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    Card Combo Guide by Kridly

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                                   Ragnarok Online
                            Card Combo/Equipment Combo Guide  
    [ Table of Contents                                 ]
     1. Introduction
     2. Legal Information
     3. Card Combo Guide
     4. Equipment Combo Guide 
     5. Conclusion
     6. Contact
     7. Version History
     8. Credits
    [   Introduction                                    ]
     Hello, and welcome to my Ragnarok Online Card Combo/Equipment 
    Combo Guide! With the semi-recent implementation of many new 
    cards and equipment, along with all of the combos, things concerning 
    them can get pretty dern confusing. 
     I was very interested in the combos, but I couldn't find anywhere 
    that had a simple way to find all of the benifits of them. So I 
    decided to compile all the information on them that I could find, 
    and the result is the guide that you see here. This guide lists all 
    the effects of the cards/equipments in the combo, plus the added 
    effects of having them all equipped at the same time. I hope you 
    all find this guide very informative and useful. With that said, 
    let's get started! 
    [   Legal Information                               ]
    The Don'ts:
     Do not post the guide on your website without my permission. 
    The sites that already have permission are:
     If I find it on your site and you never asked me for permission,
    I will take legal action against you.
    The Do's:
     If you are not on that list above but would like to be able to post 
    this guide on your website, then just send me an Email at 
    Kridly@Gmail.com and I will check out your site, and if I think it is
    okay I will let you know that you may post this guide on your site.
    [ Card Combo Guide                                  ]
     Okay, now for the guide. Here is how it is going to work: I'll start
    with the major, class specific combos (Class specific combos feature 
    some effects that will only work if worn by the said class), then I'll
    cover the minor combos (the ones that only use 2-3cards). I'll begin 
    each combo with the combo's name, then the cards included (and also 
    which type of equipment they compound on) and then I'll follow that
    up by listing all the wonderful effects that the combo bestows upon 
    it's user. Finally, I'll provide a description of the major combos and 
    what builds/classes I reccomend for them. Shouldn't be too complicated. 
    Here goes. 
    [ Major Combos                                      ]
           -=Archer Combo=-
    Merman (Foot Gear)            
    Cruiser (Weaponry)       
    Anolian (Armor)      
    Alligator (Accessory)      
    Dragon Tail (Garment)
    HP Recovery +10%
    SP Recovery +10%
    Long Range Physical Attack Damage +20%
    AGI +6
    DEX +3
    Flee +10
    Seeking Attack +20%
    +5% More EXP from Brute monsters
    Chance of casting 'Coma' when attacking
    10% More Damage with Critical Attacks
    CRIT +7 on Brute Monsters
    Chance of casting Improve Concentration on the user when receiving 
    Physical damage. 
    If the user has mastered the skill at level 10, it will cast level 
    10 Improve Concentration.
    Receive 5% less damage from Long Range Physical attacks
    +5% More damage with Double Strafe and Arrow Shower Skills
    Description: This combo is a must have for dex/agi Snipers. The
    additional 20% damage, along with the dex, agility, and flee 
    boosts really help. If you have a decent about of luk, you'll also
    be dealing better damage with crits. The HP/SP recovory bonuses
    are wonderful as well. The only downside to this combo, in my
    opinion is the auto-casting Improve Concentration more than half 
    of the time that you ever recieve damage, and that can eat up your 
    sp. A great combo overall, though.   
       -=Thief Combo-=
    Shinobi (Accessory)
    The Paper (Weaponry)
    Wanderer (Garment)
    Wild Rose (Foot Gear)
    Zhu Po Long/Dancing Dragon (Accessory)
    +20% more damage with Critical attacks
    Attack Speed +5%
    Walking Speed +5%
    Gain 1 SP with each attack
    AGI +8
    STR +5
    Critical +3
    Perfect Dodge +5
    Flee +20
    Skills do not use Gemstones
    Chance of casting level 5 Cloaking when user receives Physical damage
    Description: If you are a critical assassin, then this combo is for 
    you. In addition to the extra 20% damage, the added attack speed, str,
    crit, and agi will really help you do dish out the damage quickly. You
    never know when that auto cloaking could save you. You'll be able to 
    venom dust all you want without having to worry about red gemstones. 
    The 20 flee is just as good as a whipser, and the extra 5 perfect 
    dodge adds an extra 5% chance for the opponent to miss you. This is a
    great combo. 
       -=Mage Combo=-
    Bloody Butterfly (Accessory)
    Miyabi Doll (Foot Gear)
    Parasite (Shield)
    Evil Nymph (Head Gear)
    Loli Ruri (Armor)
    Harpy (Garment)
    Spell Casting cannot be interrupted 
    Chance of casting level 3 Heal on user when recieving Physical damage
    Max HP +500
    Max SP +50
    Max SP +10%
    DEF +6
    MDEF +5
    INT +1
    +10% more damage with Fire, Cold, and Lightning Bolt skills
    Casting time +15%
    MATK +3%
    +20% Tolerance against Neutral attacks
    +5% more damage with Napalm Beat
    +5% more damage with Frost Diver
    +5% more damage with Fire Wall
    Description: Not a bad combo for any build of Wizard/Sage. You won't 
    need a phen card, bloody butterfly takes care of that, and you'll
    also be able to cast faster than the people who use phen's. The extra
    HP/SP never hurt, and 6 DEF is great from cards, not to mention the 
    20% resistance against nuetral attacks (That's just like a raydric 
    right there!) . Various damage bonuses help out along with the extra
    3% matk. Not a bad combo, especially since it works with so many 
         -=Swordsman Combo=-
    Assaulter (Weaponry)
    Freezer (Foot Gear)
    Heater (Accessory)
    Permeter (Head Gear)
    Solider (Armor)
    +10% damage with Critical attacks
    Critical +7 on Demi-Human monsters
    Critical +3
    Perfect Dodge +3
    DEF +2
    MDEF +2
    Chance of casting level 1 Weapon Perfection on user when attacking
    HP Recovery +50%
    Chance of gaining ‘Red Potion’ each time an enemy is killed
    Max HP +20%
    Max HP +300
    STR +10
    Red, Yellow, and White Potions restore 50% more HP
    Do 10% more damage with Bash if Shoes are upgraded to +10
    +15% Tolerance against Shadow Property attacks
    +15% Tolerance against Undead Property attacks
    Description: In my opinion, this combo isn't all that great. The HP
    bonuses and the 10 str are not bad at all, but those are pretty much
    the only great things about this combo. Get it if you want, but I
    wouldn't reccomend it. 
         -=Merchant Combo=-
    Baby Leopard (Armor)
    Hylozoist (Accessory)
    Myst Case (Head Gear)
    Raggler (Foot Gear)
    Zipper Bear (Weaponry)
    Chance of transmogrifying a monster while fighting
    Restores 1 SP with each attack
    +20% Damage with Mammonite
    LUK +13
    STR +1
    VIT +1
    ATK +30
    Chance of getting ‘Old Purple Box’ when a monster is killed
    Chance of getting ‘Gift Box’ when a monster is killed
    20% Chance of reflecting a magic spell back at the caster
    Weapon cannot be damaged
    Armor cannot be damaged
    Description: Another combo that is not too great, although it is
    not as crappy as the Swordsman one. 13 luk can help out with 
    forging, and you never know when an OPB or gift box will pop up.
    Regaining one sp with each attack helps a lot if you are a battle 
    smith. If you had a Two Handed Axe[2] and two Zipper bear cards, 
    the sp effects would cancel eachother out, but you would have a
    whopping extra 60 attack added, and that combined with the Master 
    Smith's 'Power Thrust Max' Skill can really deal some damage.  
         -=Acolyte Combo=-
    Cookie (Accessory)
    Enchanted Peach Tree (Shield)
    Fur Seal (Weaponry)
    Geographer (Armor)
    Rideword (Head Gear)
    Chance of casting level 2 Blessing on the user when taking Physical
    Chance of casting level 1 Heal on the user when attacking
    If the user has Heal at level 10, then level 10 Heal will be cast 
    Cast Time -10%
    VIT +10
    INT +1
    LUK +2
    MDEF +1
    Accuracy +10
    Flee +3
    -30% damage from Devil and Undead monsters
    +5% EXP from Devil and Undead monsters
    Critical +9 on Devil and Undead monsters
    +10% Damage with Holy Light
    Description: This combo is great for Priests/High Priests. The 
    faster casting time will help you do all those buffs faster, and
    the added vit will help you to survive a lot longer. It also has
    some great bonuses for Devil/Undead monsters, and that is what 
    you will most likely be battling as you level up. Sometimes you
    wont even have to manually heal yourself when you take damage!
        -=Clock Tower Combo=-
    Clock (Armor)
    Clock Tower Manager (Head gear)
    Punk (Garment)
    Alarm (Foot Gear)
    INT +1
    Cast Time -10%
    DEF +3
    MDEF +3
    Max HP +300
    VIT +1
    Chance of casting level 1 Sight around the user when receiving 
    physical damage
    100% Chance to cast level 1 Quagmire around the user when receiving 
    physical damage
    If the user has Quagmire Level 5, then level 5 will be cast instead
    100% Chance to cast level 3 Guard on the user when receiving physical 
    If the user has level 10 Guard, then level 10 will be cast instead
    Description: This isn't a class-specific combo, but it has 4 cards so
    I'd say it deserves to fall into the major category. This combo can 
    really be used for any class, but I would reccomend it for a acolyte,
    crusader, or mage type character. 
    [ Minor Combos                                      ]
      -=Mummy Combo=-
    Ancient Mummy (Shield)
    Mummy (Weaponry)
    Chance of casting Level 5 Signum Crucis on an enemy when the user 
    receives damage
    Seeking Attack +20
    Accuracy +20
      -=Beach Combo=-
    Crab (Weaponry)
    Shell Fish (Weaponry)
    Aster (Weaponry)
    +30% Damage to Aster
    ATK +15
    +30% Damage to Water Property Monsters
    30% Chance of gaining ‘Raw Fish’ item when a Fish Monster is killed
    +30% Damage to Shell Fish
    +30% Damage to Crabs
       -=Mouse Combo=-
    Cramp (Head gear)
    Tarou (Accessory)
    Chance of gaining a certain amount of Zeny each time a monster is 
    STR +5
       -=Dark Lord Combo=-
    Dark Illusion (Head gear)
    Dark Lord (Foot Gear)
    Cast Time -20%
    Max HP +20%
    Max SP +20%
    Chance of Casting Level 5 Meteor Storm when the user receives physical 
       -=Fly Combo=-
    Dragon Fly (Garment)
    Chonchon (Foot Gear)
    AGI +2
    Flee +20
       -=Rabbit Combo=-
    Lunatic (Weaponry)
    Eclipse (Garment) 
    VIT +1
    LUK +1
    Flee +18
    CRIT +1
    Perfect Dodge +1
      -=Peco Combo=-
    Peco Peco (Armor)
    Grand Peco (Head Gear)
    Chance of casting level 1 Gloria on the user when receiving physical 
    DEF +3
    VIT +3
    Max HP +10%
       -=Bear Combo=-
    Grizzly (Armor)
    Bigfoot (Shield)
    Increased chance of casting blind on an enemy when the user receives 
    physical damage
    -30% Damage from Insect type monsters
      -=Hatii Combo=-
    Hatii (Armor)
    Hatii Bebe (Weaponry)
    Increased chance of casting level 3 Frost Diver when attacking
    50% Chance of freezing an enemy when receiving physical damage
       -=Incubus/Succubus Combo=-
    Incubus (Head Gear)
    Succubus (Armor)
    INT +4
    SP Recovery +30%
    Max SP +150
    VIT +4
    HP Recovery +30%
    Max HP +1000
       -=Ghost Combo=-
    Quve (Accessory)
    Lude (Accessory)
    20% of casting level 1 Endure on a Novice or Super Novice when 
    recieving physical damage
    Chance of casting level one Increase Agility on a Novice or Super 
    Novice when recieving physical damage
    Max HP +300
    Max SP +60
        -=Poring Combo=-
    Poring (Armor)
    Mastering (Accessory)
    LUK +2
    Flee +18
    Perfect Dodge +1
        -=Nightmare Combo=-
    Nightmare (Head Gear)
    Nightmare Terror (Armor)
    Immunity to Sleep
    AGI +1
    Increased chance of casting Curse on an enemy when the user receives 
       -=Owl Combo=-
    Owl Baron (Accessory)
    Owl Duke (Accessory)
    Chance of casting Level one Lex Aeterna on an enemy while attacking
    Chance of casting Level 3 Impositio Manus on user while attacking
    Chance of casting level 4 Lightning Bolt on an enemy while attacking
       -=Frog Combo=-
    Toad (Garment)
    Roda Frog (Armor)
    Max HP +400
    Max SP +50
    Flee +18     
    Perfect Dodge +1
       -=Skeleton Combo=-
    Skeleton Prisoner (Armor)
    Skeleton (Weaponry)
    Increased chance of casting Sleep on an enemy when receiving physical 
    ATK +10
    2% chance to Stun an enemy when attacking
       -=Wolf Combo=-
    Vagabond Wolf (Garment)
    Wolf (Weaponry)
    STR +1
    Flee +18
    ATK +15
    CRIT +1
       -=Locust Combo=-
    Vocal (Garment)
    Rocker (Armor)
    DEX +1
    Flee +18
    MDEF +3
       -=Undead Kid Combo=-
    Munak (Shield)
    Bongun (Accessory)
    Hyegun (Garment)
    All Stats +1
    Flee +15
    Crit +1
    Chance of casting level 1 ‘Bash’ when attacking. Bash skill pushes 
    enemy back 5 cells
    Take 100% more Damage from Munaks
    Def +1
    +15% Tolerance against Stone Curse
    +5% Resistance against Earth property
    [ Equipment Combo Guide                             ]
     Here I'll be listing the newly added equipment combo's, all the
    gears in the combo, and all the information on those gears. This 
    will basically be in the same format as the Card Combo section of 
    this guide. 
      -=Angelic Combo=-
    (All gears in this combo are only compatible with Novices)
    Angelic Guard[1] (Shield, Def 3)
    Angelic Cardigan[1] (Garment, Def 2)
    Angel's Reincarnation[1] (Foot Gear, Def 4)
    Angel's Kiss[1] (Headgear, Def 3)
    Angelic Protection[1] (Armor, Def 4)
    -5% Damage from Demon monsters
    +5% HP Recovery
    Max HP +1000
    +3% SP Recovery
    Mdef+ 20
    Chance of Casting Level 1 Assumptio on the user when afflicted
    with Physical Melee Attack 
      -=Goibne's Combo=-
    (Compatible with every job except novice)
    Goibne's Armor (Armor, Def 7)
    Goibne's Greaves (Footgear, Def 4)
    Goibne's Spaulders (Garment, Def 3)
    Goibne's Helm (Headgear, Def 5)
    Vit+ 10
    Max HP +30%
    Mdef+ 23
    Max SP +10%
    Long Range Physical Damage -10%
    Def+ 5
    10% Resistance against Water, Earth, Wind, and Fire elements
      -=Odin's Blessing Combo (A)=-
    (Compatible with every job except novice)
    Odin's Blessing[1] (Armor, Def 6)
    Magni's Cap (Headgear, Def 5)
    Stone Buckler[1] (Shield, Def 4)
    Str+ 6
    Def+ 15
    Mdef+ 15
    Nuetral Damage -5%
      -=Odin's Blessing Combo (B)=-
    (Compatible with every job except novice)
    Odin's Blessing[1] (Armor, Def 6)
    Fricca's Circlet (Headgear, Def 3)
    Valkyrja's Shield[1] (Shield, Def 3)
    Def+ 4
    Mdef+ 75
    Int+ 2
    Max SP+ 50
    20% Resistance against Fire, Water, Undead, and Shadow elements
     -=Odin's Blessing Combo (C)=-
    (Compatible with every job except novice)
    Odin's Blessing[1] (Armor, Def 6)
    Ulle's Cap[1] (Headgear, Def 3)
    SP Costs -10% (When you have 70 Dex or higher)
    Dex+ 2
    Agi+ 1
     -=Morpheus's Combo=-
    (Compatible with every job except novice)
    Morpheus's Shawl (Garment, Def 3)
    Morpheus's Ring (Accessory, Def 0)
    Morpheus's Bracelet (Accessory, Def 0)
    Morpheus's Hood (Headgear, Def 3)
    Int+ 7
    Max SP+ 40%
    Mdef+ 14
    Cast Time +25%
    Uninteruptable casting
      -=Morrigane's Combo=-
    (Compatible with every job except novice)
    Morrigane's Pendant (Accessory, Def 0)
    Morrigane's Manteau (Garment, Def 3)
    Morrigane's Belt (Accessory, Def 0)
    Morrigane's Helm (Headgear, Def 4)
    Str+ 4
    Crit+ 19
    Luk+ 13
    Perfect Dodge +21
    Atk+ 26
    [ Conclusion                                        ]
     There you have it! I hope this guide was very helpful for those
    of you who were wondering about the combos; It is still helpful to me
    even though I am the one who wrote it, I still check it quite often.
     Good luck getting all the items you need! 
    [ Contact                                           ]
     If you have any complaints and/or suggestions about this guide then 
    don't hesitate to shoot me an email at Kridly@Gmailmail.com . Anything 
    is welcome! 
    [ Version History                                   ]
    ~Version 2.0~
    Second version, I added the Equipment Combo section to the guide.
    ~Version 1.0~
    First version, posted the guide on Gamefaqs and Gamespot.
    [ Credits                                           ]
    This FAQ was written by me, Kridly. Special thanks to:
    Gravity for making this great game and continually updating it.
    CjayC for hosting a great site like GameFaqs.com
    All the people who use this guide.
    +This document is © 2006-2007 Kridly                +  
    + All rights reserved.                              +                

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