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    Music Extraction Guide by moonbender

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    HOW-TO: Extracting the music tracks from NFS: HP2 for PC
    1. Introduction
    Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 is a recent version of the popular NFS series  of
    racing  games.  It's not  only  a great  game,  it also  features  a very  good
    soundtrack. So  good, in  fact, that  I wanted  to listen  to it outside of the
    game, too. Apparently, I am not the  only one who had that idea, and  I've been
    getting some requests on how to extract the music from the games data files. So
    I decided to write it down  properly once in this HOWTO rather  than repeatedly
    and poorly in emails.
    2. Requirements
    You need an installed copy of NFS: HP2, especially the music subfolder (in my 
    file sytem, that's K:\Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2\audio\music). And then you 
    need the  Game Audio  Player (http://bim.km.ru/gap/)  to play  and/or convert 
    those track?.asf  files. (This  is where  experienced users  can feel free to 
    stop reading and venture out on their own...)
    3. Playing and Converting
    GAP is a small download, under  a megabyte. No install needed, so  that's nice,
    but it's still a bit  of a weird program, at  least for me: the program  window
    disappears when I click on it. It still works, though, by opening the  playlist
    window via the context menu in the  task bar. Use Add File(s)... from the  File
    menu and add all the music files, then play them at your own discretion.
    You'll probably want to play the music with your standard audio player  instead
    of the GAP. Select all files (or only those you want converted) in the playlist
    and use  Convert File(s)  from the  File menu.  The dialog  lets you choose the
    format the audio files are to be  converted to and where to save them.  You can
    also  control the  file names,  however since  the *.asf  file do  not seem  to
    contain any information on titles, that's pretty much pointless.
    The WAV  format requires  some additional  explanation: you  can save the audio
    files either as uncompressed (PCM, Pulse Code Modulation) WAV files, or you can
    directly convert them to MP3  and various other compressed formats  on-the-fly.
    Personally, I prefer to save them as uncompressed WAVs and convert them to  MP3
    using LAME (http://www.mp3dev.org) for a hopefully better quality.
    4. Titles
    The *.asf files don't  come with any information  on the title or  interpret of
    the songs, however, the file music.ini has all that info. It's a bit of a  pain
    to extract, but it's possible. Here's the list, copy/paste at will:
      00 - Bush - The People That We Love.mp3
      01 - The Buzzhorn - Ordinary.mp3
      02 - Course of Nature - Wall of Shame.mp3
      03 - Hot Action Cop - Fever For The Flava.mp3
      04 - Hot Action Cop - Going Down On It.mp3
      05 - Pulse Ultra - Build Your Cages.mp3
      06 - Rush - One Little Victory.mp3
      07 - Uncle Kracker - Keep It Coming.mp3
      08 - Matt Ragan - Bundle of Clang.mp3
      09 - Matt Ragan - Cone Of Silence.mp3
      10 - Matt Ragan - Flam Dance.mp3
      11 - Humble Brothers - Black Hole.mp3
      12 - Humble Brothers - Brakestand.mp3
      13 - Humble Brothers - Sphere.mp3
      14 - Cykloid - ROM.mp3
      15 - Bush - The People That We Love (Instrumental).mp3
      16 - The Buzzhorn - Ordinary (Instrumental).mp3
      17 - Course of Nature - Wall of Shame (Instrumental).mp3
      18 - Hot Action Cop - Fever For The Flava (Instrumental).mp3
      19 - Hot Action Cop - Going Down On It (Instrumental).mp3
      20 - Pulse Ultra - Build Your Cages (Instrumental).mp3
      21 - Rush - One Little Victory (Instrumental).mp3
      22 - Uncle Kracker - Keep It Coming (Instrumental).mp3
    4. Post Scriptum
    Hope this was useful  to some people. If  you have anything to  add, or further
    questions  you think  I could  help you  with, feel  free to  send me  a mail
    5. Legalese
    This document be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use.  It may  not be  placed on  any web  site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
      Copyright 2004 moonbender

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