Review by superfeeniman

Reviewed: 10/07/05

Great graphics and godd gameplay, but lacking in things to do.

Well, my name is superfeeniman and I am here to review a game called Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2, but you probably already knew that. Anyway, if you liked previous Need for Speed games, you should feel the same about this one. However, it has quite a few gripes with me, but I will talk about that later, anyway, here is the review:

SOUND 3/5:
Hmmm... the sound in this is fairly okay, there are no outstanding effects or music. The sound effects though are at least on par with the other games, which is nothing to be sad about. I liked them enough to not have to mute unlike some other games. Anyway, like I said before, nothing outstanding, just your average racing game fare.

Well, the premise is that you are a streetracer who races other streetracers and avoids the cops. That's pretty much it. But I can't really make this score too low because a story isn't really much needed for a racing game anyway, but that doesn't mean they couldn't include any backstory on anything.

What can I say about the graphics. Well, for a game made 3 years ago, they are actually quite good. Even now they would be considered good. The paint on the cars and shadows look great. The cars look as shiny as real cars, and in fact there's not really much difference. The tracks are damn good too. Not on the same level as the cars, but close. They are big and beautiful, not only that they are quite realistic and nothing in the courses really looks out of place. Too put it plainly, I like the graphics.

The multiplayer okay. It has many modes from just plain ol' street racing, to being the cop, escaping them, and tournament modes. It is really fun to play with another person on this game like most racing games. I will say though, that there is nothing great or outstanding about it. It's pretty standard to have a multiplayer in NFS games, so was completely expected.

I will separate this into three sections. Control, Replay Value, and Fun factor. Here they are:

CONTROL 10/15:
Control in this game is pretty average. There is nothing that makes this game different from any other NFS games, or any other racing games for that matter. The control for the cops are pretty good though and the fact that there is absolutely nothing bad about these controls raises the score to a 10 out of 15.

The replay in this game is not too great. Sure, it's fun to play, but after a while it gets boring playing the same thing over and over again and the only real difference in the modes is being the cop or being chased by one. The career mode isn't really to expansive either offering just a tree of about 50 missions total. So all in all, 8.

Well, for the first ten or so hours, this game is great. But after awhile it gets extremely predictable and boring. I find myself playing this game for only one race or maybe even a half a race every time I play now. Getting NFS credits (your currency for new cars and tracks in this game) is not too fun after you get everything, which takes awhile though. The selection of the cars and tracks is pretty good at about 20 in both. But the cars are kind of the same and you can really tell after playing awhile. So, I give Fun for this 18.

- fun gameplay
- great graphics
- the same great NFS
- good control

- not much replay value
- average multiplayer
- doesn't really stand out in franchise

OVERALL 67/100
Rounded to 7/10 to fit GameFAQs.

Rent or Buy? Well, if you really like the NFS franchise, than you should buy it. It's pretty fun while it lasts. However, now there are better racing games so you should probably only rent to see if you really like it a lot.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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