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    PC Mission Pack Walkthrough by eRvN

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    ::: Table of Contents :::
    A. Intro / Revision History
    B. Walkthrough
        1. KOLA CELL
    C. Credits/Final Notes
    A. Intro / Revision History
        Mae govannen, mellon nîn...
        eRvN here with another strategy for yet another great game... Splinter 
        Cell. As you've noticed my walkthrough is just for the Mission Pack of 
        Splinter Cell, meaning this is just a three mission guide. These missions
        were included on the xbox version of the 1st game but not on the pc &
        instead were released months later. Since Black Hole Sun (bhs), the author
        of the Splinter Cell for PC FAQ, only had the nine (original) levels... I
        decided to continue on with the rest. Check his great walkthrough at 
        For questions, contributions, suggestions e-mail me at ervntps@yahoo.com
        ::: Revision History :::::::::::::
        ver 1.00 = June 16,2004
                 = complete walkthrough
    B. Walkthrough
    1. Kola Cell                /            
    Third Echelon Monitoring has pinpointed one of Nikoladze's remaining cells 
    in an abandoned factory on the Kola Peninsula in Northern Russia. Among 
    those suspected to be present is Philip Masse, the computer programmer whose 
    algorithms empowered Nikoladze's information attacks. A sample of his code 
    must be collected and Philip Masse must be neutralized.
       |1.1. Locate & access Masse's server    |
        Move around to the right, crouch and head inside the air duct. Continue 
        heading this way until you reach a lighted space with 1 guard talking on
        his comm radio. Follow him, sneak behind and grab/hit when you get near.
        Head to the next hallway, equip your night vision and you'll see a laser
        trip sensor just mid the hallway. Jump over it then move to your left. 
        With your night vision still on go straight to the big room full of laser
        sensors (assuming you didn't trip the earlier laser sensor, if so then the
        door leading here will be closed and the only way to get inside is through
        the air duct next to the door with retinal scanner). Climb the platform &
        get the data stick from the computer. Climb the pipe next to it & into the
        horizontal pipe, press the crouch key to bring your legs up and crawl past
        the first laser set. Jump on the middle of the platform, then jump below 
        the platform (the next set of lasers move fast so it's still difficult to
        run/jump over them). From here climb the platform past the 2nd/mid laser
        set. The last (single) laser sensor can be easily jumped. (If you're 
        afraid that you're going to trip any of these sensors the easiest way is 
        to head back to the air duct next to the retinal scanner after you used 
        the computer.
        Climb up the stairs on the corner and pick the lock on the door. You can
        turn off the switch here if you like just to turn the guards attention. 
        Move slowly to the end of the hallway and when you hear the guards talking
        head back to the other end of the hallway equip your diversion camera & 
        stick it to the wall the moment you see guards. Use the interaction key
        to distract them with the sound & when they get close to the camera spray
        some gas in their faces. I suggest you hide the bodies in the dark room on
        the middle. Head to the left, sneak slowly down the stairs this time equip
        your ring airfoil. Shoot this guard with it to quickly stun him and hit 
        him immediately. I suggest you hide his body again somewhere dark. Now 
        jump above the crates & move very slowly inside the next room. Stay on the
        dark side of the room & wait for the white guard to patrol on the right 
        then headshot the guard resting/sleeping(?) on the left side. When the 
        white guard returns do another headshot while he's checking his dead 
        partner. Equip your camera jammer & use on the camera in this next hallway.
        Once your at the end turn your night goggles on so you can see the laser
        sensor on the stair. If you succesfully jumped over it the door on the 
        servers will not close, but if you tripped it you can get inside the air 
        duct on the left corner & climb your way to the computer servers. Use the
        computer/server on the corner.
       |1.2. Use Alekseevich's retinal pattern to reach Masse |
        The door will automatically close so you have to jump (back) to the air 
        duct, wait for the three guards on the other side of the duct & shoot them.
        Just don't let yourself be seen (these guys also use night vision). Run 
        back until you reach a cut scene where Alekseevich commands one of his 
        guards. Wait for the guard to come down & do some headshot or sticky 
        shocker to quickly put him down (make sure Alekseevich doesn't see this).
        Climb the taller set of boxes so Alekseevich don't see you & head to the 
        grating in front of you. Move you way up (you will have to do a double jump
        at one point) until you reach the opening where you'll be behind 
        Alekseevich. Jump slowly behind & grab him. Head back to the retinal 
        scanner but before you reach it you'll encounter to guards patrolling. You
        can move around them, avoid their flashlights and once your on their back
        do an accurate headshot. Use Alekseevich's retinal pattern on the scanner.
       |1.3. Force Masse to download his personal source code from his office PC |
        Climb up the ladder, pick the frag grenade on the top of the box. Open the
        door & silently shoot the one guard here (he's one sharpshooter I must     
        say). Before you get excited on Masse (he's not going anywhere) first pick
        the 2 wall mines here & stick it on the posts near the main door at the 2nd 
        floor. Then return to Masse & force him to use his PC.
       |1.4. Kill Philip Masse after downloading his source code  |
        Hit Masse & kill him (he's just unconscious, so you still have to shoot 
        him) Hide & wait on the corner & pray that your wall mines got at least two 
        of the guards. There are three guards but only one will go down if your 
        mines worked. 
       |1.5. Make it back alive to the insertion point for extraction  |
        Head back but this time use the door on the left & not the ladder going 
        down. Open the grating into the airduct w/c will lead you to another room.
        Go outside, there's still three guards left here. One is waiting/facing on
        the other side so simply grab/hit him. Press "Q" (back to wall) and shoot
        the guard on the hallway. Snipe the last guard patrolling and continue 
        your way back to the insertion point. Open the grating here to end the
    2. Vselka Infiltration      /            
    Information collected at the Kola Facility indicates that the cell operating
    under the command of Colonel Alekseevich has standing orders to capture a 
    russian submarine manufacturing facility on the Kola Peninsula. Third Echelon
    monitoring reveals that the russian nuclear submarine Vselka is currently 
    docked at the facility. The submarine must be located & Alekseevich's remaining
    men must be stopped.
       |2.1. Locate the russion sailor being held captive & talk to him |
        getting in...
             window1                            window2
               O  [C]
      [4]        \  
          |         \
          |   _______\_______
      [3] |  |[2]     \      |
          |   ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ \ŻŻŻŻŻ
          |    _________\______
          |   |          \     |
          |    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ\ŻŻŻŻ
          |                \  [B]
          |                O  
          |                ______________
          |                | crates     |
          |		       ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
          |            __________________
          |[1]     [A] |    crates      |
                 ^                        |
               go here                    |
    		{water}		      |
            		shimmy here ->|
    				      |          starting point
        Check the map above, from the starting point head left & shimmy on the
        ledge until you reach points [A] or [1]. From here you can go two ways.
         [A] jump above the crate, move to the next crate
         [B] jump/slide on the wire 
         [C] land here (geez)
         [1] sneek on the side of the wall and move to point [2]
         [2] jump above the cargo
         [3] from point [2] jump here
         [4] land here (geez)
        There's one guy walking along the hall of the building you're supposed
        to get in. Before getting close head-shot the guard while he's standing
        in front of window1. Then open the window & get in. There's a camera on
        the next hallway so equip your camera jammer & use it while heading 
        directly below the camera. Once your below shoot it & open the door. 
        The next room has 2 turret guns on the side, hide first on the pillar &
        shoot the camera in front of you (middle of the room). Throw a flare on
        one side then move on the other side to disable the gun. Disable the other
        turret gun w/c is just next to it. On the next hall quickly head to the 
        room on the right, and hide under the stairs. Some guards will go down & 
        you can just let them leave the room or shoot one diversion camera on the
        wall & spray some gas on them. Just make sure you hide their bodies under
        the stairs. Head up to the next level, open the door & shoot the camera.
        Move to the right hallway quietly & once you reached the pantry hide 
        on the dark near the freezer & wait for them to return on their patrols.
        One guard will open the freezer, once he turns around quickly head inside
        the freezer before it closes & talk to the russian sailor. To get out you
        can create some diversion by throwing some flares on one side & sneak out
        while the guards are busy checking the flares. Or you can pop their heads
        one by one just be sure you're hiding in the dark.
       |2.2. Deactivate the compressor in the control room to force the... |
        Move two levels up & use the keypad to open the door. Hide first on the 
        right side & wait for one guard to come out & enter the door in the middle.
        Just follow this guy quietly until he opens the next door w/ keypad. Once
        the door is opened hit him in the head & quietly enter the room on the 
        left side. There's an officer here sitting, grab him out & force the 
        colonel to use the eye scanner. Once he's done hit him in the head then 
        head to the control room. Use your night vision to see lasers on both side
        of the room. You can jump over the laser on the left side or you can crouch
        on the right. Use the computer on the middle to deactivate the compressor.
       |2.1. Locate the Vselka submarine |
        A cut scene will show three guards heading up for you. Before you get out
        of the room hide first on the right side & wait for one of the guards to
        enter the control room. Pop him in the head when he pauses to look around.
        Head out, open the grate on the left side of hallway & exit on the other
        room. Equip your camera jammer & use it on the camera until you're below 
        it. Pick the locked door & head back to the stairs. Before you go down
        the other 2 guards will be heading up. Hide on the left side, wait for them
        to appear & use your diversion camera to spray some gas or you can use your
        sticky shocker to put them down easily. Once the way is clear head back 
        down & position yourself on the door where the last three guards entered.
        Wait for the remaining guards to appear & shoot the tank near the curtains.
        Once you're done run out & locate the vselka submarine.
    3. Vselka Submarine      /            
    Colonel Alekseevich's men have taken control of the Vselka in her berth and 
    are attempting to acquire the warheads from several ss-n-20 sturgeon nuclear
    missiles. The main computers on the sub must be accessed to determine whether
    or not the missiles were offloaded.
       |3.1. Unlock the access to the lower decks |
        After the briefing turn right on the hallway until you reach the room w/
        2 guards busy operating some computers. Don't bother on killing them coz
        the computer you need is just on your right side. Use it to unlock the 
        access to the lower decks. 
       |3.2. Tap into the Vselka's central server |
        Head back to the hallway and into the other end. Inside the medical room
        is a medkit. By now there's a guard patrolling the hallway & heading
        your direction so before you get out shoot the lights inside the medical
        room. The guard will check inside & since he don't use night vision he 
        can't see you aiming a pistol in his head:) Now get out and head right.    
        Hide in the dark & wait for the patrolling guard to get near & shoot him
        with your sticky shocker (or pop him in the head). Exit on the other door,
        you'll notice that the stairs is blocked so you have to move around to
        reach the central server. Get inside the guards' quarters and use your 
        sticky shocker on one of the guards approaching so as not to create any
        noise. There's still one guard on the next room standing between the 
        beds. Sneak in & silently pop him in the head. There's also one guard 
        patrolling the stairs down. Shoot him once he pauses directly below the
        stairs. Head down, into the pantry & switch the lights in the kitchen on
        & off. The guard nearby will check the kitchen & once he gets near hit 
        him in the head. The next hallway has a guard patrolling back & forth. 
        Sneak behind him and hide inside the middle room, once he returns back &
        passes your room, get out &  move your way down the stairs. Head shot
        the guard here or use some sticky shocker to put him down quickly. There
        are two guards talking on the next room, silently approach the other side
        of boxes & jump over them. Once on the other side head to the hatch on the
        floor & climb down. Sneak quietly behind the guard operating the pc & 
        pause on the wall beside the stairs. Wait for the other guard to return
        patrolling on the other end of the hallway & follow him. Continue sneaking
        until he pauses, then hide on the left side. Once he returns move your
        way on the far door, you'll see three guards guarding the torpedo hatch
        control. From here you can (A) jump on the opening just above you & exit
        on the other side, or (B) Use one distraction cam & shoot it inside the
        room then spray them some gas (you'll need this room to be clear once you
        head out. Head to the next doorway & check the guard patrolling inside. 
        Once he has his back on you sneak beside the beds on the right side. You
        can head shot him from here. Continue your way to the end & operate the 
       |3.3. Initiate launch sequence for the torpedo |
        Head back & you'll hear two guards entering the room. Position yourself
        on one side, crouch, put your back on the wall & then stand up. Wait for
        them to pass then quietly leave the room. And head to the torpedo launch
        room. Use the computer in the middle then quickly jump on the opening
        near the first doorway.
       |3.4.Exfiltrate the submarine through the torpedo hatch |
        Two guards will throw a smoke grenade & enter the room, wait for them to
        get inside then jump quickly & head out. Get inside the room with the 
        beds, put your back on the wall & move between the beds and the wall. 
        Once on the other side, head not on the main doorway leading to the
        hatch instead move around by turning your back against the wall on the
        side with the pipes in it. Run around, move your back again on the wall
        and get inside the torpedo hatch to end the mission.
    C. Credits/Final Notes
        maraming salamat po...
        [made in the Philippines]

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