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    Battle Acolyte/Priest Guide by Calx Zinra

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 02/03/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         R A G N A R O K   O N L I N E 
    Ragnarok Online Battle-Acolyte/Priest Character Guide
    For PC (DOS/Windows)
    FAQs/Guide created by Calx Zinra
    Copyright 2005 by Calx Zinra
    Created: January 26, 2005 (1.26.05)
    | I dedicate this awesome guide to Aimee! |
    This Guide is also dedicated to all my friends and classmates
    both players and non-players of RO. 
    (IV-St. Paul S.Y. 2004-2005 Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila School)
    "For me, to guide means to inspire people to play more worth while, 
    to learn to begin with anew as they find it and make it better."   
    Please join our yahoo groups! It's open to everybody!
    |VERSION 1.3|
    - Table of Contents ------------------------------------------------------
    1.	Version History
    2.	Introduction
    3.	Ragnarok Online
    4.	Acolyte: Soldier of Hope
    5.	Essential Stats for Battle-Acolytes
    6.	How to get there
    7.	Acolyte Skills
    8.	Priest Skills
    9.	Skill Builds
    10.	Stat Builds
    11.	Possible Equipments
    12.	Hunting as a Priest
    13.	Card Collection
    14.	Leveling Spots As An AGI Based Battle-Acolyte
    15.	Flee Chart
    16	FAQ's
    17.	Contact Me
    18.	Thank You to all 
    19.	Unlegal 
    - I. Version History -----------------------------------------------------
    Version 1.0 January 25, 2005 (01/25/05) 
    Created the guide, UNPOSTED.
    Version 1.1 January 28, 2005 (01/28/05)
    Updated the Aco Skill section and modded the priest section. UNPOSTED.
    Version 1.2 January 30, 2005 (01/29/05)
    Added the Stat Build section. UNPOSTED
    Version 1.2 February 3, 2005 (02/03/05)
    - II. Introduction ------------------------------------------------------- 
    The following information found in this guide is mostly based on my 
    experience in playing in pRO (Philippines) version of Ragnarok Online,
    playing in private servers (ya, I know it's illegal and all...)
    and reading other FAQs/guides on gamefaqs and some of my theories & 
    - III. Ragnarok Online ---------------------------------------------------
    Ragnarok Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game
    made by Gravity and was inspired by Lee-Myoungin's Manhwa "Ragnarok".
    The game is highly addictive due to its many factors (too many to mention)
    and lets you interact with many other players in your country or 
    all over the world.
    People would say, "Once you come in... You'll never get out"
    Well that's how addictive RO is. (For us gamers)
    Also serves as an escape in all RL(Real Life) problems
    - IV. Battle - Acolyte: Soldiers of Hope ---------------------------------
    Battle-Acolytes are some of the most ignored type of builds. Some people
    even don't know how strong Acolytes can be. They only see Acolytes as the
    Support Class and just watch battles and does not participate in the 
    frontline battle. But the Battle-Acolytes can, yes we're selfish of our
    abilities because we need them to support ourselves to be true 
    Battle-Acolytes. Being A Battle-Acolyte is really hard in the beginning
    but as soon as you get your stats high you can feel the ease.
    I strongly recommend that you make a Battle-Acolyte after you have raised 
    enough funds to support them. In my case I bought myself a 
    +5 VVS Wind Swordmace to support my Avatar to level. I sticked to one place
    and that is Byalan, that's why I bought a Wind elem. Weapon.
    Battle-Priest obviously CAN STAND ALONE in almost all conditions. And
    All Battle-Priest only have support spells that can aid himself, So
    Suffragium can't be your skill, it's pretty much useless. And if you're
    looking for a partymate, then the partymate would be a Battle-Smith,
    Adrenaline Rush is the best then followed by their other support skills.
    Battle Priest Tips
    1. You must have a vast knowledge about elements should have complete set
       of elemental maces. Swordmaces and stunners are most recommended.
    2. Always know where you are hunting, bring the right element so your
       hunting will be much easier.
    3. Magnificant should and always must be on.
    4. Bless the Demon or undead so their STR, DEX and AGI will be reduced. thus
       making life easy.
    5. Have lots of anti race/element bucklers so damages done to you will be
    This guide will be much diffrent from the Monk Guide that I made. This will
    be more informative and in-depth (I think hehe). I will try my best to share
    my knowledge of this Battle-Acolyte Class. Because it is very much diffrent
    from FS Aco/Priest (Full-Support). Battle-Priest (B.P. drom now) is the No.1 
    Avatar when it comes to solo-hunting. No partymates, no share, all is yours!
          "I told you to keep away from those mace-wielding priest!"
                                                       -A Poring Pet
                                          (After seeing its master die before me.)
    - V. Stats essential for Battle-Acolytes ---------------------------------
    This part shows the different stats in Ragnarok. There are 6 stats that 
    affect the Battle-Acolyte (B.A. from here on) in big ways. Be careful in 
    fixing your stats since once you put them they are unchangeable.
    Strength (STR)============================================================
    1)+1 base damage per point for melee weapons. 
    2)A bonus of (Str/10)^2 total (ie, at 50 Str, 25 points total) for melee 
      weapons where Str/10 is rounded down. 
    3)+1 base damage per 5 points for missile weapons. 
    4)+30 carrying capacity per point of Base Str (the left hand part of Str only).
    One of the most important stat for the B.A. since it affects how
    much damage you can dish out. It affects your minimum and maximum damage 
    too. It also affects your weight capacity so you can carry all that 
    equipments (Support equips, battle equips and some rations too.)
    Since we don't have any offensive skills (Magnum Break or Blast Clip is 
    the only skill we can have!) high STR will be very important. We will 
    live on this.
    10 STR: +1 Min/Max Damage 
    20 STR: +4 Min/Max Damage 
    30 STR: +5 Min/Max Damage 
    40 STR: +8 Min/Max Damage 
    50 STR: +10 Min/Max Damage 
    60 STR: +12 Min/Max Damage 
    70 STR: +13 Min/Max Damage 
    80 STR: +15 Min/Max Damage 
    90 STR: +17 Min/Max Damage 
    100 STR: +19 Min/Max Damage 
    The bonus add up in such a way that once you reach that certain amount of 
    strength the pluses add to your Min/Max damage. It means that when you 
    have 60 STR you have a +41 Min/Max damage bonus.
    This is how it works (STR + Weapon Attack + Bonus + Weapon upgrade)
    The equation above is for the ATK in the status screen, masteries don't
    show/add up yet to the status screen, you can only see the effect once
    ypu attacka monster.
    Agility (AGI)=============================================================
    1)+1 flee per point. 
    2)Increased attack speed per point 
    (complicated, but based on the atk speed of the weapon you are using in the
    class you are in). 
    The partner of Vitality in making a defensive character.
    But Agility is more than that, 1 Agi is equivalent to +1 Flee and 
    also adds to your ASPD. Higher ASPD means Faster Killing time.
    Agility is very Vital to B.A.'s and B.P.'s. Changed my PoV.
    You don't need to actually "MAX" your AGI out since as Akemi said,
    "Flee cannot be your defense." Now I know why Sins sucks.
    (Rogue may face this too.)
    AGI is the no. 1 stat for hunting since we won't focus much on pvp
    only in pvm. Raise AGI but not max it, that's why I said AGI based
    High agi because it is your primary def stat but again don't max the stat.
    Too much AGI and no VIT can make your avatar frail like onion paper.
    Too much VIT and no AGI can make your avatar slow (ASPD wise).
    Well this applies to Monk.
    Vitality (VIT)============================================================
    1)+1% to MaxHP per point. 
    2)+0.8 weapon damage reduction (defensive) per point. 
    3)Healing items effect increased by +2% per point. 
    4)Every 5 full points of VIT increases HP Recovery Power by 1 
    5)For monsters, there is a bonus to damage reduction of 
    6)For players, there is a bonus to damage reduction of 
      [VIT*0.5] + rnd([VIT*0.3], max([VIT*0.3],[VIT^2/150]-1)). 
    7)There is a hidden bonus of +1 Int style MDEF per 2 points. 
    8)Increasing VIT also decreases the chance of being afflicted by the 
      negative status affects of Poison, Silence and Stun.
    Vital B.P.'s will not be as effective as the Agi ones because of AGI is more
    useful in PvM. Not all mosnters are made to be as "damage containable by VIT"
    meaning even with elite equipments the damage of the mosnter can't be 
    endured by having a 99 VIT and overups.
    Intelligence (INT)========================================================
    1)+1 Base MAtk per point. 
    2)+1% to MaxSP per point. 
    3)SP Recovery items effect increased by +2% per point. 
    4)Every 6 full points of INT increases SP Recovery Power by 1 and 
      past 120 INT, every 2 INT gives a bonus to SP Recovery Power of 1.
    5)A bonus to MinMAtk of (Int/7)^2 total where (Int/7) is rounded down. 
    6)A bonus to MaxMatk of (Int/5)^2 total where (Int/5) is rounded down. 
    7)+1 spell damage reduction (defensive) per point. 
    8)Increasing INT also decreases the chance of being afflicted by the negative 
      status affects of Blind, Sleep and Stone Curse.
    Being a B.A., you do not need much INT in your stat. I put about 25 INT in
    my build because Priests will have a +5 INT bonus at Jlvl50.
    INT will take part in your healing skill, MSP and your SP's regen rate.
    I'm against those people who thinks 1 INT is enough for B.A. they rely
    too much on support. For me that's TRASH!
    Dexterity (DEX)===========================================================
    1)+1 to hit per point. 
    2)Increased attack speed per point.
    3)+1 base damage per point for missile weapons. 
    4)Bonus of (Dex/10)^2 total (ie, at 50 Dex, 25 points total) 
      for missile weapons where dex/10 is rounded down. 
    5)+1 base damage per 5 points for melee weapons. 
    6)+1 minimum damage per point for melee weapons. If Dex exceeds the 
      Atk value of the melee weapon, use the Atk of the melee weapon for 
      the min value (ie. max and min values become the same). 
    7)Reduces spell casting time by a percentage calculated as Dex/1.5 
      (ie. 30 Dex = 20% casting time reduction). 
    8)+0.1% forging and refining rates for Blacksmiths.
    This stat raises your accuracy and your maximum/minimum damage.
    +1 Dex means +1 Hit same as the Agi-Flee but this stat
    counteracts that. The standard DEX is 40. Dex also has a small influence in 
    ASPD. I recommend that you have 46 DEX then +10 because of blessing
    so that's 60 DEX.
    Luck (LUK)================================================================
    1)+1 base damage per 5 points of Luk for missile and melee weapons. 
    2)+1 crit chance per 3 points of Luk. 
    3)+1 "lucky" dodge chance (the right hand part of your flee value) 
      per 10 points of Luk. 
    4)+0.1% forging and refining rates for Blacksmiths per point. 
    5)Increasing LUK also decreases the chance of being afflicted by any 
      negative status affect.
    This stat is very useful for those who are going for the Crit B.P. 
    Luck affects your avatar by:
    Crit Chance: every 3 LUK = +1 Critical
    Perfect Dodge: Every 10 LUK = +1 Dodge (that's the +x in your flee.)
    If you want a real Crit Character, I recommend that you raise your
    LUK to 60+ (23+7 the Gloria) and equip a +10 Triple Crit Chain or so...
    Crit can be very painful if it came from us /gg.
    Normal ATK + Impo + Gloria hehe. Higher STR/ATK and Higher Crit rating has
    some influence on your Crit output.
    - VI. How to get there ---------------------------------------------------
    You start out as a Novice (of course!) I require you to go through the test
    in the Midgard Academy and take the hell out of those annoying Fabres.
    In the Fabre Forest take the time to level. Level up there until you are
    satisfied of your Blvl, then take the exam. Much better if they will 
    recommend the Acolyte job for you (like what happend to me) there's a 
    little plus in this, but I prefer that they require you the swordie job so 
    you can get yourself a red potion for free. 
    As you step in the world of Midgard try to level up as soon as you can.
    Much better if someone will tank you. After you reached the Jlvl 10 of
    Novice. Proceed to the Prontera Sanctuary, it's in the 2 o'clock position.
    Go inside and proceed to the first room at your right, register and take the
    painstaking walk. There are 3 NPC which will be randomly selected for you.
    Father Rubalkara: Prontera ->E->N->E (Yoyo Forest, North eastern corner)
    Father Yosuke: Prontera W->N->W 
    (He is staying in an island between two small bridges)
    Mother Mathilda: Morroc ->N (She's in a small ruin in the extreme NW corner)
    After talking to those NPC you will be saved in their position so you got to
    walk again (Bad Luck for you if you're in Morroc and have no Zeny XD)
    Congratulations! You're an Acolyte! Now go and level up!
    These do not add up like min/max damage. It works like this. Once you reach
    that job level that is how much stat bonuses you get. If you are at job 
    level 42 you get +4 Vitality not all of the other job bonuses added up.
    ACOLYTE JOB BONUSES:======================================================
    Job Level 2 : +1 LUK
    Job Level 6 : +1 VIT
    Job Level 10: +1 INT
    Job Level 14: +1 DEX
    Job Level 18: +2 LUK
    Job Level 22: +1 AGI
    Job Level 26: +1 STR
    Job Level 30: +2 VIT
    Job Level 33: +2 INT
    Job Level 36: +2 DEX
    Job Level 38: +2 LUK
    Job Level 40: +2 AGI
    Job Level 42: +2 STR
    Job Level 44: +3 VIT
    Job Level 46: +3 INT
    Job Level 47: +3 DEX
    Job Level 49: +3 STR
    Job Level 50: +3 LUK
    At Job Level 50: 
    STR +3
    AGI +2
    VIT +3
    INT +3
    DEX +3
    LUK +3
    How to change into a Priest: (Weggy's Ultimate Guide)
    Another easy change here, simply go to the church in Prontera.  A priest in the
    antechamber to the left will first ask you some questions.  Nothing too
    difficult here.  After that, you will walk a hall of temptations, as it were.
    Simply walk along the path resisting all the temptations put before you.
    Finally, you will be put into rooms where undead monsters spawn.  You can
    actually just run past them all, though you can kill them if you'd like.  Once
    you've done this, you can become a Priest.
    Job50 Aco's will skip the 1st test. More in-depth will be added on future
    If you want to have a great or an effcient Battle-Priest, please don't be
    lazy and try your best to train your Battle-Acolyte to Job50.
    These do not add up like min/max damage. It works like this. Once you reach
    that job level that is how much stat bonuses you get. If you are at job
    level 42 you get +4 Vitality not all of the other job bonuses added up
    MONK JOB BONUSES:=========================================================
    Job Level 1 : +1 LUK
    Job Level 3 : +2 LUK
    Job Level 4 : +1 STR
    Job Level 6 : +1 AGI
    Job Level 7 : +1 VIT
    Job Level 8 : +1 INT
    Job Level 9 : +2 INT
    Job Level 10: +3 LUK
    Job Level 11: +2 STR
    Job Level 14: +2 VIT
    Job Level 16: +1 DEX
    Job Level 17: +3 STR
    Job Level 20: +1 DEX
    Job Level 21: +4 LUK
    Job Level 22: +2 INT
    Job Level 25: +1 DEX
    Job Level 27: +4 STR
    Job Level 29: +2 AGI
    Job Level 31: +5 LUK
    Job Level 33: +1 DEX
    Job Level 34: +3 VIT
    Job Level 35: +5 STR
    Job Level 36: +4 VIT
    Job Level 37: +3 AGI
    Job Level 39: +6 LUK
    Job Level 42: +3 INT
    Job Level 43: +4 INT
    Job Level 46: +5 VIT
    Job Level 48: +4 AGI
    Job Level 50: +7 LUK
    At Job Level 50: 
    STR +5
    AGI +4
    VIT +5
    INT +5
    DEX +4
    LUK +7
    - VII. Acolyte Skills ----------------------------------------------------
    The Acolyte's Skills are supportive, well Offensive Type of support and
    some Defensive Type of supports. But as B.A.'s we will give priority to
    those offensive types. 
       ~                                                            ~
       ~                IT WILL BE READY FOR USE.                   ~
    [SKILL TREE]==============================================================
    Acolyte Skill Tree (Patterned after iRO's official site's illustration.)
    	  ---------Lv3-->Demon Bane(10)-----Lv3-->Signum Crucis(10)
    Divine Protection(10)---Lv3-->Angelus(10)
       -----------------Lv3-->Increase Agility(1)--Lv1-->Decrease Agility(10)
    Aqua Benedicta(1)
    Ruwach(1)------------Lv1-->Teleport(2)--------Lv2-->Warp Portal(4)
    Holy Light (Quest Skill)
    [Divine Protection]=======================================================
    Raises defense against Demon and Undead type monsters
    Passive Skill
    [LV]  [Skill Level Effect]   [SP]
     1 	   DEF +3 	      -
     2 	   DEF +6  	      -
     3 	   DEF +9 	      -
     4 	   DEF +12	      -
     5 	   DEF +15 	      -
     6 	   DEF +18 	      -
     7 	   DEF +21 	      -
     8 	   DEF +24 	      -
     9 	   DEF +27 	      -
    10 	   DEF +30 	      -
    Raise this skill up to level 5 only. This skill only serves as a
    pre-requisite to get blessing. Since we will based our Battle-Priest
    as AGI based characters, having this at Lv.10 will be useless for we won't
    be taking much damage. Kyrie Eleison can save us.
    [Demon Bane]==============================================================
    Raises attack against Demon and Undead type monsters Passive
    Passive Skill
    Requires: Level 3 Divine Protection
    [LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
     1       ATK +3            -
     2       ATK +6            -
     3       ATK +9            -
     4       ATK +12           -
     5       ATK +15           -
     6       ATK +18           -
     7       ATK +21           -
     8       ATK +24           -
     9       ATK +27           -
    10       ATK +30           -
    Having this at Lv.10 will be a great help. Hunting Raydrics and all other
    Demon and Undead will be much easier due to the added attack.
    D-Bane + Mace Mastery can really deal big damage.
    [Signum Crucis]===========================================================
    Lowers the defense of Demon and Undead type monsters
    in your screen in time of casting.
    Active Skill
    Requires: Level 3 Demon Bane
    [LV]  [Skill Level Effect]   [SP]
     1  Lasts until the monsters  35
        you cast it on are dead
    We won't be getting muc huse of this skill, try to avoid having it.
    Raises defense of your whole party based on their VIT
    Active Skill
    Requires: Level 3 Divine Protection
    [LV]  [Skill Level Effect]   [SP]
     1  15% VIT for 30 seconds    23
     2  20% VIT for 60 seconds    26
     3  25% VIT for 90 seconds    29
     4  30% VIT for 120 seconds   32
     5  35% VIT for 150 seconds   35
     6  40% VIT for 180 seconds   38
     7  45% VIT for 200 seconds   41
     8  50% VIT for 230 seconds   44
     9  55% VIT for 260 seconds   47
    10  60% VIT for 290 seconds   50
    Unless you are a Hybrid Battle-Priest, then raise the skill. If going for
    AGI based, then get only atleast Lv.2 for Kyrie Eleison.
    Raises strength, dexterity, intelligence of a player
    Recovers status ailment CURSE of a player
    Curses Demon and Undead type monsters(Halves their DEX, INT and STR)
    Active Skill
    Requires: Level 5 Divine Protection
    [LV]       [Skill Level Effect]         [SP]
     1  STR, DEX and INT +1 for 40 seconds   28
     2  STR, DEX and INT +2 for 60 seconds   32
     3  STR, DEX and INT +3 for 80 seconds   36
     4  STR, DEX and INT +4 for 100 seconds  40
     5  STR, DEX and INT +5 for 120 seconds  44
     6  STR, DEX and INT +6 for 140 seconds  48
     7  STR, DEX and INT +7 for 160 seconds  52
     8  STR, DEX and INT +8 for 180 seconds  56
     9  STR, DEX and INT +9 for 200 seconds  60
    10  STR, DEX and INT +10 for 220 seconds 64
    A very vital skill, this skill will really help us so much. Since we don't
    have offensive attack skills. MAX this skill first after having heal.
    Recovers HP
    Active Skill
    [LV]  [Skill Level Effect]   [SP]
     1   Based on Level and INT   13
     2   Based on Level and INT   16
     3   Based on Level and INT   19
     4   Based on Level and INT   22
     5   Based on Level and INT   25
     6   Based on Level and INT   28
     7   Based on Level and INT   31
     8   Based on Level and INT   34
     9   Based on Level and INT   37
    10   Based on Level and INT   40
    You are the only one that will/must benefit from this skill. Since we don't
    have much SP and not that high INT. This skill must not go below Lv.3 and
    must not exceed Lv.5 unless you have extra skill points.
    Removes status ailments of target player.
    Active Skill
    Requires: Level 2 Heal
    [LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
     1      Use Cure skill     15
    AVOID. Have an Obeaune Belt instead and it is abundant any way.
    Allows you to see hiding opponents and deals holy damage to them.
    Active Skill
    [LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
     1       Use Ruwach        10
    Quite useful for detecting pesky Thieves, Rogues/Assassins
    and all those who have hiding clips. This skill is a must have for the sake
    of Pneuma and the warping tree.
    As Mad monarch says:
    Renders all projectiles in the chosen cell useless.
    Useful for avoiding Archer Skeletons, Hydras, etc, and kicking the crap 
    out of Archers in the arena, whenever that rolls around. Amen.
    Requires: Level 4 Warp Portal
    [LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
     1	 Use Pneuma        10
    Get this skill to neutralize projectile attacks.
    Useful but limited due to it's just a chosen cell.
    Combo this with Holy Light or try to approach the target the maul it to death.
    See skill level effect.
    Active Skill
    Requires: Level 1 Ruwach
    [LV]        [Skill Level Effect]         [SP]
     1   Teleport to random spot on the map   10
     2   Teleport to last Save Point          10
    This skill helps you stay out of sudden Mobs. This skill will also help 
    you save money from Fly Wings. This is a need for the sake of Pneuma.
    [Warp Portal]=============================================================
    See skill level effect.
    Active Skill
    Requires: Level 2 Teleportation and a Blue Gemstone
    [LV]      [Skill Level Effect]       [SP]
     1  Warp 7 people to last Save Point  30
     2     Warp 8 people to 1 place
         (Portal open for 10 seconds)     30
     3    Warp 9 people to 2 places
         (Portal open for 15 seconds)     30
     4    Warp 10 people to 3 places
         (Portal open for 20 seconds)     30
    With this skill you can raise fund to supply yourself with adequate 
    equipments and also transport yourself. Get skill for the sake of Pneuma.
    [Increase Agility]========================================================
    Raises agility and walking speed.
    Active Skill
    Requires: Level 3 Heal
    [LV]   [Skill Level Effect] [HP-SP]
     1  AGI +3 for 65 seconds    15 23
     2  AGI +4 for 80 seconds    15 26
     3  AGI +5 for 95 seconds    15 29
     4  AGI +6 for 110 seconds   15 32
     5  AGI +7 for 125 seconds   15 35
     6  AGI +8 for 140 seconds   15 38
     7  AGI +9 for 155 seconds   15 41
     8  AGI +10 for 170 seconds  15 44
     9  AGI +11 for 185 seconds  15 47
    10  AGI +12 for 200 seconds  15 50
    Another important skill, use this to pump up your AGI, ASPD and 
    Walking speed, also contribute some increase in your flee rate.
    Max this after maxing out Blessing (AGI Build). This skill must not go
    lower than Lv.8.
    [Decrease Agility]========================================================
    Lowers agility
    Active Skill
    Requires: Level 1 Increase Agility
    [LV]  [Skill Level Effect]  [SP]
     1  AGI -3 for 65 seconds    23
     2  AGI -4 for 80 seconds    26
     3  AGI -5 for 95 seconds    29
     4  AGI -6 for 110 seconds   32
     5  AGI -7 for 125 seconds   35
     6  AGI -8 for 140 seconds   38
     7  AGI -9 for 155 seconds   41
     8  AGI -10 for 170 seconds  44
     9  AGI -11 for 185 seconds  47
    10  AGI -12 for 200 seconds  50
    We won't benefit much from this skill. Try to avoid on having this skill.
    [Holy Light]==============================================================
    Attack an enemy with a holy light
    Can be acquired after job 30
    Active Skill
    Quest: 1 Rosary, 1 Crystal Blue, 1 Opal
    Talk to the head Priest in Prontera Church
    [LV] [Skill Level Effect]  [SP]
     1   (Cast time 1.5 seconds)  15
    We won't gain much from this skill but you can use the skill to attract
    "Cast Sensor" Monsters like Sohee.
    [Aqua Benedicta]==========================================================
    Creates Holy Bottle, must be near water or
    submerged in water.
    Active Skill
    Requires: Empty Bottle
    [LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
      1   Creates Holy Water   10
        to use as a weapon or
              a cure.
    Holy Water + Aspersio = Holy Elem Weapon Enchantment. Aspersio
    works wonders against GR card and raydrics. (combo with +X 3x Bloody Chain.)
    - VIII. Monk Skills ------------------------------------------------------
    Skill Data is from rodatazone.simgaming.net
    [SKILL TREE]==============================================================
    Priest Skill Tree (Patterned after iRO's official site's illustration.)
    			Mace Mastery(10)	       Increase SP Recovery(10)
                            Status Recovery(1)-Lv1->Slow Poison(4)   Lv4
                                    |                                 |
                                    |                                 |
    (Ruwach)-----Lv1------->Lex Divina(10)--Lv3->Turn Undead(10)----Lv3--
    			     |					    |
    			     |					    |
                                 |                                      |
    			     ---Lv5->Lex Aeterna(1)-Lv1-->Magnus Exorcismus(10)
    (Angelus)-----Lv2------>Kyrie Eleison(10)---Lv4-----		      |
    						   |		      |
    						   |		      |
                                                       |                  |
    			Magnificat(5)----Lv3--->Gloria(5)--------     |
    								|     |
                                                                    |     |
    			Impositio Manus(5)-Lv2->Suffraguim(3)	|    Lv1
                                   |                                Lv3   |
                                  Lv3                               |     |
                                 /                                  |     |
    (Aqua Benedicta)--Lv1-->Aspersio(5)---Lv5--->B.S.Sacramenti(5)<--     |
    			    |			    		      |
                                |                                         |
                                ------------Lv4----------                 |
                                                        |                 |
                                                        |                 |
    (Heal)---------Lv1------>Sanctuary(10)--Lv3-->Safety Wall(10)----------
    Aspersio changes your own or an Allies weapon property to Holy. 
    Changing or removing the weapon will cancel the effect prematurely. 
    When a second weapon enchanting spell effect 
    (from Enchant Poison or Aspersio currently) is cast on a target, then it 
    will replace the first spell effect.
    Aspersio can also be used as a weak attack. Using shift-click, 
    you can target an Undead property or Demon family monster and inflict 
    40 points of Holy property damage that ignores all defenses. 
    Against other kinds of monsters, it does no damage, but consumes the 
    Holy Water and SP anyway.
    Etymological Note: 
    Aspersio is literally means "Sprinkle" in Latin. In the Catholic church, 
    the sprinkling of water (holy water?) is done with an Aspergillum during a 
    liturgical service.
    Active Skill
    Requires: Impositio Manus Level 3, Aqua Benedicta Level 1
    [LV] [Skill Duration]  [SP]
     1        60 Sec        12
     2        90 Sec        14
     3       120 Sec        16
     4       160 Sec        18
     5       190 Sec        20
    This skill will help you to be more stronger againts Undead/Demon monsters.
    Important skill to have for places like Niffleheim or Glast Heim.
    [Benedictio Sanctissimi Sacramenti]=======================================
    This skill changes the elemental property of all characters in a 3x3 area 
    around the targetted tile to Holy1. It also does an amount of Holy damage 
    equal to half the power of a Heal of the same Skill Level to Undead property 
    and Demon family monsters in the area of effect. It requires one Priest or 
    Acolyte in the tile to the left and right of the caster to work.
    Etymological Note: 
    Benedictio Sanctissimi Sacramenti is translated by Gravity as meaning 
    "Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament". That seems to be right. 
    A benediction is the invocation of a blessing. The Blessed Sacrament 
    generally refers to the blessed wine and bread used to signify the blood 
    and flesh of Jesus (as Jesus himself did it during his Last Supper). 
    Consuming the Blessed Sacrament during the Communion is supposed to be a 
    symbolic act that brings you closer to God.
    Active Skill
    Requires: Aspersio Level 5, Gloria Level 3
    [LV]  [Skill Duration]   [SP]
     1          40 Sec        20
     2          80 Sec        20
     3         120 Sec        20
     4         160 Sec        20
     5         200 Sec        20
    Err... Solo right? Ignore this skill, you don't need a partymate!
    Gives the Gloria effect to all characters in party near caster. 
    The Gloria effect adds LUK +30. When a second instance is cast, then it
    will replace the first instance on any affected targets.
    Etymological Note: 
    Gloria literally means "Glory" in Latin. A "Gloria in Excelsis" is a 
    Catholic liturgical hymn having the verse form of the Psalms. 
    A "Gloria Patri" (literally "Glory be to the father") is a 2 verse liturgical 
    expression of praise to the Trinity. It seems that the Catholic church 
    likes to praise God, as well they might.
    Active Skill
    Requires: Kyrie Eleison Level 4, Magnificat Level 3
    [LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
     1    LUK +30 for 10 Sec   20
     2    LUK +30 for 15 Sec   20
     3    LUK +30 for 20 Sec   20
     4    LUK +30 for 25 Sec   20
     5    LUK +30 for 30 Sec   20
    We'll be having mad crits with this skill and as well a good crit cap.
    (+10 3x Bloody Chain + Lv.10 D-Bane + Lv.10 Mace Mastery + Aspersio + Gloria +
    Impositio Manus = High Crit against Raydrics.) 987 Crit will fly~
    [Impositio Manus]=========================================================
    Gives the Impositio Manus effect to the target. This effect increases the 
    targets minimum and maximum weapon ATK (even with bare hand) by 5*Skill Level. 
    This means the damage is modified by Size and reduced by 
    DEF (both Armor and VIT).
    Can be used on self. You can change weapons at any time during the effect 
    of this spell without disprupting it. When a second instance is cast on a 
    target, then it will replace the first instance.
    Etymological Note: 
    Impositio Manus roughly means "A laying on of hands", which has been a 
    way of giving a blessing for a long time indeed. Impositio is derived from 
    Impono which means "to put/lay/impose on", while Manus literally means 
    "Hand" in Latin.
    Active Skill
    [LV]  [Skill Level Effect]  [SP]
     1    +5 Damage Increment    13
     2    +10 Damage Increment   16
     3    +15 Damage Increment   19
     4    +20 Damage Increment   22
     5    +25 Damage Increment   25
    This skill is just great! Instant ATK bonus! Even though we don't have
    attack skill, our normal atk are much stronger, except for blacksmiths.
    [Increase SP Recovery]====================================================
    A basic Priest skill, and is mastered at lvl 10.
    Restores SP every 10 seconds while standing still. Every skill level 
    increases the amount of SP restoration by 3, the maximum SP of the user 
    affects on the amount of SP that can be recovered by this skill.
    Passive Skill
    [LV]  [Value of Recovery]  [Additional Value of Recovery by MAXSP]
     1            3                         MAXSP 0.2% 
     2            6                         MAXSP 0.4% 
     3            9                         MAXSP 0.6% 
     4            12                        MAXSP 0.8% 
     5            15                        MAXSP 1.0%  
     6            18                        MAXSP 1.2% 
     7            21                        MAXSP 1.4% 
     8            24                        MAXSP 1.6% 
     9            27                        MAXSP 1.8% 
     10           30                        MAXSP 2.0% 
    This skill is not that useful due to we don't have that much INT.
    So try to avoid this.
    [Kyrie Eleison]===========================================================
    Creates a Kyrie Eleison effect on the target character. This effect will 
    block MaxHPofTarget*(10% + 2%*Skill Level) damage or 5 + [Skill Level/2] hits,
    whichever is reached first. Damage in excess of the amount blocked will 
    transfer through and count as a hit of lowered damage. Hits are only assessed 
    when a blow would normally land and not for every swing by a monster 
    (despite showing a "Guard" graphic with every swing for the effected player 
    and a miss for every other player). Multi-attack skills (Blitz Beat for one),
    only count one hit for purposes of number of hits and damage blocked. 
    Any magic attack will do full damage to the affected target, while still 
    counting against the maximum damage and number of hits of Kyrie Eleison. 
    Casting Holy Light on someone with this effect will cancel it entirely. 
    When a second instance is cast on a target, then it will replace the 
    first instance.
    Etymological Note: 
    Kyrie Eleison comes by way of Middle English, Medieval Latin and Late Latin 
    from the Greek phrase "Kyrie EleEson" which literally meant "Lord, have mercy".
    Seems that the lord is on your side when you use this skill. A Kyrie Eleison 
    is a short liturgical prayer (Catholics love their liturgies) that begins with 
    "Lord, have mercy". 
    Active Skill
    Requires: Angelus Level 2
    [LV] [MAX GUARD NO.] [SP]
     1       5 times      20 
     2       6 times      20 
     3       6 times      20 
     4       7 times      25 
     5       7 times      25 
     6       8 times      25 
     7       8 times      30 
     8       9 times      30 
     9       9 times      30 
     10     10 times      40 
    This skill will be very useful for us and will keep us invulnerable for
    a limited duration. It is very important to have this skill.
    [Lex Aeterna]=============================================================
    The target will take double damage from the next real damage source of 
    any kind. Healing, misses and status effects do not trigger the effect. 
    Cannot be cast on a Frozen or Stone Cursed target.
    Etymological Note: 
    Lex Aeterna means "Eternal Law" and comes from the Latin word 
    Lex (literally "Law") and the feminine form of the Latin word "Aeternus" 
    (literally "Eternal")
    Active Skill
    Requires: Lex Divina Level 5
    [LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
     1    2x Damage for 1 Hit  10
    Although the skill works great, we Battle-Priest won't benefit much from
    this skill and this skill waste SP much. Don't take the skill.
    [Lex Divina]==============================================================
    This skill has a chance of inflicting the Silence effect on the selected 
    target. It does not work against Boss monsters. 
    The chance is equal to 100 - (TargetVIT + TargetLUK/8) + INT/15 %. 
    The duration of the silence effect is 30*(100-TargetVIT)/100 seconds. 
    Casting this spell on a target that is already silenced will remove the 
    previous Silence effect.
    Etymological Note: 
    Lex Divina means "Divine Law" and come from the Latin word 
    Lex (literally Law) and feminine form of the Latin word 
    "Divinus" (literally "Divine").
    Active Skill
    Requires: Level 3 Chain Combo/Raging Quad. Blow and a Spirit Sphere
    [LV] [Skill Duration] [SP]
      1       30sec        20 
      2       35sec        20 
      3       40sec        20 
      4       45sec        20 
      5       50sec        20 
      6       60sec        18 
      7       60sec        16 
      8       60sec        14 
      9       60sec        12 
     10       60sec        10 
    Great skill because silencing enemies will absolutely impail them of using
    their skills. And in PVP sessions, thi skill will surely work wonders,
    an Anit-Monk skill /gg.
    [Mace Mastery]============================================================
    Increases damage with Maces by 3*Skill Level. 
    This damage ignores reductions from Armor and Vit Defense, but not from 
    Elemental and Card modifiers. 
    Passive Skill
    [LV] [Skill Level Effect] [SP]
      1        ATK +3          -
      2        ATK +6          -
      3        ATK +9          -
      4        ATK +12         -
      5        ATK +15         - 
      6        ATK +18         - 
      7        ATK +21         - 
      8        ATK +24         - 
      9        ATK +27         - 
     10        ATK +30         - 
    Atlast! A Mastery! be sure to max this one out. This will improve our
    mauling effectiveness.
    Increases to SP Recovery by 100% (200% total) for all affected party members. 
    This does not affect the Increased SP Recovery skill. When a second instance 
    is cast, then it will replace the first instance on any affected targets.
    Note: Pre-Juno, Magnificat provided 175% total HP/SP Recovery.
    pRO: Status Bar/Chat bar tells that SP recovery is only enabled and no HP
    Etymological Note: 
    Magnificat is a Latin word that means "Magnifies". 
    The Magnificat is the canticle of the Virgin Mary in Luke 1:46-55.
    Active Skill
    Requires: Level 3 Investigate/Occult Impaction
    [LV][Skill Duration][SP]
      1      30sec       40
      2      45sec       40
      3      60sec       40
      4      75sec       40
      5      90sec       40
    This skill do not regenerate the SP/HP to full, it only causes the HP/SP
    to recover by 50% much faster. 4sec if standing and 2sec if sitting.
    HecK! this skill is still a killer for SP regeneration which we will
    obviusly need.
    [Magnus Exorcismus]=======================================================
    Calls down a Grand Cross in a 9x9 area around the targetted tile. 
    Any Demon family and Undead property monsters entering the area of the 
    effect suffer Holy property damage of MAtk*Skill Level per wave. 
    Waves occur approximately every 3 seconds and each wave appears to hit 
    Skill Level times. Therefore, there is a certain maximum number of waves 
    than any one monster can be affected during the duration of the spell 
    (there will be less waves if the monster enters late or is knocked back 
    out for any reason).
    As it creates an effect on the ground, Magnus Exorcismus cannot stack 
    with other ground effect skills (eg. Pneuma and Safety Wall).
    Etymological Note: 
    Magnus Exorcismus means "Great Exorcism" and comes from the Latin word 
    "Magnus" (literally "great, large, much") and some form of "Exorcizare" 
    (meaning "to bind my oath, adjure", specifically to adjure an evil spirit)
    Active Skill
    Requires: Safety Wall Level 1, Lex Aeterna Level 1, Turn Undead Level 3
    [LV][No. of Hits][SP]
      1       1       40 
      2       2       42 
      3       3       44 
      4       4       46 
      5       5       48 
      6       6       50 
      7       7       52 
      8       8       54 
      9       9       56 
     10       10      58 
    Uhh... You're a Battle-Priest right?
    Returns a dead character to life with the indicated percentage of HPs restored
    (see list below). When used on Undead property monsters, it has a chance 
    to instantly kill or at least damage in the same way as Turn Undead at the 
    same level. Consumes 60 SP regardless of the level.
    Active Skill
    Requires: Status Recovery Level 1, Increased SP Recovery Level 4
    [LV][Casting Time][Delay][HP amount when revived] 
      1      6sec       0sec            1% 
      2      4sec       1sec           15% 
      3      2sec       2sec           30% 
      4      0sec       3sec           50% 
    Have a partymate? I guess not. GO SOLO!
    [Safety Wall]=============================================================
    Creates a Safety Wall effect in 1 tile. The effect will protect anyone 
    standing in that Tile from 2+Skill Level physical melee attacks. 
    A physical attack is an attack from any monster or player with a range of 
    no more than 3 tiles. The attacks do not have to hit to count against the 
    total number of hits. Safety Walls cannot be stacked with themselves or 
    with Pneuma.
    Active Skill
    Requires: Sanctuary Level 3, Aspersio Level 4
      1   2 times    30 
      2   3 times    30 
      3   4 times    30 
      4   5 times    35 
      5   6 times    35 
      6   7 times    40 
      7   8 times    40 
      8   9 times    40 
      9   10 times   40 
     10   11 times   40 
    Battle-Priest right? So you don't Magnus, ignore this skill.
    Creates a 5x5 area sanctuary effect around the targetted tile. Characters 
    and non-undead/demon monsters within the sanctuary are healed(see amount below)
    once a second unless at max HP. Undead Property and Demon Family monsters 
    take Holy property damage equal to half the sanctuary's heal, rounded down 
    and are knocked back out of the effect each time.
    The maximum number of valid targets is equal to 3+Skill Level. 
    The spell affecting one player or monster once is counted as 1 target. 
    If it affects a player or monster more than once, then it will count as a 
    valid target more than once. If the maximum number of valid targets is 
    exceeded, the spell will come to an end prematurely. Valid targets are 
    determined by the following priority:
    1/ Player with Current HPs less than Max HPs.
    2/ Non-Undead Property/Demon Family monsters with Current HPs less than Max HPs
    3/ Undead Property and Demon Family monsters.
    Multiple Sanctuaries can be stacked on each other and so long as the maximum 
    number of valid targets is not exceeded, each will last to their full duration.
    Sanctuary is the only means of healing the Emperium in the War of Emperium 
    battles. While it is a skill that is by no means essential to have in a WoE 
    priest, having one or more priests with a high level of the skill in a guild 
    could be very useful
    Active Skill
    Requires: Heal Level 1
    [LV][Skill Duration][Person][HP Recovery][SP]
      1      4sec       4 person   100/1sec   15 
      2      7sec       5 person   200/1sec   18 
      3      10sec      6 person   300/1sec   21 
      4      13sec      7 person   400/1sec   24 
      5      16sec      8 person   500/1sec   27 
      6      19sec      9 person   600/1sec   30 
      7      22sec      10 person  777/1sec   33 
      8      25sec      11 person  777/1sec   36 
      9      28sec      12 person  777/1sec   39 
     10      31sec      13 person  777/1sec   42 
    We go solo right? No need for this skill.
    [Slow Poison]=============================================================
    Stops damage from a Poison effect and allows you to recover hp/sp normally. 
    However, does not actually cancel the Poison effect, so the DEF reduction 
    effect is still a problem.
    Active Skill
    Ughh.... Have Panacea instead or Cure.
    Reduces cast time of the next spell cast by target 
    (if started within the duration). Has no effect on a spell that is already 
    being cast (will effect the next spell instead). The casting of a 0 cast 
    time spell will use up the effect with no benefit. Cannot be cast on self. 
    When a second instance is cast on a target, then it will replace the first 
    Etymological Note: 
    Suffragium literally means "vote, political support" in Medieval Latin. 
    More recently, suffragium turned into suffrage, which means 
    (amongst other things) a short intercessory prayer usually in a series. 
    That is, praying to God on behalf of someone else.
    Active Skill
    Requires: Impositio Manus Level 2
    [LV][Casting Time Decrementt][SP]
      1       -15% 30secs         8
      2       -30% 20secs         8 
      3       -45% 10secs         8
    We go solo, no need for wizards and we can't use the skill for ourselves.
    [Turn Undead]=============================================================
    This skill only works on Undead property monsters, although it will cast 
    against other types of monsters. Has a 
    [(Skill Level*20)+LUK+INT+BaseLevel+(1-TargetHP/TargetMaxHP)*200]/1000%(max70%) 
    chance to do holy damage equal to current HP on an Undead property monster. 
    On failure, an Undead Property monster will take Holy property damage equal 
    to [Base Level + INT + Skill Level*10]. 
    This spell fails automatically against Boss monsters.
    Active Skill
    Requires: Lex Divina Level 3, Resurrection Level1
    Our mace had answered it all.
    - IX. Skill Builds -------------------------------------------------------
    [Acolyte Skill Builds]====================================================
    TIP: (Regardless of your pre-priest build)
    As soon as you change your job I recommend that you get atleast Lv.3 Heal
    at once then Lv5 Divine Protection and then Max Blessing and 
    Increase Agility to your planned level or simply MAX it. This is the way 
    I raised my acolyte and I find it easy to train this way.
    If you're going to make a Battle-Priest, I strongly recommend that you 
    train to Job50 so you can feel it's 100% effectiveness on solo-hunting.
    Again, Battle-Priests is at their maximum efficiency if have it change job
    at Job level 50 and is AGI based.
    [Ideal Battle-Acolyte Build]----------------------------------------------
    This is a Job50 Build.
    Has Lv.8 Inc. Agility (+10 AGI) and Warp Portal.
    Heal                 Lv.5
    Divine Protection    Lv.5
    Blessing             Lv.10
    Increase Agility     Lv.8
    Ruwach               Lv.1
    Teleport             Lv.2
    Warp Portal          Lv.4
    Pneuma               Lv.1
    Demon Bane           Lv.10
    Angelus              Lv.2
    Aqua Benedicta       Lv.1
    This skill build is perfect for all pre-requisite for a High Battle-Priest.
    Meaning this build can also be used by High Battle-Acolyte to 
    High Battle-Priest.
    Battle-Priest Skill Builds================================================
    [My Battle-Priest Skill Build]--------------------------------------------
    This skill build has its own special stat build to ensure its 100%
    effectiveness in solo-hunting.
    Impositio Manus     LV.5
    Kyrie Eleison       Lv.10
    Magnificant         Lv.5
    Aspersio            Lv.5
    Gloria              Lv.5
    Mace Mastery        Lv.10
    Lex Divina          Lv.5
    5	Impositio Manus
    10	Kyrie Eleison
    3	Magnificant
    5	Aspersio
    5	Gloria
    2	Magnificant
    10	Mace Mastery
    4 Remaining Skill Points.
    You could...
    MAX Increase Agility
    then have Heal to level 7 or have Cure and Status Recovery.
    This build was made to maul down Raydrics in the GH Chivalry, I comboed the
    build with a 3x Bloody Chain or a 2x Bloody Titan Chain added with all the
    buffing skills. 987-1008 Crits on Raydrics. Assuming your STR is at 77+.
    With the right weapons, this build can solo hunt almost anywhere in Midgard!
    - X. Stat Builds ---------------------------------------------------------
    As I mentioned before, I formulated this builds on a calculator. So these
    builds are 100% possible. This builds serve only as a reference for you
    guys out there.
    [THE Starting stats]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Like any other melee characters you can start with these:
    9 STR
    9 AGI
    5 VIT
    1 INT
    5 DEX
    1 LUK
    [STATS BUILD-UP]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    [BASIC BUILDS/COMMON BUILDS]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    These builds in this section are highly recommended and mostly used by
    players in my server and they proved to be good and competitive.
    [My Battle Build]---------------------------------------------------------
    This build is a Hybrid of STR/AGI with a little of VIT and DEX.
    This build is my personal favorite, in fact this Is the one that I am 
    using right now.
    How to Distribute:
    10 INT and STR then 20 VIT and 15 DEX and the rest is to AGI, 
    when you feel that your agi is high enough, raise your STR and
    DEX to 20 and then max your AGI out. 
    After maxing out AGI you may start building the other stats.
    [Battle-Priest Final Stats]
    Job Bonus at Monk Jlvl 50
    STR: 75 +5
    AGI: 84 +4
    VIT: 25 +5
    INT: 25 +5
    DEX: 46 +4
    LUK: 23 +7
    23+7 Luk add with 30 Luk from Gloria (60 total Luk). High enough for
    critting, add with Clip of Counters. But never use Crit Chain, the 
    normal atk damage output is just too weak.
    ~Suggested Equipments~
    Weapon R: +X 3x Carded Chains*, +X Elemental Stunners**
    Weapon L: +X Carded Buckler
    U. Head: +X STR+/AGI+ Headgear, or anything of your fancy ^_^
    M. Head: ??? (Phantom of Opera is strongly recommended.)
    L. Head: ??? (Phantom of Opera is strongly recommended.)
    Garment: +X Mocking/Immune Muffler
    Armor: +X Champion Saint's Robe or STR/AGI+ St.'s Robe
    Footwear: +X Witched Shoes (SP Regen is highly prioritized.)
    Athletic Belt x2 (if you do not have Clip of flash)
    Ring/Clip of Mustle x2
    Ring/Clip of Counter x2
    * 2 Racial Cards and 1 Size Modifier Card Compounded Chain
      EX: Double Bloody Boned Chain
    **Best for leveling, except for Dark Elems due to we will be forced
      to use a Carded Chain and Aspersio but attack damages will be more
      stronger due to the RACE, SIZE and ELEMENT bonuses.
    - XI. Possible Equipments ------------------------------------------------
    Here are the equipments that can be used by B.A.'s and B.P.'s.
    I don't recommend B.P.'s to use Books as weapons.
    [11.1 Maces]==============================================================
    NOTE: Maces are quite expensive, so be ready and have lots of fund!
    Attack: 23
    Cost: 120z
    Required Lvl: 2 
    Weapon Lvl: 1
    You should save some "Clubs" you pick up as a Novice because this is the
    only weapon in the beginning that can be equip by Acolytes. You can also
    get one through acquiring the Acolyte recommendation.
    Attack : 54
    Cost: 1,600z
    Required Lvl: 2
    Weapon Lvl: 1
    Get this if you have some money or if find using a +X Club hard to level.
    These maces are the most common mace-type weapon that are forged to become
    a elemental mace (VS and VVS Elemental Maces) that are usually prized at
    400K+ in pRO Economy (IRIS SERVER).
    Attack: 54
    Cost: 9,000z
    Required Lvl: 14
    Weapon Lvl: 2
    I recommend that you take a Chain or a Flail rather than this weapon.
    Attack: 69
    Cost: 16,000z
    Required Lvl: 14
    Weapon Lvl: 2
    if you cannot afford a Chain, this one is a good alternative.
    Attack: 84
    Cost: 23,000z
    Required Lvl: 14
    Weapon Lvl: 2
    Chains are the best Lv2 weapon for the mace class.
    NOTE: a Lv2 Weapon at is max safety level is much stronger compared
    to a lv3 weapon that hasn't received any upgrade. It may not be
    so obvious but compare the damages, both Min/Max but pay more
    attention on Minimum damage.
    Chains are the best mace to be carded. The best compounding is as follows:
    2 Race Cards and 1 Size Modifier.
    Against Raydrics: Double Bloody Titan Chain
    For PvP: Double Bloody Boned Chain
    This style will is slight stronger than the 3 Race cards combo, see it in the
    calc of Dashiva.
    [Morning Star]------------------------------------------------------------
    Attack: 110
    Cost: 41,000z
    Required Lvl: 27
    Weapon Lvl: 3
    I don't recommend you to buy one unless you do not have enough money to buy
    a Swordmace in Morroc. 
    Attack: 130
    Cost: 50,000z
    Required Lvl: 27
    Weapon Lvl: 3
    A cheaper mace, this one's the most common elemental lv3 mace.
    elemental stunners are way too expensive for others.
    Attack: 140
    Bonus: 10% Stun Chance
    Cost: 60,000z
    Required Lvl: 27
    Weapon Lvl: 3
    The strongest mace sold by NPCs, this is the best weapon to be made as
    VS or VVS elemental. Because you can stun the oppnent with the VS damage.
    [11.1.1 Exceptional Maces]================================================
    Attack: 85
    Bonus: Crit + 40% and decreases Def by 1/3
    Cost: ???
    Required Lvl: 40
    Weapon Lvl: 4
    Good for AGI and LUK builds of B.A. to B.P. Be sure that you have high
    enough flee rate so you can't feel the reduce defense penalty due enemies
    will always miss.
    [Golden Mace]-------------------------------------------------------------
    Attack: 110
    Cost: ??? Dropped by Golden Bug
    Required Lvl: 40
    Weapon Lvl: 4
    Good for Undead infested areas, works like a Silver enchanted weapon.
    [Mighty Staff]------------------------------------------------------------
    Attack: 130
    Bonus: +15% to Matk and +10 to STR, consumes 5 sp every hit
    Cost: NA Dropped by Dokebi
    Weapon Class: Rod
    Required Lvl: 24
    Weapon Lvl: 3
    The best special ROD. The bonus is nice, the penalty I think is somewhat
    not working.
    [Long Mace]---------------------------------------------------------------
    Attack: 135
    Bonus: Range + 3 and reduced damage by 10% from projectile attacks.
    Cost: ??? Dropped by Moonlight Flower
    Required Lvl: 40
    Weapon Lvl: 4
    Works like a spear because of the little range bonus and also good
    in places that have projectiles attacks.
    [Grand Cross]-------------------------------------------------------------
    Attack: 140, HOLY property
    Bonus: Auto-spell cast Level 3 Turn Undead
           Enables you to use Level 3 Turn Undead
           Regain 1 SP for every hit to an Undead monster
           Regain 3 SP for every Undead monster kill
    Cost: ??? 
    Required Lvl: 40
    Weapon Lvl: 4
    A lethal weapon once it's released in your server, much stronger than
    the two mentioned above because of the Holy Property.
    Attack: 145
    Bonus: +15% ATK vs. Undead monsters
           5% Bonus EXP when killing Undead monsters
           Low chance of sending an Undead monster into Coma state
    Cost: ??? 
    Required Lvl: 40
    Weapon Lvl: 4
    A very exceptional weapon because it can raise the amount of EXP you get.
    But I doubt that they will change the weapon's ability.
    Attack: 165
    Bonus: D+10% ATK vs. Undead, Demi-Human and Earth monsters
    Cost: ??? Dropped by Dark Priest
    Required Lvl: 40
    Weapon Lvl: 4
    Only good in PvP but not that good. Works like an elemental weapon.
    Attack: 250
    Bonus: DEX +40, STR +15 and Unlimited attack Haste
    Cost: ??? Made through a quest
    Required Lvl: 98
    Weapon Lvl: 4
    The "God like" Mace. A very very strong weapon to have but you need
    at least Blvl98 to equip one.
    - 11.3 Others  -----------------------------------------------------------
    Equipment 101=============================================================
    "Practical efficiency is common, and lofty idealism not uncommon; 
    it is the combination which is necessary, and the combination is rare."
                                          - Theodore Roosevelt   (1858 - 1919)
    Here's some reminders to keep in mind in choosing/buying your equipments.
    1)Prioritize your builds's need. Don't sacrifice efficiency over
    2)Only upgrade your slotted armors if you have an extra one.
      Try to have a +4 Mocking Muffler before attempting to make a
      +10 Mocking Muffler. AND if you're trying to over upgrade keep in mind 
      that DON'T COMPOUND CARDS before upgrading it. try to achieve your goal
      before compounding.
    3)Try to save things that you will be needing in the future.
    4)Be knowledgeable about equips.
    5)Elementals are more practical even though they are quite expensive.
      They deal more damage than conventional weapons, this kind of weapons
      are our bread and butter.
    - XII. Hunting as a Priest -----------------------------------------------
    This part was inspired by Captain FAI's ever great MVP FAQ and is also
    one of my favorite in-depth FAQ. Well I'll pattern this part of the guide 
    to his Hunter MVP guide since it will be almost the same as the Hunter's,
    but not how the way Hunters MVP.
    Battle-Priest is the best when it comes to hunting since we are into AGI.
    With all the buffs (Attack plus buffs.) we can take down mosnters as fast
    as hunters can but we don't need any partymates. That's a great plus!
    No sharing! They're all yours! We will tackle how we will use our skills
    for an effective hunting and weapons for hunting.
    What should Battle-Priest do when hunting?
    1) Bring enough rations (tons of center potions!).
    2) Like the Hunters, have Elite Chains and Elem Stunners/Sword Maces.
    3) BUFF yourself and ONLY yourself.
    4) MAUL 'em!
    [Hunting Skills]==========================================================
    - BLESSING must be 10 because +10 in your stat can contribute BIG in your
      damages and character effectiveness. 
    - INCREASE AGI must be 10 because Increase Agility will also raise your
      ASPD and of course your AGI and Flee rate.
    - IMPOSITIO MANUS should always be on everytime you will attack. 'nuff said.
    - MAGNIFICANT there should never a moment this skill is not casted on you
      while on the hunt. SP regenaration must be fast!
    - GLORIA if going for crit then make sure that you have this casted on you
      all the time when attackin.
    - KYRIE ELEISON same as Magnificant, there should never be a moment that
      this skill is not casted on you while in a hunt. This skill will make us
      last a little longer.
    - ASPERSIO should be casted on you if the weakness of the monster is HOLY
      and be sure to have a +X 2x Race and 1 Size modifier Carded Chain.
      Combined with Aspersio, you can deal HUGE amount of damage that most people
      won't expect from a support class /gg.
    - LEX DIVINA if the monster's skill posts a threat, then silence it, nuff said.
    [Elite Hunting Weapons]===================================================
    As Captain FAI says:
    "Most of the players think that just use 4 of the same cards and put it 
    in the bow and that's the strongest.
    Actually no! That's why this game has Elements and Types. The Elite MVP 
    Weapon is Race + Size Modifier Card."
    We must abuse of buffs, with an elite weapon, we could deal damages
    that most people don't expect from a support class. /gg
    Chain is the best mace to be carded.
    For monster that have an elemental weakness such as:
    Fire, Ice, Wind and Earth, then use an Elemental Swordmace/Stunner instead
    than a card compounded chain.
    - XIV. Card Collection ---------------------------------------------------
    Here are the cards that B.A.'s will find useful. They are classified
    by their placement. I have removed those "Banned" Cards or the cards
    that Gravity has removed from the game, but those who have already have it
    are lucky because monsters won't be dropping them anymore. ^_^
    Thank you for www.merchantguild.net for this card placement info.
    [14.1 Weapons]============================================================
    Anacondaq    Envenom          +20% damage on Poison Property   Bonus VS Elem
    Andre        Hurricane        ATK +20                          Substat Bonus
    Andre Larva  Smart            INT +1, Maximum SP +10           Stat Bonus
    Caramel      Insecticide      +20% damage on Insect Monsters   Bonus VS Race
    Desert Wolf  Gigantic         +15% damage on Small Monsters,   Bonus VS Size
                                   ATK +5
    Deviace      Aqua             +7% damage on Demi-Human, Brute, Bonus VS Race
                                   Plant and Insect Family Monsters
    Doppelganger of Verserk       +50 AGI, -50 Flee                Enchant Ability
    Drainliar    Saharic          +20% damage on Water Property    Bonus VS Elem 
    Drake        of Infinity      100% ATK all Size Monsters       Enchant Ability
    Drops        Dextrous         Dex +1, HIT +3                   Stat Bonus
    Earth Petite Dragoon          +20% damage on Dragon Monsters   Bonus VS Race
    Fabre        Vital            VIT +1, MaxHP +100               Stat Bonus
    Familiar     Blink            Blind Target: +5% success rate,  Status Ailment
                                   ATK +5
    F.Thiefbug   Shrewd           AGI +1, Flee +1                  Stat Bonus
    Flora        Fisher           +20% damage on Fish Monsters     Bonus VS Race
    Goblin       Clamorous        +20% damage on Brute Monsters    Bonus VS Race
    Hornet       Martyr           STR +1, ATK +3                   Stat Bonus
    Hunter Fly   Malicious        Regain +15% of the Damage        Enchant Ability
                                   Done on an enemy as HP: +3% success rate
    Hydra        Bloody           +20% damage on Demi-Human        Bonus VS Race
    Kaho         Underneath       +20% damage on Earth Property    Bonus VS Elem
    Lunatic      Lucky            LUK +1, Critical +1,             Sub&Stat Bonus
                                   Perfect Dodge +1
    Magnolia     Cursing          Curse Target: +5% success rate,  Status Ailment
                                   ATK +5
    Mandragora   Windy            +20% damage on Wind Monsters     Bonus VS Elem
    Marina       Ice              Freeze Target: +5% success rate, Status Ailment
                                   ATK +5
    Metaller     Silence          Silence Target: +5% success rate Status Ailemnt
                                   ATK +5
    Minorous     Titan            +15% damage on Large Monsters    Bonus VS Size
                                   ATK +5
    Mummy        Ancient          HIT +20                          Substat Bonus
    Orc Skel     Damned           +20% damage on Holy Monsters     Bonus VS Elem
    Peco2 Egg    Beholder         +20% damage on Formless Monsters Bonus VS Race
    Phreeoni     Perfect          Hit +100                         Substat Bonus
    Plankton     Drowsy           Sleep Target:+5% success rate    Status Ailment
                                   ATK +5
    Requiem      Chaos            Chaos Target: +5% success rate   Status Ailment
    Santa Poring Hallowed         +20% damage on Shadow Monsters   Bonus VS Elem
    Savage Bebe  Stun             Stun Target: +5% success rate,   Status Ailment
                                   ATK +5 
    Scorpion     Chemical         +20% damage on Plant Monsters    Bonus VS Race
    Sidewinder   Hybrid           Double Attack Level 1            Enchant Skill
    Skel Worker  Boned            +15% damage on Medium Monsters,  Bonus VS Size
                                   ATK +5 
    Skeleton     Keen             ATK +10,                         Substat Bonus
                                   Stun Target: +2% success rate
    Snake        Untouchable      Poison Attack: +5% success rate, Status Ailment
                                   ATK +5 
    Soldier Skel Critical         Critical +9%                     Substat Bonus
    Strouf       Decussate        +20% damage on Demon Monsters    Bonus VS Race
    Vadon        Flammable        +20% damage on Fire Monsters     Bonus VS Elem
    Wolf         Wolverine        ATK +15, Critical +1             Substat Bonus
    Zenorc       Venomer's        Poison Target: +4% success rate, Status Ailment
                                   ATK +10
    [14.2 Armor]==============================================================
    Angelring      Holy            Gives Armor Holy Property        Enchant Armor
    Argiope        Poisoning       Gives Armor Poison Property,     Enchant Armor
                                    DEF +1
    B. DesertWolf  of Desert       INT +1                           Stat Bonus 
    Bathory        Evil            Gives Armor Shadow Property      Enchant Armor
    Dokebi         of Zephyrus     Gives Armor Wind Property,       Enchant Armor
                                    DEF +1 
    Evil Druid     Deadly          Gives Armor Undead Property,     Enchant Armor
                                    INT +1, DEF +1 
    Ghostring      Ghost           Gives Armor Ghost Property,      Enchant Armor
                                    HP Recovery -25% (NYI) 
    Marc           Unfrozen        Immune to Freeze,                Immunity
                                    -5% damage from Water Property Attacks
    Orc Lord       Mirror          Reflect Damage: 30%              Enchant Ability
    Pasana         of Ifrit        Gives Armor Fire Property,       Enchant Armor
                                    DEF +1
    Pecopeco       of Ares         Maximum HP +10%                  Substat Bonus
    Picky          Extra           STR +1, ATK +10                  Sub&Stat Bonus 
    Picky Egg      Dynamic         VIT +1, Maximum HP +100          Sub&Stat Bonus
    Poring         Lucky           LUK +2, Perfect Dodge +1         Sub&Stat Bonus 
    Pupa           Hard            Maximum HP +700                  Sub&Stat Bonus
    Rocker         Skillful        DEX +1                           Sub&Stat Bonus
    Roda Frog      of Champion     Maximum HP +400, Maximum SP +50  Substat Bonus
    Sandman        of Gnome        Gives Armor Earth Property,      Enchant Armor
                                    DEF +1
    Savage         of Recovery     VIT +3                           Stat Bonus
    Steel Chon2    of Heman        DEF +2, -20% damage from Wind    Substat Bonus
    Swordfish      Aqua            Gives Armor Water Property,      Enchant Armor
                                    DEF +1
    Thiefbug       Speedy          AGI +1                           Stat Bonus
    [14.3 Garment]============================================================
    Bapho Jr.    of Rogue        AGI +3, Critical +1%                Stat Bonus
    Condor       Quick           Flee +10                            Substat Bonus
    Dustiness    of Warmth       -30% damage from Wind Property,     Resist Element
                                  Flee +5
    Frilldora    Guard           Cloaking Level 1                    Enchant Skill
    Hode         Glorious        -30% damage from Earth Property,    Resist Element
                                  Flee +5
    Isis         Divine          -30% damage from Shadow Property,   Resist Element
                                  Flee +5
    Jakk         Flameguard      -30% damage from Fire Property,     Resist Element
                                  Flee +5
    Marionette   of Ghost        -30% damage from Ghost Property,    Resist Element
                                  Flee +5
    Marse        Genie's         -30% damage from Water Property     Resist Element 
    Mist         Innoxious       -30% damage from Poison Property,   Resist Element
                                  Flee +5
    Orc Zombie   Angelic         -30% damage from Undead Property,   Resist Element
                                  Flee +5
    Raydric      Immune          -20% damage from Neutral Property   Resist Element
    Whisper      Mocking         Flee +20,                           Substat Bonus
                                  +50% damage from Ghost Property
    [14.4 Shoes]==============================================================
    Chonchon         Light                 AGI +1, Flee +2          Sub&Stat Bonus
    Eddga            Bearer's              Permanent Endure (NYI),  Enchant Ability
                                           Maximum HP -25%
    Eggyra           of Witch              SP Recovery +15%         Substat Bonus
    Male Thiefbug    of Hermes             AGI +2                   Stat Bonus
    Matyr            Green                 AGI +1, Maximum HP +10%  Stat Bonus
    Moonlight Flower Hasty                 Permanent "Fast-Move"    Enchant Ability
                           (+25% walking speed, does not stack with Increase AGI)
    Sohee            Soul-Enchanted        Maximum SP +15%,         Sub&Stat Bonus
                                           SP Recovery +3%
    Verit            Fledged               Maximum HP/SP +8%        Substat Bonus
    Zombie           of Health             HP Recovery +20%         Substat Bonus
    [14.5 Headgear]===========================================================
    Coco          of Sandman     Resist Sleep 20%, DEF +1     Resist Status Ailment
    Deviruchi     Adurate        Blind Immune, STR +1         Immunity
    Elder Willow  Erudite        INT +2                       Stat Bonus
    Ghoul         Viper's        -20% damage from Poison      Resist Element
                                  DEF +1
    Giearth       Order          Chaos Immune,                Immunity
                                  -15% damage from Earth Property
    Marduk        Peerless       Silence Immune               Immunity
    Martin        of Cleric      Resist Blind 20%, DEF +1     Resist Status Ailment
    Nightmare     Insomniac      Sleep Immune, AGI +1         Immunity
    Orc Hero      Neutral        Stun Immune, VIT +3          Immunity
    Stainer       of Aristotle   Resist Silence 20%, DEF +1   Resist Status Ailment
    Willow        Wise           Maximum SP +80               Substat Bonus
    [14.5 Shield]=============================================================
    Ambernite    of Athena       DEF +2                             Substat Bonus
    Horn Shield  Heavy           -35% damage from Projectile ATKs   Resist Damage
    Khalitzburg  from Hell       -30% damage from Demon             Resist Family
    Maya Shield  Reflect         Reflect Magic: 30% success rate    Enchant Ability
    Orc Warrier  Brutal          -30% damage from Brute             Resist Family
    Thara Frog   Cranial         -30% damage from Demi-Human        Rsisit Family
    [14.6 Accessory]==========================================================
    Cobold         of Counter        STR +1, Critical +4%           Stat Bonus 
    Kukre          Athletic          AGI +2                         Stat Bonus 
    Mantis         of Mustle         STR +3                         Stat Bonus 
    Marine Sphere  Blast             Magnum Break Level 3           Enchant Skill 
    Muka           Robust            HP Recovery +10%               Substat Bonus
    Obeaune        Cure              Cure Level 1                   Enchant Skill 
    Osiris         of Eternity       Have full HP/SP when revived   GODLINESS
    Phen           Under a Cast      Makes Magic Spells uninterruptible, 
                                      +25% Casting Delay            Enchant Ability
    Poison Spore   Poison            Envenom Level 1                Enchant Skill 
    Smokie         Hiding            Hiding Level 1                 Enchant Skill 
    Tarou          Double-Forced     STR +2                         Stat Bonus
    Wormtail       Clever            DEX +2                         Stat Bonus
    Yoyo           of Flash          AGI +1, Perfect Dodge +5       Sub&Stat Bonus
    Zerom          Nimble            DEX +3                         Stat Bonus
    - XV. Leveling Spots -----------------------------------------------------
    All the things I will mention here are from my experience as a B.A.
    for the 4th time. But this will also depend on your money, equipments,
    patience and friends as *Edge says.
    1-10: All monsters that in the map that is 1map away from cities.
    I recommend that you level up in the Sograt desert and battle those
    Drops, Condors, Pickies and Super Pickies.
    11-20: Go to the Rocker Fields and battle them or if you're daring you
    can always try the Ambernites. If you have yourself a good party or a
    friend that is in a high level you can ask him to tank you in the 
    Byalan island (I did this).
    21-30: Try the culverts if you want and also try Payon lv2. I stick to
    Byalan by this level until Blevel 50. ^_^ the place is good up to level 2
    that is. the aggressiveness is low and you can get yourself to rest.
    31-40: Stick to one place. I recommend Byalan or Orc Dungeon.
    41-50: By this time you'll feel the hard time leveling days. If you can
    try GH or still stick to the Swordie leveling places.
    Because usually places that swordies use to level are also good
    for BA's. If you have Mocking Muffler try training with Sohees just
    offensive bless 'em.
    51-60: Haaayy..... This is the semi-boring years I would say. If your AGI
    is high enough you could always try the Sohees. (Bonguns are a pain in the
    neck!) Again if you have Mocking Muffler you can try out the Nightmares
    in St.Abbey, Glast Heim. Just off. Bless Nightmare and Evil Druid, run
    away from Joker and bring your self a elem weapon atleast a Very Strong
    Elemental weapon.
    61-70: You can have your Job Change by these level if your going for the
    Jlvl50 Change. Stick to Sohees or Mummies if your daring.
    71-80: By this level, Try the GH or Alde Baran Dungeon and by the way...
    Your by yourself by now... It's up to you to find yourself a good leveling
    81+: 80+!? Why don't join our guild? hehehe ^_^ Try MVP'ng.
    - XVI. Flee Chart --------------------------------------------------------
    The New Flee Chart By Kula:
    The new and updated flee chart! As with the previous one, I did NOT make this!
    The number is how much flee you need to dodge 95% of the time (the maximum).
    078 - Turtle
    080 - Fabre(Fabre Forest)
    082 - Hugeling
    082 - Poring
    084 - Fabre
    086 - Lunatic
    088 - Picky
    088 - Raptice
    088 - Willow
    090 - Drops
    090 - Super Picky
    090 - Roda Frog
    090 - Santa Poring
    091 - Chon Chon
    092 - Eclipse
    092 - Thief Bug
    093 - Condor
    094 - Mastering
    094 - Savage Babe
    095 - Toad
    097 - Skeleton
    098 - Rocker
    098 - Spore
    100 - Dragon Fly
    100 - Hornet
    100 - Plankton
    102 - Kukre
    105 - Desert Wolf Baby
    105 - Zombie
    106 - Ambernite
    107 - Creamy
    108 - Martin
    108 - Poporing
    108 - Thief Bug Female
    110 - Muka
    110 - Tarou
    111 - Farmiliar
    115 - Golem
    115 - Peco Peco
    116 - Coco
    117 - Wolf
    118 - Andre
    118 - Poison Spore
    119 - Smokie
    120 - Big Foot
    120 - Pierre
    121 - Stainer
    122 - Shellfish
    123 - Goblin (Axe)
    123 - Mandragora
    123 - Orc Zombie
    125 - Marin
    125 - Megalodon
    125 - Pirate Skeleton
    125 - Steel Chon Chon
    126 - Yoyo
    127 - Aster
    129 - Goblin (Morning Star)
    129 - Hydra
    130 - Thief Bug Male
    130 - Vadon
    131 - Crab
    131 - Eggyra
    131 - Thara Frog
    132 - Argos
    132 - Marina
    133 - Elder Willow
    133 - Orc Skeleton
    133 - Orc Warrior
    133 - Smoking Orc
    134 - Anacondaq
    134 - Cornutus
    134 - Dustiness
    134 - Goblin (Mace)
    135 - Raggler
    135 - Vitata
    135 - Worm Tail
    136 - Caramel
    136 - Marine Sphere
    136 - Soldier Pierre
    137 - Cookie
    137 - Deniro
    137 - Soldier Andre
    138 - Goblin (Dagger)
    138 - Goblin Xmas
    138 - Savage
    139 - Sasquatch
    140 - Horn
    140 - Magnolia
    140 - Zerom
    143 - Kaho
    144 - Antique Firelock
    144 - Flora
    144 - Soldier Skeleton
    146 - Mantis
    146 - Metaller
    146 - Vocal
    147 - Ghoul
    147 - Skeleton Worker
    148 - Cookie Xmas
    149 - Vagabond Wolf
    150 - Hode
    150 - Kobold 5
    150 - Shinobi
    151 - Munak
    151 - Scorpion
    151 - Verit
    152 - Kobold 2(Mace)
    155 - Bongun
    155 - Kobold 4
    155 - Miyabi Ningyo
    155 - Rotar Zairo
    158 - Desert Wolf
    158 - Frilldora
    158 - Marse
    158 - Soldier Deniro
    158 - Strouf
    159 - Horong
    161 - Myst Case
    163 - Angeling
    163 - Kobold (Axe)
    165 - Ghostring
    165 - Goblin (Flail)
    166 - Myst
    166 - Sohee
    167 - Marc
    167 - Requiem
    167 - Swordfish
    168 - Giearth
    169 - Sandman
    169 - Whisper
    169 - Whisper(Giant)
    169 - Whisper Boss
    170 - Matyr
    171 - Brilight
    172 - Argriope
    174 - Tri Joint
    175 - Boa
    175 - G Mummy
    175 - Goblin Archer
    175 - Mummy
    175 - Orc Lady
    177 - Dokebi
    177 - Drainliar
    178 - Rafflesia
    178 - Wild Rose
    179 - Minorous
    179 - Nereid
    180 - Obeaune
    182 - Chepet
    182 - Zenorc
    183 - Choco
    183 - Punk
    184 - Bathory
    184 - Deviance
    185 - Antonio
    185 - Karakasa
    185 - Marionette
    185 - Mutant Dragon
    185 - Steam Goblin
    187 - Blazzer
    187 - Driller
    187 - Explosion
    188 - Jakk
    188 - Jakk Xmas
    188 - Nightmare
    189 - Hunter Fly
    189 - Phen
    190 - Isis
    193 - Marduk
    193 - Petit(Sky)
    194 - Demon Pungus
    194 - Gig
    194 - Kobold (Morning Star)
    194 - Stem Worm
    195 - Pest
    196 - Archer Skeleton
    196 - Cramp
    196 - Raydric
    197 - Greatest General
    197 - Injustice
    197 - Kapha
    197 - Laib Olmai
    197 - Sageworm
    198 - Petit(Earth)
    199 - Alligator
    199 - Geographer
    200 - Archangeling
    200 - Cruiser
    200 - Zombie Prisoner
    201 - Evil Druid
    201 - Fake Angel
    201 - Mimic
    202 - Galapago
    202 - Giant Hornet
    202 - The Paper
    203 - Dragon Tail
    203 - Giant Spider
    203 - Iron Fist
    203 - Skeleton Prisoner
    204 - Grand Peco
    205 - Creamy Fear
    205 - Pasana
    206 - Killer Mantis
    206 - Zombie Dragon
    207 - Apocalips
    207 - Fur Seal
    207 - Gullinbursti
    207 - Permeter
    208 - Caterpillar
    208 - Deviruchi
    208 - Goblin Leader
    208 - Kobold Archer
    208 - Scorpion King
    209 - Arclouse
    209 - Filamentous
    209 - High Orc
    210 - Spring Rabbit
    210 - Stalactic Golem
    211 - Carat
    211 - Elder
    211 - Goat
    211 - Khalitzburg
    211 - Tengu
    211 - Wind Ghost
    212 - Deleter(Earth)
    212 - Mobster
    213 - Clock Tower Manager
    213 - Deleter(Sky)
    213 - Diabolic
    213 - Gajomart
    213 - Grizzly
    213 - Merman
    214 - Freezer
    214 - Heater
    214 - Zombie Master
    215 - Megalith
    215 - Nine Tail
    215 - Panzer Goblin
    216 - Dark Priest
    216 - Sea Otter
    217 - Kobold Leader
    217 - Sleeper
    218 - Alarm
    218 - Baphomet Jr.
    219 - Am Mut
    219 - Dark Frame
    219 - Harpy
    219 - Mistress
    219 - Solider
    220 - Chimera
    222 - Ancient Mummy
    223 - Ancient Worm
    223 - Rybio
    223 - Wraith
    224 - Drake
    224 - Golden Thief Bug
    225 - Anubis
    225 - Clock
    225 - Phendark
    225 - Skeleton General
    226 - Majoruros
    228 - Executioner
    228 - Lava Golem
    229 - Owl Duke
    230 - Eddga
    230 - Joker
    230 - Nightmare Terror
    231 - Medusa
    232 - Mini Demon
    233 - Sidewinder
    234 - Soldier Guardian
    235 - Anolian
    237 - Alice
    237 - Cat O Nine Tail
    237 - Moonlight
    238 - Maya
    239 - Incubus
    239 - Osiris
    243 - Garm
    245 - Dracula
    245 - Owl Baron
    246 - Assaulter
    246 - Maya Puple
    249 - Dark Illusion
    249 - Gargoyle
    249 - Orc Archer
    249 - Succubus
    251 - Violy
    254 - Dark Lord
    254 - Riding Word
    256 - Sting
    257 - Orc Hero
    257 - Pharaoh
    259 - Orc Lord
    262 - Gryphon
    263 - Zherlthsh
    264 - Wraith Dead
    268 - Penomena
    269 - Lord of Death
    272 - Doppelganger
    272 - Reydric Archer
    274 - Phreeoni
    276 - Baphomet
    276 - Wanderer
    277 - Turtle General
    278 - Tirfing
    279 - G Assaulter
    282 - Bloody Knight
    282 - Stormy Knight/Knight of Windstorm
    286 - Knight Guardian
    289 - Abysmal Knight
    290 - Werewolf
    310 - Mysteltainn
    314 - Archer Guardian
    - XVII. FAQ's ------------------------------------------------------------
              "He who errs should be taught and not ridiculed."
                                                          - Anonymous   
                                                            Philippine proverb.
    Q:Some basic equips for Battle-Priest?
    A: (From RO-Universe, Hellsing.Laine)
    For the monks, they have two options to choose from – a mace or a fist.
    - Higher reusability from acolyte/battle priests
    - More damage
    - Safer to upgrade. As its possible to get more than 1 chain.
    - More suitable for Manual Cast Asura/ Manipulate Spirit Sphere/Psychic Wave
    - Better slot for cards
    - Pupa: 700 More life. More suitable for those that have low or no vitality.
      (But YOU must have atleast 25+ Vit in your Build!)
    - Roda Frog: Adds less Hit Points than both pecopeco/pupa but gives a slight 
      SP boost.
    - Picky/Thief Bug Card, good for STR/AGI bonus.
    - Raydric against hunter/assassin/blacksmith
    - Whisper against low dex (Very rare to have low dex in PvP scenarios…)
    - Dustiness against wizards. Allows higher survivability against Freeze/JT
    - Verit: Very versatile. Adds a total of 8% to HP/SP (Corrected)
    - Martyr: Adds a total of 10% HP and 1 agility. (Good only for VITs)
    - Sohee: An asura strike gear, very rare to use this as HP is more favored 
      than SP. (Great to have due it will have a +3% SP regen bonus)
    - Eggyra: For SP regeneration.
    - Buckler with Thera Frog -30% from Demi-Human type is non-negotiable.
    - Ambernite Card. (Adds defense, good for normal leveling.)
    - Other -30% damage cards compoundable on shields.
    Dependent on the build that you have chosen. The
    masquerade which adds 3% damage against human-types
    and the Poo Poo hat which reduces damage by 10% are
    some good options. Here some good ones.
    - Biretta or any Headgear with Willow card.
    - Magician Hat
    - Solar God Helm (STR+ is really good!)
    - Ghost Bandanna
    Q: Can you give me some ideas on Equips?
    A: See below.
    Weapon R: +X VVS Elem Swordmace/Stunner (leveling only)
              +X slotted 2race, 1size Chain. (For Aspersio combination)
    Weapon L: +X Cranial Buckler (PvP/GvG purposes.)
              +X Buckler of Athena (Normal leveling purposes)
              +X -30% damage from race compounded shield.
    U. Head: +X Wise Biretta (SP plus is good.)
             +X AGi/STR Headgear (Bonus is good.)
    M. Head: ??? (Phantom of Opera)
    L. Head: ??? (Phantom of Opera)
    Garment: +X Mocking Muffler (This is where you get +flee due to
             AGI is not recommended to be maxed out.)
             +X Immune Muffler (For VIT Monks.)
             +X Rogue Muffler (Crit only.)
    Armor: +X Champion Saint's Robe (+HP and +SP.)
           +X Extra Saint's Robe (Additional STR is good.)
           +X Speedy Saint's Robe (+1 AGI)
           +X Saint's Robe of Ares (+10% HP, good when you're in Blvl80+.)
           +X Hard Saint's Robe (+700 HP, good for those who lack HP)
    Footwear: +X Soul-Enchanted Shoes (SP regen and SP plus)
              +X Fledged Shoes (+8% to HP & SP)
              +X Green Shoes (AGI +1 & +10% HP, Good for AGis.)
    Athletic Belt x2 (Good starter accessory.)
    Brooch/Clip of Flash x2 (Extra dodging.)
    Ring/Clip of Mustle x2 (Good in the latter part of your Monk life.)
    Ring/Clip of Counter x2 (Great for Crits.)
    - XVIII. Contact Me ------------------------------------------------------
    I Accept emails especially if you want to contribute to this guide.
    If you happen to be online in pRO you can whisper me.
    I'm in the Iris Server my character names are:
    Battle-Maiden_Aimo (Battle-Priest) I love acolyte class! but no to FS!
    Battle-Maiden_Reginleif (Merchant)
    Xcelsion (Combo-Asura Monk)
    I will be glad to answer your questions.
    Basta hindi ako busy...
    Copied from Mad Monarch Gyl
                             * E-Mail/Contacts Policy -
       Why'd I suddenly summon a E-Mail/Contacts Policy section? Simply to
    categorize every mail that I've been receiving from those that are possibly
    either a Virus or something bad. I would suggest you follow the following 
    things below so as to quickly get a reply off the day or two after you 
    mailed me. Yes! I'm that quick on replying mails as I don't want my Inbox
    to be so filled and to make my browser go faster when checking things out.
    Anyway here are the list of Do's and Don'ts doing something that is on
    either the Do's/Don'ts list will seriously affect the odds of you getting
    a reply so I suggest you follow them as simple rules are applied.
    Before everything else, please try to read the comments before mailing
    because your inquiry maybe already answered. Please read with understanding.
    *- E-Mails -*
    Do’s and Don’ts
    1.  Only send me questions that can't be found on my guide. I will be more
        happy to help you in this case.
    2.  Try to be specific in defining something or when stating what had
        So I won't be e-mailing you back for some questions that'll simply 
        consume our precious time.
    4.  Check the latest version of the guide before sending in any questions,
        chances are that your question might be answered in the newest version of
        the guide.
    5.  If I happen to not reply after three or so days than e-mail me again 
        nicely and I'll reply ASAP.
    7.  Don't be persistent, don't e-mail me the very same question that I've
        already answered.
    8.  Don't send me nonsense e-mails like "How much is..." "Can you buy me 
    9.  Be nice! Don't use bad words in your mail.
    10. No Chain Mails!
        Doing anything that isn't allowed will automatically make your address be
        blocked from any future mail you might possibly send.
    As noted by Weggy:
    - DON'T OPEN E-MAIL ATTACHMENTS... EVER!  Unless you talk to someone who says
      "I'm going to send you a file called blahblah.jpg", never ever open them,
      even if they are from someone you know.  This is the #1 way virii and other
      nasty things are spread.
      Some Virus E-Mails sends by themselves through the people in your
      address book. Just don't open Attachments especially if it is a .zip/.exe
      they are likely to be a virus.
    - XVII. Thank You to all --------------------------------------------------
    ----------- FRIENDSSSSS ONLINE ----------------
    l Elites l
    	The new merged guild of the famous CMAT alliance,
    	I love this guild and I will never desert this guild!
    	Super Swordie Ver. 1.0 of MESF: The Brood
            My Bro Online. I hate his crusader! I can't beat hus avatar!
    	Super Acolyte MESF Style.
            He may look like a low leveled Acolyte but he is not!
            Currently he is hiting the 80's bracket with Ikamuni?
    	The only monk I look up to.
    ---------------------- SPECIAL CONTRIBUTION ------------------------------
    ------------------------- SPECIAL THANKS ---------------------------------
    Mad Monarch Gyl (evil_tyrant_gyl@hotmail.com)
    	-For his great guide that really helps Battle Acolytes alot!
    	Thanks also for displaying my name on your guide. 
    	Most of the build that I got was from him. One of his build up 
    	led me to produce the pre-Monk Stats build. THANK YOU PARE!!! =p
    Edge*	(icesanmig@yahoo.com)
    	-For letting me copy and use his format for my guide.
    	Thanx! a Lotz!
    	For having his most updated Flee chart.
    	-Thank You for helping us (RO Players) by the means of your 
    	ever great FAQ/Guide. Maybe I should call you "The Oracle".
    Level Up (http://www.level-up-games.com)
    	-For getting the game into the Philippines.
    	-For developing and making the game.
    Lee Myoung-Jin
     	-Because of her Manga, Ragnarok Online was born.
    	Lee's manhwa is very amusing to read and the drawings are sooo
    	great! How I wish I have all the Volumes...
    Gamefaqs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    	-For hosting this guide and all the other guides also.
    	This site is my primary source of gaming knowledge.
    	-For Running that AWESOME site the world calls "Gamefaqs".
    	-For all the Alt. 2nd Job skill list
    	-Thanks for all the wonderful things we can see in your
    	 wonderful site!!!
    	-Ya I know Ricky.. WE LOVE YOUR SITE!
    	-Too many to mention.
    	-if you REAL indepth info regarding calculation and RO databases
    	 just give em a visit and you'll know how much they can offer.
    	All the Skill Description is owned by the following.
    	Gravity Interactive LLC. 
    	Gravity Corp.& Lee Myoungjin.
    - XVII. Unlegal ----------------------------------------------------------
    This FAQ was originated on www.gamefaqs.com.  You will always find the most
    up-to-date version there. Please post this on your website. 
    If you are going to use any information in this guide, please do credit me or
    the contributor (if it was contributed, THEN YOU MUST CREDIT THE CONTRIBUTOR.
    and you can forget about me.) Although it isn't necessary to Email me, 
    I would like to check out your site if your going to put it there ^_^.  
    I only have 2 conditions: You do not sell this FAQ for personal profit, 
    or post it on websites condoning or providing RO hacks, bots, scams, or 
    anything else evil in the world.
    Thank you for reading our FAQ/GUIDE.
    This won't be called a guide with out anyone being guided. 
    Thank you.
    -Calx Zinra
    Online Contact:
    Xcelsion (Combo-Asura Monk)
    Battle-Maiden_Aimo (Battle-Priest)
    Battle-Maiden_Reginleif (Byalan & Geffen Super Merch. Shop "PRESYONG NOBIS™")
    ALL IN IRIS SERVER pRO (Philippine Ragnarok Online)
    (Too many characters, so little time.)

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