill. Not only you give out decent damage, you get to inflict a high chance of
    stunning the enemy.
    Job Req: Swordman Lv30 or higher, Skill Bash Lv5 and above
    Items: 10 Fire Arrows (Archer Skel or Sunken Ship Tool Dealer)
           10 Silver Arrows (Buy for Tool Dealer)
           1 Banana Juice (Empty Bottle + Banana, Juice quest, for info, check
                           additional notes section)
           30 Tentacles (Hydra)
           5 Royal Jelly (Vitata, Mistress MVP)
    Quest: Talk to Leo Von Frisch (remember him?) inside the Prontera Knight Guild.
    He'll give you the skill once you have the items. You'll definitely have
    trouble in finding Royal Jellies, so better have some money. It costs around 5k
    each but people tend to overprice this stuff.
    *Update in v1.2: Royal Jellies are also dropped by Vitatas. Thanks Chymos.
    Passive Skill
    Description: Cast Provoke on yourself when HP reaches 25% and below.
    Rating: 7/10
    Think twice about getting this skill. Players have different strategies and if
    losing HP and liking dangerous HP levels is your style, this is the skill for
    Job Req: Swordman 30 or higher
    Items: 35 Powder of Butterfly (Creamy)
           10 Honey (Hornet)
           10 Horrendous Mouth (Zombie, Ghoul, Reqiuem)
           10 Decayed Nail (Zombie)
    Quest: An NPC inside the Prontera Blacksmith building teaches you the skill.
    4. Thief Skills
    Thief skills are also nice to get. But overall not that useful (except for
    Backslide and Throw Sand).
    Sand Attack
    SP: 9
    Description: Throw sand at enemy. Earth elemental damage which is 125% of normal
    attack with 15% chance of Blinding.
    Very useful skill.
    Rating: 8/10
    Imagine a Bash thief style, and add a little mix of Blind. This is a good
    addition to the skills of the thief.
    Job Req: Thief 25 or higher
    Items: 5 Fine Grit (Scorpion)
           1 Cobweb (Argos)
           1 Snail's Shell (Ambernite)
           1 Cactus Needle (Muka)
           1 Earthworm Peeling (Hode)
    Quest: Talk to the NPC in the room across the Thieve's Guild in Morroc
    Pyramids. He'll take your 5 Fine Grits and direct you to an NPC in Payon. The
    NPC is located west of the town, near a building near the equipment dealer
    shops. When you're done giving the items, go back to The NPc in the pyramids
    and he'll teach you the skill.
    SP: 7
    Description: Move back 5 cells. This skill is useful in escaping mobs or from a
    monster. And you rather move quickly.
    Rating: 9/10
    Sure, running away may make you look like a coward, but backing away quickly
    will open up many strategies for you. And when the Rouge class comes out in the
    future, imagine Backstabbing easiness.
    Job Req: Thief 35 or higher
    Items: 20 Grasshopper Legs (Rocker)
    Quest: Talk to the same NPC in the pyramids and he'll teach you the skill.
    Find Stone
    SP: 2
    Description: Find pieces of stone for use with the Throw Stone skill. Each use
    gives you one Stone. If your weight is 50% and above, this skill is disabled.
    Rating: 3/10
    Too bad Stones can't be sold for even just 1 gil.
    Job Req: Thief 20 or higher
    Items: 1 Bear Footskin (Bigfoot, Sasquatch)
           5 Spawn (Thara Frog, Roda Frog)
           1 Zargon (Requiem, Thara Frog or buy one from Geffen)
    Quest: Same NPC above. He'll teach the skill to you automatically.
    Stone Fling
    SP: 2
    Description: Throws a stone for 30 damage. Each use consumes 1 Stone. It has 5%
    chance of stunning the enemy. Not that useful really.
    Rating: 3/10
    This skill has a very small chance of success so I won't give much to this
    Job Req: Blank! But maybe Thief Lv20 or higher
    Items: 2 Garlet (Vadon, Poporing)
           2 Scell (Eggyra, Hornet)
    Quest: Same NPC above. He'll teach you the skill when you have the items.
    5. Archer Skills
    The Archer quest skills are one of the good ones. Although the items are a bit
    hard to collect.
    Arrow Charge
    SP: 10
    Description: Create arrows from items. Disabled if weight is 50%+. Some of the
    item required for the arrow are not worth and some are. For more detail on this
    skill, check out the Arrow Crafting FAQ.
    Rating: 6/10
    The item requirements aren't really that worth for the skill itself since most
    of the recipes also require rare items. But nevertheless, this is a great skill
    to have.
    Job Req: Archer Lv35 or higher
    Items: 1 Red Potion
           20 Resin (Elder Willow)
           13 Trunk (Myst, Myst Case, Elder Willow, Willow)
           41 Tough Scalelike Stems (Stemworm)
           7 Mushroom Spore (Spore, Poison Spore, any Mushroom)
    Quest: Talk to an NPC west of the south Kafra in Morroc.
    *Update: pRO changed the requirement from 41 Pointed Scales to 41 Tough
    Scalelike Stems.
    Charged Attack
    SP: 15
    Description: 150% damage and push back enemy 6 cells. Has a casting delay but
    can't be interrupted. Very useful when soloing an enemy. This is just like a
    Bash that pushes back an enemy. This attack doesn't push back Large monsters.
    Rating: 8/10
    Now you can even just stand on one place while power leveling. Just beware of
    those Large monster as this skill cannot push them back.
    Job Req: Archer 37 or higher
    Items: 1 Crossbow (Archer Skel)
           10 Tentacles (Hydra)
           10 Bill of Birds (Pecopeco)
           3 Yoyo Tail (Yoyo, duh..)
           2 Emerald (Just buy it in Morroc for 5000z each)
           36 Banana Juice (36 Empty Bottles + 36 Bananas see additional notes for
                            juice quest)
    Quest: Talk to a hidden NPC behind a house at Payon located southwest of the
    town. He won't take your crossbow so if you already have one, don't hesitate to
    use it.
    6. Mage Skills
    There is only one Mage Skill. It's disappointing that they didn't give Mages
    more useful skills.
    Energy Coat
    SP: Varies
    Description: Decrease damage from physical attacks using SP. You can activate
    this skill for a maximum of
    5 minutes or until SP runs out.
        SP Remaining    SP Consumption    Damage Reduced
            1-20%             1%                6%
            21-40%            1.5%              12%
            41-60%            2%                18%
            61-80%            2.5%              24%
            81-100%           3%                30%
    Rating: 6/10
    If you have lots of SP, this skill is good. But I'd rather not get hit and
    dedicate my SP to spells.
    Job Req: Magician Lv35 or higher
    Items: 3 Glass Bead (Toad, Buy from an NPC in Prontera for 5k each)
           1 Karat Diamond (Isis, buy from an NPC in Morroc)
           5 Shell (Pupa, Chonchon)
           1 Solid Shell (Horn, Ambernite, Cornutus, Vadon, Hunter Fly)
    Quest: Talk to the NPC called Grand Magician left of the Magician's Guild in
    7. Acolyte Skills
    There is also only one Acolyte Skill but quite useful.
    Holy Light
    SP: 15
    Description: Attack enemy with Holy Light. Holy element attack. This skill can
    be used on all opponents and has a very long range. It's downfall is long cast
    time which is around 2 seconds or so. But I think DEX affects this skill also.
    Rating: 8/10
    Casts slow but having this skill opens up more monsters if you're a non-battle
    Job Req: Acolyte 35 or higher
    Items: Opal (Zombie, Eclipse, Sasquatch, Cookie, Myst Case)
           Crystal Blue (Black Mushroom, Byalan monsters)
           Rosary (Prontera Church, same place as quest NPC)
    Quest: Talk to the Chief Acolyte located in the Acolyte job change room inside
    Prontera Sanctuary.
    8. Merchant Skills
    Merchant skills are useful. And makes them more easier in leveling up.
    Cart Revolution
    SP: 12
    Description: A non-elemental, Magnum Break-like skill of Merchant. Damage is 
    calculated depending of current weight of equipped Cart (no cart, skill
    disabled) + 150% of normal attack. Very powerful.
    Rating: 8/10
    This skill is great. Now, even if you're a vending merchant, you can deal
    more damage than usual. Even more for battle types.
    Job Req: Merchant Lv35 or higher
    Items: 30 Iron (Steel Chonchon)
           30 Sticky Mucus (Poporing, Poring, Roda Frog)
           20 Fly Wing (Chonchon, or buy from Tool Dealer. You're a merchant for
           5 Tentacle (Hydra)
           2 Grape Juice (2 Grape - Farmiliar + 2 Empty Bottle, see additional notes
                          about juice quest)
    Quest: Talk to NPC Gershaun at the Alberta Ship. You need a Banana Juice to get
    him to tell you about the ingredients but if you already have all the items,
    you won't need the juice.
    Change Cart
    SP: 40
    Description: Change appearance of cart depending on job level. There are 5 types
    of carts. Well, you can use this to not get bored with the usual cart.
    Rating: 4/10
    Er, this skill is just to prevent you from boredom. You can really less
    prioritize this skill.
    Job Req: Merchant 30 or higher
    Items: 50 Trunk (Elder Willow, Myst, Myst Case)
           10 Iron (Steel Chonchon)
           20 Animal SKin (Baby Desert Wolf, Tarou, etc.)
    Quest: Talk to NPC Shailon in northwest Alberta near a lamppost.
    Crazy Uproar
    SP: 8
    Description: Yell to add 4 points to STR for 5 minutes. A good bonus for low SP 
    and long time.
    Rating: The addition to your STR, SP requirement, and activation time is worth.
    It will help in most situations.
    Job Req: Merchant 15 or higher
    Items: 7 Pearl (Cookie X-mas, Myst Case, Buy from Morroc)
           50 Mushroom Spore (Spore, Poison Spore, any Mushroom)
           1 Banana Juice
    Quest: Talk to an NPC near the item shop in Alberta.
    9. Additional Notes
    **** Quest NPCs ****
    Not all servers are the same. The server in iRO is different in pRO, same as tRO
    or kRO. Their names might be different in other servers but some of them are the
    same. One example is Leo Von Frisch changed to Reoh Vhon Prusche I think..
    On my next update maybe, I'll give the exact coordinates of the NPCs you need to
    talk to. If you are a generous person, you can give me the coordinates and I
    will give you credit for it. ^_^
    **** Juice Quest ****
    For you to be able to make juices, you need to complete a quest first. Before
    the quest, get a piece of meat. Go to the PVP Room in Prontera and climb up to
    the second floor. Talk to the woman and then her son. Show him the meat but
    don't give it. Then talk to the mother again. Now, you can create juices in
    Payon PVP room. You'll need an Empty Bottle and the corresponding fruit for each
    For the new Payon layout, you need to find a certain NPC named Marxhansen (or
    something like that). The exact coordinates are a pain because they maybe
    at different locations on different servers. If you know the exact coords
    please tell me so I could update.
    pRO - can be found on north of payon inside a building. There are two buildings 
    on the north if I'm not mistaken so you need to go to the right.
    10. About me and the FAQ
    I will:
    1. Accept corrections and/or suggestions
    2. Accept tips
    3. Accept additional info
    4. Be nice to nice people.
    I won't:
    1. Reply to your mail as soon as I can.
    2. Accept spam
    3. Answer you ingame (if you also play on pRO)
    If you're going to e-mail me about the FAQ, please include "Skill FAQ" in your
    subject. I get far too many spam in my inbox and I don't intend to mistake
    your e-mail for spam.
    11. Credits
    Thanks to the following for this FAQ:
    GameFAQs,IGN - for hosting this FAQ
    Neoseeker,Tault,DLH.net - for hosting this FAQ too
    Gravity - for making such a wonderful game
    Lee Myoung-Jin - for creating Ragnarok Online
    Nitro 7 http://ro.nitro7.com - My number one RO source
    Pak 0 http://ro.pak0.com - My fave fansite
    Library of Prontera http://www.prontera.net - Another one of my fave fansites
    Level Up Games - for bringing RO to our country.
    FAQ readers:
    Chymos (iRO Loki) - for correction regarding some items and errors in the FAQ.
                        He has helped a lot!
    Certain charas: (pRO Loki)
    Kiro Tsuki - my #1 info source
    :+anna+: - my sister
    former Ishin Shishi guild (first one to invite me)
    jennyrae - no particular reasons.. ^_^
    Godhand for the Arrow Crafting FAQ. (helped us a lot)
    and YOU!!! - for reading this FAQ and correcting my mistakes
                 (if you ever did ^_^).
    This FAQ is copyrighted ?2003 Battousai X. All Rights Reserved

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