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    Advanced 2nd Job FAQ by Iluna

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/01/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Advance 2nd Job and Skills Information FAQ           
    Created By: Luna~Holybell~Enzoera (Iluna) 
    Original source created by : Lune (RagnaInfo, emprerium.org)
    GameFAQs member user: Xenoserphia
    Date Created: 25/8/2004 
    Ver: Version 1.2
    Contact : NO e-mails will be given, However you can page 
              Xenoserphia at GameFAQs message board, or PM 
              LunaXenoserphia in AIM.
    For : Ragnarok Online (Currently in Korean, Taiwan, and Malaysian RO 
          servers only - It will be implemented at every servers when the 
          time comes.)
    ORIGINAL SOURCE FROM : http://forums.emperium.org/viewtopic.php?t=292 
    From Xenoserphia : 
    This FAQ will currently created only for GameFAQs for user reference, 
    Although this FAQ is not originally created by me, It is still the FAQ 
    is under my work and property as I already have the original source 
    provider's permission to have it distributed for the public to have it 
    as reference. You CAN'T simply take it, copy it, edit it, or plagarize 
    it. Neither you can't rip off this whole FAQ and make it as your own. 
    Legal actions will be taken if you did any of the actions stated above. 
    If you're interested in taking my work and publish it to others without
    any editing, you're welcome to contact me via AIM, permission will be 
    given if you asked nicely, I'll state on why I will not give out 
    e-mails for your contact reference.
    Small note here : This is ONLY for ADVANCE 2ND JOB INTRODUCTIONS AND 
                      AND CLASSES. If you want other infos other than this 
                      Advance 2nd classes, this is not the place here.
    From Lune :
    I'd also like to use this time to say those who copy my work and do not 
    credit me + source of which I translated off of... or call it your own 
    work... burn in hell.  You know who you are.
    I. Introduction
    II. The Pre Requirements
    III. The Job and the Skills
    IV. FAQ
    V. kRO Patch Updates,Tweaks and Nerfs
    VI. Credits and Links
    VII. The End
    What's have been updated for this FAQ?
    10/11/2004 : Added a new section (V), fixed some grammar errors and 
    1/5/2005 : It's a big update, Because kRO have added more skills and
               updates for Advanced 2nd Classes, More info can be found
               over each corresponding classes, Asterisk will be marked
               for classes who gain new skills.
    ~ To the Ragnarok Online, to the game...~
    Welcome to my latest work of FAQs, Which is the Ragnarok Online Advanced 
    2nd Job and Skills information FAQ. This FAQ actually won't give me too 
    much ofhectic as this information contains almost every detailed 
    informaton and it is almost complete thanks to Lune. Without him, this 
    FAQ won't be hereby now. Actually, I would rather put his name as the 
    author for this FAQ,if I have the option, of course...
    What is Ragnarok Online you will ask? It is actually a MMORPG game 
    (Masive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) created by Gravity Corp. 
    Original work of Lee Myoungjin which the game is based off his *manhwa 
    work "Ragnarok". It is currently the most popular Online game currently 
    in the world. I mean, yes, in the WORLD. Ragnarok Online hits off to be 
    one of the most successful Online game in the MMORPG field, it expands 
    the game to outer countries as well.From it's origin country Korea, it 
    expands it's game to Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Phillipines, 
    USA (known as International), and Europe. That proves itself that the 
    influence of this game have make it the most successful online game ever 
    in the industry. We have a lot of RO fans, freaks, lovers, or even haters. 
    What a good and balance brand awareness we're having there...
    *manhwa = a term for Korean, meaning comic, same to Japanese "manga"
    This game is anime styled. With colorful graphics, and attractive 
    interaction between characters to characters, characters to monsters, 
    certainly it haveattracted a lot of players to actually try out the game. 
    Once they do, they are hooked. With various jobs for you to choose with, 
    starting from Novice to first jobs, then from first job to second job, 
    you are to be experiencing the whole gameplay of the game itself. 
    Although your sole purpose of this game is to hack slash and level up 
    yourself to lvl 99 in any way you wanted to, go gain some money, and 
    get your own ultimate equipments. Sounds boring, but actually aside from 
    hack and slash, you have a lot more interactions : chatting with friends 
    and go kill monsters with them by partying, you have interesting emoticons 
    to add colors to your own chatting pleasure. selling items to gain money, 
    participating in "guilds" to to Guild War, also known to the players 
    as "War of Emperium" (Think of it as playing StarCraft or any strategy 
    games that you can come out with, although it is very different) Or go 
    Player versus player arena to compete your skills with another player. 
    Since it is an online game, you will also make different kinds of 
    friends,surely it is a community based game for you own enjoyment. 
    Well, you'll see a lot of different people, ranging from Friendly to 
    Jerky ones. Certainly it do grow with you if you're actually hooked 
    in it.
    However, the game is certainly having updates from time to time, 
    that's why this FAQ exists. Upon your 99th level, you will have your 
    fame and status gained, you sure think that it's the end of your 
    everlasting journey of Ragnarok Online. Actually it's not. Upon 
    reaching level 99,  you can choose to be even stronger by reverting 
    back yourself to a beginner again and train yourself again to a even 
    higher class. Say, from Knight, you go back of being Novice again, 
    train yourself again, and eventually going through every obstacles 
    you'll become the advance 2nd class, which is Lord Knight. From there, 
    you're stronger than being a Knight, that's a definitely.
    Without dragging the whole thing out, For this FAQ, you'll get to know 
    what advanced 2nd class you'll have in the future, and certainly you'll
    get to know it's skills, so that you can plan on what type of builds 
    youwant, and you will have your own ultimate, perfect build of one 
    character, You're flexible enough to plan yourself what type of build 
    you want to have, don't you?
    Use the information wisely, and good luck playing and planning the 
    builds. Remember, you decide your own future. 
    ~You are entrusted to have the responsiblity, and believe in yourself~
    Source : From - kRO Website, RagnaGate, and Official kRO Guide Book 
    Translation by - RagnaInfo (Lune) 
    Last Update: 8/24/2004 - Semi-Final version until they release more 
    ~* Chapter I: To become an Advanced 2nd Job *~ 
    Everything about Advanced 2nd Job: 
    These are the requirements that you need to do to get yourself to 
    Advance 2nd  classes. 
    1) You must be in a 2nd class. 
    2) You must be on Base LV 99. 
    3) Obviously, your Job LV must be 50. 
    A.) Where do I become one? 
    - In the Valkyrie's Palace. 
    To go there, go to the Sage Academy in Juno. Inside, there's a 
    place where you  can look around the book of Ymir. Before you do 
    that however, you have to pay the Librarian 128,500 Zeny... so 
    prepare that exact amount of money beforehand ONLY. Noless and 
    no more than 128,500. Read the book inside. 
    Now, move out to the Heart of Ymir, in the basement of the 
    academy. You have to take lots of random warps to get there, so 
    be patient! 
    Once you're in the Valkyrie's Palace, everything should be easy 
    to proceed. Just talk to the Valkyrie to change to Novice High. 
    Few warning notes about doing this: 
    Before you can do this, make sure you have no more than 0 Zeny, 
    and you have no items equipped on your character! Or else, you 
    will not be able to change into Novice High. 
    Also note, to change into a High version of 1st classer, you 
    just have to talk to the NPC responsible for that class, and 
    you will change without having  to go through tests. As for 
    changing into Advanced 2nd, you have to talk to the Advanced 
    Class Helper NPCs inside Valkyrie's Palace. 
    B) What's good about becoming an Advanced 2nd Job? 
    - When you do, you get approximately 30% increase in your HP/SP. 
    Advanced 2nd jobs have their own HP/SP. 
    C) What happens if you apply for Advanced 2nd Job? 
    - You will become a Novice again. All your stats will disappear as 
    well as all your skills (except Basic Function skill). This includes 
    quest-gained skills such as Holy Light. 
    Your stats will be reset to 1, and will be given 100 points to start 
    out with (instead of normal 60). 
    Change to 1st job as you would do normally. 
    If you were a Wizard before applying for Advanced 2nd Job, you have 
    to become a Wizard again. However, you can become a different class 
    but you will be penalized for doing so.(Edit: Right now, there is no 
    ability to change to a different class from what you started out as 
    Additional note by Iluna : If you're, let's say, a Wizard before, be 
    smart and keep on be Magician again when you go from High Novice. If 
    you decided to be let's say, Archer, then I'm sorry you will be only 
    High Hunter when you change your 2nd class, and not Sniper.
    When you do job change, you will regain all the lost quest skill back, 
    so don't worry too much about trying to re-learn all the quest-gained 
    To sum it up, the whole process of going Advance 2nd job would be like
     this :
    Lvl99/Job50, 2nd Class job --->Novice High --->Higher First Job 
    (Consistency) --->Advanced 2nd Job
    ~ It has it's own uniqueness, it depends on which one you prefered more~
    Lune has it's own words and comments before we can go further...
    "We have a very very bad news for High Wizards. Read his skill 
    description  on Amplify Magical Power for more information.  
    Also note, Whitesmiths are most ignored... then again, Gravity always 
    ignored Merchant-based classes."
    Sad huh?  
    Chapter II to Chapter VII will contain skills and introduction of 
    Advanced 2-1 jobs, while Chapter VIII to Chapter XIII will contain skills 
    and introduction  of Advanced 2-2 jobs.
    ~* Chapter II : LORD KNIGHT *~
    Lord Knights, the final evolutionary point from the Knights, have amazing 
    attack power coupled with powerful skills to destroy enemy's defense. Just 
    like Knights, this class focuses usage of two-handed swords, while giving 
    you good balance between attack and defense overall. In the past, they 
    were used mostly for killing, but now with defensive skills and 
    "desperation" maneuvers. 
    (Simple Useless Information: In kRO, Lord Knights have a shortened name 
    everyone uses - Lona. Now isn't that cute? ) 
    (Another Useless Information: In kRO, they received a "submarine" patch 
    with Bowling Bash - it can now be used with any weapon of your choice.) 
    Job Status Bonus Points At JLV 70: 
    STR 15 
    AGI 8
    VIT 8
    INT 2
    DEX 9
    LUK 3
    Evolved chart : Novice ---> Swordsman ---> Knight ---> High Novice ---> 
                    High Swordsman ---> Lord Knight
    - Aura Blade (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirement: Bash LV 5, Magnum Break LV 5, Two-Hand Sword Mastery LV 5 
    * Add a special aura to your weapon, and add special damage that ignores 
    enemy defense (like Sword Masteries do). 
    LV | ATK Bonus | Last Time | SP Used 
    1       10          40s        22 
    2       20          60s        24 
    3       30          80s        26 
    4       40          100s       28 
    5       50          120s       30 
    - Parrying (Active Skill), LV 10 
    Requirement: Two-Hand Sword Mastery LV 10, Provoke LV 5, Two-Hand 
                 Quicken LV 3 
    * If you have a two-handed sword, you automatically block some of the 
    attacks randomly. This allows you to auto-guard attacks with your two-handed 
    sword. It will now block both ranged and physical attacks. SP used is fixed 
    at 50. 
    LV | Block Rate | Last Time 
    1       23%          15s 
    2       26%          20s 
    3       29%          25s 
    4       32%          30s 
    5       35%          35s 
    6       38%          40s 
    7       41%          45s 
    8       44%          50s 
    9       47%          55s 
    10      50%          60s 
    - Concentration (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirement: Spear Mastery LV 5, Riding LV 1, HP Recovery LV 5 
    * Only works for spear-type weapons. If you use it, your HIT rate and 
    damage will receive a huge increase, but all your defense based upon 
    equipment and stats will decrease a bit. While this skill is on, you will 
    also have free Endure-effect until the skill goes out. 
    LV | HIT + / DAMAGE + / DEF - | Last Time | SP Used 
    1        10% / 5% / -5%            25s        50 
    2        20% / 10% / -10%          30s        52 
    3        30% / 15% / -15%          35s        54 
    4        40% / 20% / -20%          40s        56 
    5        50% / 25% / -25%          45s        58 
    - Tension Relax (Active Skill), LV 1 
    Requirement: Provoke LV 5, HP Recovery LV 10, Endure LV 3 
    * Just like the skill's name says, relaxes your muscles and temporarily 
    increase your HP recovery speed. You have to be sitting to use this skill 
    (even just standing won't work). When this skill is in use, you will see the 
    icon that shows that you are using this skill. It will automatically cancel 
    when you get attacked, if you stand to attack, or use an item. Every 10 
    seconds, it'll take 15 SP and gives you up to x2 HP regeneration speed. 
    - Berserk (Active Skill), LV 1 
    Requirement: Lord Knight on JLV 50+ 
    * Truly scary skill, rendering the user bloodthirsty... Upon usage, you 
    can't use any items and can't even receive Heal! However, your HP will jump 
    by large as well as receiving very nice attack / ASPD upgrade. 
    Exactly, you will receive the following when you use the skill. 
    - maxHP x3, and HP is fully recovered, but SP is all gone 
    - You cannot regain HP/SP via natural means for 5 minutes afterwards of 
      the skill (Same aftereffects to Monk's Asura Strike)
    - ATK + 150% 
    - ASPD + 10% 
    - Pernament move speed bonus during skill 
    - ALL DEF (equip def/mdef, stat def/mdef) set to 0 
    - Halves FLEE rate 
    - Receives Endure effect 
    - 1% HP reduced every 15 seconds 
    - Cannot chat, cannot use items, cannot receive Heals (when you do, the 
      Heal amount youu receive, you will see 0... yes, 0) 
    - Cannot change equipments 
    - Skill will automatically cancel when HP below 100 
    - Cannot use in siege mode (WoE in iRO) 
    4/21/2004 Update: This skill now works with both two-handed sword and spear 
    Additional note from Iluna : Only use this when you're sure that you can 
    clear off mobs or kill off Boss in a certain skill timeline. As it gives you 
    a good boostobviously the cons behind it will definitely dangerous if you 
    don't use it properly.
    - Fury (Active Skill), LV 1 
    Deleted as of 4/21/2004. Berserk covers for this one. 
    - Spiral Pierce (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirement: Spear Mastery LV 10, Pierce LV 5, Riding LV 1, Spear Stab LV 5 
    * Extend your spear, and spin it in a spiral fashion to increase overall 
    damage and ability to pierce. It attacks 5 times regardless of target size. 
    Heavier your weapon is, the better your damage will be, and will leave target 
    stunned for 3 seconds - however, they CAN attack if you are in range of their 
    melee/range attack, or if they use ranged skills. Although damage will 
    increase with better skill level, so will the skill delay / after skill use 
    Note: Currently in kRO, this skill ignores enemy Equip DEF/VIT DEF. 
    LV | ATK Bonus % | Cast Time / Cast Delay | SP Used 
    1       150%          0.3s   /     1.2s       13 
    2       200%          0.5s   /     1.4s       15 
    3       250%          0.7s   /     1.6s       17 
    4       300%          0.9s   /     1.8s       19 
    5       350%           1s    /       2s       20 
    - Head Crusher (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirement: Spear Mastery LV 9, Riding LV 1 
    * Cause a strong hit against a single enemy, and cause external bleeding 
    randomly. For enemies that suffers from external bleeding, they will lose 
    HP periodically. There's an after-cast delay of 0.5 seconds for all skills, 
    and takes 23 SP regardless of skill level. 
    LV | ATK Bonus % 
    1       120% 
    2       140% 
    3       160% 
    4       180% 
    5       200% 
    - Joint Beat (Active Skill), LV 10 
    Requirements: Spear Mastery LV 9, Riding LV 1, Cavalier Mastery LV 3, 
                  Head Crusher LV 3 
    * You can only use this skill with a Spear-type weapon. You will strike at 
    joints of the enemy's body, causing various status ailments as well as 
    damage. Higher level increases the damage and chance to cause status ailment 
    to the enemy. You cannot choose where to strike however - If you have 
    attacked the joint of the legs, enemy's movement speed would drop. If you 
    have attacked the joint of the arms, enemy's attack speed would drop, and 
    LV | Damage | Ailment Chance | After-Cast Delay | SP Used 
    1      60%          10%               0.8s          12 
    2      70%          15%               0.8s          12 
    3      80%          20%               0.8s          14 
    4      90%          25%               0.8s          14 
    5      100%         30%               0.8s          16 
    6      110%         35%                1s           16 
    7      120%         40%                1s           18 
    8      130%         45%                1s           18 
    9      140%         50%                1s           20 
    10     150%         55%                1s           20
    ~* Chapter III : ASSASSIN CROSS *~ 
    Assassin Cross brings chaos to the enemies, assassiate at will, and be able 
    to enter and run around the enemy territory freely. They are more like an 
    assassin, than a previous Assassin class. They have greater attack skills 
    as well as poison-related skills. 
    Personal comment from Iluna : I think it sounds better with Cross Assassin,
    rather than calling it Assassin Cross...Well, it's the matter of preference.
    Job Status Bonus Points At JLV 70: 
    STR 9 
    AGI 15 
    VIT 3 
    INT 0 
    DEX 10 
    LUK 8 
    Evolved chart : Novice ---> Thief ---> Assassin ---> High Novice ---> 
                    High Thief ---> Assassin Cross
    - Hallucination Walk (Active Skill), LV 10 
    Requirement: Increase Dodge LV 5, Cloaking LV 5 
    * You will create a "hallucination" of yourself, then you will immediately 
    enter Cloaking mode. The hallucination has 2x the HP you have, and it will 
    last as long as the last time, or if the HP is completely gone. If the 
    hallucination disappears,you will be forcively uncloaked. You can be 
    detected via skills such as Ruwach as well. You cannot spam this skill, 
    and there's an after-cast delay associated to it. 
    LV | Last Time | After-Cast Delay | SP Used 
    1       10s            1.4s           45 
    2       12s            1.2s           50 
    3       14s             1s            55 
    4       16s            0.8s           60 
    5       18s            0.6s           65 
    6       20s            0.4s           70 
    7       22s            0.2s           75 
    8       24s            0.2s           80 
    9       26s            0.2s           85 
    10      28s            0.2s           90 
    *NOTE : This skill has been either removed or disabled in current kRO.
    - Advanced Enchant Poison (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirement: Enchant Poison LV 5, Envenom LV 5 
    This skill has been removed. 
    - Advanced Katar Research (Passive Skill), LV 5 
    Requirement: Double Attack LV 5, Katar Mastery LV 7 
    * Increase damage of Katar-related attacks by percentage (instead of set 
    rate). Only affects Katar-type weapons. 
    LV | Bonus Rate 
    1        12% 
    2        14% 
    3        16% 
    4        18% 
    5        20% 
    - Soul Breaker (Active Skill), LV 10 
    Requirement: Double Attack LV 5, Envenom LV 5, Cloaking LV 3, 
                 Enchant Poison LV 6 
    * Causes nasty physical damage + magical damage to the target. To protect 
    against the final damage calculation, one must have high physical defense 
    AND magical defense. This skill ALWAYS hits enemies regardless of their 
    FLEE rate. This skill ignores all other damage enhancing factors, but if 
    you have elemental weapon, the attack will go in that element. 
    Damage Calculations:
    1) Damage 1 = (Physical Total Damage + Specific Cards 
       (It counts ATK cards such as Andre Card)) * 5
    2) Damage 2 = {(Skill LV * Player's INT) * 5} + Random Damage (500 ~ 1000)
    3) Soul Breaker Base Damage = Damage 1 + Damage 2
    4) For DEF/MDEF Decrease Calc (Damage 3) = Soul Breaker Base Damage / 2
    5) Final Damage = Damage 3 / Enemy DEF + Damage 3 / Enemy MDEF 
    LV | After-Cast Delay | SP Used 
    1           1s            20 
    2           1.2s          20 
    3           1.4s          20 
    4           1.6s          20 
    5           1.8s          20 
    6           2s            30 
    7           2.2s          30 
    8           2.4s          30 
    9           2.6s          30 
    10          2.8s          30
    - Meteor Assault (Active Skill), LV 10 
    Requirements: Katar Mastery LV 5, Right Hand Mastery LV 3, Sonic Blow LV 5, 
                  Soul Breaker LV 1 
    * Same skill that Loki in Ragnarok manga uses. It causes mass damage to all 
    enemies within 5x5 cells around you. Any enemies hit by this skill will 
    receive Stun, Darkness, or external bleeding status ailment randomly. There 
    is a set 0.5 seconds of After-Cast Delay. 
    LV | ATK Power | Ailment Chance | SP Used 
    1       80%            10%          10 
    2       120%           15%          12 
    3       160%           20%          14 
    4       200%           25%          16 
    5       240%           30%          18 
    6       280%           35%          20 
    7       320%           40%          22 
    8       360%           45%          24 
    9       400%           50%          26 
    10      440%           55%          28 
    Personal Comment from Iluna : This makes Assassin back to it's usefulness 
                                  again, since Assassin is somehow underrated...
    - Create Deadly Poison (Active Skill), LV 1 
    Requirements: Envenom LV 10, Detoxify LV 1, Enchant Poison LV 5 
    * Combine some items to create very strong, and deadly poison. Collect 
    Poison Needle, Cactus's Needle, Bee's Sting, Poison Spore, Karvodil, Berserk 
    Potion, and an Empty Bottle. 
    Final Calculation of Chance: 
    Base Rate + {(Base Rate * DEX / 50) + (Base Rate * LUK / 100)} 
    DEX and LUK will help you succeessfully create this item, and upon failure, 
    it reduces your HP by 25% of your MaxHP. If an Assassin Cross drinks this 
    item, they will be poisoned and lose HP steadly, but upgrade their ASPD by 
    25% for 30 seconds. If any other character drinks this item, they will die 
    on the spot.
    SP used is 50, and there is a set 5 After-Cast Delay. 
    - Enchant Deadly Poison (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirements: Create Deadly Poison LV 1 
    * Use the Deadly Poison Bottle you created with the previous skill I listed, 
    to enchant your weapon. Enemies that got hit by weapon enchanted by deadly 
    weapon will randomly receive poison status ailment. The poison it does is 
    very deadly - once poisoned, it'll reduce enemy's HP by % rate, and will 
    continue killing the enemy's HP at very fast rate. The chance of poisoning 
    is equal to Assassin's Enchant Poison's poison chance. This poison property 
    does not work vs. Boss types, but it works in Siege Mode (WoE). After-cast 
    delay is set to 2 seconds regardless of skill level. 
    Final Damage Calculation: 
    Base Damage % Upgrade + 25% of full damage you would have done if the weapon 
    was Poison Elemental. 
    LV | ATK % | Last Time | SP Used 
    1    200%       40s        60 
    2    250%       45s        70 
    3    300%       50s        80 
    4    350%       55s        90 
    5    400%       60s        100 
    Note that this skill is NOT a poison-elemental attack. Wearing Argiope 
    armor doesn't do anything against this.
    Example damage  
    Normal Attack would do 327 right / 68 left. 
    LV 1 would do 992 right / 208 left. 
    LV 5 would do 1667 right / 355 left. 
    ... There used to be a bug with this skill when it was first released. 
    This skill + Sonic Blow dealt 999999 damage.
    ~* Chapter IV: SNIPERS *~ 
    One shot, never miss! This is the character that specializes in the bow 
    weapons, while giving nearly life-threatening damage per shot. 
    Job Status Bonus Points At JLV 70: 
    STR 4 
    AGI 11 
    VIT 3 
    INT 5 
    DEX 14 
    LUK 8 
    Evolved Chart : Novice ---> Archer ---> Hunter ---> High Novice ---> 
                    High Archer ---> Sniper
    - True Sight (Active Skill), LV 10 
    Requirement: Increase Concentration LV 10, Owl's Eye LV 10, Vulture's Eye 
                 LV 10, Falconry Mastery LV 1 
    * Increase all your stats by +5 for a bit. When you do use, it also 
    increases your HIT rate, damage, and CRIT rate. You can use lower level 
    of this skill, and can be used together with Increase Concentration. 
    LV | HIT Bonus / Damage Bonus / CRIT Bonus | Last Time | SP Used 
    1                  3% / 2% / 1%                 20s        20 
    2                  6% / 4% / 2%                 20s        20 
    3                  9% / 6% / 3%                 25s        25 
    4                 12% / 8% / 4%                 25s        25 
    5                 15% / 10% / 5%                30s        30 
    6                 18% / 12% / 6%                30s        30 
    7                 21% / 14% / 7%                35s        35 
    8                 24% / 16% / 8%                35s        35 
    9                 27% / 18% / 9%                40s        40 
    10                30% / 20% / 10%               40s        40 
    - Falcon Assault (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirement: Vulture's Eye LV 5, Falconry Mastery LV 1, Blitz Beat LV 5, 
                 Steel Crow LV 3 
    * Uses your falcon to attack a single target, non-splash damage for massive 
    damage. The bonus ATK % shown here is added to the Blitz Beat damage of 
    same level. 
    LV | Damage % | Cast / After-Cast Delay | SP Used 
    1      100%          1s / 1.2s              30 
    2      150%          1s / 1.2s              34 
    3      200%          1s / 1.2s              38 
    4      250%          1s / 1.2s              42 
    5      300%          1s / 1.2s              46 
    - Sharp Shooting (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirement: Double Strafing LV 5, Increase Concentration LV 10 
    * Select a single area to cause a critical damage! Every attack brings you 
    50% chance of CRIT rate. The arrow will go straight to the target (except if 
    there's an obstacle in between), and any poor soul happened to be in its way 
    will also take damage. Max range is 14 cells, and cast time and after-cast 
    delay is set to 2 seconds / 0.5 seconds. 
    LV | ATK % | SP Used 
    1 - 150% - 18 
    2 - 200% - 21 
    3 - 250% - 24 
    4 - 300% - 27 
    5 - 350% - 30 
    - Wind Walk (Active Skill), LV 10 
    Requirement: Increase Concentration LV 9 
    * You and your party will receive FLEE and movement speed upgrade! However, 
    if the party or yourself already have a skill that upgrades your FLEE or 
    movement rate due to items or skills, this skill will ignore them. Also, 
    when you receive skills / items that give said effects will cancel Wind Walk. 
    Quagmire will also cancel this skill out. After-cast delay is set to 2 
    Due to the patch, SP usage has been decreased. Also, when you receive AGI Up 
    while under this skill, you still retain the FLEE bonus given by this skill. 
    LV | MoveSpeed % / FLEE % | Cast Time | Last Time | SP Used 
    1             2% / 1%           2s         120s       23 
    2             4% / 1%         2.4s         140s       26 
    3             6% / 2%         2.8s         160s       29 
    4             8% / 2%         3.2s         180s       32 
    5            10% / 3%         3.6s         200s       35 
    6            12% / 3%           4s         220s       38 
    7            14% / 4%         4.4s         240s       41 
    8            16% / 4%         4.8s         260s       44 
    9            18% / 5%         5.2s         280s       47 
    10           20% / 5%         5.6s         300s       50 
    ~* Chapter V: HIGH PRIEST *~ 
    High Priests are equipped with great skills that help friends in need, 
    while having skills that lowers enemy morales. 
    Job Status Bonus Points At JLV 70: 
    STR 7 
    AGI 8 
    VIT 7 
    INT 12 
    DEX 9 
    LUK 2 
    Evolved Chart : Novice ---> Acolyte ---> Priest ---> High Novice ---> 
                    High Acolyte ---> High Priest
    - Assumptio (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirement: Angelus LV 1, SP Recovery LV 3, Imposito Manus LV 3 
    * By the blessing of Virgin Mary, the persons who received this skill 
    will receive all damage reduced by 1/2 for a limited time. Casting Kyrie 
    Eleison on this character will cancel this skill out however, or vice 
    Due to the patch change, this skill now affects people around you, and 
    takes in less SP. It also shows different effect. 
    LV | Cast Time / After-Cast Delay | Last Time | SP Used 
    1           1s / 1.1s                  20s        20 
    2           1.5s / 1.2s                30s        25 
    3           2s / 1.3s                  40s        30 
    4           2.5s / 1.4s                50s        35 
    5           3s / 1.5s                  60s        40 
    Additional note from Iluna : This is one helluva fantastic skill, Watched 
    a video where a 635 damage dealt from enemy can be halved to 200 below 
    damage after Assumptio is casted.A must and a definitely must take skill 
    for High Priest.
    - Basilica (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirement: Gloria LV 2, SP Recovery LV 1, Kyrie Eleison LV 3 
    * Skill whose meaning means Magnificent Holy Ground... 
    It creates absolutely perfect defense zone by 5x5 cells around you that 
    blocks ALL type of attacks from harming people within this zone. Anyone 
    can come in, but people who are in here cannot attack either. Also, until 
    the skill is done, the Priest shouldn't move as well. If the Priest moves, 
    or uses another skill, this defense zone will disappear at once. You cannot 
    stack two of these at once (doing so doesn't give you any additional bonus 
    because it then ignores the past Basilica area). This skill does not work
    vs. Bosses and in Siege Mode (WoE). 
    You will need Blue Gemstone, Yellow Gemstone, and a Red Gemstone. Also, 
    bring one Holy Water with you to use this skill. 
    Due to the patch, you can now cancel this by using the skill again 
    (while the skill is already active). 
    LV | Last Time | Cast / After-Cast Delay | SP Used 
    1       20s            5s / 2s               80 
    2       25s            6s / 3s               90 
    3       30s            7s / 4s               100 
    4       35s            8s / 5s               110 
    5       40s            9s / 6s               120 
    - Meditatio (Passive Skill), LV 10 
    Requirement: SP Recovery LV 5, Lex Divina LV 5, Aspersio LV 3 
    * Like it says, through meditation, you will receive better SP recovery 
    rate as well as increase your max SP. 
    LV | SP Recovery % / SP Increase % / Heal Bonus % 
    1                   3% / 1% / 2% 
    2                   6% / 2% / 4% 
    3                   9% / 3% / 6% 
    4                   12% / 4% / 8% 
    5                   15% / 5% / 10% 
    6                   18% / 6% / 12% 
    7                   21% / 7% / 14% 
    8                   24% / 8% / 16% 
    9                   27% / 9% / 18% 
    10                  30% / 10% / 20% 
    Additional Note from Iluna : Use Magnificat with Mediatio for a boost effect. 
                                 The effects can be stacked, since it didn't say 
                                 it can't~
    * -  Mana Recharge (NEW SKILL!)
    Type: Passive [ Max 5 LV ]
    Target: Yourself
    Description: At LV 5, it decreases SP usage of all of your skills by 20%.
    This skill needs Priest Mace Mastery LV 10, Divine Protection LV 10.
    Skill LV - SP Taken Decreased
    1 - 4%
    2 - 8%
    3 - 12%
    4 - 16%
    5 - 20% 
    ~* Chapter VI: HIGH WIZARD*~ 
    By adding additional technique to their skills, Wizards have become 
    more powerful than ever! With high level magic, they will be more than 
    ready to take  on the tough monsters, killing them effortlessly. 
    Job Status Bonus Points At JLV 70: 
    STR 3 
    AGI 8 
    VIT 5 
    INT 17 
    DEX 9 
    LUK 3 
    Evolved Chart : Novice ---> Magician ---> Wizard ---> High Novice ---> 
                    High Magician---> High Wizard
    - Soul Drain (Passive Skill), LV 10 
    Requirement: SP Recovery LV 5, Soul Strike LV 7 
    * Every time you kill an enemy, you will receive certain set amount of 
    SP (calculated relating to the enemy's LV) back. However, large area 
    magic such as Storm Gust are not affected by this skill, so you must 
    use targeted magic to reap the benefits of this skill. You will not 
    drain SP if the SP draining would put your SP beyond the limits. This 
    skill also have another effect - it increases your max SP. 
    LV | SP Drain | SP Increase 
    1      110%        2% 
    2      125%        4% 
    3      140%        6% 
    4      155%        8% 
    5      170%        10% 
    6      185%        12% 
    7      200%        14% 
    8      215%        16% 
    9      230%        18% 
    10     245%        20% 
    - Magic Crasher (Active Skill), LV 1 
    Requirement: SP Recovery LV 1 
    * Very strange skill. This non-elemental attack calculates like this: 
    The damage will be based on your magic attack, but it CAN miss - which 
    means it depends on your DEX for success rate. Once it hits the enemy, 
    your damage is reduced by enemy's PHYSICAL defense, not magical defense. 
    The total damage of this skill DOES factor in your cards and enemy size. 
    Note that well. The cast time is 0.2 seconds, and after-cast delay is 2 
    seconds. SP taken is 12. 
    - Amplify (but they say Amplification) Magic Power (Passive Skill), LV 10 
    Requirement: None, you receive ability to up this skill automatically 
                 upon becoming a High Wizard. 
    Lune's word on this :
    "* In kRO, this skill has been classified as "Equal To Slow Poison". Why?
    Skill's description: This skill will amplify the MATK of the High Wizard 
    for one time (note word one time carefully) for his next magic attack. 
    This is a seperate bonus from wand MATK bonuses. When you use it, it 
    lasts for 30 seconds. 
    What it actually is in game: Say, if you're doing LV 10 Storm Gust 
    after doing this skill, only FIRST hit, yes out of all hits, the DAMN 
    FIRST HIT is affected by this skill, and rest of the hits are not... that 
    one time is quite literal, no? 
    Until this skill is fixed (it is a bug that this skill only works for 
    single blow bolt-type attacks, and not for AoE skills),NEVER EVER EVER 
    EVER EVER, and I can't stress enough EVERs, up this skill." 
    LV | MATK Bonus | SP Taken 
    1        2%         20 
    2        4%         25 
    3        6%         30 
    4        8%         35 
    5        10%        40 
    6        12%        45 
    7        14%        50 
    8        16%        55 
    9        18%        60 
    10       20%        65 
    Personal comment from Iluna : It is actually a nice skill, but because 
    of the bug, Wizard players would have to not up this skill until it is 
    fixed. Imaging every 10 hits of SG is amplified with 20% of the damage 
    increase...Very scary...
    - Napalm Vulcan (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirement: Napalm Beat LV 5 
    * Use powers of kinesis to cause multiple hits to a single enemy. Higher 
    skill level allows you to hit more. There's a chance of causing Curse to 
    LV | Hits | Curse Chance | SP Used 
    1      1         5%          30 
    2      2         10%         35 
    3      3         15%         40 
    4      4         20%         45 
    5      5         25%         50 
    - * Ganbantein (NEW SKILL!)
    Type: Active [ Max 1 LV ]
    Target: AoE Ground-targeted
    Description: Maximizes your magical potential, you cast a small AoE spell 
    that cancels all other ground-targeted AoE spells around 1 cell of where
    you targeted. It takes one Blue Gemstone and Yellow Gemstone. When this 
    skill is used on top of Land Protection, 3x3 cells around where it is cast 
    will cancel out Land Protection but rest will still be in effect. This skill 
    is not affected by skills that removes gemstone requirement from your casting.
    Range: 3x3 cell around the target, where C is your target.
    This skill needs Wizard Sense LV 1, Ice Wall LV 1.
    Casting / After-Cast Delay: 3 Sec. / 2 Sec.
    SP Taken: 40
    - * Gravitation Field (NEW SKILL!)
    Type: Active [ Max 5 LV ]
    Target: AoE Ground-Targeted
    Elemental: Non-Elemental
    Description: Around 5x5 cell of where you targeted, it will greately 
    increase the effect of gravity in that area. As a result, all enemies 
    in this skill will receive DEF-ignoring set damage every second, and movement 
    and attack speed will be decreased. Because this skill is very high-level 
    difficult spell, until this skill disappears, the caster of this spell cannot 
    do anything else. When you get attacked while channeling this skill, the 
    skill will cancel and you are free to do other things. This skill cannot be 
    overwritten over another existing Gravitation Field. Of course, the movement 
    speed / attack speed penalty does not apply to Boss Monsters, but they will 
    still receive DEF-ignoring damage.
    This skill uses 1 Blue Gemstone.
    This skill requires High Wizard Magic Crasher LV 1, High Wizard Amplify 
    Magical Power LV 10, Wizard Quagmire LV 1.
    Casting / After-Cast Delay: 5 Sec. / 2 Sec.
    Skill LV | DPS (Damage Per Second for Non-WoW Players) 
      1                            400 
      2                            600 
      3                            800 
      4                            1000 
      5                            1200 
    MoveSpeed/ASPD Penalty | Lasting Time | SP Taken
    12%                           5 Sec.      20
    14%                           6 Sec.      40
    16%                           7 Sec.      60
    18%                           8 Sec.      80
    20%                           9 Sec.      100 
    ~* Chapter VII: WHITESMITH *~ 
    No more meddling with lifeless iron and steel! Now, you can give life 
    to the elements... Specialized in fire, mace and axe type weapons. 
    Job Status Bonus Points At JLV 70: 
    STR 6  
    AGI 7  
    VIT 6 
    INT 6 
    DEX 12 
    LUK 8 
    Evolved Chart : Novice ---> Merchant ---> Blacksmith ---> High Novice 
                    ---> High Merchant ---> Whitesmith
    - Melt Down (Active Skill), LV 10 
    Requirement: Skin Tempering LV 3, Hilt Binding LV 1, Weapon Research LV 5, 
                 Overthrust LV 3 
    * This is self-usage skill (like Overthrust). During the skill's lasting 
    time, every time you hit an enemy, they will have their equipment randomly 
    destroyed. For monsters, when their "weapon" or "armor" is destroyed, its 
    ATK / DEF will go down by 25% for approximately 5 seconds. This skill will 
    stop working after the target has no more equipments on, disappear, or die. 
    The "destroyed" weapons / armors can be repaired by fellow Blacksmith or 
    Weapon Repair NPC. 
    This skill does not affect Boss monsters. 
    LV | WPN Destroy % / ARM Destroy % | Cast Time | Last Time | SP Used 
    1               1% / 0.7%              5s           50          ?
    2               2% / 1.4%              5s           50          ?
    3               3% / 2.1%              6s           60          ?
    4               4% / 2.8%              6s           60          ?
    5               5% / 3.5%              7s           70          ?
    6               6% / 4.2%              7s           70          ?
    7               7% / 4.9%              8s           80          ? 
    8               8% / 5.6%              8s           80          ?
    9               9% / 6.3%              9s           90          ?
    10              10% / 7%               10s          90          ?
    Personal comment from Iluna : Best works on PvP...'Nuff said. And I think 
    there is some mistake over here...
    - Coin Create (Active Skill), LV 3 
    Requirement: Iron Refine LV 5, Steel Refine LV 5, Elemental Refine LV 3, 
                 Oridecon Research LV 2 
    * Create a coin that gives you random Zeny when you double click. You can 
    receive many different coins depending on the item you use to create. 
    Sometimes, you can even receive a Money Pouch! 
    Currently, does not work.
    Personal comment from Iluna : Whitesmith will be really rich when you use 
    this skill...I mean, really you don't need to sell items anymore if you 
    have this skill. Or am I wrong?
    - Nugget Create (Active Skill), LV 3 
    Requirement: Oridecon Research LV 3, Find Ore LV 1, Weapn Research LV 5 
    * Create a gold piece (using iron ore, gold ore, or silver ore), then 
    combine it to create a nugget. This nugget will be used to create specific 
    weapons, sell it to NPCs for high price, or to create coins with. It can 
    also be used to increase chance of making a weapon as well. 
    Currently, does not work. 
    - Cart Boost (Active Skill), LV 1 
    Requirement: Push Cart LV 5, Cart Revolution, Cart Change, Hilt Binding 
                 LV 1 
    * Use the cart to temporarily increase your movement speed. Doesn't affect 
    any of your normal stats however. You have to have your cart to use this 
    skill, and when you do, you will move 20% faster than normal for 30 seconds. 
    If you have status ailment Curse, or receive AGI Down skill, this skill will 
    cancel out, and using this skill doesn't cancel those ailments either. 
    This means, you can only use this skill if there's nothing wrong with your 
    character status-wise. It takes about 20 SP, lasts 30 seconds.
    - AAS (Auto Attack System) Create (Active Skill), LV 1 
    Requirement: Weapon Research LV 10, Weapon Perfection LV 3 
    * Create a small tower that attacks enemy for you. You can install up to 3, 
    and even if they didn't do any attack, they will disappear eventually. It 
    has auto-Detect skill, and it will automatically attack all enemies within 
    range. It does 100 to 300 random damage, and it ignores enemy DEF. 
    Currently, does not work.
    * - Cart Termination (NEW SKILL!)
    Type: Active [ Max 10 LV ]
    Target: Single Enemy
    Description: Can only be used while in Cart Boost state. Using the power 
    of the money, you strike a single target with your cart. It uses some Zeny, 
    and has small chance of stunning the target. The damage depends on weight 
    taken by items inside the cart.
    - No casting time, or after-cast delay.
    - SP taken is fixed to 15.
    - This skill requires Merchant Mammonite LV 10, Blacksmith Hammerfall LV 5, 
    Whitesmith Cart Boost LV 1.
    Skill LV | Attack Power | Zeny Taken | Stun Chance
    1         (Weight / 15) %    600Z          5%
    2         (Weight / 14) %    700Z         10%
    3         (Weight / 13) %    800Z         15%
    4         (Weight / 12) %    900Z         20%
    5         (Weight / 11) %   1000Z         25%
    6         (Weight / 10) %   1100Z         30%
    7         (Weight / 9) %    1200Z         35%
    8         (Weight / 8) %    1300Z         40%
    9         (Weight / 7) %    1400Z         45%
    10        (Weight / 6) %    1500Z         50%
    * - Max Overthrust (NEW SKILL!)
    Type: Active [ Max 5 LV ]
    Target: Yourself
    Description: Greately increase weapon power by using power of the Zeny. 
    Unlike normal Overthrust, this skill only affects you. All skill levels 
    have same 0.1% chance of weapon breaking every hit.
    -SP taken is fixed at 15.
    -Lasting time is fixed to 180 Sec.
    -There is no casting time / after-cast delay.
    -This skill requires Over Thrust LV 5.
    Skill LV | Bonus Damage | Zeny Taken
    1              110%         3000Z
    2              120%         3500Z
    3              130%         4000Z
    4              140%         4500Z
    5              150%         5000Z
    Ok, now we will proceed to the Advance 2-2 jobs...Beforehand, Lune have 
    his words again before we can proceed further...
    "... And yes, Creators and Stalkers are still hated and abandoned by Gravity 
    Corporation. Creators the worst, their job bonus points are screwed up 
    (why do they have high LUK when INT is important factor in creating pots?), 
    and their skills still have no specific description... yet..."
    Oh well...If Creator and Stalkers are hated and abandoned by Gravity, why 
    bother creating advance classes for them?
    Nevermind, let's continue... 
    ~* Chapter VIII: PALADIN *~ 
    Do you believe in God? 
    When you see their power, you will see yourself on the ground, amazed at 
    the power of God. Truly, these paladins live to serve you, while protecting 
    himself via many new skills, and focusing on helping allies. 
    Job Status Bonus Points At JLV 70: 
    STR 9  
    AGI 8  
    VIT 10 
    INT 7 
    DEX 8 
    LUK 3 
    Evolved Chart : Novice ---> Swordsman ---> Crusader ---> High Novice --->
                    High Swordsman---> Paladin
    - Pressure (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirement: Endure LV 5, Trust LV 5, Shield Charge LV 2 
    * (Monty Python reference) Calls upon a huge feet from the sky, and crush 
    your enemy. Enemies that has been attacked by this giant foot will either be 
    stunned for a bit, or have their life sapped out as time passed for a bit... 
    and also will lose slight bit of their SP. This is a one-person area attack, 
    and Magic Rod skill will not be able to cancel out this skill. Reflect 
    Shield also won't protect against this skill. This skill is an attack by 
    the holy God himself, therefore it ignores all enemy defense. It does not 
    work vs. Boss type monsters. 
    LV | Damage | Cast / After-Cast Delay | SP Used 
    1      800          2s / 2s               60 
    2      900        2.5s / 3s               70 
    3      1000         3s / 4s               80 
    4      1100       3.5s / 5s               90 
    5      1200         4s / 6s               100
    - Sacrifice (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirement: Endure LV 1, Trust LV 5, Devotion LV 3 
    * Sacrifice some of your HP to cause massive damage against an enemy. You 
    will sacrifice up to 3% of your max HP, and can cause up to x1.65 damage of 
    sacrificed HP. However, this skill will NOT consider your current HP state. 
    Continued usage of this skill WILL eventually lead you to your death if you 
    don't pay close attention to your HP gauge! This skill has no effect against 
    Boss monsters. SP usage is fixed to 32 for all levels. 
    LV | Your HP Used | Damage % 
    1         1%          105% 
    2         1.5%        120% 
    3         2%          135% 
    4         2.5%        150% 
    5         3%          165% 
    - Gospel (Active Skill), LV 10 
    Requirement: Trust LV 8, Divine Protection LV 3, Demonbane LV 5 
    * Through gospel, you deal damage to enemies while at the same time, give 
    your allies special attribute bonus. When a Paladin uses this skill, it 
    will affect all enemies/allies within 7x7 cell around you. Even if you 
    take damage, this skill will continue to work. 
    Note by using this skill, people within can't use potions; but you 
    can receive healing type magic (Heal and Sanctuary). If an enemy uses 
    Lex Divina against Paladin who's using this skill, Gospel will cancel. 
    You cannot overlap this skill with other skills. For example, if you 
    were using Devotion, using Gospel will cancel it out. It also cancels 
    out Auto-Guard and Reflect Shield, and doesn't work under Gospel area. 
    Worse, all enchanting magic (commonly referred as buffs, such as Blessing, 
    AGI Up) will cancel out too! However, it also kills off all negative 
    status ailments such as Dark, Poison, etc. But, obviously, if you were 
    Silenced, you can't use skills anyway in the first place. 
    That thing above, only affects the Paladin doing this skill. Rest 
    will be left fine. 
    While using Gospel, it will periodically take some of the Paladin's HP 
    and SP. 
    This skill affects only party members, not guild members. 
    LV | Chance Happening | HP Used / Per Sec | SP Used / Per Sec | SP Used 
    1          55%               30 / 10s            20 / 10s         80 
    2          60%               30 / 10s            20 / 10s         80 
    3          65%               30 / 10s            20 / 10s         80 
    4          70%               30 / 10s            20 / 10s         80 
    5          75%               30 / 10s            20 / 10s         80 
    6          80%               45 / 10s            35 / 10s         100 
    7          85%               45 / 10s            35 / 10s         100 
    8          90%               45 / 10s            35 / 10s         100 
    9          95%               45 / 10s            35 / 10s         100 
    10        100%               45 / 10s            35 / 10s         100 
    * - Shield Chain (NEW SKILL!)
    Type: Active Skill [ Max 5 LV ]
    Target: Single Enemy
    Description: Using the shield, you will deal 5 repeated attack in a single 
    skill. Hit chance of this skill depends on your HIT rate, and additional 
    damage can be gained by having the shield to have high refined rate and 
    having a heavy shield. Final damage will include subtraction from enemy 
    DEF as well. SP taken increases as you use higher level of this skill.
    Range: 1
    Attack Type: Non-elemental, physical melee attack
    Casting / After-Cast Delay: 1 Sec. / 2 Sec.
    Etc.: Requires a shield to be equipped.
    This skill needs Shield Boomerang LV 5.
    Skill LV - Damage + - HIT Bonus - SP Taken
    1 - 30% - +30 - 28
    2 - 60% - +25 - 31
    3 - 90% - +20 - 34
    4 - 120% - +15 - 37
    5 - 150% - +10 - 40 
    ~* Chapter IX: STALKER *~ 
    Chase and make others miserable... 
    Those who do that, are right here - the Stalkers. They are very skilled 
    at spying, to a point where a flower growing on a deer's horn has a better 
    chance than trying to escape from his eyes and ears. This class, definitely 
    do what they do best - spy, annoy, chase, and disappear all of sudden. 
    Job Status Bonus Points At JLV 70: 
    STR 9 
    AGI 11  
    VIT 4 
    INT 3 
    DEX 12 
    LUK 6 
    Evolved Chart : Novice ---> Thief ---> Rogue ---> High Novice ---> 
                    High Thief ---> Stalker 
    - Chase Walk (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirement: Hiding LV 5, Tunnel Drive LV 3 
    * Walk toward your target, while Hiding. All those detecting skills such 
    as Sight, Ruwach, Increase Concentration, etc. will NOT be able to detect 
    Stalkers in this mode. Only if the Stalker decides to show himself will 
    you be able to see him. 
    However, he's not invincible. Any large-range area magic will damage him. 
    If SP is 0, he will be forced to show himself even. Also, in this mode, 
    Stalker can't attack. 
    You can't use this skill in Guild Sieges (in castles). 
    If you look closely at the ground, you will see rather faint shoeprints 
    on the ground... 
    LV | MoveSpeed | SP Used / Sec 
    1     70            22     10s 
    2     75            25     10s 
    3     80            28     10s 
    4     85            31     10s 
    5     90            34     10s 
    (Note: MoveSpeed 100 is normal walk speed) 
    - Sword Reject (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirement: Strip Weapon LV 1 
    * If the enemy has a dagger, one hand sword, or a two hand sword, you 
    will randomly reflect the attack for a reduced damage. For 3 times, you 
    will only receive half the damage. Same goes for the monsters as well. 
    LV | Reflect Chance | SP Used 
    1          15%          30 
    2          20%          35 
    3          25%          40 
    4          30%          45 
    5          35%          50
    Personal comment from Iluna : Best used in PvP, but half the damage 
                                  recieveis not really that worth investing...
    ~* Chapter X: CLOWN / GYPSY *~ 
    Bard ---> Clown 
    ~ Anywhere there's singing, there's bound to be something magical! Listen 
    to his songs, for his songs will give you courage even at the worst 
    Job Status Bonus Points At JLV 70: 
    STR 8 
    AGI 12  
    VIT 2 
    INT 5  
    DEX 14  
    LUK 4 
    Evolved Chart : Novice ---> Archer ---> Bard ---> High Novice ---> 
                    High Archer ---> Clown 
    Dancer ---> Gypsy 
    ~ Don't look at her dancing, for moment you do, you will lose track of 
    everything, and only focus on her... even not noticing that an enemy has 
    a sword through your heart...
    *(Diao Chan from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is the best example 
    of a Gypsy) 
    Job Status Bonus Points At JLV 70: 
    STR 6 
    AGI 14
    VIT 2 
    INT 5 
    DEX 16 
    LUK 2
    Evolved Chart : Novice ---> Archer ---> Dancer ---> High Novice ---> 
                    High Archer ---> Gypsy
    - Arrow Vulcan (Active Skill), LV 10 
    Requirement: Double Strafing LV 5, Arrow Shower LV 5, Musical Strike 
                 LV 1 / Throw Arrow LV 1 
    * Attack a single target with massive amounts of arrow. Basically, 
    think of machine guns, but with bow and arrow. Regardless of the skill 
    level, you will shoot 9 arrows quickly. You must have the Musical 
    Instrument / Whip to have this skill working. 
    LV | Damage | Cast Time / After-Cast Delay | SP Used 
    1      200%          2s / 0.8s                 12 
    2      240%        2.2s / 0.8s                 14 
    3      280%        2.4s / 0.8s                 16 
    4      320%        2.6s / 0.8s                 18 
    5      360%        2.8s / 0.8s                 20 
    6      400%          3s / 1s                   22 
    7      440%        3.2s / 1s                   24 
    8      480%        3.4s / 1s                   26 
    9      520%        3.6s / 1s                   28 
    10     560%        3.8s / 1s                   30
    - A Moonlit Water Mill, a Falling Petal (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirement: Increase Concentration LV 5, Musical Lesson LV 7 / 
                 Dancing Lesson LV 7 
    * This is Clown/Gypsy combination skill. It creates 3x3 cell around the 
    Clown/Gypsy that NO ONE can enter. However, it just prevents entry, and 
    doesn't protect against ranged attacks or magic. Once this skill is being 
    used, SP of both Clown and Gypsy will go down, just like any other good 
    combination skill does. You cannot use this skill in Siege Mode (WoE). 
    LV | Last Time | SP Used / Per 10 Sec | Initial SP Usage 
    1       20s              4                     30 
    2       25s              8                     40 
    3       30s             12                     50 
    4       35s             16                     60 
    5       40s             20                     70 
    Personal comment from Iluna : If this skill blocks attacks and magic it will 
                                  render this skill to a even more worth 
                                  investable skill...
    - Marionette Control (Active Skill), LV 1 
    Requirement: Increase Concentration LV 10, Musical Lesson LV 5 / 
                 Dancing Lesson LV 5 
    * Target a party member with this skill, and half of your stats will 
    be given to that character as a bonus points (like 10+60 DEX), while 
    rendering you stuck on the ground, unable to move. 
    However, the normal stat/stat bonus/etc. cannot go beyond 99, as if 
    it does, the overflow points will simply not affect that character 
    (so no use for Wizards and Priests who already have over 99 INT, 
    There's a restriction to item/skill usage, and only skill you can 
    use is Marionette Control. Using it again breaks the link  between 
    you and that character, and you will be free to move around, mess 
    around, do whatever, while that character will lose the bonus stat 
    points gained from you. 
    A character cannot receive more than one Marionette Control session, 
    and doesn't affect other Clown/Gypsy. This skill will only work if 
    that character under this skill is within 7 cells around you, and if 
    this character goes beyond that, the skill will automatically cancel. 
    Also, if the character target's LV is + or - 5 levels from you, and 
    this character must be in your party. 
    SP used is set to 100. 
    Personal comment from Iluna : Now this is what I would call a skill 
                                  which is worth investing here... /gg
    - * Longing for Freedom (NEW SKILL!)
    Type: Active [ Max 5 LV ]
    Target: Yourself - Only when you are in a duet.
    Description: During duet combination skill of Gypsy and a Clown, when 
    this skill is used, this allows the user of this skill to move around 
    in the area affected by the duet skill. Note this is seperate cast - 
    Gypsy and Clown must use this skill on their own in order to move. 
    Every time skill level goes up, it recovers movement speed and attack 
    speed bit by bit, to 100% at LV 5. The duet combination skill area will 
    be fixed to the area that it started, and if either Gypsy or Clown moves 
    out of the duet area, cancel it manually, or either one of them die, the 
    duet skill will cancel as well as this skill. This means, if anything 
    happens that results in cancelling the duet skill, it'll also cancel 
    this skill. User of this skill will suffer 3 SP removed every 3 second 
    instead of 1 SP every 3 second normally taken when using a duet skill. 
    While under effect of this skill, Gypsy and Clown can attack and use 
    skills as normal. Do note however, you cannot use other singing skills 
    or other duet skills. If skill, A Moonlit Water Mill, a Falling Petal, 
    is in effect, Longing for Freedom will not work.
    SP Taken: Fixed to 15.
    This skill requires Unchained Serenade LV 3, Music Lesson LV 10 
    (in case of Dancer, Dance Lesson LV 10), Marionette Control LV 1
    Skill LV - Attack / Move Speed Set To
    1 - 60%
    2 - 70%
    3 - 80%
    4 - 90%
    5 - 100% 
    * - Wand of Hermod (NEW SKILL!)
    Type: Singing Skill [ Max 5 LV ]
    Target: 7x7 Cell by you, but it requires that there's map warp point 
    inside that 7x7 cell.
    Description: All friendly units in this skill will have all their buffs 
    (except Berserk) removed, and they will become invulnerable to magic. 
    Going out of this skill will cancel out the effect. In this skill, 
    other than the user of this skill, no skill can be used.
    It can only be used in Siege Mode (WoE).
    SP Taken: 5 SP every 5 second.
    This skill requires Increase Concentration LV 10, Music Lesson LV 10 
    (or in case of Dancer, Dance Lesson LV 10).
    Skill LV | Lasting Time | SP Taken
    1             10 Sec.       20
    2             15 Sec.       30
    3             20 Sec.       40
    4             25 Sec.       50
    5             30 Sec.       60 
    3) Tarot Card of Fate
    Type: Active Skill [ Max LV 5 ]
    Target: Single Enemy
    Description: Decide fate of the enemy. A card is randomly selected from 
    14 different cards, and success rate depends on the skill level. Each skill 
    level adds 8% success rate, for maximum of 40% at LV 5. This skill has 
    1 second casting time not affected by DEX, and after-cast delay of 3 
    SP Taken: Fixed to 40.
    This skill requires Increase Concentration LV 10, Unchained Serenade LV 3.
    Skill LV | Success Rate
    1                8%
    2               16%
    3               24%
    4               32%
    5               40%
    Effects: One from 14 different effects. They are as follows:
    The Fool: Sickness of the mind, start from zero.
    - Renders enemy's SP to 0. Right Side.
    The Magician: Overworked, start of the trouble.
    - Reduces enemy's MATK by half for 30 seconds. Opposite Side.
    The High Priestess - Breaking of the knowledge, understand in your own 
    - Removes all buffs. Opposite Side.
    The Chariot - Bad luck, desperation, destruction, and unintended accident.
    - Deals DEF-ignoring 1000 damage. Randomly destroys one armor equipment. 
    Opposite Side.
    Strength - Strength in the wrong way, lose confidence, destruction of 
    - Reduces enemy's ATK by half for 30 seconds. Opposite Side.
    The Lovers - Farewell, be discovered while cheating on someone.
    - Randomly teleports you to somewhere. Opposite Side.
    Wheel of Fortune - Unexpected bad fortune, broken promise, lost goal, 
    - Randomly causes effect of 2 other Tarot cards. Opposite Side.
    The Hanged Man - Precursor of agony, giving up, stop.
    - Either Stop, Frozen, or Stone will happen regardless of any reasons. 
    Opposite Side.
    Death - Bad luck, unexpected catastrophe, difficult situation, danger of 
    sickness, lose your job.
    - Will receive Curse, Coma, and Poison all in single set. Right Side.
    Temperance - Impossible to control, tiredness, stubborn, and vanity.
    - Causes Chaos ailment for next 30 seconds. Opposite Side.
    The Devil - Demons interfere with you, danger of sickness, and unescapable 
    - Deals DEF-ignoring 6666 damage, 30 seconds of halved ATK and MATK, and 
    Curse status ailment. Right Side.
    The Tower - Accidents, losing command, failure, sudden changes, bankrupcy.
    - Deals DEF-ignoring 4444 damage. Right Side.
    The Star - Destruction of hope, sad future, chaos, and lose judgment.
    - Causes 5 second of Stun. Opposite Side.
    The Sun - Destruction of country, unsatisfied, chaos, losing of knowledge.
    - For 30 seconds, ATK, MATK, HIT, FLEE, and DEF will be reduced by 20%. 
    Opposite Side.
    Personal note from Iluna : The most interesting skill Gravity can ever offer,
    Cait sith anyone?
    ~* Chapter XI: CHAMPION *~ 
    Protectors are beautiful, no matter what they protect... 
    With strong fists, they brought God's wrath upon those who sin... and 
    now, what are they seeking? 
    Job Status Bonus Points At JLV 70: 
    STR 9  
    AGI 9 
    VIT 7  
    INT 7 
    DEX 10 
    LUK 3 
    Evolved Chart : Novice ---> Acolyte ---> Monk ---> High Novice ---> 
                    High Acolyte ---> Champion 
    - Palm Push Strike (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirement: Iron Palm LV 7, Summon Spirit Sphere LV 5 
    * Attack an enemy with your palm. The target will receive nasty damage, 
    and will be pushed back about 3 cells. You can only do this while in 
    Fury state, and this skill does not take a Spirit Sphere. 
    LV | Damage | SP Used 
    1     150%      22 
    2     250%      24 
    3     350%      26 
    4     450%      28 
    5     550%      30 
    - Tiger Knuckle Fist (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirement: Iron Palm LV 5, Triple Blows LV 5, Summon Spirit Sphere 
                 LV 5, The Way of the Dragon LV 3 
    * This skill can be used as a part of the combination skill of 
    Triple Blows  Quadruple Blows  The Way of the Dragon, but if you 
    so desire, you can use it on its own. When you use this skill, 
    you'll run up to the pushed enemy, and hit them. That enemy will 
    be stunned for a brief amount of time. This skill takes one 
    sphere, so if you don't have any left, you can't use this skill. 
    LV | Damage | Stun Chance | SP Used 
    1    120%         10%          4 
    2    140%         15%          6 
    3    160%         20%          8 
    4    180%         25%         10 
    5    200%         30%         12 
    - Chain Crush Combo (Active Skill), LV 10 
    Requirement: Iron Palm LV 5, Summon Spirit Sphere LV 5, Tiger Knuckle 
                 Fist LV 2 
    * Also part of that combination skill, after usage of Tiger Knuckle 
    Fist, use this skill to attack an enemy mercilessly. As you level this 
    skill up, amount of hits you'll do, as well as overall damage, will 
    increase. It takes 1 sphere. 
    LV | Damage | Combo Hits | After-Cast Delay | SP Used 
    1     120%         1             0.8s           4 
    2     140%         1             0.8s           6 
    3     160%         2             0.8s           8 
    4     180%         2             0.8s          10 
    5     200%         3             0.8s          12 
    6     220%         3               1s          14 
    7     240%         4               1s          16 
    8     260%         4               1s          18 
    9     280%         5               1s          20 
    10    300%         5               1s          22 
    Note: Overall, Champions will show much better, stylish combo attacks 
          than the Monks.
    Personal Comment from Iluna : I'm oh-so-inlove with Champion now...The 
    total combo you can do right now, along with Triple Reflecta Blow-
    Quardruple Blow-The Way of the Dragon-Tiger Knuckle Fist-Chain Crush 
    Combo, can be up to 9 hits! If I'm not mistaken...Love Champion! 
    - Hyper Spirit Sphere (Active Skill), LV 1 
    Requirements: Summon Spirit Sphere LV 5, Absorb Spirit Sphere LV 1, 
                  Fury LV 5 
    * Attempts to summon all 5 Spirit Spheres at once. Cast time is same as 
    Summon Spirit Sphere. There is a penalty associated with this, but it is 
    not implemented. 
    SP Used: 20 
    ~* Chapter XII: CREATOR *~ 
    The master of all things related to creation... 
    They believe, if they can't create something... no one can. They are 
    that powerful. They are the Creator. 
    Job Status Bonus Points At JLV 70: 
    STR 4 
    AGI 6 
    VIT 3 
    INT 7 
    DEX 14 
    LUK 11 
    Evolved Chart : Novice ---> Merchant ---> Alchemist ---> High Novice 
                    ---> High Merchant ---> Creator 
    - Alchemy (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirement: Pharmacy LV 5 
    * You can create many items that are used for Pharmacy skill. You can 
    easily create Empty Bottles, Empty Potion Bottles,and Test Tubes to 
    help you with other skills that require those items.
    Personal comment from Iluna : Is that really neccesary?
    - Potion Synthesis (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirement: Pharmacy LV 6, Alchemy LV 2 
    * Combine many different potions to create new potions. There are 
    already set rules to what can be mixed, and the problem is the success 
    rate. You can create potions that weight less, but perform the same... 
    or create heavier potions that heal for far more. For potions that 
    summon creatures to attack, they might have better attack rate, or 
    have a new skill to use.
    * - Acid Demonstration (NEW SKILL!)
    Type: Active [ Max 10 LV ]
    Target: Single Enemy
    Description: Uses both flame bottle and acid bottle at the same time, 
    to cause explosion. Of course, this skill uses 1 Flame Bottle and Acid 
    Bottle. Skill level dictates how many times you hit in a row, for 
    maximum of 10 consecutive hits. If this skill is used on a character 
    instead of a monster, it deals only 50% of overall damage. Also, 
    due to the explosion, target's weapon and armor has chance to be 
    destroyed - each skill level provides 1% chance, for maximum of 10% 
    at LV 10. Damage is increased by increasing your INT. Also, damage is 
    increased if enemy's VIT is high.
    Cast Time / After-Cast Delay: 1 Sec. / 1 Sec.
    SP Taken: Fixed to 30.
    This skill requires Demonstration LV 5, Acid Terror LV 5. 
    * - Plant Cultivation (NEW SKILL!)
    Type: Active [ Max 2 LV ]
    Target: Ground 1 Cell
    Description: By using spores and plant stalk, you can summon a mushroom 
    or a plant. What you get is random, and there's chance of failure.
    - At Skill LV 1, you can summon a Black or Red Mushroom using one 
      Mushroom Spore.
    - At Skill LV 2, you can summon Yellow, Red, White, Green, Blue, or 
      Shining Plant using one Stem.
    SP Taken: Fixed to 10
    There is no casting time, or after-cast delay. 
    ~* Chapter XIII: PROFESSOR *~ 
    From a mere scholar, to a professor. They now posess knowledge of 
    almost everything. If you spend even 5 minutes with them, you'll 
    find yourself crying over fact you are not as smart as they are... 
    because, after all, they are the professors... 
    Job Status Bonus Points At JLV 70: 
    STR 6 
    AGI 9 
    VIT 4 
    INT 13  
    DEX 11 
    LUK 2 
    Evoled Chart : Novice ---> Magician ---> Sage ---> High Novice ---> 
                   High Magician --->Proffesor 
    - Soul Drain (Passive Skill), LV 10 
    * Same as the High Wizard's Soul Drain. No additional information. 
    - HP Conversion (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirement: SP Recovery LV 1, Magic Rod LV 1 
    * Transform some of your HP to SP. As you increase level of this 
    skill, efficiency increases as well. The HP used is set to 10% at 
    all levels. 
    Due to the patch, this increased the after-skill usage effect. 
    LV | Converted SP from HP | After-Cast Delay | SP Used 
    1              20%                 2s             1 
    2              40%               2.5s             2 
    3              60%                 3s             3 
    4              80%               3.5s             4 
    5             100%                 4s             5 
    - Soul Change (Active Skill), LV 1 
    Requirement: Magic Rod LV 3, Spell Breaker LV 2 
    * Exchange SP of the target with your SP. You can use this for 
    party members in normal maps, and for anyone in PvP. If any 
    leftover SP remains, they will be ignored (for example, a Knight 
    with 200 SP will not have any more than max SP of 200 evenif the 
    Professor had 1000 SP). If a magic caster gets SP switched, 
    and his or her SP doesn't fulfill the requirement for magic 
    he or she was casting, the magic will do absolutely nothing. 
    It takes 3 seconds to cast, and takes 5 SP. There's also nasty 5 
    second after-skill delay. If you use this on a monster, you 
    regain 3% of your SP. You can't use this skill on a monster 
    again that already had Soul Change. You can also use this 
    skill in Siege Mode (WoE). 
    - Soul Burn (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirement: Cast Cancel LV 5, Magic Rod LV 3, Dispel LV 3 
    * This skill will render the target's SP to 0, and cause damage at 
    the same time (at LV 5, [SP removed to achieve 0] x 2). Since this 
    is a damage done to mental system, the damage will be decreased by 
    target's MDEF. 
    Sounds awesome, right? Not until you hear this penalty: 
    If you fail to do so (yes, there's a chance of failure), YOUR SP will 
    become 0, and YOU will also take the damage! 
    In other words, this skill is purely a luck of the draw. Since monsters 
    do not have SP, it doesn't work on them, and only works in PvP / Guild 
    LV | Burn Chance | Mental Damage | After-Cast Delay | SP Used 
    1        30%             0                10s           80 
    2        40%             0                10s           90 
    3        50%             0                10s          100 
    4        60%             0                10s          110 
    5        60%  [SP removed to achieve 0]   15s          120
                            x 2  
    - Mind Breaker (Active Skill), LV 5 
    Requirements: SP Recovery LV 3, Soul Burn LV 1 
    * Attack the mind of the enemy to cause mental breakdown. This 
    decreases enemy's MDEF, but it ups their MATK. Success rate goes up 
    when you level this skill up. Just like Provoke skill, any monsters 
    who got this cast on regardless of success rate will turn hostile 
    towards you. 
    This is basically Provoke for Magicians. 
    LV |        Effect      | Success Rate | After-Cast Delay | SP Used 
    1    MATK +2% MDEF -6%          60%            0.8s           12 
    2    MATK +4% MDEF -12%         65%            0.9s           15 
    3    MATK +6% MDEF -18%         70%              1s           18 
    4    MATK +8% MDEF -24%         75%            1.1s           21 
    5    MATK +10% MDEF -30%        80%            1.2s           24 
    - Memorize (Active Skill), LV 1 
    Requirements: Advanced Book LV 5, Free Cast LV 5, Auto Spell LV 1 
    * It cuts casting time to half for any single skill for 3 times. This 
    effect will last as long as you don't use that skill, but will lose 
    effect of this skill upon your death. Memorize's casting time is 8 
    seconds regardless of DEX. 
    SP Used: 1 
    - Wall of Fog (Active Skill), LV 1 
    Requirements: Violent Gale LV 2, Deluge LV 2 
    * Makes a wall of fog around 5 x 3 cells on where you click on. It 
    causes Dark status ailment for players or enemies, and it makes it 
    difficult for enemies to attack you. Even if enemies or players 
    leave the area of fog, they will be inflicted with Dark status 
    ailment for 30 more seconds, but the time it lasts depends on the 
    stats of the target. Any players in this fog attempting to do ranged 
    attacks or magical attacks, there will be less damage as well as 
    chance to miss. 
    In normal fields, this only affects monsters. In PvP zone, it works 
    for players. 
    You can only cast one of this at a time (in order to install another, 
    you must wait for one you already cast to disappear), but there is 
    no casting time. The wall lasts for 20 seconds, and cannot be 
    installed on top of Sage's other ground based skills such as Volcano, 
    Land Protector, and Violent Gale... but you may install this over Deluge. 
    If this skill is installed over Deluge, it will last for 40 seconds. 
    Players and enemies on top of Deluge + Fog combination may cure Dark 
    status while in fog, and they will not be blind again until they go 
    outside, then re-enter. 
    Exact value changes are as follows: 
    - Physical ranged attack receives 50% damage penalty, 75% hit rate 
    - If magic used is object-based magic (no AoE), 25% chance of missing 
    - There is no penalty for physical melee attack 
    - Same penalty applies to characters and monsters that try to attack 
      players or enemies within the fog 
    SP Used: 25 
    - Spider Web (Active Skill), LV 1 
    Requirements: Dragonology LV 4 
    * Summon the green spider web on a single target to make them unable 
    to move, and create web on 3x3 the area of the target.This skill lasts 
    for 8 seconds. Any target caught in the web will receive 50% penalty 
    to FLEE rate. However, this skill only makes target unable to move, 
    but they can still attack you if you are in their range, or if they 
    use magic. If this web is hit by Alchemist's Demonstration skill, 
    then the web will burn away, and cause 2.5x more damage to everyone 
    within the web (with nice explosion effect) than what Demonstration 
    itself alone would have done. 
    In PvP / Siege Mode (WoE), this skill only lasts as half as long. 
    Normal lasting time for this web is 8 seconds on normal fields. 
    You cannot install more than 2 of this at once. 
    SP Used: 50 
    1) Double Casting
    Type: Active [ Max 5 LV ]
    Target: Yourself
    Description: When you use this skill, you will see the icon for this 
    skill on right side of your window. Under this effect, when you use 
    bolt-type skills (including bolts that happen from Auto-Spell), there's 
    a small chance of the skill happening one more time without casting 
    after casting first one normally.
    This skill requires Sage Auto Spell LV 1.
    Casting: 2 Sec / No After-Cast Delay.
    Skill LV - Chance - Lasting Time - SP Taken
    1 - 50% - 70 Sec. - 40
    2 - 60% - 90 Sec. - 45
    3 - 70% - 110 Sec. - 50
    4 - 80% - 130 Sec. - 55
    5 - 90% - 150 Sec. - 60
    ~* Chapter XIV: Final Words from Lune *~ 
    As Gravity have noted, this isn't all of the skills. More will be 
    released, and you can bet. I'll get the closest possible translation 
    for you all.  
    Hope you enjoyed my massive edits. This should help you finally 
    finalize your builds! 
    Until next update! Cya! 
    - Lune
    IV. FAQ
    ~Any Questions?~
    Of course, Explainations always net a question and answer so that the 
    readers would understand more details about this FAQ...
    I. Is this the FAQ for the Advanced 2nd class only?
    A : As I said, yes, If you're to find other information other than 
    this, this FAQ is not for you. Weggy's FAQ of Ragnarok Online would 
    help you most of the time. If you're here tofind what build suits you, 
    Unfortunately me, or we don't have the builds up and ready yet, 
    I haven't test out the skills of Advanced 2nd classes as it is not 
    implemented on my country's RO main server yet. So I can't tell.
    II. Why can't you actually give us out your e-mail contact? It's so 
    troublesome to find you over AIM, and perhaps other people who wanted 
    to ask you question do not have AIM nor having a GameFAQs account too...
    A : Actually there is a reason why I don't give out e-mails. My old 
    e-mail that you'll find on my past FAQs won't work as I don't use 
    that e-mail anymore. And I wanted to keep my current e-mail free 
    from spam, trojan horses, and unwanted mails. I have a MSN mail, 
    but you would have to ask for it. So asking over GameFAQs, or 
    using AIM would be suitable. Or even better, you can make an account 
    over www.emperium.org and PM Iluna if you have questions for me. 
    There is sure a way you can contact me over, so don't feel 
    discouraged if I have to keep my e-mail private. Sure, it's 
    troublesome, but this is the only way...
    III. Is Advanced 2nd class = 3rd Class?
    A: No. and I have to stress this : NO. This is Advanced 2nd job, 
    meaning you're still on the 2nd job, but a highly advanced 2nd job 
    for sure. If you wanted 3rd class, You won't see one yet as Gravity 
    is in process of developing it. Don't make me beat you off with a 
    IV. Any information on when the Advanced 2nd Job will be implemented?
    A: Korean RO (kRO) already have it, Same goes to twRO (or cRO, 
    Taiwanese/Chinese RO to be exact) as well, and mRO sakray (Malaysia RO) 
    too. So it depends on the local server of yours. Well you have to stay 
    update and be patient as well. As for iRO, I think it won't be 
    implemented until next year...Yes I know it sucks, but have some 
    real life actions as well, don't always sit in front of the computer 
    and play RO 24/7!
    V. In your opinion, which Advanced 2nd jobs are your favourite?
    A : I love High Priest, for supporting this class would proved to be 
    a suitable class for you to play with, For offensive ones, I prefer 
    Champion, then Lord Knight. They were both great. I'm questioning 
    Sniper, but then Hunter was a little bit too strong to begin with...
    Creator proves to be a potential nice class, but since Gravity is 
    still in updating the Advanced 2nd jobs...For the least favourite, 
    I would have to say Professor. 
    VI. Your FAQ seems to be incomplete, I thought you got almost every 
    information about it already?
    A: It's all Lune's work. If there is updates, obviously it has to 
    come from him, I only got the permission to share and distribute 
    his translations and works for your viewing pleasure. So only when 
    Lune thinks that his work is done, then this FAQ will be considered 
    done as well.
    VII. Your FAQ sucks! yadda yadda yadda...
    A: Thank you. Now move on and find yourself another FAQ that suits 
    you. I'm "flattered". Oh, bang your head on the keyboard please, 
    since you have wasted your valuable hours and seconds just to 
    read my FAQ to say my FAQ sucked. You deserved it.
    VIII. It seems so hard to level up myself to lvl99! I'm crying! 
    Any tips on how to lvl up?
    A: Honestly I cannot possibly tell you how to level yourself to 
    lvl99 easilly. Since it's a game that requires effort, so you would 
    have to put on your effort too. If you don't, obviously you won't 
    be able to reach lvl99. 
    One note : Don't use third party program that makes your character 
    to auto leveling. Play the game using your eyes and hands, and not 
    programs. Sure this is the easiest way to get yourself to lvl99, 
    but you won't be credited. And burn yourself into hell if you used 
    it to lvl yourself up.
    IX. Any information about 3rd class? Do you have any info on it?
    A : No. But at least I know in Priest field, the 3rd class after 
    High Priest is Exorcist. That's all...honest...REALlY! STOP BUGGING 
    ~Upgrade? Downgrade? It's all for the sake of the players~
    This section is made especially for those who are following the 
    updates for Advanced 2nd Classes. Of course, pick up the sources 
    you've seen and compare with the old ones, and judge for yourself
    whether it is upgraded, or downgraded. 
    This section is still thanks to Lune for providing it. I'll provide
    the date of the patch implemented, and the original source for you
    to follow.
    Credits are all his, not mine. But if you take it and paste it 
    somewhere without permission, Prepare to get burned into hell once 
    I found it out.  
    kRO PATCH DATE : 9/11/2004 
    *New Advanced 2nd Class skill tweaks for Sakray Server*
    Original Source : 
    * Professor
    - Spider Web: When you get attacked by Fire-elemental attack while 
    webbed, you will receive 2x the damage and at the same time, Spider Web 
    will disappear. When you use it, it now needs 1 Spider Web item.
    - Wall of Fog: If you attack an enemy in the fog, you receive penalty; 
    however, if you attack someone outside the fog from inside the fog, you 
    do not receive penalty - logic is, hide in the fog to attack. For object
    -targeting spells, there's a 75% chance that you will not take damage 
    from that spell (previously 25% chance). For physical attacks, ranged 
    attacks will have 75% damage penalty, and HIT -50 penalty.
    - Memorize: Cast time of Memorize will now be set to absolute 5 seconds 
    regardless of DEX. The skills will have their cast time reduced by 50%, 
    and that benefit will last for 5 times in all. Memorize does not affect 
    casting of Memorize skill itself. If you use Memorize again while in 
    Memorize mode, it'll only reset counter to 5.
    - Mind Breaker: MATK of the enemy will be boosted to up to 2x, but 
    decrease MDEF by up to 60%.
    - Soul Burn: The chance of removing enemy's SP will increase by 10% every 
    skill level. The after-cast delay of 15 second only applies for using Soul 
    Burn again; you can use any other skills immediately after.
    - HP Conversion: The SP you get from it has changed to 10%~50% conversion 
    instead of 20%~100% conversion.
    * Champion
    - Hyper Spirit Sphere: Casting time is now 2 seconds. If you get hit while 
    casting, it will cancel out.
    - Palm Push Strike: Instead of causing damage after 1 second, it'll cause 
    damage after 1.5 seconds. After-cast delay has reduced to 0.3 seconds 
    instead of 0.5 second. SP taken has changed to 12~20 instead of 22~30.
    - Tiger Knuckle Fist: The chance of stopping movement has upgraded to 
    20%~60% chance instead of 10%~30%.
    - Chain Crush Combo: Damage has upgraded to 160%~700% instead of 120%~300%.
    * Gypsy / Clown
    - Arrow Vulcan: Damage has upgraded to 300%~1200% instead of 200%~560%.
    - A Moonlit Water Mill, a Falling Petal: The range of where monsters or 
    enemies cannot enter has increased to 7x7 cells.
    - Marionette Control: There is no more level requirement for all party 
    members. To the target player, you will actually GIVE half of your status, 
    and you will be free to do whatever you want after that with half your 
    stats. You can use this in Siege Mode (WoE), and if skill is canceled 
    for whatever reason, you get your stats back. You can do whatever you 
    want with this skill intact as long as you are within 7 cells from the 
    target player.
    * Stalker
    - Sword Reject: When you "reflect" the damage, you will receive 1/2 damage 
    and enemy will receive 1/2 damage. Before, you only reflected 1/4 of damage 
    while still receiving 1/2 damage. The reflect change has upgraded to 15%~75% 
    instead of 15%~35%, and SP taken has reduced to 10~30 instead of 30~50.
    * Paladin
    - Pressure: Even if you get attacked while casting, it will no longer fail. 
    This works on boss monsters as well. The physical damage has upgraded to 
    800~2000 instead of 800~1200. The SP reduced will be 20~40%. The casting 
    time has changed to 2~4 sec instead of 2~6 sec. SP taken has changed to 
    30~50 instead of 60~100. This skill, ignores ALL conditions and will always 
    - Sacrifice: It works on boss monsters. The life taken away when used is 
    set to 9% regardless of skill level. The damage calculation changed as 
    follows: at LV1, it does 100% damage of the HP you have "sacrificed", 
    and every additional skill level adds 10% damage, for total of 140% at 
    maximum level. SP taken has changed to 100 from 32.
    - Gospel: It's same as before, but the effect caused is now significant.
    * High Wizard
    - Magic Crasher: Cast time has changed to 0.3 sec instead of 0.2. The 
    after-cast delay has changed to 0.3 sec instead of 1 sec.
    - Amplify Magic Power: Damage upgrade has changed to 5%~50% instead of 
    2%~20%. The SP taken has changed to 14~50 instead of 20~65. Casting 
    time is fixed to 0.7 sec regardless of DEX.
    - Napalm Vulcan: When the monster is Cursed via this skill, they will 
    correctly slow down as they should. SP taken has reduced to 10~70 instead 
    of 30~50. After-cast delay is fixed to 1 second.
    * Sniper
    - True Sight: The skill duration is fixed to 30 seconds.
    - Wind Walk: The skill duration has changed to 65~200 seconds instead of 
    120~300 seconds.
    - Sharp Shooting: The CRIT bonus from this skill has been changed to the 
    following; It doesn't give 50% CRIT chance, instead, it is calculated via 
    your CRIT + 20.
    * Assassin Cross
    - Meteor Assault: The status ailment, 'bleeding' will now happen correctly.
    * Lord Knight
    - Aura Blade: SP taken has changed to 18~50 instead of 22~30. Now, this 
    no longer ignores enemy FLEE; it can now miss, and if it does miss, it no 
    longer causes any damage. Bonus damage has increased to 20~100 instead of 
    - Concentration: SP taken has reduced to 14~30 instead of 50~58.
    - Tension Relax: It no longer removes SP every 10 seconds; instead, it 
    takes 15 SP once when it is used, but no more.
    - Berserk: The final damage and ASPD bonus has increased to 200% damage 
    and 30% ASPD bonus from 150% and 10%. However, the HP taken in is now 5% 
    every 10 seconds instead of 1% every 15 seconds. This skill can now be 
    used in Siege Mode (WoE).
    - Head Crush: Now this skill can be used with any weapon, and the 'bleeding' 
    ailment's lasting time now depends on enemy's VIT and LUK rate. The basic 
    chance of 'bleeding' ailment is 50%, and lasting time has reduced to 90 
    sec from 120 sec. The damage has upgraded to 140%~300% instead of 120%~200%.
    - Joint Beat: The effects that come from this skill has been upgraded.
    * Whitesmith
    - Cart Boost: The lasting time has increased to 60 sec. It can now be used in 
    kRO Patch - 26/4/05
    Source : http://www.ragnainfo.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=71443
    ( Paladin )
    1) Shield Chain
    - Skill can now be used from 4 cells away.
    - Can now use different levels.
    - HIT bonus is now fixed to +20.
    ( High Priest )
    1) Mana Recharge
    - Instead of requiring Divine Protection LV 10, it will requre Demonbane LV 
    10 before this skill appears.
    ( Professor )
    1) Double Casting
    - Casting time is fixed to 2 seconds that is not affected by DEX.
    - Lasting time for the skill is now fixed to 90 seconds for all levels.
    - Success rate has been reduced noticeably. They are as follows.
    Skill LV | Proc (Process) Rate | SP Taken
    1 - 40% - 40
    2 - 50% - 45
    3 - 60% - 50
    4 - 70% - 55
    5 - 80% - 60
    ( High Wizard )
    1) Ganbantein
    - Success rate is now reduced to 80%, when it fails, it shows that skill 
    has failed and it still eats up a Gemstone.
    - After-cast delay has changed to 5 seconds.
    - SP taken has been reduced to 40.
    2) Gravitation Field
    - While using this skill, you cannot use an item now.
    - Instead of penalizing MoveSpeed (it's gone entirely now), we have 
    strengthened amount of penalty for ASPD. They are as follows.
    - Also fixed doing huge damage to plants.
    Skill LV | DPS | ASPD Penalty | Lasting Time | SP Taken
    1 - 400 - 5% - 5 sec. - 20
    2 - 600 - 10% - 6 sec. - 40
    3 - 800 - 15% - 7 sec. - 60
    4 - 1000 - 20% - 8 sec. - 80
    5 - 1200 - 25% - 9 sec. - 100
    ( Whitesmith )
    1) Overthrust Max
    - Damage bonus has been upgraded as follows.
    Skill LV | Bonus ATK | Zeny Taken | Weapon Break Chance
    1 - 120% - 3000z - 0.1%
    2 - 140% - 3500z - 0.1%
    3 - 160% - 4000z - 0.1%
    4 - 180% - 4500z - 0.1%
    5 - 200% - 5000z - 0.1%
    ( Gypsy & Clown )
    1) Longing for Freedom
    - Fixed this song being cancelled by Dispel. As of kRO Sakray April 18th, 
    all songs and combination skills cannot be dispelled.
    2) Wand of Hermod
    - Fixed this song being cancelled by Dispel. As of kRO Sakray April 18th, 
    all songs and combination skills cannot be dispelled.
    - Caster himself is not affected by this skill.
    - This skill does not affect players that are not in your party or guild.
    3) Tarot Card of Fate
    - "The Lovers" card will also give 2000 HP heal. Also, if this card happens 
    in a place where teleportation is not allowed, then the teleportation 
    property of this card will not work.
    - "Death" card will happen a bit less now.
    ( Creator )
    1) Acid Demonstration
    - The calculation for this attack has been edited.
    2) Plant Cultivation
    - Has 50% fixed chance of success. When failed, along with failed message, 
    the ingredients will disappear as well.
    - Cannot be used while in Siege mode (WoE).
    * Upcoming Features *
    Current kRO Sakray features that are undergoing test will be implemented 
    on main servers in kRO in June 28th.
    Somewhere between April and June, you will see these features to be tested 
    on kRO Sakray.
    * Third city of Schwaldvald Republic, [Reihtargen]
    * New fields, dungeons, and monsters
    * Homunculus System
    * New hair styles
    * Airship expansion + quest
    * Juperus ~ ancient magical dungeon
    * New weapons, armors, and set items
    * New advanced class skills (Currently under testing in kRO Sakray)
    Without them, this FAQ will not be here, Obviously, this section is made 
    to thank every person who was listed in, as a graditution for their hard 
    work. They deserved it.
    Lune (www.emperium.org) - RagnaINFO, Admin of Emperium.org forums.
    - Big thanks for him/her for letting me using his work to make this FAQ 
    so that every RO veterans will have a chance to view his/her works, and 
    use this FAQ as their reference and guides. 
    - Any updates for this FAQ will be all depends on Lune's updates in his 
    forums. So stay tuned for more information, or you can go to this site
    www.emperium.org to thank him/her personally~
    - If there are FAQs that you wanted to search about general information 
    about this game, His FAQs are the best ones to start with.
    - I credited him because, I used his FAQ when I was a beginner of this 
    game, without his guide, I can't be what I am for now.
    Ragnarok Online - Gravity Corp. - Lee Myoungjin
    - If this game does not exist, would I still be sitting here writing 
    this FAQ?
    - Of course, this game adds a lot to my commnuity life, Not just in 
    the net, but in the real life as well. Though MMORPG is known for 
    "sucking off every single of your social life away". oh well...I guess 
    I have life. Umm...coffee~
    - Successfully created one of the most innovative and fun MMORPG ever. 
    Yes I agree there are better ones out there, but none beats RO. I love 
    - Ragnarok Manga(Manhwa) does rule. You rocked Lee Myoungjin!
    And myself, Iluna a.k.a Xenoserphia. I know I rocked. But I better stop 
    boasting myself off, besides, I'm not myself if I do so...Credit myself 
    for what? For writing this FAQ of course!
    This FAQ is dedicated for Lune, whose his work deserved to be publicized 
    and known by every RO players and fans out there. Since his translation 
    for his works can only be found in  Emperium.org, I make him one FAQ so 
    that his works can be known to more of the players who does not know
    about emperium.org. Are you happy Lune?
    Until the next update or FAQ, see ya!
    Copyright 2002-2004 Gravity Corp. & Lee Myoungjin. All Rights Reserved.
    Luna~Holybell~Enzoera 2002,2003,2004 All Rights Reserved.
    ~Millenium E-maginations~ 
    (Formerly known as Luna's Art Of One - Works of Art)

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