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Reviewed: 03/22/03 | Updated: 03/22/03

An ingenious game of stealth!

Splinter Cell, simply stated, is a cool game. Amazing graphics, cool game play, and neat gadgets, like portable cameras, night vision, lock picks, and other ingenious contraptions!

Graphics:10/10-Wow. The graphics are jaw dropping. The lights and darkness visuals are also great. Light rays are so well defined and the night vision? Cool! The water is also cool, the way it reflects. And the thermal vision! Looks like real-life! Near-perfect heat signatures. Great stuff!

Sound:9/10-Sweet music. It goes very well with Splinter Cell, however at times it can get mildly annoying. And the object interaction sounds are cool also. The bouncing soda can, the voices, the shattering glass... all very well done.

Control:10/10-If Tom Clancy is normally too complex, thing again. Splinter Cell has some very simplified controls. At times, it can be a little challenging, but sooner or later you should have the controls down. No tight controls either, just simple, very free-moving controls.

Replay Value:8/10-A tad dry here. Some people may not play Splinter Cell again once they finished it. However, there are a varieties of ways you can finish Splinter Cell. You can either be mistress of the darkness, or a full-blown Rambo!(Which isn't recommended due to the fact Sam, the main character, will die after a few bullet bursts). Also, some of those very annoying stages which requires that you don't kill anyone(a problem for those of you who have itchy trigger fingers) are a pain to due over and over and over again. All and all, you can play Splinter Cell all the way through about three times before you'll go to sleep at the computer. Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy!

Game play/Entertainment Value:9/10-Patience is important! The game requires immense patience and at times, can become a little frustrating when Sam is repeatedly slaughtered in some combat situations, which you'll have to try over and over again. Oh well, it doesn't affect how fun it is, cruelly making enemies stupidly walk into your devious little traps! Hahaha...nothing quite like a gas bomb surprise for your birthday! Happy Birthday to yo...BOOM! Also, it's fun to sneak up on people, grab them, and use them as body armor. But be warned, leaving out those guards stupid enough to fall for your traps means other enemies can find them, raise the alarm, or revive the ones that have been knocked out! Yes..devilishly clever!

Overall:9/10-Go out and buy it!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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