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"A great game, and still getting better!"

Since Ragnarok Online first came out, there were very little people in it, all having fun and adventuring. Starting out weak, but advancing to best your friends, and others, and gutting enemies. Now that the second Beta of it has come out, it has gotten better than ever!

Now with new maps, monsters, classes, and more, this game will keep you going, as long as you stay strong, and keep at it. This new Beta(which came out in mid July) also influences you to stay and group with others, in a new experience that is both fun and life-saving(gamewise of course).

Graphics - 10/10

Even though all of the enemies, NPC's, items, and yourself, are sprites, it doesn't mean that the environments will be degraded to the level of a none-moving 3D landscapes. If you've experienced Diablo 2, or Final Fantasy Tactics before, than you'd get an idea of what kinds of environments you'd be expecting. But, seeing as this is on a PC, the graphics on the environments will be relying on the power of you're video card. The maps are not the only ones done in 3D; the spells and skills of various characters, allow the blend of 2D-3D coordination that would bring a new sight to behold, by new comers.
The 2D effects are all well done, accompanied by the layering effects that are on your character with different equipment. The graphics, overall, are only limited to your computer, and your desired effects(This is on a PC, so there's, of course, graphics adjustment)

Music - 10/10

As with all those associated with the RPG genre, including those of MMORPG's, there will always be great, if not high quality, music. This game offers a great variety of that great RPG music that is enjoyed by many, and situated to be found appropriate for almost all environments.. But the looped way that they are always played, adds to the beginning always heard, and the endings always expected. Unless you like the music, some tunes may get tiring. However, speaking for myself, I enjoy listening to all the music, since it's part of the RPG gaming experience.

Sound - 9/10

The sound is also very well done. Accompanied by the Music, the sound offers the slice of your sword, to the wailing of the enemy dying to add to the environment. Some spells, and skills are also made into their own unique sounds that always let you know that you have a powerful punch against the enemies stronghold. There are also various nature sounds, that are pocketed in different map locations, to let you have the feel of being there.
But some turning points to it would involve the unnecessary way that some crunches and certain attacks would sound against the real thing.

Control - 9/10

The control in this game is very superb, than what I've seen in other games. With the ability it rotate your view in any direction is magnificent to keep you satisfied. And also to be able to zoom in and out, would keep you using your mouse wheel and right-click at every turning point in the game. The control on your own character is very well done, as well. Just as is expected an any RPG, like RO, and D2, you are allowed to move your character with the click of the mouse. However, some areas such as stairs, leave a room of improvement on getting to walk on them, on one click.

Gameplay - 9/10

The gameplay of RO, is very unique to the ways of other games. There are many people who you can make a guild or party with, so you can group up to go on an adventure. But only knowing how to fight isn't the key, but to know how to deal with the economy, and with other players. There will be a lot of people who will give you a very hard time, if you don't stay sharp and knowing of how towns operate economically. But still, every game has its cheaters, and this game is no exception. There will be bots, scammers, and dupers, that Gravity will not be able to combat, so it'd be best to stay alert. One other factor to worry about is the massive amount of lag that comes with the game. This would get you to stay in poorly populated areas, in hopes to get way from it all.

Story - ?/10

Since this game is in its Beta(especially Beta2), and it is an MMORPG, it still has its share of no story whatsoever. Not to worry, it does have a background of information at the official site, about the history of the game.

Overall Appearance - 9/10

Despite any other problems involving RO, this game goes out into the world looking good, with great visuals, sounds, and gameplay, to boot. Interactions with people all around, and joining with them, just adds to the playability. The only problem is the major one involving the lag. Although I'm hoping it will be fixed for all those to enjoy! From thick forests, vast deserts, or to the depths of dungeons, this game will still get you to come back for more, even if you do retire from it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/26/02, Updated 07/26/02

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