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    Battleforger Guide by i3lckdeth

    Version: .4 | Updated: 05/31/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    I3lckDeth's/Muffin Man's Battleforger Guide.
    Version .4
    Table of Contents
    I.    Introduction
    II.   Version History
    III.  Skills
     a.   Merchant
     b.   Blacksmith
    IV.   Stats
    V.    Equipment
    VI.   Forging
    VII.  FAQ
    VIII. Thanks!
    /Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
    As I was making my Batteforger I noticed there wasn’t a good guide for it at 
    all. So I decided that I’d make a guide myself. The information is readily
    available, but spread across a wide variety of mediums. This guide will 
    help you make a Blacksmith that is both good in forging 2 weapons, and a 
    good fighter. 
    II. Version History
    Fixed something I THOUGHT I fixed months ago, Novice Job Bonuses.
    Also TONS of spelling and grammar mistakes, the reason the guide was rejected.
    3+ months and no update, whoops. Time got the best of me here.
    Added the stats for base 81, changed some stuff now that Juno is
    here, still needs work. Someone bother me to update it.
    I thought I had to work today, but I guess not. Added a section on
    Forging and the like. GFAQs still hasn't posted it, but MY web host
    Tells me it gets 50 page views per day, and has over 3000 hits ;)
    I haven't updated it in a while, so I figured I would. Added the 
    stats for base 71 and changed the skills around a bit. Minor
    Changes, and resubmitting to GFAQs.
    Added a by level stat and leveling guide to the FAQ. It stops at
    61-70 but gives guidelines for thereafter. 
    Added a Thank You section.
    To Come: A more detailed equipment guide
             Finish the stat/level guide
             Ways to make money
             More Stuff.
    Long time needed update. GFAQ's didn't post my guide the first time 
    around. I semi-quit iRO but still have a ton of knowledge, so I 
    figured I’d update it while I had the opportunity. Lots of stuff 
    going on in my life, But I’ll try to keep it up to date.
    Just started the guide, so its NO WHERE near complete.
    /Version history
    III. Skills
    These are the recommended skills for a good battleforger. Replacements can
    be used, and are encouraged, but this is my general guideline.
      a. Merchant skills
    I REALLY don’t know what to tell you here, this is up to you, and doesn’t 
    REALLY affect the latter portion of this guide. 
    If you want to be more of a moneymaker, which is BY FAR slower and more 
    boring to level, Put a lot into Discount and overcharge, and get 
    vending, along with pushcart. If you want mammonite, have at it, I 
    recommend it now, but didn't before. It's fun dishing 5k damage a hit 
    to the right monster ;) 
    I do recommend getting item appraisal, though a lot of people don't get it. 
    It's annoying when you run out of magnifying glasses, and I don’t even carry 
    them anymore. 
    Unless you are insane, or extremely patient, don't bother going past job 
    level 40. Although If I had to do I over again, I would go to job 40. 
    It took me 4 days to go from 36 to 40 by power leveling. It's all 
    up to you though.
     b. Blacksmith Skills
    I was REALLY impressed when I started leveling the blacksmith skills. It 
    makes your character USEFUL.
    Since forging is dependant on your base level, and a combined series of 
    skills, I put the majority of them in the middle of the list. Personally 
    I’d rather be able to kill faster than be able to forge a better katana 
    at base level 60.
    Hammer fall (2)
    Adrenaline rush
    Hilt binding
    Iron Tempering
    Steel Tempering
    Ore Discovery  <-- the chance of dropping oridecon and such, so I got 
    it early.
    Weaponry Research (2)
    Adrenaline rush (2)
    Weapon Perfection  
    Power Thrust (2)
    Weapon Perfection (2)
    Maximize Power  
    By now you are job level 18, and things start slowing down, but with 
    adrenaline rush at level 3, and power thrust and max. power you are 
    a killing machine. Now to start getting the forging skills.
    The way I set this up, you can choose 2 higher damage weapons to 
    master. I chose 2 handed swords and maces, so I’ll post my build.
    Smith Dagger
    Smith Brass Knuckle 
    Smith Mace (3)
    Smith Sword
    Smith 2 handed (3)
    Enchanted Stone craft (5)
    Steel Tempering (4)
    This is job level 36. You can now forge some pretty impressive 
    weapons, but Weaponry research adds percentages, so you can put 
    it above the forging places if you want, but I put it down here.
    Weapon Research (8)
    Max Power (4)
    Adrenaline Rush (2)
    Again, this is my recommendation; change it to how you want. If 
    you want more Power Thrust, or Weapon Perfection, switch it up.
    I found this build VERY successful. You can lower some and add 
    to Iron Forging, but ore isn’t that expensive, and is found 
    pretty much everywhere. I changed a bit and maxed mammonite and 
    Hammerfall, as I went a tad more battle than forge. But I can still
    forge some pretty impressive weapons.
    IV. Stats
    This is the STR/VIT Hybrid Build. Basically pump STR and Vit 
    as much as you can, while still putting a little into DEX 
    and AGI. INT is USELESS, don’t put anything into it. Some 
    people say DEX/LUK are VITAL to forging, but at its max, 
    it only adds like 5% (nobody is REALLY sure to be honest, 
    I’ve heard this number is 12% as well) and personally, I'd 
    rather be able to kill the monsters that drop the forging 
    items and loot than gain the 5%. If you know statistics 
    that’s actually a 3% gain. 
    A good recommendation would be the stats below.
    Start with:
    STR 9
    AGI 9
    VIT 9
    DEX 1
    INT 1
    LUK 1
    At Base 11 you SHOULD be a merchant, it might be 10 or 12 
    though, depending on what you fought.
    STR 15
    AGI 9
    VIT 14
    INT 1
    DEX 5
    LUK 1
    That should set you pretty good, with damage reduction, 
    good HP Recovery and HIT. Rockers will be a challenge, 
    but that’s what you will be leveling on until base 20 
    or so. The hornets are also good exp in the LATE teens.
    At base 21
    STR 22
    AGI 10
    VIT 21
    INT 1
    DEX 11
    LUK 1
    You can head to Culverts 1 or 2, just BE CAREFUL. The mobs 
    are GREAT EXP and this can take you into your mid 30's if 
    you want. You have ample strength and vit, with enough agi 
    and dex to get by. The damage reduction is the best part of 
    vit at lower levels. At higher levels it helps for the HP 
    boost and regening properties. From here start getting more 
    STR than vit, and bringing agi and dex to 20.
    At base 31
    STR 31
    AGI 15
    VIT 24
    INT 1
    DEX 16
    LUK 1
    From 31 on you can either stay in Culverts while the exp is 
    good (2 and 3 are REALLY good exp with decent drops), or 
    head to Payon 1 and 2. Payon 1 has Zombies and spores, which 
    are hard, but good exp. Payon 2 for your late 30's, but stay 
    away from the Magnolias and Eggyras, those hurt. If you see 
    a Soldier Skeleton, run!
    At base 41
    STR 40
    AGI 20
    VIT 30
    INT 1
    DEX 20
    LUK 1
    It didn't USED to be this way, but orcs have low def and 
    lowered attack. So that can be good exp, if you want to risk 
    it, but only for late 40's. Watch out for Orc Ladies though, 
    as they have higher attack speed and attack. Smokies, 
    martins, Elder Willows, poison spores, poporings, peco peco's 
    are all good exp. And that’s what you WILL be killing until 
    you reach smith, sadly. The last 4 or so job levels are a 
    pain in the butt :/
    At base 51
    STR 51
    AGI 21
    VIT 40
    INT 1
    DEX 20
    LUK 1
    Vit can rest at 40 for a long time, and keep pumping str 
    from there. Depending on when you change, and what you're 
    fighting. You will hit BS at 55 or so. More of the same for 
    leveling. Elders, poison spores, etc. Once you hit BS your 
    options open up a bit. I went to Geffen 1 RIGHT when I hit 
    BS and got 15 jobs in a matter of minutes from P. Spores. 
    After that you can hit orcs. I recommend getting a triple 
    bloody chain and going to orcs 2. I leveled from 55 to 65 
    easily down there, and came out with tons of loot. It's 
    going to consume TONS of reds though, be warned.
    At base 61
    STR 61
    AGI 25
    VIT 40
    INT 1
    DEX 25
    LUK 1
    You should be a killing machine. I love AR and PT. Orcs 2 
    until 65 or so, more if you desire. After that you can try 
    high orcs, or mids, or Sphinx, or payon 4, or GH, or... 
    It all depends on your weapon really. By now you should 
    have a few chains (+6, 7, or 8) for different types of 
    monsters. Triple bloody REALLY helps as a ton of monsters 
    in this range are Demi-Human. Insecticide for Argiopes, 
    etc. Just go where you can kill and the EXP is good (by 
    good, I mean .2 You will never find .5 or higher at this 
    point). Pump STR to 80 and add agi and dex after that.
    It's up to you though.
    At base 71
    STR 81
    AGI 28
    VIT 40
    INT 1
    DEX 27
    LUK 1
    The exp gets REALLY slow here, but is still doable. By now If you 
    don't have a Triple Bloody chain, I HIGHLY recommend you get one.
    You can level at argiopes if you have the gear, sphinx 2 with an
    Ice elemental, mids 4 with a fire elemental, High orcs in the 
    Clocktower if you have the triple bloody. Just be prepared to burn
    pots, unless you have a priest.
    At base 81
    You have 2 choices at this point. 
    You can get enough vit so that with bonuses you hit 60 (for the hp boost)
    OR You can leave it at 40, and get more agi for the aspd. I'll post both 
    STR 84
    AGI 45
    VIT 40
    INT 10
    DEX 35
    LUK 1
    STR 84
    AGI 40
    VIT 45
    INT 10
    DEX 35
    LUK 1
    Everything is nice and round here :x The 84 str is assuming you 
    have 2 mantis clips, bringing it to an even 100 str. The 10 int
    Will VASTLY help with SP regen post Juno, letting you level 
    longer without having to worry (much) about returning to town.
    ASPD at this point is 173 with AR and ASPD pots.
    As for leveling to 81, High orcs in the Clock Tower is good, 
    especially with a heal slave. If you can get a good party, TI
    is great experience. Mids 3/4 is decent exp with some good rare
    drops. Mino's are good in mass, just be careful of their BS skills.
    As for gear; Make sure you have at LEAST some elementals, I 
    Recommend a triple bloody, triple insecticide, etc.
    Here are the job bonuses for merchant and blacksmith.
    Level | Stat 
      2   | LUK  
      3   | DEX  
      5   | AGI  
      6   | VIT  
      8   | STR  
      9   | INT  
    Level | Stat
      2   | VIT 
      6   | DEX 
      10  | STR 
      14  | DEX 
      18  | VIT 
      22  | STR 
      26  | INT 
      30  | VIT 
      33  | AGI 
      36  | LUK 
      38  | DEX 
      40  | STR 
      42  | DEX 
      44  | STR 
      46  | LUK 
      47  | VIT 
      49  | STR 
      50  | DEX 
    Level | Stat
      1   | DEX
      3   | STR
      4   | DEX
      5   | DEX
      7   | VIT
      8   | STR
      9   | DEX
      11  | LUK
      12  | DEX
      13  | VIT
      16  | STR
      19  | DEX
      20  | VIT
      21  | INT
      23  | STR
      26  | DEX
      28  | DEX
      29  | AGI
      31  | STR
      32  | VIT
      34  | INT
      36  | DEX
      37  | VIT
      38  | AGI
      39  | DEX
      40  | DEX
      44  | STR
      46  | LUK
      47  | DEX
      49  | VIT
    Man that was a pain to type :)
    This data was gathered from http://ro.nitro7.com
    V. Equipment
    When you first start, you WILL be weak. I don’t just mean weak, 
    I mean really weak. Leveling will be a pain, but you will most 
    likely be rich, unless you like to spend money on useless things ;)
    OK, to start, Buy a blade or a cheap 1 handed sword, and get a 
    guard. If you can, get a lower level 1 slotted armor, and find 
    a card to put in it (vit +1, or something). It doesn’t make a 
    difference really. 
    Once you hit level 15 or 20, head to culvert, its a GOLDMINE, 
    just don’t get mobbed. You can actually level there until 
    you're level 30 fairly easily. You will find leather jackets 
    and falchions, so feel free to use those, or sell them and 
    get an RPS (Ring Pommel Sabre). You are going to eventually 
    want to level this to +7 (or +6, if you don’t feel comfortable 
    going over the 'safe' limit). 
    You are eventually working for a chain. A 2 (or 3) slotted 
    chain can be MUCH better than a Swordmace. I used a +7 
    Triple Hurricane (Andre Card) Chain well into my Blacksmith 
    career. After than that, carded chains and their respective 
    bucklers are best.
    As for armor, just save for Chain Mail, its not too expensive. 
    Manteau, boots, 2 rosaries, and a buckler of Athena (adds 
    +2 defense, ambernite card). Later you're going to want to 
    get a Chain Mail of Heman (Steel Chon Chon card), a set of 
    carded bucklers and chains, 2 clips with tarou cards
    (eventually moving to two rings with mantis cards (after 
    you're 90+)), an immune manteau is good, or carded mufflers. 
    Slotted boots with whatever your fancy in cards is.
    If you want, get a Heal Clip, but you'll only heal for like 100. 
    Hiding, steal (BS's have nice dex ;), teleport, etc.
    VI. Forging
    The most common question I get asked with my build is "can you forge?"
    To answer quite simply, Yes, yes I can. I've forged countless level 2 
    and 3 weapons, and myself hold a Fire ice and Earth chain I forged for
    myself. There are also 2 Fire swordmaces of mine floating around, as well
    as a few other elemental chains.
    Now, HOW do you forge, and when is best.
    Steel, Iron, Iron Ore, Elements: You need A Mini-Furnace. These are sold in 
    Geffen, where you changed to a Blacksmith. You also need the skill for whatever 
    you are forging.
    Iron ore into Iron requires 1 Mini-Furnace and 1 Iron ore.
    Iron into Steel requires 1 Mini-Furnace, 5 Iron and 1 Coal.
    Elemental ores into Elements require 1 Mini-Furnace and 10 elemental Ores.
    Star Dust into Star Crumbs require 1 Mini-Furnace and 5 Star Dusts.
    Weapons: Every weapon has a different formula for forging. Eventually I'll
    Put the formulas here, but for now check your favorite fansite.
    What you Do need is 1 Hammer (3 types, for level 1, 2 and 3/4 weapons), the
    proper materials, and an Anvil, element is optional ;)
    Make sure you have everything in your inventory (including the anvil and 
    element) And then double click the hammer, a list of choices will pop up 
    for what you can forge. Click the weapon you desire, and a second screen 
    will pop up. Drag your element and/or Star Crumb(s) and click ok. The item 
    will HOPEFULLY be forged.
    Now, WHEN should you forge. Base 70 is a good level to start at, and the 
    higher the better. I did start at base 65, and failed a lot more than I had 
    liked. Base/Job mean ALOT more than Dex/Luk do, BUT I recommend getting a 
    Quad Dexterous weapon, and Skillful Armor. Maybe even Zerom Clips, but 
    that’s up to you.
    Watt should you forge: Right now the market is primarily 2 Handed Swords and 
    Maces. With 2~2 here, A good choice would be Fists and Daggers (for Rogues 
    and Monks). 1HS For crusaders, Maces for Alchemists, etc. Two handed swords 
    are costly skills, but it’s entirely up to you.
    VII. FAQ
    Q: I heard you got banned, what’s the deal?
    A: I had my girlfriend pay for my account with her card, mine was on E.
       While I was at work she saw a charge for 'Gravity Interactive'
       and didn't recognize it, so she had the charge taken off, banned :/
    Q: Do you still play?
    A: Yes.
    Q: What’s your In Game Name?
    A: I won’t answer that here. Chances are that if you want to contact 
       me in game, you want something, so I probably don’t want to talk to you 
       anyways. If you just want to chat, when I'm bored I hang out in Morroc.
    Q: How can I contact you?
    A: The email address listed isn't my main email address, I’m using a yahoo 
       address because I know people will sign it up for spam. I do have 
       AIM/MSN/ICQ and hang out on IRC (Efnet). If you really want to find me, 
       it's not that hard, you could just ask :) 
    Q: What if I find an error/flaw/want to add something/etc
    A: P> Muffin Man/I3lckDeth on the ROSB/ROGB and leave me a message.
    VIII. Thanks!
    Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way, which is a TON of people!
    More importantly are the people below.
    My Ex-Guild (In no particular order, and the most recent):
    Zero The Red: For pushing me farther than he should have
    O'Reiley: For being one of the few to level with me, and being awesome
    ZeroTheLegend: For..bleeding? And being a GREAT friend
    Ari Misao: Insanely kind, and very generous
    Saikane Akira: Guidance, Inspiration, Faith, and Suggestions. great guy
    Silent Assassin: For being cool and supporting me
    Everyone Else:
    PsoRaven: Helping me out & leveling with me, along with guidance & support
    Neoian: Letting me in his guild, being a cool friend, and helping me out
    Kurudo and Panda: For making sure I didn't go insane
    Capcom: For making a GREAT game! (Obligatory)
    I'm sure there will be more to come. This was just Kinda thrown together.
    This guide is Copyright 2003, 2004. Any use of this guide on any other site 
    Besides GameFAQs is prohibited, unless approved by the author.

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