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    Professor/Scholar Guide by Battousai X

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/23/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Ragnarok Online - Professor / Scholar Guide
    Version	1.0
    Author	Battousai X / Christen
    Email		battousai_x2k@yahoodotcom
    pRO Chara	Syril.Endevas
    Send me some ASCII art will ya? ^_^
    Table of Contents
    [1]  Disclaimer
    [2]  Version History
    [3]  Changing to a Professor
    [4]  What is a Professor?
    [5]  Status Bonuses
    [6]  Professor Skills
    [7]  Professor Builds
    [8]  Professor vs Other Classes
    [9]  Professor Strategies for WoE
    [10]  About me and this FAQ
    [11] Credits
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    [1] Disclaimer
    This FAQ is for personal use only, you may not distribute this FAQ in
    printed form in any way. You may use this FAQ in your site but please
    inform me as much as possible so I would know where this FAQ is being
    I will only post my most updated copy in GameFAQs because maintaining
    too many submissions proved to be troublesome. So if you want to keep
    your copy updated, download my latest version at GameFAQs.
    And oh yeah, FAQ plagiarists die!
    [2] Version History
    v1.0	11/24/2005 - First release. Woe section under construction
    [3] Changing to a Professor
    If you already don't know how to become an advanced class, here's how:
    1. Create a Sage and build it up to Base Lv99.
    2. Unequip everything you have and put your whole inventory in your
       storage. You musn't have anything in your inventory and anything
    3. Have someone hold your money for you. Take only 1,285,000z with you.
    4. Go to Juno and look for Metheus Slyphe. He will ask you to donate
       1,285,000z to be able to read the book. Pay him and make sure you
       have 0z left.
    5. Read the Book of Ymir located just above the NPC. You should be able
       to read the text unlike when you haven't paid the donation yet.
    6. Proceed south and downstairs and find the Heart of Ymir. It's a maze
       of portals but not hard to get there. Once you've found it, click
       the center (it should have a "talk" mouse icon)
    7. You're now in Valkyrie, proceed north and talk to the Valkyrie. If
       you've followed my instruction about having no zeny, inventory and
       equipment, she will change you to a High Novice at Base Lvl1 and
       give you a Knife[4] and Cotton Shirt[1].
    And now you're a trancsendent class. Level up your High Novice up to
    Job Lvl10 and return to the Mage Class NPC to be changed into a
    Mage High. Afterwards, level up your Mage High to at least Job Lvl40
    and go back to Valkyrie. Talk to the Scholar to be changed to a
    I highly suggest you change to a Professor at Mage High Job Lvl50
    because it is worth it. You will have trouble with skills if you change
    at an early job level.
    [4] What is a Professor?
    The Professor (or Scholar) is the transcendent class of Sages. Sages
    proved to be powerful as a party member specially in guild sieges.
    The professor takes the power of sages a few notches higher. When
    properly used, it can prove to be one of the most powerful classes in
    the world of Ragnarok Online.
    If you want to know more about the Sage class, read another FAQ because
    I will only be elaborating the Professor class in this FAQ with only a
    few references to the sage class.
    I found Calx Zinra's guide to be most useful! ^^ If you want to know
    how to use Sages, consult that FAQ. It really rocks.
    [5] Status Bonuses
    So before we dive deeper into what the teachers do, we'll take a look
    into their status bonus. Let me remind you that I didn't list the
    complete bonus tree as that will just confuse some of you. I've only
    written the levels with multiples of ten.
    10		 1	 1	 1	 2	 1	 0
    20		 2	 2	 1	 4	 3	 0
    30		 3	 3	 2	 6	 5	 1
    40		 4	 4	 3	 7	 7	 1
    50		 5	 6	 3	 9	 8	 1
    60		 6	 8	 3	 10	 10	 1
    70		 6	 9	 4	 13	 11	 2
    As you can see, professors have high int/dex bonuses. This leads us to
    a few ideas for what build you can use.
    [6] Professor Skills
    Skills unique to this class are mostly supportive. But they are very
    formidable spells.
    Soul Burn
    Req: Cast Cancel 5, Magic Rod 3, Dispel 3
    Max Lvl: 5
    Reduce target's SP to 0 and inflict damage depending on lost SP. If it
    fails, the caster is the one to suffer the effects. Damage done by this
    spell is reduced by MDEF. All spells have fixed cast delays except for
    level 5.
    	Lvl 1		40% chance 100% damage
    	Lvl 2		50% chance 100% damage
    	Lvl 3		60% chance 100% damage
    	Lvl 4		70% chance 100% damage
    	Lvl 5		70% chance 200% damage
    This is the professor's most formidable spell provided you use it
    correctly. The only weakness of this spell is the long cast delay. If
    the first fails, you have other spells to provide you with backup.
    HP Conversion
    Req: Increase SP Recovery 1, Magic Rod 1
    Max Lvl: 5
    Trades your 10% of your HP for SP. Conversion rate depends on skill
    level. Cast delay also increases with level.
    	Trade off rates:
    	Lvl 1		SP = 20% of HP used (2% of your actual HP)
    	Lvl 2		SP = 40% of HP used (4% of your actual HP)
    	Lvl 3		SP = 60% of HP used (6% of your actual HP)
    	Lvl 4		SP = 80% of HP used (8% of your actual HP)
    	Lvl 5		SP = 100% of HP used (10% of your actual HP)
    It is definitely worth maxing out this skill. If you're going to be a
    soul burner, you need this as a backup spell incase your soul burn fails.
    It is also one of the reasons you should be a VIT type.
    Soul Exhange
    Req: Magic Rod 3, Spell Breaker 2
    Max Lvl: 1
    Exchange SP with target. SP gained cannot exceed max SP for both. If
    cast on a monster, caster will gain 3% of SP instead. On normal maps,
    this spell can be cast on party members and in PVP/Guild maps, anyone.
    This is both a good offensive and supportive spell. Offensive in a way
    that if you happen to have low SP, target the nearest enemy Wizard you
    can find. Supportive in a way that, as long as you have a Priest beside
    you, you can supply other party member with SP with this spell, use
    HP Conversion, and let the priest heal you. ^^
    Wall of Fog
    Req: Violent Gale 2, Deluge 2
    Max Lvl: 1
    Creates a 5x3 area of fog around targeted ground. All players within this
    area are inflicted with Blind and if they leave the area, they
    would still be inflicted with that for a few more seconds. Any long
    range attack from outside will have 75% chance of missing. Physical attacks
    will have reduced damage and hit rate. This is a risky spell but can turn tides
    if you know how to use it. This spell will have increased duration if cast over
    Deluge. Do not cast this if you have no way of curing Blind. If you remain
    inside after you cure the status, you won't have Blind inflisted on you again.
    Mind Breaker
    Req: Increase SP Recovery 3, Soul Burn 1
    Max Lvl: 1
    Summing it up, it's like a Mage's Provoke. It reduces target's MDEF
    but increases their MATK. It also makes monsters aggresive. But unlike
    Provoke, it has a chance to fail.
    	Lvl 1: MATK+20% MDEF-12% 60% chance to hit
    	Lvl 2: MATK+40% MDEF-24% 65% chance to hit
    	Lvl 3: MATK+60% MDEF-36% 70% chance to hit
    	Lvl 4: MATK+80% MDEF-48% 75% chance to hit
    	Lvl 5: MATK+100% MDEF-60% 80% chance to hit
    Use this spell when you have immobilized the target, specially on
    mages. This spell is definitely strong against Knights since they
    don't really have use for MATK.
    Req: Advanced Book 5, Free Cast 5, Auto Spell 1
    Max Lvl: 1
    Reduces your next 5 spells casting rate by half and casting delay.
    This spell also stacks with other casting time reducing effects (cards,
    Suffragium). However this spell has 5 sec casting time and unaffected
    by DEX. This spell is great for combining skills. But cast it only when
    you're sure everything is safe or you have protection. And make good
    use of those 5 spells.
    This section will only elaborate on professor skills. If you would want
    to learn about Sage skills, consult another FAQ.
    Spider Web
    Req: Dragonology 4
    Max Lvl: 1
    Requires 1 Cobweb to cast. It installs a trap on target ground (even if
    an enemy is in it). An enemy caught in it would have 50% reduction to
    flee. Fire element attacks would deal 2x damage except for Alchemist
    skill Demonstration which would do 2.5x damage (ouch). Upon hitting,
    trap would be removed. Lasts 8 secs in normal maps and 4 on PVP/Siege
    maps. You can only have 3 at a time.
    This skill can prove to be useful specially for immobilizing opponents.
    You can even combine this with Stone Curse for increased fire damage.
    The only problem is the high preqrequisite (Dragonology requires
    Advanced Book 9)
    [7] Professor Builds
    There's no definite build in RO as we know it. Therefore, I'll only
    summarize the builds I very well know for professors.
    1. Melee Professor
    Stat Build Priority
    Key Skills
    Free Cast, Auto Spell, Advanced Book
    The first build is what would I say the least effective in utilizing
    the capabilities of a professor. You'd be using a Book type weapon
    and pump up your melee stats (STR, DEX). Going AGI or VIT type is
    entirely up to you. You may use the high AGI bonus of the professor
    but suffer from a low HP.
    As a melee type, you'll be relying on your Auto Cast skill. A Phen Clip
    would also be useful so you can use Freedom of Casting effectively. You
    may also opt to learn Soul Burn which may render any incoming adversary
    empty of SP.
    2. Full Support Professor
    Stat Build Priority
    DEX > VIT > INT
    Key Skills
    Soul Burn, HP Conversion, Zone Spells (LP,Vol,etc..)
    This build proves to be the best build if you plan on playing your
    professor on guild sieges. It renders almost all classes useless in a
    siege provided you use it properly. Handling a professor is difficult
    but correct handling can devastate opponents. The skill Soul Burn is a
    very powerful spell. In the case it fails, you can always get help from
    your HP with your high VIT using HP Conversion.
    So there, in my opinion, being a support professor is the best.
    3. Full Offense Professor
    Stat Build Priority
    DEX > VIT > INT
    Key Skills
    Soul Burn, HP Conversion, Zone Spells (LP,Vol,etc..)
    This build is almost identical to the full support build with only the
    difference in skills. When in this build, you may opt to not learn
    Land Protector which you won't use much with this build.
    [8] Professor vs Other Classes
    Professors have the natural ability to neutralize the other classes
    provided you use them properly and win in speed.
    Let's elaborate on how we will neutralize the other classes:
    Lord Knights
    	Use Wall of Fog and Soul Burn. This will prevent them from using
    	Berserk or any other strong attacks. You should have enough HP to
    	last any normal attack. But you can also immobilize them (Frost
    	Diver, Stone Curse) for your other teammates to be able to
    	neutralize them quickly.
    	They suck without SP so use Soul Burn.
    High Wizards
    	The professor is built as an anti-mage. Use Soul Burn on them. If
    	it fails, cast HP Conversion and try to use Soul Exchange. A
    	successful attack is devastating. ^^
    	Going against a professor could prove to be hard. It's a matter
    	of who goes first. The opening spell would likely be Soul Burn.
    	Cross your fingers on who wins the magic battle.
    Assassin Cross
    	You're not likely to meet a hidden assassin so don't worry. Cast
    	Soul Burn on them and Wall of Fog. They're way easier than Lord
    	They could be a problem with their perfect hide. Cast a Safety
    	Wall on yourself to be sure. A Wall of Fog would be useful too.
    Clowns / Gypsies
    	Again, Soul Burn is a must. Cast a Wall of Fog on yourself so
    	they won't be able to hit you easily.
    	A Wall of Fog would minimize hits from the Sniper. Whatever you
    	do, you cannot come to their range without protection from other
    	team mates or you wall of fog. Once they're preoccupied, cast a
    	Soul Burn on them to force them to use single attacks.
    High Priests
    	Again, Soul Burn plays it's role. The only threat they pose is
    	their Lex Divina. Before they cast it on you, take them out
    	The one hit kill wonders can be stopped by your Soul Burn. Nuff
    [9] Professor Strategies for WoE
    ** Under Construction **
    [10] About me and this FAQ
    I will:
    1. Accept corrections and/or suggestions.
    2. Accept tips.
    3. Accept additional info.
    4. Accept constructive criticism
    4. Be nice to nice people.
    I won't:
    1. Reply to your mail as soon as I can.
    2. Accept spam.
    3. Answer you ingame if I'm busy (if you also play on pRO)
    If you're going to e-mail me about the FAQ, please include "Prof FAQ"
    in your subject. I get far too many spam in my inbox and I don't intend
    to mistake your e-mail for spam.
    [11] Credits
    GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ
    Calx Zinra for the Sage FAQ. ^^
    Gravity for Ragnarok Online
    Lee Myoung-Jin for Ragnarok Online
    Various RO sites for the info on Professors
    My friends for playing with me
    The Lord for everything
    and YOU!!! - for reading this FAQ and correcting my mistakes
                 (if you ever did ^_^).
    Thanks also to everyone else who contributed to this FAQ.
    This FAQ is copyrighted © 2005 Christen. All Rights Reserved

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