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    Hints and Tips by Gallavant

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             Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 FAQ/Hints and tips version 1.1
                                         by Vlada Peric (Gallavant)
    1. Copyright
    2. Contact
    3. Introduction
    4. Version History And Date
    5. Tips
    6. Pricing
    7. Bugs
    8. Cheats and Easter Eggs
    9. Park Awards
    10. Credits
    1. Copyright
     This FAQ is copyright (c) 2002-04 Vlada Peric (Gallavant). It's for personal 
    and private use only. It may not be reprinted in part or in whole, or
    reproduced in any way or in any form (written or otherwise). This document
    is free, and thus cannot be used in any commercial transaction. You must get
    my express written consent to reference, alter or post FAQ.
    This FAQ can be found at:
     - www.gamefaqs.com
     - www.neoseeker.com
    If you find it anywhere else please tell me.
    2. Contact
     If you have any contributions and suggestions for this FAQ you may contact
    me at vlada.peric@gmail.com. Make sure to put "RCT 2"or something similar in 
    the subject or the e-mail might be ignored because of my spam filters. I'm no 
    longer playing the game, so I can't answer any questions you might send me.
    3. Version History
    1.0    16.11.2002.
        - First release.
    1.1    23.06.2004.
        - Major re-format of the guide
    4. Introduction
     This FAQ will contain tips about roller coaster building and pricing. 
    Currently it is small but I just wanted to get it up before other FAQs. 
    Although there are a lot of FAQs in the works none has been posted yet.
    Since the introduction of hit counters on GameFAQs, I have seen that this FAQ
    is still viewed a lot, even though its old, so I decided to re-format it.
    Note that I am no longer playing the game, so I probably wont be able to 
    answer any questions you might have.
    Model of a tip:
    tip. name of the contributor (if none than I myself have contributed)
    5. Tips
     The following are the tips I have collected (and written) in no particular 
     - When your coasters have more than 10 intensity the excitement rating will 
       decrease much.
     - Some coasters (inverted, stand-up...) will have higher intensity due to 
       their nature.
     - Before the final turn or right after make some brakes to decrease 
       intensity. Don't use strong brakes or you will get an opposite effect.
     - Drops make "air time" when taken fast enough and thus increase 
       excitement. Too many drops and you will have a high negative vertical G 
       rating and increase intensity instead of excitement.
     - If you have a long and fast coaster you will need to have a few slow 
       sections to let the guests gain their breath.
     - Tunnels and much scenery increase excitement. Dayains
     - In tunnels guests tend to be sicker.
     - Banked and gentler corners at slower speeds help decrease nausea and 
       intensity. Dayains
     - Coasters with a lot of turns tend to be more nauseating especially 
       repeated helixes at high speeds. Dayains
     - I try to keep the average speed of the ride around 30 mph. Of Course 
       certain rides, such as LIM and Air Power Launches and going to have to be 
       constantly moving faster than 30 mph. silentdeath
     - Certain scenarios or User-created scenario's have an option that allows 
       the majority of your park guest to have a need for ride intensity that is 
       over 9. If this is enabled, you will have an easier time making roller 
       coasters. silentdeath
     - I find when making a wooden rollercoaster with a lot of dips to go some 
       thing like 100ft 80ft 80ft 60ft 40ft 40ft will create large amounts of 
       air time with out creating large nausea ratings, this keeps the speed at 
       about 10-20 at the peaks of the hills. andyyoung999
     - You should try to avoid more than 2 chain lifts, because that lowers your 
       average speed, takes more time, and loses you money. Legoman8
     - Try to keep lower speeds, less than the average if possible, when turning 
       quickly or suddenly dropping or rising. Legoman8
     - Roller Coasters tend to brake down a lot so make sure to put the 
       inspection time on 10 min.
     - Only scenery that is within 4 "fields" of the ride counts in the ride's 
     - Don't forget to change the entrance and exit looks for better scenery.
     - Always try to make ride tracks go trough loops to increase excitement.
     - Several guests in a hundred will actually ride your high (10<) intensity 
       coasters however don't rely on that too much.
     - High intensity coasters crash more. 
     - If one of your coasters crashes, quickly close the ride to prevent more 
     - Crashes and especially "road kills" will make a ride unpopular fast. To 
       confront this close the ride for a few months and advertise it (free 
       entry) for 2-4 weeks. When opening it decrease the price by 0.2-0.3$.
     - Paths and queue lines over ride tracks increase excitement.
     - Avoid using 90 degrees turns. They increase intensity and nausea too much.
     - Synchronizing stations will increase excitement.
     - When synchronizing if the coasters aren't symmetrical try to design them 
       so that they race each other. This increases ratings quite a bit.
     - For a safer ride use block brakes.
     - For unsafe rides it is best to make one train with the most possible cars 
       because when it crashes there will be no other trains to crash into it.
     - If the ride has single cars it is best to make them go at 10-15 seconds 
     - To gain some experience in coaster building build a pre-built coaster and 
       copy it. This way you will see some small tricks the "official" builders 
     - If you want to save a ride you must wait for it to be tested then on the 
       test screen (the tab with the clock) you will see a floppy disc in the 
       corner. Press it to save the ride. Hold it to save the ride with scenery.
     - Don't use half loops when coaster is traveling at very high speed. 
     - Excitement goes up just a bit when you use a "Cable Lift" on a Giga 
       Coaster. Hastin Zylstra 
     - The more you can cluster the coaster together (or better yet, cluster 2 
       or 3 together), the more exciting it is. Coaster Junky
     - Also, when I'm all done with a coaster, I put in trees in every little 
       spot I can within it. Sure, you could put scenery and stuff but I'm lazy. 
       I just grab a few trees and plop plop plop them in every nook and cranny 
       I can (I just go crazy with the mouse). Seen excitement levels rise 
       almost a whole point doing this. Coaster Junky
     - Speed control on the loops of course. They don't seem to like doing a 
       loop at 80 mph for some reason? I try to keep it around (preferably less 
       then this) 20 mph or so when doing inversions. Coaster Junky
     - Height of thrill rides like the Launched Freefall and the Roto-drop 
       impact the amount of Intensity and Nausea dramatically. Try and limit 
       both rides to around 150 ft. or less. CSL
     - If you charge a high price to get into the park, then build an ATM right 
       at the entrance, so guests can get their money out.
     - When you have a pay-per-ride park, try placing cash machines between the 
       exit of a popular coaster and its entrance. 
     - Don't place ATMs at hugely crowded areas just because the people are 
       there. If there is nothing to spend money on nearby, they wont use it.
     - When you are building huge parks note the limits: 255 shops/stalls/rides, 
       staff limit is 200 and sprites (guests, ducks, vomit...) limit is 10000.
     - When nobody wants to go on a ride any more, simply close the ride and 
       delete one piece of the ride, then replace the piece and open the ride 
       again. This can be done as many times as you need (you can also do it 
       when it is raining it will work too).
     - Staff members always ignore "No Entry" signs.
     - If your Handyman is given lots of work (lots of gardens to water, trash 
       to sweep, or vomit to clean), keep the patrol area very small.
     - Handyman can: Sweep Footpaths, Water Gardens, Empty Litter Bins and Mow 
       Grass. Note that by default mow grass is off.
     - Mowing grass apparently doesn't increase park rating or anything so be 
       sure never to turn that on for a Handyman.
     - Chance of vandalism is directly related to the concentration of 
       litter/vomit on the ground.
     - Mad guests will destroy your park (benches, lamps and litter bins)
     - Mechanics can: Inspect Rides and Fix Rides. 
     - Mechanic must have access to the EXIT of a ride to make inspections/repairs.
     - Vandalism will never occur near a security guard.
     - Have Entertainers patrol the end section of long queue lines (lines over 
       9 minutes) to keep guests from complaining about the wait and to increase 
       the time before guests leave a long queue in disgust.
     - Have Entertainers patrol long walkways without rides and areas of high 
       trash/vomit potential to divert guests from making negative comments.
     - Amount of your loan will directly affect your Company Value.
     - Large pools of water will attract migrating ducks.
     - Click on a duck to make it quack.
     - Click on a balloon in the air to make it pop.
     - Guest will pay more to buy an umbrella while it rains.
     - Salty food will make a desire for a drink more probable.
     - An exciting ride will increase a guests desire to purchase a souvenir.
     - Park maps reduce the chance of Guests becoming lost and help Guests 
       decide what to ride next.
     - There is no reason why you cannot use one of the Transport rides and 
       convert it into a compact Gentle ride.
     - To stack scenery hold Shift and move the cursor up and down. The same 
       method can be used for placing rides and shops underground.
     - Rides that twist through scenery items gain the so-called 'head-chop' 
       bonus, which gives bonuses for and scenery that the rider sweeps by 
       giving a feeling of imminent collision.
     - Trees automatically cleared as needed when building rides, paths and even 
       from landscape changes.
     - Log Flumes will generally get high E ratings.  But people get bored and 
       want to get off if it's more than 4 minutes or so...  Especially with the 
       long rides to the top of the hill.  With Log Flumes, ninety percent of 
       the ride is lift hills and slow turns and such that get guests bored.
     - You can design Log Flumes so that guests get off at the station at the 
       bottom of the lift hill and board the ride at the station at the top. 
       This means that most of their ride is downhill and more exciting.
     - Wide paths are acceptable, but only to a point. When sections of your 
       paths are 4 or 5 wide, people will get confused. In my opinion 2 is 
     - Peeps will complain if you have long sections of path with no rides or 
     - To save time press Alt+F4 to quickly exit the game. 
     - All scenery objects have the same increase in excitement rating. Even 
       quarter tiles have the same increase as a full-tile object. Multi tile 
       objects count for as much tiles they are on. Considering this, you can 
       conclude that you can better have lots of quarter tile bushes than one 
       big pyramid. This is very weird but true. Also there is a maximum amount 
       of objects that can be counted into the excitement rating (I don't know 
       exactly how much).
     - On Roller Coasters slower lift hills generate more excitement.
     - Handymen: I always zone them. Initially I keep them to about five 4x4 
       squares, but when an area gets crowded and heavily puked on, I'll cut 
       that down to three. Yes that's extreme, but in my experience nothing 
       pulls down park rating faster than disgusting paths (Well, a crashing 
       coaster is always worse)... The one thing that I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT 
       TOLERATE is a handyman walking through queue lines. There's no reason, 
       peeps don't puke or litter in line. Therefore, I am very diligent and 
       methodical about placing paths within the handyman's zones, and placing 
       queue lines so the handyman cannot go into them. Exit paths, if 
       necessary, are not near queue lines so I can zone the exit path without 
       accidentally zoning the queue lines. I'll occasionally put a free-range 
       handyperson if things get crazy, or I don't feel like taking the time to 
       rezone everyone. NOTE: That wasn't my opinion it's from a friend I just 
       posted it because it is effective.
     - Mechanics: I put one mechanic per rollercoaster, and zone it to only take 
       care of that coaster. For flat rides, I'll usually place them so a few of 
       them exit near each other, then I'll place one mechanic near and zone it 
       to take care of all of those flat rides. Picky? Yes. But my coasters that 
       are down to 10% reliability still have 1-3% downtime. :-) Now this is 
       very important: NEVER NEVER NEVER CREATE A FREE-RANGE MECHANIC! I thought 
       at first, because I'd zone one mechanic for multiple flat rides, it was a 
       good idea to have them around.... Until I had a large park and was 
       getting the "Coaster has still not been fixed, check where your mechanics 
       are and consider hiring additional mechanics" messages... WHY!?!? I have 
       a mechanic zoned specifically for that coaster! Why wasn't HE fixing it? 
       When I opened up the panel, I discovered that the game had, instead of 
       the mechanic who was zone for the coaster, called the free-range 
       dumb, dumb! NOTE: That too was my friend's opinion.
     - Approximately one out of five guests will buy an on-ride photo.
     - Guests will only buy one on-ride photo in the whole park so it is better 
       to even the prices for all photos to even the profit.
     - The longer your guests are near the lamps the happier they get, so 
       sitting on benches eating helps much.
     - Placing TV's along queue lines makes guests happier (obvious) but also 
       attracts more visitors to the ride. 
     - I sometimes place an Entertainer on a small patrol Right At the park 
       entrance. This way any peep entering the park has good chance of getting 
       an immediate happiness boost. It also has a chance of lessening the anger 
       of peeps leaving the park, so the park satisfaction rating will stay 
     - Guests can also carry non-consumable items such as maps, photographs, 
       umbrellas, hats, etc... With the exception of Balloons, guest will never 
       lose a non-consumable item. Guests can only carry one item of each type 
       (when presented with the opportunity to acquire more they will often make 
       a comment about already having one).
     - Guests will die if they fall in water or are caught in a ride accident.
     - Drowning guests can be saved if you react quickly enough with the 
     - Nausea levels decrease over time.
     - Each peace of the queue line can hold 4 guests.
     - Even if a ride doesn't have a queue line one guest can still wait for it.
     - Park maps and observation towers can help the guests to see where they 
       are going.
    6. Pricing
     When charging ride admissions you should charge the excitement rating 
    (rounded down) i.e. if the excitement is 7.38 charge 7.3$ not 7.4$. The only 
    exception to this rule is when you build a new ride you can charge 0.2-0.4$ 
    more just be sure to decrease it after few months. After a year or two you 
    should decrease the cost by a dollar or so. The same tricks work with other 
    rides (transport, thrill, gentle, water). If guests stop riding a coaster you 
    should consider decreasing the price even more. 
     If the above method doesn't work well for you try some of these alternate 
     You can try to quadruple the default price for coasters, treble it for thrill 
    rides, and double it for Gentle. After a while the peeps start to complain 
    that the rides are too expensive at which point you can usually halve the 
    price. That leaves them at double the default for coasters, 1.5 times for 
    Thrill, and par for gentles.
    AndroidCodeRed suggests different prices:
    My pricings for a roller coaster: 
    Exc. - - - - Price 
    10.00 + = 10.00 
    9.00 - 9.99 = 9.50 
    8.00 - 8.99 = 9.00 
    7.60 - 7.99 = 8.50 
    6.50 - 7.59 = 8.00 
    6.49 - = 7.50 
    Thrill ride: 
    Enterprise 16-20 swings 
    Launched Freefall (intensity more than 9) 
    Swinging Inverter Ship 12-15 swings 
    Top Spin (Intense & Berserk mode) 
    Enterprise 16- swings 
    Launched Freefall (intensity more than 7) 
    Top Spin (Beginner mode) 
    Launched Freefall (intensity less than 7) 
    Magic Carpet (max. swings)
    Thanks AndroidCodeRed
     When charging park admissions you can use this rule. Charge each ride and 
    stall 1.5$. So if you have around 20 rides and stalls you can charge 
    20*1.5$=30$ and if you have around 50 rides and stalls you can charge 
    50*1.5$=75$. If you are not building anything decrease price by a buck every 
    second or third month. If your park rating is over 800 you can charge about 
    5-10$ more. If your park rating is below 300 try not to charge more that 10-
    20$ no matter how many rides you have. Guests don't like vomit and trash all 
    7. Bugs
     Yes there are some very annoying (and stupid) bugs in the game. I am going 
    to list them just for reference. Most of these bugs are contributions and of 
    they are checked by me they will have a NOTE: after them telling my findings.
     - While building a coaster I deleted both ends of a section I was 
       scrapping. When I got to the end piece, the track was set to Station 
       Platform by default. I right-clicked on another piece to resume the track 
       when I noticed that the piece of station was still there in its 
       silhouette form. I completed the track and tested it, but it wouldn't let 
       me save it because there can be only one station on that type of coaster. 
       I tried to connect up with it and then delete it but discovered that I 
       couldn't because it wasn't really there. NOTE: Confirmed with a 
       Multi-Dimensional coaster. Sent to Infogrames and they admit it.
     - If you take a saved game with more than 5 partially built coasters to a 
       scenario with the scenario objective set to complete 5 coasters, you have 
       to complete all of them, not just 5. When you convert the save game to a 
       scenario it doesn't check to whether the partially built coasters have 
       'legal' stations with entrances and exits. If they don't, you cannot add 
       them when you play the scenario, so it is impossible to win it!
     - The scenario editor absolutely will not allow one to select "Construction 
       Rights" over the entrance path. NOTE: Confirmed.
     - There very well could be a bug in the stats calculator. I downloaded an 
       Inverted Vertical Shuttle track from the ride exchange, plopped it down 
       in the track editor and ran it. It had I think 5 or 6 inversions ran for 
       6 circuits really compact, kind of neat looking, etc. So, first time I 
       ran it, the ratings were like N ~20, I ~ 25, E ~650! No that is not a 
       typo, it actually was 650 on excitement, so I immediately thought "Oh, 
       this is a bug". To confirm my suspicions, I plopped it down on an in game 
       map, and re-ran it, and the ratings were all within the acceptable levels 
       (somewhere between 5 and 7 for all three). Along with that, I dropped it 
       to run one circuit, and the excitement dropped to around 1.5, so from 
       what I've witnessed, there is most definitely a bug in the calculator. 
       NOTE: Confirmed. Can happen in other occasions. I am only putting it here 
       because I don't have any other place.
     - Even if you build rides underground guests won't ride them when raining 
       (unless the rides are "covered").
     - You have to make sure that each of the "default" scenario tabs like 
       trees, roofs/walls, fences, path bits etc has at least one item in it 
       else you get an error.
     - If you build a racing coaster in the same manner as RCT1, with two really 
       long stations and not using the block brake system, I can save it easily. 
       If you, however, build it with 4 stations (a load and unload for each 
       side) and run it in block brake mode, it doesn't save correctly.
     - There is no way to turn off the research in a No Money scenario. NOTE: I 
       don't think that is a bug I just didn't know where to put it.
    8. Cheats and Easter Eggs
    As probably everybody knows you type the "cheats" as guest names. If a cheat 
    is unconfirmed I will put a note next to it. 
    Melanie Warn       - Maximizes happiness for that guest
    Chris Sawyer       - Photographs
    Katie Brayshaw     - Waves at other guests
    Simon Foster       - Paints
    John Mace          - Pays double for all rides
    Tom Cruise         - Visits all attractions NOTE: Unconfirmed.
    Damon Hill         - Drives Go-Karts very fast
    Michael Schumacher - Drives Go-Karts even faster
    Mr Bean            - Drives Go-Karts really slow. 
    Bill Gates         - Gives all guests unlimited money NOTE: Unconfirmed.
    Tony Day           - Hungry guest NOTE: Unconfirmed.
    John Wardley       - Constantly thinks: "Wow"
    Elissa White       - Thinks: "I'm so excited - It's an Intamin ride!" while 
                         riding on a Giga Coaster
    Andy Hine          - Thinks: "Nice ride! But not as good as the Phoenix..."
                         upon exiting a coaster.
    David Ellis        - Thinks: "... and here we are on [ridename]!" while on 
    You can use the same names many times using this method:
    [Example] Melanie Warn=MELANIE WARN=MeLaNiE WaRn...
    This method can be used with any name cheat.
    9. Park Awards
    There are many new and funny awards. Note that not all of these rewards are 
    verified by me. I mostly got them from various forums.
    Most Untidy Park Award 
    Tidiest Park Award 
    Park With The Best Roller Coasters Award 
    Best Value Park Award 
    Most Beautiful Park Award 
    Worst Value Park Award 
    Safest Park Award 
    Best Staff Award 
    Best Park Food Award 
    Worst Park Food Award 
    Best Park Restrooms Award 
    Most Disappointing Park Award 
    Best Water Rides Award 
    Best Custom-Designed Rides Award 
    Most Dazzling Ride Color Schemes Award 
    Most Confusing Park Layout Award 
    Best Gentle Ride Award
    Best Bathroom Facilities Award 
    Cleanest Footpaths in the Country Award 
    Worst Food in the Country Award 
    Worst Scenery in the Country Award
    10. Credits
     Special thanks to aetherwave without whom this guide would have been very
    small and not so informative.
     Thanks to dayains, silentdeath, andyyoung999, legoman8, Locator, Hastin 
    Zylstra, Coaster Junky and CSL for many tips.
     Thanks to chronotriggerfreak for help in the pricing section.
     Thanks to AndroidCodeRed for alternate pricing tactic.
     This FAQ is copyright (c) 2002-2004 Vlada Peric.

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