Review by MaximumGamer

Reviewed: 12/13/03

An excellent game! Definate 9 outta 10!

Splinter Cell

A terrific game for all of you gamers. You have to get it if you want terrific gameplay, sound, storyline, and practically anything else game related.

Items/Weapons 8/10

Items... Weapons... Misc... Great! Although terrific weapons and items, there aren't enough! The med-kits are in short supply in more levels than not, and the glow-sticks are a waste of ones and zeros. The guns are a much different story. Awesome attachments and add-ons for the... not silenced pistol. The gun with some random jumble of letters and numbers... the silenced sub-rapid gun. You people should know what I am talking about... The Guns are great, although they could of kept the same overall cross-hair for the pistol and sub-rapid gun. Overall... great! Eight outta Ten!

Gameplay 10/10

GREAT!!!!! ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC! This game has the most realistic attacks and motives of the enemy, the storyline is great, and the fact that this guy is not too young for this kinda action. The attacks... although near impossible in reality... are amazing. You can sneak behind someone and knock them out until another idiot comes around! There is one bad thing though... Why the #311 can't you pick up their guns? AK-47... Pistol ammo... Many items that you could get from these guys are out of ''Sam's'' reach!

Sounds/Music 9/10

Not much to say about this one... the sounds are amazing all in themselves. You could hear a guy coming around the corner, in the most realism I have heard in my life! You can hear the guys talking from a while aways... and there isnt a single glitch in any sound or music file... unless its my fault of course. The music... Any of you ever played Sons of Liberty? Solid Snake? Liquid Snake? Great gameplay... dumb storyline... but the music is a lot like Splinter Cell! Nice and classical when you are far away from enemy encounter... and the beat picks up when u are detected or near an enemy. When you are found or an alarm is sounded, a beat that you can barely not dance (Or just move) to starts up!

Graphics 9/10

Great Graphics... You can see practically everything anyone else in reality could see! I mean... these designers must of had a long time on their hands to create every single scene on this game. And not only that but they added night vision and thermal sensors to this already terrific game!!!!! The thermal always slows down my computer... but I didnt make the requirements by a longshot... but the night vision is very helpful, and the thermal imaging is amazingly realistic and informative.


This game is terrific... everything you could possibly think of is on this game... except for RPGing the real way... buying and selling and living in houses kind of stuff... and I thought of that... but it really would mess up the realism and comfortableness of this already horrifically addicting game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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