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    Battle Priest Guide by Phelan

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    Battle Priest 101
    By Phelan
    Revisions to date-
    Tidied up Skills
    Added leveling guide
    Luk Sucks, boo that
    Added Stat/Skill builds in some detail, perhaps will go into them moreso later.
    Updated leveling guide a tad after monster skills... still looking at new places
    Revised leveling guide for vit reccomendations (these are open to debate, if
    anyone has reccomendations I am all ears, pm me)
    Added in the "hybrid build"
    Added a few leveling spots (thank you duck man), looked at the pros and cons of
    the builds.
    New money saving advice section!
    -Useful Advice
    *Saving/Making Money
    *Game Play
    -Leveling Guide
    Battle Priests- In my honest opinion going vit as a battle priest condemns you
    to never going over level 70 and enjoying it, agi is definitely the way to go.
    Oh yeah, we're good at leveling, really good at leveling; especially in a
    two-person party with an agi/str smith.
    -The all around battle priest
    Good all around damage, good ability to hit most monsters, can fight almost
    anywhere equally well, reasonably good tanking. Fastest overall leveling in my
    High Def Monsters, Not as good as other builds at pvp, mobs can throw you down
    Skills to get-
    Heal 3
    Agi Up 10
    Divine Protection 5
    Demon Bane 10
    Blessing 10
    Heal 10
    Cure 1
    Aqua Benedicta 1
    Either work on Warp, Signum Cruisis, two angelus for Gloria if you desire the
    skill, not much to work with left over.
    SP regen- 10
    Mace mastery- 10
    Apsersio- 5
    Imposito Manus- 5
    The rest is up to you, there is already a large amount of skills taken from
    priest by these however, so only a few more skills will be available.  Maybe
    you want Gloria, or perhaps Kyrie Elison, some skills in Acolyte such as Warp,
    Pneuma, and Signum Cruisis are definitely worth a thought too. Lex Divina and
    Aternia aren’t bad for when you mvp, or pvp… or if monsters have skills.
    To start with
    9 str/agi/dex
    Stats to get-(with modifiers, unless otherwise noted)
    90-120 STR just make sure it ends in 0.  90 is plenty, more is gravy.
    80+ AGI (base) I feel since as a non-assassin class, you should put as much as
    humanly possible here to raise your flee.
    30+ VIT This is mostly a matter of taste, but I like VIT, it’s good stuff in
    small portions.
    6 INT (base), this will take you to your last heal break at 99, with job 50
    bonuses included… just make sure you get it early as it will help you out then.
    45+ DEX I like this number a lot, it lets you hit most things without having to
    resort to an ancient chain, you can use an ancient sword mace for more damage…
    it’s also the break for cast rate, and will make your damage range noticeably
    better. Just make sure it ends in a 0 or 5 to get your bonus damage.
    23(base)+7 LUK Revision. Only get more LUK if yo'ure going crit, DEX is better
    by far in most cases
    Headgear-The angel/devil bands aren’t bad, neither are ghost bands, grand
    circlets add to a lot of useful stats, but for most people sakaats are hands
    down the way to go… their cheap to replace so you can easily upgrade them, and
    the added defense from that is nice in 3 monster situations… deviruchi slotted
    biretta is also a consideration along with pirate bands. My choice, skaaat
    Headgear (optional)-Opera Masque is 2 defense, deviruchi sunglasses are 1 more
    point of STR, marduk cards help speed up your cast rate and prevent silence. My
    choice, looking cool!… ere I mean phantom I’d never wear a r.leaf or anything
    like that… never… cough cough.
    Body-Saint’s robe, Picky or Thief bug for STR or AGI… however, steel chon chon
    is more defense, and that’s always a good thing since you can’t get defense
    from level-ups really. My choice, steel chon chon
    Shields-Reduction shields, guards if you’ve got a mage, no brainer.
    Shoes-Shoes! With a Martyr Card, Male Thief Bug, Chon Chon  My choice, Martyr
    when you can afford it.
    Garment-Muffler. Add one whisper card, or a condor card, mix and be happy!
    Accessories-Clips/Brooches/Rings… kobold, kurke, mantis. My pick, Kobold unless
    you’re going for 120 STR then I’d pick mantis, kurke is good for when you’re
    broke and you can stick them in belts, so is tarou if you’re building str.
    This is mostly up to you, but I like a balance of str and agi early on, with
    some dex and possibly vit.  When str and agi are either 40 or 50 you will
    likely want to raise agi as this not only helps you hit faster (more damage) it
    also lets you flee more often (take less damage) which becomes more and more
    important as life goes on.
    Parties well with most, but ideally with a battle smith.
    -Vit Priest
    -Pros, takes virtually no damage from demons and undead, has a ton of hps, easy
    early leveling.
    -Cons, can't level off of the strongest monsters around, deals damage slowly.
    The slowest leveling of the builds after about level 50 in my opinion.
    10 Heal
    10 Divine Protection
    10 Angelus
    10 Bless
    1 Aqua Benedicta
    8 points left over for job 50
    10 Mace Mastery
    10 Sp recovery
    10 Kyrie
    5 Impostio Manus
    5 Aspersio
    9 points left over until job 50
    -Stats to start wtih
    9 str
    5 dex
    5 vit
    9 agi (may as well)
    Final Stats/Gear(reccomended)
    STR 95+15
    AGI 16+5
    VIT 92+8
    INT 6+15 or whatever
    DEX 31+15
    LUK 2+7
    Corsair or
    (if it's in) ironfist beretta and sunnies would own
    Opera Mask
    Steel chon chon armor
    Martyr shoes
    1 slotted phen glove
    Rey/Ele Muffler
    1 clip/whatever spore card (Thanks akemi)
    Build up vit initially, with some str and dex, then pump str and dex insanely
    after 50+ vit, 80 overall vit with job bonuses is likely to be plenty for a
    long while, til you hit your 90's maybe it's your call. I’d probably use a
    corsair for a hat, or a spikey band if you can get ahold of a +5 one. I’d also
    strongly recommend a phen clip, this will let you cast aneglus and kyrie
    whenever you want, also un-like an agi priest you can’t rebuff your casting
    time skills in a mob as you will get hit :(
    With properly upgraded gear, and a generous amount of vit this character is all
    but immune to undead and most anything you can get a shield to. Serves as a
    good mvp tank, excels at leveling in Morroc other then minos (haven’t had one
    when comodo was in, so I wouldn’t know.)
    A highly viable build, it simply swings slow and deals damage at a low rate,
    which is not to my taste. Early gear points to spore, or is it poison spore?
    Belts that give 3 vit :) vit cards are also cheap as most people buy armor
    cards. Use armor cards when you start upgrading, vit cards earlier on.
    Eventually tack on some agi later in life to up your aspd and let you ignore
    lower monsters, such as bats.
    Fits into almost any party well due to having 10 angelus, works best with
    knight and vit smiths I’d imagine.
    -Crit Priest
    -Pros, high def monsters are easily killed, good damage output, can level a few
    places other builds can't. Strong in pvp.
    -Cons, lower def monsters (most noticebly undead) their strenths are wasted,
    damage output on "average" monsters tends to be a little bit lower then the all
    around build, but fairly compareable. Burns a lot of extra sp on gloria.
    Divine Protection 5
    Demon Bane 10
    Heal 10
    Blessing 10
    Agi Up 10
    Aqua 1
    Angelus 2
    1 point left over to 50
    Imposito Manus 5
    Aspersio 5
    Kyrie 4
    Mag 3
    Gloria 4
    Mace Mastery 10
    SP Regen 10
    18 points left over to 50
    Stats to start with
    9 str/dex/agi
    Final Stats/Gear(recommended)
    STR 42+18
    AGI 99+19
    VIT 15+5
    INT 2+15 (last 2 poitns!)
    DEX 26+14
    LUK 76+44
    Bunny Band
    Crystal Pumps
    Thief Bug Armor
    Brooches of Critical
    Mocking Muffler
    Build a lot like the all around build, but when you’d come back to STR after
    getting say 70 AGI base or so, work on LUK instead. This build has 51 crit
    without a 3x crit chain. This is a lot like the advantage a natural crit sin
    has. You can drop some agi for more str, but it wont’ change your damage output
    too much, and this build is good since with all that AGI you can go crit
    anolians, reydrics, and the like to death with a good chain to fight them with,
    and even aspersio on top of that several levels before the all around can.
    This can be a powerhouse build in some areas that the all around is only pretty
    good at, but won’t quite match their overall damage output. It is still a very
    strong build with a few really good areas tailored to it, such as chivalry, and
    castle 2.
    Parties well with natural crit sins :)
    -PvP/WoE Build (Hybrid)
    -Pros, does reasonable amounts of damage, takes a fair amount of punishment.
    Combines a lot of strengths of the other builds.
    -Cons, Simply doesn't level quite as fast as the str/agi or agi/luk due to
    investing in more stats, doesn't level at the same places that a "pure" build
    would until a few levels later.
    Str "100"
    Agi 60+
    Vit 40+
    Int 1+ (obviously)
    Dex 15+ (crits count for this build)
    Luk 60+ (with gloria)
    So yeah, build almost exactly like the crit build, pick up angelus, and whack
    people. Not much else to say aobut this at the moment.
    You can skip demon bane and divine protection as those simply *don't* work on
    players, and turtle island has somewhat degraded their usefulness. Lex Divina
    is a must, Aternia is great for working with a wiz, Gloria definitely, and
    angelus does nothign but help you out against agi/dex hunters and smiths. All
    in all a tweaked version of all the builds to an extent... it still levels up
    pretty well, even if it tackles some areas at a higher level or two then others.
    You could build as say... agi until 80 agi with bonuses, and then branch off
    from there... but that is mostly taste. Decent aspd, decent damage recuction,
    good crits, good hps... this build is not amazing in any area but is just solid.
    Let's face it, if you're primarily a battle priest (like me) your pocket will
    be hurting. There is a ton of expensive stuff, like elemental stunners, whisper
    cards, and the like that will come to attack every last zeny you have. But
    there are a few useful solutions to cut corners, places that are simply cheaper
    to level at and the like.
    -Elemental Weapons
    The bread and butter of any build that kills stuff is elemental damage. Simply
    put, no matter what stage of the game you're at unless you're an all str build
    (which is wasteful of money anyways) elemental damage is going to outperform
    most carded weapons, and be useful in more locations and on more monsters then
    carded types.
    An easy way to save money at preist is books vs stunners (and even chains).
    Steel in our economy on RO is limited, there are simply not that many monsters
    that drop it compared to say... the oridecon used to make most other weapons.
    Chains cost 400k to put together, and are buyable at 600k, they're not very
    profitible anymore, nobody wants to make them... and steel is bought by the
    "big" smiths anyways. So what good is ori to a priest, that upgrades level 3
    weapons... it doesn't make maces. Stunners... you're looking at a 50% success
    rate or 3M in buying one already made... not a cheap proposition either way.
    Enter the elemental book. 90 atk, level 3 weapons that carry an element. Book
    of Billows, Gusty Wind, and the like. Nobody wants these, because there aren't
    many battle preists or much demand for them. So they cost 100k-200k on average,
    already strikingly cheaper, they're also level 3 weapons, each upgrade nets you
    5 points of bonus damage. You have to overupgrade a chain to +8 to even come
    close to matching this bonus. Add one overupgrade on a book and that's 30, a
    chain would have to be upgraded to +10 to match the bonus of that.
    So what if mace mastery is great, you're broke... and you need to do good
    damage, your tri speedy chain isn't cutting it! So you can give up a little
    damage, and have a complete set of books +5/+6 for less then the cost of one
    stunner... how about that?
    -The tri-envenom chain
    Poison monsters aren't particularly common, but they have no useable elemental
    weakness to a priest... which is why you'd use a tri envenom chain. So you
    dropped 500k on a chain, (ouch) and hydra cards cost 600k or more each (double
    ouch), well for the price of one of the more "premier" cards you can get 3
    aquandaq cards and go level off of poison mosnters. I've picked up aquandaq
    cards as low as 125k in recent weeks, and the places you can level off of
    poison monsters return good exp, even if they don't return great drops... it's
    a good investment. (besides, if you wanted to be *rich* you'd have made a no
    brainer/effort dex hunter to mvp with instead of a battle priest)
    -Make a merchant
    I really don't understand why so many people (that aren't bots) leave their
    loot behind. I've found that after a hard day of playing, ocing your loot can
    return a large chunk of money (nothing like mvping or anything, but hey money
    is money and you got exp too!), maybe buy you a damage card, or an elemental
    book, or get you on your way to a mocking muffler.  Using OverCharge is a great
    way to make money, npcs are where all money *originated* from so you should
    take advantage of it by making 24% more on your money. Make a merchant if you
    don't have it, get OC/DC, and vend (gonna find some rares not useful to you
    Lots of people with lots of money are lazy, you can sell yourself out for a few
    hours and make some decent zenny for it. Once your'e priest you can offer to
    tank, heal, and increase the damage output of your client... soemthing most
    tanks can't provide. Battle Priests level well, and they have the tools to help
    almost anyone level faster... take advantage of it.
    *Game Play*
    There are a ton of things to figure out about being a battle priest, and there
    are a lot of tricks that can help you out.
    -As an aco, if you can afford to use potions use your sp to buff your defensive
    stat (agi up or angelus), this will greatly cut down the damage your recieve
    and let you levelup longer without resting.
    -Punching small things that you don't have a chain for is often much faster
    then trying to beat them to death with your primary weapon.
    -The Stutter Step, well it's not really that special but if you kill a monster
    as a priest, stop and wait for your sp regen to go. Not only does this keep
    your sp high, but often times stoping after an encounter will keep you from
    rushing needlessly into danger.
    -How mobs work. Mobs decrease your defenses, you should a)kill your first
    target, b)fall back and seperate slower/ranged monsters from faster/front line
    mosnsters, and c)kill all low hp targets first, to restore your higher
    defensive rates.
    For agi this means if you're fighting two High Orcs and a drainlar comes up,
    kill it to save yourself hits. If you're got that first monster dead and two
    more come around, focus on it until it's dead... two does *not* detract from
    your flee now, three does.
    For vit, just be careful... mobs are great for leveling, and if you have a
    blast clip this can be highly amusing, but dont' get too big a mob. Toss on a
    kyrie before a large fight, kill the bats to keep your armor and vit bonuses
    high (not sure exactly how it impacts vit/def) and then focus on the highest
    damage targets. if you leave a high damage target alive the longest you've
    taken the most damage that mob can deal to you more often then not... try to
    get a feel for if you need to kill the biggest guy on the block (say a jakk
    compare to whispers and argos) or kill the familiars first to keep the mob from
    getting a lot of increases.
    -Early life from scratch
    9 str/dex/agi. I’d get 10 dex, 10 str, 10 agi pretty quick. I’d also get to 20
    dex before 10 str since 20 dex=just as much bonus damage as 20 str, but gives
    you a bonus to your hit and attack speed.
    If you plan on getting any vit, now is also a good time to do it, as leveling
    with vit until 30 is terribly easy, but you don’t have to, it’s a matter of
    I’d get agi up 10 early, and just cast that, heal from carrots, potions,
    whatever you find, perhaps heal if you really want to and don’t mind sitting.
    Buy a Mace from the church in pronterra, upgrade this to +7 using pharacon,
    with early drops and poring harvesting this shouldn’t be hard at all.
    Next buy a chain, and upgrade that to +6 using emvertacon.
    -Leveling Up
    I’m going to attempt to break it down as best I can. But first, let’s go over a
    few things.
    -This is based on my experiences, sorry if I missed a spot, let me know.
    -Elemental weapon-these guys are forged by smiths, they do physical damage with
    the property of an element, this generally gives you 50% to 100% more damage.
    -Tri (something) chain-3 slot chains are dropped by marine spheres, and are
    rather popular with the rising number of battle smiths. These typically grant
    you 60% damage to one type of monster, or 45% to a specific size, or in some
    cases 27% crit.
    -Aspersio Weapon-This is perhaps your +5 ancient sword mace, or your tri-boned
    chain, or maybe just something with really high attack like a +7 stunner. This
    weapon is designed to do a lot of damage, and then gain the elemental bonus of
    holy when you cast aspersio on it, even with low str this can be quite damaging.
    -Weapons to bring are super-idealistic weapons that may or may not be available
    to you, but can generally make the area very good exp.
    -Vit reccomendations are asuming around 25 defense, basic non upgraded gear.
    Generally speaking when in doubt, use your basic non elemental/aspersio weapon.
    Sorgat Desert
    Levels 1-12
    Weapons to bring-+7 mace, or your newbie knife
    Monsters-Drops, chon chons, pickys… all of these are good easy leveling, the
    fact that they’re deserted most of the time is less of a consideration then
    when I first started and there was hundreds novices fighting over porings. This
    should carry you to job change, and perhaps a bit longer.
    Rocker Fields (Pronterra, 2w and 2w, 1s)
    Levels 10-20
    Weapons to bring-Fire elemental, tri-insecticide
    Monsters-Rockers, smaller things. Rockers have about 150 hit points, and are
    worth good exp, they’re also size medium which is good for maces.
    Pronterra Culvert (ask anyone who seems to have a clue for directions, or look
    in almost any general faq)
    Levels 15-30
    Weapons to bring-Fire/Ice, tri-insecticide, plain or tri envenom for poporings.
    Monsters-small thief bugs(mobber), female thief bugs(mobber), familiar (agro),
    poporing, tarou, hydra (agro, ranged) Tons and tons of things to kill on levels
    2 and 3, you can probably level here because it’s empty, the place is just
    yours and yours alone.
    Loot-A+ you’ll find a ton of stuff, this should finance your chain easily if
    you need one still.
    Payon Caves aka “archer dungeon” 1 (vit only, with divine protection/angelus)
    Levels 16-30
    Weapons to bring-Fire/Plain
    Monsters-Familiars, Zombies (agro) which is why you’d be here, spores. Not many
    people go through here, and the mobs will eat low level agi acos alive, it’s
    vit heaven though.
    Mt. Mjlonir (e, n, e o Geffen) Horn map
    Levels 30-40
    Weapons to bring-Fire/Wind
    Monsters-Horns, chocos, ambernites, poporings. This is where I leveled, and
    leveled and leveled, I didn’t really know much about making a priest, I was
    here until job 40, which seemed an eternity, don’t stay here that long if at
    all possible, make a merchant and do some buying and selling, get some good
    gear, just try not to be here for ages like me. There is nobody here now, it
    used to be bot ridden, but it’s not bad now.
    Flee needed-100 is nice, but 80+will suffice.
    Loot-A, horns drop (or used to) a mid ranged spear every so often, these go for
    about 7k each, which is nice loot.
    Geffen Field (3s, 2? W of Pronterra) Elder Willow Map
    Levels 35-45, 30 w/ice
    Weapons to bring-Ice, Fire
    Monsters-Elder willows are the main feature of this map, creamys are okay exp,
    but elders are where it’s at if you can handle them easily. They’re weak to
    ice, they’ve got low defense, and only about 550 hps if my memory serves me,
    they add up very quickly and the map is only somewhat populated.
    Flee needed-115+
    Loot-C+, dead branches, wooden mail… trunks (for your sakaat!)
    Geffen Field (2s, 5w of Pronterra) Orc Village
    Levels 40-50
    Weapons to bring-tri bloody, Fire
    Monsters-Orc Warriors, Orc Ladies, I wouldn’t really suggest this one without a
    cranial buckler, it just hurts a lot if you don’t have that.
    Flee needed-115+
    Loot-C, nothing that interesting or easy to resell, the card is good though,
    and so are earrings… but are incredibly rare.
    Orc Dungeon 1 (Orc Village, dungeon)
    Levels 40-50
    Weapons to bring-Fire, tri clamorous
    Monsters-Orc Zombies, Orc Skeletons, Drainlars, Steel Chon Chons, Familiars.
    Use fire on the undead, clamorous on Drainlars. A twinked VIT with good armor
    could feasibly fight here indefinitely, for AGI I’d go with a party, and very
    wary of mobs.
    Monsters take a while to kill, and the exp is only moderately good.
    Flee needed-110+
    Vit 40+ (hallejua divine proteciton)
    Exp-B (if you can hang)
    Geffen Field (3s, 3? W of Pronterra) Savage Map
    Levels 40-50
    Weapons to bring-Fire, Ice
    Monsters-Savages, savage bebes, elder willows… uhhh poporings I think. Savages
    are tough, but large sized and good exp with tri clamorous, but you can
    probably do better... like using a fire swordmace! They're a lot better exp
    then I gave them credit if you have a twinked weapon.
    Flee needed-125+
    Vit- 55+
    Baylan Island 2 (take the boat from Izlude)
    Levels 40+
    Weapons to bring-Wind, Tri Saharic
    Monsters-Marinas, Thara Frogs, Kurkes, Vadons, all of them are water, but they
    have fair amounts of hps, I’d only suggest this for a twinked aco with a wind
    chain or better.
    Flee needed-110+
    Vit- 55+
    Loot-B (cards mostly)
    Geffen Dungeon 1 (go to the tower at the center of Geffen, go in, and go down)
    Levels 30-50
    Weapons to bring-Tri Envenom (an awesome leveling tool if there ever was one)
    Monsters-Poison Spores, and familiars… but TONS of poison spores, this place is
    very easy exp, it’s not very damaging, the flee isn’t so bad and the monsters
    are constant and plenious, just be wary of mobs.
    Orc Dungeon 2 (go down from Dungeon 1, or enter the house north of the middle
    of Village and go in the back) Zenorcs
    Levels 50+
    Weapons to bring-Tri bloody, fire, tri clamorous, ancient swordmace
    Monsers-Zenorcs. These guys are awesome exp, this place is good to level until
    your 80’s if you’ve got the specialty weapons for here, they’re hard to deny.
    If you can get one, an ancient sword mace is best for when you first get here,
    and so is having a decent amount of dex. Orc Skeletons, Drainlars, Familiars.
    Apersio compounds on everything here! Yay!
    Flee-140+ (zenorcs are high hit, somewhat low damage, but do NOT mob) and HIT
    Loot-D- nothing really valuable, and a TON of looting monsters in the form of
    Payon Caves 3 (down into payon caves we go)
    Levels 50+, Priest (sp regen required, or a LOT of pots)
    Weapons to bring-Fire, tri boned (if priest)
    Monsters-Bonguns, Munaks, Soldier Skeletons, Skeleton Archers(rare) it’s rough
    down here, it’s hard to flee, everything is undead, which means good damage for
    you. A bit mobby, they hit somewhat hard… it’s a good taste of why you should
    probably be working on your flee now.
    Vit-60+(bongus sorta hit hard despite DP)
    Loot-B oc items are good, only looter should be easily killed, a few
    interesting rares.
    Pyramids 2 (NW of Morroc, also where the thief quest is located, go to the NW
    of that map)
    Levels 50-60ish, Pneuma or Sp regen required
    Weapons to bring- fire, normal, heavy buckler
    Monsters-Soldier Skeletons, Skeleton Archers, Drainlars, Poporings. This is a
    good place to level, no big open spaces, enough people it’s not mobby, and the
    exp is good. Everything is undead which is always a bonus.
    Vit-50+ soldiers do the most, maybe by now you have a few +'s to help out.
    Loot-B+ oc items are good, a ton of coveted rares (soldier skeleton cards for
    instance) a few ocable daggers/bows
    Mt. Mjlonir Dead Pit 2 (e, 2n of Geffen, nw side of map) the mines
    Levels 50-60ish
    Weapons to bring-Fire, tri clamorous
    Monsters-Skeleton Workers, drainlars, martins… good exp, good loot, maybe a jur
    for your sin friend or a worker card for your chain/to sell to buy your first
    elemental chain… lot of good things here even if not high density.
    Geffen Tower Dungeon 2 (down one more, north middle of 1)
    Levels 50+
    Weapons to bring-Elemental, tri envenom, Ice
    Monsters-Whispers, Argos, Familiars, Dustiness, Jakks (pseudo rare). Other then
    the Jakks you can make a ton of exp here. Whispers don’t hit that hard, and are
    worth a ton of job exp, argos are mostly there to annoy you with the bats, and
    dustiness are bleh… if you can kill a Jakk, they’re good exp and drop s.tights.
    Vit 60+
    Exp-B, job, A
    Loot-A+++++ your whisper card, possibly the most important thing you own along
    with your Aspersio weapon can come from here.
    Payon Caves 4 (down from 3, middle of map)
    Levels 55+
    Weapons to bring-Wind, Fire
    Monsters-Sohees, Skeleton Archers, Soldier Skeletons, Munaks, and Bonguns.
    Sohees are good hunting, they have a weakness to wind, and are demons to boot.
    Vit-60+ (10 divine protection)
    Loot-B+, s.mufflers are nice, they sell well right now, you probably will want
    one yourself, maybe s.shoes from a Munak… skeletons drop useful rares even if
    they’re somewhat sparse.
    Sphinx 2 (W of Morroc, middle of map, go down)
    Levels 55+
    Weapons to bring-Aspersio Weapon, Elemental (whispers), brutal/cranial buckler
    Monsters-Requims, Martyrs (nasty), Whispers, Zeroms. Everything here is weak to
    aspersio, if you want to use that on a bloody or something that’s your call.
    Vit-60+, reduction bucklers a must
    Loot-C, martyr and whisper cards, that’s about it… well and a few obbs
    Mt. Mjlonir (2n of pronterra) agropies/angeling map
    Levels 55+
    Weapons to bring-tri envenom (good leveling) or insecticide, gargantuan buckler
    Monsters-Agropies (require a little bit of hit, 20+ dex should cover easily),
    Argos, porings, angeling… everything here is pretty slow moving, but agropies
    are dangerous in packs. I would advise against going up there unless you’re a
    preist, or have the flee required to 95% dodge them
    Vit-80+ they hit pretty darn hard, no way around that.
    Loot-F, unless you get angeling or a ton of boots, this place is OC only.
    Mt. Mjlonir Dead Pit 3 (down from 2, sw corner of map)
    Levels 60+
    Weapons to bring-tri envenom, fire
    Monsters-Mists, Skeleton Workers, Martins, Evil Druids (rare). Mists are great
    exp, be wary of mobs, I wouldn’t recommend soloing here unless you have a tri
    envenom, but if you do it’s more then worth the investment. Workers are abound
    and are great cash, you’ll even find trunks for mists. If you run into an Evil
    Druid don’t panic! Hit your f-key for level 10 bless, hold down shift, and then
    click on him, and he will have bless cast on him… which since he’s undead will
    lower his damage and his chance to hit you. Just make sure you reapply if the
    fight is long, and don’t’ be ashamed to run, they’re tough.
    Vit-70+ mists will hit hard with no particular reduction available
    Sphinx 3 (down from 2, NE corner of map)
    Levels 60+
    Weapons to bring-Aspersio weapon, Ancient Swordmace, brutal/cranial bucklers
    Monsters-Requims, Martyrs, Whispers, Drainlars, Mimics(rare). This is a
    tremendous place to level, it does get prone to mobs, and mimics are as tough
    as they come, I’d recommend winging as they’re a glacial waste of time until
    they drop their card. Everything here is weak to aspersio, which is once again,
    a great thing.
    Vit-60+ reduction is a must, fast fingers for the mobs too, wings! lotta VIT
    bots down here so it must be pretty easy thoguh.
    Geffen 3 (down from whisper land) DoppleGanger Area
    Levels 60+
    Weapons to bring-Ice (preferably) elemental is required other then aspersio
    Monsters-Whispers, Marionettes (bless these), Nightmares (bless these too if
    you need to), Jakks, Agros, Mysts, Doppleganger (run from this guy:P)
    Vit-not reccomended for vit
    Loot-B (no really overly valuable rares but plenty of decent priced ones)
    Pyramids Basement 1 (down south from thieves guild)
    Levels 70+
    Weapons to bring-Ice, Fire, brutal buckler
    Monsters-Minosrous, Mummies, Ghouls, Verits. About the best place to level as a
    battle priest solo, more monsters then sphinx 4, but not really party worthy
    still. You can get a ton of exp an loot here.
    Update-No longer a self-sufficient levelign spot as it once was due to the fact
    you have to move... great exp, but prepared for downtime, it's easily accessed
    though so this is less of a hinderance.
    Vit-80+ w/buckler
    Loot-B+ Plenty of bots, and a looting monster, verits, that will be like
    pinata~ of good things, complement the already good drops.
    Pyramids 4 (up to the top) osiris’ spawn
    Levels 70+
    Weapons to bring-Aspersio weapon, (3x boned being an obvious choice), brutal
    Monsters-Isis, Mummies, Ghouls, Martyrs. A good soloing area if you have the
    weaponry, otherwise you can do better… and osi spawning on you is equivilant to
    Sphinx 4 (down from 3, SW coner)
    Levels 75+
    Weapons to bring-Ice, tri clamorous/evenom, ancient sword mace, brutal buckler,
    cranial buckler
    Monsters-Minorous, Sidewinders, Marduks, Mimics. Not very mobby, but still very
    dangerous, Sidewinders will hit you often, and a mob of minos will ruin your
    day. Very good exp if you can hang, but not the easiest around, the density
    also isn’t big enough for a cooperative party.
    Update, danger danger danger. Hammerfall+marduk=ouch. I wouldn't advise going
    down here unless you want to wear some mdef gear or cast divina on marduks a
    lot. Very dangerous now.
    Vit-80+ use cranial to absorb marduk abuse
    Exp-C+(due to short runs and long walk down :( my favorate leveling spot is
    Loot-B, overcharge is your buddy, and the rares are all semi-valuable
    Glaist Heim Prison 1 (go into the castle 1, either of the two red dots in the
    Levels 75+
    Weapons to bring-Aspersio Weapon, Fire, Ice, Earth, Ancient (if you went lower
    dex) Gargantuan buckler
    Monsters-Zombie and Skeleton Prisoners, Hunter Flies, Brilights, Whispers. This
    is a very tough place to solo, some monsters are a pain to hit if you have low
    dex. The spawn here has turned this into a solo area... hwo about that.
    Vit-80+, just a theory that it could be done, I've seen high vit priests take
    under 100 or low 100's here.
    Loot-C, nothing drops anything rare other then hunter fly and whisper cards,
    very dry for loot, but the oc isn’t bad.
    Glaist Heim Chivalry 1 (sw side of GH map, building)
    Levels 75+
    Weapons to bring-tri bloody/tri crit chain, cranial/heavy buckler
    Monsters-Rayrdrics, Raydric Archers, Ridewords, Evil Druids, Giant Whisper.
    Ridewords make this area impossible to solo, don’t’ bother without a party.
    Vit-not reccomended for vit
    Exp-B or better depending on party
    Loot-B lots of good rares, ocing
    Glaist Heim Chivalry 2 (up from 1)
    Levels 75+
    Weapons to bring-tri bloody/crit, cranial/heavy buckler
    Monsters-Rays, Ray Archers, Khaltizburg, Jokers Make sure you’ve got a party,
    this area is a lot more solo-able then 1, but it’s very rough none the less.
    Vit-not reccomended for vit
    Loot-A, everything is worth a lot when it drops :)
    Clocktower Basement 3(?) High orcs
    Levels 75+
    Weapons to bring-Fire/Ice, tri clamorous/humongous, pneuma is nice to have,
    definitely cranial buckler, adurate shades rock for blind, but those cost a lot.
    Monsters-Orc Archer, High Orcs, Drainlars (boo blind, kill these fast). Watch
    for ankle snare mobs of death ™ if you want to know about these look here.
    A bad shot, I've seen bigger, but they are pretty common and great for exp...
    just be wary.
    Loot-C (only rare is like... 2s gakkung, and those are rare)
    Clock Tower 3
    Levels 80+
    Weapons to Bring-Tri Beholder/Boned, Fire
    Monsters-Alarms, Ray archers. Nothing hard, but if you're low on flee or hit
    this place is not for you.
    Vit-no reccomended for vit
    Loot-A (lots of ori/clips)
    Seal Beach (from comodo east, east, south)
    Levels 80+
    Weapons to bring-tri clamorous, tri-bloody, wind weapon, brutal, cranial buckler
    Monsters-Seals, and ragglers and mobster miniboss. Ragglers are totally weak,
    small 1000 HP, but they drop great loot, brigans and cyfars, also drop conc
    pots and awakening pots. Seals are what your here for, they got the nice exp,
    and dont believe the sites, they give 4501 exp per seal !, ive tested it
    myself. Mobster is a bit stronger then seals, but if you can handle otters you
    can handle him, and he drops the rare and expensive slotted ring !
    Vit-not reccomended for vit
    Exp-A- , not as good as highorcs but better then chiv 2
    Loot- C+ , the normal drops, zargons and cyfars are nice cash, but no rares at
    all, but theres free conc pots from ragglers. Mobster drops poison knife, ring,
    slot ring, but all at very very low droprates, and there's only one of him
    every 40 minutes
    Otter Beach (from comodo east, east, south, east)
    Levels 85+
    Weapons to bring-tri clamorous, wind weapon, brutal buckler
    Monsters-See otters and ragglers. Ragglers are totally weak, small 1000 HP, but
    they drop great loot, brigans and cyfars, also drop conc pots and awakening
    pots. Otters are better, they give 4267 exp, wich is better then reys, they
    drop sea otter fur thats needed for smokie hat, so that will sell for some cash
    Vit-not reccomended for vit
    Exp-B+ , not as good as seals but still better then chiv 2
    Loot- B+ the normal drops, zargons and cyfars are nice cash, No rares here
    though, but the semi often drop sea otter fur is needed for smokie hat and will
    sell nice, also theres free conc pots from ragglers, allthough theres not as
    much ragglers on the beach as there is on the seal map
    Glaist Heim Castle 2
    Levels 85+
    Weapons to Bring-Tri Crit
    Monsters-Rays, Ray archers, Khalitizburg, executionerk, abysmal knight,
    wanderer, deviruchi, ride word, Bapohomet (MvP), Bapho jr. So yeah, my build
    isn't touching this place with a 10 foot pole, but a high flee, high crit build
    would dominate here, apsersio is your buddy, and so is bless (wanderers).
    Ridewords are more of an annoyance then a threat when you have 220+flee and
    good armor.
    Vit-Ere, no.
    Loot-A+ (if something rare drops ;)
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