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    Monk Guide by admira

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 09/29/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Ragnarok Online (PC)
    Monk FAQ
    Written by: admira
    version 1.6
    Version History:
    v 1.0: Major FAQ. This is my first FAQ I ever made. There might be some
           errors, if you ever find some, I hope you can inform me.
    V 1.1: Add new section. I hope it's will be a good one. Check it out. I have
           rearrange some changes on Monk's Combo Skills. Monk's Skill actually
           has many version of name I have add the various names of the skill
           in the Monk's Skills section.
    V 1.2: Fixing Combo Monk Stats and Build. By adding more DEX on it. Therefore
           the All-Around Monk's stat is changed too. And also changed the set of
           equipment. Rather then using Clip, you should use Ring instead. Add more
    V 1.3: Fixing War Monk section. Now it has its own build. By adding DEX and 
           reduce some points in STR. Because in WoE, DEX is valued really high and
           as for Monk, it will add you more hits and faster casting time of MSS. 
           I add more trick for Pure Spirit Monk and make a change a little in Pure
           Spirit Monk's weaponry and change the name of All-around Monk into War 
           Monk because I think it is cool ^^ and the name itself imply that the 
           Monk is actually involved in War (WoE). Fixed Dillema error, thanx to 
           Chee Boon and Steven Parker for this.
    V1.3a: Fixing the strategy of the use of Dash Like A Bullet. You can go through
           the castle enterance blocked by ice wall (Before enter any castle) but
           you can't do anything afterward. A stupid error I made T_T sorry!
    V 1.4: Add a new build. Vit based. Check it yourself! Many people got confused
           by which build they will choose. So I add a Prelude for each build. 
           Fixed an error, that Spirit Monk don't even need a Phen card. Sorry guys
           my mistakes. Add Asura Strike Casting time and Delay. Thanx to Poring
           Pilek for this ^^. Add 2 points in War Monk Academy.
    V 1.5: Add Q&A section. Add Great hunting spot. Fixed "Do you know?" Section
           about Spirit damage addition. Fixed minor error.
    V1.5a: Fixed an error and add alternate solution for War Monk
    V 1.6: It have been a while and I decided to update this FAQ. Ban the Pet 
           strategy. It is actually a rumor. Read the following section of Rumors
           for more detailed information. Add alternate stat build on Combo Monk.
    Retired note: For now, I am off from the world of Midgard. Due to my busy daily
                  schedule and well I think the game is worth to play and very 
                  addicted though. I know there will be Champion the next stage of
                  Monk but I am getting too tired with the game and decided to 
                  retired the game for now. Maybe in the future when I miss the 
                  game I will make my comeback. Who knows?
    I.    Intorduction
    II.   Why Monk?
    III.  Monk Basics
          * Advantages & Disadvantages
            - Monk VS Knight
            - Monk VS Assasin
            - Monk VS BattleSmith
          * Monk's Build explaination
    IV.   Acolyte's and Monk's Skills
    V.    Monk Build
          * Solo Hunting Combo Monk (including Equipment)
          * Pure Spiritual Monk with MVP build (including Equipment)
          * Pure Spiritual All-Arounder build (including Equipment)
    VI.   Tips, Tricks and Strategy
          * Acolyte's fast EXP strategy
          * Pets
          * Forbidden Places
          * Great Hunting Spot
          * Partnership
          * Do you Know?
          * MSS Trick
          * Asura Trick
          * Pure Spirit Monk Trick
    VII.  Special Section: War Monk (Not for Beginner!!!)
          VIIa. Background
          VIIb. Dash Like A Bullet Build
          VIIc. War Monk Academy
          VIId. Question and Answer regarding Dash Like A Bullet build
    VIII. Frequently Asked Question
    IX.   Rumors
    X.    Legal Stuff, Credits and Contact Information
    I. Introduction
    Welcome to Monk guide. In case you didn't know, Monk is believed to be the 
    Hottest amongst all the alternate classes. People really amazed by the
    6-digit-damage that can be done by Monk. Well, to be honest, Monk is not as
    imbalance as many people say. They say, Monk is in all aspects are more
    powerful than other melee classes (Assasin, Knight and Blacksmitb). But
    believe me, they are not more powerful than other melee classes. In some
    condition, Monks are great but they also have weak point.
    II. Why Monk?
    There are many reason for people to play Monk. Sadly, many people play Monk 
    because they hope for the imbalance factor. They feel that monk is much much 
    better than other classes. Well, those poeple will be dissapointed. Monk is 
    not as powerful as they think.
    For me, I play Monk because I think Monk is maybe the only melee class that 
    can compete with Hunter in term of Hunting and PVP. WHICH is in my opinion,
    Hunter is the most overpowered class in RO world. So? is Monk overpowered too?
    the answer is no. Monk I think is a chalange! With a right skill build and a 
    right status build, Monk can compete with Hunter while in the same time, Monk
    is not too overpowered like Hunter do.
    III. Monk Basics
    Advantages & Disadvantages
    Monk, compares to other melee classes has its own adv and disadv. It is
    important to know all this issues. So you will not wrongfully think about Monk
    as an Overpowered class.
    Monk VS Knight
    + Compares to AGI Knight, Monk has more Flee point due to his/her Dodge skill
      and Inc AGI skill.
    + Monk can gain Knight's walking speed using Peco2 by using Inc AGI.
    + With Dec AGI skill, Monk can kill the speed of PecoPeco in PVP. Combine it
      with Inc AGI to give a lesson to those people.
    + Monk has "Ignore Def" Skill which can kill VIT knight with high DEF
    - Monk need to spend SP in order to gain high walking speed. Consider that
      Monk will need a lot of SP to use Combo and other skills, the usage of SP is
      quite a pain even for cheap Inc AGI skill.
    - Monk's aspd can't compete with Those of Knight with AGI build
    - Monk lack of VIT growth and the need of AGI and DEX prevent Monk to build 
      VIT type Monk.
    Monk VS Assasin
    + Monk has greater selection of skill and worth to use too.
    + Monk can use high speed walk and Blessing.
    + Monk has more PVP skill than Assasin.
    - Monk's critical build is far more complicated than those of Assasin.
    - Monk's flee points can't compete with those of Assasin with more Improve
      dodge Skill and in the same time has more natural flee growth per lv.
    - Assasin with good dual dagger combination can deliver a high damage in free
      while Monk has to use a lot of SP in order to deliver high damage.
    Monk VS BattleSmith
    + In order to make high damage require only SP, while BS need a little ammount
      of money (Mamomite ./gg)
    + Monk has high walking speed using Increase AGI.
    + Monk has flee point by using their dodging skill (whatever the name! A lot
      of different name about it though)
    - BattleSmith has more support to raise their offensive power: Adrenaline
      Rush, Power Maximize, Weapon Perfection while Monk can only depend on
    - BattleSmith with AGI and adrenaline Rush has more aspd than monk do.
    - BattleSmith using Mamo can deliver higher damage than any Monk's Combo do.
    Basically, I have 3 Monk build in my head. It is originally my creation. For
    now I will only write my build. But if you guys has your own build, with a
    great reason on it. Do not hesitate to send it to me ^^
    - Combo Solo Hunting Build
    This build depend on combo and a little skill to support you in your solo
    Hunting. This build espcially for those who wish to go for solo hunting.
    - MVP Hunting with Pure Spirit Build
    This build is a little "weird" you know. Why I make this build? Well, the 
    answer is because of Asura Strike/Extremity Fist/Guilotine Fist. You know,
    this skill is very.. well.. "weird" and for many reason, this skill isn't that
    useful in all following situation: PVP, Hunting or WoE. This skill is.. errr
    "weird". OK! It deliver high damage but the side effect, the prerequisite and
    the SP useage have made it the most useless skill in the world. But fear not!
    For now I find only 1 reason for this skill and hopefully more in the future.
    You want Asura? then this is the most reasonable reason you will want it.
    - VIT Monk with pure Spirit
    This build is my 2nd favourite build. It has high DEX, high VIT and high STR 
    thus you will be very powerful. See the section for detailed explaination.
    For the detail for all these builds, please refer to Monk's Build section.
    IV. Skills
    Acolyte skills
    Effect: Heal a certain amount of HP.  Effect increases per skill level and
            int. Damages Undead.
    Comments: A good skill for both Commbo build and MVP build.
    Restores HP by following formula: Int+BaseLv/8*(4+SkillLvOfHeal*8)
    ex: Lv50, Int 30, using Lv7 heal = 50+30/8*(4+7*8)
                                                 = 10*60 = 600 HP will be 
    Thanx to Artaniel to remind me this, this refer to FAQ by HOBGOBLIN
    Recommended: 3 for Combo build and 10 for Spirit build
    Divine Protection(10)
    Effect: Reduces damage taken from undead.  Passive. Max this to lvl 10 as one
            prerequisite for Monk job.
    Comments: A prerequisite for Monk to learn any skill. Like it or not, you have
              to max it.
    Recommended: 10
    Requires: Lvl 3 Divine Protection
    Effect: Increases physical damage to undead.  Passive. Required for Monk to
            max this to lv 10 in order to learn any skill.
    Comments: The same as Divine Protection. It is the prerequisite to learn any
              of Monk's skill so max this
    Recommended: 10
    Signum Crucis(10)
    Requires: Lvl 3 Demonbane
    Effect: Decreases defense of evil enemies within line of sight. It also has
            chance to success. Not too good though.
    Comments: Most undead/demon/ghost opponents have low defense anyway. If you
              are a battle priest, maybe you want to spend few points on this
              especially Solo Battle Priest. But to be honest, it is useless for 
              Monk. Because Monk has to loose a lot of points on DP and DB
    Recommended: 0
    Requires: Lvl 3 Divine Protection
    Effect: Increases party's VIT by percentages for a duration.  Additional
            points increase duration and effect. It gives nice ammount of def.
            At lv 10, it provides 60% more def on your party.
    Comments: Pretty useless, except you are playing VIT build, maybe in the
              future I will add a VIT support Monk build. I'll let you know when
              I updated it.
    "I don`t know, but based on my experience, angelus only adds extra 50% 
    DefByVit at Lv10, NOT 60%, check this too.
    source = own experience" ~Artaniel~
    Recommended: 0 for now.
    Requires: Lvl 5 Divine Protection
    Effect: Increases target's STR, INT and DEX for a duration.  Curses undead.
            Decreases demon/undead family`s DEX and INT by 1/2, regardless on 
            level, the effect would be same (it means, even thought u use Lv1 
            Bless, it still  decreases INT and DEX by 50%), so it is not -10 DEX /
    Comments: All the three stats are very important for Monk. DEX add accuracy,
              STR add more damage and INT add your SP regeneration which is 
              important because Monk need a lot of SP in order to deliver more
    Decreases demon/undead family`s DEX and INT by 1/2, regardless on level, the
    effect would be same (it means, even thought u use Lv1 Bless, its still 
    decreases INT and DEX by 50%), so it is not -10 DEX / INT." ~Artaniel~
    Recommended: 10
    Increase Agility(10)
    Requires: Lvl 3 Heal
    Effect: Increases target's Agility and walking speed for a duration.
    Comment: You will want to max this, especially Combo Monk with AGI build.
    Recommended: 10
    Decrease Agility(10)
    Requires: Lvl 1 Increase Agility
    Effect: Decreases target's Agility and walking speed for a duration. Skill
            can fail.
    Comment: A good one, this is a pvp skill espcially for you guys as Monk who
             really love pvp.
    Recommended: 5 for PvP reson.
    Requires: Lvl 2 Heal
    Effect: Heals certain status ailments.  Causes Chaos on undead.
    Comments: Give you anti-poison before you can learn Status Recovery. Don't
              recommend it for Monk though.
    Recommended: 0
    Effect: Reveals hidden opponents. It also needed to learn Pneuma (which is
            IMHO the best spell to counter range attack).
    Comments: Useful for detecting hidden thieves in PvP.  Get it as a pre-
              requisite. For Monk build, this is a good skill. Especially because
              you will want to take teleport at least 1 lvl.
    Recommended: 1
    Requires: Lvl 1 Ruwach
    Effect: Teleports to random area(Lvl 1) or to save point(Lvl 2).
    Comments: This is in highly debated. Well, my suggestion is choose your path!
              If you want to be a solo Hunting expert then take this to learn 
              Pneuma. If not, you should at least have 1 point of it or 2 if you
              want to save a few Zenny for Butterfly Wing.
    Recommended: 2
    Warp Portal(4)
    Requires: Level 2 Teleport
    Effect: Opens a portal to save point or memo point.  Memo points are
            made by typing /memo in the chat window to save the current
            position.  Uses 1 Blue Gemstone.
    Comments: A nice one, especially in non-save point location such as GH. I
              recommend to max it in order to take pneuma for Solo Hunting Monk,
              even if you are not a solo hunting Monk but you really hate to walk
              or want to save time, this is your skill. The decission is in your
    Recommended: N/A
    Requires: Lvl 4 Warp Portal
    Effect: Creates a barrier which neutralizes all ranged attacks.
    Comments: A nice one, this one will be very useful in higher lvl. Raydric
              Archer, Gargoyle, Penomena enough reason. Take it! especially if
              you are a solo hunting Monk.
    Recommended: 1
    Aqua Benedicta(1)
    Effect: Creates 1 Holy Water from an empty bottle.  Holy Water cures Curse
            status.  Need to stand in water for skill to work.
    Comments: Aspersio is an awesome spell (although it use 1 holy water), but
              too bad! Monk doesn't have Aspersio skill so this spell is pretty
              much useless.
    Recommended: 0
    Monk Skills
    Whew! Finally! Here comes the big one. You know, Monk skills are always 
    predicted as overpowered. Well, people forgot to see the side effect of all
    "Overpowered" Monk's skill.
    Knuckle Mastery/Iron Hand/Iron Fist(10) -Passive Skill
    Requires: lvl 10 Demon Bane, lvl 10 Divine Protection
    Effect: Add damage to Knuckle Weapon Type
    Comments: A nice skill. Max this!
    Recommended: 10
    In-Depth Skill Information: LVL/Effect/SP Requires
     1/ATK + 3/-
     2/ATK + 6/-
     3/ATK + 9/-
     4/ATK +12/-
     5/ATK +15/-
     6/ATK +18/-
     7/ATK +21/-
     8/ATK +24/-
     9/ATK +27/-
    10/ATK +30/-
    Spirit Spheres/Call Spirits/Summon Spirit Spheres(5) -Active Skill
    Requires: lvl 2 Knuckle Mastery
    Effect: Summon a Spirit Sphere each time you use. The number of Spirit Spheres
            are effected by the skill lvl
    Comments: One of a-must skill of Monk. Many of Monk's Skills are using spirits
              including Combo so Max this!
    Recommended: 5
    In-Depth Skill Information: LVL/Effect/SP Requires
    1/Enable to Summon 1 Spirit Sphere /15
    2/Enable to Summon 2 Spirit Spheres/15
    3/Enable to Summon 3 Spirit Spheres/15
    4/Enable to Summon 4 Spirit Spheres/15
    5/Enable to Summon 5 Spirit Spheres/15
    Falling Petals/Dodge/Flee(10) -Passive Skill
    Requires: lvl 5 Knuckle Mastery, lvl 5 Spirit Sphere
    Effect: Add flee points.
    Comments: A nice skill. Actually I want to max this. But because my Combo
              build is Solo Hunting Oriented so I have to take several important
              skills that make me have to sacrifice this one. Well I recommend to
              take 10 if you want.
    Recommended: 7-10
    In-Depth Skill Information: LVL/Effect/SP Requires
     1/+ 1 Flee/-
     2/+ 3 Flee/-
     3/+ 4 Flee/-
     4/+ 6 Flee/-
     5/+ 7 Flee/-
     6/+ 9 Flee/-
     7/+10 Flee/-
     8/+12 Flee/-
     9/+13 Flee/-
    10/+15 Flee/-
    Absorb Sphere/Absorb Spirits/Spiritual Sphere Absorbtion(1) -Active Skill
    Requires: lvl 5 Spirit Spheres, at least 1 Spirit that circle you
    Effect: Absorb a Spirit Sphere and recover 10 SP. When you are in PvP area,
            you can use this skill on other Monk with Spirit Spheres and recover
            your SP by 10.
    Comments: For PvP reason. If you choose the Pure Spirit Path, this skill is
              a prerequisite for other skills.
    Recommended: 0/1 Depend on your path.
    In-Depth Skill Information: LVL/Effect/SP Requires
    1/absorb a Spirit Sphere and recover 10 SP/6 SP
    Critical Explosion/Explosion Spirits/Fury(5) -Active Skill
    Requires: lvl 1 Absorb Sphere, 5 Spirits that circle you
    Effect: Increase a critical rating of Monk depend on the skill lvl. While in
            Critical Explosion condition, Monk can't regenerate SP naturally 
            (items can still be used). Cast the skill again to disable.
    Comments: One of prerequisite for taking Asura Strike/Guilotine Fist/Extrimity
              Fist and in order to activate the Asura Strike, you will need to
              be in Critical Explosion condition.
    Recommended: 3 for Pure Spirit build
    In-Depth Skill Information: LVL/Effect/SP Requires
     1/+10%   /15
     3/+15%  /15
     5/+20%  /15
    Physic Wave/Investigate/Occult Impactation(5) -Active Skill
    Requires: lvl 5 Spirit Sphere, 1 Spirit that circle you
    Effect: Launch a Spirit into your opponent. Have a casting time, DEX will 
            reduce your casting time. The more Defense the target, the more Damage
            the skill will deliver.
    Comments: A great skill. Especially to kill target with high VIT and DEF such
              as: Knight VIT, Turtles (Peremeter, Solider or Heater). But the
              procedure on realeasing this skill is not comfortable. If you have
              high DEX then use this skill. Otherwise, I don't recommend it.
    Recommended: 0-5. Spiritual Monk with High DEX may max this.
    In-Depth Skill Information: LVL/Effect/SP Requires
    1/175% ATK/10
    2/250% ATK/14
    3/325% ATK/17
    4/400% ATK/19
    5/475% ATK/20
    Manipulate Spirit Sphere/Finger Offensive/Throw Spirit Sphere(5) -Active Skill
    Requires: lvl 3 Physic Wave, at least 1 Spirit that circle you
    Effect: Launch the Spirit(s) around you. Have a significant range. The damage
            depend on your STR and the number of spirit(s) that circle you. Have
            a casting time. DEX will reduce the casting time but the casting time
            will never go beyond 0.5 sec.
    Comments: An important skill for Spiritual Monk build. Useful for Combo Monk
              but the SP required is a little *Cough* not good for you guys who 
              choose a Combo build.
    Recommended: 5 For Spiritual Monk
    In-Depth Skill Information: LVL/Effect/SP Requires
    1/150% ATK|1 Spirit Sphere  for 1 Hit /10
    2/175% ATK|2 Spirit Spheres for 2 Hits/10
    3/200% ATK|3 Spirit Spheres for 3 Hits/10
    4/225% ATK|4 Spirit Spheres for 4 Hits/10
    5/250% ATK|5 Spirit Spheres for 5 Hits/10
    Asura Strike/Asura Strike/Guillotine Fist(5) -Active Skill
    Requires: lvl 3 Critical Explosion, 5 Spirit that circle you, In Critical
              state condition and lvl 3 Finger Offensive
    Effect: Deliver a VERY HIGH damage using all your SPs. The damage depends on 
            your STR and the ammount of your current SP. After using Asura Strike,
            you lost your Critical State and your SP won't regenerate naturally
            for 5 Minutes. The way to regenerate your SPs after using Asura are
            by using Potions-Items or by using Spirit Relax Skills. Have a long
            significant casting time. You may use this after using Combo Finish
            with 4 Spirits left but with one condition, you are in Critical state.
            If you use this after using Combo Finish then it requires no casting
            time but lower damage though and STILL your SP won't regenerate for 5
            minutes. Btw, DEX will lower the casting time ^^
    Comments: mmm difficult to explain. Please refer to Pure Spiritual Monk build
              regarding the use of this skill.
    Recommended: 5 for Pure Spiritual Monk
    In-Depth Skill Information: LVL/Effect/SP Requires
    1/ 400% ATK Cast Time: 4s Delay: 3s/all your remaining SP
    2/ 550% ATK Cast Time: 3.5s Delay: 2.5s/all your remaining SP
    3/ 700% ATK Cast Time: 3s Delay: 2s/all your remaining SP
    4/ 850% ATK Cast Time: 2.5s Delay: 1.5s/all your remaining SP
    5/1000% ATK Cast Time: 2s Delay: 1s/all your remaining SP
    Dilemma/Blade Stop/Root(5) -Active Skill
    Requires: lvl 5 Falling Petals, Requires 1 Spirit
    Effect: Can be used when the enemy attacking you using melee attack. The player
            and the enemy can't move for the skill duration. The opponent can't use
            any skill nor any attack. Player can't do any attack but can use skill.
            The skill allowed depend on the lvl of the skill. Can't be used against
            boss monster. Also if you root another Monk with root the rooted Monk
            can use skill as well. Thanx to Chee Boon and Steven Parker to confirm
            me about the mistake I made. Also, after you use the skill allowed of 
            Dillema skill lvl, the effect of Dillema is canceled.
    Comments: A nice skill. I will try to make one build using this skill.
    Recommended: 0/5
    In-Depth Skill Information: LVL/Effect/SP Requires
    1/Delay 0.5 sec can't use any skill/10
    2/Delay 0.7 sec Manipulate Spirit Sphere/10
    3/Delay 0.9 sec Physic Wave/10
    4/Delay 1.1 sec Quad Blow/10
    5/Delay 1.3 sec Asura Strike (Must be in critical state & at least 4 Spirit/10
    Spirit Relax/Spirits Recovery/Spiritual Cadence(5) -Passive Skill
    Requires: lvl 2 Dilemma
    Effect: Recover a small amount of your HP and SP every 10 sec. If your weight
            is over 50% then it will restore every 20 sec. Amount is increased
            with VIT and INT you possesed. Only active while you are sitting.
    Comments: A nice skill. the value of the skill is not that great because it
              only active while you are sitting. Otherwise, this skill won't work.
    Recommended: 0-5 You decide yourself ^^ C'mon give me your original and unique
                 build ^^
    In-Depth Skill Information: LVL/Effect/SP Requires
    1/Restores 20 HP and 10 SP/-
    2/Restores 20 HP and 10 SP/-
    3/Restores 20 HP and 10 SP/-
    4/Restores 20 HP and 10 SP/-
    5/Restores 20 HP and 10 SP/-
    Triple Hits/Triple Attack/Raging Trifecta Blow(10) -Passive Skill
    Requires: lvl 5 Falling Petals
    Effect: A random chance to do a triple attack. It looks like a double attack
            skill of Thief only it do 3 times hit. After Triple Blow happen, you
            will get a delay for the next attack. During delay time, the skill
            Chain Combo is available to use. The more lvl you gain, the more
            damage you deliver but the lower chance to do Triple Attack. DEX and
            AGI reduce the delay time.
    Comments: A must for Combo Monk build
    Recommended: 5 for Combo Monk build
    In-Depth Skill Information: LVL/Effect/SP Requires
     1/29% Chance|120% ATK/-
     2/28% Chance|140% ATK/-
     3/27% Chance|160% ATK/-
     4/26% Chance|180% ATK/-
     5/25% Chance|200% ATK/-
     6/24% Chance|220% ATK/-
     7/23% Chance|240% ATK/-
     8/22% Chance|260% ATK/-
     9/21% Chance|280% ATK/-
    10/20% Chance|300% ATK/-
    Quad Blows/Chain Combo/Raging Quadruple Blow(5) -Active Skill
    Requires: lvl 5 Triple Attack, can only be activated during Triple Hits delay.
    Effect: Do more damage using 4 hits Blow. After that, Quad Blows have delay.
            You can use Way of Dragon to combine the attack and get the combo.
    Comments: A must for Combo Monk build
    Recommended: 5 for Combo Monk build
    In-Depth Skill Information: LVL/Effect/SP Requires
    1/200% ATK/17
    2/250% ATK/19
    3/300% ATK/21
    4/350% ATK/23
    5/400% ATK/25
    Way of Dragon/Combo Finish/Raging Thrust(5) -Activate Skill
    Requires: lvl 3 Quad Blows, can only be activated during Quad Blows delay, 1
              Spirit that circle you
    Effect: Do even more damage than Quad Blows. But the spirit requirement is a
            little disturbing because I always think that for something requires
            more "work" the damage is not worh it.
    Comments: Good for combo Monk build
    Recommended: 3-5 for Combo Monk build
    In-Depth Skill Information: LVL/Effect/SP Requires
    1/300% ATK/23
    2/360% ATK/26
    3/420% ATK/29
    4/480% ATK/32
    5/540% ATK/35
    Physical Immune/Steel Body/Mental Strength(5) -Active Skill
    Requires: lvl 3 Way of Dragon
    Effect: Turn your armor DEF and MDEF into fixed number at 90. But reduce aspd
            by 25%. While in this state, you can't use any active skill. In this
            state, enemy won't recognize you which means that you will not be
            attacked by any monster even if the monster is aggresive. Cannot
            effect Boss MVP monsters.
    Comments: Actually 90 DEF and 90 MDEF is a high value! I mean if a monster 
              do 600 damage on you while wearing no armor, then when you using an
              armor with total DEF 50, then the damage you receive will be reduced
              to about 300-400 damage so you will receive 300-400 damage instead
              of 600 and when you are in this state, the enemy damage will be 
              reduced to about 70-80 damage so you will receive only 70-80 damage
              instead of 600. In case you didn't know it, armor DEF and MDEF 
              reduce damage by % (I am not too sure about how to calculate the % 
              of reduction but it will be around 1% per armor's DEF). So this is 
              actually an awesome skill. If not consider the side effect though.
    Recommended: 3-5
    In-Depth Skill Information: Lvl/Effect/Sp Requires
    1/ 30 Sec/200
    2/ 60 Sec/200
    3/ 90 Sec/200
    4/120 Sec/200
    5/150 Sec/200
    Dash Like A Bullet/Body Relocation/Snap(1) -Active Skill
    Requires: lvl 2 Spirit Relax, lvl 2 Manipulate Spirit Sphere, lvl 3 Critical 
              Explosion, lvl 3Physical Immune, 1 Spirit that circle you
    Effect: Teleport to a chosen cell. You can't telport through a wall or to
            a cell with different height
    Comments: A great skill especially for AGI type Monk with WoE ability.
    Recommended: 0/1
    In-Depth Skill Information: Lvl/Effect/SP Requires
    1/Teleport to a chosen cell/10
    V. Monk Build
    Monk's build are maybe the hardest amongst all classes. They have great skills
    but in the same time, those skills have many disturbing side effect. But with
    a nice planning and good build, you will overcome all the trouble created by
    the side effect.
    Solo Hunting Combo Monk
    Prelude to Solo Hunting Monk
    This is a very standard build. Personally, I don't really like this build. It
    serve you only a little situation. You are gonna play like Assasin with some
    attacking skill to support you, you got yourself a free Blessing and Inc AGI
    without a Priest. That's all. Many people start whining about Pneuma *again* 
    but you are a solo Monk so, Pneuma is a must. Sorry guys, but with only 80 AGI,
    high lvl ranged monster will likely to hit you 100%. So, Pneuma is your only 
    counter. MSS combines with Dillema is good. You even can try to Dillema a 
    monster with high DEX (e.g: Wanderer, Joker). Use a kwartet Ancient Mace. I
    heard it works well. You may still miss but your damage is high enough.
    ~end of Prelude~
    Just as the name imply, this build is recommended for people who live up with
    a chalange of solo Hunting. Well let's first see the advantages and
    disadvantages of this build.
    - Solo Hunting means errr... freedom *cough*
    - Monk maybe the best melee character in RO in the term of Solo Hunting
    - More money and more items ^^ just for youself
    - Monk with a nice build can handle almost all situation
    - There are several places you will never ever able to explore
    - Solo Hunting will be more and more difficult as time progress and new
      patches arrive.
    - Monk doesn't have a bad SP regeneration. This is a bad news since combo 
      needs SP and Monk with Combo build will have a low INT.
    Stats and Skills build
    Stats Build
    One word: Offense. Your best build will be offensive-STR-oriented type. So far
    I can only reach 110 STR (120 using Blessing). With a little INT for your SP
    and DEX for your Accuracy. I recommended AGI as your main Defense. oww btw,
    I highly recommended you to reach lvl 50 job as Aco because the skills will
    be worth for you.
    This is the order, begin with STR 9, AGI 9 and DEX 9
    STR 20
    DEX 15
    AGI 60
    STR 40
    DEX 20
    AGI 80
    DEX 36
    INT 10
    DEX 59
    STR 93
    FINAL stat:
    STR 93
    AGI 80
    VIT 4
    INT 10
    DEX 59
    LUK 1
    Alternate Stat Build:
    This alternate stats are made for the purpose of non-stop Combo in hunting. 
    Magnificat will surely help you. So try to find a Priest in hunting. With this
    build at least you will not run out of SP faster than the previous build.
    Final stat:
    STR 84
    AGI 80
    VIT 2
    INT 48
    DEX 49
    LUK 1
    Btw, the order you made up yourself OK? I only gave you the final stat.
    Skills Build
    Acolyte build
     3 Heal
    10 Divine Protection
    10 Demon Bane
    10 Blessing
    10 Increase AGI
     1 Ruwach
     2 Teleport
     3 Warp Portal
    OK! this is exactly 49 points so you will not have more points to spend. I go
    for Warp Portal in order to get Pneuma. It is a good skill to handle range
    attacker. Since you are in my Solo Hunting Path so Pneuma is a must. Increase
    AGI is a must. As Combo Monk, AGI will add your ASPD, give you more flee
    points and reduce the delay time for Combos. Blessing is a must too. Because
    it add STR, INT and DEX which are very important stats for all Monk types.
    Heal at lvl 3 will serve you well even in higher lvl. Just keep your eye on
    your SPs and you will be OK.
    Monk build
     8 Knuckle Mastery
     5 Spirit Sphere
     7 Falling Petals
     5 Triple Hits
     5 Quad Blows
     5 Way of Dragon
     5 Physical Wave
     3 Manipulate Spirit Sphere
     1 Warp Portal (so you will be total 4)
     1 Peuma
     4 Dillema
    Changed a little bit. With high DEX you should cast MSS a lot faster now. You
    may even kill a hunter easily using Pneuma->MSS with a triple Hydra mace. 
    Hunter -> Pneuma -> MSS with 110 STR = Instant Death. You may even use Dillema
    even if you don't stay close to the Hunter.
    In case you haven't know it, every multiply 10 you will gain bonus. The bigger
    the multiply, the bigger the bonus ATK you will gain. The big difference is
    when you reach over 100++ (110 or 120). That's why try to get multiply 10
    stats. For Monk especially in STR stats. So far, I can only get 110 STR (120
    using Blessing). If you follow the order in the stats build than you will get
    95 STR. in this case, you will need +15 STR addition in your equipment. This
    is my recommendation:
    Head        - Ghost Bandana
    Middle Head - Opera Masque (it give you +2 DEF which is good)
    Lower Head  - Opera Masque (Opera Masque use both Middle and Lower Head Slot)
    Armor       - Saint Robe [Picky] (Saint Robe provide you with 6 DEF and 
                                      the Picky card provide you +1 STR and +10
    Robe        - Muffler [Whisper] (More dodge from Whisper card and Muffler give
                                     you 1 DEF. You can upgrade armor and Robe to
                                     provide you with better DEF)
    Shoes       - Shoes [Eggyra] (Shoes provides you with 1 DEF and Eggyra to 
                                  support you in your SP usage).
    Hand R      - Fist slotted or Elemental
    Hand L      - Buckler [Race or Elemental advantages card]
    Acc 1		- Ring [Mantis] (Clip provides you with a small SP while Mantis
                                 card give you bonus +3 on your STR)
    Acc 2		- Ring [Mantis] (Same as above ^^)
    Now this is a nice set of Equipment. Now, see the STR bonus? With this kind of
    equipment, you will get total +9 STR, Monk job bonus at job lvl 50 is +8 STR.
    With 93 STR you will gain 110 STR. There you go ^^ Well, if you ever found
    better arrangement so it will be 120 without blessing, don't hesitate to send
    me your setup. Btw, Fist is 115 ATK while Finger is 86 ATK with bonus +2 STR.
    Actually +2 STR is very good if your STR are very near to multiply 10. For
    example: 118, then it will be better if you use Finger instead of Fist. But if
    your stats if far from multiply 10 then the +2 STR is a little useless. Just
    make sure you are in the multiply 10. Btw, you can cover up your lack of VIT
    by upgrade your armor, robe, hat and shoe as high as you can so make sure at
    least you have all your upgradeable equipment at +7 or +8 (+9 and +10 are
    extremely rare). If you are facing a non-elemental enemy, use Slotted weapon 
    that is attached with card with Race advantages.
    Pure Spirit MVP Monk
    Prelude to MVP build
    This build is especially for those who really love to do MVP. Remember one 
    thing before you make this build: This build only serve you for MVP purpose.
    Rather than that, this build is mmm "weird" you know. First, the main DEF is
    not on your stats but on your skill. Your main DEF is Heal with significantly
    high INT. Your second DEF is Pneuma for specific Monster/Player. Last, your
    third DEF is Dillema. Use its advantages well.
    ~end of Prelude~
    As the name imply, this build use Spirit skills as its main "weapon". I only
    tell you once. This is a crazy yet weird build. It have its own advantages
    and disadvantages. Let's see all about them.
    - You can solo
    - You can get a damage of Jupitel Thunder and in the same time playing with
      element or card advantages while Jupitel Thunder is stuck with Wind Element.
    - With a good strategy and errr... a little amount of Zeny, you can 80% become
      the MVP upon defeating a Boss monster
    - So dificult to solo although it still possible. Because you will play like
      a Wizard but without Fire or Ice wall and Mob Control such as: Storm Gust,
      Meteor Shower and Lord of Vermilion
    - Complex playing style
    - You won't have both Defense Stat: AGI and VIT
    - That's why your Acolyte phrase will be very difficult
    - Significantly lower casting time than those freaky Wizard for the almost the
      same damage. This happen due to the unmaxed DEX and complicated playing 
    Stats and Skills build
    Stats build
    You will play as if you are a Wizard. But with STR damage and unique Skills.
    OK! let's begin.
    This is the order. Begin with STR 9, DEX 9 and AGI 9
    STR 20
    DEX 30
    INT 60
    DEX 74
    STR 98
    Final Stats
    STR 92
    DEX 81
    INT 60
    AGI 9
    VIT 1
    LUK 1
    Nuts hah? well, you may try your own order. OK! let's discuss this. STR is for
    your MSS damage, INT is your SP Consumption AND also your Asura Strike damage.
    DEX is for your casting time reduction. There you go. I know you will be very
    confused about this but here we go!
    Skills build
    As I told you, it is the best for you to take lvl 50 job. So guys, be patient.
    This build is risky, I ever try it. Actually a good build but very difficult
    to play with.
    Acolyte build
     6 Heal
    10 Divine Protection
    10 Demon Bane
    10 Blessing
     5 Increase AGI
     1 Ruwach
     2 Teleport
     4 Warp Portal
     1 Pneuma
    Monk build
     5 Knuckle Mastery
     5 Spirit Sphere
     1 Absorb Spirit
     3 Critical Explosion
     5 Physic Wave
     5 Manipulate Spirit Sphere
     5 Asura Strike
     5 Falling Petals
     5 Dilemma
    MSS is your main weapon. Your INT is high enough just to make sure the 
    succesful of MVP. I know you just need to add SP addition equipment. But with
    high INT you will ensure the MVP.
    That leave you with 9 points to spend. Your main weapon here is Manipulate
    Spirit Sphere. I ever tried using Wind Fist with 110 STR (120 with Blessing),
    I can deliver up to 9k damage to merman using 5 Spirit, of course. With high
    INT and a high lvl Heal, you will survive in Solo hunting. With high DEX, you
    can cast MSS in no time, 74 DEX is fast enough. 
    Same as Combo Monk, try to make your STR above 100 with multiply 10. Here is
    my equipment setup:
    Head        - Birreta [Elder Willow/Mardruk]
    Middle Head - Opera Masque (+2 DEF is good. Consider you don't have any
                                defense stat)
    Lower Head  - Opera Masque (The same as above. It use 2 slots)
    Armor       - Saint Robe [Picky] (The same reason as Combo Monk)
    Robe        - Muffler [Raydric] (It will reduce enemy's damage on you)
    Shoes       - Shoes [Eggyra] (The same as Combo Monk build)
    Hand R      - Maces Elemental or Card advantages
    Hand L      - Buckler [any card to reduce damage based on elemental or Race]
    Acc 1	      - Clip [Phen/Mantis] (enable you to cast MSS without being 
    Acc 2	   	- Clip [Mantis] (STR +3 so you will get my 110 STR)
    I made an error in my last update. So the Spirit skills actually don't require
    Phen Card afterall. It can't be interupted. So guys, use Phen card only when 
    facing MVP.
    Last when in MVP, summons 5 spirits, goes for Critical state, summon another 5
    Spirits, cast Asura on the MVP boss, once you have done, drink up Blue Potions 
    until you recover ALL your SP and then repeat the first step. If there are not
    many players around, you will get your MVP with 80% possibility. I am pretty 
    sure about this because with high STR and high INT you will get a very very 
    High damage and with significantly high DEX you can cast Asura a little 
    Pure Spirit All-Arounder Monk
    Prelude to Pure Spirit All-Arounder Monk
    Spiritual Monk, my second favourite build. This build has VIT as its main DEF.
    Spiritual Monk may enter WoE. Its role will be look like a Wizard but of course
    with better equipment than Wizard's. This build actually free styler. I will
    only put Initial skills needed, the rest you decide. You may take steel body. 
    But I won't put it here because it is optional. But with VIT, actually the 
    result will be awesome. The problem is the skill points. To unlock the Steel 
    Body, you need to spend 6 points (3 on Quad Blow and 3 on WoD) then the skill
    itself require more points. So, once again the choice is yours.
    ~end of Prelude~
    As the name imply, this build use Spirit skills as its main "weapon". Firstly,
    the leveling will be a lot more longer than the other builds. Because here you 
    will focus on VIT as your main DEF thus, no AGI will result in slow killing 
    plus you don't have any skill to fasten that. Maces (as all Spirit type build)
    are the best weapon for you here. So prepare yourself with a lot of slotted 
    Maces and Elemental Maces.
    - Quite a high VIT at 66.
    - Powerful enough to handle all disturbing status aliment.
    - Fast MSS casting.
    - High damage if you use Slotted or Elemental Maces.
    - Very powerful.
    - High DEX, high Hit rate, high Casting.
    - Agi char/monster killer.
    - a lot of free points to spend.
    - Long long difficult Acolyte phrase.
    - Job 50 requires thus more depression moment as Acolyte.
    Stats and Skills build
    Stats build (recommended but not essential, you may add more DEX, reduce VIT or
                 even add more VIT and reduce more DEX).
    You will play as if you are a Wizard. But with STR damage and unique Skills.
    OK! let's begin.
    This is the order. Begin with STR 9, DEX 9 and AGI 9
    STR 20
    AGI 10
    VIT 15
    DEX 15
    VIT 50
    INT 10
    STR 40
    DEX 30
    VIT 63
    INT 28
    STR 82
    DEX 81
    Final Stats
    STR 82
    DEX 81
    INT 28
    AGI 10
    VIT 63
    LUK 1
    You may try your own order or even your own stats. Just make sure you don't 
    ruin your own build.
    Skills build
    As I told you, it is the best for you to take lvl 50 job. So guys, be patient.
    This build require a lot of patience and times but the result is just great.
    Acolyte build
    10 Divine Protection
    10 Demon Bane
     3 Heal
    10 Blessing
     1 Ruwach
     2 Teleport
     4 Warp Portal
     1 Pneuma
    This is the build it will be total: 41. You still have 8 points to spend. I 
    suggest you take the Increase AGI for fast walking purpose (not aspd or Dodge).
    Or you even take more Heal or Decrease AGI. For WoE purpose, I suggest you have
    at least 5 Increase AGI and 2-3 Decrease AGI.
    Monk build
     5 Knuckle Mastery
     5 Spirit Sphere
     1 Absorb Spirit
     5 Physic Wave
     5 Manipulate Spirit Sphere
     5 Falling Petals
     5 Dilemma
    This is the essential Skills you need to learn. If you want to participate in
    WoE, I suggest you take Asura Strike at lvl 5. You may even spend few points on
    Steel Body. To kill a Priest, use the Asura Strike in WoE. Steel body actually
    more like Defesive support, because while in Steel Body state, you are unable
    to cast any active spell and your aspd drop a lot. Just use the Steel Body for
    Defensive purpose. Your speed killer is fast casting MSS not the aspd.
    I make a 100 STR Monk and it is more than enough. Here my equipment setup:
    Head        - Birreta [Elder Willow/Mardruk]/Evil Wing
    Middle Head - Opera Masque (+2 DEF is good. Consider you don't have any
                                defense stat)
    Lower Head  - Opera Masque (The same as above. It use 2 slots)
    Armor       - Saint Robe [Picky] (The same reason as Combo Monk)
    Robe        - Muffler [Raydric] (It will reduce enemy's damage on you)
    Shoes       - Shoes [Eggyra/Sohee] (Eggyra for daily routine, Sohee for Asura)
    Hand R      - Maces Elemental or Card advantages
    Hand L      - Buckler [any card to reduce damage based on elemental or Race]
    Acc 1	    - Clip [Mantis/Phen] (enable you to cast Asura without being
                                      interupted, for daily purpose, Mantis)
    Acc 2	    - Clip [Mantis] (STR +3 so you will get my 100 STR)
    In case you forgot, Spirit skills can't be interupted except Asura. So, you 
    don't need to use Phen card for your daily MSS. Use it in MVP only. In WoE, 
    your MSS serve you more than enough and the Asura can be casted in no time.
    Actually in MVP you don't even need Phen card but just in case.
    VI. Tips, Tricks and Strategy
    Acolyte's Fast EXP strategy
    First, go get Pneuma ASAP. Make sure you are around 50-60. You may sacrifice 
    Inc AGI skill and take 1 Warp Portal and 1 Pneuma instead of 2 Inc AGI if you
    are following my Combo build. For my Pure Spirit Monk you alredy got Pneuma,
    just make sure you take it ASAP.
    Second, if you are a Combo build go to Clock Tower and go for Penomena there
    for sweet EXP gaining. Make sure you bring yourself a nice weapon and you are
    alredy equiped with dodging equipment for handling Cramp and Brilight. If you
    are a Pure Spirit Monk, make sure you got a high enough INT and a Holy Light 
    skill. Then, go to GH Staircase, find Raydric Archer there. Pneuma yourself 
    then use Holy Light. If you ever find a Mimic, just teleport. If you ever find
    a Wind Ghost, do the same. If you find Wraith, see your SP. If your SP high 
    enough go heal bomb on the wraith.
    Forbidden Places
    1. Turtle Island
         Reason: High DEF Monster with high DEX. OK! You have Physical Wave but
                 it won't help that much because 90% of monsters in turtle island
                 especially those stup** turtles have high DEF and using Physical
                 Wave is not a wise decission. Physical Wave can only be effective
                 for Combo Monk if the High DEF & VIT Monsters have low spawn
                 rate. To be honest, there is no single class that can do solo 
                 hunting here. Thanks to variated elements, high DEF yet high
                 damage but sweet EXP though, so that people wouldn't mind even if
                 they have to go in a big group.
         Solution: If you ever had Steel Body skill then you have a chance to help
                   those Knights and Crusaders to do the Mob train while Wizards,
                   Hunters will finish them. Although you will have to rest after
                   you run out of SP. But fear not, the Priests will Magnificat 
                   you and you will recover your SP in no time. Yes! My friend,
                   you are only able to enter Turtle Island with group.
    2. Castle 2nd Floor
         Reason: One word! Wanderer or Wander Man whatever it is named in your RO
                 version. With high 193 AGI and almost 300 flee rate. It will be
                 impossible for you to hit those stup** gramps. There are two ways
                 to defeat it. With high DEX which Hunters Possesed thanx to their
                 class weapon type, Improve Conc, Owl Eye. And Critical which
                 Assasin possesed it. Thanx to Katar class weapon that gives twice
                 critical rate than any others.
         Solution: Actually there is one condition you may enter Castle 2nd Floor.
                   Your problem only lies on those Wanderers. You can take care
                   the others: Raydric Archer, Raydric, Ride Word etc. Only that 
                   monster is the problem. Well, the solution is to find 2
                   Pheeroni cards. It will add you +100 Hits each which will bring
                   you 90% hits on the wanderer. Of course with switching weapon
                   method. This will absolutely solve the wanderer problem because
                   in the other hand, the wanderer has only a little amount of HP.
                   So you may finish it. But to find a Pheeroni card is a little
                   *chough* Impossible.
    Great Hunting Spot (Solo hunting oriented)
    There are two type of places that is great for you guys Monk. The first type
    is items based and the last is exp based.
    1. Comodo Area (Item based)
    The Spot is located below the city of Morroc then go to the left. This place
    is good for you. There are many ranged enemies though that prevent the other 
    class to do solo hunting here and you guys Monk can do solo hunting here. The
    enemy is not difficult, a little exp but a lot of great items drop here.
    Enemies: Kobold Archer, Goblin Archer, Steam Goblin, Gryphon (rare),
    Valuable Item: Composite Bow (Goblin Archer), Coal (Steam Goblin), Steel
                   (Steam Goblin), r. Oridecon (Various),  r. Elunium (Various)
    2. Clock Tower Underground (EXP based)
    This is a good hunting Spot for you guys with Pneuma (again). Defeat those
    Penomena for a very sweet EXP gained. The other enemies are not that great in
    the term of EXP and Items but it worth to defeat those freaky Penomena.
    Enemies: Cramp, Brilight, Penomena.
    Valuable Item: Katar of Blazing Rage (Penomena)
    3. Raydric Barrack (EXP based + Item based)
    This is a great hunting spot. Because you will likely can go solo here. With
    Pneuma for handling Raydric Archers and high DEX (which all Monk should be) for
    handling Joker and Mocking muffler (for AGI Type Monk) or Immune (for VIT & 
    Spirit Type Monk) you will be the master solo here.
    Enemies: Raydric, Raydric Archer, Joker, Whisper, Bloody Knight (rare)
    Valuable Item: Arbalest[2] (Raydric Archer), Two Hand Sword[2] (Raydric), 
                   Whisper Card (Whisper), Raydric Card (Raydric&Raydric Archer)
    Ragnarok Online is an online game so it is a good point for you to go hunting
    in a group.
    1. Priest (duet)
    Priet is everyone-best-partner especially Priest with good support skill
    build. Priest is the best support character in the game even with new 
    alternate classes (which 3 of them are support), Priest is still the best char
    in the term of support including supporting you in your hunting.
    2. Dancer (duet)
    Not the best duet though. But their SP manipulation skills are great. In fact,
    that Monks are really bind to the usage of SP. So, the character such as Dancer 
    who can manipulate SPs is a great partner for you.
    3. Train-Mob Turtle (large group)
    This is usually done by: 2-3 Priests, 1-3 Knight or Crusader, 1 Wizard, 3
    Hunters. So far but if you manage to build a (whatever) Monk with Steel Body
    then you may participate in this group. Trust me in higher lvl, this strategy
    is the best at lvl-ing your character. The plan is: you guys with your group 
    will go to last room in Turtle Island, which contains Peremeter, Freezer,
    Heater, Wanderer and Asulter then your group will stay in one spot meanwhile
    your Mob-train-er (Knight, Crusader or you ^^ with steel body) will go and c
    ollect monsters after you feel enough monsters around hitting you then go to 
    the spot where the others await you. There, the Wizard and Hunters will do the
    slaughtering usually Wizard with LoV or SG and Hunter with Blitz Beat.
    Meanwhile the Priests will heal the Mob-Train-er non-stop.
    Do You Know?
     1. A Spirit will add you a damage for +3 ATK which if you have 5 Spirit means
        +15 ATK and it equal to 3 Star Crumb ATK addition.
     2. Monk can still use Mace for high damage but slow aspd
     3. After you use Dillema, you can cast a skill on the target. But after
        the a skill is casted, the Dillema is canceled.
    MSS Trick
    -MSS provides Monk with the highest damages without a paiful side effect like
     Asura do. When you want to cast an MSS, replace your weapon with Slotted Mace
     that is alredy upgraded as high as you can. Then, use cards such as: Drainliar
     cards to a proper Monster and you got yourself a high damage.
    -Manage your MSS well. For high casting time, use less spirit. This rule goes
     for those who participate in PVP.
    Pure Spirit Monk Trick
    Pure Spirit Monk depend mainly on the high damage and high casting time. Its 
    main weapon is MSS, Physic wave and Asura Strike. So their main weapon is not
    Knuckles but Maces. Why?
    1. Knuckles only do 75% damage to Normal size enemy.
    2. Maces have higher ATK.
    3. Knuckles depend on aspd to be fully efficient with low AGI, Knuckles is 
       rather useless.
    4. Maces are not mean to be used normaly if you are a Monk but combine it with
       elemental and Cards to deliver high damages using MSS.
    -Manage your spirit
    For Pure Spirit Monk with 110 STR (120 using Blessing), the attack with 5 
    Spirit MSS will bring an instant death to the enemy. Sometimes even 3-4 Spirit
    may bring down the enemy. So learn carefully, Use less spirit for saving SPs,
    Faster Cast Time and Still kills the enemy.
    -Use Dillema
    In hunting make use of this skill a LOT! It will save you a lot of SP used for
    Healing and the enemy rarely use skill. Using normal attack is very open to be
    rooted by Dillema. So use the advantage of this skill a lot. Well, in WoE 
    actually Pure Spirit Monk can participate well. The main probem is people 
    rarely use normal attack when in WoE, rather than that, they usually use skill.
    So it is not a good idea to depend on this skill in WoE.
    VII.  War Monk (warning!!! not for Beginner!!!!!)
    VIIa. Background
    It was a beautiful day when I read about Dash Like A Bullet Skill and I got
    really surprised. I mean this skill looks like that it is very *cough* useless.
    After a lot of research, I start to find out the "beauty" of this skill. This
    skill not only opened my mind about how Monk actually fight but also, I found a
    very nice build because of it. I mean people may say whining about how 
    "useless" this skill is but I will tell you this skill is amazing. In that 
    same beautiful day too, I remember about how I wrote in my Priest FAQ (I got 
    myself a Priest guide and I always update it too ^^) that Pneuma is a great 
    skill and got many enemies telling me how "useless" the skill is. Now, they 
    start to whining about how scary and usefull the skill in the WoE consider 
    that 60% of fighter class now is Hunters. By using this skill, Hunter is not 
    more than what we called it in idRO "Cupu Enemy". Now this skill has the same 
    reason of "uselessness". It require all skill of Monk. I really mean it!! To 
    learn this skill, you ABSOLUTELY need to learn ALL Monk's Skill. The same 
    reason like people in the past choosing not to take Pneuma because of its 7
    points requirement. Only that Dash Like A Bullet is not 7 points to spend but 
    47 Points to spend!! /OMG!!
    VIIb. War Monk
    By choosing Dash Like A Bullet actually you only have 1 exactly build. In Combo
    build, you may replace some points to learn another skill you see benefit. But
    you can't do it here. Because you use 47 skills point totally to learn Dash Like
    A Bullet including the prerequisite of course. AND the last one, in the acolyte 
    Phrase you must reach the 50 Job lvl or else, forget this build. No Whining! NO
    Complaining!!! I told you! this is not for beginner.
    Acolyte Build:
     3 Heal
    10 Divine Protection
    10 Demon Bane
    10 Blessing
    10 Increase AGI
     1 Ruwach
     2 Teleport
     3 Warp Portal
    TOTAL: 49 Skill Points at Job Lvl 50
    Now here we go to my another "crazy" build. Just like the previous intro, you 
    may only have one exactly build for this. For better inspiration contact the 
    sub-section VIId for questions and answer regarding of this build.
    Monk Build:
     5 Knuckle Mastery
     5 Spirit Sphere
     3 Physic Wave
     3 Manipulate Spirit Sphere
     1 Absorb Spirit
     3 Critical Explosion
     3 Asura Strike
     5 Falling Petals
     2 Dillema
     2 Spirit Relax
     5 Triple Hits
     3 Quad Blow
     3 Way of Dragon
     3 Physical Immune
     1 Dash Like A Bullet
     1 Warp Portal (So it will be total 4)
     1 Pneuma (The Hunter killer and the one who made the Hunters become very 
    OK! now you got yourself the skill arranged. The order is up to you. I suggest
    you learn the Combo path first, then go to Attacking Spirit Skill and last,
    recovery skill including Critical and Asura Skill.
    Now let's discuss what is the best stats for this all-around-Monk build. For the
    stats, I remake it so it looks like this and AGI here is not for your main DEF.
    Your AGI is for your reduced Combo delay and make it easy for you to lvl-up. In
    WoE, AGI means nothing. In WoE, AGI is valued really low. Thanx to Hunter high
    damage and Hit rate. In WoE, AGI is more like your skill to cover delay on 
    Combo. This is for killing Wizard. Maybe you wonder why not using MSS. Well,
    from my resource in kRO, there is rumor that MSS will be able to be blocked 
    using Pneuma. So, just in case it is truly happen, use your Combo instead and
    your Dash-Combo combination will be your best friend to kill Wizard. Your main
    DEF is on your Skill not Stat. Remember that well! to fight Hunters, your main
    DEF is Pneuma, to fight Wizard, your main DEF is Dash, to fight all-type Rogues
    your main DEF is Pneuma (just in case he use bow), Ruwach (to reveal them).
    This is the order, begin with STR 9, AGI 9 and DEX 9
    STR 20
    DEX 15
    AGI 60
    STR 40
    DEX 20
    AGI 80
    INT 10
    DEX 71/72
    STR 82/83 (depend on your hat)
    FINAL stat:
    STR 82/83
    AGI 80
    VIT 3
    INT 10
    DEX 71/72
    LUK 1
    Alternate Solution:
    Well, I got many people worry about 1 VIT in WoE. Well they got me there. Here
    some alternate: Reduce your DEX and raise up VIT or you may reduce AGI for VIT
    or you may reduce both to raise your VIT. But in several Condition, high VIT 
    can kill you. Ironically the ones who can kill you is another Monk with 
    Investigate or Physic Wave.
    The equipment is actully exactly the same too as the Combo Monk but It has a 
    little different. Anyway, I will rewrite it again for you:
    Head        - Evil Wing/Peerles Bireta/Monk Hat
    Middle Head - Opera Masque (it give you +2 DEF which is good)
    Lower Head  - Opera Masque (Opera Masque use both Middle and Lower Head Slot)
    Armor       - Saint Robe [Picky] (Saint Robe provide you with 6 DEF and 
                                      the Picky card provide you +1 STR and +10
                  Saint Robe [Marc] (Prevent you from got frozen by Frost Dive and 
                                     Prevent the high Jupitel Thunder damage
                  Saint Robe [Dokkaebi] (Reduced the nasty Jupitel Thunder damage 
                                         not working if you alredy got Frozen by 
                                         FD. The best way is to combine the Marc 
                                         Saint Robe and this one]
    Robe        - Muffler [Whisper] (More dodge from Whisper card and Muffler give
                                     you 1 DEF. You can upgrade armor and Robe to
                                     provide you with better DEF)
    Shoes       - Shoes [Eggyra] (Shoes provides you with 1 DEF and Eggyra to 
                                  support you in your SP usage).
    Hand R      - Fist slotted or Elemental
    Hand L      - Buckler [Thara Frog=reduce damage from demi-human including 
    Acc 1	    - Ring [Mantis] (Clip provides you with a small SP while Mantis
                                 card give you bonus +3 on your STR)
    Acc 2	    - Ring [Mantis] (Same as above ^^)
    Now this is the set of equipment and status. Well, in WoE DEX is worth more
    than STR so I sacrifice STR in order to get high DEX. So in here it will be 
    total 100 STR using Blessing will be 110 STR and it is more than enough. With 
    DEX as high as 72++ you may dish out MSS a lot faster and it will hit more.
    By combining Mummy Card and Hydra Card you will make yourself a powerful
    Character in WoE.
    VIIc. War Monk Academy
    Here is the big one! This is gonna be long. So guys be prepared!
    - Prepare a set of Elemental Fist. The ones you should prepare first are the 
      Fire and Wind Elemental. Fire elemental will give you much help in hunting 
      and the Wind Elemental can be usefull in both Hunting AND... Surprise! 
      Surprise! in WoE too.
    - You need to be at least job lvl 50 and finish all your skill. Otherwise, never
      enter PvP and WoE. Because you will be pretty much useless there.
    - Practice using your Pneuma and Dash Like A Bullet a lot in hunting area.
      Because microing your skill is very important and if you can microing, 
      managing your skill well then you are ready to wreack havoc at the castle. 
      Dash Like A Bullet can be a very usefull skill but it can be a very useless 
      skill. It depend on how you use it. Without practicing, it will be useless. 
      Try to practice it with your guild in PvP area.
    - Prepare a 3 Slotted Weapon with 3 Mummy cards attached to it.
    - Prepare another 3 slotted weapon with 3 Hydra Cards attached to it.
    - For Hunting, use Elemental Fist. For WoE, use carded Fist and Wind Fist to
      combine it with other.
    - In hunting, never ever sold these items: Blue Herb, Empty Bottle, Grape. It
      will be very usefull for you. Just collect those items everytime you go 
      hunting. After that if you have free time just make Blue Potions and Grape
      Juice out of it.
    - Generally, manage your Spirit well!!! It is your soul and for some specific 
      situations is your life.
    - Manage your shortcut well.
    - Practice! Practice! and Practice. War Monk depends not within the Monk's 
      Stats and Skills but require the skill behind the char. That is you! as the
      Player. So guys, Remember! Practice! Practice and Practice!
    In Hunting:
    - Don't ever use Asura. It is not a good idea to use it in Hunting.
    - For MVP, try to bring some Blue Potions and Grape Juices with you make use the
      Combo-no delay Asura Strike on them and drink up the SP recovered items 
      afterward and repeat. Hopefully you will gain the MVP.
    - Facing a high DEF monsters, hit the monster first if it is a non-agresive 
      monster. After it attacks you, use Dillema (it works like counter attack) 
      after the enemy get caught by the Dillema, use Physical Wave. Lvl 2 Dillema 
      will available to do so.
    - Facing a ranged enemy, use Pneuma. It will save your SP a LOT!
    - Facing a high HP enemy, use the lvl 3 MSS. It takes littler time than the lvl 
      5 MSS and it deliver pretty high damage too. After all, you only has lvl 3 
    What the use of Dash Like A Bullet?
    It is usefull in WoE. Firstly, you need to know the strategy in WoE. Usually,
    people will put a lot of Trap surrounding the enterance. Sometimes in area of
    water like Luina Castle, the Wizards usually prepare themselves with Water 
    Ball. Now, Dash Like A Bullet can go Through Ice Wall, Quagmire (unconfirmed) 
    and Traps. It is very usefull especially if you are the attacker. Dash require
    no casting time, 10 SP and a Spirit. Just manage your spirit. If you have 5, 
    while trying to go through Fire Wall, make sure you use it to Dash beside the 
    Wizard. If the ones guarding the enterance are Water Ball Wizard, Dash Quickly,
    hit him to cancel his Spell. After you are beside the Wizard, Summon 5 Spirit 
    Spheres while in the same time keep Hitting the Wizard to always cancel his 
    casting. Afterward, Finish them with Triple Attack, Quad Blows, Way of Dragon 
    and a sweet Asura Strike. If you are not sure about summoning spirits, Just use
    plain Triple Attack and Quad Blows and he will be pretty much dead. Remember! 
    After using Asura, always drink up Blue Potion and Grape Juice. Btw, you can 
    always use this skill to chase Wizard, Hunter and Priest that is trying to run
    from you and in the same time, you can avoid any traps. Btw, once enter a 
    castle just use Ruwach to make sure that there is no Assasin or Rogue around.
    How to Kill Wizard?
    If you are alone, use the Increase AGI skill then hit the Wizard with Triple
    Hydra weapon. Once the Triple Hits is realeased, continue using Quad Blows then
    Way of Dragon, finish it with Asura Strike just to make sure he is dead. If you
    ever got the Asura Strike, the Wizard will pretty much dead even with Priest
    helping him around. If you are with another Wizard, Combine it with Frost Dive
    and equip yourself with Wind Fist. You must have at least 3 spirits and finish 
    the Wizard with MSS lvl 3 once your Wizard Frost Dive the enemy's Wizard, of 
    course, It is more effective because Wizard has low DEF and MSS damage comes 
    from STR and while got Frozen, Wizard armor turn into water elemental and your
    Wind Fist MSS will do double damage. If you are with BattleSmith, Just stun the
    Wizard and combine the Mamomite with your Combo and you got yourself a dead 
    Wizard. I suggest you use the unfrozen Saint Robe to prevent you from being 
    frozen and got JT-ed. Because the Frost Dive has a very fast casting time. If 
    you are too far away from the Wizard and the Wizard looks like casting 
    something on you with significantly long casting time, Dash to him/her and keep
    hitting him with your combo because they likely will cast Storm Gust, Jupitel 
    Thunder or Water Ball on you. If the situation is not that good, just call 5 
    Spirits and use Physical Immune and you will be safe. If a Hunter help you, 
    just combine your Dash-Combo with Double Strafe.
    How to Kill Hunter?
    Remember "cupu enemy"? Use Pneuma. Hunters usually go with high AGI build.
    Especially the WoE Hunter build. So, make sure you use the Triple Mummy Weapon.
    Use Pneuma on you, call 5 Spirits. You can finish them in three ways. First, Use
    the lvl 3 MSS. It requires reasonable casting time. Second, Use pure Asura 
    Strike but beware! you have to count your timing with your Pneuma. Not 
    recommended though. But if you ever make it, you will get yourself a dead 
    hunter even with Priest support the Hunter. Third, use the Combo finished with
    Asura. This is a great way to kill them but it requires you more Blue Potions 
    and Grape Juices. In one-on-one just use Pneuma and the Hunter become "cupu". 
    If there is a Wizard helping you.... mmm Just let the Wizard take care the 
    problem by your support using Pneuma on your Wizard. It will be faster that 
    way. If a BattleSmith supports you, combine the Hammer Fall -> Stun with 
    mamomite and Combo. If a Priest helps you, you can feel glad because you will 
    be likely not dead ^^.
    How to Kill Rogue?
    Rogues are very scarry but in one condition if they are hiding. So, he a little
    bit the same as Hunter. They can be "cupu" too but in different situation and
    they don't get that "cupu" like Hunter do. Just use Ruwach and you alredy solve
    50% of your trouble. Now, the main problem is their dodge rate. Combine with
    their stripping skills they can drive someone crazy. If there is a Wizard 
    helping you, just let them take care those Rogues. If there is a BattleSmith 
    helping you around, use Hammer Fall, Mammomite and your Combo Combination and 
    he is pretty much dead. If a Priest supporting your Opponent, use Combo 
    finished by Asura to instantly kill someone.
    How to Kill Assasin?
    They are a little bit Underated in idRO universe. But they actually are very 
    disturbing opponent for us, Monk. With poison Skill, you will receive more 
    damage not to mention if you are facing a Dual Dagger Assasin they can kill you
    faster than your Combo especially when you are Poisoned. Critical Assasin is 
    the only one who can destroy Physical Immune because DEF and MDEF of armor are
    ignored by Critical Hits. Critical Hits can only be reduced using DEF of VIT. 
    If you are facing one-on-one, use Kwartet Mummy Waghnak. Because Assasin has 
    the highest dodge rate. Use your Combo finished by Asura Strike. If you are not
    using the Asura, your combo damage will likely do small damage because you 
    can't use other weapon except Kwartet Mummy Waghnak. If a Wizard helps you, let
    them take care the problem. Just make sure you disturbing enough the Assasin so
    he will not focus on the Wizard. If a BattleSmith Backs you up then use Hammer 
    Fall. Once the Assasin got Stunned, use combination of Combo-Asura and 
    Mamomite. Btw, once the  Assasin got stunned, you may replace your Kwartet 
    Mummy Waghnak with Triple Hydra Weapon. Because when stunned, you will get 100%
    hit. If he is ever hide, just use Ruwach.
    How to Kill Priest?
    Damn! I hate it! they are really invulnerable. Thanks to their Heal and high INT
    combine with Magnificat. Priests are impossible to kill without the help of
    other characters.In one-on-one, use Combo-Asura. Hopefully, the Priest will be 
    How to Kill VIT Knight?
    Cast something on the enemy's Knight. He/her will thought you casting high lvl
    MSS or Asura on him/her. After he start hitting you, use Dillema. Once you "got"
    him, goes for MSS and repeat. Hopefully in several round they will be defeated.
    If he is not even dead, drink up Blue Potions and Grape Juices, start to go 
    Critical and finish him/her with Pure Asura hopefully you alredy build up your 
    How to Kill VIT Crusader?
    Not much different of the VIT Knight. But I prefer more on Dillema-Physic Wave
    combination especially in WoE because it will safe much of your SP. Don't use 
    any Ashura because there is a possibility your damage will be returned by 40%
    and 40% of Ashura is a lot. You will be dead along with the crusie.
    How to Kill another Monk?
    /OMG!!! I think this is just a matter of skill and  micro of the player + 
    equipment. Maximized the use of Absorb Sphere.
    VIId. Question and Answer regarding Dash Like A Bullet build
    Q : Does the Dash Like A Bullet really worth it?
    A : Contact the VIIc for better reference how it become very usefull in WoE.
    Q : Why don't you replace Pneuma for another skill? I mean you don't even have 
        a maxed Monk skill this way.
    A : Contact the VIIc for better reference and Btw, I named this build is 
        All-Around-Monk build. Because using this build, you are able to participate
        in WoE AND good at hunting. If you are not even interested in participating 
        WoE, I suggest you build the pure Combo Monk build and Pneuma is a must for
        WoE: Hunters and Guardian Archer, Nuff reason!!!
    Q : WHOA! What an amazing Build!!!
    A : Thank you ^^ I worked very hard on making this special build.
    Q : What a pitty! It is suck!
    A : No worries ^^ you don't need to see it and make your own build. Simple! 
        Isn't it?
    Q : What is "cupu" means?
    A : In idRO, we call the Poring, Fabre, Lunatic and Pupa as "Musuh Cupu". Well,
        it is Indonesian language. "Musuh" means enemy in english and "Cupu" means..
        well I refer it as "Idiot" in English. So actually it is an "Idiot Enemy" I 
        just mixed up the two languages so it becomes "Cupu Enemy".
    VIII. Frequently Asked Question
    Q : What is aspd?
    A : aspd goes to Attack Speed. You can see your aspd by pressing alt-A button.
        It is located in lower right on Status Window. aspd, depends on type of
        weapon. Katar is the fastest and Spear is the Lowest. AGI also adds more
        aspd in spite of what kind of weapon, the higher the AGI, the more aspd
        you will gain.
    Q : What class has the most aspd?
    A : With two hand quicken and AGI build, Knight is the fastest.
    Q : Why not build a Monk with full AGI?
    A : Because the odd of building a Monk with 4 stat requirement (for Combo 
        Monk) that is STR, INT, DEX, AGI prevent me to have a 99 AGI. If you want,
        you may sacrifice some of your STR to add AGI but please don't sacrifice
        the DEX and INT because in my Combo build, it is the lowest requirement 
        even with your Blessing. However, I don't want to sacrifice the 110 STR 
        just to add a specific AGI which won't make much different.
    Q : Your full Spirit build is suck! How can I survive the Acolyte Phrase?
    A : I told you once, that is not an easy build. But it is obtainable and at 
        lvl 80-99 you got what you are looking for. It require a lot of Patience
        and It is a good mental training though ^^ 
    Q : I hate you! your FAQ is suck! where can I flame you?
    A : See legal stuff section below.
    Q : AGI Type character will likely be dead in WoE. Are you sure about your War
        Monk build??
    A : YES, actually without VIT, Monk build is pretty much risky. You can suddenly
        dead but if you use your skill well, then you will be OK. In LAN offline, I
        have tested, many AGI type characters are strong for example BattleSmith and
        Hunters, they survive because they have skill and Monk possesed the same.
    Q : Teleport and sliding type skill will likely baned in WoE. Are you sure about
        Dash being able to use in WoE?
    A : Yes, I have tested it and it worked well in WoE.
    IX. Rumors
    There are many rumors about RO. This is happen because Gravity statement. For
    example, Pet Skill, it was mentioned in one of the Press Conference by Gravity
    but it is likely be pended or canceled at all because they never mention it 
    anymore in the future Plan and updates. The other rumors spread because those
    stupid PV server. So the Private Server try to add something different in-game
    and someone play it thought that it will be officially implemented. So here is
    the Rumors:
    1. Pet Skill: It is never be implemented, it was once announced as future 
                  update. But for some reason it is canceled or pended. Well, so
                  far there is no word of it being implemented in kRO so, Don't 
                  hope much about it ok?
    2. Cards: In several Fan site, you may find something like: Orc Hero Card (add
              +2 STR in Armor), Sting Card (VIT + 3 in Acc). Those cards are fake!
              it is PV server only. There is no official word about new cards.
              The cards that exist in RO as in date I wrote this at 29 Sept 2004
              are the ones you find in current RO. There are several cards that is
              implemented the effect (Dopplegangger and Abyssmal Knight Card) in 
              Amatsu though.
    3. 3rd JOB!!: There is no 3rd job exist even in kRO. The ones exist are 2nd 
                  Transitions or known as 2nd advance job. so bear it The only 3rd
                  job got stated in future plan was Exorcist which is the 3rd Job
                  of Priest or the next job of High Priest (the 2nd Transition job
                  of Priest class)
    X. Legal Stuff, Credits and Contact Information
    This FAQ was submitted on www.gamefaqs.com and you can always find this there,
    every updated version will likewise also be posted there first. Please don't
    use this faqs for making profit. Other than that you can freely use it. This
    is my first FAQ, so I'm sure there are a lot of mistakes and Gramatical 
    error. If you happen to find one, please inform me.
    Thanks to Leinhart who is very spirited about Monk and his Monk skills Posting
    in Ragnafilia is very helpful for me to build my FAQ.
    Thanks to Steven Parker and Chee Boon for the corection in Dillema Skill.
    Thanks to Poring Pilek to provide me with vast information of Monk.
    Thanks to the website www.ragnafilia.com for the source regarding of Monk 
    Skills and guys from Acolyte/Priet/Monk forum of ragnafilia who give me 
    inspiration to build this FAQ.
    Thanks to Gamefaqs for storing my FAQ.
    Thanks to IGN for storing my FAQ.
    Thanks to Gravity and PT.Lyto for giving me chance to play this game.
    For contact regarding my FAQ, please send it to: sung_4n@hotmail.com. 
    Make sure you write something connected to my FAQ as the subject, otherwise 
    I will soon delete it without reading it first.

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