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Enter The World of Rune-Midgar 02/28/02 Arcias
Excellent mindless game 06/06/08 blueliquidplus
You get more than what you pay for... 05/11/03 chaosfive
A good free online pc game? 01/04/02 ChocoDude
Is it worth playing? 06/02/08 Choji2K6
Diablo 2 meets Dark Cloud 2 and Zelda 05/09/03 CidFromFFVII
A game in its beta...and its better than full fledged games! 05/06/03 DeathWyvern
A great game waiting to be completed 07/07/02 DFalcon999
Ragnarok Online - The Pioneer of MMORPG. 10/18/13 Fratellanza
Lighthearted MMORPGing at it's best 05/28/02 fwuffy kitty
A Great Idea, But poorly Executed.... 07/23/02 Marines920
Sweet and Nice 06/15/02 Martin G
One great RPG. 05/31/02 Mr Jupiter
Fun for a while, then you realize there's no content. 05/08/03 Padijun
The end of the world in 2015? 04/06/15 pikamemnon
Best online 2D+3D online game ever! 05/05/02 RayKnight
Great concept, but some poor execution. 05/19/03 snowboarddude
A very fun MMORPG, but with it's fair share of glitches. 08/14/02 super magus
A Whole Different Universe 12/24/02 the only KoW
Oooooo........One MMORPG you just can't miss......... 03/05/02 TMaster
Beware - This will suck whats left of your social life away 02/19/02 weggy100
Ragnarok Online: My New Drug of Choice 03/01/02 Willcutus
The second best free MMORPG! 07/13/02 wjomlex
A game with decent gameplay but which has not much of a storyline 05/26/03 Yuri21
You're better off with Neopets. Seriously. 06/12/02 Zephlerion
And Gravity said, the server will be up tomorrow! 08/02/02 Ztalin

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