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"Pretty good stealth game."

Splinter Cell is a stealth action oriented game that was originally released on the Xbox, and while that may be a reason some people use to deside that they instantly hate and want nothing to do with the game. Many others have descovered this game to be quite enjoyable, if not a little too hard.

Graphics: 9/10

Splinter Cell has very detailed environments and an obviously high polygon count in everything from the weapons to a soda can. The lighting on the other hand is extremely cool and is also a very very important aspect to the actual game play. Which is rather odd since most game would play the exact same whether the graphics were any good or not. You mut use the shadows. otherwise there is nothing wrong with the visuals at all except some of cut scenes look kind of wierd. Oh well, good enough!

Sound: 6/10

I didn't find much of the sound to be all that great as well as the music. The voice acting however is done pretty well if I do say so myself. The sound effects can be used to distract enemies though which keeps the sound fro getting too low of a score. Okay, but it could surely be better. When compared to the rest of the game the sound and music are only a small gripe and don't detract too much from this otherwise excellent title.

Game Play: 8/10

If you go into this game expecting stealth action in the same style as the Metal Gear series then you may be dissapointed. While you do need to use stealth in both games it is probably even more important in this title as when an enemy spots you and begins firing off their weapons you probably won't have much more time to live. Keeping Sam hidden and away from enemy patrol routes is of the highest importance in this game. However if you do need to take out an enemy soldier then be sure to hide them well otherwise once the body is discovered it's all over for our hero. But don't be too surprised either if an enemy begins to act like a total idiot at times. I guess it's just a small design flaw but it's a major one that should have been taken care of. Not bad though.

Final Score: 8/10 (Not an average)

If you need a fix of stealth game play and you've played Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance way too much or you just don't like Metal Gear at al I suggest you go out and pick your self up a copy of Splinter Cell, just be warned that f you aren't so great at games or you want to go around blasting people to pieces then you'll be dissapoined.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/23/03, Updated 03/23/03

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