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Reviewed: 05/19/03 | Updated: 05/19/03

Good game...Bad Lag

Well I'll start off with my brief history of the game. I've been playing for about 20 hours and I'm still into the game, and I wanted to play a long time ago but couldn't. So yeah well here's the review.

I loved this game from the second I started playing it. The simplicity of the age old ''click to attack'' feature is one of my favorites. The game play is very similar to that of Diablo 2 and a cross of a Final Fantasy job system. You start out in a giant world as a mere civilian and you are given the ability to attack with a tiny dagger. From here it is up to you what to do with your life. If you want to be a Thief you would head over to Morroc to train and take a test. For a swordsman you will head to Izlude. Once you get to your destination you train and become stronger, and once you are to your top ability you go off on an adventure.

Multiplayer Usefulness-5
I figured I'd put this in to make you aware that not many people are going to be out there to go on a big long quest with some random person. I spent about an hour just trying to get two people to join my party, and while doing so I got sworn at by many people. Although, once you do get a party the game becomes even more enjoyable.

I was surprised by the good quality of the sound in this game. It seems that the producers put a lot of time and effort into thinking out their whole scheme of sound effects and Background music. Every area you go to, the music will change and it is actually not annoying for once. The music sets a good feel to the game and is very good for a free game. As good as the music is, the sound effects can sometimes get annoying. There's only so many times you can listen to the sound of your sword swinging along with everyone else’s, but it's not that bad I suppose.

Server Capability-4
Ok two servers, about 20,000 people, you do the math. As much as I like having other people running around, I hate the amount of people on this game. I have spent many times just walking along to have my game freeze up for about 20 seconds and when it unfreezes I'm really far from where it was that I was standing before the freeze up. Also, they really need to do something about the people that just sit there. You will see people sitting down with a chat open that says ''I'm asleep,'' or ''I'm at work,'' and these people will actually be sitting in this same spot for hours on end. Remember though, this is only the Beta version so hopefully it will be different in the finalized version and they'll make it so people can only stand still for an hour tops. Also, hopefully they'll make more servers.

Like I said earlier basic ''click to attack'' format. I personally love this control so that's why I gave it a high rating. On the other hand, your menus can get quite confusing. If you want to be able to quickly access your menus, I suggest memorizing all the hot keys or you're going to get really frustrated from the lag that slows down your mouse. The buttons are kind of small so this makes it kind of like a game of cat and mouse to hit the buttons. You get used to it after a while.

I would've given this a perfect 10 but the monsters are annoying when you kill them. Okay so the whole world is put in 3D which is extremely cool, and your characters are 2D which makes the blend amazing, but the monsters bother me. For some reason they made it so when you kill a monster it becomes about 10 times its size for about 10 seconds which becomes really annoying when you try and take the item from the killed monster and then someone else just takes it. Other than that the graphics are awesome....but hey you're a hardcore gamer so that doesn't matter.

Job System-9
Once you start in the game you'll be a little confused as how to go about becoming a Knight or Mage, but it will all become clearer as you progress. In the game you have two levels, a job level, and a basic level. The basic level is the level you use to make your stats stronger and level up HP etc. You're job level (levels up slightly slower than regular level) is the level you level up to learn new abilities and spells etc. When you start the game you are just a novice person, and you must level up your job level to level 10 before you can start thinking about what it is you want to be in Ragnarok. The job classes are Mage, Acolyte, Swordsman, Merchant, and Thief. Whichever one you want to be is up to you, although if you can't make up you’re mind you can take a test (highly advised for n00bs, because you get a bunch of zeny and items) which helps you choose what would be best suited for your personality.

Price Range-100000000
I figured I'd add this section just to show you that this game is FREE!!! That's right folks absolutely free, no catches, no credit cards, no working, just download, sign-up, and play. I have heard rumors that the final version will be pay to play, but for now it's free. That is why this game gets the rating of 100000000. Yes I love free stuff, but don't we all.

Well if you like Diablo 1 or 2, and you like Final Fantasy I suggest you DOWNLOAD this game for FREE. The file actually took me an entire night to download, but I'd have to say it's worth it. You may occasionally get aggravated at the lag, especially when there’s like 50 people just sitting around near you, but if you find a good spot of your own, this game is great. I suggest anyone that likes these kinds of games download this game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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