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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TwistidSoul

    Version: 0.50 | Updated: 04/04/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       T O M   C L A N C Y ' S
     %@@@@@@& #@@@@@#%!@#     %@# %@@#    ##&@@@@@@@&#@%#@@@#&@@@@@@#!
    !@@@@@@@#!@@@@@@@#%@#     %@# &@@@!  !@@&@@@@@@@&#@%@@@@#&@@@@@@@&
    &@#%  %@@%@@####@@&@#     &@& #@@@&  %@#&##@@###%@@%&###&#@####@@#
    #@#%     %@&   %@#&@&     #@% @@&@@% &@&   #@%  !@#      #@!   &@&
    &#######!%#&   %####%     #@% @@%#@& &@&   #@!  %@@#####%##!   &@%
    &@@@@@@@@#@&&##@@&#@!    !##% @# %##!&@%  !##   %######&%#&%@@@@&
    !!    &@@@@&@@@@#%@@     %@#% @&  #@##@!  %@#   #@%     %#&&#@@@&
    @#!!!!&@@@@&####%!@@!!!!!%@#& @&  &@@@@!  %@&   #@%%%%%!&@&%&&#@#
    @@@@@@@@@@#&     %@@@@@@%&@&# @%  !&##&   &@%   #######&##%   %##
    &######!!&%&     %&&&&&&%%&%& &! %&&&&&&&&&&&&&&%&&&&&&&%&&&% %&%   !&&&
                                  !#@@@@@@@@@@%&@@&%@@@@@@@%#@@%        %@@#
                                 %@@@@@@@@@@@@!#@@%&@@@@@@@!#@@%        %@@&
                                 #@@&!        !#@@%        !@@@!        &@@&
                                 @@@!         !@@@!        !@@@         #@@%
                                !@@#          %@@@@@@@@@@! %###         ###!
                                %@@&          %@@@@@@@@@#  %@@#        !@@@!
                                %##%          %@@@@@@@@@#  %#@#        !@@@!
                                &##%          &@@&         &@@%        %@@#
                        FAQ/Walkthrough For Splinter Cell v0.50
                                For The Microsoft X-box
    **Thanks to Atom Edge for the ASCII art**
    Author:      TwistidSoul (TwistidSoul@hotmail.com)
    Game:        Splinter Cell
    Platform:    X-box
    Version:     0.50
    Last Update: April 21, 2003
    This Document is Copyright 2003 TwistidSoul
                         |        Table Of Contents         |
                         | I.    Introduction               |
                         | II.   The Story                  |
                         | III.  Characters                 |
                         | IV.   Game Overview              |
                         | V.    WALKTHROUGH                |
                         | VI.   X-box Live                 |
                         | VII.  Hints/Tips                 |
                         | VIII. Frequently Asked Questions |
                         | IX.   Revision History           |
                         | X.    Legal Disclaimer           |
                         | XI.   Author's Last Words        |
                                 -= I. Introduction =-
    Hey there and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Splinter Cell.  This is no
    ordinary game.  Splinter cell is arguably one of the best games for the X-box.
    You are definitely in a for one hell of a ride.  Splinter Cell is a great game
    to show off the X-box's graphics, controls, sound... the whole package, so I
    think you've chosen a great game to play, as well as a great guide to get you
    through it!  I'm sure you'll enjoy the multiple difficulty settings.  Splinter
    Cell is fun for the beginners as well as the veterans.
    I think I'll just skip the part about where I explain why I wrote the faq and
    such... You guys don't care about that part, right?  We'll skip on to some wise
    rules of faq reading; written by me!  Alright, repeat after me!  "I will not
    come to this guide unless I am in true need of help."  Umm well, just remember
    to use this thing wisely.  I don't want to spoil anything for you.  Hmm... did
    I just say spoil?  Spoilers?  Wha... of course there are billions of spoilers
    hidden throughout my guide ready to jump out at ya!  So, if you're on the first
    mission, don't go reading through the whole walkthrough.  I know you guys love
    reading my work, but we don't want to ruin the plot for you!
    Alright... I hope you've enjoyed my introduction and I hope that none of you
    have fallen asleep.  You guys in the back row do look kinda tired.  Alright,
    you must read on!  Onward to the Story!  You may want to read the Game Overview
    as well to learn some of the basics!
                                   -= II. The Story =-
                              (Taken Directly From Booklet)
    It is the year 2003.
    In response to the growing use of sophisticated digital encryption to conceal
    potential threats to the national security of the United States, the NSA
    (National Security Agency) has ushered forth a new dawn of intelligence-
    gathering techniques.  This top-secret initiative, dubbed Third Echelon, marks
    a return to classical methods of espionage, enhanced with leading-edge
    surveillance and combat technology for the aggresive collection of stored data
    in hostile territories.  When intelligence deemed critical to national security
    cannot be obtained by traditional means, Third Echelon is granted clearance to
    conduct physical operations.
    Denied to exist by the U.S. government, Third Echelon deploys units known as
    Splinter Cells: elite intelligence-gathering forces consisting of a lone field
    operative supported by a remote team.  Like a sliver of glass, a Splinter Cell
    is small, sharp, and nearly invisible.
    March 10, 2004: The CIA contacted NSA officials regarding the loss of contact
    with Agent Alison Madison, a CIA operative monitoring widespread communication
    shortages plaguing the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.  A second operative,
    Agent Blaustein, was inserted into the Georgian capital T'bilisi to locate
    Agent Madison, only to drop from contact seven days later.  Fearing for the
    lives of American agents compromised at the hands of a suspected terrorist
    effort, Third Echelon has activated Splinter Cell operative Sam Fisher to
    locate the missing agents and evaluate the situation.
    You are Sam Fisher.  You must leave no trace on the physical or political map.
    Remember: Although killing may compromise secrecy, the choice between leaving
    a witness or a corpse is no choice at all.  You do not exist.  You are a
    Splinter Cell.
                               -= III. The Characters =-
                             (Taken Directly From Booklet)
    | SAM FISHER |
    Fisher has been on the lines of espionage in several defining conflicts
    throughout the past decades.  He has not only survived, but also excelled in
    the field of covert operations through hard work, insatiable curiosity, and
    brutal honesty.  He has little time for polite niceties and even less for lies.
    Though fully aware and confident of his abilities, Fisher understands that his
    survival has often been a gift of chance.  He knows he is human and fallible,
    and he does not want to die.  He has a strange and slightly dark sense of
    He is quiet, instinctive, and observant: somebody who watches from the outside.
    Combat, espionage, and constant training have defined his adult life; his
    tactical experience has become part of his instinct.  Now, even outside of work
    he is most comfortable on the fringes of society, keenly observant, but still
    Fisher has acquired an admiral collection of scars and secured his place in
    Valhalla; he has little left to prove to the world.  Now older and wiser, he
    has no interest in glory.  If he fights, it is because he believes the cause is
    necessary and he is capable.
    ----- Third Echelon Team --------------------
    |  - Operations Coordinator |
      Born:   1961 Batcave, NC
      Height: 6' 2"
      Weight: 270 lbs.
    Lambert is the link between the field agent, (or agents) and Third Echelon's
    team of researches, hackers, strategists, and commanders. He represents
    Fisher's main source of information via communicator, debriefing Fisher on the
    objectives to be completed in each mission. While Fisher is in the field, he is
    in constant contact with Lambert via subdermal microchips and a cochlear
    | VERNON WILKES, Jr. |
    |  - Field Runner    |
      Born:   1967 Baltimore, MD
      Height: 5' 10"
      Weight: 145 lbs.
    Field Runners are mainly responsible for coordinating the transportation and
    equipment for field agents. Transportation is usually procured (stolen) from an
    area of operation and abandoned afterwards. Field Runners are responsible for
    maintaining an operative's equipment and munitions. Wilkes will debrief Fisher
    on any new equipment or weaponry as it becomes available.
    | ANNA GRIMSDOTTIR       |
    |  - Communications Lead |
      Born: 1974 Boston, MA
      Height: 5' 8"
      Weight: 128 lbs.
    Grimsdottir heads a small team of programmers responsible for providing
    technological, cryptographic, and data support for the Field Operative.
    Grimsdottir will assist Fisher in his interface with the high-tech components
    of his missions.
    ----- Terrorists --------------------
    |  - Georgian President |
    Using his political, technological and financial influence, Nikoladze has
    become the newly elected President of Georgia. His ambition is matched only by
    his industriousness.
    | VYACHESLAV GRINKO           |
    |  - Russian Mafia Lieutenant |
    Ex-Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces), Grinko is now Nikoladze's "lieutenant" of
    the Russian Mafia.
    | HAMLET    |
    |  - Driver |
    Grinko's personal driver.
    The leadership for Nikoladze's worldwide military/mercenary forces.  Several
    colonels can be found in each cell of the Georgian mercenary army.  They also
    have security clearance to certain areas that normal soldiers don't have.
    Hired for his vast computer knowledge, Philip Masse is the man directly
    responsible for the Georgian information crisis.
    The leadership behind the People's Liberation Army of China. These officers
    sometimes hold key information that Sam can use to accomplish his missions.
    Elimination might not be the best option when first encountering them.
                                -= IV. Game Overview =-
    ----- Controls --------------------
    Left Thumbstick............... Move, Rate Of Fire(Press in)
    Right Thumbstick.............. Move Camera, 180 Degree Turn(Press in)
    Directional Pad............... Night Vision(left), Thermal Vision(right)
    Y Button...................... Jump, Split Jump(Double Tap)
    B Button...................... Crouch
    X Button...................... Grab Weapon
    A Button...................... Interact (ex. open doors, pick up object)
    Left Trigger.................. Secondary Fire, Hold Breath(Sniper Mode)
    Right Trigger................. Primary Fire
    White Button.................. Back to Wall, Reload
    Black Button.................. Open Inventory
    Back Button................... Map of Controls
    Start Button.................. Open OPSAT
    ----- Moves --------------------
    Move the left thumbstick slightly in the direction you wish to walk.  Walking
    is definitely better than running stealthwise.  Then again, crouching overrules
    Move the left thumbstick fully in the direction you wish to run.  Beware,
    running generates a lot of noise for guards to hear.  I don't exactly recommend
    running unless a certain part of a mission calls for it.  I would try to walk
    or crouch, that is... unless you want the enemy's attention.
    Press B to crouch.  Crouching is the way to go through most of the game.  By
    pressing B before you make a move you will be a lot quieter and a lot more
    stealthy than your are when you aren't crouched.
    Press Y and push forward into low objects to "mantle" onto them.  Actually,
    this isn't the easiest thing in the world to do.  You have to hold down the Y
    button while pushing forward for this to work.  Don't forget that or you'll end
    up very frustrated when you can't even mantle!
    Use the left thumbstick and walk into a pipe or ladder and Sam will climb it.
    One you are on the pipe or ladder you can use the left thumbstick to climb up
    and down.  If you push the left thumbstick downward and hold it there, you will
    begin to slide down the ladder or pipe.  This should be done when in a hurry.
    Close Attack
    When you don't have your weapon out, press the right trigger when next to an
    enemy to pop him in the face with your elbow.  This only knocks out the enemy
    (duh).  Other guards can wake up your victims if they are only knocked out.
    I've also noticed that civilians(guys without weapons) will fall after only one
    hit.  The guards usually take two.
    Back To Wall
    Press the white button when next to a wall and Sam will put his back to it.
    This isn't used too much.  You may need to use it to squeeze through cracks
    every now and then.
    Press the Y button near a wall that's a little taller than Sam and he will jump
    up and hang onto the ledge.  You can use the left thumbstick to move to the
    left and right.  Press up and Sam will pull himself up if there is a room above
    him.  Press down and Sam will jump down from the wall.
    When under a horizontal pipe, press Y to jump up and grab onto the pipe.  Use
    the left thumbstick to move while holding onto the pipe.  Press B to bring your
    legs up.
    Zip Line
    If you find yourself under a sloped wire or zip line, press the Y button to
    grab onto it.  Sam will do the rest and slide down.  Press the B button while
    sliding to raise your legs.  To jump off of the wire, press Y again.
    While moving, press the B button to roll.  I haven't used this many times while
    playing the game(maybe twice).  I guess you could use the roll to slip from
    shadow to shadow quickly and quietly.
    Wall Jump
    Lets say you are standing right next to a wall.  Press the Y button once to
    jump into the air, then press Y again when you are near the top of your jump to
    kick off of the wall.  This is used to gain a little extra height and get up on
    that hard to reach ledge.
    Split Jump
    Ok, now you have a wall on either side of you.  The corridor has to be about as
    wide as Sam is tall for this to work.  Stand near either of the walls and press
    Y.  At the top of your jump press
    Y again.  This is similar to a wall jump, but you will press the Y button a
    third time while in midst of the wall jump to enter the split jump position.
    Drop Attack
    If somehow you get above an enemy, press the Y button to jump and land right on
    top of him.  This should knock the enemy out.  This isn't my favorite method of
    attacking because it is pretty difficult to land on the enemy.  I prefer to
    simply pull out your pistol and shoot him in the head from where you are.
    Quiet Landing
    While you are in the air in midst of a fall, press the B button to execute a
    quiet landing.  Yes, jumping down from something can make quite a bit of noise.
    This quiet landing technique is recommended when there are guards around.
    Door Peek
    If you wish to see what's on the other side of a door before you go running in
    oblivious to everything around you I suggest using the door peek.  First select
    the Open Door Interaction, then hold the left thumbstick back before you
    release the A button.  Push up on the right thumbstick to enter the door and
    press down to close the door.
    If you are on top of a building and you spot a small chimney near the edge of
    the roof, stand near the chimney and press A to select the rappel interaction.
    Use the left thumbstick to climb up and down the rope.  Press the Y button to
    kick off of the wall.
    Rappel Shooting
    Press the X button while rappelling to pull out your weapon.  You can fire your
    weapon while hanging onto the rope.
    Hanging Shooting
    You can also shoot while holding onto a pipe. Press the X button and Sam will
    hold his weapon with one hand and the pipe with the other.
    Split Jump Shooting
    Press the X button while in the Split Jump Position to arm your weapon.  You
    can shoot from here!
    Back to Wall Shooting
    When Sam approaches a corner and has his back to the wall he will automatically
    peek around the corner.  Press the X button while you are peeking to equip the
    selected weapon and press the right trigger to shoot around the corner.
    Move Body
    Hiding enemy bodies is very important while playing the game.  Walk over to a
    dead or unconscious body and select the Pick Up Body interaction.  Press the A
    button to sit the body down quietly or equip a weapon (press X) to drop the
    body in a hurry.
    Some NPCs that aren't your enemy will talk to you.  Walk up to the NPC and
    select the Talk To interaction.
    To grab an enemy sneak up behind him and press the A button to select the Grab
    Character interaction.  Now that you have the enemy in your grasp, there are
    a variety of things you can do to him.  My favorite is probably to use him as
    a human shield, but you can also interrogate him and force him to cooperate.
    You can read about these three next!
    Human Shield
    While holding an enemy press X to equip your weapon.  You can fire your weapon
    and use the person you are holding as a human shield.
    Some characters can be interrogated for useful information.  While holding a
    person select the Interrogate interaction to make him talk.  This option will
    not appear if the character does not have anything to say that is important to
    the mission.
    Forced Cooperation
    To force an enemy to do something for you, drag him to the object you want him
    to use and select the Force Cooperation interaction with the A button.
    ----- Palm OPSAT --------------------
    OPSAT stands for Operational Satellite Uplink.  The Palm OPSAT is a very useful
    device that Sam will be able to use to see Mission Information, his Inventory,
    and much more.  Read this section over a few times until you are familiar with
    the OPSAT.
     - To access the OPSAT, press Start.
     - The Main screen of the OPSAT looks a little like this:
      |  ______  |                      4.                                 |
      | |      | |---------------------------------------------------------|
      | |  1.  | |                                                         |
      | |      | |                                                         |
      | |______| |               ___________________                       |
      |  ______  |              |                   |                      |
      | |      | |              |       5.          |                      |
      | |  2.  | |              |___________________|                      |
      | |      | |                                                         |
      | |______| |                                                         |
      |  ______  |                                                         |
      | |      | |                                                         |
      | |  3.  | |                                                         |
      | |      | |                                                         |
      | |______| |              Press the A Button to Select               |
      |                           Resume Game  >                Select A   |
    There are three boxes on the left side of the OPSAT.  From the Main screen you
    can choose between these three using the left thumbstick.
      1. Inventory
    The inventory is just a visual list of all of the items, weapons, and gadgets
    you are currently holding.  Switch between the different items with the left
    thumbstick to see a small video on your OPSAT of the item in use.  It will also
    give a brief description of the selected item.
      2. Mission Information
    The three sections of Mission Information are the Goals, Notes, and Data.
    Your Goals will be constantly changing as the game progresses.  Look here if
    you are not sure where you should be going next.  Your notes is very important
    information that is usually needed to complete the mission.  I suggest reading
    the notes section often.  Lastly, there is Data.  This is similar to notes.
    Data is a large amount of information that you have found during your mission.
      3. Main Menu
    At the Main Menu you can Load a Checkpoint, change the profile settings, change
    the settings, and Exit(Abort the Mission)
      4. The top of the screen will show different things depending on which of the
         three options you chose.  If you chose inventory for example, SC-20K,
         Gadgets, and Items would show where the number four is.
      5. This small box will tell you which option you are currently selecting. If
         you have highlighted the middle box on the left, the words Mission
         Information would appear here
    ----- Inventory --------------------
    (Taken Directly From Booklet)
    SC-20K M.A.W.S.
    The bull pup configuration of this assault rifle makes it light and compact
    without sacrificing firepower (5.56x45mm ss109). Its modular configuration
    allows it to be customized to fit any mission profile. Equipped with a
    flash/sound suppresser and combined with a multipurpose launcher, the 5.56mm
    SC-20K AR becomes the obvious choice of weaponry for Sam when infiltrating
    enemy territory.
    NOTE: Because of the more overt nature of the 5.56mm SC-20K AR, it will only
          be acquired after a few missions-when the situation requires it...
    Ring Airfoil Projectile
    A high-impact, zero penetration projectile designed to incapacitate rather than
    Sticky Camera
    A miniature camera with full pan and zoom functionality, plus night and thermal
    vision modes. The camera feeds its image directly to Sam's OPSAT. Ideal for
    advance scouting and intelligence gathering. Sticky Cams are reusable.
    Sticky Shocker
    A high voltage discharge device coated in adhesive resin. The Sticky Shocker
    will adhere to an enemy and give him an incapacitating shock.
    HINT: Fired into pools of water, the Sticky Shocker can neutralize multiple
    Gas Grenade
    Standard CS (0-chlorobenzalmalononitrile) Gas canister grenade can incapacitate
    groups of enemies. Exposure to CS Gas causes violent respiratory seizure.
    Prolonged exposure causes unconsciousness.
    Distraction Camera
    An adaptation of the Stick Camera. The Distraction Camera has had its pan and
    zoom motors as well as its vision enhancement apparatus replaced with a
    noisemaker and a CO2 gas canister. The device can be triggered to attract
    enemies with a sound and to dispense a cloud of incapacitating gas when they
    are nearby.
    SC Pistol
    The 5.72mm SC Pistol tactical model with single-action trigger and a 20-round
    magazine comes equipped with a silencer/flash suppressor. Its 5.72mm SC Pistol
    rounds offer good penetration against modern body armor, while keeping the
    weapons' weight, dimensions, and recoil at reasonable levels.
    Lock Pick
    Standard set of picks, wrenches, and probes for bypassing standard cylinder
    Laser Microphone: T.A.K.
    A laser-operated microphone integrated in the SC-20K that enables the user to
    read the vibration off certain surfaces (mainly glass windows). Used to listen
    in on conversations.
    Camera Jammer
    The Camera Jammer emits microwave pulses that disrupt the characteristic
    signals used in the microcircuitry of surveillance cameras. The Camera Jammer
    operates off of a capacitor that must be allowed to recharge from its battery
    after a short time.
    Optic Cable
    This flexible cable/camera can easily be slipped under doors to view the other
    side. Complete with Night Vision enhancement.
    Disposable Pick
    Unconventional lock picks, these microexplosive-shaped charges deliver a quick
    impact to any standard lock cylinder that will shatter the pins and unlock the
    Night Vision Goggles
    Night Vision goggles amplify very low existing light, especially lights at the
    lower end of the infrared spectrum.
    Thermal Vision Goggles
    Similar to Night Vision, Thermal vision is an essential tool in low light
    situations. This technology differs from night vision in that it captures the
    upper level of the infrared light spectrum, which is emitted as heat rather
    than reflected as light.
    NOTE: Thermal Vision is not available in the first few missions.
    Wall Mine
    The Wall Mine is a motion-sensitive explosive device that can be attached to
    almost any surface.  To deactivate and pick up a wall mine, wait for the green
    Chemical Flare
    Chemical Flares are lightweight plastic sticks filled with a binary chemical
    agent. When the inner containers are cracked, the chemical agents mix, causing
    the stick to glow. Useful for attracting and distracting enemies.
    Emergency Flare
    Similar to the Chemical Flare, these standard road flares also emit a great
    deal of heat, making them useful for distracting heat sensors such as those
    found on automated turrets.
    Frag Grenade
    The 14-oz M67 fragmentation grenade consists of a 2.5" steel sphere surrounding
    6.5 ounces of high explosive. Upon detonation, the steel sphere shatters,
    emitting a burst of high velocity shrapnel.
    Medical Kit
    Standard field first-aid kit.  To use the medical kit you first need to open up
    your inventory using the black button.  Hold the black button down and use the
    left thumbstick to highlight the box that is on the left.  When you highlight
    this box, another box will appear above it.  It will have a picture of a
    medical kit as well as the number of medkits you have.  Press Up to highlight
    the medical kit.  Let go of the black button to use one medkit.
    Bullet Box
    Find it to retrieve some ammo.  A bullet box can contain different ammounts of
    ammunition, and can hold two different size bullets.  The 5.72mm bullets are
    for your pistol and the 5.56mm are shot from the rifle.  Ammo can be find about
    anywhere, but are usually on the shelves inside small closets.
                                  -= V. WALKTHROUGH =-
    ----- Before You Read --------------------
    The Walkthrough is split up by Missions.  If you want to jump to a certain
    mission, just press Ctrl+F and type in the exact name of the mission.  Click
    find until you find where the walkthrough for the mission is.  If you notice
    that you are not taken to the mission, email me and I'll fix it.  Wow... I
    said mission a lot.
    I also will warn you again, beware that there are many, many spoilers in this
    walkthrough.  I suggest trying to complete the game on your own, but if you are
    stuck and you want to cheat, go ahead, look in here :-P  Oh, and I will tell
    you which controls to use in the first few paragraphs of the guide, but once
    I'm further into the walkthrough, I will tell you to simply, look up, take out
    your lock pick... etc.
    I guess that's it!  Happy Gaming!
    ----- Training --------------------
    CIA Training Farm
    Camp Perry, Virginia
    August 7, 2004
    06:01 hours
    Mission Briefing
    Prove that you are the right man for the job.  As agent Sam Fisher, you have
    been recruited to Spearhead, the operational arm of the National Security
    Agency's Third Echelon initiative.  Before being sent into the field, you must
    demonstrate that you possess the skills to undertake dangerous and covert solo
    Equipment Calibration
    Sam needs to go through some training, as he hasn't been on the field for
    years.  Once you are first thrown out onto the course, Colonel Irving Lambert
    will talk to you through your earpiece.  First, the technicians need to
    calibrate your equipment (Or so they say...  This is really just to get you
    used to the controls).
    You will have to look at red emergency lights on each wall on the ground and on
    the ceiling.  First you have to look at the light on your left.  Use the right
    analog stick and push it to the left to look over at the light.  Now do the
    same to look at the light on the right.  The next light is up on the rafters on
    the ceiling.  Push the analog stick up to look at the light.  Now look down at
    the last light.
    Get Over The Pool
    Once you are done, your next task is to climb over a wall.  Walk forward with
    the left analog stick to the yellow arrow pointing up.  See it?  It's painted
    on the wall.  Walk over to the arrow and use Y to jump up and grab onto the
    ledge.  Now, while holding onto the ledge, push the left analog stick to the
    right to move over to the yellow line. That is at the top of the wall.  Tap up
    on the left analog stick to pull yourself up and onto the ledge.
    Assault Course
    Now you have to get through this assault course.  This part isn't that easy.
    But, that's what I'm here for right?  Well, if your looking at the course from
    the ledge you're on you should see a ladder on the right side.  Walk up to the
    ladder and when you are on the side that the yellow arrow on the ground is
    pointing to press up on the left analog stick and Sam will begin to climb the
    ladder.  Hold up on the analog stick until you are at the top of the ladder.
    Now you get to use a zip-line!  Do you see the rope that is above you?  Stand
    under the rope and press Y to jump and grab onto the rope.  Sam will slide all
    the way down to another platform.  If you notice, on this new platform, there
    is an arrow pointing off of edge of the platform.  The arrow is harder to see
    than the others because it is on wood.  What you need to do is walk off of the
    platform where the arrow points.  Press forward with the left thumbstick and
    when you reach the edge of the platform, Sam will swing around and grab onto a
    pole.  Now press down on the left joystick to climb down the pole.
    Once you land on the ground turn around 180 degrees and walk forward.  There
    will be an obstacle that you need to crawl under.  Press B and Sam will crouch
    down.  Now, if you press forward on the left analog stick while you are
    crouched, you can make it under this obstacle!  Once you have made it past,
    turn directly to your left and there will be a narrow path ahead of you.  You
    can do a split jump here.  This is pretty cool and will come in handy later in
    the game.
    Stand next to one of the walls and press Y.  While in the air press Y a second
    time and Sam will use one leg to push of to the opposite wall.  When you are
    about to hit the other wall press Y for the third time and Sam will put both
    feet on either side of the wall.  This helps when an enemy is coming your way
    and you need a good place to hide.  When you are in between the walls in the
    air you can press Y and fall down on top of an enemy for a drop attack.
    Well, onto the training!  Once you are finished practicing your split jump.
    Continue down the hallway and make a right.  To get past your next obstacle
    you will have to use hand-over-hand.  Walk over to the yellow X painted onto
    the ground.  Once you are standing on the X, press Y to jump and grab onto the
    pole.  Use the left thumbstick to execute hand-over-hand.
    Now, stay on the pipe and make your way over to the wall.  If you notice, there
    is a circular opening in the wall.  You can't quite make it through.  That's
    not good.  Well, there is another technique to use!  Press B to bring your legs
    up so you can fit through the hole.  Continue through the opening and when
    you've made it to the next area, press Y to hop down off of the pole.
    Well, let's see.  Now you have to climb over a fence.  Very easy.  Walk over
    to the fence and press up on the left joystick.  Sam will climb up the fence
    and when he reaches the top, he'll swing over to the other side of the fence.
    Press down now and climb down the fence.  Ok, you're on the opposite side of
    the fence.  Walk forward a little bit and then make a left.
    Your next obstacle requires you to squeeze through a small crevice.  Walk up to
    the wall and press the white button.  Sam will put his back against the wall.
    Move the left joystick to move along the wall.  Once you are to an open area
    you'll see another crevice for you to go through.  Stand next to the wall again
    and press the white button.  Move the left thumbstick to slide through the
    Now, your next task!  You have to climb up another pole.  This is just like
    climbing a ladder.  Walk over to the yellow arrow on the ground and press up
    to climb the pole.  At the top there is a small platform.  Walk to the other
    side of the platform and climb down back to the ground.  Once your back on the
    ground, the colonel will give you your last task in this training.  You have
    to get over the wall.  The fence is locked so you can't walk through it.
    Well, it is actually easy.  Do you see the yellow arrow that is on the wall?
    Walk over to it and stand next to the wall.  If you stand next to the wall
    with the yellow arrow on it and face the wall you are trying to get over you
    will be able to do this.  Jump with Y and while in the air press Y again and
    Sam will push off of the wall with his foot and will spring you to the wall.
    Sam will probably grab onto the concrete wall and all you have to do is press
    up and he will climb up!  Jump down on the other side of the wall and walk
    over to the metal gate.
    Open the door to the next training area
    The gate will slide up and you should walk in.  The game will load and you'll
    be given a chance to save your game.  I suggest saving after all of your hard
    work.  Now, there is just one more part to your training.  Covert Ops.
    Pick the lock on the door
    Make your way into the next room and turn to the right.  Walk to the back of
    the room and you should see S-32 painted on the wall in white.  There is a
    door right next to it.  Open the door with A and move to the next obstacle.
    In this hallway, there is another door that you have to open, but it's locked
    and you have to use your lock picks to open it!  Well, first you have to equip
    your lock picks.
    Hold down the black button and while holding down the black button, use the
    left thumbstick to select your lock picks from your inventory.  Once you have
    your lock picks out, walk next to the door and press the right trigger.  Move
    the left analog stick in circles and wait until you see the lock pick rattle a
    bit.  When it rattles you should be able to tell which direction the thumbstick
    is turned every time the pick shakes.  So move the thumbstick in that direction
    and wiggle it a little.  The lock pick will wiggle too and after a little more
    wiggling, you will release the first pin in the lock.  Do the same for the
    other pins as well until you successfully pick the lock to the door.
    Interrogate your opponent for the keypad code
    Ok, open the door now, and step inside.  There is a man standing in the
    light.  The only other way out of this room is a keypad locked door.  You
    don't know the code, but that guy looks like he knows...  Well, maybe he
    doesn't look like it but he knows...  Walk over to the left of the room and
    sneak up from behind the guy.  Don't forget to use B to crouch before you
    approach him.
    While crouching, walk up very slow behind the guy.  Once you are close enough,
    a window will pop up that says if you press A you can grab him.  So, press A
    and Sam will get him in a headlock.  Now, if you press A again you can
    interrogate the man.  He will tell you the code for the door.  Once you have
    the info press the right trigger to knock him out.  Now, make your way to the
    door and push the buttons right and you'll open the door!  If you didn't
    remember the code press start and use the left thumbstick and move to the notes
    section.  The code will be in here.  Or, if you're lazy, the code is 28469.
    Open the door and make your way to the next task.
    Force your opponent to use the retinal scanner
    Now you're in a room and you have to get through the door using the retinal
    scanner.  See the guy standing in front of the door?  Press B to crouch and
    sneak up from behind him really slow like you did earlier.  Grab him with A
    again but this time, he doesn't have any info that you need, but you need his
    eyes.  Once you grab him walk him over to the scanner on the wall.  Press A
    while next to the scanner and Sam will push his head into the slot.  The door
    will slide open.  Press the right trigger to knock the guard out and continue
    Shoot the lights to sneak past the camera to the exit
    Alright, you have to shoot the lights in this room so you can get to the door
    without the camera spotting you.  Hold down the black button and use the left
    thumbstick to choose your pistol out of your inventory.  Press X to pull out
    your pistol.  Aim from where you are at the light on the ceiling.  Make sure
    you do not move from behind the wall that is between you and the camera.
    Sometimes when shooting lights it will take a few shots.  Other times it might
    take one.  It depends on how far away you are and where your bullet hits.
    Now, there should be three lights that you can easily hit that are pretty
    close to you.  One is right above you and two are to your right.  Shoot them.
    Ease around the corner just enough so you can see the corner of the next
    light.  Shoot this light and you should be able to proceed on without the
    camera spotting you.  Walk through the door on the other end of the room and
    get ready for your next task.
    Shoot the camera to disable it
    Ok, this next camera isn't armored like the last one, so we can just shoot
    this one to get by it.  Stay against the back wall farthest away from the
    camera.  Slide to the right so you can see the camera, it can't see you from
    this distance.  Take out your pistol and aim at the camera.  It should only
    take one shot to disable the camera.  If you do not see blue sparks when you
    shoot, you probably didn't hit the camera.  Shoot again.  Move on to the next
    Pass by the camera without shooting anything
    This one is a lot harder than the last two.  The only thing you can do here is
    move from shadow to shadow when the camera isn't turned your way.  First, I
    suggest crouching.  Stay in the shadows and when the camera is turned towards
    the exit run over behind the first box.  Now the camera is easier to see and
    you can time your next dash just right.  Wait for the camera to turn again and
    run behind the boards leaning against the fence.  Now the hard part is over.
    Walk over to the door and move to your next obstacle.
    Knock out and hide your opponent's body from the guard
    Crouch first and quietly walk into the room.  Turn to the right and sneak up
    behind this guard.  Grab him with A and use the right trigger to knock him
    out.  Now pick him up with A and carry him around the corner and drop him in
    one of the shadowed spots.  Now a guard is going to come in to see if you are
    hidden well enough.
    Remain undetected until the guard completes his patrol
    This is an easy goal.  Just sit in the shadow until the guard is done with his
    patrol.  If he spots you, you'll have to redo this objective.  Now return to
    the door that the first guard was standing in front of.  Go through this door
    and the next door.
    Make your way to the exit without making a noise
    The first thing you have to do is crouch, and stay crouched the whole time if
    you do not want to be heard.  While crouched, walk directly forward very
    slowly.  Walk off of the platform.  Don't worry; if you're crouched you won't
    make much noise when you hit the ground.  Now, walk forward and "mantle" onto
    the gray platform that is about two feet up.  To mantle, walk very slowly into
    the platform and press Y while against the platform to step up onto it.
    Do the same to get up the next platform to your right.  Now, walk straight and
    avoid the chains hanging from the ceiling.  They will make noise if you run in
    to one.  Now, turn the corner and for the final stretch, make sure you are
    crouched and are walking _very_ slow over the glass to avoid being heard.  Now,
    enter the door and Lambert will introduce you to Vernon Wilkes.
    ----- Police Station -------------------
    Mission Briefing
    Agent Alison Madison worked covertly in the Georgian Polital Arena for two
    years, securing a role in President Nikoladze's Cabinet after his coup d'etat.
    She vanished on october 3rd.  On october 7th, Special Agent Robert Blaustein
    was sent in to find her.  He vanished on October 11th.
    Rendezvous with Thomas Gurgenidze
    Alright, stay in the shadows in this area.  You also want to stay crouched to
    avoid being heard.  Walk forward and turn to the right and you'll see some
    stairs.  Walk up these stairs and on the wall in front of you you will see a
    ladder that is up on the wall a little higher than Sam's height.  Stand under
    the ladder and press Y to jump and grab onto it.  Now climb up the ladder.
    Now you'll be on a roof.  It doesn't seem like you can go anywhere from here,
    but you can.  At the top of the roof, near the wall, there is a metal trap door
    that you can open.  Stand over the door and press A to open it.  Jump down
    through the trap door and make your way through this small path.  You'll have
    to crouch to get through this.
    At the end of the path, you'll end up in a small closed in area with bricks all
    all sides.  Well, walk over to the corner and you'll find a metal pole standing
    vertically.  Climb this pole and at the top you'll be able to see the building
    that Thomas is in.  As you might notice, the building is in flames.
    Grimsdottir is going to guide you through this building.  Well, first you have
    to get over to the building.  Well, do you see the wire that is convieniently
    stretching from your position to the building?  That's your ticket!  Stand
    underneath the wire and jump up with Y to grab onto it and slide all the way
    Ok, now that you are in the building, Grimsdottir is in command.  First, you
    need to head over to that door in the corner.  While walking to the door you
    will be given a chance to save here.  Continue through the door, and follow
    Grimsdottir's directions.  She says to go through the door directly across the
    hall.  Well, once you are almost inside the room, the roof with fall in on you.
    Now, walk down the hall instead, and when you get to the fire, turn to the left
    and enter this doorway.  Walk through this room and exit on the other side.
    Now that you are on the other side of the fire, continue down the hallway.
    When you enter the stairwell, the ceiling will fall in behind you, preventing
    you from going back.  Walk down the stairs and try not to touch any fire.  If
    you do happen to run through fire you will lose some health.
    You wil only be able to go down one flight of stairs.  There is fire and debris
    stopping you from going down any further.  So walk through this doorway.  Hmm,
    the floor is gone, so you can't walk across, but luckily there is a pipe that
    travels down the center of the ceiling, all the way down the hall.  Well, jump
    onto the pipe and cross over the flames.  At the other side of the fire, you
    will have to make a left.
    Walk down this hallway now, and enter the first door on your right.  On the
    left side of this room there is a door with fire on either side of it.  Go
    through the door and make a right.  Walk up this stairway one floor.  Now, up
    on your right is another door.  Gurgenidze is in this room.  You will hear him
    moaning, so he's obviously alive.  Well, see the big flame up ahead?  He's
    right next to the flames under a few boards.
    Find the black box hidden in Blaustein's apartment
    There is an exit on the west side of the room.  If you don't see the door, give
    up on this game, and life while your at it.  Heh...  Alright, on the other side
    of this door there is hallway, and a door directly in front of you.  The
    doorway has smoke pouring out of it.  You need to shoot out the skylights in
    this room.  After the skylights are removed, you should probably wait a few
    seconds for the smoke to leave the room.
    Now, enter the room and turn to the right.  There is another door over here.
    Go through this door and the game will load for a few seconds and you'll then
    be given the chance to save.  Enter the door in front of you now.  Turn to the
    right out here and walk along this path until you come to a spot where the
    fence is taken out.  This is for you to jump to the building across from you.
    If you are crouched, you need to stand up.  Now, back against the wall and get
    a small walking start and when you get to the edge press Y to jump across the
    Alright, now that you are over here, there is only one way for you to go.  Walk
    over between the fence and the wall, and you will hear someone's voice.  Keep
    walking behind the fence until you can get in a position where you can see the
    guy who is talking.  I suggest standing in the middle of the plants and getting
    closer to the man.  Then, wait until you have a nice aim on the guy's head, and
    shoot him.  Another option, if you are very quiet, sneak up behind the man and
    grab him.
    After you kill this guy, the other one inside the apartment might come out to
    check it out.  When he steps out, wait for him to get close, and kill him in
    one shot with a head shot.  If he doesn't come out just make a noise to get him
    out here.  Try shooting one of the apartment windows.  Hide in a very dark spot
    and put a bullet in the guy when he steps out of the building.  Luckily, there
    aren't any more enemies in this apartment to deal with, so enter the building.
    Now that you are in, walk forward through the opening and you'll be in what
    looks like a dining room.  Make a left and you're in a hallway.  To your right
    is the kitchen and straight ahead, the hallway makes a left.  Disregard the
    kitchen and head down the hallway.  The first opening on your right is the
    bathroom.  Keep going.  At the end of the hallway you'll find a room with
    papers scattered all over the floor.
    There is also a door that you can exit, as long as you have the code.  Well,
    for now look around the room.  You need that black box.  There are two pictures
    hanging on the walls.  The smaller one next to the light switch has a computer
    behind it.  Press A and Sam will slide the painting up, enabling you to take
    the data stick from the computer.
    After you pick up the data stick, you'll get a call from Lambert.  He says
    that Blaustein died 48 hours ago, and his last active position was in a police
    station just a few blocks away.
    Find Gurgenidze's Dead Drop
    Now, run over to the balcony door and enter the code.  091772.  If you step
    out onto the balcony look to the left.  There is a zip-line for you to use.
    You will land on a roof nearby.  At the top of the roof you'll find a door.
    On the other side of this door you should jump down onto an elevator.  At the
    top of the elevator you should find a trap door.  Hop down into the elevator,
    and Lambert will let you walk on the streets now.
    Move ahead and to the left is a locked door.  Use your lock pick to open the
    door and on the other side you will get the save your checkpoint.  Take this
    small path all the way back to the ground.  Up ahead you will find two
    policemen and a drunk.
    Sneak up very slowly behind the man closest to you.  He should be facing away
    from you as well.  Grab the man and take out your pistol.  This way, you'll use
    the cop as a human shield while taking out all other enemies with your gun.
    First, shoot the guard nearest you, the one that was talking to the drunk, and
    another cop will probably appear around the corner.  Once he is dead, knock out
    the guard you are holding.
    Follow the path to the left, and at the very end turn to the left and go up the
    stairs.  This will take you to a new area.  There aren't any enemies here so
    run across pass the fountain to the gate.  To the right of the gate there are
    some bushes.  Crawl through these bushes to find a hidden opening!
    Crawl through this small hole and you'll be able to save on the other side.
    Take the Data Stick from the computer and grab the medical kit from the far
    wall and also the med kit near the computer desk.  Now you can head back to the
    area with the fountain you just came from.
    Access the Police Precinct
    When you appear back in the bushes, there is a guard walking around, and the
    gate to your right is open!  When the guard is on the other end of the area,
    far from the gate as possible, run through the gate onto the streets!  Be
    careful not to make too much noise.  Up on the right is a man.  Wonder what he
    is doing walking the streets at night?
    When the man takes the path to the right, sneak up behind him and grab him.
    Take him to a nice dark spot and knock him out.  Continue down this path and
    shoot out the lights as you go.  There is a guard up here and you don't exactly
    want him to see you.  Once you spot him, wait for him to venture into back into
    a dark area.  When he does give him a bullet to the head or knock him out.
    Make sure you hide the body well.  Also, you should be able to take a Data
    Stick from the satchel he was holding.
    Take the path, but don't worry about the lights this time.  At the end of the
    path you'll have to make a right through a gate.  On the other side of the
    gate, you need to make a left through the small hallway.  You should find a
    guard nearby, but it shouldn't be too hard to take him out, because it is nice
    and dark up here.  Hide his body in the hallway, or another dark spot and make
    a left back onto the streets.
    Alright, the gates to the police station are right here.  One problem.  They
    are locked!  Luckilly, to the left of the gate is a dumpster that you can climb
    onto and jump over the brick wall.  Once you are on the dumpster you will have
    to execute a wall jump to get on the other side of the gate.
    The game will load for a few seconds and you'll be given the chance to save.
    Move straight ahead and take the stairs up on the right down to an entrance to
    the police station.  You will need a code to get through the door, however.
    Use the code from one of your Data Sticks.  The code is 5929.
    Locate Agent Blaustein
    This is a fun part.  In this long hallway you will see a guard patroling back
    and forth.  As he leaves the hallway and is out of sight run over and perform
    a Split jump.  Stand next to either of the walls and press Y to jump.  While in
    the air press Y again to push off of the wall with your foot and finally, press
    Y a third time to get in position.
    Now just sit here until the man comes back down the hall.  You have two
    choices.  You can jump down on top of the man to knock him out, or shoot him.
    I would suggest shooting him, because it can sometimes be hard to land directly
    on an enemy from here.  Feel free to leave the body where it is.
    Move forward and take the sliding door to the left into a room with a computer.
    Take a Data Stick from the computer and get back onto the main hallway.  There
    will be another door on the left, but there isn't anything useful on the other
    side so just forget about it.
    Enter the glass door up ahead into another room.  There is another door on the
    other side of the room that leads to the morgue.  Move quietly into this room.
    On the left is a civilian.  Also, on the left is a curtain.  On the wall that
    the curtain is on you will find a medical kit!  First, wait for the camera to
    move away from the civilian so you can run over and punch him to knock him out.
    Jump back behind the curtain.  From here you can edge out from the right side
    of the curtain just enough to take out the camera.  Walk over to the two bodies
    in the middle of the room.  It's Agent Blaustein and Agent Madison.
    Access the Security Surveillance System
    Finally, exit the morgue area and make a left on the main hallway.  At the very
    end, open the door and take the stairs to the next floor.  You will have a
    chance to save your game here.  Open the door and move to the left.  The man
    inside may see your or he may not.  It doesn't matter if he gets one shot off
    of you because your health should be pretty high.  Take the medical kit off of
    the wall.
    Exit this area and make a left.  Turn left again and move straight until you
    run into a dark hallway.  On the left a door will slide open for you.  Climb
    the staircase and you will get to save your game at the top.  Turn to the left
    and you will see two men at computers.  Sneak up very slowly behind the one
    nearest you and grab him.  Take him into one of the dark corners to knock him
    out.  Do the same for the other guy.
    Now, if you are facing the wall opposite the path you entered the room from you
    should see three doors.  Two in front and one on the right.  The door you need
    to go through is the one on the right wall.  However, if you need ammo, use
    your lock pick to unlock the door on the far left.  On the table is some
    Enter the room on the right wall that is kind of in the corner.  On the other
    side is the Security Surveillance System room.  Inside is a guard(probably the
    last guard in the whole building).  You should easily be able to sneak up
    behind the man unnoticed and knock him out.  Take the Data Stick from the man's
    satchel and use the computer to complete this goal.
    Meet Wilkes for Extraction
    Exit this room into the room with all of the computers.  Turn to the left and
    head down the staircase.  Step into this large room and you should see double
    doors on your left.  Throw the door open and you should hear Wilkes speeding up
    to the front gates.  Run out to his van to complete your mission!
    ----- Defense Ministry --------------------
    Georgian Defense Ministry
    T'bilisi, Georgia
    October 16, 2004
    23:01 hours
    Mission Briefing
    Discover President Nikoladze's secret.  CIA agents Blaustein and Madison were
    killed for getting too close to information Georgian President Kombayn
    Nikoladze needed to protect.  Vyacheslav Grinko, a Russian mercenary, is
    closely tied to Nikoladze's secret; They have arranged to meet at the Ministry
    of Defense.
    Infiltrate the East Wing
    Run over to the edge of the building.  See the small chimney on the left?  Use
    that to rappel on the wall.  Make your way all the way down the building until
    you come to an open window.  Jump inside the window into the darkness.
    Find and Interrogate Grinko's Driver
    To your left is a book case and to your right you should find a wall.  Walk
    forward until you are in the corner.  See the man in this room?  Wait for him
    to walk into the middle of the two bookcases.  This is your chance to knock him
    out from behind!
    Make sure his body is well hid(preferably near the window you came in through).
    Now sneak out from behind the books but stay in the darkness.  There is a
    camera on the right wall.  It is above a door.  The door you need to go
    through.  Stay along the right wall and the camera will not see you.  When you
    come to the chair and table pull out your pistol and take out the camera.
    Walk over to the computer on the back wall and take a Data Stick from it.  Walk
    near the door and flip the lights off.  The light switch is to the left of the
    door.  Open the door and into the bright hallway.  Don't run into the middle of
    the hallway.  Keep behind the open door for now.  Swing your camera around so
    you can see the two guards in this hall, but they can't see you.
    There is one guard standing on the left wall and one walking back and forth
    down the middle.  Wait for the guard that is patroling to turn his back away
    from you and sneak very slowly into the shadows.  A nice spot to hide would be
    between the plant and the pillar on the right wall.  Wait for the guard to walk
    into the shadows and grab him from behind.  Take him into a real dark spot and
    knock him out.
    Next, stand on the very edge of the shadows near the remaining guard.  If you
    notice, he isn't looking in your direction, but will look behind him every now
    and then to check to see if there is anything behind him.  Right after the man
    looks back, sneak very quietly behind him and knock him out.  Now you need to
    hide the bodies.
    I would take both of them to the bookcases where you hid the other guard.  Make
    sure they are out of the way and in a very dark spot.  Now, step back into the
    hallway and take the door on the left wall.  There are two paths you can take.
    One staircase leading up and a starcase leading down.  First, go up to find
    a medical kit at the very top.  Now you can make your way down.
    There will be cameras scattered throughout this path.  You have the choice of
    shooting out the light or shooting out the camera.  I suggest taking the camera
    out because the lights are harder to hit with your pistol.  I believe there is
    a camera every other flight of stairs.  It may look like this:
                    _                   __
                     |_                |__|-|
                       |_                   |
                         |_                 |
                           |_               |
                             |_             |
       |                      _|____________|
       |                    _|
       |     A            _|
       |                _|
       |              _|                __
       |_____________|_                |__|-|
                       |_                   |
                         |_         B       |
                           |_               |
                             |_             |
    It may look confusing, but you need to shoot the light out in every room
    without a camera.  So you should shoot the light out in room A(up above) so the
    camera in room B won't see you when you shoot it.  Understand?
    Finally, at the very bottom you will get to save your checkpoint!  Open the
    door down here into the garage.  Yes, this is where you will find Grinko's
    Driver.  Turn to the left and stay along this wall in the darkness.  Along this
    wall you'll eventually come to a glass bottle on the ground.  Pick it up and
    keep going.
    Keep right next to this wall and you will approach a blue car.  Nope, this
    isn't the right car.  Keep going and you'll find another car with the lights
    on.  Stay in the shadows.  Grinko is nearby.  First things first.  Take out the
    camera to the right of the car.  You'll have to put the bottle down for this.
    Don't worry, it won't alert Grinko.
    Hopefully you will be able to disable the camera in one shot, because the first
    shot will most likely catch the driver's attention.  If so, you probably won't
    be needing the bottle.  Grinko's driver will probably head in the direction you
    entered the garage from, giving you plenty of time to sneak up behind him
    quietly to grab him.  Press A to interrogate the man.
    Infiltrate the South Wing
    Exit the garage and take the stairs back up to the hallway where you knocked
    out the two guards.  From the doors from the staircase make a left.  On the
    right wall you'll come to a door.  Swing the door open, but don't go rushing in
    just yet.  There is a camera directly above the door.  Look up and take it out.
    Retrieve the data disk from both computers in here.
    The door leading out of this room is locked.  Use your lock pick to get through
    the door.  You can save your checkpoint here.  Step out onto this balcony and
    jump onto the ledge on the left.  On this wall there is a pipe that you can
    jump onto and use to get to another opening.  Move right along the wall until
    you come to a window.  Hop down through the window and sneak into a nice
    shadowy spot.
    Deactivate the Laser grid
    Looks like you're in a kitchen.  One of the guards will walk in and spit into
    one of the pots.  Apparently somebody doesn't like this colonel.  Wait for the
    guard to leave the room and the door to close before you do anything.  Once he
    is gone, walk along the left side of the room toward the two chefs.  Be very
    quiet though.
    Once you are close enough to the guard nearest you to grab him.  Take him to
    the freezer near the back of the room before you knock him out.  Now move very
    quietly back into the kitchen and do the same to the remaining chef.  Be sure
    to hide them both very well in the freezer.  Turn the lights off in the freezer
    and in the kitchen before leaving.
    Finally, take the door that the guard came through to another dark room.  Move
    to the right after entering the door and stay in the shadows.  You may notice
    that a guard appears every now and then in the doorway on the left side of the
    room.  Try to move near the middle of the room, but stay wher it is nice and
    dark.  When the guard steps into the doorway where you can see him well, put
    your crosshairs on his head and pull the trigger.  Hide the body back in the
    freezer where you hid the chefs.
    Now go back into the area with all the tables where you killed the guard.  Go
    through the two doors that are wide open and turn right.  Be very slow and walk
    down these stairs.  To your right just a few feet away is a guard.  He is faced
    away and is just begging you to grab him from behind.  Well, be very sneaky and
    grab him.  Take him somewhere very dark(There is a nice place near the stairs
    that you just came down).
    There are two flights of stairs you can take.  One on the left and one on the
    right.  I highly recommend the stairs on the left.  You will notice one guard
    that is quite a ways away from you, but the other is right under the two
    flights of stairs.  That's why you should take the stairs on the left, because
    the guard is looking in the direction of the stairs on the right and has his
    back to you.
    Jump off of the left side of the stairs just after you are half way down.  Head
    for the back of the room.  This will give you the easy opportunity to grab the
    guy standing at the desk.  Knock this guy out and put him in a dark spot.
    Maybe along the back wall.  Use the computer that the guard was standing near
    to deactivate the laser grid!
    Laser-mic the Glass Elevator
    Lambert will warn you of a colonel that is headed your way.  You'll need to
    grab him and force him to use the retinal scanner.  This will unlock the door
    to the courtyard.  Stand near the plant in the back of the room to wait for
    this colonel.  When I played, the colonel came down the right set of stairs.
    I'm not sure if that happens every time, but he will come down one of the
    Next, the colonel will sit at the computer.  This is your chance to snatch him.
    Come very slowly up behind him and drag him back to the retinal scanner(the
    retinal scanner is behind the left staircase).  Once his eyes have been scanned
    knock him out and hide him well.  Go through the door that the colonel's eyes
    opened and you can save your game.
    Step through the doorway and keep in the shadows.  There is a camera that will
    see you if you move too far to the left.  So, stay in the shadows and swing the
    camera around so you can see the camera.  When the camera begins to move to the
    left(your left) take it out with your pistol.  Go through the door below the
    Looks like you are out in the courtyard.  When you step out here you'll get to
    see Grinko and Masse in the elevator.  You need to laser-mic their
    conversation!  Exit the door and move to the left into the shadows.  Whip out
    your Laser-mic and make sure you grab the whole conversation.
    Infiltrate the North Wing
    Alright, you grabbed some great information from the conversation between
    Grinko and Masse, but we need more.  It looks like our next objective is to get
    into Nikoladze's computer, but first we'll have to access the North Wing.
    Also, activating an alarm will not cause the mission to end anymore.
    First, find the door you used to enter the courtyard.  Pretend you just stepped
    out of this door and make a right.  Be real quiet and make sure you don't step
    into the light while a guard is watching.  Go all the way to the right until
    you come to a wall.  Move along this wall until you come to a very bright path.
    Make sure there isn't a guard in sight and walk across the path while staying
    against this wall.  Follow this wall until you reach another corner of the
    courtyard.  Over here you'll find a part of the wall that you can climb.  Use
    the Y button to jump and grab onto this wall.  Climb up and probably the window
    furthest to the left will be wide open for you to jump through.  Hope down onto
    the floor.  Welcome to the North Wing.
    Find and access Nikoladze's Computer
    You'll get the opportunity to save your game.  Suddenly, you'll notice that
    a guard is coming up the elevator across the hallway from you.  Now, don't
    panic.  See the door to the left of the elevator?  Hurry up and run inside into
    the darkest corner.  While you are in here grab the disposable pick on one of
    the shelves.  When the door to this storage room closes run over to it and use
    your Optic Cable to check out what's going on out in the hallway.
    There are two guards.  One will walk up and down the hallway.  The guard that
    came from the elevator will walk around a bit and eventually stand to your
    left.  So how exactly are you supposed to kill two guards when you are stuck in
    a storage room.
    Wait for the patroling guard to begin his trip down the hallway(away from the
    room you're in).  Slip out the door and press A at the elevator.  The door
    should pop right open.  If someone did see you get into the elevator just run
    as fast as you can over to the panel in the elevator and press the UP button.
    Save your checkpoint as you get off of the elevator.  Turn to the left and
    enter the first door on the left.  It is locked so you'll have to use a
    disposable pick since time isn't exactly on your side right now.  Rush through
    the door and turn off the lights.
    Run over to the computer and retrieve your Data Disk.  Directly above the
    computer desk is a vent that is open for you to jump into.  Hop up onto the
    desk and get into the vent.  If you go through the vent in one direction you'll
    hit a dead end.  The other direction will take you to another opening in the
    vent.  Hop down into a hallway.
    Ugh.  See the camera on the wall where the hall makes a turn to the left?  You
    will have to take care if it before you do anything else.  Get behind the plant
    and the boxes on the left wall.  Ease out from behind them so you can get a
    nice shot on the camera.  Go around the boxes now to find a door with a bright
    light next to it.  Go through to reveal another storage room.  Except this one
    has a ladder leading up!
    Before heading up the ladder pull the medical kit off of the wall in the
    storage room.  You can also find some ammo for your pistol on the shelf.  Ok,
    now is your chance to take the ladder to the roof.  Open the trap door and
    you'll emerge on top of the Ministry of Defense!
    Be careful not to attract attention by running over the windows and walk to the
    edge of the roof.  There is a chimney for you to use to rappel on the wall.
    You'll be able to save here.  On your way down you'll come to a large window.
    This is Nikoladze's room!  You have to get in there somehow.  Use Y to push off
    from the wall and slam through the glass.  Hurry and pull out your pistol to
    take out the guard to your right.
    If the guard gets more than 3 shots off of you I suggest letting him kill you
    or jump out the window.  Keep doing this until you can kill this guard and
    still have a decent amount of health.  Grab the grenade from the dead guard's
    satchel.  Next, walk over to the computer and press A.  Lambert will tell you
    to keep transmitting, and there are guards on their way to your position right
    Luckilly, you don't have to be standing at the computer to transmit.  Run over
    to the window you smashed through and walk over the edge so Sam will grab onto
    the ledge.  The guards will walk into Nikoladze's room and find it empty.  Hop
    back into the room.
    When Lambert begins to talk again walk over to the computer and press A once
    again.  Finally, he has all the info he needs.
    Reach Extraction
    I don't think there should be any more guards that you'll have to deal with.
    Run out the door and to the left.  This hallway should look familiar.  On the
    left will be a door flung wide open.  Run through it and down the stairs.  You
    will finally exit outside.  While you are running you will hear a guard on the
    radio.  It looks like they are still searching for you.  Run across this roof
    and you'll find an opening on the right.  It looks like an empty elevator
    Use the pole inside of it and slide down as fast as possible.  You have guards
    right on your tail!  Also, be careful not to jump down the shaft because you
    will end up killing yourself.  Once you reach the bottom you will notice that
    you are in the garage that you were in earlier.  Make a right and you will find
    Wilkes with his van.
    ----- Defense Ministry -------------------
    GFO Oil Rig
    Georgian Waters, Caspian Sea
    October 27, 2004
    09:38 hours
    Mission Briefing
    Retrieve Georgian communication data.  Nato and U.S. intervention has pushed
    most of the Georgian Commandos from Azerbaijan, with only a few well-hidden
    cells remaining.  One of those cells, entrenched in an oilrig on the Caspian
    Sea, is exchanging data with the presidential palace in Georgia via a secure
    Infiltrate the refinery
    When you first gain control of Sam you should see a wooden post on one side of
    the platform you are on.  Walk over to the post and climb the ladder on the
    other side of it.  On your trip up the ladder you'll see a platform on your
    right.  There isn't anything important on this platform so keep climbing.
    When you're at the top walk forward to to edge of the wood platform and make a
    right.  Hop onto the gray pipes and follow them until you see a pipe above your
    head.  Jump up and grab onto the pipe.  Pull your legs up using the B button
    and climb along the pipe over the barbed wire to a second platform.
    Hop down off of the pipe and soon after you are on your feet, you will hear a
    soldier on the radio.  Looks like someone has spotted you and they are going to
    blow the bridge.  If they take out the bridge you'll have to find a different
    way to infiltrate the refinery.
                                 -= VI. X-box Live =-
    ----- Connecting to X-box Live --------------------
    Step One
    Get high-speed internet service.  Sorry, but if you currently have dial-up you
    won't be able to connect to X-box live.  Here are a few X-box compatible high-
    speed providers:
    - Adelphia Powerlink
    - BellSouth FastAccess DSL
    - Charter Communications
    - Comcast
    - Cox High Speed Internet
    - Earthlink
    - Msn 8 Broadband
    - Qwest
    - Roadrunner
    - Rogers
    - Yahoo DSL
    - Sympatico
    - Telus
    - Verizon Online DSL
    Dial-up, ISDN, and satellite internet services are not supported.  You cannot
    connect to X-box live with AOL High Speed Broadband as well.
    Alright!  If you have any of the above high-speed ISPs you are free to move on
    to the next step!
    Step Two
    Purchase the X-box Live Starter Kit!  This and your internet connection is the
    only thing you need to connect to X-box Live!  This starter kit runs for about
    $49.99 at most stores, but you may get lucky and run into a sale!  Here is a
    list of stores that you can buy the X-box Live Starter Kit from!
    - Best Buy
    - Circuit City
    - CompUSA
    - Electronic Boutique
    - FYE
    - Gamecrazy
    - Gamestop
    - KB Toys
    - Media Play
    - Nebraska Furniture Mart
    - Sam Goody
    - Sears
    - Target
    - Toys R Us
    - Walmart
    Cool!  Now that you have your high-speed internet provider and your Starter
    Kit, there is just one more step!
    Step Three
    There are three methods of connecting to X-box Live.  The three methods are:
    This method of connecting is the fastest and easiest way to connect to X-box
    Live.  You should choose this if you do not want to share your connection with
    your PC.  The Direct connection connects your X-box directly to your modem.
    You will not however, be able to be online with your computer at the same time.
    This is very easy to set up.
     1. Turn off your modem as well as your X-box.  To turn off your modem you will
        have to unplug it.
     2. You should be able to find an ethernet port on the back of your modem.  It
        looks like a standard phoneline port except larger.  Put one end of your
        ethernet cable into the port on the back of your modem and the other end
        in the ethernet port on the back of your X-box system.
        There are two types of ethernet cables.  There is standard(used by most
        modems) and crossover(some modems use these).  You should be able to find
        out which cable your modem uses.  Try looking at the papers that came with
        your modem.
     3. Plug your modem back in and turn it on.  Turn on your X-box also.  Do not
        put a disc in the disc tray.
     4. The X-box dashboard will pop up.  Choose X-box Live from the list and you
        should be connected to X-box live!
     NOTE: I read the directions off of xbox.com and am not sure when you are
           supposed to put your X-box Live starter disc in so I guess you'll have
           to figure that out on your own.
    This can be a pain... especially if you don't have a router, because you'll
    have to go out and buy one.  This method of connecting is the best way to
    connect if you want to be able to be online with both your PC and X-box at the
    same time.  This is also handy, because your PC doesn't have to be on in order
    to connect to X-box Live.
     1. Turn off your X-box, your router, your modem, and your PC before you do
     2. You will need three ethernet cables for this.  The first ethernet cable
        will run from your modem to the router!
     3. The second ethernet cable will connect the X-box to the router.
     4. Finally, one end of the last ethernet cable will connect to the router and
        the other end will connect to your PC.  It will look a little like this:
                                  DSL/Cable Modem            /     \
      ___________________________      ___         _________/     __\____________
     |                           |    |   |       |         |    |  ___________  |
     |                           |    |   |       |         |    | |           | |
     |                           |    |   |       |  Your   |    | |           | |
     |          X-box            |    |   |       |   PC    |    | |           | |
     |                           |    |   |       |         |    | |___________| |
     |                           |   /_____\      |         |    |_______________|
     |                           |      |         |         |       /         \
     |___________________________|      |         |_________|      /___________\
                  |                     |              |
                  |                _____|_______       |
                  |               |             |      |
                  |               |   Router    |      |
                  |               |             |      |
                  |               |_____________|      |
                  |__________________|       |_________|
     5. Turn everything on in this order.  Your Modem, your router, and then your
        PC.  Lastly, you can turn your X-box on with no disc in the disc tray.  The
        X-box dashboard will pop up.  Choose X-box Live from the list and you
        should be connected to X-box live!
    You should only need to use this type of connection if you have a USB-based
    modem or an internal PCI modem.  The connection is rather simple.  Just follow
    these three steps and you'll be connected in no time!
     1. With a USB modem you will have to run a USB cable from your modem to your
        computer.  If you have a USB modem, you probably already have a USB cable.
     2. You're going to have to buy an ethernet cable also.  The ethernet cable
        will run from the ethernet port in your computer to the port on your X-box.
     3. Turn your computer on(you will have to turn your computer on every time you
        connect to X-box live).  Lastly, you can turn your X-box on with no disc in
        the disc tray.  The X-box dashboard will pop up.  Choose X-box Live from
        the list and you should be connected to X-box live!
                                 -= VII. Hints/Tips =-
    - Coming Soon -
                         -= VIII. Frequently Asked Questions =-
    ----- Game Related Questions --------------------
    Q: What is the Fifth Freedom?
      A: "The Fifth Freedom permits an operative to use methods not authorized by
         law, but only when absolutely necessary. Temporarily allowed to deny the
         Four Freedoms to any individual or group, operatives can fight the threat
         of terrorism using terrorists' own tactics."
    Q: When you are in Sniper Mode is there a way to keep Sam's hand from shaking?
      A: Yes, if you hold down the left trigger, Sam will hold his breath.  This
         will keep the gun from moving as much and raise your accuracy greatly.
    Q: An alarm went off and I failed the mission!  There isn't a camera that could
       have seen me, and I knocked out all of the enemies.
      A: Maybe you didn't hide the bodies well enough.  Make sure that you hide the
         bodies very well.  They need to be in the darkest areas and make sure they
         are out of the way.  Even if a body is in a very dark shadow, if a guard
         walks into it he'll find it.
    Q: I'm out of ammunition!  Where can I find some more?
      A: Well, I don't know which mission you are on so I do not know specifically
         where you can find some ammo, but you should look in my walkthrough and
         you may be able to see where you can find some.  This game is based on
         stealth however, and you should be using as few bullets as possible.  Try
         to use the objects around you(bottles, cans) to distract enemies.  It is
         very easy to sneak by most guards without shooting them.
    Q: Why don't I have Thermal Vision?
      A: You will be able to use your Night Vision throughout the entire game, but
         you won't receive Thermal Vision until the beginning of the CIA
    Q: Why do I only have this Pistol?
      A: You'll finally get to use the Assault Rifle about halfway through the CIA
         Headquarters Mission.
    Q: How do I get through the minefield on the Abbatoir?
      A: Use your Thermal Vision to see the mines!
    Q: How can I change the rate of fire on my rifle?
      A: Well, you need to have your Rifle out.  Press in on the left thumbstick.
    Q: How do I disable Wall Mines?
      A:  Approach the mine very slowly.  Wait for the light on the mine to blink
          green and press A.  A nice way of doing this is to hold down A instead of
          pressing it once and when the game pauses see if the light is green.  If
          it is simply let go of the A button.  If the light is red use the D-Pad
          to select Return to Game.
    Q: Is it possible to go through the whole game without killing someone?
      A: Nope.  You'll always have to kill one person.  Nikoladze!
    Q: So how many missions are there in the entire game?
      A: There are 10 missions including the Training.  These 10 missions are not
         including the missions that you can download.
    Q: How do I get through the minefield on the Abbatoir?
      A: You need to use your thermal vision.
    Q: Sam has three bright neon green lights on his head and the enemy can't see
      A: These lights don't really shine.  They are there just for design purposes,
         and it's supposed to be a kind of icon for Sam.  You see the three lights
         you'll know that it's Sam Fisher!  Check out some of the extras on the
         disk to learn more about this.
    Q: How do I use the Sticky Shocker, Sticky Camera and Ring Airfoil Projectile?
      A: First, equip one of these three items and you can use the left trigger to
         use it.
    Q: Where is the glass elevator in the Defense Ministry Mission?
      A: You need to listen in on the conversation between Grinko and Philip Masse.
         The glass elevator is in the Defense Ministry Courtyard.  To get to the
         courtyard you have to force the colonel to put his eyes to the retinal
         scanner.  The retinal scanner will unlock the door leading to the
    Q: So, how many guns are there in Splinter Cell?
      A: Two Guns
    Q: Only two guns?!  What kind of game is this?  I'm going to go play Goldeneye!
      A: Yes, there are only two guns.  What's so bad about that?  The game isn't
         about blasting everything to pieces with your AK47Grenade Launcher/Sniper
         Rifle.  This is a STEALTH game.  The point of the game is to sneak your
         way through the levels without the enemies noticing you.
    ----- FAQ Related Questions --------------------
    Q: I found something missing from your FAQ.  What should I do?
      A: Email me your findings and I will put whatever you found in my next update
         as long as you email me something useful :)  If I do use something that
         you sent to me in an email I will give you full credit.
    Q: I really like your FAQ so I'm going to put it up on my website!
      A: Ok hold on now.  First, email me and ask me for permission.  If I find my
         FAQ on any website that I didn't give permission to I will take immediate
         action!  I will most likely say yes and allow you to use my FAQ, but I
         need you to ask.
    Q: How should I contact you?
      A: If you have anything to say or ask about Splinter Cell or this FAQ, simply
         e-mail me at TwistidSoul@hotmail.com.  You should expect a reply within a
         week or less.
    ----- Xbox Live Related Questions --------------------
    Q: What is Xbox Live?
      A: Well, if you had any common sense in you you would look for the Xbox Live
         section in my guide!  But, since I'm nice... Xbox live is a way of
         playing your favorite game online!  Not all Xbox games have the ability to
         be played on Xbox Live, but Splinter Cell is a game that can take
         advantage of it.  You can't play Splinter Cell online, but if you have
         Xbox Live you can download new levels!!!  Currently there is only one
         level to download(Kola Cell), but there will be more soon!
    Q: What is "Kola Cell"?
      A: Kola Cell is an extra level that you can download from Xbox Live!  I will
         write a walkthrough for this level someday.
    Q: I really want Xbox Live!  How do I get it?
      A: Xbox live is held at most electronic stores that sell video games.  First
         you need to purchase the Starter Kit for about 50 dollars.  Go home and
         put one of your Xbox Live compatible games into the Xbox and choose Xbox
         Live.  Follow the easy instructions on the screen and in your starter kit
         manual to get connected to Xbox Live.  Or you can read my Xbox Live
    Q: How many games can I play with Xbox Live?
      A: You can actually play 14 different Xbox games on Xbox Live.  There are
         6 games that you can download extra content for off of Xbox Live.  You can
         find a list of these games in the Xbox Live section!
                               -= IX. Revision History =-
    The revision history will start with the most recent update to the first
    VERSION 0.50
    NOTES: The first half of the walkthrough has been written.  From the Training
           to the CIA HQ.  All sections before the walkthrough are complete.  I'm
           probably half way done with the FAQ!
    VERSION 0.25 (May 6, 2003)
    KB:    91kb
    NOTES: The first three missions are complete.  From the Training to the Defense
           Ministry.  Phoenix1911 said that I may have taken a little more
           information than needed from the instruction manual.  Expect many more
           things in my own words in the next update.
                               -= X. Legal Disclaimer =-
    Alright, let's get this dirty business over with... It shouldn't take long.
    I wish that people wouldn't plagiarise or steal other people's work in the
    first place, but they do.  It may not seem like it(actually it does), but it
    does take a lot of work to write these things!  I'm not benefitting any from
    writing FAQ's.  I just enjoy writing them and I like to help others with a
    game.  Please don't steal work from me or anyone else.
    This FAQ was written by me, is owned by me, and you must have permission from
    me, TwistidSoul, to do anything with this FAQ other than use it for your own
    personal use.  When I say for your own personal use I don't mean on your
    website or selling it to your friends :P  This FAQ cannot be changed or
    altered in any way.  It has to keep its original form!
    If you do want to put this FAQ in your site, just ask!  That's all it takes.
    Email me!  And if I do give you permission, do not edit the FAQ in any way!  I
    don't care if I spelled something wrong or anything.  Don't change the font...
    don't change anything... Thank you!  Contact me at TwistidSoul@hotmail.com
    If anyone finds this FAQ on a website other than these three, please let me
                             -= XI. Author's Last Words =-

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