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"My first Positive game review."

I'm a person that despite being lazy, I love to review games. As stated above...I'm lazy like whoa, so 90% of the time I don't actually write the reviews I think of...unless they games are so bad that I can't help but speak my mind. My most infamous review is the GTA: Vice City review, that if I could alter today I would reduce from a 4/10 to a 1/10. But that's not important. I recently also submitted a Final Fantasy XI review, but I don't know if it will be submitted. Another negative review.

My Role playing credentials(sp?) are note-worthy, I've been a fan of the Genre for years, and a fan of the MMORPG Genre for about two years now. I first got my taste of MMORPGs with Asherons Call. I played alittle at my friends house, but it just didn't do it for me. It was around July that a friend of mine asked me to download the 600 Megabyte file ''Ragnarok Online'' and send it to her on a burned CD. So I did, because I have a good modem. At the time, Ragnarok was down for new updates. I started to read about it...and it interested me so much! When November came around, they finally re-introduced RO and I found my own personal cocaine.


This is the only MMORPG that even has a ''story''. Ragnarok Online is based on the Japanese Manga 'Ragnarok' by Myung Jin-Lee. This Manga has its story in a world where most things are from Norse Mythology. Being a big Mythology lover, this Manga is right up my ally. I've read 1-8, and am ordering 9 over the internet. I give this section a 5, because while the game has ROOTS from the Story, it is still an MMORPG. I will say that on events, the game masters do like to Role play the main characters (Chaos, Loki and Skurai [called Sakray on iRO]) And I think that's pretty cool. It adds flavor.

Counter Opinion

I hate FFXI, but I recently had an argument over this with my friend who loves it. He claims that theres TONS of quests and stuff in it provides more of a story then iRO... I never played the missions because they were stupid, and I was so weak and couldn't even find my way out of town that I didn't bother. So if Mission's are your way of thinking 'story' then I guess FFXI beats RO here...


Again, another low score? To me, I would give Ragnarok's graphics a 10 but thats because they appeal to me. My friend Joey, on the other hand HATES the graphics because they aren't so up to date it feels like the real world. RO's graphics consist of Anime style 2-D sprites on very well detailed full 3-D maps. As I said before, this is my style, because I'm an anime-lover, I think these are just really cool graphics. Although, comparing it to FFXI again (only other MMORPG I put effort into), FFXI's graphics of course blow it out of the water because anything with Square-Enix on it has to look better then everyone else. (One of the reasons they're beginning to disappoint me.)

Game Play

This game is fun, and easy. The controls are sickeningly easy, everything is just a simple click with a few key stroke short cuts. This is my biggest complaint with all MMORPGS, Tons of menus, unorganized stuff...etc... Ragnarok doesnt do that. This game's menus are more organized then my class president's back pack. Even the leveling system, while somewhat unbalanced (due to the fact that mages and archers own everything) is still organized well. The battle system is also really nicely paced (FFXI's battle system made me cry), It's fun, and theres plenty of other things to do. Chat is great, and theres always alot of people around. Usually people are kind but theres the occasional jerk. There are cheaters, but show me a game where there isnt (Dunno about FFXI, but give it a month and I gaurrentee someone will learn to hack it). Trade windows are all well organized, Guilds, etc.


Alot of people like to complain about Gravity Corp, but I'm really disappointed with this. They're doing the BEST they can. This is a reasonably priced game, 12 a month, 36 for 3 months or 57 for 6 months with no actual purchase necessary. You can have up to 9 Characters (3 on Chaos, 3 on Sakray, 3 on Loki), and they have lately updated each server ATLEAST once a month. During the earlier months of 2003 This game was looking pretty depressing, but then all of a sudden we went from episode 2.0 (Clock Tower/Glast Heim) all the way to getting 4.5 (War of Emperium/Guild Wars) Tomorrow Night! (Tuesday, January 6th, 2004). If they keep up their updates, we'll be getting Juno, and the alternate 2nd Job classes in just a few weeks! I'm proud of you Gravity, You have always done whats right.


I love this game. I've played since November of 2002, and I just messed up and lost my account with a level 79 Wizard...but thats okay because I'm making my come back! I don't care how long it takes, I will rebuild my empire, I swear it. This is a fun game that blows FFXI out of the water, in my opinion. Some may totally disagree, but this is my review and thusly it is my opinion. If you like anime, and good fun, play this. If you want to play Final Fantasy with other people and be bored as hell, play FFXI. I'm out. I hope this has helped. Drop me a line at if you have questions or comments.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/06/04

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