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    Lord Knight Guide by Moonsummit

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 08/24/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Ragnarok Online (English) Lord Knight Faq
    Author: Ink Eyes AKA Moonsummit (Shen_Anubis@hotmail.co.uk)
    Version: 1.6
    ========================Table Of Contents==========================
    1. Introduction.
    -Few things first.
    -Things I will assume.
    -General Introduction.
    -What is the Lord Knight?
    -Pros and Cons.
    2. Frequently asked questions.
    -Frequently asked questions.
    3. Levelling a Lord Knight.
    -Let's get started!
    -Levelling to 500.
    -Equipment for levelling.
    4. Cards and weapons.
    -The Hydra theory.
    -The Turtle General theory.
    -The Ice Pick & Thanatos.
    -What weapons?
    -Useful cards.
    -Useless cards.
    5. Stats
    -The basic stats.
    -Advanced stats.
    -Common Misconceptions.
    6. Skills
    7. Legal Stuff
    Version 1.0- Default guide
    Version 1.1- Edited Typos and small errors
    Version 1.2- Added to GameFaqs
    Version 1.3- Edited Format
    Version 1.4- Edited Characters per line
    Version 1.5- Edited a few errors
    Version 1.6- Fixed spelling errors
    ============================Few things first==========================
    I decided to put this here first because people seem to be incapable
    of reading. You may ask me any questions not mentioned on this guide.
    But it will annoy me greatly getting repeated spam of the same question 
    over and over again. Please do try to contact me with proper English 
    and grammar or else I will not bother replying, because it is a waste
    of my time. It does get tedious with over 20 emails a day.
    ============================Things I will assume=======================
    As many people will read this from different servers, I will assume
    these things-
    -You have @warp commands
    -You have played Ragnarok before and know the basics
    -You can speak and read English
    -You are on a 3000/3000/300 server
    -Maximum base level is 500
    -Maximum job level is 120
    ===========================General Introduction=========================
    This guide is written for the High Rate Ragnarok servers. Max level 
    500/120. Rates 3k/3k/300.The whole guide is for the Lord Knight class, 
    so if you are reading this and not interested in the Lord Knight class, 
    you might as well stop reading right here. This guide basically helps 
    you with these things-
    1.How to play the Lord Knight class
    2.How to improve beyond the "average Lord Knight"
    3.Tricks and secrets to beating others
    4.F.A.Q on PvP and "how do I do this"
    Note that everything on this guide refers to the high rate unless 
    ==========================What is Lord knight?==========================
    Lord Knight is the uberly underused and underrated class on high rates 
    due to a class called "Assassin Cross". I made this guide for you people
    to hold your ground against them, and all other classes. Lord Knights
    have a wipe range of skills mostly connected to the Spear weapon. If you
    love defence, and taking hits, Lord Knight is your best friend.
    ==============================Pros and cons==============================
    *Insanely high HP
    *Wide range of skills
    *Can basically use all equipment
    *With +10 equips basically immortal
    *Does not deal the most damage
    *Hard to improve into a strong character
    2.Frequently asked questions
    ====================-=Frequently asked questions=========================
    These questions aren't in any order, so just press alt+f and search.
    Q1."Where do I buy deadly poison bottles?"
    A1. The deadly poison seller in Gon. @go 11. It will vary depending on
        which server you play on.
    Q2."WTFOMFGBBQHAX0rZ! How does that guy hit so high?"
    A2. He isn't cheating, you just need to sort out the right equipments, 
        nothing is impossible.
    Q3."How do I prevent stone curse?"
    A3. Medusa and Gemini cards both reduce the chance of stone curse.
        Luck is also supposed to reduce it but currently it doesn't. 7/7/2006
    Q4. "How do I prevent freeze?"
    A4. Marc or evil druid card.
    Q5. "Why are Lord Knights so weak?"
    A5. They're not, you just suck.
    Q6. "I want to make a new character, any recommendations?"
    A6. Its better to always stick to one character, even if your first character 
        will be your "main". Don't waste your time making new character, if you
        don't have a life and play 24/7 on the computer then go ahead. 
    Q7. "I can't hit the enemy, why?"
    Q7. Look at the element of your weapon, it normally depends on the element. 
        Try changing the element of your weapon. Make sure also you have enough
        dex to hit, but that is normally not the problem.
    Q8. "How do I deal more damage with my weapon?"
    A8. Read the frikking guide.
    Q9. "How do I prevent damage from Ice pick?"
    A9. Wield the Grimtooth weapon, or lower your vit.
    Q10. "What does Thanatos do?"
    A10. "Same as Ice pick."
    Q11. "Which card gives agi up?"
    A11. It is not a card, Auth badge. Dropped from Sohee in Pay_dun.
    Q12. "Which card auto casts Kyrie Elyson?"
    A12. Amon Ra. 1% or 2% with 99 int.
    Q13. "Give me a really good build please?"
    A13. No.
    Q14. "What’s the best build for an Lord Knight?"
    A14. How many rocks are there in the universe? Answer that question and
         I'll answer yours.
    Q15. "What’s the best weapon for an Lord Knight?"
    Q15. Refer to answer 14.
    Q16. "What’s the best class?"
    A16. Refer to answer 14.
    Q17. "I can see the enemy, but I can't attack him?"
    A17. You have Maya purple on, you can see them, but they are still hidden.
    Q18. "What’s the weakness of Evil Druid?"
    A18. Resurrection, it's 50% to one hit kill.
    A19. No. And no you won't.
    Any unanswered questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
    Enough introducing... lets get on with the guide.
    =============================Let's get started!===========================
    It is likely that you are already level 500. If so, just skip this pert
    of the guide. Anyways I will call all skills and items how they are 
    called on iRO (International Ragnarok online). EG-Hatii which is Garm 
    on private servers.
    ===============================Levelling to 500============================
    Yes - Most of it is from my Assassin guide for lvling. So what? Lvling is 
    not hard at all, I'm really bored of telling lil noobs where to lvl.
    Levels 1-10 
    As a novice just type @warp prt_fild01 kill a poring then warp back to @go 
    5. Speak to the jobchanger and choose Swordsman. Simple.
    Levels 10 - 30
    Type @Warp prt_sewb01. Kill a few Thief Bugs.
    Levels 30 - Job Change
    Type @Warp Orcsdun01. Kill some Orcs and type @go 5 again. Choose Knight.
    Levels till around job lvl 30
    Type @Warp Orcsdun02, kill whatever you see and level up your skills. I 
    will go into skills later.
    Levels till 99
    Type @Warp alde_dun02, just spam bash or something. It really isn’t hard 
    to get to lvl 99. If you die a few times don’t worry, come back and keep 
    killing. After getting to level 99 go back @go 5 and change your class to 
    high novice.
    Repeat the Guide until you are level 99. Note - this time you will be 3 
    times harder to level up. Why? Because you are a transcendent character.
    Levels 99 - Till level 140
    Stay in @warp alde_dun02. Guess what? If you can't be bothered and think its 
    too slow go play a game like CounterStrike where you don't Level up. This is 
    a 2k rate server, if you think its slow there is something wrong with you or 
    you are just an 8 year old playing a MMORPG.
    Level 140 - 500
    Type @warp lhz_dun03. At the beginning you will find it very challenging, I 
    recommend you press Alt+M to change a shortcut to @warp lhz_dun03 so that 
    when you are dying teleport. At the start only kill the priests. You will 
    probably get pawned by everything else. Try spamming bash and try to stun 
    Alternate- you can try @warp tha_t12 and kill monsters for philosophus 
    stones which sell for 50,000 zeny each. The exp there is significantly 
    lower but you get more money. Type @autoloot 30 there to loot less trash.
    Levelling is not something which is too hard on a high rate server. 
    It will take about 6-10 hours to lvl 500.
    ============================Equipment for levelling=========================
    Don't try too hard for good equipment until level 500. However try these 
    two weapons from the mall-
    Why? Because it will allow you to hit all enemies in Lhz_Dun03.
    Card Theory & Weapons
    =============================The hydra theory================================
    Spear Knight- Use 4 slotted Pike
    To all the people who think 4x Hydra cards are the best option for maximum 
    damage in PvP are deluded. Hydras being the best is not true. The card you
     must use to hit highest is the Skeleton Worker card. Do not PM me asking 
    where do you get it because this is a Lord Knight guide not a Item guide. 
    Just check out this formula - 
    Hydra Card - Deal 20% more damage on Demihuman Creatures
    Skeleton Worker Card - Deal 15% more damage on Medium sized Creatures. 
    ATK + 5
    Hydra cards add. 4x Hydras = 1.8x damage multiplier
    Skeleton Worker cards add. 4x Skele. Work. = 1.6x multiplier
    However, Hydras and Skeleton Workers do not add.
    1 Hydra + 3 skeleton worker = 1.2 x 1.45 = 1.74x multiplier
    2 Hydra + 2 skeleton worker = 1.4 x 1.3 = 1.82x multiplier
    3 Hydra + 1 skeleton worker = 1.6 x 1.15 = 1.84x multiplier
    Therefore triple bloody boned Pike is the best weapon for damage. 
    If you have read all the way up to here without losing interest I 
    congratulate you to one step coming closer to being a Lord Knight.
    The best weapons to use IMO is Pike [4]
    It is true their stats SUCK-
    Pike [4]
    A long spear that is generally issued to foot soldiers.
    Weapon Class: Spear
    Attack Strength: 60
    Weight: 100
    Applicable Jobs: Swordsman Class
    Its the slots you want. Not the attack strength. Feel free to use other 
    weapons if you like. I warned you. *With the exception of weapons like 
    Brionac or Ice Pick. The formula is simple I really shouldn't have to 
    mention it, but there are too many retards out there that cry at any given 
    Pike with 3 Hydra and Skeleton Worker - Means 2500 ATK + 60 ATK x 1.84 
    (Estimated Attack)
    Crescent Scythe - means 2500 ATK + 180 ATK (Estimated Attack)
    Im not working out the maths for you here, do it yourself. If you cannot 
    see why Pike is better then go play Runescape or buy a pair of Glasses.
    ==========================The Turtle General theory=========================
    The good ol' TG. Look at the description-
    Turtle General Card. ATK +20%. Add the chance of auto casting level 10 Magnum
    Break on enemy when doing Physical Attack.
    I says ATK +20%. So it gives plus 20% attack right? That's not the case, it
    gives you +20% "attack" when you normal attack only. So unless you will 
    normal attack, this card is useless. 
    ==============================The Ice Pick & Thanatos========================
    Put bluntly - Formula
    Total Damage = Atk * (Vit + Def / 100)
    On high rates Ice Pick/Thanatos allows you to deal insane damage, 
    but easily nerfed.
    Shield To Use - Shield [1]
    Cards - 
    Thara Frog - Decrease 30% damage from Demi-Humans (this includes players)
    Medusa - Gain Immunity to the Stone Curse status effect (lame stone curse is 
    like 100% success, CHANGE IT PLEASE LAZY GMS)
    Golden Thief Bug - Gain immunity to all spells - including support magic (I 
    Maya - 50% of reflecting magic attacks (I think its only single target 
    spells, correct me if Im wrong.)
    Cards to use on weapon
    Not much to say here BUT USE 3 HYDRA AND 1 SKELETON WORKER
    Don't PM me asking WHY? The answer is simple, if you take off cards, then 
    you sacrifice damage. Some cards may be used in EXTREME situations -
    Phreeoni - +100 hit (Fighting some lame 400 agi assassin?)
    Golem - Makes weapon indestructible - except during upgrades (use this if your 
    weapon is breaking whilst fighting creators...)
    Doppelganger - Use this if you have half a brain.
    The Paper Card - Use this if you are retarded.
    Lord of Death - Use this against me, it will give you a 0.01% chance of 
    killing me. Its better than no chance right?
    Cards I can't be bothered to mention - Baphomet, Bloody Knight, Sidewinder 
    blah blah blah blah... I could go on and on, flashy cards aren't what you 
    need to win. The humiliation is there when you lie dead.
    ===================================The basic stats===========================
    First of all, what the stats do - some people seem to have no idea...
    Strength -
    It gives +1 ATK per point added, 30 weight limit increase, and for 
    every 10 STR you gain a STR "breakpoint" which gives a set amount 
    of added damage.
    Agility - 
    Every point in Agility gives +1 FLEE rate, and certain amounts of
    AGI, depending on your weapon of choice will add +1 ASPD.
    Dexterity -
    Every point in DEX adds +1 HIT rate. In addition, every 15 DEX reduces
    casting time by 10% for cast speed. Finally every 20 DEX gives 1 ASPD.
    Vitality -
    Every point in VIT gives roughly one less point of damage taken and 
    1% to your MAX HP. This may not seem too great for someone with low 
    HP like a mage, but remember for every VIT you add, your MAX HP goes
    higher, and thusly the 1% MAX HP added from VIT gets greater and 
    greater. In addition to this, along with LUK negative status effects
    will have a shorter duration on you depending how high these stats are.
    Finally, VIT increases your HP regeneration rate after a certain amount
    is added, ex. every 5, 6, 7 vit.
    Luck -
    Every 10 points in LUK gives 3 CRIT which gives you 3% more chance to 
    deliver a critical hit. I will go into critical hits more later, but for
    now I can tell you they ignore targets defence for the most part and never
    miss. Assassins get double CRITICAL, so if their status screen shows 40 
    CRITICAL its really 80, but only when wielding Katar class weapons. In 
    addition to this, every 10 LUK gives one "Perfect Dodge" which I will go 
    into more later, and LUK, like VIT, makes negative status effects wear 
    off faster. Finally, every 5 LUK gives a damage bonus.
    Intelligence -
    Every point into INT adds 1 MATK. Every 5 points in INT will increase your
    minimum MATK greatly, and every 2points after that your maximum. These are 
    considered the MATK breakpoints, much like the STR ATK breakpoints. In 
    addition to this, every 1 INT will reduce Magic Damage by 1 point, much
    like VIT reduces physical damage by one point. Finally, there are SP regen
    bonuses when adding INT,you will notice every tick of SP Regen will go up
    the more INT you have.
    HIT -
    Every 1 DEX adds 1 HIT. There are skills which also add HIT, such as Bash 
    which adds 20 HIT (invisible on the status screen) at level 10 and Pierce
    which adds 50 at level 10. 
    =================================Advanced Stats=============================
    Here are the more advanced stats.
    Perfect Dodge-
    Every 10 LUK gives one "Perfect Dodge" .. which is just that. With 10 
    Perfect Dodge you'd have a 10% chance to dodge anything, anytime. That's
    10% chance to dodge ANYTHING, even Phreeoni. I'm not telling you to go 
    400 LUK for dodge skill, but some LUK never hurt, especially for Melee
    classes who also tank. There are certain items which add Perfect Dodge, 
    such as the Fortune Sword (Dagger class weapon) ...beware, Perfect Dodge
    doesn’t dodge Magic Skills.
    CRIT, as stated above in the LUK section gives the ability to ignore your 
    targets defence and never miss. So basically you do FULL possible damage 
    and you NEVER miss. Assassins get double the critical rate when wielding 
    Katar class weapons, so if you see 20 CRIT on your status screen and 
    you're an Assassin using a Katar class weapon, it's really 40. Remove the
    weapon and punch some, you'll see the difference.
    This is your physical ATK damage. On your status screen it will show up as
    follows.(base ATK from weapon ATK + STR ATK) + (Upgraded ATK bonus)
    ex, 205 + 35
    Upgraded ATK bonus simply means you upgraded the weapon at an upgrade NPC as 
    Level 1 Weapons: Uses Phracon + 50 Zeny to add +2 ATK to the weapon up to 7 
    times safely.
    Level 2 Weapons: Uses Emveratcon + 200 Zeny to add +3 ATK to the weapon up to 
    6 times safely.
    Level 3 Weapons: Uses Oridecon + 5000 Zeny to add +5 ATK to the weapon up to 
    5 times safely.
    Level 4 Weapons: Uses Oridecon + 10,000 Zeny to add +7 ATK to the weapon up 
    to 4 times safely.
    The upgraded weapon ATK bonuses ignore targets defence, which is 
    extremely helpful. In addition to this you CAN upgrade beyond the 
    "safe points" listed above, but your weapon can break and you will
    lose it forever.
    Magic Attack-
    This is your magical ATK damage. On your status screen it will show up as 
    (Minimum MATK) ~ (Maximum MATK)
    ex, 101 ~ 172
    So basically, your damage can be anywhere between 101 and 172. It's really
    quite simple.
    Attack Speed or ASPD-
    Just go and get 195 aspd, every 5 agi is 1 aspd and every 20 dex is 1 aspd.
    You must have 195 ok? DONT USE DOPPLE... lol ...
    Every 1 AGI gives 1 FLEE, and every base level you gain 1 FLEE. There is a 
    FLEE cap at 95% while a Perfect Dodge of 100 would let you dodge without
    fail. However, attaining a lot of Perfect Dodge is hard to do and you could
    never have 95 or more.
    ==============================Common Misconceptions=======================
    I don't need to explain what this section is about.
    Armour DEF vs. VIT DEF
    They are NOT the same. VIT def gives 0.8 damage reduction to be exact, and
    every 10 VIT gives a sizeable defence bonus. Armour DEF gives 1% damage 
    reduction for every 1 Armour DEF you have, including upgrades up to +4, 
    after +4 you only gain 0.6% damage reduction. On your status screen, 
    these will show as follows.
    (Armour DEF) + (VIT DEF)
    ex, Def: 71 + 104
    Armour MDEF vs. INT MDEF
    Again, not the same. INT MDEF gives 1 point of damage reduction for every
    point of INT added, without giving the bonuses VIT gives as far as we can 
    tell. Armour MDEF gives 1% Magic Damage reduction similar to Armour DEF, but
    you can't upgrade more MDEF onto an armour so.. that's all there is to it! 
    On your status screen, these will show as follows.
    (Armour MDEF) + (INT MDEF) ex, MDef: 23 + 104
    FLEE vs. Perfect Dodge
    They are two very different things. One AGI gives 1 FLEE, 10 LUK gives 1
    Perfect Dodge. However there is another massive difference.. Flee can be
     pierced by a high HIT rate, while Perfect Dodge can never be bypassed. 
    If you have 900 Flee, you can STILL be hit by someone with a lot of HIT,
    but if you have 50 Perfect Dodge, 50% of attacks directed to you will 
    ALWAYS miss. On your status screen your FLEE and Perfect Dodge show up 
    together. It will show something like this..
    Flee: 207 (Your ACTUAL FLEE) + 10 (Perfect Dodge rating)
    Remember, PD only dodges normal attacks and VERY few skills. Skills like
    Soul Destroyer WILL NOT be dodged by PD. 
    Str - 400 Be a noob if you don’t want 400 Str, not my problem
    Agi - Just enough for 195 aspd - quag and agi down is a minimum
    Int - 1 Unless you are some build which needs INT
    Dex - Not just 150, a little more you need to hit with skills
    Luk - 220 is the min for Katar IMO, for 100% crit with
          spear. Exceptions with Ice Pick and Thanatos.
    I doubt any of you are even reading up to this point, meh if by chance 
    someone is reading this bit, well done, maybe you should think about 
    your stats and change it.
    First of all, Id like to say Im not going to mention my own builds. 
    This is a guide not copy INK EYES. So therefore you will have to make 
    your own builds. Here are a few tips - 
    Don’t rely on Crit to hit - PD (Perfect Dodge will dodge it). And consider
    the opponents Armour into account.
    Don’t rely on One skill to hit, every skill has its weakness. 
    Spamming the same skill will provoke people into calling you "Noob"
    Fight using your skill rather than relying on your class.
    Try and cover up as many weaknesses as you can.
    This part is for cards on armour. 
    Should I list every single card to prevent NOOB questions asking about 
    cards not mentioned? HMM... if there are cards unmentioned it means they 
    suck ok?
    Armours - 
    Full Plate[1]
    Heavy, solid armour made of durable plates of impenetrable metal.
    Item Class: Armour
    Defence Rate: 10
    Weight: 450
    Required lvl: 40
    Applicable Jobs: Swordsman Class
    Cards for Armour - 
    Orc Lord - Reflect 30% Damage dealt to you (Good when berserk is active, or 
    else, don’t bother with it)
    Angeling Card - Blesses an Armour with the Holy property (Use against Holy 
    Cross, and priests, or else leave it)
    Argiope Card - Enchant an Armour with the Poison property. DEF +1 (Use this 
    against sins, don’t use Evil Druid, smart ones will res kill you)
    Bathory Card - Enchant an Armour with the Shadow property (Use this against 
    people who know how to enchant shadow... pfft I doubt any of you half-wits 
    can get your thoughts that far before you faint due to lack of IQ)
    Ghostring Card - Enchant an Armour with the Ghost property. Reduce HP 
    Recovery by 25% (Yeah, good yo use against noob non element players, 
    Asura noobs and Creators who can only use one skill)
    Hatii Card - Has 50% chance of Freezing an enemy when the user receives 
    Physical Damage. (Pawns people who don’t have Marc, but rare to get hold of)
    Sasquatch Card - Add 20% of freezing an enemy when the user receives
    Physical Damage. (Same as Hatii, cheaper but less effective)
    Tao Gunka Card - Tao Gunka Card. Max HP +100%, DEF - 50 and MDEF - 50. 
    (Good for Berserk, hits hp over 20m easily)
    Garment - 
    A long, loose cape-like garment that protects its wearer from harsh weather.
    Item Class: Garment
    Defence Rate: 4
    Weight: 60 
    Cards for Garment -
    Devilling Card - Add 50% more tolerance against Neutral Property Attack. 
    Receive 50% more damage from other Property Attack. (Be careful when you 
    use this, remember to switch...)
    Raydric Card - Increase resistance to Neutral property attacks by 20%
    Nothing else really is needed... well maybe Myst... or ETC... but its going 
    to be up to you to be able to use them effectively.
    Footwear -
    A pair of heavy leather boots, padded with Lunatic fur, that is suited to 
    Item Class: Footgear
    Defence Rate: 4
    Weight: 60 
    Cards for footwear - 
    Amon Ra Card - All Stat +1. Add the chance of casting level 10 Kyrie 
    Eleison around the user when receiving Physical Damage. The chance of casting 
    the skill is increased if the user has 99 INT points. - Yes Enemy Down, you 
    can laugh at me, when you psyched me out this this card. But ill tell you 
    it wont happen again. ( This card is interested, if it activates this means 
    you defend 10 attacks automatically. It is cancelled when you take 10 hits or 
    if they damage would exceed 1/4 of your maximum HP. It is a hard card to 
    master, and you MUST raise int for it. Rumour says per 99 int is 1% so 400 
    int is 4%. Correct me if Im wrong on that point. I recommend only using this 
    with donation item as you can use more at the same time. )
    Dark Lord Card - Dark Lord Card. Add the chance of auto casting level 5 Meteor 
    Storm skill on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage. If the user is 
    equipped with an item compounded to the Dark Illusion card, it adds Max HP, 
    Max SP +20%. (May be useful with donation, but again, you must give up a slot 
    on headgear, and IMO I think Maya Purple is a must...)
    Matyr Card - Max HP +10% AGI +1 (Simply an amazing card.)
    Moonlight Flower Card - Enable faster Movement Speed so long as the Footgear 
    to which this card is compounded is equipped. (I think this is the best card 
    if you have no donations... please don’t PM me telling me how wrong I am, 
    because its my opinion)
    Headgears - 
    Anything with a slot will do, try to have at least one slotted headgear. For 
    maya purple.
    Dark Illusion Card - Dark Illusion Card. Max HP, Max SP -10%. Reduce spell 
    casting time by 10%. If the user is equipped with an item compounded to the 
    Dark Lord card, it reduces spell casting time by 20%. 
    ( Use this only with Dark Lord, and NO IT DOES NOT REDUCE DELAY TIME)
    Ghoul Card - Increase resistance to Poison property attacks by 20%.
    Maya Purple Card - Enable its user to detect hidden monsters. 
    (A must have card.)
    Accessories - 
    Get whatever slotted you can get, you don’t need a guide for that.
    Alligator Card - Receive 5% less damage from Long Ranged Physical Attack. 
    (This includes Acid Demon, Soul destroyer) 
    Horong Card - Enable use of Level 1 Sight. (Better have this...)
    Yoyo Card - AGI +1 Perfect Dodge +5 (The PD is good)
    A few more notes on LK
    are going to do that then play a SINX. Use your skills, this is why LKs are 
    harder to play. Take off that /nc you have on. I'll leave the rest for you 
    guys to figure out.
    LK have the MOST hp out of all classes.
    LKs IMO should ALWAYS be Spear/Lance Knight on high rate. 2H is only needed 
    when you fight Monks with parry.
    There is no strongest class, if you play on a LK Gratz on choosing a unique 
    Here goes... Skills...
    Hit the enemy with Great Might and better accuracy.
    [Level 1] 130% damage.+5 Hit SP usage 8
    [Level 2] 160% damage.+10 Hit SP usage 8
    [Level 3] 190% damage.+15 Hit SP usage 8
    [Level 4] 220% damage.+20 Hit SP usage 8
    [Level 5] 250% damage.+25 Hit SP usage 8
    [Level 6] 280% damage.+30 Hit SP usage 15
    [Level 7] 310% damage.+35 Hit SP usage 15
    [Level 8] 340% damage.+40 Hit SP usage 15
    [Level 9] 370% damage.+45 Hit SP usage 15
    [Level 10] 400% damage.+50 Hit SP usage 15
    Magnum Break -
    Sp Used: 15
    An area of effect move, you target one enemy and every other enemy by a 5*5 
    area is also effected with additional damage, pushes the target back 2 cells 
    and deals fire damage regardless of the weapons elemental properties.
    [Level 1] 115% Attack
    [Level 2] 130% Attack
    [Level 3] 145% Attack
    [Level 4] 160% Attack
    [Level 5] 175% Attack
    [Level 6] 190% Attack
    [Level 7] 205% Attack
    [Level 8] 220% Attack
    [Level 9] 235% Attack
    [Level 10] 250% Attack
    Two Handed Mastery -
    Increase Two-Handed Sword Damage.
    [Level 1] : Attack STR +4
    [Level 2] : Attack STR +8
    [Level 3] : Attack STR +12
    [Level 4] : Attack STR +16
    [Level 5] : Attack STR +20
    [Level 6] : Attack STR +24
    [Level 7] : Attack STR +28
    [Level 8] : Attack STR +32
    [Level 9] : Attack STR +36
    [Level 10] : Attack STR +40
    One Handed Mastery -
    Increase One-Handed Sword and Dagger Damage.
    [Level 1] : Attack STR +4
    [Level 2] : Attack STR +8
    [Level 3] : Attack STR +12
    [Level 4] : Attack STR +16
    [Level 5] : Attack STR +20
    [Level 6] : Attack STR +24
    [Level 7] : Attack STR +28
    [Level 8] : Attack STR +32
    [Level 9] : Attack STR +36
    [Level 10] : Attack STR +40
    Endure -
    When you are attack you flinch for a split second rendering you useless of 
    moving or attacking, this skill allows you to remove that delay for an
    alloted time period.
    [Level 1] 10[s]
    [Level 2] 13[s]
    [Level 3] 16[s]
    [Level 4] 19[s]
    [Level 5] 22[s]
    [Level 6] 25[s]
    [Level 7] 28[s]
    [Level 8] 31[s]
    [Level 9] 34[s]
    [Level 10] 37[s]
    Provoke -
    Provokes an enemy to attack you and has a chance to Decrease an Enemy’s 
    Defence at the same time increasing its Attack Strength. Non-Applicable for 
    the Undead.
    [Level 1] Enemy’s ATK +2% DEF -6% Success 53% Sp:4
    [Level 2] Enemy’s ATK +4% DEF -12% Success 56% Sp:5
    [Level 3] Enemy’s ATK +6% DEF -18% Success 59% Sp:6
    [Level 4] Enemy’s ATK +8% DEF -24% Success 62% Sp:7
    [Level 5] Enemy’s ATK +10% DEF -30% Success 65% Sp:8
    [Level 6] Enemy’s ATK +12% DEF -36% Success 68% Sp:9
    [Level 7] Enemy’s ATK +14% DEF -42% Success 71% Sp:10
    [Level 8] Enemy’s ATK +16% DEF -48% Success 74% Sp:11
    [Level 9] Enemy’s ATK +18% DEF -54% Success 77% Sp:12
    [Level 10] Enemy’s ATK +20% DEF -60% Success 80% Sp:13
    Increase HP recovery -
    Every 10[s] the character sits or stands still s/he gets an amount of HP. 
    The amount is influenced by VIT and base level. This skill also increases the 
    amount of HP regained from potions.
    [Level 1] + 5HP +10% HP from potions [MHP*0.2%]+HP Regen
    [Level 2] + 10HP +20% HP from potions [MHP*0.4%]+Hp Regen
    [Level 3] + 15HP +30% HP from potions [MHP*0.6%]+Hp Regen
    [Level 4] + 20HP +40% HP from potions [MHP*0.8%]+Hp Regen
    [Level 5] + 25HP +50% HP from potions [MHP*1.0%]+Hp Regen
    [Level 6] + 30HP +60% HP from potions [MHP*1.2%]+Hp Regen
    [Level 7] + 35HP +70% HP from potions [MHP*1.4%]+Hp Regen
    [Level 8] + 40HP +80% HP from potions [MHP*1.6%]+Hp Regen
    [Level 9] + 45HP +90% HP from potions [MHP*1.8%]+Hp Regen
    [Level 10]+ 50HP +100% HP from potions [MHP*2.0%]+Hp Regen
    Berserk - 
    When your HP level drops below 25% you are placed under the effects of a 
    provoke 10.
    DEF: -60%, ATK +20%
    Once your HP level goes above 25% your status is normalized.
    Fatal Blow -
    Gives the chance to strike a fatal blow when you bash that stuns your 
    enemies. Stun chance is based upon your bash skill level.
    Bash Skill Level:
    [Level 6] 6% chance to stun.
    [Level 7] 12% chance to stun.
    [Level 8] 18% chance to stun.
    [Level 9] 24% chance to stun.
    [Level 10] 30% chance to stun.
    Hp Recovery whilst moving -
    Recover HP while moving, not just while sitting.
    Tension Relax -
    Just like the skill's name says, relaxes your muscles and temporarily 
    increase your HP recovery speed. You have to be sitting to use this skill 
    (even just standing won't work). When this skill is in use, you will see 
    the icon that shows that you are using this skill. It will automatically 
    cancel when you get attacked, if you stand to attack, or use an item. 
    It'll take 15 SP once and gives you up to x3 HP regeneration speed.
    Spiral Pierce
    Extend your spear, and spin it in a spiral fashion to increase overall 
    damage and ability to pierce. It attacks 5 times regardless of target size. 
    Heavier your weapon is, the better your damage will be, and will leave 
    target stunned for 3 seconds - however, they CAN attack if you are in range 
    of their melee/range attack, or if they use ranged skills. Although damage 
    will increase with better skill level, so will the skill delay / after skill 
    use delay.
    LV | ATK Bonus % | Cast Time / Cast Delay | SP Used
    1 - 150% - 0.3s - 1.2s - 13
    2 - 200% - 0.5s - 1.4s - 15
    3 - 250% - 0.7s - 1.6s - 17
    4 - 300% - 0.9s - 1.8s - 19
    5 - 350% - 1s - 2s - 20
    Spear Boomerang -
    Throws a spear class weapon as a boomerang. 1sec delay after use of this 
    [Level 1] 150% damage: range 3
    [Level 2] 200% damage: range 5
    [Level 3] 250% damage: range 7
    [Level 4] 250% damage: range 9
    [Level 5] 350% damage: range 11
    Parrying -
    You automatically block some of the attacks randomly. This allows you to 
    auto-guard attacks with your sword. It will now block both ranged and
    physical attacks. Requires a two-handed sword.
    LV | Block Rate | Last Time
    1 - 23% - 15s
    2 - 26% - 20s
    3 - 29% - 25s
    4 - 32% - 30s
    5 - 35% - 35s
    6 - 38% - 40s
    7 - 41% - 45s
    8 - 44% - 50s
    9 - 47% - 55s
    10 - 50% - 60s
    Concentrate -
    If you use it, your HIT rate and damage will receive a huge increase, but 
    all your defence based upon equipment and stats will decrease a bit. While 
    this skill is on, you will also have free Endure-effect until the skill goes 
    LV | HIT + / DAMAGE + / DEF - | Last Time | SP Used
    1 - 10% / 5% / -5% - 25s - 14
    2 - 20% / 10% / -10% - 30s - 18
    3 - 30% / 15% / -15% - 35s - 22
    4 - 40% / 20% / -20% - 40s - 26
    5 - 50% / 25% / -25% - 45s - 30
    Cavalier Mastery -
    Enables you to attack as fast on a Peco Peco as on foot.
    [Level 1] Aspd = 60%
    [Level 2] Aspd = 70%
    [Level 3] Aspd = 80%
    [Level 4] Aspd = 90%
    [Level 5] Aspd = 100%
    Peco Peco Riding -
    Enable to Ride a Tamed Peco Peco. When riding Peco Peco, spear class weapons 
    do 100% damage on medium sized monsters, instead of the normal 75%.
    Spear Mastery -
    Increases ATK while using a spear class weapon.
    [Level 1] Off-Peco ATK +4; On-Peco ATK +5
    [Level 2] Off-Peco ATK +8; On-Peco ATK +10
    [Level 3] Off-Peco ATK +12; On-Peco ATK +15
    [Level 4] Off-Peco ATK +16; On-Peco ATK +20
    [Level 5] Off-Peco ATK +20; On-Peco ATK +25
    [Level 6] Off-Peco ATK +24; On-Peco ATK +30
    [Level 7] Off-Peco ATK +28; On-Peco ATK +35
    [Level 8] Off-Peco ATK +32; On-Peco ATK +40
    [Level 9] Off-Peco ATK +36; On-Peco ATK +45
    [Level 10] Off-Peco ATK +40; On-Peco ATK +50
    Pierce -
    Multiple trusts with a spear class weapon. Number of hits depends on size of 
    the enemy.
    SP cost: 7
    Small: 1 hit (level 10 damage = 200%)
    Medium: 2 hits (level 10 damage = 400%)
    Great: 3 hits (level 10 damage = 600%)
    [Level 1] 110% damage, +5 Accuracy
    [Level 2] 120% damage, +10 Accuracy
    [Level 3] 130% damage, +15 Accuracy
    [Level 4] 140% damage, +20 Accuracy
    [Level 5] 150% damage, +25 Accuracy
    [Level 6] 160% damage, +30 Accuracy
    [Level 7] 170% damage, +35 Accuracy
    [Level 8] 180% damage, +40 Accuracy
    [Level 9] 190% damage, +45 Accuracy
    [Level 10] 200% damage, +50 Accuracy
    Spear Stab -
    Makes an attack whit a spear class weapon and pushes the enemy away.
    Push range: 6
    [Level 1] 120% damage.
    [Level 2] 140% damage.
    [Level 3] 160% damage.
    [Level 4] 180% damage.
    [Level 5] 200% damage.
    [Level 6] 220% damage.
    [Level 7] 240% damage.
    [Level 8] 260% damage.
    [Level 9] 280% damage.
    [Level 10] 300% damage.
    Brandish Spear -
    The spear using knights strongest skill. Does a lot of damage, on a large 
    area. 1 sec Delay after use of this skill. Even if the caster is hit the 
    skill will still be casted, but def is reduced by 2/3s.
    [Level 1] 120% damage: Range 1
    [Level 2] 140% damage: Range 1
    [Level 3] 160% damage: Range 1
    [Level 4] 180% damage: Range 1+2
    [Level 5] 200% damage: Range 1+2
    [Level 6] 220% damage: Range 1+2
    [Level 7] 240% damage: Range 1+2+3
    [Level 8] 260% damage: Range 1+2+3
    [Level 9] 280% damage: Range 1+2+3
    [Level 10] 300% damage: Range 1+2+3+4
    Two Hand Quicken -
    Aspd of 2 handed swords are increased by 30%
    [Level 1] Lasting Time 30[s]/Sp:14
    [Level 2] Lasting Time 60[s]/Sp:18
    [Level 3] Lasting Time 90[s]/Sp:22
    [Level 4] Lasting Time 120[s]/Sp:26
    [Level 5] Lasting Time 150[s]/Sp:30
    [Level 6] Lasting Time 190[s]/Sp:34
    [Level 7] Lasting Time 210[s]/Sp:38
    [Level 8] Lasting Time 240[s]/Sp:42
    [Level 9] Lasting Time 270[s]/Sp:46
    [Level 10] Lasting Time 300[s]/Sp:50
    Counter Attack -
    Counters an enemies Atk. During skill duration you stand Still. Must Be 
    Facing enemy. Atk Pierces Def of the enemy, its a normal attack so enemies 
    can dodge, +20 accuracy and 2x critical is added when skill is active.
    [Level 1] duration 0.4[s]
    [Level 2] duration 0.8[s]
    [Level 3] duration 1.2[s]
    [Level 4] duration 1.6[s]
    [Level 5] duration 2.0[s]
    Bowling Bash -
    Damages enemies around. Also has Knock Back effect. 1 sec Delay after use 
    of this skill. Even if the caster is hit the skill will still be casted, 
    but def is reduced by 2/3s.
    [Level 1] 150% damage, 1 cell knockback/Sp:13
    [Level 2] 200% damage, 1 cell knockback/Sp:14
    [Level 3] 250% damage, 2 cell knockback/Sp:15
    [Level 4] 300% damage, 2 cell knockback/Sp:16
    [Level 5] 350% damage, 3 cell knockback/Sp:17
    [Level 6] 400% damage, 3 cell knockback/Sp:18
    [Level 7] 450% damage, 4 cell knockback/Sp:19
    [Level 8] 500% damage, 4 cell knockback/Sp:20
    [Level 9] 550% damage, 5 cell knockback/Sp:21
    [Level 10] 600% damage, 5 cell knockback/Sp:22
    Berserk -
    Truly scary skill, rendering the user bloodthirsty... Upon usage, you can't 
    use any items and can't even receive Heal... However, your HP will jump by 
    large as well as receiving very nice attack / ASPD upgrade.
    Exactly, you will receive the following when you use the skill.
    - maxHP x3, and HP is fully recovered, but SP is all gone
    - You cannot regain HP/SP via natural means for 5 minutes afterwards of the 
    - ATK + 200%
    - ASPD + 30%
    - Permanent move speed bonus during skill
    - ALL DEF (equip def/MDef, stat def/MDef) set to 0
    - Halves FLEE rate
    - Receives Endure effect
    - 5% HP reduced every 15 seconds
    - Cannot chat, cannot use items, cannot receive Heals (when you do, the Heal
     amount you receive, you will see 0... yes, 0)
    - Cannot change equipments
    - Skill will automatically cancel when HP below 100
    - Available in War of Emperium
    Aura Blade -
    Add a special aura to your weapon, and add special damage that ignores enemy 
    defence (like Sword Masteries do). If your attack should miss, then this does 
    not work.
    LV | ATK Bonus | Last Time | SP Used
    1 - 20 - 40s - 18
    2 - 40 - 60s - 26
    3 - 60 - 80s - 34
    4 - 80 - 100s - 42
    5 - 100 - 120s - 50
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