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"A bitter Sweet pill That manages to shine."

This game straddles a very strange line of being Fun Robust an in depth but at the same time, Infuriating to its fans and a step backward for the series. But Stepping back sometimes isn't a bad thing.

Lets get one thing straight the PSX version is superior only if your a fan of the creature features like the matrix spin on the fly, an pretty replays... for the rest of us die hard race fans who look past the whine of the console fanboy wannabe's there lies a slick arcade racer that excels in game play and control as well graphics.

GAMEPLAY:10 The horse power of the pc really amps the bar up a notch with lush enviorments and cars with sick enviromental mapped high gloss shine's the go well beyond the level of even the mighty Grand Turismo Aspec. Couple that with the NFS trademark exotics that include visible car damage and you can't go wrong. The Hot Pursuit mode is also worth honerable mention. Its done so well that you may not even get a chance to see the other great race modes the first night of game play. There is also a really good online aspec that functions great an more importantly its free!! this title excells in almost every gameplay aspec with out fail with ubbur replay value.

CONTROL:8 With a wheel lifes a dream and control is dead on with a pad things are a bit more touchy and it lacks the feel of being in direct control especially in the exterior views. However with the gravis game pad pro digital the game seemed to control fine after a slight learning curve.

GRAPHICS:10 You really havn't seen anything like this as far as digital eye candy this game delivers the goodies by the truck load but only if you have the power to throw at it. anything below an 700mhz can forget about it go get a psx2. but for the rest of us prepare for a treat.

OVERALL:7 The only thing that that really drags this game down is the serious lack of attention that was given to its completeness. After seeing the Psx version in motion its hard not to wince at the pc's weaknesses in the replay and matrix features being edited out. Actually all this title really need was another month under the warmer to iron out the wrinkels and this title would have been perfect. It just wouldn't be right if i didn't deduct something for EA's laziness and rush job.

Is it worth 40 bucks, You bet you won't get a prettier or more indepth racer on any system anywhere. But is it incomplete infatically yes but only 3 features which pretty much wear out there welcome in the first night of game play. For the Ones keeping it real this game is tight and a must buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/25/02, Updated 10/25/02

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