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    Battlesmith Guide by killeroflight

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    The Battlesmith
    By: Finrod
    This guide will require you to have BASIC knowledge of iRO before
    reading. I will NOT be adding all this “how to open hotkeys” crap.
    Please Note: This is my first guide posted on GameFaqs. Any
    criticism is allowed, but please do not get all “in my face” about
    problems that are in here.
    ____Table of Contents______________________________________________
    1) Introduction
    2) Updates
    3) Gears
         2a VIT Smith
         2b AGI Smith
    4) Cards
    	4a Helm
    	4b Armor
    	4c Weapons
    	4d Shield
    	4e Footwear
    	4f Garment
    	4g Accessory
    		a) Skill
    		b) Stat
    5) Starting Out
    6) Stat Builds
         5a Common VIT Smith
         5b Finrod’s Build
         5c Hybrid Smith
         5d AGI Smith
         5e AGI/Crit
         5f VIT/Crit
    7) Skills
    8) Skill Builds
    9) Job Bonuses
    10) Master Smith
    11) Weapon and Armor card combos
    12) Using your Battlesmith
    13) About the Author
    14) Legal Crap
    1) Introduction
    The Battlesmith... One of the most forgotten classes in the game. Sure,
    you may say otherwise, but most blacksmiths out there are Forgesmiths.
    The Battlesmith is one of the strongest melee classes if built right.
    2) Updates
    November 23rd, Allowed www.neoseeker.com to post my guide, updated and
    		fixed some spelling and skill descriptions.
    November 19st, Accepted by GameFAQs. Updated a bit.
    April 1, 2005 – Submitted to GameFaqs... for the 5th time...
    3) Gears
    I list +4 on the poor mans gears by using the iRO Sakray
    pricing of Eluminum(roughly 55k ea). The gear does
    not have to be +4/5, but I highly recommend it.
    3a The VIT/Hybrid Smith
    Ah yes, the VIT smith, which IMO is one of the best forms of
    a Battlesmith. These smiths can get 11k+ HP with the right gears,
    as well as 173 ASPD with an Axe because of their skills.
    The Hybrid smith can use these gears if he wants, but I recommend
    using the AGI smiths gears instead.
    The Poor Man’s Gears
    The following is a BASIC gear list for PvM and PvP/WoE.
    Weapon: +5 Sword mace, or +5 Two handed Axe.
    Armor: +4 Chain mail or Saints Robe for WoE/PvP
    Shield: +4 Buckler with a Race card in it if you are using a 1h Weapon.
    Shoes: +4 Boots
    Garment: +4 Manteau
    Accessories: 2x Ring/Necklace or 2x Tarou Belt/Clip
    Head: +4 Orc Helm or +4 Gemmed Sallet
    Middle/Lower Head: What ever floats your boat.
    Gears you will NEED/The Rich Man’s Gears
    The following is the GOOD gear list for PvM/PvP/WoE.
    Weapon: +10 2x Race 2x Size Axe
    Armor: +4 or higher Pupa or PecoPeco Saints Robe or Chain mail.
    Shield: +4 or higher Buckler with a Race card in it.
    Shoes: +4 or higher Boots with Matyr or Verit Card in it,
    choose witch ever you want, it only affects your max HP and max SP.
    Garment: +4 or higher Immune Manteau (Raydric Card)
    Accessories: 2x Mantis Clips, or 2x Mantis Rings or 2x Mantis Rosaries.
    Head: +4 Bone Helm/PooPoo Hat for WoE/PvP
    Middle/Lower: What ever floats your boat. I would recommend
    a Masquerade or Welding Mask though.
    3b The AGI/Hybrid Smith
    Ahh yes, the AGI smith. I am not a fan of this build because it
    has literally no flee at all. It relies on their DEF and ASPD
    for killing; as well as a dedicated priest to heal/potions.
    The Poor Man’s Gears
    The following is a BASIC gear list for PvM and PvP/WoE.
    Weapon: +5 Sword mace, or +5 Two handed Axe.
    Armor: +4 Chain mail or Saints Robe for WoE/PvP
    Shield: +4 Buckler with a Race card in it if you are using a 1h Weapon.
    Shoes: +4 Boots
    Garment: +4 Mocking Manteau/Muffler (Whisper Card)
    (this is MANDATORY for this class)
    Accessories: 2x Ring/Necklace or 2x Tarou Belt/Clip
    Head: +4 Orc Helm or +4 Gemmed Sallet
    Middle/Lower Head: What ever floats your boat.
    Gears you will NEED/The Rich Man’s Gears
    The following is the GOOD gear list for PvM/PvP/WoE.
    Weapon: +10 2x Race 2x Size Axe
    Armor: +4 or higher Pupa or PecoPeco Saints Robe or Chain mail.
    Shield: +4 or higher Bucker with a Race card in it.
    Shoes: +4 or higher Boots with Matyr or Verit Card in it,
    choose witch ever you want, it only affects your max HP and max SP.
    Garment: +4 or higher Immune Manteau(Raydric Card)/+4 or higher
    Mocking Manteau (Whisper Card) depending on the situation.
    Accessories: 2x Mantis Clips, or 2x Mantis Rings or 2x Mantis Rosaries.
    Head: +4 Bone Helm/PooPoo Hat for WoE/PvP
    Middle/Lower: What ever floats your boat. I would recommend a
    or Welding Mask though.
    4) Cards
    In this section I will list the different cards that benefit the
    Battlesmith and which item they compound in.
    There really aren’t any cards that I would suggest to put into
    a helm. But… if you need them, here it is:
    Deviruchi - +1 STR, Complete Blind Resistance.
    Nightmare - +1 AGI, Complete Sleep resistance.
    Willow - +80 SP. (that’s SIXTEEN more Mammonites in WoE.)
    Grand Peco Card – Allows use of Gloria 1 when hitting (+3 VIT and +3 DEF
    			if Equipped with a Peco Peco Card.)
    These are where they cards count. These will add HP or make you
    un-freezable or anything else. I won’t be listing Mini-boss
    cards or MVP cards because they are very hard to obtain.
    Pupa - +700 HP
    PecoPeco - +10% HP
    Dokkibi – Enchant armor with Wind Element
    Pasana – Enchant armor with Fire Element
    Sandman – Enchant armor with Earth Element (May seem useless,
    but people are catching onto a Hunters landmine traps… they hurt.)
    Picky - +1 STR, +10 ATK (not recommended for reaching a STR bonus.)
    Marc – Complete Freeze resistance.
    Swordfish – Enchant armor with the Water Property
    These cards are what make you dish out a lot of Damage in
    PvP/WoE or with an Endow and killing the opposite element.
    Hydra – +20+ damage to the Demi-Human Race
    Andre - +20 ATK
    Caramel - +20% damage to the Insect race.
    Desert Wolf - +15% damage to Small size monsters, +5 ATK
    Drainliar - +20% damage to Water elemental monsters.
    Earth Petit - +20% damage to Dragon Monsters.
    Flora - +20% damage to the Fish race.
    Goblin - +20% damage to the Brute race.
    Kaho - +20% damage to Earth Elemental monsters.
    Mandragora - +20% damage to Wind Elemental monsters.
    Minorous - +15% damage to Great (Huge) sized monsters.
    Mummy - +20 HIT
    Orc Skeleton - +20% damage to Holy elemental monsters.
    PecoPeco Egg - +20% damage to the Formless race.
    Santa Poring - +20% damage to Shadow elemental monsters.
    Scorpion - +20% damage to the Plant race.
    Skeleton Worker - +15% damage on Medium sized monsters, +5 ATK
    Soldier Skeleton - +9 CRIT
    Vadon - +20% damage to Fire elemental monsters.
    There cards really help when you are in the dungeon that the
    effect gives the best effectiveness or when there is no card to
    reduce damage, the HP cards are better.
    Ant Egg- +5% HP (better than TBE when you have more than 8100 HP)
    Bigfoot - -30% damage from Insect race monsters.
    Horn - -30% damage from Long-ranged attacks.
    Khalitzburg - -30% damage from Demon race monsters.
    Orc Warrior - -30% damage from Brute race monsters.
    Rafflesia - -30% damage from Fish race monsters.
    Sky Petit - -30% damage from Dragon Monsters.
    Thara Frog - -30% damage from Demi-Human race monsters.
    Thief Bug Egg - +400 HP
    Chon chon - +1 AGI, +2 Flee
    Male Thief Bug - +2 AGI
    Matyr - +1 AGI, +10% HP
    Verit - +8% HP/SP
    Zombie - +10% HP Regeneration
    Firelock Soldier - +2 STR (+10% HP/SP when compounded in +9 or
    			 +10 Footwear)
    There are not many cards in this category, and not many that
    are really that effective.
    Baphomet Jr. - +3 AGI, +1% CRIT
    Condor - +10 FLEE
    Dustiness - +30% resistance from Wind attacks, +5 Flee
    Frilldora – Enables level 1 Cloak
    Hode - +30% resistance from Earth attacks, +5 flee
    Jakk - +30% resistance from Fire attacks, +5 flee
    Marse - +30% resistance from Water attacks, +5 flee
    Raydric - -20% from Neutral attacks.
    Whisper - +20 Flee, take 50% more damage from ghost property attacks.
    These cards are really just get extra skills or +1-3 to a
    certain stat. Some are a must though.
    Skill Giving Cards
    Horong – Sight 1
    Joker – Steal 1
    Marina Sphere – level 3 Magnum Break
    Obeaune – Cure 1
    Poison Spore – level 3 Envenom
    Poporing – Detoxify 1
    Smokie – Hiding 1
    Vitata – Heal 1
    Stat Giving
    Kobold – 4% Crit, 1 STR
    Kukre - +2 AGI
    Mantis - +3 STR (A must for most builds)
    Spore - +2 VIT
    Tarou - +2 STR
    Yoyo - +5 Perfect Dodge, +1 AGI (Great for tanking mobs with a
    5) Starting Out
    Because the Battlesmith requires you to have at least zeny
    to upgrade gears and provide a lot of potions, I would expect you
    have made another character before this to amass about 1 million zeny
    for supplies.
    Ok, the life of a Battlesmith novice is pretty easy. You want to start
    With 9 STR, 9 AGI, 5 VIT and 5 DEX for ANY build you will choose
    or modify from any of mine below.
    Start off by taking the novice center crap and getting to level 5/7(?).
    This makes it much easier to level because they have gotten you to 5/7
    in a matter of minutes. I would suggest taking about 50 red potions and
    heading to rockers once you get out of the Novice Grounds crap and
    just killing those if you have a +7 Blade/Main Gauche/Axe/Mace. A 4x
    Boned or 4x Dexterous Blade/MG/Axe/Mace is your best bet here for
    the extra damage or hit. Once you hit 10 job, head to Alberta.
    Go to the building in the bottom left corner of the map and talk to
    the guy in that room and follow his orders.
    Ok, leveling a merchant is not exactly the most fun thing to do now
    with Hodes using hide all the time. But first off, go back to Rockers
    for a few levels, then start to kill Poporings for a bit until you are
    level 20 if you have an Ice Weapon, or 25 if you don’t. Then go to
    Payon. 1 east then 1 south of Payon Is Elder
    Willows. Bring red potions or which ever potion color floats your boat.
    Kill these until about level 35-40, this will come quickly even on
    Chaos/Loki/Iris. After you reach this level, grab yourself a Fire Weapon
    and head over to Hodes which are 2 south and 1 east of Morocc. If you
    don’t have a Fire Weapon, go to Morocc anyways but instead use the
    Kafra to warp to Comodo and go 1 east of there. If you chose to go to
    Hodes then bring some potions with you (yes, whichever
    potion floats your boat) and pound the crap out of Hodes. I would
    recommend a Fire sword mace or Fire Tsurugi, but I like Sword mace
    better because it is usable by Battlesmith skills as well. If you
    chose to go to Comodo, bring which ever potion color floats your boat
    and beat Thara Frogs and Megolodons to hell with which ever
    non fire/water weapon you have that is strongest. If you were at Hodes,
    and you have a Brutal Buckler/Guard, head 1 map east again around level
    50 +/- and beat on Sandmen, they are great EXP until 40 job. If you
    chose to do Comodo, then from about level 45 you too can move on to
    Hodes until 40 job, but not Sandmen unless you have a Fire Weapon that
    is level 2 or 3 and a Brutal Buckler/Guard now. Alternatively, you could
    research other places to level in, these are just suggestions about some of
    the better ones. After reaching 40 job merchant you can FINALLY move onto
    becoming a Blacksmith (whoopee!). Mosey on over to good ol’ Geffen and go
    to the house that is at roughly 5 o’clock from the center of Geffen in the
    OUTER ring. Talk with the guy in the Cowboy looking hat and follow his
    directions. Its not really a hard test, just long and semi-expensive.
    After turning Blacksmith you should go right back to where you were
    previously. Once you have Adrenaline Rush and Power Thrust maxed out
    you can head to either Toy Factory level 2 or Coal Mines level 3 and
    kill stuff there. Both places are decent EXP and loot until level
    65ish. This is where it can become expensive to be a Blacksmith.
    Because the class’s best armor is a Lord’s Cloth (8 def, +1 INT and 5
    MDEF) or the Chain mail (8 def) you MUST HAVE a Cranial Buckler from
    this point on. From level 65+ you can do Geffen High Orcs (warp to Orc
    Dungeon from Prontera or Geffen and go 1 west) until level 70+. I
    HIGHLY suggest you bring an ICE elemental Weapon. If you cannot afford
    a Cranial Buckler, buy an ice Two handed Axe and use that, or go to
    Minorous with a Brutal Buckler (Sphinx Basement 1, keep going south in
    Thief Guild Entrance), or DON’T leave Geffen High Orcs until 75+ and have
    a Cranial Buckler and ice 1h Weapon. After reaching the goals mentioned
    in the previous sentences, head to Alde Baran. You WILL need a Priest for
    where you are going. There are no if, ands or buts about this. Alde Baran
    High Orcs (Clock Tower Basement 3) is infested with Arclouze and Brighlights.
    These do not lose damage dealt to you from a Cranial Buckler because they
    are Insects. I also highly suggest having Cart Revolution for this place,
    for it has very large mobs of monsters. I would recommend this place from
    level 70(75 in some cases) until 99 if you wish. It WILL become
    tedious, and boring; but this place is easy EXP considered to
    other spots. If you get bored with High Orcs, try out Chivalry
    in Glhast Heim with a Priest and Aspersio. Alternatively, if you have a
    lot of potions you wish to use up, and lots of Key of the Underground,
    you can go to Bathories which are located in Clock Tower Basement 4 which
    is accessed by going to Penomena’s (CT Basement 3) and going to the bottom
    right, in the lowest part of the maze on that map. These are easy to kill,
    and fast EXP when you mob them. Only one downside; they have a skill that
    snares you in your spot and you cannot move for about 1 minute. You can
    still attack monsters, but more than likely the monster that snared you in
    this will be far away and not to mention that you usually get position bugged
    and cannot attack the monsters that are currently hitting you anyways. There
    is also a spot called Sphinx 4 that you could go to. This place inhabits
    Minorous and Pasana. It is easy to kill things here as everything is weak to
    Water element except Mimic. Only one downside. Both Minorous and Pasana hit
    hard, use elemental bashes for 1k+ base damage, and here’s the worst part,
    they are opposite races. This means that you need to bring both a Brutal
    (Orc Warrior) Buckler and a Cranial Buckler. This means that you will do a
    lot of buckler switching and a lot of potion spamming. The EXP here is like
    taking EXP from Minorous but you just have to add in Pasana EXP. It comes
    out to roughly the same as Bathories, but you do not need a Key of the
    Underground to access it.
    Please note: All stat builds here require you have 2x Mantis
    accessory and Crazy Uproar. As well, I would like you all to note
    that I usually recommend getting your DEX to 38 right away. It
    really helps with leveling in the early times, and the later ones
    as well.
    VIT Builds
    6a Common VIT Smith
    Your common VIT smith, I recommend this to those who cannot afford to
    take as much damage at the beginning.
    STR: 94/92*+6
    AGI: 12+3
    INT: 1+2
    VIT: 92/94+6
    DEX: 38+12
    LUK: 1+2
    Building it up:
    STR 20
    DEX 20
    VIT 50
    STR 40
    VIT 80
    DEX 38
    STR 50
    VIT 94/92
    STR 94/90
    Final HP: 9878/9978 (Please note: all HP is based on the BASE amount,
    			  not with gear.)
    Final SP: 418 (Again, base SP is without any gear equipped.)
    Final ASPD: 170(.5) (And again, this is with no buffs and no gear on but
    			   an Axe.)
    I know these seem to be pretty linear, but this works, and it makes it
    easier to level on. You can tweak it to your liking though.
    *Please not that this requires the use if 2x Ring of Muscle, and does
    not allow for stat increasing accessories to be worn.
    Pros: High HP, high damage, pretty much 100% on everything that you can solo.
    Easy to level as a Blacksmith.
    Cons: Low ASPD, slow leveling as a merchant.
    6b Finrod (me)’s Build
    This is the build that my Battlesmith Finrod’s Revenge followed; I must
    give credit to my great ex-leader for this kick ass build though, for
    he thought it up (LONG LIVE LORDS OF THE ONYX TOWER!!).
    STR: 94+6
    AGI: 36+3
    VIT: 83+6
    INT: 1+2
    DEX: 38+12
    LUK: 1+2
    Final HP: 9878
    Final SP: 418
    Final ASPD: 176
    Building it up
    I want you ALL to read this. This build is a very difficult one to
    level up in the low levels. I only recommend this build to those who
    have very good gears.
    DEX 38
    Str 94
    VIT 83
    AGI 36
    Yes, in that order you get them, I know this sounds stupid, but believe
    me, it works, and works well.
    Pros: HUGE damage, High HP, pretty much 100% hit on all solo-able monsters.
    Easy leveling as both merchant and blacksmith.
    Cons: Low ASPD, not good at mobbing until the high 70s to low 80s.
    6c Hybrid Smith
    These smiths are largely considered to be the ‘best’ blacksmiths. They
    have a decent ASPD, medium VIT and hit hard. But I still prefer to use
    my build.
    STR: 94+6
    AGI: 78+3
    VIT: 44+6
    INT: 1+2
    DEX: 38+12
    LUK: 1+2
    Final HP: 7483
    Final SP: 418
    Final ASPD: 179(.5)
    4 extra stat points, I would suggest 2 LUK.
    Building it up
    DEX 20
    AGI 60
    Str 40
    VIT 30
    AGI 78
    DEX 30
    Str 60
    VIT 44
    Str 80
    DEX 38
    Str 94
    Pros: Decent HP, decent ASPD, medium leveling speed for both Merchant and
              Blacksmith, decent mobbers.
    Cons: Still stun-able, craptastic flee.
    6d AGI Smith
    The AGI Smith… the most popular Battlesmith build… but the weakest…
    STR: 90+6
    AGI: 94+3
    VIT: 19+6
    INT: 1+2
    DEX: 38+12
    LUK: 1+2
    Final HP: 6236
    Final SP: 418
    Final ASPD: 181(.5)
    Building it up
    AGI 50
    DEX 20
    Str 20
    AGI 80
    DEX 30
    Str 50
    DEX 38
    AGI 94
    Str 94
    VIT 19
    Pros: High Flee for the class, high ASPD, easy leveling as both classes.
    Cons: Easily stunned, LOW HP, sucks at mobbing.
    6e AGI/Crit Smith
    This build is not a particularly great build. It does however work
    well in WoE situations. The only downside: low Crit rate or low damage.
    STR: 68+6
    AGI: 90+2
    VIT: 35+6
    INT: 1+2
    DEX: 38+12
    LUK: 48+2
    Final HP: 7034
    Final SP: 418
    Final ASPD: 181
    Building it up
    AGI 40
    DEX 20
    AGI 60
    Str 20
    AGI 70
    LUK 48
    DEX 38
    AGI 80
    Str 40
    AGI 90
    Str 68
    VIT 35
    Pros: EXTREMELY great Emperium breaker, high ASPD, decent Crit rate.
    Cons: Low HP, still stun-able for a decent time, low regular damage.
    6f VIT/Crit Smith
    Yes, there is such a thing as VIT/Crit Battlesmith. I have seen
    this done but it is not exactly your best bet of a build. This
    build will require a lot of attention from Priests when leveling
    with one, or attention to pot spamming.
    STR: 68+6
    AGI: 36+2
    VIT: 89+6
    INT: 1+2
    DEX: 38+12
    LUK: 48+2
    Final HP: 9728
    Final SP: 418
    Final ASPD: 174
    Building it up
    VIT 40
    DEX 20
    VIT 60
    Str 20
    VIT 70
    LUK 48
    DEX 38
    VIT 80
    Str 40
    VIT 89
    Str 68
    AGI 36
    Second possible build up
    AGI 36
    VIT 40
    DEX 20
    VIT 60
    Str 20
    VIT 70
    LUK 48
    DEX 38
    VIT 80
    Str 40
    VIT 89
    Str 68
    Pros: High HP, higher ASPD than VIT Smiths, decent Crit rate.
    Cons: Bad Emperium breakers compared to other builds.
    6g 130 Str Smith
    Yes, they DO exist. But they are rarely used because of the cost of
    getting 130 Str.
    STR: 99+6
    AGI: 84+2/21+2
    VIT: 21+6/84+6
    INT: 1+2
    DEX: 38+12
    LUK: 1+2
    Final HP: 5537/9479
    Final SP: 418
    Final ASPD:
    Building it up
    NOTE: There are two ways to build this stat build up.
    DEX 38
    Str 90
    VIT/AGI 50
    Str 99
    VIT/AGI 84
    DEX 38
    VIT/AGI 40
    Str 40
    VIT/AGI 60
    Str 50
    VIT/AGI 70
    Str 70
    VIT/AGI 84
    Str 99
    Pros: MASSIVE damage, Great HP/ASPD, 100% hit most enemies you fight.
    Cons: Not as much VIT/AGI as other builds, very expensive to reach 130
    Str, not easy to level.
    7) Skills
    Increase Weight
    	Increase your maximum weight capacity.
    Level		Modifier
    1		+200 weight
    2		+400 weight
    3		+600 weight
    4		+800 weight
    5		+1000 weight
    6		+1200 weight
    7		+1400 weight
    8		+1600 weight
    9		+1800 weight
    10		+2000 weight
    	Buy things from Shop NPCs for cheaper.
    Level		Modifier
    1		7% discount
    2		9% discount
    3		11% discount
    4		13% discount
    5		15% discount
    6		17% discount
    7		19% discount
    8		21% discount
    9		23% discount
    10		24% discount
    	Sell items to a Store NPC for more.
    Level		Modifier
    1		7% overcharge
    2		9% overcharge
    3		11% overcharge
    4		13% overcharge
    5		15% overcharge
    6		17% overcharge
    7		19% overcharge
    8		21% overcharge
    9		23% overcharge
    10		24% overcharge
    	Allow the user to have a Cart.
    Level		Modifier
    1		55% walking speed
    2		60% walking speed
    3		65% walking speed
    4		70% walking speed
    5		75% walking speed
    6		80% walking speed
    7		85% walking speed
    8		90% walking speed
    9		95% walking speed
    10		100% walking speed
    	Allow the user to set up a shop.
    SP Cost: 30
    Level		Modifier
    1		Sell 3 items
    2		Sell 4 items
    3		Sell 5 items
    4		Sell 6 items
    5		Sell 7 items
    6		Sell 8 items
    7		Sell 9 items
    8		Sell 10 items
    9		Sell 11 items
    10		Sell 12 items
    Item Appraisal
    	Identify an item
    SP Cost: 10
    Level		Modifier
    1		Identify an Item
    	Deal HUGE damage to the enemy by using zeny.
    SP Cost: 5
    Level		Modifier
    1		150% dmg, 100z used
    2		200% dmg, 200z used
    3		250% dmg, 300z used
    4		300% dmg, 400z used
    5		350% dmg, 500z used
    6		400% dmg, 600z used
    7		450% dmg, 700z used
    8		500% dmg, 800z used
    9		550% dmg, 900z used
    10		600% dmg, 1000z used
    Note: I am only putting Battlesmith skills here. If you want the forger
    skills, use Weggy’s FAQ.
    Hammer Fall
    	Stun the enemy by chance
    SP Cost: 10
    Level		Modifier
    1		30% chance
    2		40% chance
    3		50% chance
    4		60% chance
    5		70% chance
    Adrenaline Rush
    	Increase the users ASPD greatly.
    SP Cost: 20(level 1) - 32(level 10)
    Level		Modifier
    1		30 second duration
    2		60 second duration
    3		90 second duration
    4		120 second duration
    5		150 second duration
    Weapon Perfection
    	Do 100% damage to all size monsters
    SP Cost: 18 (level 1) - 10 (level 5)
    Level		Modifier
    1		10 second duration
    2		20 second duration
    3		30 second duration
    4		40 second duration
    5		50 second duration
    Power Thrust
    	Increase damage of the user.
    SP Cost: 18 (level 1) - 10 (level 5)
    Level		Modifier
    1 	    ATK +5%, +0.2% chance to break weapon, 20 Sec Duration
    2 	    ATK +10%, +0.4% chance to break weapon, 40 Sec Duration
    3 	    ATK +15%, +0.6% chance to break weapon, 50 Sec Duration
    4 	    ATK +20%, +0.8% chance to break weapon, 60 Sec Duration
    5 	    ATK +25%, +1.0% chance to break weapon, 100 Sec Duration
    Maximize Power
    	Raise your minimum damage to your maximum damage.
    SP Cost: 1 SP a second (level 1) – 1 sp every 5 seconds (level 5)
    Lvl		Modifier
    1		1sp/sec
    2		1sp/2sec
    3		1sp/3sec
    4		1sp/4sec
    5		1sp/5sec
    Hilt Binding
    	+1 STR, +4 ATK, Increase duration of AR/PT/WP
    Lvl		Modifier
    1 		Gives bonsues
    Skin Tempering
    	Increase defense against Fire elemental attacks.
    Lvl		Modifier
    1		+5% defense, 1% Neutral resist
    2		+10% defense, 2% Neutral resist
    3		+15% defense, 3% Neutral resist
    4		+20% defense, 4% Neutral resist
    5		+25% defense, 5% Neutral resist
    Ore Discovery
    	Gives chance of dropping a random Ore.
    Lvl		Modifier
    1 		Enables the skill.
    Weaponry Research
    	Increases forge chance and adds non-missable damage
    (some exceptions) plus HIT.
    Lvl		Modifier
    1		+2 Hit/ATK
    2		+4 Hit/ATK
    3		+6 Hit/ATK
    4		+8 Hit/ATK
    5		+10 Hit/ATK
    6		+12 Hit/ATK
    7		+14 Hit/ATK
    8		+16 Hit/ATK
    9		+18 Hit/ATK
    10		+20 Hit/ATK
    Quest Skills
    	These skills are gotten through Quests.
    Crazy Uproar
    SP Cost: 5
    Job level: 15
    	Increase STR by 4 for 5 minutes.
    Obtain 7 Pearl, 50 Mushroom Spores, and 1 Banana Juice.  Head to
    Alberta, and talk to a NPC a bit east of the Merchant Guild.
    Cart Revolution
    	Use your cart to deal 9x9 dmg to surrounding enemies
    SP Cost: 12
    Get 30 Iron, 30 Sticky Mucus, 20 Fly Wing, 5 Tentacle, and 2
    Grape Juice.  Go to the ship in Alberta, and head to the east along
    the docks. Talk to the NPC there to get the skill.
    8) Skill Builds
    Since the merchant really only has one battle skill (Mammonite) you
    will build up your skills as any other merchant; but with a twist.
    Because most merchant skills are useless to a Battlesmith (except
    Overcharge/Discount and Mammonite), you can really get whatever you
    want. But here is what I suggest:
    Increase Weight – 10
    Discount – 3
    Overcharge – 10
    Mammonite – 10
    Push Cart – 7
    (For 50 jobbers)
    Push Cart – 10
    Discount – 9
    You will notice that I did not include the skill Vending. I do not
    believe the Battlesmith has any need for Vending. If you want to vend,
    make a vend slave/forger.
    Ah yes, this is where you begin your climb in ass kicking. The
    Battlesmith skills REALLY affect how well you perform. This is mainly
    because of Adrenaline Rush. Without Adrenaline Rush, you are a slow
    meat shield. The skills for a Battlesmith are pretty straight forward.
    40 Job Merchant
    Hilt Binding – 1
    Weaponry Research – 10
    Hammer Fall – 5
    Adrenaline Rush – 5
    Weapon Perfection – 5
    Power Thrust – 5
    Repair Weapon – 1
    Maximize Power – 5
    This will total 37 job points. I would suggest maxing Push
    Cart and Discount if you want, and then getting maybe vend 2 for
    what ever reason.
    50 Job Merchants
    Hilt Binding – 1
    Weaponry Research – 10
    Hammer Fall – 5
    Adrenaline Rush – 5
    Weapon Perfection – 5
    Power Thrust – 5
    Repair Weapon – 1
    Maximize Power – 5
    Just like above, you have used 37 job points. Since you have Push Cart
    maxed, put one more point into Discount to max it. Then you could get
    Ore Discovery if you wanted. This requires 1 Iron and Steel Tempering
    and bringing your total skills used to… 41(42 job). You could get 8
    vending if you wanted, it’s up to you.
    9) Job Bonuses
    These are the job bonuses for the Blacksmith.
    Job level		Stat Bonus Increased
    2			VIT
    6			DEX
    10			STR
    14			DEX
    18			VIT
    22			STR
    26			INT
    30			VIT
    33			AGI
    36			LUK
    38			DEX
    40			STR
    42			DEX
    44			STR
    46			LUK
    47			VIT
    49			STR
    50			DEX
    Job Bonus		Increase Stat Bonus
    1			DEX
    3			STR
    4			DEX
    5			DEX
    7			VIT
    8			STR
    9			DEX
    11			LUK
    12			DEX
    13			VIT
    16			STR
    19			DEX
    20			VIT
    21			INT
    23			STR
    26			DEX
    28			DEX
    29			AGI
    31			STR
    32			VIT
    34			INT
    36			DEX
    37			VIT
    38			AGI
    39			DEX
    40			DEX
    44			STR
    46			LUK
    47			DEX
    49			VIT
    10) The Master Smith
    With the release of Transcendent Classes on iRO there was an explosion of
    English information up for grabs.
    Cart Boost
    	Increases the users walking speed to that of an Increase Agility
    speed for minute
    	SP Cost: 50
    	Adds the chance to break a player’s equipment when hitting them. In
    PvE it adds the chance to decrease the DEF of the monster by 10 or 20%, as
    well as the ATK power of that monster.
    Skill Level 	Weapon Destruction Chance 	Armor Destruction Chance
    1 			1 				0.7
    2 			2 				1.4
    3 			3 				2.1
    4 			4 				2.8
    5 			5 				3.5
    6 			6 				4.2
    7 			7 				4.9
    8 			8 				5.6
    9 			9 				6.3
    10 			10 				7
    Duration  	SP Consumption
    15 			50
    20 			50
    25 			60
    30 			60
    35 			70
    40 			70
    45 			80
    50 			80
    55 			90
    60 			90
    Refine Weapon
    	Gives the Master smith the power of Hollegrehn so that he/she can
    upgrade any weapon at any time with the required materials. This skill,
    like forging is based solely upon DEX/LUK and Job level.
    Skill Level 	Maximum Possible Upgrade 	SP Consumption
    1 			+1 			30
    2 			+2 			30
    3 			+3 			30
    4 			+4 			30
    5 			+5 			30
    6 			+6 			30
    7 			+7 			30
    8 			+8 			30
    9 			+9 			30
    10 			+10 			30
    11) Weapons and Armor Card Combos
    I suggest here that you get a 4s level 1 weapon. Get 2x Race cards and
    2x Size cards for these. If you need to know why, here is how the
    game calculates card damages: 100% Card 1 + Card 2 + Card 3 +
    Card 4. But, if you have 2 of the same card, and then 2 of a
    different card, it goes like this. 100% + Card Type 1 total *
    Card type 2 in %. So, 2x Hydra cards in a 4s weapon gives +40% damage to
    Demi-Human. Then if you put in say 2 Skeleton Worker cards, that’s
    30% more damage on top of the 140% damage you are already doing. So
    you end up with 140% * .3(or 30%) = 182% + 10 ATK to a Demi-Human,
    Medium sized monster (ex: Players).Where on the other hand, 4 Hydra
    cards only does 180% damage. See, cards stack onto themselves until
    a new card is introduced. Then, it takes any modifiers from that card
    that would affect the monster and multiplies their affect to the
    damage with the other cards. So in short, with a 4s/3s Weapon,
    a 2x Race + 2x/1x Size card wins for damage.
    How do you choose when to switch from a 3s weapon to a 4s weapon? Easy.
    You should use a 3s weapon until you reach 120 STR. Any amount of STR you
    get at 120 or more makes a 4s Carded weapon do a lot more damage than a
    3x carded weapon
    Ok, every class needs an HP increasing Armor. Whether it be a Pupa
    Card, Roda Frog Card or PecoPeco card. How to decide you ask? If you
    have less than 7300 BASE HP than stick with the Pupa Card. If you have
    7300 or more HP, than use the PecoPeco Card. Simple, As, That.
    Ok, these can really screw with your mind. I found this out the hard
    way. So, if you have lets say 7100 base HP. And you put on an Ares
    (PecoPeco card) armor, and have Green (Matyr card) boots on, a Pupa
    card will be better than a PecoPeco card. See, it is just like weapon
    cards. If you have 1 HP+ing card, than another one will add to that one.
    So in short, a PecoPeco Card + Matyr Card > Pupa + Matyr at 7300+ HP because
    instead of +20% HP, it is around +15%...
    12) Using Your Battlesmith
    Here I will teach you people how to use a Battlesmith PROPERLY in WoE, PvP,
    PvM and MVP.
         BYPASS THEIR USE OF A RAYDRIC CARD. (Magnum Break only lasts 10 seconds,
    					    Cursed Water lasts about 3 minutes)
    Most Valuable Player or Monster versus Player (who knows):
    This is also known as a Boss. A Battlesmith can easily out kill a Hunter or a
    Wizard in this area if he or she is properly equipped and properly buffed.
    Again, just keep Adrenaline Rush, Power Thrust, Weapon Perfection and Crazy
    Uproar on at all times and spam Mammonite. You may also want to use Power
    Maximize in these situations. It keeps your damage to its maximum, and only
    takes 1 SP every 5 seconds when it is maxed out.
    Player versus Monster:
    There are two was to do PvM. The fast way, and the legal way. No, I am not
    talking about botting. The fast way for a Blacksmith to level is to Mob, also
    known as Mob Training. Sure it’s not 100% legal, but everyone does it, believe me
    on this. Now, there is the ‘legal’ way. Getting 1 monster at a time, killing it,
    and moving on to the next. This is very boring and very slower than doing what
    every other class that has a mob killing skill does.
    WoE/PvP (War of Emperium/Player vs. Player)
    First I will explain a VIT based Outlook on WoE/PvP
    VIT Smith vs. Knight
    If the Knight is AGI (usually known by them having Two-handed Quicken on) then
    It is not a problem at all; just spam some HF and Mammonite (might not even need
    Hammer fall if he is a low level or low flee). Now, if it’s a VIT Knight, the
    Duel can go either way. If he has major DEF on and good STR, you will probably
    Drop before he does unless you have some wickedly high DEF and an Ice Pick
    (House Auger for you foreigners). VIT Knights are a 50/50 chance here; good
    Luck with them.
    VIT Smith vs. Crusader
    Like the Knight, these little buggers can be quite a problem, even as AGI.
    Crusaders have those damn ‘Aura’ like skills. They have Guard which completely
    Blocks an attack, Shield Reflect which reflects 40% damage back to you and not
    To mention they have Holy Cross which is Holy Property which means your Raydric
    Card is useless. The AGI Saders do drop a bit easier than your VIT ones because
    They don’t have as much HP and usually stun. VIT Crusaders on the other hand can
    Be quite annoying to fight off because of all those skills and all their HP. And
    Now ladies and gentlemen, now comes the Grand Cross Crusader. These little
    Bastards are hell to kill. Most of them have Heal 10, 90ish INT, 60ish VIT and
    Either more DEX or STR. Easiest way to take these down is to hit them while they
    Cast and then run out of range before they can get off a Grand Cross then rush
    Back in and pound a few more Mammonites on him. Yes, he will just heal BUT they
    Do not get stack loads of SP and nor do they have the regen rate of a Priest.
    VIT Smith vs. Hunter/Bard/Dancer
    I am putting these three into one category mainly because most people do not use
    Traps in PvP, only WoE. In WoE however, just kill him and everyone can rush in.
    The main thing you want to do with these three is STUN them. Most of these three
    Will just spam Arrow Repel on you and then Double Strafe which is utterly lame.
    Once these guys are stunned they will drop, very fast.
    VIT Smith vs. Monks
    Well, any good Monk with Occult Impactation will utterly destroy us VIT Smiths
    Solo. Not to mention an Asura Monk will drop us anyway if they have a
    decent build with decent equips. A lot of Monks seem to stun though,
    and Monks do not
    Have a ton of HP unless they are a high level with a ton of VIT. Try to stun
    Them and then Mammonite. If all else fails, just run. Also, if you can stun
    The monk during his casting time of Guillotine Fist, then, as long as he stays
    Stunned for the rest of the cast, he will blow all his SP, make like he Fisted
    You, but do no damage at all!
    VIT Smith vs. Wizard/Sage
    Well, to kill a Wizard just use a few Hammer falls to stun him, and then spam
    Mammonite on him; hopefully he hasn’t spammed his Safety Wall key (if he has
    it) for protection. Sages on the other hand are usually easier to kill. They
    do have more HP but less SP. They can’t really do much damage to you either...
    Oh, not to mention that if a Wizard casts any skill while stunned, or gets
    Stunned while a spell is being used then it does absolutely no damage while the
    Wizard/Sage is stunned.
    VIT Smith vs. Alchemist/Blacksmith
    Well, the time has come. Fighting another blacksmith really comes down to
    “Who stuns and if none stun, who has the most DEF and ASPD balance.” AGI
    Smiths are really a synch to kill, and a VIT Smith actually does pose a threat.
    Now, an Alchemist really isn’t much to be afraid of. Although he can break
    Your armor with Acid Terror, who really cares? Even a high AGI Alchemist can’t
    Get that much ASPD, and a VIT Alchemist has as much HP as you would, maybe a
    Bit less. A VIT Alchemist though would argue the fact that him spamming Aid
    Potion in a duel is “Fair Game” because it’s a skill. But said skill is using a
    Potion, and using Potions in a duel is not exactly a duel, but rather a battle
    Of the richest person.
    VIT Smith vs. Priest
    Yes, Priests are a dick to kill, at least good ones anyways, but it is possible
    To rape these guys so don’t worry. One way to utterly show them up is to grab an
    Ice Pick and just mammonite spam on them. Another tactic is to Hammer Fall them
    Once or twice to determine their build. If they stun, and for a long time, then
    Obviously they have low VIT and thus meaning slap on your Axe, it’s Hammer Time!
    Just HF and mammonite spam, simple as that. But now for VIT Priests... the bane
    Of all existence, the VIT Priest that mobs too much. Most of them in PvP are
    High leveled and Guild Dungeon babies if in a Geffen/Payon using guild, meaning
    They have accumulated decent loot to afford decent gear. So just drag out an Ice
    Pick (if you can afford one) or just try your ASPD on them. If you can chain
    Mammonite then you will kill these in a decent time, spending a bit less money,
    But if you can’t afford one then just try with your best weapon and if you can’t
    Do at least 1300 damage a mammonite, just give up.
    VIT Smith vs. Assassin
    These, for a VIT Smith, are ‘simple sauce’. Because you have such high HP you
    Have an Advantage against them. Even though a lot of Sins are getting more and
    More VIT and STR, they are sacrificing AGI for this. This makes them weaker
    To a Smiths high HIT rate. Try to stun them once or twice, and then just
    Unleash that pent up anger on them with a flurry of Mammonites to their idiotic
    Heads. Although now, the Ice Pick REALLY makes a good Dagger Assassin extremely
    Powerful to VIT classes. If you run into a Dagger Sin, just spam Hammer fall
    Until they stun and then mammonite away. Hopefully they lack a lot of VIT and
    Drop in a few Mammonites; otherwise you will go down if you can’t fend them off.
    VIT Smith vs. Rogue
    Oh god, another bane of existence. Rogues can be one of the worst things to duel
    Ever. They can take your Weapon, Buckler, Armor and Helm and then just hide and
    Backstab you. It’s incredibly dirty and hurts; but it works... for them. Try to
    Stun them before they take your weapon, if this fails and they get your weapon,
    Do not fret yet. Your high HIT can and will pierce their Flee and give you a
    Chance top fight back, until they hide and backstab that is. Since you’re VIT,
    You stand a better chance against Backstab and the likes, so you can last longer
    If you get stripped and must resort to Mammonite spamming with your fist.
    Now for AGI Smiths. I will not list as many classes here because an AGI Smith
    Does the same thing as a VIT Smith, just some other classes have stun.
    AGI Smith vs. Knight/Crusader.
    AGI Smiths really do that same thing as a VIT Smith for all of these, but one
    Thing they need to watch for in a Knight/Crusader is Stun Bash. See, Knights
    Get a quest skill called “Fatal Hit” or something like that, which adds a chance
    To stun the target based on bash chance level and as you should hopefully know,
    VIT reduces the chance of being stunned.
    AGI Smith vs. Blacksmith
    As you know, we Blacksmiths have Hammer fall. When you’re fighting another Smith
    And he doesn’t know your build, he will (hopefully) use Hammer fall once or twice
    Before he actually starts to Mammonite. Just watch out and hope really.
    AGI Smith vs. Hunter/Bard/Dancer
    These have high DEX, making your flee (what flee you ask?) go from like 180-200
    To about 0! Also, a lot of Hunters carry Quadruple Stun bows just for AGI chars.
    Watch these buggers. Also to note that Dancers do not need Stun bow/whips. They
    Have the ever so annoying ‘Dazzle’ where they say an annoying phrase and they
    Have the chance to inflict Stun status on everyone on their screen (sometimes a
    bit off Screen, depending on how big your screen is).
    AGI Smith vs. Monk
    Ok so there is a bit of a difference in fighting a Monk as an AGI Smith. You do
    Not have as much HP as a VIT Smith does, which makes you a prime target for
    Guillotine Fist, and not for Occult (Unless you have DEF out your ass). Another
    Plus that you have is Flee. A Monk cannot Throw Spirit Sphere (TSS from now on)
    You and hit you every time (some exceptions for high DEX monks). Still though, if
    At all possible, do NOT duel these one on one in PvP. Although in WoE they are a
    Bit easier mainly because you can just mammonite away and they can’t use a Phen
    Clip to kill you with even while you hit them.
    AGI Smith vs. Priest
    Unlike the VIT Smith, these are a lot easier to kill for an AGI Smith. This is
    Mainly because they have such high amounts of ASPD, and this is one of the only
    Times an AGI smith gets to really show that they don’t just totally suck, they
    Have SOME use. Just mammonite spam on them, hopefully you know how to chain
    Mammonite and you will drop them if you are dishing out enough damage, for
    An AGI Smith that could be like 1100 damage a hit maybe, depends on who you
    Are hitting.
    AGI Smith vs. Assassin
    These, for an AGI Smith, are a bane of all existence only second to a Priest. A
    Crit Sin will utterly destroy an AGI Smith because of their low HP and the Sin’s
    Crit. A lot of Assassins these days are also pumping high amount of VIT, making
    Hammer fall even less useless now. One way around this though is to get high HIT.
    Remember how Weaponry Research increases your HIT? Well a Blacksmith can get
    A lot of HIT and thus meaning for a lot of Assassins you don’t need to
    Hammer fall as much. Watch out for those Crits though. Also, like with the VIT
    Smith, Dagger Sins do pose a threat. They need to get a lot of DEX so they can
    Hit high flee monsters. Although they will not do as much damage to you with an
    Ice Pick, it will still hurt and your lack of HP will hurt you.
    AGI Smith vs. Rogue
    Oh god, another bane of existence. Rogues can be one of the worst things to duel
    Ever. They can take your Weapon, Buckler, Armor and Helm and then just hide and
    Backstab you. It’s incredibly dirty and hurts; but it works... for them. Try to
    Stun them before they take your weapon, if this fails and they get your weapon,
    Do not fret yet. Your high HIT can and will pierce their Flee and give you a
    Chance top fight back, until they hide and backstab that is. Since you’re AGI,
    You really stand no chance to them once you are stripped of your items, you have
    Low HP and low VIT DEF, making you very vulnerable.
    13) MasterSmith Builds!
    Alright, so my Blacksmith has reached 99 and has now rebirthed into a
    High Merchant. I believe it is time to show people decent builds for a
    Master smith as they take a little bit more care to level because you will
    Never (And if you do I will personally find your house and slap you in the
    Face) delete him. I will only be providing a few builds for these guys.
    There will be a PvP build, a PvM build and a Pure WoE build. There will
    Be two WoE builds. One for just breaking precasts and one for breaking
    Emperiums as well.
    PvP Build:
    STR 93+17 (2x Mantis Clip/Rosary/Brooch/Necklace)
    AGI 63+7
    VIT 68+6
    INT 12+6
    DEX 38+12
    LUK 01+8
    Final Flee: 169
    Final HP: Unknown (The Calculator I used did not have Advanced class HP)
    Final SP: 618
    Final ASPD with Berserk: 178(.5) (This is with your fist, which actually is
    					Also the same ASPD as with an Axe and AR)
    Like my Blacksmith builds, these are base points, with no equips on unless
    Otherwise noted.
    PvM Build:
    STR 83+17 (2x Mantis Clip/Rosary/Brooch/Necklace)
    AGI 94+7
    VIT 41+6
    INT 12+6
    DEX 38+12
    LUK 03+8
    Final Flee: 200
    Final HP: Unknown (Calculator I used did not display Advanced HP)
    Final SP: 618
    Final ASPD with Berserk: 182
    Pre-cast Breaker:
    STR 93+17 (2x Mantis Clip/Rosary/Brooch/Necklace)
    AGI 22+7
    VIT 93+6
    INT 12+6
    DEX 38+12
    LUK 01+8
    Final HP: Unknown, same as above
    Final SP: 618
    Final ASPD with Berserk: 173(.2)
    Emperium Destroyer:
    STR 93+17 (2x Mantis Clip/Rosary/Brooch/Necklace)
    AGI 75+7
    VIT 55+6
    INT 12+6
    DEX 38+12
    LUK 01+8
    Final Flee: 181
    Final HP: Again, Unknown at this time.
    Final SP: 618
    Final ASPD with a Berserk: 180
    14) MasterSmith Skills
    Alrighty so I've got a lot of info on these and they work great.
    High Speed Cart Ram* (Cart Termination)
    	Ram the target with your cart causing massive damage.
    Level	%Dmg		SP	Zeny	Stun Chance %
    1	(Weight/15)	15	600	5
    2	(Weight/14)	15	700	10
    3	(Weight/13)	15	800	15
    4	(Weight/12)	15	900	20
    5	(Weight/11)	15	1000	25
    6	(Weight/10)	15	1100	30
    7	(Weight/9)	15	1200	35
    8	(Weight/8)	15	1300	40
    9	(Weight/7)	15	1400	45
    10	(Weight/6)	15	1500z	50
    *Please note that High Speed Cart Ram is only effected by ATK cards.
     and not by % increase cards like Hydra. The best weapon for this is
     a Mjolnir, but the 2nd best is a +10 2x Zipper Bear Morning Star.
    Maximum Power-Thrust
    	Increases damage delt while costing money.
    Level	%Dmg added	SP	Zenny
    1	20		15	3000
    2	40		15	3500
    3	60		15	4000
    4	80		15	4500
    5	100		15	5000
    Cart Boost
    	Increase walking speed and cancel AGI Down.
    Level		Effect
    1		Gives boost just slower than AGI Up.
    Shattering Strike (Meltdown)
    	Melt the targets weapon and armors, breaking them by chance.
    Level		SP		%Chance		Duration
    1		50		1,0.7		15
    2		50		2,1.4		20
    3		60		3,2.1		25
    4		60		4,2.8		30
    5		70		5,3.6		35
    6		70		6,4.2		40
    7		80		7,4.9		45
    8		80		8,5.6		50
    9		90		9,6.3		55
    10		90		10,7		60
    14) The Author (like you would read this)
    I am just a 17 year old kid who has a lot of free time in school. No,
    I am not a nerd; I just have a 1 hour lunch break and nothing to do
    during that time. I DO play iRO Sakray. Just felt like people
    should have a good guide about blacksmiths...
    15) Legal Crap (it’s not necessary, but I will put it here anyways!!)
    I give only www.gamefaqs.com permission to host this file/guide unless
    I am contacted through e-mail or AIM asking for my permission
    to place this guide on your site, and only your site. If I discover
    you are charging members to use this guide I will force you to take
    my guide off of your site. This guide is for the people of GameFaqs.com
    and any other site I give permission to host it.
    Allowed sites to post this guide:
    Also, all character/skills are copyright Gravity LLC. I do not claim
    any part in the creation of this game.
    Contact Information
    I would like to stress that you PLEASE read this guide thoroughly
    before contacting me. Just use ctrl+f to search around the guide for
    something you are looking for.
    E-mail: seanrules63@yahoo.ca
    AIM: omgwtfbbq9999
    Please put “Battlesmith Build” in the subject of the e-mail or I will
    not reply to your e-mail.
    I must give credit to Weggy’s guide for the info on the quest skills.
    I had forgotten how to get them.
    © Sean Wiseman 2005

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