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"Into the Blackness......"

I enter a room with my night vision goggles on, no one else can see me or hear me only the darkness. The guard who is unaware of my presence walks around with his gun in hand. He leaves the room,I turn on the lights and hide behind a shelf. He walks in to turn on the lights, still unaware that I am waiting and watching. After the lights come back on, I already have my gun to his head. The only darkness he sees now is the unconsciousness. I walk away continuing my mission. If this sounds like something out of a movie, well after playing this game, it felt a lot like I was in one. The suspense of being able to be caught at any second really makes this game intense.
What really makes this game good for both people who are really good at video games and people who are not, is that this game has that very thought in mind. It starts out with a training exercise. There the player becomes familiar with the controls and the way the game is played. Some of the exercises are tricky, while most of the other ones are not. This really helps the player become familiar with the concept of the game. This game is not all stealth; there are some levels where the player is in a firefight. Another really interesting aspect about this game is sometimes the player will encounter a locked door. The only way to open this door is by finding out the pass code or in some instances bringing someone for a retinal scan.
Splinter Cell has the making of a stealthy Bond movie with all the gadgets that come packed inside this game. What really impresses me is the fact that I can find out if someone is behind a closed door even without opening it. This not only prepares me for what is inside but it also prepares me for what kind of security that particular place has.
What really separates this game from the other stealthy games out there is the moves Sam Fisher can do. There was this one part in the game where I was in a narrow hallway and a guard was coming my way. I did not have enough time to run back so instead I jumped up and held myself up between the two walls with my legs. The guard walked right underneath me while I stayed up there with my legs in a split position.
The music changes constantly, which really helps build the suspense and excitement. Whenever I became spotted by an enemy or a civilian, the music became fast paced with many beats. It really adds a lot of character and energy to the game when I am by myself in the dark waiting for a guard to appear.
All in all this game is unlike any other stealth game out there because of all that it has to offer, some of the missions can be hard and time consuming, but in the end it was all worth it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/07/03, Updated 04/07/03

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