Review by hapkido112

"A good game with sluggish controls"

Gameplay 8
The gameplay is pretty good. Splinter Cell is a stealth action game, focussing on the stealth part. If you´re going to kill everyone you see, it will not take long till you´re killed. Dont kill everyone, it won´t work!
Instead you have to use darkness and shadows. Another gadget is the lock pick. I found it very frustrating using the lock picks at first, but gets easy after some practice.
Getting the bad guys to open doors for you is always good. The gadgets and weapons at your disposal are very impressive. There are a handful of pistols that can use both lethal and non-lethal ammunition, but you won’t be using them on humans that much. The gameplay in Splinter Cell is rather slow like all of the Tom Clancy games. Most of your time is spent hiding in the shadows and watching what everyone else is doing and not running around killing everything you see. The option to save anywhere at anytime is great.

Graphics 9
Splinter Cell has some really good graphics, maybe a little better than the xbox version. The lights and shadows are really well done. The closeups have no pixeled graphics. The lighting for this game is really unbelievable. Nice job guys.

Sound 9
The sound is nicely done with a music that really sets the tone. The voice acting is kinda like metal gear 2 '' An B rated movie''.

Control 3
The control in the game is what really kills it for me. I had my joypad ready to go, then i find out that i cant use it! The controls for the game are awkward using the keyboard to move around. I find myself right in the middle of stealth action, looking at the keyboard more than the game saying ''ummmm whats the control key for this again''. This game would of had a better score for me if it supported the joypads. You may reasign the controls to customize it to your liking which helps. However, plinter cell remains to be played on a joypad and not a keyboard.

Overall 5
The game is pretty decent and very addictive. The use of no joypad kills the fun of the game. If you like Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six series, you will probably love it. As long as you know what to expect from it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 05/03/03, Updated 05/03/03

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