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    Knight/Crusader FAQ by Edge*

    Version: 2.6 | Updated: 06/03/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Edge's Unofficial Ragnarok Online Knight/Crusader Guide Version 2.6
    -Table of Contents-
    1.	Version History
    2.	Introduction
    3.	Ragnarok Online
    4.	The Swordsman: The Brave Warrior
    5.	Stats essential for Swordsmen
    6.	How to get there
    7.	Swordsman Skills
    8.	Knight Skills
    9.	Crusader Skills
    10.	Skill Builds
    11.	Stat Builds
    12.	Swordsman Equips
    13.	Armor
    14.	Rare Equips
    15.	Card Collection
    16.	Leveling Spots
    17.	Flee Chart
    18.	Player vs. Player
    19.	Scammers Beware
    20.	Updates and Changes
    21.	Contact Me
    22.	Thank You to all 
    23.	Legal Info
    I.	Version History
    Version 1.0 -02/08/04- : It's the first version so expect a lot of typos and a 
    lot of updates to come. I tried to put as much information as I can in a small 
    amount of time but still wait for a pretty big update when the alternative 
    second jobs come out.
    Version 1.1 -02/29/04- : I have temporarily stopped playing pRO due to it's 
    server problems. I now have started playing on another version of Ragnarok that 
    includes the Alternate 2nd job classes. I've also added a list of the rare 
    swords and cards useful for swordsmen. I'll probably update again in 2 weeks 
    time since my quarterly exams are coming up.
    Version 1.2 -03/16/04- : I have now added the Crusader skills and builds. I 
    have also added the Crusader quest to the section "How to get there". That's 
    all. I'll probably include a flee chart in the next update.
    Version 1.3 -03/18/04- : Added the flee chart and corrected some minor things. 
    Also fixed my builds and made them more accurate. Next update should come along 
    in the next week or so.
    Version 1.4 -03/26/04- : Corrected some things in the guide and added the 
    spears to the Swordsman Equips and Rare Equips. Not sure when the next update 
    will come. Keep posted!
    Version 1.5 -03/27/04- : Updated the Legal Information since I have let 
    Neoseeker and DLH.Net to post my guide. Also added and changed some things that 
    Katyusha pointed out. Next update? Who knows... 
    Version 1.6 -03/29/04- : Added the Player vs. Player section and some small 
    things. Please send your ideas to me! Anything that you would like to see here 
    or anything that you would like to tell me. 
    Version 1.7 -03/31/04- : Changed some minor things and corrected the PvP 
    Version 1.8 -04/02/04- : Updated the Leveling spots and also let IGN post my 
    Version 1.9 -04/04/04- : Nice date isn't it? Anyway I have updated the Card 
    Collection and changed some things about the PvP.
    Version 2.0 -04-14-04- : Made some minor updated in the builds and in Crusader 
    Version 2.1 -05-13-04- : Not much of an update. It's been almost a month since 
    the last update since my computer broke down. Just a little longer and maybe 
    the Alternate Second Jobs will come out.
    Version 2.2 -05-19-04- : Just changed a bit in the PvP section.
    Version 2.3 -05-26-04- : Updated all the Swordsman and Knight skills and also 
    added a new section which shows the changes.
    Version 2.4 -05-28-04- : Updated the Equipment section though I have not yet 
    finished it. Expect another update in the next few days. 
    Version 2.5 -05-30-04- : Updated the Card Collection and fixed a few things in 
    the Equips.
    Version 2.6 -06-03-04- : I added a new section due to the numerous scammers I 
    have seen. The new section "Scammers Beware" talks about the usual scams pulled 
    on the RO community. It shows how the scam is done and how to avoid it. I shall 
    update the section soon. If you know other scams that has happened to you or 
    you know, please send them in to help the RO community to avoid being scammed.
    II.	Introduction 
    I made this guide out of boredom and because I really want to share my 
    experience on what I have already learned in Ragnarok Online. When I first 
    started this guide our telephone line was at that time cut. I couldn't play 
    Ragnarok for at least 3 weeks so I created this guide just to kill time. I 
    never really thought that it would really pull through. Anyway this guide is 
    dedicated to the Swordsman Class of Ragnarok Online and also its 2nd jobs: The 
    Knight and Crusader. They are my favorite classes and the ones I use. If you 
    want to learn more about the game and the other classes visit GameFAQS and 
    check out the other guides posted there.
    III.	Ragnarok Online 
    Ragnarok Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) 
    made in Korea my Gravity based on the creations of Lee-Myon Jin. Really cool 
    game even if you're a beginner. WARNING: Once you play the game you will be 
    heavily addicted to it. It was true for me so I suggest you save up for some 
    heavy playing. Have fun!!!
    IV.	The Swordsman: The Brave Warrior
    The swordsman class is my personal favorite over all of the classes. The 
    swordsman is the physically strongest among the others. They also have a very 
    high health coupled with amazing defense makes them able to withstand mobs and 
    high-powered monsters. They can also regain health very quick and get a lot 
    more from healing items. For those people who like frontal combat and want to 
    kick ass the old-fashion way, Swordsmen will surely be your type.
    V.	Stats essential for Swordsmen
    This part shows the different stats in Ragnarok. There are 6 stats that affect 
    the swordsman in big ways. Be careful in fixing your stats since once you put 
    them they are already unchangeable.
    Strength: The most important stat for the Swordsman since it affects how much 
    damage you can dish out. It affects your minimum and maximum damage too. It 
    also affects your weight capacity so you can carry all that heavy armor and 
    your big sword. Every 10 points you put in strength it adds up to your minimum 
    and maximum damage.
    10 STR: +1 Min/Max Damage 
    20 STR: +4 Min/Max Damage 
    30 STR: +5 Min/Max Damage 
    40 STR: +8 Min/Max Damage 
    50 STR: +10 Min/Max Damage 
    60 STR: +12 Min/Max Damage 
    70 STR: +13 Min/Max Damage 
    80 STR: +15 Min/Max Damage 
    90 STR: +17 Min/Max Damage 
    100 STR: +19 Min/Max Damage 
    The bonus add up in such a way that once you reach that certain amount of 
    strength the pluses add to your Min/Max damage. It means that when you have 60 
    STR you have a +41 Min/Max damage bonus.
    Vitality: The stat made for the Swordsman. It increases your health points 
    giving you more life. It also raises your defense rate making you take less 
    damage and it also increases your hp recovery. It lowers the chance that status 
    ailments affect you and lessens the time that you are affected.
    Agility: The partner of Vitality in making a defensive character. It increases 
    your chance to dodge your enemy's attacks so you have the pleasure of laughing 
    at your attacker when they can't even lay a hand on you. It raises your attack 
    speed making you hit your enemies faster. This stat for swordsmen usually is 
    paired with vitality but a pure Agi swordie would not be that bad.
    Dexterity: This stat raises your minimum damage, attack speed and most 
    importantly, increases your chance to hit the enemies. You should raise this to 
    at least 25 to 30 for those not dexterity based swordies and about 40 max. 
    Intelligence: This stat is not too useful for swordsmen unless you always have 
    a priest or an acolyte as a leveling buddy. Most swordsmen should not raise 
    this past 1 unless you are int. based. It increases your magic attack and magic 
    defense as well as your SP and SP recovery. Knights and swordsmen have no magic 
    attacks and therefore this is skill is virtually useless unless raised to very 
    high amounts. Exception to the rule are Spear Knights since they rely on their 
    skills to make up for their low attack speed. The Crusader may also have some 
    use for it since they can use the skill Heal though I still do not recommend it 
    since priests and acolytes will always be the best healers.
    Luck: This stat is very useful for those who are critical swordsmen. It raises 
    your chance to critical by 1 per 3 luck. It also raises your minimum and 
    maximum damage by 1 per 5 luck and raises perfect dodge by 1 per 10 luck. A 
    critical swordsman should raise this up to 30 but not as high as your main 
    stats. It also decreases the time your are afflicted by status effects.
    VI.	How to get there
    Swordsman: You start out in Ragnarok as a Novice. I recommend that you take the 
    test since they will give you some money and healing items that you will find 
    useful as a newbie. I suggest you fight in the training grounds until level 4 
    or 5 but you may also just walk past these. After going through the training 
    grounds you can pick what city they will send you to. You can become a 
    swordsman in Izlude but you may also choose to go to Prontera since it is only 
    1 map away from Izlude. If you know the map well enough have yourself be 
    whisked to Morroc since the monsters there give more exp. than in other places. 
    Once you reach job level 10 walk to Izlude or have yourself teleported there. 
    Once you're there head west of Izlude to find the Swordsman guild. You have to 
    pass 3 test consisting of walking through maps with some holes you just have to 
    avoid. Just don't rush or you'll fall in a room full of aggressive Fabres. You 
    have 10 min. to finish the test. Once you reached the end of the 3rd test, 
    congratulations!!! You have become a Swordsman. You'll see your health rise by 
    at least 80 points that will rise a lot more once you level up more. Here are 
    the following job bonuses for Swordies.
    These do not add up like min/max damage. It works like this. Once you reach 
    that job level that is how much stat bonuses you get. If you are at job lvl 42 
    you get +4 Vitality not all of the other job bonuses added up.
    Job level 2: 1 STR
    Job level 6: 1 VIT
    Job level 10: 1 DEX
    Job level 14: 2 STR
    Job level 18: 2 VIT
    Job level 22: 2 DEX
    Job level 26: 1 LUK
    Job level 30: 1 AGI
    Job level 33: 3 STR
    Job level 36: 3 DEX
    Job level 38: 3 VIT
    Job level 40: 4 STR
    Job level 42: 4 VIT
    Job level 44: 2 LUK
    Job level 46: 2 AGI
    Job level 47: 5 STR
    Job level 49: 6 STR
    Job level 50: 7 STR
    Knight: Becoming a Knight is very easy. Just go to the northern-west part of 
    Prontera in the Culvert Headquarters. Pay a small fee and magically you become 
    a Knight. You can rent Peco Pecos just outside it. These are the job bonuses 
    you receive as a Knight.
    Job level 1: 1 VIT
    Job level 3: 2 VIT
    Job level 4: 1 STR
    Job level 5: 1 LUK
    Job level 8: 3 VIT
    Job level 10: 2 STR
    Job level 11: 1 DEX
    Job level 12: 1 AGI, 4 VIT
    Job level 15: 3 STR
    Job level 17: 5 VIT
    Job level 18: 6 VIT
    Job level 19: 2 DEX
    Job level 20: 2 LUK
    Job level 21: 7 VIT
    Job level 22: 4 STR
    Job level 27: 5 STR
    Job level 28: 3 LUK
    Job level 29: 8 VIT
    Job level 31: 3 DEX
    Job level 33: 6 STR
    Job level 36: 9 VIT
    Job level 37: 4 LUK
    Job level 38: 2 AGI
    Job level 40: 4 DEX
    Job level 43: 10 VIT
    Job level 46: 7 STR
    Job level 47: 8 STR
    Job level 48: 5 DEX
    Job level 49: 6 DEX
    Crusader: Becoming a Crusader is no walk in the park. Thanks to GlimmerVoid for 
    this info. The Crusader Quest is divided into 4 parts. The Crusader NPC is 
    found in the Prontera Castle. From Prontera go north twice and west twice. Talk 
    to the NPC to start the test.
    Part 1- Item Collection
    You are to collect a random set of items. These items come mostly from undead 
    monsters so you could ask a fellow Priest or Acolyte to help you with this. 
    There are now currently only two sets of items.
    Set 1: 
    10 Decayed Nail
    10 Danggie
    10 Rotten Scale
    10 Prisoner's Clothing
    Set 2:
    10 Skel Bone
    10 Orc Nail
    10 Manacles
    10 Danggie
    Fairly easy... You can get these items in your swordie leveling days and the 
    others you can just ask from Priests or Acolytes. Collect the items and go back 
    to the Crusader NPC.
    Part 2- Endurance Test
    The Crusader NPC will instruct you to head to the Prontera Prison. It is found 
    in the basement of Prontera Castle so it wouldn't be so hard to find it. First, 
    you need a Rosary. You can borrow it from someone or buy it in the Prontera 
    Sanctuary. Equip it and talk to the NPC named "Man in Pain".  Your goal is to 
    pass through a room full of monsters without hitting the monsters. Finish it 
    and head down to the Prontera Cathedral.
    Part 3- Knowledge Test
    Inside the Prontera Cathedral talk to the Cathedral Knight. He will ask you a 
    series of questions about Crusaders and Undead monsters. If you fail you can 
    re-take the test. Once you pass go to the Prontera Castle.
    Part 4- Purification
    For the last test you're going to need 1 Holy Water. Buy it from Merchants or 
    have a Acolyte or Priest do it for you. Once you have once go the the Prontera 
    Castle and talk to the Guardian Knight NPC to take the final test. All you have 
    to do is to kill a room full of monsters in 5 minutes. Hey, no sweat right? 
    Once you become a Crusader you will receive the following job bonuses.
    Job level 1: 1 LUK
    Job level 2: 2 LUK
    Job level 3: 3 LUK
    Job level 4: 4 LUK
    Job level 5: 5 LUK
    Job level 7:1 STR
    Job level 9: 1 INT
    Job level 11: 2 STR
    Job level 12: 1 VIT
    Job level 14: 1 DEX
    Job level 15: 2 VIT
    Job level 17: 3 STR
    Job level 20: 2 INT
    Job level 21: 3 INT
    Job level 22: 3 VIT
    Job level 23: 4 STR
    Job level 25: 5 STR
    Job level 28: 2 DEX
    Job level 31: 1 AGI
    Job level 32: 6 STR
    Job level 34: 3 DEX
    Job level 37: 2 AGI
    Job level 38: 4 INT
    Job level 40: 4 VIT
    Job level 41: 5 VIT
    Job level 44: 5 INT
    Job level 46: 6 VIT
    Job level 48: 7 STR
    Job level 50: 7 VIT
    VII.	Swordsman Skills
    Swordsmen skills are more on the offensive side. They concentrate on killing 
    your enemies quick and dealing huge damage on your enemies. You should plan 
    your skills in advance since they are the pre-requisites for some the Knight 
    Increase HP Recovery (passive) Levels 1-10
    Increases the amount of hp regained while standing still or sitting.
    Level 1: 5 + (Max HP/500) HP every 10 seconds + 10% healing from healing items
    Level 2: 10 + (Max HP/450) HP every 10 seconds + 20% healing from healing items
    Level 3: 15 + (Max HP/400) HP every 10 seconds + 30% healing from healing items
    Level 4: 20 + (Max HP/350) HP every 10 seconds + 40% healing from healing items
    Level 5: 25 + (Max HP/300) HP every 10 seconds + 50% healing from healing items
    Level 6: 30 + (Max HP/250) HP every 10 seconds + 60% healing from healing items
    Level 7: 35 + (Max HP/200) HP every 10 seconds + 70% healing from healing items
    Level 8: 40 + (Max HP/150) HP every 10 seconds + 80% healing from healing items
    Level 9: 45 + (Max HP/100) HP every 10 seconds + 90% healing from healing items
    Level 10: 50 + (Max HP/50) HP every 10 seconds + 100% healing from healing 
    Point of Advice: A must for all swordsmen what ever build they choose. It not 
    only helps you regain large amounts of health in a short time, it also doubles 
    the amount you get from healing items. Get it to level 10 as quickly as 
    possible. Definitely a skill to get.
    Sword Mastery (passive) Levels 1-10
    Increases the min/max damage done by One-handed swords 
    Level 1: Attack + 4
    Level 2: Attack + 8
    Level 3: Attack + 12
    Level 4: Attack + 16
    Level 5: Attack + 20
    Level 6: Attack + 24
    Level 7: Attack + 28
    Level 8: Attack + 32
    Level 9: Attack + 36
    Level 10: Attack + 40
    Point of Advice: if you plan to be a Crusader in the future you must definitely 
    get this skill since most Crusader skills have shields in them. If you plan to 
    use a one-hand sword as a Knight (which I highly DO NOT recommend) you can use 
    this too.
    Two-Hand Mastery (passive) Levels 1-10
    Increases the min/max damage done by 2-handed swords 
    Pre-requisites: 1 Sword Mastery
    Level 1: Attack + 4
    Level 2: Attack + 8
    Level 3: Attack + 12
    Level 4: Attack + 16
    Level 5: Attack + 20
    Level 6: Attack + 24
    Level 7: Attack + 28
    Level 8: Attack + 32
    Level 9: Attack + 36
    Level 10: Attack + 40
    Point of Advice: Anyone who plans to become a Knight MUST get this skill. It 
    does the same as Sword Mastery but it increases the power of 2-hand swords.
    Bash (active) Levels 1-10
    Increases damage by said amount. Has 25% more chance to hit.
    Level 1: 130% Damage - 8 SP
    Level 2: 160% Damage - 8 SP
    Level 3: 190% Damage - 8 SP
    Level 4: 220% Damage - 8 SP
    Level 5: 250% Damage - 8 SP
    Level 6: 280% Damage - 15 SP
    Level 7: 310% Damage - 15 SP
    Level 8: 340% Damage - 15 SP
    Level 9: 370% Damage - 15 SP
    Level 10: 400% Damage - 15 SP
    Point of Advice: This is a very good skill and a must to get. Leave it at level 
    5 until you have enough SP or at a high enough level.
    Magnum Break (active) Levels 1-10
    Pre-requisites: Level 5 Bash
    Causes fire elemental damage and pushes back enemies.
    SP use: 15 SP on all levels.
    Level 1: 120% Target, 70% Splash 
    Level 2: 125% Target, 75% Splash 
    Level 3: 130% Target, 80% Splash 
    Level 4: 135% Target, 85% Splash 
    Level 5: 140% Target, 90% Splash 
    Level 6: 145% Target, 95% Splash 
    Level 7: 150% Target, 100% Splash 
    Level 8: 155% Target, 105% Splash 
    Level 9: 160% Target, 110% Splash 
    Level 10: 165% Target, 115% Splash
    Point of Advice: I recommend that you just make this reach level 3 to get 
    Bowling Bash as a Knight. You can also get it to level 10 if you want though 
    but Bowling Bash is much better as a Knight. 
    Provoke (active) Levels 1-10
    Lowers the enemy's defense but raises it's attack power.
    SP use: 10 on all levels.
    Level 1: Attack + 2%, Defense - 10%
    Level 2: Attack + 4%, Defense - 15%
    Level 3: Attack + 6%, Defense - 20%
    Level 4: Attack + 8%, Defense - 25%
    Level 5: Attack + 10%, Defense - 30%
    Level 6: Attack + 12%, Defense - 35%
    Level 7: Attack + 14%, Defense - 40%
    Level 8: Attack + 16%, Defense - 45%
    Level 9: Attack + 18%, Defense - 50%
    Level 10: Attack + 20%, Defense - 55%
    Point of Advice: Just get this to level 5 to get endure so you can ride Peco 
    Pecos. It will also be very useful for Agi builds.
    Endure (active) Levels 1-10
    Pre-requisites: Level 1 Provoke
    Prevents flinching when attacked.
    Level 1: 10 seconds
    Level 2: 13 seconds
    Level 3: 16 seconds
    Level 4: 19 seconds
    Level 5: 22 seconds
    Level 6: 25 seconds
    Level 7: 28 seconds
    Level 8: 31 seconds
    Level 9: 34 seconds
    Level 10: 37 seconds
    Point of Advice: A not-so-useful skill unless escaping from mobs or attacking 
    high Agi monsters. Get it to level 1 so you can ride a Peco Peco.
    Skill Quests
    There are 3 skills for swordsmen that require you to complete a quest. Most of 
    the items are easy to get since you can probably buy them in the town square. 
    Walking HP Recovery (passive)
    Pre-requisites: Job level 35
    Allows you to regain hp while walking at 25% of your normal hp recovery.
    Quest for Walking HP Recovery
    Items needed: 1 Padded Armor, 500 empty bottles and 1 rocker doll.
    NPC: Izlude, Eastern Part, Ditomaso
    Point of Advice: A pretty nice skill to have since you can use it while 
    travelling through maps. It also makes you not have to sit for a long time. And 
    don't worry, you get to keep the padded armor.
    Attack Weak Point (passive)
    Pre-requisites: Job level 30
    Give you a chance to stun enemies when using a level 5 Bash or higher.
    Quest for Attack Weak Point
    Items needed: 5 Royal jellies, 10 fire arrows, 10 silver arrows, 10 tentacles 
    and 1 banana juice.
    NPC: Prontera, Knight Guild, Leo Von Prisch
    Bash Level 6: 5% chance of stun
    Bash Level 7: 10% chance of stun
    Bash Level 8: 15% chance of stun
    Bash level 9: 20% chance of stun
    Bash level 10: 25% chance of stun
    Point of Advice: Very useful for both Vital and Agi builds for some reasons. 
    For vitality based characters you get to hit them at least 3 or 4 times which 
    is pretty good since you probably lack some Agi. For agility builds, you get to 
    hit those Dexterity based characters like archers and hunters without getting 
    hit. Very useful for PVP since they get stunned for at least 4 seconds giving 
    you enough time to escape or kill them.
    Auto-Berserk (passive)
    Pre-requisites: None
    When health is below 25% you automatically cast Provoke on yourself.
    Quest for Auto-Berserk
    Items needed: 35 powder of butterfly, 10 honey, 10 horrendous mouths and 10 
    decayed nails.
    NPC: Juan, Inside Prontera, (94,57)
    Point of Advice: A fairly nice skill if your fighting 1 on 1. This skill would 
    work better for Agi builds. If your up against mobs you'll probably die since 
    your defense goes waaaay down.
    VIII.	Knight Skills
    Two-Hand Quicken (active) Levels. 1-10
    Pre-requisites: Level 1 Two-Hand Mastery
    Increases attack speed when attacking with a 2-handed sword.
    Level 1: 30 seconds - 14 SP 
    Level 2: 60 seconds - 18 SP 
    Level 3: 90 seconds - 22 SP 
    Level 4: 120 seconds - 26 SP 
    Level 5: 150 seconds - 30 SP 
    Level 6: 180 seconds - 34 SP 
    Level 7: 210 seconds - 38 SP 
    Level 8: 240 seconds - 42 SP 
    Level 9: 270 seconds - 46 SP 
    Level 10: 300 seconds - 50 SP 
    Point of Advice: You MUST get this if you're a 2-hand sword knight!! Lasting at 
    6 minutes it will be good enough to kill those annoying fast attacking monsters 
    making them flinch. 
    Peco Peco Riding (passive) Lvl 1
    Pre-requisites: Level 1 Endure
    Allows you to ride a Peco Peco.
    Point of Advice: If you wanna ride on a Peco Peco, then get this skill. I don't 
    know if you'll agree with me but it think that Knights look cooler ON a Peco 
    Peco. It raises your walking speed so you'll have a better chance at Hunters 
    and Wizards. You can also run like hell from monsters. You should see a 
    Crusader on a Peco Peco once it comes out. You'll be amazed at how it looks. 
    Cavalier Mastery (passive) Levels 1-5
    Pre-requisites: Level 1 Peco Peco Riding
    Returns your attack speed to normal while riding a Peco Peco
    Level 1: 60% of normal attack speed
    Level 2: 70% of normal attack speed
    Level 3: 80% of normal attack speed
    Level 4: 90% of normal attack speed
    Level 5: Normal Attack Speed
    Point of Advice: If you will ride a Peco Peco, get this. Period.
    Counter Attack (active) Lvl 1-5
    Pre-requisites: Level 5 Two-Hand Mastery
    Blocks and enemy attack and retaliates.
    SP use: 2 SP per counter
    Level 1: Lasts 0.3 seconds
    Level 2: Lasts 0.6 seconds
    Level 3: Lasts 0.9 seconds
    Level 4: Lasts 1.2 seconds
    Level 5: Lasts 1.5 seconds
    Point of Advice: It's still an OK skill but it was still better before Comodo.
    Bowling Bash (active) Levels 1-10
    Pre-requisites: Level 10 Bash, Level 3 Magnum Break, Level 10 Two-Hand Quicken, 
    Level 5 Two-Hand Mastery
    Hits the targeted enemy once, does splash damage then pushes the enemies back. 
    Has a 1-second casting time. Defense is reduced to 1/3 of it's normal amount.
     Level 1: 150% Damage - 13 SP 
    Level 2: 200% Damage - 14 SP 
    Level 3: 250% Damage - 15 SP 
    Level 4: 300% Damage - 16 SP 
    Level 5: 350% Damage - 17 SP 
    Level 6: 400% Damage - 18 SP 
    Level 7: 450% Damage - 19 SP 
    Level 8: 500% Damage - 20 SP 
    Level 9: 550% Damage - 21 SP 
    Level 10: 600% Damage - 22 SP 
    Point of Advice: The reason why you should only raise your Magnum Break to 
    level 3. Dealing large amounts of damage which is as strong as a Merchant's 
    Mammonite. I recommend Bash on 1 on 1 since it has less SP cost and no casting 
    Spear Mastery (passive) Levels 1-10
    Increases the max/min damage of Spears
    Level 1: Attack + 4 (+5 on peco peco)
    Level 2: Attack + 8 (+10 on peco peco)
    Level 3: Attack + 12 (+15 on peco peco)
    Level 4: Attack + 16 (+20 on peco peco)
    Level 5: Attack + 20 (+25 on peco peco)
    Level 6: Attack + 24 (+30 on peco peco)
    Level 7: Attack + 28 (+35 on peco peco)
    Level 8: Attack + 32 (+40 on peco peco)
    Level 9: Attack + 36 (+45 on peco peco)
    Level 10: Attack + 40 (+50 on peco peco)
    Point of Advice: You should definitely be on a Peco Peco when you plan to use a 
    spear build. Birds and spears go together in Ragnarok.
    Pierce (active) Levels 1-10
    Pre-requisites: Level 1 Spear Mastery
    Attacks enemy with spear. Hits medium-sized enemies twice and large-sized 
    SP use: 7 SP on all levels
    Level 1: 110% Damage
    Level 2: 120% Damage
    Level 3: 130% Damage
    Level 4: 140% Damage
    Level 5: 150% Damage
    Level 6: 160% Damage
    Level 7: 170% Damage
    Level 8: 180% Damage
    Level 9: 190% Damage
    Level 10: 200% Damage
    Point of Advice: A very useful skill since majority of the monsters in Ragnarok 
    are medium-sized. 
    Spear Stab (active) Levels 1-5
    Pre-requisites: Level 5 pierce
    Attacks then pushes the enemy back by 6 cells.
    SP use: 9 SP on all levels
    Level 1: 115% Damage
    Level 2: 130% Damage
    Level 3: 145% Damage
    Level 4: 160% Damage
    Level 5: 175% Damage
    Level 6: 190% Damage
    Level 7: 205% Damage
    Level 8: 220% Damage
    Level 9: 235% Damage
    Level 10: 250% Damage
    Point of Advice: Not a very good skill. Just get it to get Brandish Spear.
    Brandish Spear (active) Levels 1-10
    Pre-requisites: Level 7 Spear Stab, 1 Peco Peco Riding
    Swing the spear and does splash damage. Has a 1-second casting time. Defense is 
    reduced to 1/3 of it's normal amount.
    SP use: 12 SP on all levels.
    Level 1: 150% Damage, 1 spread attack range
    Level 2: 200% Damage, 1 spread attack range
    Level 3: 250% Damage, 1 spread attack range
    Level 4: 300% Damage, 2 spread attack range
    Level 5: 350% Damage, 2 spread attack range
    Level 6: 400% Damage, 2 spread attack range
    Level 7: 450% Damage, 3 spread attack range
    Level 8: 500% Damage, 3 spread attack range
    Level 9: 550% Damage, 3 spread attack range
    Level 10: 600% Damage, 4 spread attack range
    Point of Advice: An extremely improved Magnum Break. It has a very LARGE attack 
    spread making it hit any enemies near you.
    Spear Boomerang (active) Levels 1-5
    Pre-requisites: Level 3 Pierce
    Throws your spear at enemies.
    SP use: 8 SP on all levels.
    Level 1: 150% Damage, 3 square range
    Level 2: 200% Damage, 5 square range
    Level 3: 250% Damage, 7 square range
    Level 4: 250% Damage, 9 square range
    Level 5: 350% Damage, 11 square range
    Point of Advice: If you're a spear user then you must definitely get this 
    skill. With it you can beat archers and mages to a pulp. A must have for any 
    spear Knight.
    IX.	Crusader Skills
    Crusader skills have mostly defense-based and have some Acolyte skills as well.
    Trust (passive) Levels 1-10
    Increase Max HP and add defense against Holy Property
    Level 1: +200 HP, +5% Holy Resistance   
    Level 2:   +400 HP, +10% Holy Resistance  
    Level 3:   +600 HP, +15% Holy Resistance  
    Level 4 :  +800 HP, +20% Holy Resistance  
    Level 5   +1000 HP, +25% Holy Resistance 
    Level  6   +1200 HP, +30% Holy Resistance 
    Level 7   +1400 HP, +35% Holy Resistance 
    Level 8   +1600 HP, +40% Holy Resistance 
    Level 9   +1800 HP, +45% Holy Resistance 
    Level 10  +2000 HP, +50% Holy Resistance 
    Point of Advice: Get it as soon as you become a Crusader. The extra HP is more 
    than welcome but the extra defense is not that useful since there are little 
    Holy Property monsters.
    Spear Quicken (active) Levels 1-10
    Increased attack speed when attacking with a Two-Hand Spear.
    Level 1: Lasts 30 seconds, increases ASPD by 21% - 24 SP
    Level 2: Lasts 60 seconds, increases ASPD by 22% - 28 SP
    Level 3: Lasts 90 seconds, increases ASPD by 23% - 32 SP
    Level 4: Lasts 120 seconds, increases ASPD by 24% - 36 SP
    Level 5: Lasts 150 seconds, increases ASPD by 25% - 40 SP
    Level 6: Lasts 180 seconds, increases ASPD by 26% - 44 SP
    Level 7: Lasts 210 seconds, increases ASPD by 27% - 48 SP
    Level 8: Lasts 240 seconds, increases ASPD by 28% - 52 SP
    Level 9: Lasts 270 seconds, increases ASPD by 29% - 56 SP
    Level 10: Lasts 300 seconds, increases ASPD by 30% - 60 SP
    Point of Advice: Not advisable unless you choose not to use a shield for the 
    rest of your Crusader life since it only works with two-hand spears.  It's SP 
    cost is slightly higher than the Knight's Two-Hand Quicken.
    Auto-Guard (active) Levels 1-10
    Pre-requisites: Must have a Shield (meaning any form of shield) equipped. 
    Level 1: 5% chance to block attack - 12 SP
    Level 2: 10% chance to block attack - 14 SP
    Level 3: 14% chance to block attack - 16 SP
    Level 4: 18% chance to block attack - 18 SP
    Level 5: 21% chance to block attack - 20 SP
    Level 6: 24% chance to block attack - 22 SP
    Level 7: 26% chance to block attack - 24 SP
    Level 8: 28% chance to block attack - 26 SP
    Level 9: 29% chance to block attack - 28 SP
    Level 10: 30% chance to block attack - 30 SP
    Point of Advice: A fairly good skill. It's only downfall is the low block 
    chance. I'd leave it at level 8 since two skill points for 2% is quite a waste.
    Shield Charge (active) Levels 1-5
    Pre-requisites: Level 5 Auto Guard
    Pushes an enemy back with a low chance to stun.
    SP use: 10 SP on all levels
    Level 1: 120% damage, 20% chance of stun, knocks back 5 squares
    Level 2: 140% damage, 25% chance of stun, knocks back 6 squares
    Level 3: 160% damage, 30% chance of stun, knocks back 7 squares
    Level 4: 180% damage, 35% chance of stun, knocks back 8 squares
    Level 5: 200% damage, 40% chance of stun, knocks back 9 squares.
    Point of Advice: A pretty good skill considering it has a high chance of 
    stunning the enemy at level 5.
    Shield Boomerang (active) Levels 1-5
    Pre-requisites: Level 3 Shield Charge
    Throws your shield at enemies.
    SP use: 12 SP on all levels.
    Level 1: 130% damage, 3 square range
    Level 2: 160% damage, 5 square range
    Level 3: 190% damage, 7 square range
    Level 4: 220% damage, 9 square range
    Level 5: 250% damage, 11 square range
    Point of Advice: It is like the Knight's Spear Boomerang except it has a lower 
    attack and a higher SP cost. A very good skill to max.
    Reflect Shield (active) Levels 1-10
    Pre-requisites: Level 3 Shield Boomerang
    Reflect a amount of physical damage back to the enemy for 6 minutes
    Level 1: Reflect 13% damage - 35 SP
    Level 2: Reflect 16% damage - 40 SP
    Level 3: Reflect 19% damage - 45 SP
    Level 4: Reflect 22% damage  - 50 SP
    Level 5: Reflect 25% damage - 55 SP
    Level 6: Reflect 28% damage - 60 SP
    Level 7: Reflect 31% damage - 65 SP
    Level 8: Reflect 34% damage - 70 SP
    Level 9: Reflect 37% damage - 75 SP
    Level 10: Reflect 40% damage - 80 SP
    Point of Advice: A really great defensive skill when up against strong 
    monsters. Combined with Auto-Guard you a should be nearly invincible.
    Holy Cross (active) Levels 1-10
    Attacks and blinds the enemy by a certain chance.
    Level 1: 135% damage, 3% chance of blinding - 11 SP
    Level 2: 170% damage, 6% chance of blinding - 12 SP
    Level 3: 205% damage, 9% chance of blinding - 13 SP
    Level 4: 240% damage, 12% chance of blinding - 14 SP
    Level 5: 275% damage, 15% chance of blinding - 15 SP
    Level 6: 310% damage, 18% chance of blinding - 16 SP
    Level 7: 345% damage, 21% chance of blinding - 17 SP
    Level 8: 380% damage, 24% chance of blinding - 18 SP
    Level 9: 415% damage, 27% chance of blinding - 19 SP
    Level 10: 450% damage, 30% chance of blinding - 20 SP
    Point of Advice: Trust me, Bash is better. Blind is not as useful as stun.
    Grand Cross (active) Levels 1-10
    Pre-requisites: Level 10 Trust, Level 6 Holy Cross
    All demon and undead monsters (except Bosses) in range of the skill are damaged 
    and blinded. Has a casting time of 3 seconds.
    Level 1: 140% damage - 37 SP
    Level 2: 180% damage - 44 SP
    Level 3: 220% damage - 51 SP
    Level 4: 260% damage - 58 SP
    Level 5: 300% damage - 65 SP
    Level 6: 340% damage - 72 SP
    Level 7: 380% damage - 79 SP
    Level 8: 420% damage - 86 SP
    Level 9: 460% damage - 93 SP
    Level 10: 500% damage - 100 SP
    Point of Advice: The skill forms a cross-shaped Magnus Exorcimus which is 
    really COOL!! The fast casting time and high damage is very much approved. The 
    only thing that makes this skill not so useful is the high SP cost.
    Devotion (active) Levels 1-5
    Pre-requisites: Level 4 Grand Cross, Level 5 Reflect Shield
    SP use: 25 SP on all levels.
    Receive all damage done to party or guild that are in the same map as you are. 
    Does not work for other Crusaders in your party or guild.
    Level 1: Take damage for 3 team members
    Level 2: Take damage for 5 team members
    Level 3: Take damage for 7 team members
    Level 4: Take damage for 9 team members
    Level 5: Take damage for 11 team members
    Point of Advice: Use this skill and you can tank anybody what ever level they 
    are. You receive all the hits and as long as you have reds or a Priest beside 
    you, your party will be invincible. Because of this skill Crusaders will be 
    very high in demand when the guild wars come out.
    Providence (active) Levels 1-5
    Pre-requisites: Level 5 Divine Protection, Level 5 Heal
    SP use: 30 SP on all levels
    Reduces damage taken from Demon and Holy Properties. Lasts for 3 minutes.
    Level 1: 5% less damage taken
    Level 2: 10% less damage taken
    Level 3: 15% less damage taken
    Level 4: 20% less damage taken
    Level 5: 25% less damage taken
    Point of Advice: A not-so-good skill since there are other better skills out 
    Peco Peco Riding (passive) Lvl 1
    Pre-requisites: Level 1 Endure
    Allows you to ride a Peco Peco.
    Point of Advice: If you wanna ride on a Peco Peco, then get this skill. You 
    should see a Crusader on a Peco Peco. Fitted with blue headgear, blue wings... 
    You can look cool while kicking a**!!!
    Cavalier Mastery (passive) Levels 1-5
    Pre-requisites: Level 1 Peco Peco Riding
    Returns your attack speed to normal while riding a Peco Peco
    Level 1: 60% of normal attack speed
    Level 2: 70% of normal attack speed
    Level 3: 80% of normal attack speed
    Level 4: 90% of normal attack speed
    Level 5: Normal Attack Speed
    Point of Advice: If you will ride a Peco Peco, get this. Period.
    Defender (active) Levels 1-5
    Pre-requisites: Level 1 Shield Boomerang
    SP use: 30 SP on all levels
    Reduces damage dealt by physical melee attacks. Caster is slowed down.
    Level 1: -20% damage
    Level 2: -35% damage
    Level 3: -50% damage
    Level 4: -65% damage
    Level 5: -80% damage
    Point of Advice: Use this along with Devotion to make your guild or party 
    practically invincible.
    Spear Mastery (passive) Levels 1-10
    Increases the max/min damage of Spears
    Level 1: Attack + 4 (+5 on peco peco)
    Level 2: Attack + 8 (+10 on peco peco)
    Level 3: Attack + 12 (+15 on peco peco)
    Level 4: Attack + 16 (+20 on peco peco)
    Level 5: Attack + 20 (+25 on peco peco)
    Level 6: Attack + 24 (+30 on peco peco)
    Level 7: Attack + 28 (+35 on peco peco)
    Level 8: Attack + 32 (+40 on peco peco)
    Level 9: Attack + 36 (+45 on peco peco)
    Level 10: Attack + 40 (+50 on peco peco)
    Point of Advice: You should definitely be on a Peco Peco when you plan to use a 
    spear build. Birds and spears go together in Ragnarok. But Crusaders and Spears 
    for me... don't...
    Cure (active) Level 1
    Pre-requisites: Level 5 Trust
    SP use: 15 SP
    Removes status ailments.
    Point of Advice: Well... If you wanna get then get it... It's needed for Heal.
    Divine Protection (passive) Levels 1-10
    Pre-requisites: Level 1 Cure
    Raises defense against Demon and Undead monsters.
    Level 1: Defense +4             
    Level 2: Defense +8             
    Level 3: Defense +12            
    Level 4: Defense +16            
    Level 5: Defense +20            
    Level 6: Defense +24 
    Level 7: Defense +28            
    Level 8: Defense +32            
    Level 9: Defense +36            
    Level 10: Defense +40
    Point of Advice: A very good skill but to use it you have to sacrifice some 
    other skills.
    Demon Bane (passive) Levels 1-10
    Pre-requisites: Level 3 Divine Protection
    Raises attack power against Demon and Undead monsters.
    Level 1: Attack + 4 
    Level 2: Attack + 8 
    Level 3: Attack + 12 
    Level 4: Attack + 16 
    Level 5: Attack + 20 
    Level 6: Attack + 24 
    Level 7: Attack + 28 
    Level 8: Attack + 32 
    Level 9: Attack + 36 
    Level 10: Attack + 40 
    Point of Advice: Same as Divine but maybe this is more useful if you prefer 
    extra power to extra defense.
    Heal (active) Levels 1-10
    Pre-requisites: Level 5 Demon Bane, Level 10 Trust
    Recovers HP or damages Undead monsters. Damage based on INT and skill level.
    Level 1: 13 SP
    Level 2: 16 SP
    Level 3: 19 SP
    Level 4: 22 SP
    Level 5: 25 SP
    Level 6: 28 SP
    Level 7: 31 SP
    Level 8: 34 SP
    Level 9: 37 SP
    Level 10: 40 SP
    Point of Advice: Not so useful since the max SP of a Crusader is still low even 
    if a pure INT build is used.
    X.	Skill Builds 
    10.1	Knight Skill Builds______________________________________________________
    Spear / One Hand Build 
    10 - HP Recovery
    10 -Sword Mastery
    5 - Bash
    3 - Magnum Break
    10 - Bash
    5 - Provoke
    1 - Endure
    Knight Job Change
    10 - Spear Mastery
    1 - Peco Peco Riding
    5 - Cavalier Mastery
    10 - Pierce
    3 - Spear Stab
    10 - Brandish Spear
    5 - Spear Boomerang
    5 - Counter Attack (optional)
    Point of Advice: I would not recommend a One hand Knight since many Knight 
    skills revolve around 2-hand swords. The idea of a Spear Knight would be good 
    though, coupled with lots of Vital and decent Agi, it would be very powerful.
    Two Hand Build
    10 - HP Recovery
    1 - Sword Mastery
    10- Two Hand Mastery
    5 - Bash
    3 - Magnum Break
    10  - Bash
    5 - Provoke
    Knight Job Change
    1 - Endure
    10 - 2-hand Quicken
    1 - Peco Peco Riding
    5 - Cavalier Mastery
    5 - Counter Attack
    10 - Bowling Bash
    Point of Advice: You have a lot of skill points left so you can do anything 
    with it. I would recommend maxing out some of the Swordsman skills like Provoke 
    and Endure.
    Spear Build
    10 - HP Recovery
    1 - Sword Mastery
    5 - Two-Hand Mastery
    5 - Bash
    3 - Magnum Break
    10 - Bash
    5 - Provoke
    5 - Endure
    Knight Job Change
    10 - Spear Mastery
    5 - Pierce
    3 - Spear Stab
    1 - Peco Peco Ride
    5 - Cavalier Mastery
    5 - Spear Boomerang
    Point of Advice: Getting a Peco Peco is completely needed. You have lots of 
    skill points so you still can probably get Counter Attack or Brandish Spear.
    10.2	Crusader Skill Builds____________________________________________________
    I highly recommend that you go above job level 40 when you try to be a 
    Crusader. This is because a Crusader has so many skills that the skill points 
    can't be wasted on 1st job skills.  All the builds listed below job change at 
    job level 40 but soon I will add a section that will allow you to change on 
    jobs +41. On all the builds getting a Peco Peco is completely optional. I 
    recommend that you don't get one since 6 skill points are used for this.
    Battle Crusader Build
    10 - HP Recovery
    10 - Sword Mastery
    10 - Bash
    3 - Magnum Break
    5 - Provoke
    1 - Endure
    Crusader Job Change
    10 - Trust
    5 - Auto Guard
    5 - Shield Charge
    5 - Shield Boomerang
    10 - Holy Cross
    10 - Grand Cross
    Point of Advice: This build is the pure battle type which probably goes with an 
    Agi build. If you wish to get a Peco Peco then just leave Holy Cross at level 
    Tanking Crusader Build
    10 - HP Recovery
    10 - Sword Mastery
    10 - Bash
    3 - Magnum Break
    5 - Provoke
    1 - Endure
    Crusader Job Change
    10 - Trust
    5 - Auto Guard
    3 - Shield Charge
    5 - Shield Boomerang
    5 - Reflect Shield
    6 - Holy Cross
    4 - Grand Cross
    1 - Devotion
    5 - Defender
    Point of Advice: A pure defensive Crusader. Vitality builds will worship the 
    skills here. You have 5 skill points left which you can put in either Auto 
    Guard or Reflect Shield.
    Priest Crusader Build
    10 - HP Recovery
    10 - Sword Mastery
    10 - Bash
    3 - Magnum Break
    5 - Provoke
    1 - Endure
    Crusader Job Change
    10 - Trust
    1 - Cure
    3 - Divine Protection
    5 - Demon Bane
    10 - Heal
    10 - Divine Protection
    10 - Demon Bane
    1 - Peco Peco Riding
    5 - Cavalier Mastery
    Point of Advice: If you wanna got the Priest way, then choose this build. 
    Recommended build is Intelligence and Agility. The Peco Peco is some what 
    needed to get away from GH monsters, since that's where you'll be going to once 
    you get to higher levels.
    XI.	Stat Builds
    The builds listed here are simply a guide to your character. It is your own 
    decision to follow these builds as it is. I have listed the builds along with 
    the finishing stats with and without job bonuses. 
    11.1	Vitality Builds__________________________________________________________
    Vitality Builds are made to take damage and recover it as quickly as possible. 
    With all that vitality, damage will be reduced to a minimum. Your maximum hp 
    once you reach lvl 99 will be more than 15k. Most swordies choose this build. 
    Starting Stats: 9 STR, 5 VIT, 5 DEX, 9 AGI,
    20 STR
    15 DEX
    40 VIT
    30 STR
    60 VIT
    28 DEX 
    40 STR
    80 VIT
    50 STR
    99 VIT
    92 STR
    Lvl 99: 92 STR, 99 VIT, 28 DEX, 9 AGI 
    Final Stats: 100 STR, 109 VIT, 34 DEX, 11 AGI, 5 LUK
    0 points left
    Point of Advice: This is the build I am currently using. When the crusaders 
    come around they will probably also use this since many of their skills are 
    defense-based. If you used this build on a Spear Knight add some Int to get 
    extra SP.
    11.2	Agility Builds___________________________________________________________
    Agi swordsmen are probably the best fighters since they have the most hp even 
    if they have low vitality, they have a large amount of strength and have an 
    amazing attack speed. Spear Knights could use this build but don't expect your 
    self to become as fast as other Non-spear Knights. But if you choose to make an 
    Agi-Spear Knight add some Int to get some extra SP for your skills. Those who 
    chose this build will have a hard time leveling up at start since you will get 
    hit a lot. Quite good but expect to burn up reds when you get hit. OUCH...
    Starting Stats: 9 STR, 9 AGI, 9 DEX,
    30 AGI
    15 DEX
    60 AGI
    20 STR
    80 AGI
    40 STR
    31 DEX
    90 AGI
    99 STR
    Lvl 99: 99 STR, 92 AGI, 31 DEX
    Final Stats: 107 STR, 94 AGI, 11 VIT, 37 DEX, 5 LUK
    4 points left
    or for those who want more criticals...
    30 AGI
    15 DEX
    60 AGI
    30 LUK
    25 DEX
    20 STR
    80 AGI
    50 STR
    36 LUK
    93 AGI
    90 STR
    Lvl 99 : 90 STR, 93 AGI, 25 DEX, 36 LUK
    Final Stats: 98 STR, 95 AGI, 11 VIT, 31 DEX, 40 LUK
    0 points left
    Point of Advice: If you choose to have a lot more critical attacks I suggest 
    you take this seriously. To get the most out of this you have to get most of 
    the critical gear. 
    11.3	Hybrid Builds____________________________________________________________
    There are several hybrid builds that are out there. A hybrid build is a 
    combination of 2 or more stats to make your character stronger. Since pure 
    builds have weaknesses hybrid builds can make up for these cons but the stats 
    may not be that high as the pure builds. 
    Agility/Vitality Build
    Starting Stats: 9 STR, 9 AGI, 9 VIT or 9 STR, 9 AGI, 5 VIT, 5 DEX
    20 AGI 
    10 STR 
    40 AGI 
    10 DEX 
    50 AGI 
    20 STR 
    60 AGI 
    15 VIT 
    70 AGI 
    30 STR 
    20 DEX 
    80 AGI 
    20 VIT 
    40 STR 
    30 DEX 
    50 STR 
    90 AGI 
    30 VIT 
    36 DEX 
    60 STR 
    40 VIT 
    72 STR 
    55 VIT 
    Lvl 99: 72 STR, 90 AGI, 55 VIT, 36 DEX
    Final Stats: 80 STR, 92 AGI, 65 VIT, 42 DEX, 5 LUK
    0 points left
    Point of Advice: While you won't have as much flee or attack as fast as other 
    pure Agi knights, you will utterly demolish them in PvP later on. Plus, you're 
    better suited for leveling and PvP than both the pure Vit and Agi builds, as 
    you can avoid punishment, as well as take it in the gut if you have to. Plus, 
    due to high Strength, despite your slower aspd, you will kill things a lot 
    faster than an Agi knight can. This is mainly due to most Agi knights typically 
    having less than 40 total STR.
    Vitality/Agility Build
    This is the same as Agi/Vit except this build has more Vitality. This build has 
    high defense and a decent amount of Agi to get some attack speed and a bit of 
    Starting Stats: 9 STR, 9 AGI, 5 DEX, 5 VIT
    20 STR
    40 VIT
    20 DEX
    20 AGI
    60 VIT
    40 STR
    32 DEX
    60 STR
    90 VIT
    50 AGI
    82 STR
    Lvl 99: 82 STR, 90 VIT, 50 AGI, 32 DEX
    Final Stats: 90 STR, 100 VIT, 52 AGI, 38 DEX, 5 LUK
    4 points left
    Point of Advice: While able to dodge a few attacks on one-on-one fights but can 
    still take all the damage, any Knight with this build could go spears just make 
    sure you add some Int. With high Str and enough Dex, you can dish out large 
    amounts of damage.
    11.4	Crusader Builds__________________________________________________________
    Because of the reason that Crusaders have different stats than Knights I have 
    created this section. These builds are custom-made for the Crusader class. If 
    you wish to create a ordinary Crusader (meaning no Priest skills) please refer 
    to the stat builds listed above.
    Strength/Intelligence Build
    This build relies heavily on one Crusader skill. Heal. It will be hard to raise 
    your level in the start since swordsmen don't have heal. Use this build on a 
    secondary character since you have to use lots of reds to keep yourself alive.
    Starting Stats: 9 STR, 9 AGI, 9 DEX
    15 DEX
    20 STR
    28 DEX
    50 STR
    50 INT
    70 STR
    70 INT
    93 STR
    98 INT
    Lvl 99: 93 STR, 98 INT, 28 DEX, 9 AGI
    Final Stats: 100 STR, 103 INT, 31 DEX, 11 AGI, 8 VIT, 6 LUK
    0 points left
    Point of Advice: Take this build seriously since you WILL have a very hard time 
    when leveling as a swordsman.
    The healing, bashing, tanking machine. You can dish out damage good, you can 
    take most of the hits, and if ever you get in trouble, you can heal yourself. a 
    3-in-1 build.
    Starting Stats: 9 STR, 9 DEX, 9 AGI
    10 VIT
    20 STR
    25 DEX
    30 VIT
    30 STR
    50 VIT
    40 STR
    30 INT
    70 VIT
    50 INT
    60 STR
    92 VIT
    83 STR
    Lvl 99: 83 STR, 92 VIT, 50 INT, 25 DEX
    Final Stats: 90 STR, 99 VIT, 55 INT, 28 DEX, 3 AGI, 6 LUK
    2 points left
    Point of Advice: Probably the most common build among Crusaders since they are 
    pretty much the Vitality type.
    A good combination of stats. Because of your low HP you get Agi to cover it up 
    and if you get hit you can heal yourself. You'll be dishing out pretty good 
    damage because of your high strength. The only downfall is that Crusaders are 
    Vit-oriented characters and Agi Crusaders may not come out so good...
    15 DEX
    30 AGI
    20 STR
    50 AGI
    25 DEX
    30 STR
    60 AGI
    40 INT
    80 AGI
    60 STR
    92 AGI
    50 INT
    83 STR
    Lvl 99: 83 STR, 92 AGI, 50 INT, 25 DEX
    Final Stats: 90 STR, 94 AGI, 55 INT, 28 DEX, 8 VIT, 6 LUK
    2 points left
    Point of Advice: Use Spear Quicken to your advantage to make your Agi Crusader 
    the best it can be.
    XII.	Swordsman Equipment
    Listed here are everything a Swordsman and Knight can equip including their 
    prices, their attack power, and the required level. I have also put a comment 
    to make your choices easier.
    12.1	One-Hand Swords__________________________________________________________
    Attack: 25
    Cost: 100z
    Required Lvl: 2 
    Bought From: All cities except Morroc
    Once you get out of the Novice Training grounds, get enough money to buy this 
    sword since it's a lot better than your normal knife. This will last you 
    probably until you get more money to buy a better sword.
    Attack : 39
    Cost: 1,500z
    Required Lvl: 2
    Bought From: Alberta, Izlude, Payon, Prontera
    This is an alternative to getting a Sword since it has more attack power. I do 
    not recommend buying this since a Blade is much better if you can afford it.
    Attack: 53
    Cost: 2,900z
    Required Lvl: 2
    Bought From: Alberta, Izlude, Payon, Prontera
    When you get enough money as a Novice, buy this sword to make your leveling 
    easier. You should be able to afford this before you change jobs.
    Attack: 70
    Cost: 10,000z
    Required Lvl: 14
    Bought From: Prontera
    You can get this after you turn into a Swordsman and gain some levels. Unless 
    you really don't have any money and don't have much patience, go ahead and buy 
    this sword but it would better if you save some money and buy a Ring Pommel 
    Attack: 85
    Cost: 17,000z
    Required Lvl: 14
    Bought From: Prontera
    Read what I said about the Rapier. It's pretty much the same. Just save and 
    Ring Pommel Saber
    Attack: 100
    Cost: 24,500z
    Required Lvl: 14
    Bought From: Prontera
    Save enough money? Good. Buy this sword since it's twice as strong as a Blade. 
    Should last you until you get a Tsurugi.
    Attack: 115
    Cost: 49,000z
    Required Lvl: 27
    Bought From: Prontera
    Hold back when buying this because you can just wait until you get a Tsurugi.
    Attack: 120
    Bonus: +3 INT
    Cost: 50,000z
    Required Lvl: 27
    Bought From: Prontera
    Good for INT-based swordsmen. Other than that, get a Tsurugi. 
    Attack: 130
    Cost: 51,000z
    Required Lvl: 27
    Bought From: Prontera
    You have a choice of getting this or sticking to a +6 Ring Pommel Saber. But if 
    you can put some +s into this then go with your Tsurugi.
    Attack: 150
    Cost: 60,000
    Required Lvl: 27
    Required Job: Knight
    Bought From: Prontera
    You'll be able to get this sword once you become a Knight. Slap some element in 
    this weapon to make it a lot stronger.
    12.2	Two-Hand Swords__________________________________________________________
    Attack: 60
    Cost: 2,000z
    Required Lvl: 4
    Bought From: Izlude, Prontera
    A good start once you become a Swordie but you would fare better with a Bastard 
    Sword once you get to a high enough level. Get it to make your moneymaking 
    Attack: 90
    Cost: 15,000z
    Required Lvl: 18
    Bought From: Izlude, Prontera
    Don't get this just yet. Wait until you can buy a Bastard Sword.
    Bastard Sword
    Attack: 115
    Cost: 22,500z
    Required Lvl: 18
    Bought From: Izlude
    This sword is actually stronger than a Two-handed Sword as long as it has 
    enough plusses in it. Use this sword until you can upgrade your Two-handed 
    Sword or better if you can get a Claymore with plusses. 
    Broad Sword
    Attack: 140
    Bonus: +5 Defense
    Cost: 65,000z
    Required Lvl: 33
    Bought From: Izlude
    The alternative to a Two-Handed Sword. If you prefer extra defense to extra 
    attack power then get this sword.
    Two-Handed Sword
    Attack: 160
    Cost: 60,000
    Required Lvl: 33
    Bought From: Izlude
    Good until you become a Knight. If you manage to get a Slotted Two-Handed Sword 
    then stick to that.
    Attack: 180
    Cost: 74,000z
    Required Lvl: 33
    Required Job: Knight
    Bought From: Izlude
    Once you become a Knight get this sword quick. Get this to +5 to make it really 
    12.3	Spears___________________________________________________________________
    Attack: 28
    Cost: 150z
    Required Lvl: 4
    Just stick with your knife.
    Attack: 44
    Cost: 1,700z
    Required Lvl: 4
    A complete waste of money. Just stick to your dull knife.
    Attack: 60
    Cost: 3,450z
    Required Lvl: 4
    Get this in your early Swordsman days if you can afford it. But, many high-
    leveled players use this also. It is because the Pike is a 4-slot weapon that 
    is quite easy to get. It can be easily over-upgraded to +10 and it's one-hand, 
    enabling the user to equip a shield as well. This is the common weapon that has 
    the 4-of-a-kind cards. 
    Attack: 84
    Cost: 13,000z
    Required Lvl: 18
    Don't buy it. Trust me.
    Attack: 104
    Cost: 20,000z
    Required Lvl: 18
    If you have decent cards at hand, buy this. But I recommend a slotted Pike. If 
    not, but a Partizan instead.
    Attack: 124
    Cost: 27,000z
    Required Lvl: 18
    The alternate to a Glaive. This has higher attack power but the Glaive has more 
    slots. It's you choice.
    Attack: 150
    Cost: 51,000z
    Required Lvl: 33
    The mother of the Glaive. Has more slots than the stronger Halberd, so if you 
    have some good cards, put it into this. The slotted version of this weapon is 
    very rare, but it's alright to dream.
    Attack: 165
    Cost: 54,000z
    Required Lvl: 33
    The counter-part of the Trident. This spear has stronger attack power but less 
    Attack: 185
    Cost: 60,000z
    Required Lvl: 33
    Job Required: Knight
    Get this once you become a Knight or Crusader.
    XIII.	Armor
    Well, here you go.
    13.1	Body_____________________________________________________________________
    Wedding Dress
    Defense: 0
    Cost: 45,000z
    Bonus: +15 Mdefense, Females only
    I really don't know.
    Cotton Shirt
    Defense: 1
    Cost: 10z
    You get this at the start of the game. Just for show.
    Defense: 2
    Cost: 200z
    Don't buy it. End of story.
    Adventurer's Suit
    Defense: 3
    Cost: 1,000z
    It's your choice. If you do have money to spare then buy it.
    Wooden Mail
    Defense: 4
    Cost: 5,500z
    Get an Adventurer's Suit instead. It's much cheaper.
    Defense: 5
    Cost: 10,000z
    Don't get it. Trust me.
    Defense: 5
    Cost: 22,000z
    Bought From: All cities except Aldebaran
    Waste of money. 
    Padded Armor
    Defense: 7
    Cost: 48,000z
    Bought From: Alberta, Izlude, Morroc, Prontera
    It's a good start. Use it during your swordsman days.
    Chain Mail
    Defense: 8
    Cost: 65,000z
    Bought From: Alberta, Izlude, Morroc, Prontera
    If you can spare the money, buy this instead of the Padded Armor.
    Full Plate
    Defense: 10
    Required Lvl: 40
    Cost: 80,000z
    Bought From: Prontera
    The best armor a Swordsman could have. Once you hit 40, buy it.
    13.2	Shields__________________________________________________________________
    Defense: 2
    Cost: 500z
    It's good enough to start with if you choose to go one-hand.
    Defense: 4
    Cost: 14,000z
    Unless you get a slotted buckler, you should opt to get a Shield instead.
    Mirror Shield
    Defense: 4
    Cost: 60,000z
    Bought From: Geffen
    Bonus: 3 Mdefense
    Good for PvP matches against Wizards.
    Defense: 6
    Cost: 56,000z
    Bought From: Prontera
    Get this once you have enough money.
    13.3	Robes____________________________________________________________________
    Defense: 1
    Cost: 1000z
    Save up for a Muffler instead.
    Defense: 2
    Cost: 5,000z
    While you're saving for a Manteau, use this in the meantime.
    Defense: 4
    Cost: 32,000z
    Bought From: Alberta, Izlude, Payon, Prontera
    Get this once you have enough cash.
    13.4	Shoes____________________________________________________________________
    Defense: 1
    Cost: 400z
    Just another cheap piece of armor. Skip it.
    Defense: 2
    Cost: 3,500z
    Cheap, but the money would be better used for Boots
    Defense: 4
    Cost: 18,000z
    Get it after you're done with the other armor.
    XIV.	Rare Swords
    These are the swords that are not found in shop. You have to hunt a certain 
    monster to get these "limited edition" swords. Though we are still not sure 
    when the hell these swords will come out but they will surely have to.
    14.1	One-Hand Swords__________________________________________________________
    Orchish Sword
    Attack: 90
    Required Lvl: 1
    Dropped by: Orc Hero
    Though a good sword to include in your collection, not a very good sword to 
    Attack: 150
    Required Lvl: 40
    Dropped by: OBB
    Bonus: Double damage to Boss monsters	
    Quite good when MVP hunting but otherwise, skip it.
    Caesar's Sword
    Attack : 140
    Required Lvl: 40
    Dropped by: OBB
    Bonus: Double damage to Plant monsters
    PLANT??? Are there any plant MVPs? Not very useful unless you are hunting plant 
    Attack: 150
    Required Lvl: 40
    Dropped by: OBB
    Bonus: Grants the user level 5 Bash.
    This sword could be useful for 1st jobs since it is as strong as a Flameberge.
    Attack: 115
    Required Lvl: 40
    Dropped by: OBB
    Bonus: Has low chance instantly kill a monster
    Probably good for Agi swordsmen.
    Attack: 150
    Required Lvl: 40
    Dropped by: OBB
    Bonus: +5 INT, makes user immune to darkness
    Intelligence based swordsmen should find this sword useful.
    Attack: 100
    Required Lvl: 40
    Dropped by: OBB
    Bonus: Fire Enchanted, Lvl 1 Fire Bolt 
    This sword lets you cast Fire Bolt like a Mage. Probably good if you have 
    enough Int.
    Ice Falchion
    Attack: 100
    Required Lvl: 40
    Dropped by: OBB
    Bonus: Ice Enchanted, Lvl 1 Colt Bolt
    Same as the Fireblend except it's ice not fire.
    Immaterial Sword
    Attack: 140
    Required Lvl: 40
    Dropped by: OBB
    Bonus: Unbreakable, Damages SP
    Probably good when fighting mages in PVP.
    Attack: 120
    Required Lvl: 40
    Dropped by: OBB
    Bonus: Gives user level 5 Double Attack
    VERY useful for Agi swordsmen. Too bad since it's one-hand...
    Attack: 185
    Required Lvl: 40
    Dropped by: OBB
    Bonus: Sets Luck to 0 (Is this still a bonus?)
    Pretty useless for critical swordsmen but it's high attack power should cover 
    up for it.
    14.2	Two-Handed Swords________________________________________________________
    Attack: 155
    Required Lvl: 48
    Dropped by: Executioner
    Bonus: Pierces defense of Human Type monsters, Has Dark Element
    Good for PVP fights and for killing those pesky Holy monsters.
    Dragon Slayer
    Attack: 150
    Required Lvl: 48
    Dropped by: ???
    Bonus: Pierces defense of Dragon Type monsters
    Unfortunately, there are only 2 Dragon monster currently out in the game.
    Attack: 170
    Required Lvl: 48
    Dropped by: Wander Man
    Bonus: +20% Critical
    VERY USEFUL for lucky Agi/Crit knights. Only problem is getting it...
    Attack: 175
    Required Lvl: 48
    Dropped by: Khalitzburg
    Bonus: +5 Vitality, +10 Defense
    The counter part of the Masamune. Vitality Knights would find it very, very 
    Attack: 200
    Required Lvl: 48
    Dropped by: OBB?
    Bonus: +30% Flee, Defense=0
    Makes all the heavy armor you carry very much useless. But it makes up by 
    giving a very good boost in your flee rate.
    Attack: 160
    Required Lvl: 48
    Dropped by: OBB?
    Bonus: Lighting Enchanted, Lvl 1 Lightning Bolt
    Good for those damn water and flying monsters in the game.
    Attack: 190
    Required Lvl: 48
    Dropped by: OBB?
    Just look at the attack power. 
    14.3	Spears___________________________________________________________________
    Bill Guisarme
    Attack: 180
    Required Lvl: 48
    Dropped by: OBB?
    Just a rare spear. That's all.
    Attack: 190
    Required Lvl: 48
    Dropped by: OBB?
    High attack should be good for any Boomerang-happy Knights.
    Cresent Scythe
    Attack: 150
    Required Lvl: 48
    Dropped by: Baphomet
    Bonus: +20 Critical
    Good for Critical Spear Knights?
    Attack: 145
    Required Lvl: 48
    Dropped by: OBB?
    Bonus: +500 MHP
    A small bonus, but good nevertheless.
    Attack: 95
    Required Lvl: 48
    Dropped by: OBB?
    Bonus: +30 Hit
    Good for any high-leveled, hard to hit enemies.
    Attack: 195
    Required Lvl: 48
    Dropped by: OBB?
    Bonus: Fire Enchanted, Lvl 1 Fire Ball
    It's pretty good because of it's high attack power.
    Attack: 170
    Required Lvl: 48
    Dropped by: Stormy Knight
    Bonus: Lightning Enchanted, Lvl 1 Thunder Storm
    Cool spear for any collection.
    XV.	Card Collection
    Here are some useful cards for the Swordsman class. They are listed accordingly 
    to where they are placed. 
    15.1	Weapons__________________________________________________________________
    Andre: +20 Attack Power 
    Baphomet: Attacks are spread in a 9-cell range, -10 Hit
    Doppelganger: +33% Attack Speed
    Drake: 100% Damage to all monsters
    Drops: +1 Dex, +3 Hit
    Fabre: +1 Vit, +100 HP
    Female Thief Bug: +1 Agi
    Hornet: +1 Str, +3 Attack
    Hunter Fly: 25% Chance of absorbing 50% damage done to enemy
    Lunatic: +1 Luck, +1% Critical, +1 Perfect Dodge
    Mummy: +20% Hit
    Phreeoni: Never Miss
    Poring: +1 Luck
    Sidewinder: 5% to Double Attack
    Skel Worker: +15% Damage to Medium-Sized enemies
    Skeleton Soldier: +9% Critical Attack
    Tirfling: +30 Attack, -10% Casting Time, -22% HP
    Wander Man: +30 Hit, +6 Critical Attack
    Wolf: +5 Attack
    15.2	Armor____________________________________________________________________
    Angeling: Changes Armor's attribute to Holy
    Bathory: Changes Armor's attribute to Dark
    Desert Wolf Puppy: +1 Int
    Dark Priest: Changes Armor's attribute of Undead, +1 Int
    Ghostring: Changes Armor's attribute to Sense, -25% HP Recovery
    High Orc: +2 Str
    Marc: Never be Frozen, +5% Water Defense 
    Peco Peco: +10% Max HP
    Picky: +1 Str, +10 Attack
    Pupa: +700 HP
    Rocker: +1 Dex
    Roda Frog: +400HP, +50 SP
    Savage: +3 Vit
    Steel Chon Chon: +2 Defense
    Thief Bug: +1 Agi
    Zombie Prisoner: +10% HP
    15.3	Mantle___________________________________________________________________
    Baphomet Jr.: +3 Agi, +1 Critical 
    Condor: +5 Flee, +5 Water Defense
    Frilldora: Cloaking Lvl 1
    Reydric: -15% Damage of Neutral Attack
    Whisper: +20% Flee, +5% Damage taken from Ghost Type
    15.4	Shoes____________________________________________________________________
    Chon Chon: +1 Agi
    Eddga: Never Flinch, -25% HP
    Eggrya: +15% SP Recovery
    Male Thief Bug: +2 Agi
    Matyr: +1 Agi, +12% HP
    Moonlight Flower: Unlimited Walking Acceleration
    Mysteltainn: +3 Agi, +10 Flee
    Sohee: +10% SP
    Verit: +8% HP and SP
    Zombie: +15% HP Recovery
    15.5	Headgear_________________________________________________________________
    Elder Willow: +2 Int
    Iron Fist: +2 Vit
    Mimic: +1 Agi, +2 Dex, +3 Luck
    Mistress: Allows spells not to use gemstones, Increases SP cost of the spells 
    by 15%
    Orc Hero: Complete evasion from Stun, +3 Vit
    Willow: +80 SP
    15.6	Shield___________________________________________________________________
    Ambernite: +2 Def
    Andre Egg: +5% HP
    Bongun: +2 Int
    Brilight: +2 Agi, +3 Luck
    Horn: Physical Long-range damage reduced by 25%
    Penomena: +15% HP
    Rideword: +6 Dex
    Thara Frog: -50% from Human-Type monsters
    Thief Bug Egg: +30 HP
    15.7	Accessory________________________________________________________________
    Creamy: Teleport Lvl 1
    Horong: Sight Lvl 1
    Joker: Steal Lvl 1
    Kobold: +4% Critical, +1 Str
    Kukre: +2 Agi
    Mantis: +3 Str
    Muka: +10% HP Recovery
    Osiris: HP/SP is full upon Revival
    Pirate Skeleton: Discount Lvl 5
    Poison Spore: Envenom Lvl 3
    Smokie: Hiding Lvl 1
    Spore: +2 Vit
    Sting: +4 Vit
    Tarou: +2 Str
    Vitata: Heal Lvl 1
    Wormtail: +2 Dex
    Yoyo: +5 Perfect Dodge, +1 Agi
    Zerom: +3 Dex
    XVI.	Leveling Spots
    These are rough estimates that come from my experience. Everything else will 
    depend on your money, equipment, stats, patience and friends. 
    1-10: Since you come from Izlude you should be leveling just outside it. 
    Porings, Fabres, Lunatics and those other monsters out there. When you reach 
    lvl 5 move in the desert until you can take on Rockers. But if you have a lot 
    of money to spend head to the desert packed with good equips and healing items. 
    Then just kill Rockers at lvl 5.
    11-20: You could stay with Rockers or move on to Peco-Pecos. Once you reach 
    your mid-20's go to Culvert if you're a Vit build or stay with Peco-Pecos if 
    your Agi.
    21-30: You can choose to stay in Culvert until you get better or go to Smokie 
    Forest or Byalan. For Agi builds try Elder Willows if you pumped Agi in the 
    start or try Byalan.
    31-40: For Vit builds go to Geffen Dungeon packed with Reds and Carrots. Or for 
    a cheaper choice go to Byalan instead. Agi builds should go to Orc Ville or 
    Smokie Forest.
    41-50: You'll feel the slowing of your progress since you don't get much exp. 
    anymore. Vit builds should try Draniliars in Coal Mines or just stay in Geffen 
    if you're really patient. Agi builds should have a lot of leveling spots 
    providing they are PURE, and I mean in all ways, PURE Agi. 
    51-60: The Boring Years as I would like to call it. Vitality Swordies can go to 
    Goblins or try Orc Dungeon lvl 1 until they become a Knight. Agi guys should 
    not have a hard time leveling up as long as you have not neglected your stats. 
    Once you job change continue where you where leveling until you gain enough job 
    points. Priestly Crusaders can head on to GH once they get Heal to a decent 
    61-70: Get a party and head into Sphinx. You will find the value of teamwork 
    now since a party will probably essential to level. Priestly Crusaders should 
    stick to GH.
    71-80: Heck, anywhere you want as long as you have a good party. Try Glast Heim 
    if you are sure of your party. Comodo might sound good.
    81+: Keep your party intact to fight those higher leveled monsters in GH. 
    Vitality Knights will be essential since they can take the hits while your 
    party whacks the enemy to death. Agility Knights should be also paired with 
    Priests and probably Assassins. If you are really serious about getting to 
    levels 90+ you have to get a full party consisting of Hunters, Wizards, 
    Assassins and Priests and head on down to Turtle Island. Crusaders should do 
    the same unless you are Int. based. 
    XVII.	Flee Chart
    This flee chart was taken from RO DataZone. Thanks a lot to The Peco Peco Kid! 
    The chart shows the required flee to dodge the monster 95% of the time.  
    Pupa - 78 
    Pecopeco Egg - 79 
    Ant Egg - 80 
    Poring - 82 
    Fabre (Training) - 83 
    Fabre - 84 
    Lunatic - 86 
    Picky - 88 
    Willow - 88 
    Drops - 90 
    Picky (Egg) - 90 
    Roda Frog - 90 
    Santa Poring - 90 
    Chonchon - 91 
    Thief Bug - 92 
    Eclipse - 92 
    Thief Bug Egg - 93 
    Condor - 93 
    Mastering - 94 
    Savage Bebe - 94 
    Toad - 95 
    Skeleton - 97 
    Rocker - 98 
    Spore - 98 
    Plankton - 100 
    Hornet - 100 
    Dragonfly - 100 
    Kukre -102 
    Desert Wolf (Baby) - 105 
    Zombie - 105 
    Ambernite - 106 
    Creamy - 107 
    Thief Bug (Female) - 108 
    Poporing - 108 
    Martin - 108 
    Muka - 110 
    Tarou - 110 
    Familiar - 111 
    PecoPeco - 115 
    Golem - 115 
    Coco - 116 
    Wolf - 117 
    Andre - 118 
    Poison Spore - 118 
    Smokie - 119 
    Pierre - 120 
    BigFoot - 120 
    Stainer - 121 
    Shellfish - 122 
    Mandragora - 123 
    Orc Zombie - 123 
    Goblin (Axe) - 123 
    Marin - 125 
    Boa - 125 
    Megalodon - 125 
    Pirate Skel - 125 
    Steel Chonchon - 125 
    Yoyo - 126 
    Aster - 127 
    Hydra - 129 
    Goblin (Morningstar) - 129 
    Vadon - 130 
    Thief Bug (Male)  - 130 
    Crab - 131 
    Thara Frog - 131 
    Eggyra - 131 
    Marina - 132 
    Argos - 132 
    Elder Willow - 133 
    Orc Skeleton - 133 
    Orc Warrior - 133 
    Anacondaq - 134 
    Goblin (Hammer)  - 134 
    Cornutus - 134 
    Dustiness - 134 
    Worm Tail - 135 
    Raggler - 135 
    Vitata - 135 
    Caramel - 136 
    Marine Sphere - 136 
    Deniro - 137 
    Cookie - 137 
    Savage - 138 
    Goblin (Xmas) - 138 
    Goblin (Dagger) - 138 
    Sasquatch - 139 
    Horn - 140 
    Zerom - 140 
    Magnolia - 140 
    Soldier Skeleton - 144 
    Flora - 144 
    Metaller - 146 
    Vocal - 146 
    Mantis - 146 
    Skel Worker - 147 
    Ghoul - 147 
    Cookie Xmas - 148 
    Vagabond Wolf - 149 
    Hode - 150 
    Munak - 151 
    Scorpion - 151 
    Verit - 151 
    Kobold (Hammer) - 152 
    Bongun - 155 
    Desert Wolf - 158 
    Frilldora - 158 
    Marse - 158 
    Strouf - 158 
    Horong - 159 
    Mystcase - 161 
    Angeling - 163 
    Kobold (Axe) - 163 
    Ghostring - 165 
    Goblin (Chain) - 165 
    Sohee - 166 
    Myst - 166 
    Swordfish - 167 
    Marc - 167 
    Requiem - 167 
    Giearth - 168 
    Sandman - 169 
    Whisper - 169 
    Whisper (Coffin) - 169 
    Whisper Boss - 169 
    Matyr - 170 
    Brilight - 171 
    Argiope - 172 
    Tri-Joint - 174 
    Goblin Archer - 175 
    Orc Lady - 175 
    Drainliar - 177 
    Dokebi - 177 
    Wild Rose - 178 
    Nereid - 179 
    Minorous - 179 
    Obeaune - 180 
    Zenorc - 182 
    Chepet - 182 
    Choco - 183 
    Punk - 183 
    Deviace - 184 
    Bathory - 184 
    Antonio - 185 
    Steam Goblin - 185 
    Marionette - 185 
    Mutant Dragonoid - 185 
    Mummy - 187 
    Jakk - 188 
    Nightmare - 188 
    Phen - 189 
    Hunter Fly - 189 
    Isis - 190 
    Marduk - 193 
    Petite (Sky) - 193 
    Kobold (Morningstar) - 194 
    Stem Worm - 194 
    Pest - 195 
    Archer Skeleton - 196 
    Reydric - 196 
    Cramp - 196 
    Greatest General - 197 
    Injustice - 197 
    Leid Olmai - 197 
    Sage Worm - 197 
    Petite (Ground) - 198 
    Alligator - 199 
    Cruiser - 200 
    Zombie Prisoner - 200 
    Evil Druid - 201 
    Mimic - 201 
    Giant Hornet - 202 
    Skel Prisoner - 203 
    Giant Spider - 203 
    Dragon Tail - 203 
    Creamy Fire - 205 
    Killer Mantis - 206 
    Wraith - 206 
    Gullinbursti - 207 
    Seal - 207 
    Permeter - 207 
    Kobold Archer - 208 
    Caterpillar - 208 
    Deviruchi - 208 
    Goblin Leader - 208 
    High Orc - 209 
    Arclouze - 209 
    Stalactic Golem - 210 
    Spring Rabbit - 210 
    Carat - 211 
    Khalitzburg - 211 
    Wind Ghost - 211 
    Mobster - 212 
    Gajomat - 213 
    Tower Keeper - 213 
    Zombie Master - 214 
    Freezer - 214 
    Heater - 214 
    Megalith - 215 
    Panzer Goblin - 215 
    Nine Tail - 215 
    See Otter - 216 
    Kobold Leader - 217 
    Alarm - 218 
    Baphomet Jr. -  218 
    Solider - 219 
    Amumut - 219 
    Dark Frame - 219 
    Mistress - 219 
    Chimera - 220 
    Ancient Mummy - 222 
    Ancient Worm - 223 
    Merman - 223 
    Golden Thief Bug - 224 
    Drake - 224 
    General Skeleton - 225 
    Clock - 225 
    Majoruros - 226 
    Executioner - 228 
    Owl Duke - 229 
    Eddga - 230 
    Joker - 230 
    Minidemo - 232 
    Sidewinder - 233 
    Anolian - 235 
    Alice - 237 
    Cat'o'Nine Tail - 237 
    Moonlight Flower - 237 
    Wraith Dead - 238 
    Maya - 238 
    Osiris - 239 
    Hatii - 243 
    Owl Baron - 245 
    Assulter - 246 
    Maya Purple - 246 
    Orc Archer - 249 
    Gargoyle - 249 
    Dark Illusion - 249 
    Ride Word - 254 
    Dark Lord - 254 
    Sting - 256 
    Orc Hero - 257 
    Orc Lord - 259 
    Gryphon - 262 
    Zealotus - 263 
    Penomena - 268 
    Reydric Archer - 272 
    Doppelganger - 272 
    Phreeoni - 274 
    Wanderer - 276 
    Baphomet - 276 
    Turtle General - 277 
    Tirfing - 278 
    Bloody Knight - 282 
    Stormy Knight - 282 
    Abyssal Knight - 289 
    Mysteltainn - 310
    XVIII.	Player vs. Player
    PVP stands for "Player vs. Player". You fight against other characters in 
    special maps. Every city has a PvP room where you can fight. It costs 500z to 
    enter. Once you're in, characters are divided into levels of 10 and there is 
    also a special room which everybody can fight, regardless of level. Written 
    here are ways on how to win over other characters using Spear Knights, Agi 
    Knights and Crusaders.
    18.1	Hunters__________________________________________________________________
    Hunters can be easily disposed by using Spear Boomerang. Crusaders might be 
    able to get near due to their high Vitality and use Shield Charge or just pull 
    out Shield Boomerang. Any Agility builds should run away since they can't dodge 
    the attacks much. If you wish to try your luck rush into the enemy and start 
    bashing like there's no tomorrow. Avoid traps if you can. Use Endure if the 
    enemy is a Agi build or a Blitzer.
    18.2	Wizards__________________________________________________________________
    Vitality Knights should still be boomerang-happy to get rid of pesky Wizards. 
    As long as you can kill the Wiz quickly you could survive. But if you are not 
    much of a gunslinger and you get frozen real quick, you're dead. Since most 
    Wizards follow the Frost Driver-Jupitel Combo, you can be taken out quick. 
    Crusaders could use Shield Boomerang. Agi Knights are a no-go against Wizards. 
    One quick Jupitel or Thunder Storm can quickly get you dead. 
    18.3	Blacksmiths______________________________________________________________
    Vitality Knights might stand a chance if the Blacksmith doesn't pull out the 
    almighty Mammonite. Agi Knights can kill the Smith if you don't get stunned by 
    Hammer Fall. Crusaders can use Defender to make sure you can live long. Smiths 
    are very deadly if they use their battle skills. It also comes down to who has 
    more healing items since Blacksmiths can carry a lot of pots in their cart.
    18.4	Assassins________________________________________________________________
    Vitality Knights can easily pummel them into the ground. Make sure you use 
    endure to avoid flinching. Agi Knights have a 50/50 chance. You if you pull out 
    Bowling Bash once you meet the enemy you might be able to kill him quick. 
    Crusaders should still use Defender and try using Shield Charge to stun the 
    enemy. Use Green Herb if you get poisoned.
    18.5	Priests__________________________________________________________________
    Everybody should just quickly kill him. If you wait too long and the Priest 
    starts using all his skills you're fighting a losing battle. Just make sure 
    before he can use all of those skills you are already dishing out damage. Easy? 
    NO. Priests rarely enter PvP alone. And if you meet a Battle Priest, just run.
    18.6	Knights__________________________________________________________________
    Who ever uses his skills better wins. It all goes down to who is smarter. 
    Crusaders should pull out all his defensive skills. If it comes down to Vit vs. 
    Agi, Vit wins.
    18.7	Crusaders________________________________________________________________
    Just like Priests, you should kill them quick. Before they can use all the 
    defensive skills. A little too late and you'll be dealing very little damage. 
    Use all your skills to your advantage. Crusaders should do the same and start 
    bashing the hell out of him.
    XIX.	Scammers Beware
    Nowadays, many people are very greedy. They will do anything to get want they 
    want. Easiest way is to scam. More and more people are scamming and being 
    scammed. The market is not safe any more. Watch out for these scams since you 
    might be the next one...
    19.1	Switcheroo_______________________________________________________________
    This scam is usually done during a trade. Mr. Scam will sell a Mocking Muffler 
    to Mr. Good for 2.5 million zeny. When the deal is ready (the zeny and item are 
    in place), Mr. Scam will cancel the deal and ask that another deal to take 
    place. He will again cancel the deal. The third time, Mr. Scam will place an 
    ordinary muffler instead of a Mocking Muffler. Mr. Good who is tired of waiting 
    will not bother to check the item. Deal done and you have been scammed. 
    What to do: Always check the item/s traded before you even press the OK button. 
    If the deal is cancelled, be aware. There is a possibility that a scam will 
    take place. Never press trade unless you have double-checked the item.
    19.2 Dagdag-Bawas______________________________________________________________
    For those who don't know what Dagdag-Bawas is, it means Add and Subtract. There 
    are 2 versions of this scam. One is in the deal and another is in a vend. Let's 
    do the deal first. Mr.Scam will buy a Mocking Muffler from Mr. Good for 2.5 
    million zeny. The procedure is the same as the Switcheroo. Deal, cancel, deal, 
    cancel, deal again. At this point once the Mocking Muffler is placed Mr. Scam 
    will only place 250,000z instead of 2,500,000z. It is not that obvious in-game, 
    trust me. Deal done and you have been scammed.
    The second version is quite simple but usually very obvious. A Fly Wing usually 
    costs 55z when bought from a merchant. By simply adding another digit the scam 
    takes place. Mr. Scam now sells Fly Wings for 555z or 550z instead of 55z. The 
    numbers are usually obvious but some people nowadays don't bother to check the 
    prices of simple goods like Fly Wings, Reds and Carrots. Deal done and you have 
    been scammed.
    What to do: Look at the numbers always. During a deal count the commas and 
    zeros. As said in 19.1 never press the OK button unless you have checked 
    everything. You can lose millions especially if the item you are trading costs 
    a lot. As for the vend, look at the prices first. It will only take you half a 
    second to flick you eyes towards that direction to assure the safety of your 
    19.3	The Hidden Merchant______________________________________________________
    This trick is mostly for the non-merchant class. It is mostly done in very 
    crowded stores like Prontera and Izlude. Mr. Novice sits in the middle of 9 or 
    10 people making him impossible to see. He sets up a pub which gives 20% DC. He 
    has a money-down rule since he really doesn't have DC. Anyone who does go to 
    his and does say yes gives his money. What's going to happen is Mr. Novice will 
    kick you out of the room and run away by blending in the crowd or he will 
    simply disconnect and re-connect later on. Deal done and you have been scammed.
    What to do: Always check who you are dealing with. If you can't see him, and he 
    asks for a money down rule, say NO. The money-down rule is not always a scam. 
    Since some merchants still don't have much money they have to ask for money 
    19.4 Running Resurrection______________________________________________________
    So you died. GH Graveyard. And you set up a pub asking for a resu for 1k. A 
    party passes by you and Mr. Scam deals you. Unfortunately, for you, Mr. Scam is 
    NOT a Priest and cannot resurrect you. You deal him and he simply walks away. 
    You can do anything since you're dead. Deal done and you have been scammed.
    What to do: 1k may not matter much to some of us but we want our money's worth. 
    Although a small time scam some poor characters don't have much money. This may 
    be easy to spot now since to deal a person you have to be almost beside 
    him/her. But some people are too "busy" to check who you are dealing with. Be 
    observant and check.   
    XX.	Updates and Changes
    Listed here are the following changes made to the Swordsman class and etc.
    -The attack power of the skill Bash decreased from 433% to 400%
    -The skill Magnum Break no longer damages the caster. The attack power however 
    decreased greatly from 250% to 165%. Splash damage is now different from the 
    main damage.
    -The skill Provoke now lowers the opponents defense by 55 which before was 60.
    -The time of Endure was increased from 30 to 37.
    -The skill Brandish Spear greatly increased in attack power from 300% to 600%.
    XXI.	Contact Me
    You can contact me in game or online. You can e-mail me at 
    icesanmig@damnspam.com for suggestions about this guide. Just change damnspam 
    with yahoo. Please tell me about any mistakes that you find in this guide to 
    make this guide the best it can be. You can also get me in 
    www.ragnarok.ogaming.com and check the forums and you can contact me under the 
    name "Spirit*"
    XXII.	Thank You to all 
    Gravity- For creating Ragnarok
    GameFAQS, Neoseeker, DLH.Net and IGN: For putting up my guide
    Weggy: I got most of my info from his FAQ. Thanks Weggy. You rock.
    RO DataBase: For the Crusader job bonuses and the flee chart. Thanks Peco Peco 
    GlimmerVoid: For the Crusader skills and quests. YEEHAW!! 
    Katyusha: For the Hybrid Agi/Vit Build and for correcting me about the swords 
    and Spear Knights.
    Jake Berry: Gave me the reason why there are 5 Levels for Devotion.
    Jun Ho Ng: Pointed out a mistake in the Vit/Agi build.
    Micheal Ray: Corrected me in the Spear Quicken part.
    and GOD- for creating me and all the other people who made this game possible.
    XXIII.	Legal Info
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site other than GameFAQs, 
    Neoseeker, DLH.Net and IGN or otherwise distributed publicly without advance 
    written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any 
    public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Copyright: 2004 Isaiah San Miguel

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