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Reviewed: 06/17/03 | Updated: 06/17/03

Metal Gear Solid ++

Splinter Cell-Eggzmaster

A long long time ago, on a platform far, far away, there was a game named Metal Gear Solid. This game involved sneaking around terrorist bases and generally causing havoc. By havoc, of course I mean controlled havoc. Whereas you sneak up behind someone and plant a block of C4 on their backs. Those guards never knew what hit em'. Good times, good times. And what I would give to relive those times of joyous carnage. And then they came out with Splinter Cell. To define this game in 3 words it's Metal Gear Solid+. Tack on another plus sign, will you? It's that good. At least this time you can see the looks on the guards faces before you detonate a C4. Well, technically it's called a ''Stick Shocker'' but I like to refer to them as C4+. And, this time, at least you can see them run in wild circles screaming before they fall to the ground. Yes, folks, causing havoc throughout the Russian Mafioso is that fun.

Of course, planting ''Sticky Shockers'' wouldn't be much fun without graphics. I don't want to place my implements of destruction on pixels. I want polygons. Of course, the first Metal Gear Solid was for the NES, but I didn't like that game much. The shadow effects are amazing, and perfectly interlope with the AI. Hiding yourself in the shadows is one of the biggest thrills in Splinter Cell. For instance, in one of the first levels, there is a pipe overhanging a corridor, with two lights on either side. I knew a guard was coming, so I simply shot out the lights, creating total darkness, and jumped up on the pipe. I was then hanging from a pipe, in pitch black. To prevent total darkness, and so I could see, I turned on my night vision goggles. So the situation was this: I had a gun. I could see. The enemy couldn't. I was hanging from a pipe. What was one to do in such odds? Well, I simply waited for him to come through, and BAM! I jumped off of my wonderful little pipe, and onto his shoulders. I then proceeded to beat him senseless, knocking him out. Without shadows, this would never have been possible. Instead, I would have been on my pipe, in complete and total daylight. The terrorist would walk through the door, shoot me, and cause a game over. Of course, this was all nice and polygonal, so no worries there.
Of course, it all boils down to gameplay. Splinter Cell is not lacking this in the least. There is an endless amount of ways to deal with a hostile, although the best way is always to sneak off, and not be seen. But for those of you with a little more devious ideas in mind, here is an example of what you can do: I had just snuck past a gaurd into another room. The room had an aquarium in front of the doorway, and some couches in the corner. Kind of like a lobby. Through the clear door, I saw a terrorist coming towards me. I ran for the light switch, turned it off, and hid behind the aquarium. The terrorist promptly walks in, looks around, and says ''Who the heck turned of the lights?'' Oh, the irony. As he turns around to go turn them on, I grab him by the neck and point my gun at his head. (Which, by the way, had no ammo. He was safe, good thing he didn't know that.) This effectively created a human shield. Oh what fun, eh? I go out the door with my newly acquired friend, and all the terrorists out there dare not shoot. As my friend might be in danger if they do that. What did I do next? Simple. Considering as there were only three people, I let them scream at me to put my buddy down, and walked toward my destination, an elevator. So I walked in there with my friend, and knocked him out. Mission Accomplished.
I couldn't really pay attention to the story because I didn't play the full version, but from the little amount that I've seen, It involves Sam Fisher, super secret agent, dealing with the Russian Mafia over some dead CIA agents. Or something that sounds Tom-Clancyish. So, suffice to say, I was utterly amazed with this game. The Graphics and the gameplay intertwine like never before, they help each other out so much. This really enhances what would be a good game, to a great game.

The Good: Amazing Gameplay and Graphics
The Bad: May chug a little slow on some PC's. Frustrating later in the game.
The Ugly: Terrorist Scum.
Overall: Yet another Eggzmaster recommendation, go out and buy it now.


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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